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Yahoo has rolled out the new design of its Yahoo Home Page today with an International redesign synched to bring the new chúng tôi to a global audience within the ‘coming weeks.’ I had the chance to preview the new chúng tôi back in May, as did thousands of Beta testers, and found the new design to be a personal and customized Yahoo start page which, in some respects, is replacing My Yahoo as the home page of my browser.

Before we get to the review, however, here is some information from Yahoo on the roll out:

The new Yahoo! home page design was first previewed at chúng tôi on May 16, 2006, and new localized versions are now available in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UK & Ireland, and Vietnam. Yahoo! plans to roll out additional localized versions, and to display the new page to all visitors of chúng tôi in the coming weeks.

The new Yahoo! home page includes enhancements that allow consumers to turn to the Web daily to read news, search for information, stay in touch with their community and discover what’s happening around the globe. It combines frequently updated news and entertainment with useful tools for searching, connecting, sharing and communicating online – all on one simple, easy-to-use Web page.

1. SEARCH SMARTER : Prevalent Search Box with ‘integration’ of Yahoo Answers with links to Ask or Answer questions.

Let’s hope that tags, chúng tôi and MyWeb integration into Yahoo Search follows Answers’ suit.

2. FIND IT FASTER : Fast links to Yahoo Service Channels such as Finance, Local, Sports and Shopping are listed down the left side of the page.

Yahoo says that soon users will be able to customize the links on there own personalized Yahoo homepage with links to favorite channels, regions, and Yahoo tools.

The customization of chúng tôi is beginning to remind me of that of MyYahoo, Google Home Page and MSN’s chúng tôi The more power the user is given to control their window into the Yahoo network, the less dependency the user will have on services like MyYahoo as a start page.

Ideally, I’d like to see more customization features of Yahoo’s homepage such as :

* Customization of the default search box with the ability to switch from Web to News to Local or Answers – depending on what the user predominantly searches for.

* Ability to add lesser known search functions to the search choices, like Blog search or even Yahoo’s Local News Search.

* Addition of collapsible RSS subscription features similar to MyYahoo but with a dash of Bloglines and Google Reader thrown in.

* Updates of favorite and shared Bookmarks or relevant Answers to one’s recent searches or user profile.

* More Local customization beyond only a start map with time of day enhanced Local reviews which are also targeted to user tastes (wouldn’t it be nice to open up chúng tôi around 11:30 am and automatically be served reviews of eateries and restaurants within walking distance from your office, then gas stations with low prices before the drive home?).

3. GET PERSONAL : Yahoo enhances the Yahoo User experience with Mail, Messenger, Radio, Weather, Local and Movies features on the home page.

Yes, I use Yahoo Mail and have for almost 10 years now. One of the main reasons I use MyYahoo as a start page, beyond Sports scores, Finance Reports and Currency Exchange Rates is to preview my Yahoo Mail.

When you browse over the mail button, the button expands to show your Yahoo Inbox and awaiting mails. Likewise, even if you do not have Yahoo Messenger running a mouseover of the Messenger tab shows which of your buddies are currently online.

I don’t use Radio, Movies or Weather very often and Local opens to show a little map with traffic pattern info (nice). As stated before, the choice to further customize Yahoo’s home page with MyYahoo functions such as collapsible Major League scores or Stock Market updates would wean my dependency from MyYahoo over to the chúng tôi page, which would then lead to me probably searching more within Yahoo and surfing through its other channels which are beyond the MyYahoo blinders which are tunneling my vision into only three or four Yahoo services.

Yahoo also offers the option of switching to a more narrow layout for those who like white space or are accessing via a smaller monitor, color changes are also an option.

For us at Yahoo!, it all comes back to people: We’re committed to making complex technologies like email, instant messaging, and search more powerful and easier to use for everybody; embracing the collective wisdom of crowds; and harnessing the power of people and their choices across Yahoo! and its communities.

The new home page reflects Yahoo!’s unique position at the intersection of people, media, and knowledge. It presents better access to information and the stuff of our lives, and more individual choice about the appearance of the page, thanks to Ajax, DHTML, and personalization technology. You’ll find relevant and useful tools for searching, connecting, sharing, and communicating online as well as a bigger window onto the pulse of the Web.

