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What Exactly Is Mission Control?

Mission Control is actually not necessarily an application, but more of an outlook on multiple applications running on your Mac. Mission Control allows you to navigate between the multiple applications running, perfect for when you have a lot running at one time. You can switch between the various applications running by moving your three fingers either up or down. When you move your fingers up, you are able to view all of the applications running. When you move the three fingers down, you are able to see all of the windows open for the application you are currently working on. For example, if you are typing up an article for further publishing, you may have Microsoft Word open for typing, iPhoto open for editing the photos, and possibly a third publishing application open. If you want to switch to iPhoto, simply move your three fingers up and select the application. If you want to switch to the second window of another article you are typing in Microsoft Word, simply swipe down and select the window. It’s very useful.

Your Mission Control Screen – Dissected

At the top, you have the various desktops open. These are different from windows in that they allow you to have various programs open and out of the way of the current desktop you are currently on. All of them are across the top of the screen when you activate Mission Control by swiping up. To activate another desktop, simply swipe up, move your arrow to the right of Mission Control, and press the “+” button. More toward the middle, you have all of the open programs in the current desktop you are working in. They have icons on each of them, allowing for easy selection. Dashboard can be activated in Mission Control as well, allowing you to check out some of your widgets. At the bottom, you have your dock.

Tips and Tricks

Perhaps you rather make use of that fourth finger when switching between applications, or possibly, you are just tired of having to swipe up three and then having to choose between the desktop you want to select. Mission Control makes this easier by allowing you to swipe with four fingers either to the left or right to switch between the desktops and Dashboard. Exposé has even found its way to Mission Control. When you are in TextEdit, you can see all of the documents you have previously been working at the very bottom of Mission Control when you swipe three fingers down.

More About Mission Control System Preferences

In system preferences, you have the ability to set sections of Mission Control that allows you to activate certain features (like LaunchPad etc) simply by moving your mouse to that region. Aside from assigning what Apple calls “hot corners”, system preferences also allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts as well, making a great use of the F1-12 controls when assigning this. The keyboard shortcuts make searching through your various activate applications even easier to do.

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Ari Simon has been a writer with Make Tech Easier since August 2011. Ari loves anything related to technology and social media. When Ari isn’t working, he enjoys traveling and trying out the latest tech gadget.

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Easy Tips And Tricks For Bathroom Closet Organization

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Learn my tips for bathroom closet organization. For more organizing inspiration, check out my post about the KonMari method.

When we first bought this house, we were surprised to learn that we even had a bathroom closet. It’s the first house that we’ve ever lived in with one, so I was excited to have one. But after almost 5 years, the bathroom closet was a mess. It was definitely time to declutter and organize. Read my tips and tricks for bathroom closet organization.

As with my other organizing posts, this process isn’t about it being beautiful. I want a functional space. The pretty stuff can come later. I used the containers that I had on hand, which I highly recommend doing first. You will be left with more baskets than stuff after purging, so wait to purchase pretty containers.

Bathroom Closet Organization Tips and Tricks

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Bathroom Closet Before

There wasn’t even space to put the towels. Everything was a mess. My husband was sick one night and I had to dig through the mess to try and find medicine for him.

The Process

My bathroom is small, so I emptied one shelf at a time and went through everything. Only replace the items you are keeping.

Things to toss:

Things I wouldn’t use again

Expired products

Sample products

Empty (or near empty) containers

Old cleaning supplies that are gross

Stained towels

Small appliances that don’t work or aren’t used anymore (razors, hair dryers, etc.)

Dried up or separated nail polish

Bath and Body Works products from 2010

Due to the nature of these products, there wasn’t much to donate. It can feel awful to throw so much stuff away, but I just wanted it out of my house. Once you let go of that guilt, it’s so much easier to declutter your space.

Sort into Categories

Everything that I kept was were sorted into the following categories:

Skin Care

Face Care

Feminine hygiene products

Hair care

Medicine / First Aid

Hair dye stuff


Travel sized toiletries

Cotton balls, etc

As you work, take notes of things that you want to replace. For me, that was our towels. Five years of well water has not been kind to white towels. (In the next few weeks, I’m doing a mini bathroom makeover on a budget, so keep an eye out for that.)

