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In other words, HDR can help you take better quality, more detailed photos, provided you use it correctly. HDR requires a bit more composition than just pointing and shooting–but by the end of this article, you will understand what HDR is and how to use it on your iPhone.

Table of Contents

What Is HDR?

When you take a photo with your iPhone, you typically focus on one area. The camera will adjust the exposure to best show the details in the area around the focus, which results in parts of the photo being either under-exposed or overexposed.

HDR on your iPhone compensates for this by taking multiple photos and then merging them. One photo will be over-exposed, one will be under-exposed, and one will be a balance of the two. Often, there will be five or more photos taken to properly show all of the detail in an image. 

As a rule of thumb, the more photos that are taken and merged, the greater the detail will be. Of course, this requires the camera to be held still and the subject to be stationary. Due to the extended time required for taking a photo in HDR, motion blur is a serious obstacle that can be difficult to overcome. 

Different photography apps process HDR differently. However, the iPhone has built-in HDR capabilities. Your iPhone will automatically detect when to use HDR. If you wish to turn off automatic HDR on your iPhone, you can do so from the settings menu. 

Take a look at the two photos below. The image on the top does not use HDR. While you can see through the window, the blue of the sky is washed out due to the light. The image at the bottom uses HDR, resulting in better clarity for both light and dark areas.


When Should I Use HDR?

It’s best to activate HDR on your iPhone camera when photographing landscapes and outdoor scenes. Harsh sunlight is often difficult to shoot in due to the way it tends to wash out colors, but HDR can help you take vibrant pictures even in the middle of the day. 

If you’re a fan of shooting photos during Golden Hour, HDR will make that evening light even more impressive, especially if you’re shooting in dim areas.

However, HDR isn’t the right choice all the time. Moving objects do not turn out well in HDR due to motion blur, and if you’re trying to shoot a silhouette or create a certain atmosphere with a photograph, the multiple exposures can ruin the mood you’re trying to set. 

For the average person, HDR is a specialized feature. You will only need it at certain times. 

How To Turn On HDR

Open your iPhone camera. At the top of the screen, you’ll see an icon that says HDR. Tap that, and you’re given three options: Auto, On, or Off. Given the nature of HDR, it’s best to turn it off except when you intend to use it. 

For example, if you want to take a quick photo of something, you don’t want to wait for all of the image processing. You might miss your shot. Auto HDR makes it harder to grab those snap photos. It’s better to instead learn where the HDR option is and turn it on for those specific instances when you need it.

You should also note that the iPhone tends to merge photos and delete the other images when the final image is complete. If you would like to keep the non-HDR version of a photo, you will need to turn this on in Settings.

HDR photos tend to be larger than standard photos, so keep that in mind if you have a limited amount of storage on your phone’s drive. 

Now that you know what HDR is on an iPhone camera and how to use it, go out and experiment. It’s a great feature to use in the right situations and can result in some truly Instagram-worthy photos. 

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What Is An Activist Investor?

When activist investors identify a target, they buy a substantial stake in the company’s equity, which signals to the market that changes are on the way.

A company’s share price can rise due to the news that an activist firm has become a shareholder.

A shareholder activist will then push for changes they believe are in the company’s best interests. These changes often include: 

Strategic redirection

Changes in operational decisions

Capital restructuring 

Selling non-core divisions and subsidiaries 

Changes in management 

Changes in corporate governance, i.e. a refreshed board of directors 

Activist investors are different to private equity firms

Activist investing is about creating shareholder value by causing change.

In contrast to private equity firms, activist investors rarely acquire majority or total stakes in companies to profit from their sales.

They use public communications and private discussions to win over other shareholders and company leaders.

If such efforts fail, an activist investor may choose to run a proxy contest to elect new board members and directors.

Do activist investors help or hurt companies? 

There have been instances when activist investors have successfully resolved the old problem faced by shareholders whose interests don’t always align with those of chronic management teams.