“This campaign celebrates the creative contributions of the Yahoo! community and truly exemplifies the spirit and consumer focus of our Yahoo! brand,” said Cammie Dunaway, chief marketing officer at Yahoo! Inc. “Today’s Internet users are passionate about expressing themselves and contributing to the online conversation that is occurring every day among the estimated 500 million users of Yahoo! branded Web properties around the world. We encourage these talented people to join us in celebrating the new Yahoo! home page with their own personal videos.”

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Sneak Peek: Live Images Of Infinix Gt 10 Pro’s Transparent Design

That said, the device’s appearance is not the only factor to consider. And Infinix knows that exactly well. That’s why the Infinix GT 10 Pro aims to deliver premium gaming features without a high-end price. In simpler terms, the Infinix GT 10 Pro is a budget-friendly phone with the appearance and performance of a high-end device.

Closer Look at the Design of the Infinix GT 10 Pro

As shown in the official images, the Infinix GT 10 Pro features a semi-transparent design on its rear. It resembles the recently launched Nothing Phone (2), but no LED lights are present on the back of the device. Although it’s not an exact replica, the GT 10 Pro shares some similarities with the Nothing Phone (2).

In simpler words, the Infinix GT 10 Pro has the same design idea as the Nothing Phone (2) but has a different execution. And this is nothing new in the smartphone world. We have seen many smartphones in the past that came with a semi-transparent back design.

For example, Xiaomi released Mi 9 with a transparent back design back in 2023. So, if you are wondering whether Infinix will get in trouble for releasing a transparent back design, the answer is quite “clear.”

But, yes, one of the things that impressed me about the Infinix GT 10 Pro is the box. As Infinix says, you can use the box as an eco-friendly music amplifier. So, it will not just sit around on the shelf collecting dust or be just trash to the environment after you unbox the phone.

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Infinix GT 10 Pro Specifications

SoC and RAM

The official images show that the GT 10 Pro packs a Dimensity chipset. To be exact, the GT 10 Pro will feature a Dimensity 1300 chipset. It is a decent SoC for mid-range devices and offers a smooth performance in gaming. In addition, we got the live images of the GT 10 Pro+. According to the images, it’s a step-up version of the regular GT 10 Pro, and it features a higher-end Dimensity 8050 chipset. So, it should offer a better CPU and GPU performance than the regular version. But the other specs of the devices are the same.

Battery, Display, and Camera

Other Infinix GT 10 Pro specs include a 5000mAH battery, which should let you play for a prolonged time with a single charge. Also, there will be a 108MP camera on the back, allowing you to take crisp and clear photos. And on the front, the device gets a Full HD+ display, which should offer you an immersive gaming experience.


The live images of Infinix GT 10 Pro+ revealed that the devices will come with Android 13 out of the box. They will be running on XOS 13.0, an Android skin with gamer-focused features.

Overall, things are looking great for the two Infinix GT 10 devices. They come with great mid-range specs and feature an eye-catching design. If Infinix prices the devices correctly, they will surely be a great pick for the money. We will update you if we get more information about the devices.

When Design Is Hostile On Purpose

Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

A Camden Bench, designed to deter sleeping, skating, graffiti, theft, littering and seventeen other behaviors. Image courtesy of the wub (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The purpose of design in public spaces is typically to make objects and environments more comfortable, functional, and convenient. But in some cases the exact opposite is true. Design can be intentionally repellent, discouraging certain uses of spaces and things, often by specific, targeted demographics.

Take a public bench: Though its primary purpose is to give people a place to sit, it can also be used for sleeping, skate tricks, or even romantic entanglements. If such uses are deemed inappropriate, unpleasant design elements can be added to deter them. For example, strategically placed arm rests can make sleeping uncomfortable, skating dangerous, and love-making gymnastic, thereby forcing “proper” use of the bench.

This design approach is explored in the book “Unpleasant Design” by Gordan Savičić and Selena Savić. The book was first published in 2013, and an updated E-edition becomes available today. Also known as “hostile architecture,” these designs can be very effective at shaping our behavior.

But as the authors point out, they can also be problematic.

A bench in Rotterdam with arm rests designed to deter sleeping. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

Perhaps the most common use of unpleasant design is to discourage behavior associated with homeless people, such as sitting or lying in public spaces. Some examples are knobs on window sills, spikes on planters, or rails on park benches.

