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Xbox father blames Zune failure on blinkered music industry

Ex-Microsoft exec and shepherd of both Xbox and Zune, Robbie Bach, has admitted that the Zune PMP was a cavalcade of mistakes, though argues his entertainment division team did try to replicate its successful gaming strategy with its iPod rival. Speaking at a Northwest Entrepreneur Network event in Seattle, Geekwire reports, Bach described the Zune project as “probably universally viewed as less of a success” than Xbox, though denied that either had succeeded or failed because they were part of the Microsoft behemoth.

With Xbox, Bach explained, the team had capitalized on Sony’s mismanagement of the PlayStation project, particularly in how it evolved from the PS2 to the PS3. Microsoft took the decision – not universally understood within the firm – to differentiate the original Xbox in two key ways, including a hard-drive and skipping an integrated dial-up modem in favor of an ethernet port.

“In 2001, this is not a joke, we were in a meeting with Bill (Gates) and a bunch of the rest of the senior staff, and we said, we made a decision to take the modem out of Xbox. Bill said to us, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. So we had a three-week email debate, and had to go back and have a meeting and convince Bill that taking the modem out was the right thing. Today, some people in the room probably don’t even know what a modem is” Robbie Bach

That disruptive strategy struggled, however, when Bach’s team attempted to use it against Apple and the iPod. The exec, who left Microsoft in 2010, argues that Apple had left few loopholes in its own media player strategy, unlike Sony, and suggests that while the gaming industry was keen to see a big-name rival to the PlayStation, the music industry was less cognizant of the risks of putting all its eggs into one basket.

“It’s not like we didn’t try but — I don’t know how to say this politely — the music industry just didn’t get it. They just didn’t figure out that being dependent on Apple was bad for them. And they were so hooked on the drug of what Apple was supplying them that they couldn’t see past that to realize that they needed something else to actually drive their business. The label business, the music industry, has never recovered from that” Robbie Bach

In the end, Bach says, those differences in the broader marketplace had far more impact than Microsoft itself. “The reason one succeeded and one failed had nothing to do with them being part of Microsoft” he concluded. “It had to do with the fact that the batting average at startups is actually not that high. The bar is high to be successful.”

Bach was instrumental in setting up Pioneer Studios at Microsoft, a so-called skunkworks department which operated with the startup ethos and was the force behind innovative projects such as Courier. Microsoft shuttered the studio a year ago.

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How To Find Loved Songs On Apple Music On Iphone

Apple Music, like any other streaming service, allows users to mark the songs they like with a Love button (indicated by a heart icon). If you’ve loved a ton of songs from the Music app and are looking to play them on your iPhone, the following post will help you find your loved songs and create a playlist with all the songs you’ve marked with the heart icon. 

Can you find loved songs on Apple Music on your iPhone?

No. Although Apple Music has a Love button to mark tracks that you like, this Love button (marked by a heart icon) helps Apple learn your listening habits so that it can offer you recommendations based on what you like to listen to. If you’ve tapped the Love button on songs you’ve listened to in the past and want to locate them inside Apple Music, you won’t be able to do that natively on your iPhone.

In contrast, Spotify offers a “Liked Songs” playlist that users can access inside the “Your Library” section of the Spotify app. For unknown reasons, Apple neither has such a playlist nor a section that shows you all the songs you’ve marked with the Love button. 

How to find loved songs on Apple Music using a Mac or a Macbook

Note: You need to have an Apple macOS device (any Mac desktop or Macbook will do) PC for this.

While iPhone users won’t be able to find the songs they loved inside the Apple Music iPhone app, there’s still one way they can find them as long as they own a Mac with the Apple Music app installed on the PC. Unlike its iOS app, the Apple Music app on macOS can let you browse and play songs you’ve marked with the heart icon. 

Note: This will only work if the songs you “loved” were added to your Apple Music library in the first place. 

Here, you’d see all the songs you’ve added to your Apple Music library. Check if you have the Love column (marked by a heart icon) in the header row among other columns for Title, Time, Artist, Album, Genre, and Plays. 

You will now see all the songs you marked with the heart icon inside Apple Music and these songs will be highlighted by a heart icon under the Love column. 