There’s no doubt they’ve created value for themselves and other shareholders.

The effectiveness of activist investing, however, can’t be easily categorised.

Activists will always look out for themselves, and if they are successful, they will always make money.

However, rather than making long-term investments, activist investors tend to focus on short-term strategies like dividends and share buybacks that boost the share price.

Here are the names of some well-known activist investors

A well-known activist investor is billionaire Carl Icahn. Icahn famously purchased a 1% stake in Apple Inc. in 2013 and urged the company to increase share buybacks. And in 2023, Apple spent $85.5 billion on buybacks.

Paul Singer founded Elliott Management Corp., which manages $51 billion in activist investments. The company is known for its aggressive activism, including a public attempt to oust Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter in 2023. Elliott was given a board seat and a $2 billion share buyback program, and Dorsey resigned from the CEO position in November 2023.

Other famous activist investors include David Einhorn, Ryan Cohen, Starboard Value, ValueAct Capital, Trian Partners, and Third Point Partners.

Watch this video explaining how Paul Singer, the activist investor, made his money.

How activist investors can do good

Activist investors can be helpful catalysts for change in stagnant or mismanaged companies. They can replace bad managers and unlock value via corporate restructuring. 

Share prices often rise significantly after an activist investor announces a stake in a company. 

A company’s management is much less likely to ignore shareholder proposals if activist investors are involved. 

Activist investors often bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to a stagnant company with great potential.  

How activist investors can cause damage

The long-term outlook isn’t always crucial to activist investors. Such short-term thinking can be harmful.

A company’s long-term vision may be derailed by activist investor pressure to implement immediate improvements to drive shareholder value.

The short-term impact of share buybacks and dividends is often positive, but investing that cash in the company may be wiser over time.

There is often no guarantee that the ideas for change proposed by activist investors will succeed, as they may not be experts in the company’s particular industry.

When activist investors eventually sell their large stakes in the public market, they can cause downward pressure on stock prices.

What Is An Independent Director?

With this role comes responsibility and exciting growth opportunities, both professionally and personally.

Independent board members, or non-executive directors, are expected to make decisions that benefit the organisation while being able to collaborate with other members of the board.

Stay compliant, stay competitive

Build a better future with the Diploma in Corporate Governance.

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Stay compliant, stay competitive

Build a better future with the Diploma in Corporate Governance.

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What does an independent, non-executive director do? 

An independent board member (director) is not employed by the company and has no financial interest in it.

The shareholders select such people to serve on the board due to their expertise and experience in specific fields such as finance, management, HR or marketing.

An independent director provides a valuable, impartial perspective to corporate decision-making and oversight. Their role is to ensure the organisation operates within the law and its specific charter and ethical expectations.

Independent board directors are uniquely positioned to help guide organisations in a supportive way towards more success by providing guidance on best practices and strategies for executing their mission goals.

Appointing an independent board director is often seen as a positive choice for any organisation. After all, having access to insights and perspectives from individuals who come with experience in different capacities can be invaluable.

It also shows an organisation’s commitment to providing proper oversight and governance, helping ensure its success.

Ultimately, they facilitate decision-making processes that consider a variety of perspectives while focusing on the ultimate goal of achieving success — both financial and non-financial.

What skills and traits should an independent director possess?

Potential independent board directors should bring the skill set and experience necessary to make a lasting impact as a leader. These qualities give the individual the modern-day capabilities and insights needed to navigate the competitive business environment.

Through their expertise and leadership, independent board directors can ensure that an organisation takes a calculated approach towards success.

Independent company directors should be equipped with the following:

Solid judgment

Problem-solving skills

Financial literacy

Industry knowledge and practices

Practical communication abilities

Team-building aptitude,

And dedication towards their role

With all these traits in place, potential independent directors can help pave the way for more successful company outcomes.

