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If you’re wondering what’s new in Windows 11, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll list the key features of the OS and show you how to enable them. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 11 yet, maybe this guide will convince you to hit the Update button. Of course, if you don’t like the new OS, you can roll back to Windows 10.

What Are the Key Features of Windows 11? A Revamped UI

The first thing you’ll notice after upgrading to Windows 11 is the new UI. The Start menu is different and opens by default in the center of the screen. It makes it easier to find what you need. The UI has a fresh and clean look and focuses on productivity.

I’d also add that the new taskbar looks strikingly similar to the Dock on macOS. You even have that dot icon that indicates which apps are running in the background.

New Multitasking Options

Windows 11 makes it easier to work with multiple windows and snap apps side by side. You can optimize your screen so that you can always see and find what you need. Go to Settings, select System, and then Multitasking. You can then customize your Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Snap Desktops.

Virtual Desktops

You can also create a virtual desktop. Go to Settings → Personalization → Taskbar items → enable Task view. You can use the second desktop to open various apps and web pages that focus on a particular subject to find all of them in one place.

A Better Memory Management System

Windows 11 has a better memory management system compared to Windows 10. That’s why it feels so fast and responsive. The new memory system prioritizes foreground apps over background apps. Simply put, when it comes to using system resources, background apps give way to foreground apps.

By the way, to save system resources, Edge now uses sleeping tabs.

Windows 11 Integrates Teams Chat into the Taskbar

Microsoft has integrated Chat from Teams into the taskbar. You can use this tool to connect to your contacts no matter what platform they’re using. Rest assured, they don’t need to download the Teams app on their devices.

It seems that Microsoft wants to take a bigger slice of the instant messaging app market. Well, if you’re like me and you don’t need the Chat app, go to Settings → Personalization → Taskbar. Then go to Taskbar items and toggle off the Chat option.

Enhanced Gaming Options

If you’re a gamer, you’ll simply love the new Windows 11 OS. DirectX 12 Ultimate enables immersive graphics at high FPS while HDR renders vivid and captivating colors. Direct Storage helps reduce game load times. The OS supports all the gaming accessories and peripherals out there.

Widgets Are Back

Do you miss the widgets from Windows 7? Windows 11 brought them back. You can use this feature to pin information cards to your desktop, such as news, weather, or notifications. Navigate to Settings → Personalization → Taskbar → Taskbar Items → Widgets.

Run Android Apps on Windows 11

Windows 11 marks the beginning of a new era. You can now run Android apps on your Windows computer. You can use the Microsoft Store to discover Android apps you’re interested in and then download them via the Amazon AppStore. However, the Windows-Android fusion is still a work in progress, and not all Android apps are available for download.


Windows 11 has a clean and minimalist-inspired UI. The OS is also more responsive, thanks to the new memory management system. Microsoft also added a series of multitasking features such as Snap Desktops and Virtual Desktops. By the way, if you’re a fan of the Windows 7 era, widgets are back.

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Things You Must Do When Running An Ssd In Windows 11

Many people use SSD (Solid State Drive), but they don’t know how to increase SSD performance. Upgrading your computer by adding an SSD is the best thing you can do. SSD is a device that speeds up everything you are using on your PC, but without proper maintenance, you may not get the best performance out of it. We have discussed what to do and what not when using SSD on a Windows 11/10 computer.

Following are some of the things we must do when we are running a Solid State Drive or SSD on a Windows 11/10 computer:

Keep Defrag ON

Disable Fast Startup

Check that System Restore is Enabled

Plan what goes where

Enable TRIM

Let’s start to talk about them in detail.

1] Keep Defrag ON

In the beginning, SSD defragmentation was not only unnecessary but also harmful to SSDs. But now Windows does defragment your SSDs automatically and periodically. Windows is smart enough to recognize an SSD and does this task appropriately and intelligently.

It’s better to think of today’s defrag as the best option in Windows as more of an all-around disk-health tool. Windows defrag adapts to your SSD, so keep it ON.

Do you need to Defrag SSD?

