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Windows 10 KB4015217 brings a bevy of bug fixes, download it now




Microsoft recently rolled out a new cumulative update for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update OS. Update KB4015217 features a series of important bug fixes, patching various issues such as high CPU usage, VPN driver bugs, many File Explorer issues, and more.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft listed two build versions for KB4015217, OS build 14393.1066 and 14393.1083. Unfortunately, the tech giant did not explain what are the exact differences between the two versions.

Without further ado, let us see what are the fixes and improvements brought by KB4015217.

Addressed issue that was preventing the Camera application from saving a captured image when “Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on Start or the taskbar” settings is enabled.

Improved the Host Network Service (HNS) to support an overlay network driver for use on Windows Server 2023 to connect containers across hosts using Docker Engine in Swarm Mode.

Addressed issue where displays turn off unexpectedly even when Turn off display and Screen saver are disabled in the power profile.

Addressed an issue where CredentialGuard-enabled computers joined to Active Directory domains submit two bad logon attempts each time a bad password is provided during a Kerberos-based logon. Logons to Active Directory domains with arbitrarily low account lockout thresholds may be subject to unexpected account lockouts. For example, 2 logons with a bad password could result in an account being locked out if the account lockout threshold is set to 3 or 4.

Addressed issue that increases CPU usage when IP forwarding or weak host is enabled.

Addressed issue where some of the VPN drivers do not get migrated when upgrading the OS to Windows 10, version 1607.

Addressed issue that causes virtual machines to fail during high I/O scenarios where the user may log in multiple times.

Addressed issue that was causing connections (after the 1st connection request) from a Remote Desktop Client to a Remote Desktop session to fail after upgrading from Windows 10, version 1511, to Windows 10, version 1607.

Addressed issue that was causing the Command prompt to be not displayed properly through the serial console on headless systems.

Addressed issue that was causing MDM enrollment failtures on devices using Kerberos authentication.

Addressed issue with rendering when a webpage contains a DIV element that has the contenteditable attribute.

Addressed issue that causes text to disappear when you resize an Internet Explorer window when the encoding is Hebrew and any text ends with an underscore character.

Addressed issue that was causing headless machines to not go into S3 sleep mode sometimes.

Enabled warning message in Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to alert administrators of a design change that may prevent the processing of a User Group after installing security update MS16-072 (KB3163622).

Addressed an issue that was causing Windows Explorer to perform an endless, rapid refresh of a network drive that is mapped to a share, preventing users from performing tasks such as rename object.

Addressed a memory leak in Internet Explorer when hosting a page that contains nested framesets, which load cross-domain content.

Addressed an issue that was causing the print spooler service to hang instead of showing a timeout error when a connection between a bluetooth printer and the machine is lost during printing.

Addressed an issue that was preventing installation of a new printer driver that uses v3 printer drivers.

Improved the reliability of Load Balancing/Failover (LBFO) whenever there is a resource rebalance, a device failure, or a surprise removal of a device.

Addressed additional issues with updated time zone information, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

Security updates to Scripting Engine, libjpeg image-processing library, Hyper-V, Win32k, Adobe Type Manager Font Driver, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Graphics component, Active Directory Federation Services, .NET Framework, Active Directory, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Windows Kernel model drivers and Windows OLE.

Have you downloaded KB4015217 on your computer? Did you encounter any issues after installing the update?


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Endless Space 2 Update 1.0.5 Fixes A Bevy Of Issues, Install It Now

Endless Space 2 Update 1.0.5 fixes a bevy of issues, install it now




Endless Space 2 just received an important update fixing a series of annoying issues affecting the game. Patch 1.0.5 also features a bevy of changes and improvements that will make Endless Space 2 more stable.

Here are the full patch notes:


Added a pop-up to inform players who play on the public 1.0.5 build with an old AMD card to play on the fixAMD branch

Added several bits of missing localisation that remained in English until now

Added a cinematic for the discovery of the Academy

Added a failure tooltip on ships in the fleet list if the Drag’n’Drop between flotillas wasn’t possible

Improved the planet destruction tooltip error message

Fleets Labels for cargo Ships are now hidden

User Interface improvements:

Changed the custom faction button from “Add” to “Custom Factions”

Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue with saves with broken deposits

Fixed an issue with several faction traits that weren’t functional with custom factions

Fixed an issue with the Cravers Prime ship skin: it can now be used in custom factions with the Cravers affinity