Watch David W Duffy (below), the CEO of the Corporate Governance Institute explain what makes a great non-executive director. 

How can you become an independent non-executive director?

Becoming an independent board director is a challenging yet rewarding process. It requires an individual to demonstrate competence, passion, and commitment to engage meaningfully in their role as an unbiased non-executive director.

To ensure success, individuals must apply for vacancies as soon as they become available and familiarise themselves with the company’s governance documents before attending interviews.

This helps demonstrate that the candidate has put effort into understanding the company’s needs and is ready to commit to becoming part of its leadership team.

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The benefits of being an independent non-executive director

As an independent director, you can gain invaluable experience and broader insights into a company’s operations.

Board members are expected to exercise sound judgment and make strategic decisions that benefit the organisation.

Independent directors benefit from being able to view operations from a more comprehensive perspective and collaborate with other highly experienced board members to discuss matters of importance.

Overall, becoming an independent director can open up many doors of opportunities and offers rewarding challenges throughout the journey.

Become an effective independent non-executive director

Being an independent board director can be a tricky balancing act. Committing the necessary time and energy can be hard when other professional goals are competing for attention.

However, it is worth the effort, as these roles provide an incredible opportunity to lead teams and make decisions.

Directors must communicate thoughtfully when dialogue is complex, listen to all perspectives to reach an informed consensus, and ensure their voice is heard loud enough for our good intentions to shine through.

If you want to enhance your career as a director, the Diploma in Corporate Governance is the perfect place to start. 

By providing the practical knowledge, insightful thinking and global mindset necessary to be successful in the role, this comprehensive course helps directors fulfil their boards’ aspirations while succeeding in their ambitions. 

The diploma offers support and guidance from experienced faculty and expert mentoring from leading industry authorities. It will put participants firmly on the path towards being respected board members with influence, enabling them to bring about real impact within their roles. 

Learn more about the Diploma in Corporate Governance today by downloading the course brochure below. 

What Is An Instagram Handle?

An Instagram handle is your Instagram username.

Instagram handles are also commonly referred as your Instagram link, which appears at the end of your profile page’s address:

Instagram handle = Instagram username or Instagram link.

An example of an Instagram handle is @followchainorg.

Hence, the next time someone asks for your Instagram handle, simply tell them your username or send them your Instagram link.

Either one works.

Table of Contents

1. How do I get an Instagram handle?

2. Character limit

3. How to choose a perfect handle

4. Where to find inspiration

5. Suggestions when your first choice is taken

6. Summary of suggestions

7. Conclusion

How do I get an Instagram handle?

You can get an Instagram handle by creating an Instagram account.

Here’s how you can create an account:

If you’re on android, tap on “Sign Up With Email or Phone Number”, if you’re using an iPhone, tap on “Create New Account” then enter your email or phone number and tap Next.

If you’ve registered with your email or phone number, choose a username, password and fill out your profile.

Instagram will notify you if the username you have chosen is already taken and will load multiple other suggestions.

Typically, you do not want to use the suggestions that they gave you because most of them include numbers and special characters.

Instead, follow the tips later below on “How to choose a perfect Instagram handle”.

Character limit of an Instagram handle

The character limit of an Instagram handle is 30 characters.

You cannot go more than the character limit.

How to choose a perfect Instagram handle

Choosing a perfect Instagram handle is challenging.

Some people simply don’t care about their handle; others get too creative with them.

The perfect Instagram handle is a right mix between creativity and simplicity.

You’ll need to find the right mix between creativity and simplicity if you want a perfect handle.

Hence, here are a couple of tips you can utilize to choose it.

Choose something related to your niche

The first tip for choosing a perfect Instagram handle is to pick something that relates to your niche.

If you’re going into photography, fitness, or art, make sure to have words that relate to that niche in your Instagram handle.

This makes it easier for people to associate it with your brand.

If you’re creating a theme or business page, include words that are related to your niche.