How to create a playlist of your loved songs on Apple Music using a Mac or a Macbook

Now that you know how to find your loved songs on Apple Music, you should now be able to play them from your Apple Music app on a Mac. If you wish to make it easier to play these songs, there’s a smarter way to do so – by creating a Smart Playlist on Apple Music. 

You can create a Smart Playlist of all of your loved songs on Apple Music and with that, you’ll no longer need to browse for songs with a heart icon on your library since the service will itself recognize the songs you’ve marked with “Love” and add them to this playlist. 

Creating a Smart Playlist

Since you’re looking to add all your loved songs to this playlist, select Love from the list of options. 

In the third dropdown box, select Loved. 

Your search criteria will look something like this.

From there, you can filter songs based on other factors like artist, album, category, genre, time, date, and more. For instance, we wanted to search for songs based on the number of plays, so we chose “Plays”. If you use the search criteria below, the Music app will add songs you loved that you played more than 5 times. 

After setting the rule for loved songs, you need to make sure that the Live updating box remains checked. 

The Music app will now show you a new playlist and it will be labeled as “Playlist”. You can rename it to a name of your choice.

For instance, we set its title to “Songs I Love” so that we can recognize this specific playlist among others in our library. 

Play loved songs from this new smart playlist (Mac / iPhone)

To play songs from this playlist in the future, open the Apple Music app and locate “Songs I Love” (or the name you set for your smart playlist) from the Playlist section of the left sidebar. 

All the songs you’ve loved on your iPhone, Mac, or any other Apple device will now show up inside this playlist. 

Since Apple syncs playlists via iCloud, you’ll be able to find this playlist on your iPhone. For that, open the Apple Music app on your iPhone. 

When the app opens, tap on the Library tab at the bottom. 

Inside Library, select Playlists at the very top. 

The new smart playlist you create will appear at the top of the next screen. Tap on this playlist to open it. 

All the songs you’ve loved on Apple Music will now appear on your iPhone as well. 

Why do some songs don’t appear on my “Loved” list?

When you create a smart playlist of your loved songs, all the songs you marked with the heart icon should automatically be inside this playlist. If you think the list of songs you loved is incomplete and there are more songs that this playlist should have, then chances are you may not have added those songs to your Apple Music Library.

That’s because a smart playlist can only sort songs that are available in your library. If you had created a smart playlist for your loved songs using the above guide, the songs that appear inside that playlist will be the songs you “loved” and added to your library. The playlist won’t show songs you loved but didn’t add to your library. 

You can avoid facing this issue by allowing Apple Music to add songs to your library when you add them to a playlist. You can do that on your iPhone by opening the Settings app and selecting Music. 

Inside Music, turn on the Add Playlist Songs toggle to make sure all the songs you add to a playlist are added to your Apple Music library as well. 

This may resolve the issue for songs you love in the future but for the past songs you loved, you will need to head back to each one of them and add them to your library. 

That’s all you need to know about finding Loved songs on Apple Music. 

How To Display Music Controls On Quick Settings On Android

What Are Android 11’s New Media Controls?

Android 11 changes how media controls are displayed. Up until now, these always appeared in the notification tray. Android 11 now offers the option to move controls to the Quick Settings, as a way to make space for its new dedicated Conversations notification section.

In addition, the new controls allow users to make the transition from phone speakers to Bluetooth speakers by virtue of a few taps. The feature is incredibly useful and you can now try it yourself, provided you have a phone running Android 5.0 Lollipop or above.

How to Get Android 11’s New Music Controls on Your Phone

Download the Power Shade app from the Google Play Store and install it on your device. Launch the app and make sure to give the permissions that are necessary for running the app. This includes Accessibility and Notifications. Ignore the dual SIM option if you don’t have a dual SIM smartphone.

As soon as you do that, you’ll notice that your Quick Settings have a new look. For starters, the toggles have been given a visual makeover and the brightness slider now resides at the top of the display.

Now go back to the app and check out the main menu. Tap on the Extras tab at the bottom, scroll down and check to see if the Integrate media players in quick settings toggle is on. If it’s not, turn it on and then go back.

Making Use of the New Music Controls

Open your usual music app (for example Spotify) and play a song. You’ll notice that the media controls no longer appear in the notification drawer. Instead, a smaller-scale Quick Settings panel now houses them. Like before, you’ll be able to play, pause or skip the tracks, the same as you would in the old format.