Fixed an issue in multiplayer where players remained stuck in the loading screen after quitting to main menu if they used custom factions created by the host

Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where the nodes discovery status of remote players was not properly saved by the host

Fixed an issue with the Implant Beacon battle action which was unavailable because the fleet was erroneously considered “busy”

Fixed an issue with the end of turn timer not resolving encounters

Fixed an exploit with technologies: they can’t be traded to prevent Scientific Victory exploits

Fixed an issue with custom factions that couldn’t be created with more than 7 faction traits in Multiplayer

Fixed some diplomacy localization lines for custom factions

Fixed an issue with minor factions spending all their Dust on colonization that they couldn’t achieve

Players won’t be able to save during the end turn anymore

Fixed vined systems bonus/malus only applied to Unfallen

Fixed an issue with troops count

Fixed an issue with the Unfallen vine action feedback which was displayed for all orbiting fleets

Added a failure tooltip in galaxy view to inform the user when the curiosities that he wants to explore with probes are already in the queue construction

Fixed an issue on the Asian font which corrupted them overtime

Fixed an issue with the feedback of Third Vodyani population collection bonus

Fixed the Amateur and Kingpin Executive traits

Fixed the Center of Light and Life and Harmony of the Heart improvements which had incorrect pre-requisites, allowing them to be built multiple times

Removed Home System Depletion from the Cravers Affinity to move it to the population trait Extreme Foremen

Changed the faction trait “Strange but Bad” faction trait cost from 10 to -10

Fixed Apathetic/Fervent colonists traits

Fixed Blockade Breakers trait

Added the Naturalists population trait

Fixed the Singularity creation and destruction sound effects

Fixed the Luxuries Lottery system improvement

Fixed the Righteous Fury law

Fixed an issue where the failure condition didn’t work properly in a competitive quest when players were the first to colonize a system

Fixed an issue with a parasitic sound heard during the beginning of turn

Fixed an issue with the final reward of the Riftborn main quest

Fixed an issue where the Unfallen couldn’t use the spaceport

Expert tip:

Reduced the effect of the Vodyani Dust for Alms improvement from 25% to 50% of Dust converted into Essence

Changed the Papers Please hero skill: increased manpower refill rate gain on skills

Changed the Conscription Genius hero skill: doubled manpower gain

Changed the Bespoke Arms hero skill: increased damage given to the hero ship

Changed the Sensitive Systems hero skill: changed vision range bonus from % to flat

Fixed the Infallible Authority hero skill: it is now not as strong

Increased the Riftborn colonizer cost, as they do not have to manage migration to outpost

Decreased Cravers depletion points per turn from +2 to +1

Added a temporary bonus to population collection level 3 for the Lumeris

Fixed Permanent Monsoon tooltip: it now displays -10 Happiness

Wonders & Unique buildings are now impacted by the game speed

Fixed an issue that made conquest victory require a lower percentage of the galaxy to win while in an alliance

Fixed the Lumeris buyout improvement “Workers’ Campus” being allowed to be built multiple times


Fixed the AI abusive migration

Fixed an issue with the AI stuck in an infinite battle

Added transitions so the AI is not stuck in war when Peace or an Alliance is signed

Fixed an error that occurred when the game was saved at the beginning of the turn


Fixed an issue where the Academy quest chapter 1 part 1 didn’t resolve like a normal competitive quest

Fixed an issue where the Academy quest on minor factions didn’t trigger the next quest after it failed

Fixed an issue with the Vodyani quest chapter 1 part 2 where the second choice didn’t work with custom factions

Fixed an issue with the Vodyani quest chapter 1 where the objective used to be obsolete

Fixed an issue with the United Empire “The Cult of the Strongman” quest where the player didn’t receive any reward upon completion

Fixed an issue where spawning fleets to destroy in Academy quest 3-B were too far from the Academy

Added a missing pre-requisite to the pre-Metaplot Academy quests to make sure Academy must be found in the first place

Fixed an issue with the 10/10 With Spice quest: it will now be triggered only after the 50th turn (in normal speed)

Fixed an issue where the Academy quest “Build the Academy” didn’t work as expected, preventing players from reaching the next Academy chapter

Fixed and issue where the Academy quest was spawning Pirate fleets instead of the Vodyani fleets as suggested in the lore

ENFER ship can be dragged into the hangar in the Sophons main quest


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Apple Properly Fixes The 1+2+3 Calculator Bug In Ios 11.3, Brings Back The Animation

There was a big furore in October when the community discovered that the redesigned Calculator app in iOS 11.0 had a semi-serious bug; people noticed that if you typed 1 + 2 + 3 quickly, it would give the incorrect answer. The real problem here was that the fade animation on the operand buttons (+, – etc) would block user interaction until it completed. This meant that if you typed quickly, the second press of the + button when typing 1 + 2 + 3 would be ignored, but really this happened with any combination of inputs that pressed the operands quickly.