For example, if your Instagram username is “photography” and your feed is filled with random memes, people are not going to take your page seriously.

Hence, you want to make your Instagram handle relatable and recognizable just from looking at it.

Additionally, try to keep it professional and pick words that are meaningful.

Don’t use random words because it’ll come off as unprofessional and it might ruin your image.

Moreover, using words that are meaningless in your handle shows that you don’t really care about your page.

On the other hand, if you choose words that actually mean something, people will have a positive image of you or your business.

Avoid using extra characters

The next tip is to try to avoid using too many extra characters, or any at all.

Try to keep your Instagram handle as simple as possible.

Avoid using dots, underscores, or numbers.

The perfect handle is a single word (e.g. Human, Dog, Cat).

The perfect Instagram handle is a single word with no special characters.

Unfortunately, most of these are already taken as there are over a billion Instagram accounts.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick a good handle.

The best way to pick a perfect handle is to try and be as creative as possible with your words.

If you have no other choices left but to add special characters like a dot or an underscore, try to keep them at a minimum.

Try to think out of the box whenever you’re thinking of a handle.

But don’t be too creative. Otherwise, you’ll come off as being odd.

Where to find inspiration for your Instagram handle

Picking a username is one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make.

You can stare at the username field for hours and not come up with anything good at all.

Hence, here are some places you can find inspiration from.


The first place you want to be finding inspiration from is of course; Instagram.

There are over a billion Instagram accounts, and most people have really creative username.

Simply browse through the followers/following of different people and you can get many ideas.


A great way to find inspiration for Instagram handles is Tumblr.

Tumblr is a very unique place with many creative people.

So take a look at Tumblr and see if you can find anything you like.

You can also try combining some variations of usernames together.

Some of those usernames are unique and can draw a lot of attention.

Thus, browsing through Tumblr is a great way you can find inspiration for choosing your new or next Instagram handle.


The last way you can find inspiration for your Instagram handle is from blog names and websites.

This is especially useful if you’re coming up with an Instagram handle for your business.

Some of these blogs are full-time businesses and are authority websites.

This means that they have established themselves well; and a part of that is due to a great domain name.

Some of the best domain names on the web are simple and not too long.

See how they made use of a combination of English words?

Life + wire and digital + trends.

You can apply the same tactic to find a great Instagram handle.

There are about 170,000 words in the English language so there are lots of possibilities.

Think about your handle as your personal brand or business; one that reflects your identity.

Suggestions when your first choice is taken

If your first choice is taken, don’t fret.

There are lots of other variations you can use to craft your Instagram handle.

Here are some suggestions you can utilize when your first choice is taken.

1. Add “the” in front of your Instagram handle

Starting with “the” is an easy word you can add to your handle if it’s taken.

2. Use “im” at the beginning

Secondly, using “im” at the beginning of your handle accentuates your name.

3. Start with “iam”

Similar to “im”, “iam” is another alternative you can add in your Instagram handle.

This is a reference to the Marvel character, Groot.

4. Add “thereal” in front of your Instagram handle

“thereal” is used by a lot of famous people like Stan Lee.

If you’re famous, adding “thereal” in front of your handle suggests that you’re the real person (of anyone trying to impersonate you).

It conveys that whatever you post on your Instagram feed is atypical to what people know of you.

In other words, your Instagram feed is “behind the scenes” of your life.

6. Add “its” in front of your Instagram handle

“its” is a common determiner used by famous people.

It’s a great add-on to your handle if your first choice is taken.

7. Begin with “just”

“just” is one of many adjectives you can add on your Instagram handle.

It expresses simplicity.

8. Add “official” at the front/back of your Instagram handle

Last but not least, “official” is an adjective used by many famous people on Instagram.

Using this adjective suggests that you’re the original person (if anyone tries to impersonate you).

Summary of Instagram handle suggestions

Here’s a table of all Instagram handle suggestions you can use (in front or at the back of your handle) if your first choice is taken.