The new media controls also allow users to quickly switch between their phone’s speakers and other Bluetooth speakers. To do so, simply swipe down once on your status bar to show your new Quick Settings.

There’s an additional button in the top-right corner of the window labeled Phone Speaker. Tap on it, and you will be able to choose the option to stream music through another device. Keep in mind that you’ll need to connect a Bluetooth speaker (or another media output device) to your Android prior to attempting this action.

For those who use multiple streaming services, the new controls allow you to simply swipe left or right to switch between them as well.

If, for whatever reason, you feel like you want to go back to the old way of displaying media controls, you can easily achieve this. Just turn off the Running toggle in the main menu area of the app.

The Power Shade app is extremely handy in other areas of customization as well. For example, you can change the background color in Quick settings or select different icon shapes for toggles. It’s really worth digging deeper into.

If you want to continue tweaking your music-listening experience on your phone, you may want to check out how to turn your Android into a Hi-Res audio player and learn about the best Android music player apps.

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Fix: Xbox Controller Not Working On Pc

Game controller is the heartbeat of any gamer. The controller brings easier ways to control games. But what can you do when your controller doesn’t work on your PC?

Many users have reported that their Xbox controller doesn’t work on their PC.

Here in this article, we have discussed what you can do when your Xbox controller not working on PC.

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Damaged or loose cable connection. This is the most overlooked but simple reason. USB cables are known to be vulnerable and get easily damaged.

PC doesn’t recognize the controller device when plugged into the USB port. This situation arises when you have a problem with the USB Ports on your PC or you have inserted the controller to USB 3.0, which it may not support.

Outdated drivers can conflict with your system devices and lead to this issue.

Malware or sometimes the installed Antivirus programs can also interfere with device drivers.

The ports you have plugged the Xbox controller can be malfunctioning. Change the ports and see if it fixes the issue.

If you have connected the controller to a USB hub, then try connecting to the motherboard ports at the back of the CPU.

Also, make sure to check the controller cable. There is a chance that cables are malfunctioning. USB cables are vulnerable, so try a new cable and see if it solves the issue.

This issue is mostly caused by outdated or malfunctioning drivers. First try disabling and enabling the gamepad driver, which would reset it.

To disable and enable the gamepad driver, follow the steps given below:

Open Run utility using Windows + R.

Type devmgmt.msc on Run utility and press Enter.

After that, open the Device Manager again.

Now select the Enable Device option.

If still the issue persists then it might be the case of obsolete drivers, then try updating the controller drivers. Here is how you can update the controller drivers:

Open the Device Manager ( as mentioned earlier).

Now select Update driver option.

Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the process.

If this method also doesn’t work, then re-install the driver. To uninstall the driver, follow the steps given below:

Open the Device Manager (as said earlier).

Then expand the Sound, video and game controllers option.

Now, restart your PC after the PC opens System automatically reinstalls the driver on Windows chúng tôi issue persists, try the next solution.

In Windows there is an option that turns off the plugged-in devices automatically. The Xbox controller not working on PC can be due to this feature.

To disable the auto turn off plugged-in devices feature, follow the steps given below:

Open the Device Manager and expand USB Serial Bus Controllers.

Do the above steps for all the USB root hub 3.0 drivers. Once done, check if still your Xbox controllers for PC is not working. If the issue persists, then try the next solution.

If Xbox controller is not connecting to PC wired, then try connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Here are the steps to do it:

Plug-in the adapter into a USB port.

Turn on the controller by press and then hold the Xbox button for few seconds. Release it after the Xbox button will turn-on. 

Press the Pairing button after the device turns-on.

You will receive a pop up message on your PC to connect the controller.

After accepting the pairing request the Xbox light will become Steady.

So, when your Xbox One wired controller on PC is not working, then running it wirelessly should fix it as mentioned above.

If your Xbox controller is still not connecting even wirelessly, then try running the Bluetooth troubleshooter:

Press the Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.

Go to Update & Security option.

Select the Troubleshoot option on the left-hand panel.

Expand Bluetooth and select Run the troubleshooter.