In iOS 11.2, Apple ‘fixed’ this issue. They removed the animation altogether making state changes instantaneous. It quelled complaints, but obviously was not what was originally designed. In iOS 11.3, Apple will rollout the true fix – the animations are back, and do not block user interaction. Video below …

Here’s a quick review of the timeline for clarity:

iOS 11.0 had a brand new Calculator app with operand buttons that faded in and out when highlighted. iOS 11.2 removed the fade animation altogether to patchwork fix the bug. iOS 11.3 brings the animations back and users can still tap the buttons in quick succession.

You can see the difference in the video below; focus on the Calculator’s + button to see the change from instantaneous flashes of colour to a smooth fade from orange to white.

The fade effects are fast and subtle, but I’m glad to see Apple double-backed on this to fix it properly. When the Calculator was designed, they obviously wanted the animated states to be there because they were included in the iOS 11.0 and iOS 11.1 releases. When iOS 11.2 solved the issue with a quick fix, I was a little disappointed to see that the design had been compromised and there was no guarantee that they would go back and wire it up to restore the original animation behavior.

There have been other cases since iOS 7 where seemingly quick fixes have stayed around, unchanged, for years. I’m happy to report this is not of those cases here.

With iOS 11.3, the animation behaves as it should and the calculations are computed correctly. This should be the final installment in the Calculator bug saga.

Is this a big deal? No. But a lot of small details like this add up to the overall iOS experience and the Apple brand is synonymous with attention to detail in hardware. Care in software has been more scattershot in recent years, so I’m encouraged by changes like this one.

iOS 11.3 is in developer beta now and will be released to all customers sometime in the spring. Alongside bug fixes like this one, it includes new Animoji, iMessage Business Chat, Health Records integration and several other flagship features.

For iOS 12, Apple is rumored to be focusing resources towards performance, reliability and bug fixes, so hopefully cases like the Calculator saga will be caught sooner, ideally before they ship in the first place.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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Download And Install Windows Essentials On Windows 10

How to download and install Windows Essentials on Windows 10




We saw all sorts of great tools from Microsoft over the years, and one of these tools is Windows Essentials.

Windows Essentials worked great on previous versions of Windows, and since this is such widely used set of tools, we decided to make a small guide on how to install Windows Essentials on Windows 10.

Windows Essentials is a collection of Microsoft’s applications and it was first released in 2006.

Over the years Windows Essentials went through various changes with some tools added and others removed from the suite.

Regarding updates, the last update for Windows Essentials was released in 2012, and since Microsoft isn’t actively working on Windows Essentials, many are concerned whether will Windows Essentials run on Windows 10.

We’re pleased to inform you that Windows Essentials can be installed on Windows 10, and that many of its applications work perfectly.

The customer support period ended in January 2023, so it is not available for Windows 10. Currently, Windows Essentials can’t be downloaded from Microsoft Store.

If you need something similar to this product, you may try Microsoft Photos app, where you can create and edit videos with text, music, animations, filters, and 3D effects.

You can also download Windows Essential from third party websites, but on your own risk.

How can I install Windows Essentials on Windows 10?

Installing Windows Essentials on Windows 10 is rather simple, and you can install it by following these steps:

Download Windows Essentials.

Run the setup file.

If you’re not familiar with Windows Essentials, we’ll give you a short guide on what does each application do.

First on our list of tools is OneDrive. As you know, Windows 10 comes with OneDrive preinstalled, therefore you cannot install it using Windows Essentials.

If you want to know what is OneDrive and how it works on Windows 10, we wrote an article about it, so be sure to check it out.

Next on our list is Windows Live Mail. This is a popular email client and direct successor to Outlook Express. If you’re planning to use this client, bear in mind that Windows Live Mail doesn’t work with Outlook anymore.

If you want to download and use Windows Live Mail on Windows 10, check out this guide.