WordsSuggestionsDeterminersthe, this, that, my, its, ourContractionsim, iam, Adverbsnot, always, only, simplyAdjectivesjust, exactly, totally, officialOthersthereal, theofficial

Feel free to copy and paste these word(s) and add in it your handle.


The perfect Instagram handle is a single word with no special characters.

However, your handle does not determine your account’s success.

What’s more important than your handle is the quality of content that you’re posting and the amount of engagement you’re receiving.

It’s the culture that shapes your personal brand and identity towards others.

The essence of your brand lies within its culture.

For instance, if Instagram didn’t exist as a photo-sharing service, its name would mean nothing.

It’s the culture that determines your success and it is developed through time.

So, if you’re looking to create a new Instagram account for yourself or your business, focus on creating quality content for your audience’s consumption.

Always engage in other’s posts as you’d want them to do the same.

Remember, your Instagram handle does not determine your account’s success; its culture does.

Grow your Instagram audience!

Share your Instagram link on Followchain, a follow for follow community for Instagram.

Author: Lim How Wei. Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain, a community that simplifies growth and networking for Instagram users. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

Is An Unlocked Iphone Really That Great?

Is An Unlocked iPhone Really That Great?

Apple’s iPhone 5 is now available unlocked for those who don’t want to even think about being stuck with a carrier. However, the unlocked handset won’t come cheap – the device ships for a starting price of $699 for a 16GB option, and quickly goes up to $899 for the 64GB chúng tôi put that into perspective, Apple’s iPhone 5 ships for a starting price of $199 for those customers that are willing to be caught in the grips of a major carrier, like AT&T or Verizon. The top-of-the-line 64GB model goes for $399 when it’s locked down.

For years now, I’ve been hearing my tech-obsessed friends that unlocked phones are awesome. They tell me as often as I’ll listen that buying an unlocked handset means freedom and in some cases, could save you some cash on an otherwise expensive phone.

Plus, they say, “do you really want to be forced into a relationship with AT&T or Verizon? I mean, come on!”

I can say with utmost honesty that I really don’t care about being locked into a carrier relationship. Every two years, I dutifully recycle my iPhone for a new one. And when I do so, I don’t wait for the unlocked handset so I can proclaim my desire to be free; I go to a carrier store and buy a locked-down device.

Call me crazy, but I find far more value in saving $500 on a smartphone than feeling the freedom of unlocking a smartphone. And as troublesome as I know carriers can be, I don’t think they’re so bad that I would need to go to the extreme decision of buying an unlocked iPhone to show them just how mad I am. Do you think carriers, with tens of millions of customers, really care?

[aquote]The steep savings are few and far between[/aquote]

Now, for those who travel abroad and spend a lot of time overseas, I can definitely see the reasoning behind buying an unlocked iPhone. I’ll also acknowledge that there are some cases in which an unlocked handset is a lot cheaper for customers. However, we should point out that in many cases, the steep savings are few and far between.

From what I’ve found, getting locked into a carrier relationship, while not ideal, really isn’t the end of the world. Sure, I pay a significant sum every month just to have smartphones running in my home, but at the end of the day, all I really want is a nice phone that will let me place calls, play with apps, use the Web, and make some video calls from time to time. Having an unlocked phone that lets me pick a carrier just seems like an extra headache I don’t need.

After all, do we really need that extra wrinkle in our relationship with smartphones? It’s bad enough buying a smartphone, linking it up to our numbers, and ensuring all of our services have been turned on. Who would want to do that on a regular basis?

And maybe I’m cheap or something, but $699 for a freaking cell phone is expensive.