In one word, the answer is YES. Windows does defragment your SSDs automatically and periodically. Windows is smart enough and does this task appropriately and intelligently. Scott Hanselman of Microsoft, says:

Storage Optimizer will defrag an SSD once a month if volume snapshots are enabled. This is by design and necessary due to slow volsnap copy on write performance on fragmented SSD volumes. It’s also somewhat of a misconception that fragmentation is not a problem on SSDs. If an SSD gets too fragmented you can hit maximum file fragmentation (when the metadata can’t represent any more file fragments) which will result in errors when you try to write/extend a file. Furthermore, more file fragments means more metadata to process while reading/writing a file, which can lead to slower performance. As far as Retrim is concerned, this command should run on the schedule specified in the dfrgui UI. Retrim is necessary because of the way TRIM is processed in the file systems. Due to the varying performance of hardware responding to TRIM, TRIM is processed asynchronously by the file system. When a file is deleted or space is otherwise freed, the file system queues the trim request to be processed. To limit the peek resource usage this queue may only grow to a maximum number of trim requests. If the queue is of max size, incoming TRIM requests may be dropped. This is okay because we will periodically come through and do a Retrim with Storage Optimizer. The Retrim is done at a granularity that should avoid hitting the maximum TRIM request queue size where TRIMs are dropped.

2] Disable Fast Startup

Fast startup helps boost the performance by reducing the booting time, but it’s known to reduce cause problems for some as well. If you have an SSD and you are disabling Fast startup, it means your PC gets a clean full reboot every time you shut down. Disabling fast Startups is not essential but it could be useful.

Follow the below steps to disable fast startup.

Open the Control panel

Go to the Hardware and Sound

Go to the Power Option

Uncheck the box Turn on Fast Startup

3] Check that System Restore is Enabled

In the early days of SSDs, when they were not very durable, people used to suggest that one should shut down the System Restore feature to improve the performance.

Here are the steps to enable it.

Open Create a restore point

System properties tabs will open

Configure in the new Windows

After that, System Protection will be enabled.

4] Plan what goes where

We know that SSD (Solid State Drive) is a faster but smaller drive, whereas HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is a larger but slower drive. So we should store our data and files accordingly. We should put the OS files and other such data that we use frequently and want to run faster, on the SSD. If you have large files like movies and songs, you should keep these files on an HDD because these files do not need to ‘run faster’.

5] Enable TRIM

TRIM command allows the Windows OS to communicate with the SSD. There is no need to delete and restore an entire blog to SSD in case any data page is to be deleted. It can effortlessly erase only the required pages. This helps to improve SSDs performance and it must be enabled on your PC.

With TRIM enabled, SSD does not delete all data and instead, deletes only the required data.

Follow the below steps to enable TRIM.

Go to the Search bar

Type and Open Command prompt

In the CMD type fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify NTFS 0

Press Enter

Now, TRIM will be enabled

Hopefully, these tips will help you in optimizing and improving your SSD’s performance.

Can we recover data from a dead SSD?

SSD has features of fast processing speed and instant boot capabilities. But like common hard drives, they are also prone to different types of damage. There are warning signs that tell if your SSD is failing, but if you miss them and the SSD dies, then it’s still possible to recover data from a dead SSD, even if it’s damaged. We can recover the data by connecting it to another PC, using data recovery software, or by consulting a data retrieval expert.

What should we run on any SSD?

We should run the operating system primarily. Apart from it, you can run programming files and games on your SSD. This will ensure that your computer opens and runs your programs & files smoothly.

How to defrag our hard disk?

Disk Defragmentation runs on a schedule, but you can also analyze and defragment your drives manually. To do this, follow these steps:

Type and open Defragment and optimize Drive

That’s it!

Usb Ports Are Not Working In Windows 11/10

In this article, we will talk about what you should do if USB ports are not working on your PC. USB ports on a computer allow users to connect different USB devices, like printers, keyboards, mice, etc. If the USB ports stop working, you will not be able to use any USB device. USB ports may stop working due to hardware and software issues.