“Public space is the tool, object, and place of negotiation,” Savić told Popular Science. “When it becomes not negotiable, its publicness also becomes questionable.”

She gives the example of a policeman who prohibits people from sleeping on a park bench versus the use of metal arm rests. With the policeman there is the possibility of negotiation, but you won’t get far negotiating with an arm rest.

Other common uses of unpleasant design include blue lighting in bathrooms to deter intravenous drug users (because blue light makes veins hard to spot), high-pitch sound emitters to discourage loitering teens (because only young people can hear sounds of certain frequencies), and paint resistant surfaces to repel graffiti. Often, these design elements are hidden in plain sight.

“This kind of design becomes problematic when humans aren’t aware of it,” Savić says, “Or when it’s done for the pure purpose of profit with little benefit to society in general. It’s especially problematic when it targets certain groups, like young people or the homeless.”

“Unpleasant Design” by Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic Courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

While Savić believes that unpleasant design is often inevitable, even useful in some cases, she thinks the notion that objects can solve problems is flawed. By attacking one problem with unpleasant design, other problems are often created, she says. She gives the example of pigeon spikes, which deter pigeons from landing on eaves and other structures. Though the spikes work well, they tend to concentrate birds in locations without spikes. It doesn’t solve the root of the problem, it just moves it. The same could be said for anti-sleeping spikes, anti-drug use lights, and many other forms of behavior-discouraging design.

The pinnacle of hostile architecture may be the Camden bench, a bizarre concrete object that purports to be for sitting. The bench is designed to repel numerous bad behaviors, including sleeping, skating, vandalism, drug dealing, littering, and theft. Savić is not a fan.

“It deters twenty-two things, and it allows only two,” she says. “It states the expectation that people will be nasty.” She feels that such design is cynical, and “makes an accusation that I don’t think is just.”

But in one respect, Savić appreciates the Camden bench: As such a perfectly hostile object, it has spurred discussion about unpleasant design.

And that’s the idea behind the “Unpleasant Design” book. The authors hope to draw our attention to hostile architecture and give us a language with which to discuss its value and function in public spaces. The book contains essays by numerous authors, interviews, and plenty of photos of examples of unpleasant designs.

Not everyone is taking unpleasant design lying down. Artist Sarah Ross created what she calls “archisuits,” leisure attire designed to allow the wearer to undermine deterrent designs.

A woman using an archisuit designed by artist Sarah Brown. Sarah Brown

And in 2003, French filmmakers Stéphane Argillet and Gilles Paté created “The Fakir’s Rest,” a short film about one man’s quest to misuse every unpleasantly designed, use-deterrent public object he comes across:

Have a look at this gallery of images on unpleasant design from Gordan Savičić and Selena Savić’s collection:

A brick wall covered in anti-climb paint. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

A bathroom with blue lights used to deter intravenous drug users because blue light makes veins hard to spot. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

A light pole covered in an anti-sticker sheath. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

An anti-sit bench in Rotterdam. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

Anti-urination bars. (Photo by: Thomas Baurley/Leaf McGowan, chúng tôi )

A bench with an anti-skate bar attachment. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

A low wall with metal anti-skate bars affixed along the edges. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

Bench designed to use cold to discourage prolonged sitting. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

An anti-sit bench. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

A handrail covered in sandpaper to discourage rail-sliding with skateboards. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

A low wall designed to discourage sitting using uneven rocks. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

A bench in Rotterdam with an array of unpleasant design features. Image courtesy of Gordan Savicic and Selena Savic

Sony Bloggie Live Review: Live

Much has been written about the smartphone’s detrimental impact on point-and-shoot camera sales. Not enough has been written about an even bigger casualty of today’s do-everything phones: the once-revolutionary pocket camcorder.

You can chalk up Flip’s abrupt end to the rise of smartphones, which not only shoot serviceable high-def video but also allow you to share that footage nearly instantly. In terms of sharing features, however, the Sony Bloggie Live MHS-TS55 ($250 as of March 13, 2012) is the first pocket camcorder out there that’s putting up a fight.

Hardware and Features

Although the Sony Bloggie Live has physical buttons for starting and stopping recording, snapping photos, and powering the device on and off, you access most of the core in-camera features via the Bloggie’s 3-inch capacitive touchscreen. An internal 8GB drive handles the storage.