Photo Gallery is an image viewer with a simple to use interface. In addition to viewing images, this tool allows you to edit images, apply different effects to them and share them online.

If you want to download and install Photo Gallery on Windows 10, follow the simple steps from this guide.

Photo Gallery not working on Windows 10? Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you.

Movie Maker is a popular video editing software, and many older users will probably remember that this tool was a part of older versions of Windows.

Microsoft did some changes, and Movie Maker is now a part of Windows Essentials, and it works perfectly on Windows 10.

Movie Maker has stopped working? Check out this guide and solve the problem in no time.

Windows Live Writer is a blogging client and it allows you to access several major blogging services such as WordPress, SharePoint and many others.

By using this tool you can easily write blog posts right from your desktop, without using the blog’s web interface.

We should also mention Windows Live Messenger. As you remember, we choose not to install this tool because Windows Live Messenger service was discontinued in 2013.

Since Messenger service was canceled, all of its users switched to Skype.

As you can see, Windows Essentials worked great on Windows 10, and you could install it and use it without any problems.


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Windows 10 Build 14352 Fixes And Known Issues

Windows 10 build 14352 has been released to the Fast ring of updates. The new preview for PC that Insiders are receiving now delivers a number of improvements on Cortana, Windows Ink, Windows Defender, and Microsoft is even improving how IT professionals can upgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Enterprise without wiping out the system or rebooting.

Additionally, the software giant is listing a big number of bug fixes on build 14352, as well as a few known issues Insiders should be aware of before installing the latest test version of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Fixes for Windows 10 build 14352

Feedback Hub now is localized and show up in your language.

You will no longer loose pinned tabs in Microsoft Edge after updating.

Increased hit target of (X) icon for notifications in Action Center, to make them easier to dismiss.

Updated the Action Center icon to now hide unread notification count when the taskbar is using small icons when there is not enough space to display it.

Update notifications to now deep link straight to Update History.

Updated the Settings app so now the CTRL + E keyboard shortcut will set focus to the Settings search box.

Fixed timing issue where the Bluetooth Quick Action might appear (with state ON) for a device with no Bluetooth.

Fixed issue with Intel HD Graphics 3000 or Intel HD Graphics 2000 GPUs causing rendering issues and instability with Microsoft Edge.

Fixed issue causing blue screen of death on Surface Books when using Windows Hello.

Fixed issue that caused the Brightness Quick Action to appear missing.

Fixed issue resulting in maximized universal apps slightly overlapping the taskbar if taskbar was positioned on top.

Fixed issue in the Action Center where it wouldn’t show the hover state when moving your mouse over notifications if a notification had been expanded.

Fixed issue resulting in missing icons in Action Center when using Light mode.

Fixed issue resulting in “Restart Required” continuing to show in Action Center after restart has already occurred.

Fixed issue where using Esc key to exit a full-screen video with Microsoft Edge maximized would result in the window becoming un-maximized.

Fixed issue where playing mp4s from a network share in the Movies & TV app would sometimes show an “MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_BYTESTREAM_TYPE” error.

Fixed issue that resulted in the volume mixer slider for system sounds getting reset to 100% after receiving a notification or altering master volume.

Fixed issue where theme settings were not roaming correctly to other PCs.

Fixed issue resulting in the “All apps” list in Start being blank for certain languages

Fixed issue with Command Prompt where it wasn’t keeping the current line in view after resizing the window.

Fixed issue that resulted in the User Account Control dialog sometimes appearing behind other windows instead of in the forefront.

Fixed issue resulting in the Lock screen sometimes not showing the Caps lock warning when Caps lock was on.

Known issues for Windows 10 build 14352

Previously installed extensions for Microsoft Edge may not work for around 15 minutes after your first sign-in. A work around for this is to manually re-install each extension from the Store.

New Cortana features highlighted above may not work. Restarting your PC should fix the issue and get the features working.

Using the keyboard to navigate in certain Store apps like Netflix does not work. You will need to use your mouse.

Here’s what’s new in Windows 10 build 14352, including the improvements on Cortana, Windows Ink, Windows Defender, Windows Game DVR and more.

Source Windows Blog

10 Of The Best Free Ebook Download Libraries

You may be surprised to find out there are thousands of free ebooks available to download from digital libraries. Whether you like to read on a Kindle, iPad or smartphone, we’ve searched the web to discover the best places to download short stories, novels, and even kids books – all without spending a dime. Let’s take a look at the best ebook libraries you can visit today to download free ebooks.