USB ports are not working in Windows 11/10

A USB port stops working if it is faulty or if its drivers are outdated or corrupted. Sometimes, the latest Windows Update causes issues on a computer. In addition to the hardware and software issues, a USB port may also stop working if you quickly and repeatedly insert and remove a USB device. This article provides some helpful suggestions that you can follow if your USB ports are not working.

Power Cycle your computer

Check the power output of USB ports

Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

Disable Fast Startup

Scan for Hardware Changes in the Device Manager

Roll Back, or reinstall USB Controllers

Change the Power Management settings

Uninstall and reinstall the USB Root Hub

Update your chipset driver

Disable the Selective Suspend feature of Windows

Uninstall the recent Windows Update

Restore your system

Perform an In-place Upgrade

Let’s see all these fixes in detail.

1] Power Cycle your computer

The first step that you should do is to power cycle your computer. The following steps will help you with that:

Turn off your PC.

Remove all the power cords. If you have a laptop, remove its battery after turning it off, and then remove all power cords.

Wait for a few minutes.

Laptop users can now insert the battery again.

Reconnect all the power cords.

Turn on your computer.

Now, check if the issue is fixed.

2] Check the power output of USB ports

Most USB ports supply 5V of electricity with a maximum current of 0.5 A. If your USB ports are working, they supply power output. If a USB port is not supplying power, it may be damaged. Check the power output of your USB ports to know if they are damaged or not.

If your USB ports are not supplying power, you need to take your computer to the service center.

3] Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter

The Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter helps Windows users fix hardware-related issues (if possible). In the previous step, if you find that your USB ports are not supplying power, run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter before taking your laptop or desktop computer to the service center.

Fix: Generic USB Hub missing or not showing in Windows

4] Disable Fast Startup

Fast Startup allows your computer to start faster than a normal startup. The Fast Startup does not completely shut down your computer. During the Fast Startup, the kernel session is not closed. Instead, it is hibernated. Windows does this by saving the kernel session and the device drivers (system information) to the hibernate file (hiberfil.sys). Due to this, sometimes, Fast Startup causes issues on a Windows computer. Check if the Fast Startup is enabled. If yes, disable it and restart your computer.

There are the following 4 ways to disable Fast Startup. You can use any of these methods.

The Control Panel

Command Prompt

Group Policy Editor (does not work on Windows 11/10 Home edition)

Registry Editor

5] Scan for Hardware Changes in the Device Manager

Some users have reported that the USB ports of their systems were delivering power but there was no connection. If this is the case with you, scan for hardware changes in the Device Manager. It will help.

Follow the steps written below:

Open the Device Manager.

The above action will help broken devices work again. Now, check if the issue is fixed.

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6] Roll Back, or reinstall USB Controllers

A USB Controller manages the communication between a USB device and a computer. If the USB Controller gets corrupted, the USB ports may stop working. If the issue still persists, we suggest you roll back or reinstall the USB Controller driver.

Installing Windows Update also updates the device drivers (if an update for the same is available). If the issue started occurring after a Windows Update, it is possible that the USB Controller driver was also updated along with the Windows Update. In this case, the Roll Back option will be available in the Device Manager. Follow the steps below:

Open the Device Manager.

Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers branch.

7] Change the Power Management settings

If you are still facing the problem, changing the Power Management settings of the USB Root HUB and USB Controllers will fix the issue. The steps for the same are written below:

Open the Device Manager.

Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers node.

Open the properties of USB Host Controllers and go to the Power Management tab.

Uncheck the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” option.

Disable this option for all USB Controllers and USB Root Hubs in the Device Manager. When this option is enabled, Windows disables the USB devices after some time of inactivity to save power. When you use that device, Windows activates that USB device again. Sometimes, Windows fails to activate the device connected to a particular USB port due to which, it seems that the USB port has stopped working.

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8] Uninstall and reinstall the USB Root Hub 9] Update your chipset driver

A chipset driver tells Windows how to communicate with the motherboard and small subsystems on it. One possible cause of this issue is the corrupted chipset driver. Update your chipset driver and see if it helps.