The Menu button also provides access to the Bloggie Live’s wireless sharing features, including live streaming; uploading directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Sony’s new PlayMemories Online service; and pairing the camcorder to another mobile device for viewing and sharing items via a smartphone or tablet (you’ll need to download a free iOS or Android app to your device for the latter feature to work).

Wireless Sharing

You can see the results for yourself: Watch the simultaneously streamed footage from the Sony Bloggie Live and the iPhone 4S.

In addition to the discrepancies in resolution, the clips had noticeable differences in image quality, some of which you’ll see by viewing the test footage. The Bloggie Live’s video generally looked sharper and handled dramatic changes in lighting conditions more seamlessly, but its white balance was a bit off, creating a blue cast in most indoor scenes. The iPhone 4S tended to reproduce colors more realistically, but it also struggled more visibly with backlighting issues, and it tended to oversaturate colors in some cases.

Note that the Bloggie Live also did a better job in correcting the “wobble” resulting from walking with the camcorder; its digital stabilization system worked well in our tests. All in all, the Bloggie Live showed better contrast, detail, backlight-correction, and shake-correction when live-streaming video, while the iPhone 4S produced more-colorful video with good white balance.

Outside of the live-streaming mode, you can pair the Bloggie Live to your phone or tablet for viewing images and offloading them to the mobile device’s storage wirelessly. To enable remote viewing, you need to download the free Sony PlayMemories Mobile app to your iOS or Android device; the app acts as a viewer and a downloading interface for the videos and images you want to save. Once you select ‘View on Smartphone’ from the Bloggie Live’s menu, the Bloggie Live shows up as an access point in your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi settings, and you enter a password that appears on the camcorder’s screen. The whole setup process takes about a minute.

In my hands-on tests, I was able to transfer a 6-minute video from the Bloggie Live to the iPhone wirelessly in a little more than a minute, but the resulting video was a much smaller size than your average native iPhone video (see the screenshot to the left). Wireless still-image transfers took about a second or two each, and they also appeared downscaled from their full 12-megapixel resolution; once they reached the iPhone, they ended up as 1920-by-1440-pixel images (just short of 3 megapixels). Overall, the mobile wireless-sharing function works decently, as long as you’re willing to deal with lower-resolution images and video once you’ve beamed them over to another device.

Video Quality and Image Quality

In our lab-based subjective tests for still and video quality, the Sony Bloggie Live earned an overall score of Very Good. Despite performing very well for a small-size camcorder, it failed to clearly outshine some of its noted smartphone competitors in the same tests.

The Bloggie Live received scores of Very Good for overall video quality and audio quality in our movie tests, as well as Very Good marks for exposure quality and color accuracy in our still-image tests. However, all of that added up to about the same aggregate imaging scores as we saw from the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II, the two camera phones that Sony was hoping to outgun with the Bloggie Live.

During my hands-on tests, the Bloggie Live proved a worthy alternative to a basic compact point-and-shoot camera in image quality. The touch-to-focus controls work well, and the Bloggie has decent macro capabilities (around 2 inches away from the subject) that produce a shallow depth of field.

Sony Bloggie Live

iPhone 4S

Samsung Galaxy S II

Bottom Line

The Bloggie Live is a very good video performer; outside of its streaming mode, though, it didn’t produce mind-bogglingly superior video in comparison with the top smartphones it was built to compete against. When shooting 1080p video, it was strictly on a par with the output of smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II, although it does have better stabilization features and output controls than both of those phones. In live-streaming mode, the Bloggie Live produces a few more benefits, including sharper video and the option of saving the streaming footage as a high-definition 1080p clip to its hard drive.

If you’re looking specifically for a pocket camcorder, the Bloggie Live is a solid option, with wireless sharing features that you won’t find in any other model. If you’re seeking a handheld device to replace or augment the 1080p video or image-capture quality of your phone, the Bloggie Live largely matches the output of today’s top phone cameras. And if you’re shopping for a dedicated video-streaming device that won’t eat into your phone’s data plan or battery life, the Bloggie Live may be worth the price.

What Is The Instagram Live Record Right Now?

Do you want to guess what the record for the highest number of viewers on an Instagram live feed is? Thousands? Millions? Read on to find out what the record is, and who currently holds it!