Follow the instruction on the running wizard to complete troubleshooting.

Fix Xbox One Error 0X87E00064 On Windows Pc

If you’re encountering Xbox One error 0x87e00064 while installing a game on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer, then this post is intended to help you. In this post, we will identify the possible causes, as well as provide the most appropriate solutions you can try to help you remediate this issue.

When you encounter this issue. you’ll receive the following full error message;

The error code is 0x87E00O64, in case you need it.

You might encounter the error due to one or more, but not limited to the following known causes;

Corrupted temp folder.

Corrupted Blu-Ray Cache.

Firmware inconsistency.

Bad disk or optical drive problem.

A poster on Microsoft Answers has said that this helped him:

If it helps you, great, else read on.

Fix Xbox One error 0x87e00064

If you’re faced with this Installation stopped – Error 0x87e00064 issue, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

Install the game on a stable internet connection

Power-cycle your Xbox One console

Install the game from Xbox Store

Delete cache and save the file

Replace Optical Drive

Wipe Firmware file on your Xbox One console

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Install the game on a stable internet connection

If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, check that your console is receiving a strong signal, or change to using a wired connection as this gives more stable internet than a wireless one. You can also leave your game installing overnight if it requires downloading a single large file.

2] Power-cycle your Xbox One console

Do the following:

Ensure that your console is fully turned (not in hibernation mode).

On your console, press and hold the Xbox button and keep it pressed for about 10 seconds or until you notice that the front LED (on your console) stops flashing.

Note: While you wait for this time period to pass, you can also disconnect the cable from the power outlet in order to ensure that the power capacitors are completely cleared.

After this period has passed, connect the power cable once again and start your console conventionally to see if this issue has been fixed.

During this next startup, you can pay attention to the startup animation logo. If you notice that the longest animation logo appears, take it as confirmation that the power cycling procedure has been successful.

Once the next startup is complete, repeat the action that was previously triggering the 0x87E00064 error code.

If the Xbox One error 0x87e00064 issue persists, try the next solution.

3] Install the game from Xbox Store

Sometimes the game disc can be physically damaged causing Xbox One error 0x87e00064. In this case, you can install the game from the Xbox Store, and then use the game disc to play.

Here’s how:

Go to Xbox Store.

Go to the Search bar.

Type in the name of the game

Install the game

Wait for the console to finish downloading and installing the game.

If the installation is complete, insert your game disc and play

If still unable to play, try the next solution.

4] Delete cache and save the file

If your game was not installed or uninstalled, Xbox One error 0x87e00064 may occur due to a cache or a game saved that is related to the game you are installing. Corrupted files that have been saved can also cause the error so in this case, delete all of these items.

To delete saved files, do the following:

Press the Guide button on your Xbox controller

Go to Settings Tab

Select System Settings.

Select a storage device.

Select Games and Apps.

Look for a corrupted game among the saved files.

Delete it if there is any.

To delete cache, do the following:

Press the Guide button on your Xbox controller.

Go to Settings Tab

Select System Settings

Select Storage.

Select any of the listed storage device

Press Y on the Xbox controller.

Select Clear System Cache.

If prompted to confirm the action, select Yes.

Turn off your Xbox console and then unplug it for at least 30 seconds to flush out the memory cache.

Turn the Xbox console on and install the game using the game disc.

5] Replace Optical Drive

If you’re only encountering this error code while trying to install content from Blu-Ray disks, you should start considering a bad DVD or problem with your optical drive. This is more likely so if you return your DVD and try to do the installation from a brand new game disk and the issue persists.

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6] Wipe Firmware file on your Xbox One console

Do the following:

Start by ensuring that your console is fully booted up, then press the Xbox button on your controller to open up the main guide menu.

Once you’re inside the guide menu, access the Settings menu.

From the Console Info tab, access the Reset Console button.

Once you arrive at the next Reset console menu, select the option named Reset and keep my games & apps to initiate a soft reset.

Confirm the operation, then wait patiently until the process is complete. At the end of it, your console will restart and a couple of OS updates will be installed once the next startup is complete. Follow through with the on-screen prompts to install every OS update in order to be able to go online.

Once your system firmware is up to date, try installing any game and see if the Xbox One error 0x87e00064 appears again.