1. Project Gutenberg

Undoubtedly one of the most popular ebook libraries, Project Gutenberg is home to over 60,000 titles that are free to download. There’s no fee and no registration. Popular titles include some of the most classic novels in history, including Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Illiad, Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, Crime and Punishment, and more. Books are available to download in a variety of formats, including ePub, Kindle, plain text, PDF and more.

2. Smashwords 3. International Children’s Digital Library

Even though most free online ebook libraries cater to adults, options to download free ebooks for children exist thanks to sites like International Children’s Digital Library. With more than 4400 titles available, all available titles are scanned online so that they can be read through the site’s own default reader. Book discovery is done through language, shape, color, genre, character, true versus make-believe and format, so it’s easy for parents to quickly discover something their child will like.


Arguably one of the best websites for historical content, chúng tôi is also home to all types of free eBooks. Everything from fiction and historical to academic and children’s books is available. Download formats including PDF, ePub and Kindle shows book interests are definitely broader here than in most other free ebook libraries. All totaled, there are more than 20 million downloadable books and texts for free with more than 2.3 million of those being “modern” ebooks.

5. Amazon Kindle Store (Adults)

As much as Amazon pushes books for purchase, the online retail giant still offers ebooks for free through their website. The best place to start is the Top 100 Free section, which often includes a mix of romance, mystery, fiction, and the occasional children’s title. Alternatively, you can also explore Amazon’s current selection of free Kindle titles that changes regularly and often includes similar genres to the Top 100 list. All ebooks are available in Kindle format, so you will need a dedicated Kindle reader or the Kindle app on mobile or desktop.

Amazon Kindle Store (Kids)

Adults are not the only ones who get to enjoy free Kindle ebooks. Children will also find a choice list of free available ebooks through the Kindle Store. Available ebooks include titles good for babies all the way up to age 12. There are some fun short stories as well as a mix of books to help children understand new emotions and feelings they are just beginning to recognize. There are often a few hundred titles available, so it’s worth checking out monthly to see if something new pops up that may be of interest to younger readers.

6. BookBub 8. 9. Baen

When it comes to science fiction or fantasy genres, look to Baen as a go-to library for free ebooks to download. The site has a large selection of novels that you can read online or download in five different formats. In addition to science fiction and fantasy, Baen also includes young adult, nonfiction and paranormal romance genres. You won’t find any new releases or a very deep library, but it’s a great site to discover some hidden science fiction and fantasy gems.

10. Barnes & Noble (Children)

Like Amazon, Barnes and Noble also offers a strong selection of free eBook titles for children. With more than 5000 available books, they are broken down by ideal age group, new releases, top 100 and more. Downloading each ebook is completely free and can be read across a spread of Nook-supported tablets, eReaders and apps for Windows, iOS, Android and iPadOS. The book selection changes every so often, so it’s good to check back a few times a month to see whether new titles have been added.

Barnes and Noble (Adult)

Similar to its children’s site, Barnes and Noble offers a similarly solid lineup for adults as well. Whereas the children’s site is broken down more by age and new release, the adult site is focused more on genre. Genres including cookbooks, young adult, thrillers, romance and science fiction are all available for free ebook discovery. There’s a really deep selection of titles for each genre – science fiction alone has more than 12,000 free ebooks available. Like the children’s site, free ebooks can be read across any supported Nook tablet or smartphone app.

Frequently Asked Questions Are all of these ebooks free forever?

Yes! Best of all, there are no limitations on how long you can keep them or how many times you can read them.

Are these free ebook download libraries safe?

Absolutely. All of these free ebook download libraries have been around for years with solid reputations. Project Gutenberg, for example, is on everyone’s list of top sites for free ebooks, as it is so well regarded.

Are there other free ebook download sites?

These are our favorite free ebook download libraries, and there are more ebooks available through these sites than you could read in many lifetimes. That said, there are still other favorite sites out there like Read Print, Open Library and

When it comes to downloading free ebooks online, there really are so many libraries to browse through. Whittling the list down to the above choices gives you an excellent list of curated sites and digital libraries where you will find something new and exciting to read – for you and your children. No matter your genre of preference, you are covered with choices upon choices. Now that you have the ebooks, check out the best eReaders for Windows, Android and iOS.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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