10] Disable Selective Suspend

Selective Suspend is a property by which Windows forces the connected USB device(s) to enter into a low power state. This happens when there is no bus activity on a particular USB port detected for some time. When you use your USB device, it starts working again. The purpose of Selective Suspend is to save power. If the above fixes did not resolve your issue, you need to disable the Selective Suspend feature. This action will affect all the USB host controllers and all the USB devices. After disabling Selective Suspend, all the USB devices continue to use power. Moreover, the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” checkbox may be greyed out under the Power Management tab.

To disable Selective Suspend, you have to modify your Registry. Be careful while modifying the Registry, as any mistake can lead to serious errors in your system. Therefore, follow the steps explained below carefully and make sure that you modify or change the right registry key.

Before you proceed, we recommend you create a System Restore Point and backup your Registry.


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11] Uninstall the recent Windows Update

If your system’s USB ports stopped working after installing a Windows Update, you can uninstall that update. Windows 10 users can uninstall Windows Update via the Control Panel. After Windows 11 2023 Update, it is not possible to uninstall the Windows Updates via the Control Panel. Hence, you have to use the Settings app for this purpose.

12] Restore your system

You can use the System Restore tool to take your system to the state before the issue started occurring. But this is only possible if a Restore Point was created. When you run the System Restore tool to restore your system, Windows shows you all the restore points created on your device along with the date. You can select any of these restore points. In your case, you have to select that restore point that was created before the issue started occurring.

13] Perform an In-place Upgrade

In-place Upgrade is the process of installing the Windows operating system over the existing Windows OS without uninstalling it. Using the In-place Upgrade, you can repair your system. Though an In-place Upgrade does not erase data, it will be good if you back up your data.

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How do I get Windows 11 to recognize my USB device?

If Windows 11 is not recognizing your USB device, the first thing that you should do is restart your computer and see if it helps. In addition, the other things that you can do to get your USB ports to work again are running Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter, disabling Fast Startup, rolling back or reinstalling the USB Controllers, updating the chipset driver, disabling the Selective Suspend feature, etc. In this article, we have explained some working solutions to fix this problem.

Why do my USB ports suddenly stop working?

Quickly and repeatedly inserting and removing a USB device can make a USB port unresponsive. When a USB port is in this state, it doesn’t recognize the connected USB device due to which the USB device does not work. Other causes of this issue are the Selective Suspend feature of Windows, corrupted or outdated USB and chipset drivers, corrupted system files, damaged hardware, etc. Refer to the solutions explained in this article to know how to fix this problem.

I hope the solutions provided in this post helped you fix the issue.

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Cannot Create A New Folder In Windows 11/10

Cannot create new folders in Windows 11/10

Use keyboard shortcut

Check Folder permissions

Reset Folder View in Explorer

New context menu missing?

Create New folder missing from Context Menu

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

Run System File Checker

Run System Restore.

Let us see them in detail.

This problem has 2 conditions. One is the inability to create folders on the Desktop and the other situation is when you are unable to create folders inside existing folders. Try the following solutions sequentially to resolve the issue:

1] Use the keyboard shortcut

The keyboard shortcut to create a new folder is CTRL+SHIFT+N. You could try it to create a new folder. If it works, you would save a lot of time with more complicated solutions. Though it will still be a workaround and not a fix.

2] Check Folder permissions

While users have permissions to create new folders by default, the Folder permissions could get altered by a virus, malware, Windows Update, etc. In such a case, you can check for folder permissions and correct them as follows:

Go to the Security tab and select the user which is logged on to the system.

In the section for Permissions, under Allow, check the boxes for Full control and Write.

Check if it resolves the problem.

Lack of permissions is the main cause of the issue in discussion. Adding them should resolve the problem in most of the cases.

If adding the permissions doesn’t help, or if you are facing this problem on the Desktop too, try the following solutions sequentially:

3] Reset Folder View in Explorer

By default, the File Explorer is set to permit users to create sub-folders. If the settings changed due to any reason (like a virus, malware, Windows update, etc), you can reset the Folder View back to default, either through the File Explorer or the Registry Editor.

4] New context menu missing? 5] Create New folder missing from Context Menu


Now on the right side, ensure that the value of Default is set to Folder.

Thanks for this tip, Bubble Widgets.

6] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot state

In case any third-party program is preventing the creation of a new folder, the cause could be isolated by restarting the system in Clean Boot State. In this state, the system will boot, but no third-party program will launch automatically at startup. Thus, you would be able to find out whether a third-party program is causing the issue or not.

If not, you can check through the default startup programs and disable the troublesome one.

7] Run System File Checker

The issue in discussion is unexpected, yet a common problem. One of the reasons behind such an issue could be corrupt or missing system files. A SFC scan could help check for corrupt or missing files and replace them if necessary.

8] Run System Restore

If everything else fails, you could try to restore the system to an earlier System Restore point when you know if it was working well. It is quite possible that recent changes to the system could have caused the issue and a System Restore could fix this problem. It should be noted that a System Restore works only if you created a restore point earlier. Thus, we suggest creating restore points from time to time.

Hope it helps!

Can’t Extend The Drive In Windows 10/11? Here’s What To Do

Can’t extend the drive in Windows 10/11? Here’s what to do






Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

By default, most of the user install their programs (games and applications) on the system (C:) drive. If you use too many applications, the drive will run out of free space in no time. To increase the C: drive size, you can use the Disk Management tool to extend the volume.

However, at times when users try to extend the volume using the Disk Management tool, some of them noticed that the Extend Volume option is greyed out and they were unable to extend the drive. Here is how to fix the greyed out Extend Volume option in Windows 10.

If you’re unable to extend a drive in Windows 10, check these steps 1. Use AOMEI Partition Assistant to Merge Partition

AOMEI is a free partition assistant tool that allows you to extend and shrink the disk partition without having to delete any other partition. This option is better than the second method, where you would have to delete the D: drive to extend the C: drive volume. Here is how to do it.

What to do if you don’t have unallocated space to extend the volume?

AOMEI Partition Assistant allows you to allocate free space from the D: drive to C: drive without deleting the partition. Here is how to do it.

Also Read: 5 best partition formatting software for Windows 10 PCs

2. Create Qualified Unallocated Space

The reason why the Extend Volume option is greyed out in the disk management tool is because of the unallocated space is not right contiguous to the C drive. To make it work, you need to put the unallocated space right next to the C drive and then extend the volume. Here is how to do it.

Now, you will see the partition next to the C: drive is unallocated. You can easily extend the C: volume without any problem.

Wrap Up!

These are the two ways to extend the volume for C: drive and fix the Extend Volume greyed out in the disk management tool.

I prefer the first method as it is easier, offers more options, and it does not require deleting any partitions to extend the C: drive. However, if you don’t want to install third-party software to extend the drive, you can go with the second method to the same effect.


Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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Business In 2023: What Are The Ins And Out?

Business is based on people’s choices, preferences, and tastes. To start your venture, you need to understand these demands and plan your actions accordingly. If you want to create your own project but can’t chalk out what will be your action plan, read the article and get the input.

Each year comes with new demand, and its keeps on changing. Entrepreneurs need to sense the changing mind of the buyers as the behavioral psychology of people, buying influence and many parameters never stay static. So, your ability to accommodate yourself with their modified buying decision must be the first priority.

Let’s know what you should keep in mind in 2023 if you already plan to start your own venture.

Understand the Parameters

There are a couple of measures you must keep in mind when starting your business in this aspect.

Your Product/Service

Your product or service selection is crucial in 2023 because the world has already witnessed a pandemic, worldwide recession, and uncertain economy. So, when you try to sell your product or service, it must fall under the necessary commodity, or it will take time to increase your revenue.

Your USP

After the product or service selection, you need to decide on your USP (Unique Selling Point), and you need vigorous market research. Your USP can place you to stand ahead of your competitors if you have the excellent market knowledge and understand the pulse of the buyers.

Understand your Specialization

How to reach out to your buyers is a necessary skill. So, understand your specialization and start focusing on that aspect. Your growth will eventually be secured.

Build your Business Website

Whether you want to grab the local market or go offshore, you need a website to showcase your business profile to your buyers and investors.

Manage your Customers

If you want to fetch good returns, you must know how to manage customers, keep them with your products and offer them the best buying experience so that they return to you.