Any of these solutions should work for you!

Best Tv Settings For Hdr Gaming On Xbox

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is a technology developed to improve the image and video quality. Some of you might be familiar with the term HDR. Today, this technology is widely used in cameras, smartphones, and TVs. The aim of developing the HDR technology is to create an image closer to that seen by the human eyes. The photos taken by a camera with HDR mode enabled are clearer than the photos taken by the same camera with HDR mode disabled. This is because the HDR technology produces the photograph by balancing its darkest and brightest parts. The HDR technology also has an application in the gaming sector. Playing a game on an HDR-capable TV definitely boosts the gaming experience. This article talks about how to configure the best HDR settings for gaming Xbox on TV.

How to configure best HDR settings for gaming on Xbox on TV

If you configure the correct HDR settings for gaming Xbox on your TV, you will not have to adjust the brightness and contrast levels again and again for darker and brighter environments in a game. Here are some suggestions that you can follow to configure the best HDR settings for gaming Xbox on TV.

We will discuss the following:

How to set up HDR TV for gaming Xbox

How to set up Auto HDR for gaming Xbox

Different HDR settings in an HDR TV for gaming Xbox

Let’s start.

1] How to set up HDR TV for gaming Xbox

To set up your HDR TV for gaming Xbox, you have to try different picture settings with HDR mode enabled on your TV.  The menu settings are different for different TV models. To calibrate the correct HDR settings on your TV for gaming Xbox, you can use the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app. The steps to use the Xbox game Calibration app are as follows:

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Now, select TV & display options.

There, you will see the Calibrate HDR for games option.

Now, you can adjust the HDR picture settings to set up your HDR TV for gaming Xbox. Do note that while setting up your TV for HDR gaming, your TV should be in HDR mode.

2] How to set up Auto HDR for gaming Xbox

Enable the HDR10 feature on your TV.

Press the Xbox button on your Console to open the guide.

Now, select the Video modes option and then turn on the Auto HDR. Also, enable the Allow 4K, Allow HDR10, and/or Allow Dolby Vision options.

Do note that all games do not support the Auto HDR feature. To know whether or not your game supports the Auto HDR feature, first, enable the Auto HDR on your gaming console and then launch the game. Now, press the Xbox button. If the game supports this feature, you will see an Auto HDR badge on the top right side of the interface.

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3] Different HDR settings in an HDR TV for gaming Xbox

If you want to have the best HDR gaming experience on your TV, tweak the following settings on your HDR TV:

Brightness: In order to get the best HDR gaming experience on your TV, set the HDR brightness level of your TV to the maximum. Some TVs come with a built-in light sensor that adjusts the screen brightness according to the light intensity in your environment. If your TV has a light sensor, disable the automatic brightness settings.

Local dimming setting: The local dimming settings in HDR TVs improves the contrast ratio by making the dark colors appear darker and deeper. You will find this setting with different names in different models of HDR TVs. To get the best HDR experience in gaming, it is recommended that you enable this setting on your TV.

Color: The look of an image is affected by the color temperature on a TV. This setting is often called color tone or color temperature (depending on the model of an HDR TV you have) and has the options called cool, C10, Warm1, W10, etc. If you want to get the best HDR gaming experience, you should use Warm1, W10, or normal color settings on your HDR TV.

Sharpness: Enabling the sharpness on your HDR TV could lead to unnecessary sharp edges that affect the HDR content. Hence, it is suggested to disable the sharpness settings of your HDR TV in order to get the best HDR gaming experience.

read: How to check If HDR is supported on a Windows 11 PC.

How do I make my Xbox HDR look better?

You can make your Xbox HDR look better by calibrating the HDR settings correctly. For this purpose, you can use the Xbox game calibration app. By using this app, you can configure the best HDR settings on your HDR TV for Xbox gaming.

Is HDR good for gaming?

The HDR technology presents an image with more clarity. If you capture an image by enabling the HDR mode in your camera, you will see the darker and brighter parts of that image more clearly. The purpose of HDR technology is to create more realistic images. HDR is good for gaming. If you want to enjoy a better gaming experience, you should play your games after enabling the HDR mode. If you enable HDR mode, you will get a more diverse contrast in the darker environments in your game.

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