In November 2024, Instagram updated its app to include ‘Instagram Live’. This function allows users to broadcast live video streams of themselves through the Instagram app itself. The feature was immediately taken up by influencers and artists alike to bring their followers closer and create a personalized bond.

While Instagram live is now being used on a smaller scale by private users to showcase their talents among other things, the viewership of these live feeds pales in comparison to some of the big-time influencers.

What is Instagram live record

An Instagram live feed shows you the number of viewers watching the video at any given point of time. This number keeps fluctuating as users join and leave the live feed. Unlike a regular video where you can easily count the number of views by other users, an Instagram live record is calculated by the highest number of viewers recorded at that point in time.

The record does not count the total aggregate of viewers over the course of the whole live feed. This means that the Instagram live record indicates the total number of viewers that were actively watching the live feed at the same time.

Which Instagram Live video broke the record

Here’s the video on YouTube that shows the full Instagram Live video of Acun Ilıcalı that broke the record.

How many views did the new Instagram Live record get

The live stream amassed a viewership that topped off at 3 Million viewers. Shattering all previous records. To put that in perspective, that is three followed by six zeros.

On May 25th, 2023, the Instagram live record was broken by a popular Turkish TV personality Acun Ilıcalı. It only took Ilıcalı 2 minutes to break the previous record which was held by American songwriter Daniel Hernandez (aka Tekashi69).

— Acun Ilıcalı (@acunilicali) May 25, 2023

The record was broken when Ilıcalı broadcasted on Instagram Live with the Survivor 2023 celebrities. The fifty-year-old then requested the audience to follow Cedi Osman, a Turkish basketball player who currently plays in the NBA. Osman’s account then blew up by 600K new followers in under 10 minutes.

Who is the Acun Ilıcalı

Ali Acun Ilıcalı is a Turkish television icon who’s also an international TV producer and the owner of TV channels TV8 and TV8.5. Ilıcalı is listed in the Top 500 list of icons in the media and entertainment industry by Variety.

The Turkish TV personality began his career as a sports reporter at Show TV before he founded his own production company Acun Medya which quickly became one of the biggest production companies in Turkey.

Who held the record before this

The previous Instagram live record was set at two million users by American rapper and songwriter Daniel Hernandez who goes by the stage name Tekashi69 (or Tekashi 6ix9ine). Hernandez had then been recently released from prison and used Instagram live to promote his single ‘Gooba’ and talk about his two-year stint in prison.

Even before Tekashi69, the record was held by the live stream ‘Quarantine Radio’ which featured two huge artists Drake and Tory Lanez but had then-record 310K views.

Yahoo’s Definitive Proxy Statement And The Iphone2

As early as now, the Yahoo Board lead by Roy Bostock and Jerry Yang want to make sure that the current Yahoo Board would be re-elected in the coming Yahoo! Annual Meeting happening on August 1. Together with the filing of its definitive proxy statement against Carl Icahn’s nominated board slated, the Yahoo Board wrote a letter to its sharehold urging them to uphold the interest of Yahoo by re-electing its current board.

The letter claimed that Icahn has only one plan for its takeover of Yahoo and that is to sell the company to Microsoft. This according to the letter will just erode Yahoo’s stockholder value since Microsoft has already withdrawn its bid.

“We Urge You to Act Now To Protect Your Investment By Rejecting Mr. Icahn’s Slate. And By Voting For Our Board Today, By Telephone, Internet, Or By Signing, Dating and Returning White Proxy Card.”

Attacking further Mr. Icahn’s objective, the letter said that he has no plans of creating Yahoo’s shareholder value, reiterating again that if Icahn succeed in overthrowing the current board, is just hoping that Microsoft will expressed interest to bid on acquiring Yahoo again.

In our opinion, Mr. Icahn and his slate are not the right individuals to guide Yahoo! as a standalone company.

Will Yahoo’s stockholders uphold the interest of the current Board or will it finally give in to Icahn’s moves? While we await the outcome of this new chapter in Yahoo’s saga, let’s all for the meantime sulk into the hype that the other tech giant has just brought upon the whole of the web populace this morning- a simple device which turned the whole tech blog population tuned in to one powerful man’s unveiling of his latest toy. Don’t we just love technology and the internet?

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