These are the measures you must calculate before jumping into your venture. However, your interactions with others, how good you’re at the sale, and how much you demand what you offer also play a vital role.

Let’s check out which businesses have a possible bright start this year.

List of the Businesses that May Do Good in 2023 Digital Marketing

Since online business sets a new era, digital marketing has become the ultimate way to reach maximum customers. It’s a comprehensive marketing module in which marketers utilize social media platforms to grab the market. Under digital marketing, there are various modules you can try that include −

SEO − In SEO or Search Engine Optimization, you will learn how to build links among sites. How to generate traffic and how to increase sales. In online business, SEO plays a significant role.

Website Developer − Online presence is mandatory nowadays, and website developers are doing well. Small, medium, or large size, a website can explain the business better than any other means of elaboration.

Social Media Marketer − It’s another good business in 2023 since social media became the best medium for socializing. Marketers can earn good profits for their clients and fast growth.

There are more than 40+ modules that come under the digital marketing umbrella, which can give you kick-start your career. Digital marketing course fees are economical, so you can learn 2 to 3 modules and offer your service; even you can join a job to understand how the industry works.

Food Delivery

Since cloud kitchens are doing great serving food at the customers’ doorstep, you can try your career as a food delivery manager. You need vehicles, a delivery agent, and knowledge about your locality. Medium-scale investment is required to start the business, and it has high return possibilities within 4 to 5 months.

Personal Coach (for Mental & Physical well-being)

Post covid people are suffering from various mental issues, and it could be another epidemic in the coming years. If you have a specialized degree and experience to manage mentally down and broken people, treat them and help them get back to their normal life, you can start Personal Coaching. You can begin to do it online and slowly open your own clinic when you develop a good client base. Personal coaching doesn’t consider a business; instead, it’s an emergency service you’re offering. If you recommend therapy work, you can earn well. Here, investment is low to medium, and a high return is expected.

App Development

Applications make our life easier. In every aspect, you search for an application if it’s available on Google play or the Apple store. If you have a marvelous idea to sort out issues, your solution can come as an application. Develop an app, place it on Google or Apple store, and ask users to use it. Here, you need great marketing to outreach to the users. Investment is comparatively high, but you’ll get a good return.

Vehicle Wash & Servicing

As people start going outside, they’re more concerned about their vehicles. You can be the savior on the highway for a family whose car broke down and is about to spoil their family outing. Even car cleaning is an excellent business option as working, or business professionals cannot manage their vehicles. For repairing and servicing, you need a good knowledge of the components and parts of cars. Investment is medium here. You need to select an excellent location to offer your service.

Motel Business

Food and lodging on the highway can be a great business idea. People who go out with their family often need night stay with fooding facilities. If you are good at managing catering, you can start it. After the pandemic, people started revisiting places. Here, the necessity of a Motel with good food and a minimum night stay facility can give you a good return on your investment. Here investment can be high, and the expected ROI is also considerable.


If you are good at 2 or 3 skills and do not want to work under the boss, you can be your own boss by starting freelancing. Freelancing is a broad subject, and you can choose anything that includes Copywriting, Content writing, Digital marketing, Online tutoring, Property agent, Policy agent, and so on. You can start it with minimal investment in your field of interest and grow your client base.

Pet Managing

If you like pets, you can look after your neighbors’ pets when they are on vacation. You can rent a place and start a kennel and keep pets whose owners are away from them for a few days. Before starting this business, you must go through a few safety measures with adequate knowledge about different animals and their behavior. Investment is low to medium, and you get the good returns you can expect.

Tailoring & Clothing

If you have stitching skills, you can start your own boutique with a sewing machine. It’s low investment business; you can start from your home and ensure you are good at cutting and stitching following the measurement your customers have given you.

Baby Care Center Conclusion

It’s unpredictable which business runs and which does not cause success. It will depend on your involvement with the venture you start, and how effectively you can interact with people and earn the credibility they want to take your service or product. However, the above-noted business has a promising future if you can run it with your skills. If you have other skills and believe you can run better, you can try and get success.

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