Best Tv Settings For Hdr Gaming On Xbox

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is a technology developed to improve the image and video quality. Some of you might be familiar with the term HDR. Today, this technology is widely used in cameras, smartphones, and TVs. The aim of developing the HDR technology is to create an image closer to that seen by the human eyes. The photos taken by a camera with HDR mode enabled are clearer than the photos taken by the same camera with HDR mode disabled. This is because the HDR technology produces the photograph by balancing its darkest and brightest parts. The HDR technology also has an application in the gaming sector. Playing a game on an HDR-capable TV definitely boosts the gaming experience. This article talks about how to configure the best HDR settings for gaming Xbox on TV.

How to configure best HDR settings for gaming on Xbox on TV

If you configure the correct HDR settings for gaming Xbox on your TV, you will not have to adjust the brightness and contrast levels again and again for darker and brighter environments in a game. Here are some suggestions that you can follow to configure the best HDR settings for gaming Xbox on TV.

We will discuss the following:

How to set up HDR TV for gaming Xbox

How to set up Auto HDR for gaming Xbox

Different HDR settings in an HDR TV for gaming Xbox

Let’s start.

1] How to set up HDR TV for gaming Xbox

To set up your HDR TV for gaming Xbox, you have to try different picture settings with HDR mode enabled on your TV.  The menu settings are different for different TV models. To calibrate the correct HDR settings on your TV for gaming Xbox, you can use the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app. The steps to use the Xbox game Calibration app are as follows:

Press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Now, select TV & display options.

There, you will see the Calibrate HDR for games option.

Now, you can adjust the HDR picture settings to set up your HDR TV for gaming Xbox. Do note that while setting up your TV for HDR gaming, your TV should be in HDR mode.

2] How to set up Auto HDR for gaming Xbox

Enable the HDR10 feature on your TV.

Press the Xbox button on your Console to open the guide.

Now, select the Video modes option and then turn on the Auto HDR. Also, enable the Allow 4K, Allow HDR10, and/or Allow Dolby Vision options.

Do note that all games do not support the Auto HDR feature. To know whether or not your game supports the Auto HDR feature, first, enable the Auto HDR on your gaming console and then launch the game. Now, press the Xbox button. If the game supports this feature, you will see an Auto HDR badge on the top right side of the interface.

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3] Different HDR settings in an HDR TV for gaming Xbox

If you want to have the best HDR gaming experience on your TV, tweak the following settings on your HDR TV:

Brightness: In order to get the best HDR gaming experience on your TV, set the HDR brightness level of your TV to the maximum. Some TVs come with a built-in light sensor that adjusts the screen brightness according to the light intensity in your environment. If your TV has a light sensor, disable the automatic brightness settings.

Local dimming setting: The local dimming settings in HDR TVs improves the contrast ratio by making the dark colors appear darker and deeper. You will find this setting with different names in different models of HDR TVs. To get the best HDR experience in gaming, it is recommended that you enable this setting on your TV.

Color: The look of an image is affected by the color temperature on a TV. This setting is often called color tone or color temperature (depending on the model of an HDR TV you have) and has the options called cool, C10, Warm1, W10, etc. If you want to get the best HDR gaming experience, you should use Warm1, W10, or normal color settings on your HDR TV.

Sharpness: Enabling the sharpness on your HDR TV could lead to unnecessary sharp edges that affect the HDR content. Hence, it is suggested to disable the sharpness settings of your HDR TV in order to get the best HDR gaming experience.

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How do I make my Xbox HDR look better?

You can make your Xbox HDR look better by calibrating the HDR settings correctly. For this purpose, you can use the Xbox game calibration app. By using this app, you can configure the best HDR settings on your HDR TV for Xbox gaming.

Is HDR good for gaming?

The HDR technology presents an image with more clarity. If you capture an image by enabling the HDR mode in your camera, you will see the darker and brighter parts of that image more clearly. The purpose of HDR technology is to create more realistic images. HDR is good for gaming. If you want to enjoy a better gaming experience, you should play your games after enabling the HDR mode. If you enable HDR mode, you will get a more diverse contrast in the darker environments in your game.

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