Bathroom Closet After

Everything has a place now.

To be honest, I was a bit too generous with the hair care products. I’m growing our my short hair and I’m not sure what I will want to use once it’s longer. This space will definitely have to be gone through again, but the majority of it is done.

Like I said, my bathroom closet organization may not pretty, but it functions. And now that it is organized, all I have to do is buy the correct number of matching baskets! The hard part is already done.

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Emy is a vintage obsessed mama of 2 DIYer who loves sharing affordable solutions for common home problems. You don’t need a giant budget to create a lovely home. Read more…

16 Easy And Fun Google Photos Tips And Tricks

Google Photos is a good cloud storage option for your photos, even though its days of unlimited storage are over. The 15GB of free online storage you get with a Google account is now shared across several apps like Gmail and Google Drive. 

Table of Contents

1. Create Movies, Photo Collages, and Animations

You might have noticed that occasionally Google automatically creates collages and animations from your photos, but you can create them yourself whenever you want. Explore the section of Google Photos called Utilities. That’s where you can create a new movie, animation, or collage.

Movies can have soundtracks, and you can control how long each photo appears. When you choose images for a Collage, Google will automatically arrange them into a single image for you. To create an animated gif, choose Animation. 

2. Search Logically

Search by people, places, objects, and specific dates by typing in the search bar at the top of the desktop site or the bottom of the mobile app.

3. Label People & Pets

Select your name and view all selfies and photos of yourself from over the years. Create a slideshow and see how you’ve changed! 

4. Search by Emoji

You can even search by emoji when using the Google Photos app on a mobile device.

5. Add Background Blur

Google One members and Pixel owners can use the Portrait Blur feature that intelligently blurs the background of pics of people. Google just announced that these users would soon be able to blur the backgrounds of other photos as well. 

6. Hide Location Information 7. Download All Your Photos

Google provides a relatively easy way to download all your photos at once by using Google Takeout. Google Takeout is also a great way to export or download all Gmail emails.

8. See the Original While You’re Editing 9. Add Old Photos with PhotoScan 10. Not Just for Android Phones

iPhone users can enjoy Google Photos, too. Download the Google Photos iOS app. 

11. Cast Your Screen to Your TV

If you are using Google Photos on an Android device, you can share photos with everyone in the room by casting your screen to another device, like a television. 

12. Save Space

Deleting photos isn’t the only way to save space in your Google Photos account. Compress your high-quality photos, so you free up space and don’t run up against the dreaded photo storage limit. In the Google Photos app, select your profile picture in the top right corner.

13. Share Images and Albums

There are many sharing options inside Google photos. Share individual images or whole albums with specific people, or create a link that anyone can use. If you add more pictures to a shared album, people you’ve shared the album with (or who have the link) will be able to see the new photos you add to the album.

When you share a photo from within the Google Photos app, you’ll see options to share via Google Photos or other messaging and social media apps.

14. Create Photo Books

While digital photos are great, it’s also nice to have something physical you can hold. On the desktop site, select the Print store to assemble your best photos into a photo book. In the app, select the More icon (three dots) and choose Order photo. You can create a photo book, order a photo print, or create a canvas print of the photo. These make excellent gifts, especially for parents and grandparents. 

15. Use Locked Folders for Better Security

To move a photo on your device to a locked folder, select the More icon and Move to Locked Folder. Moving an image to a locked folder means that it’ll be hidden from other areas of Google Photos and other apps on your device. The photo won’t be backed up or shared, and it will be deleted if you uninstall Google Photos. 

16. Enable Back Up & Sync

As soon as you install the Google Photos mobile app on your phone, you’ll be prompted to enable the Back Up & Sync. This feature automatically saves new photos and videos when you have internet access, which is great if you don’t have much device storage space. Then you’ll always be able to find your images and videos in your Google Photos library. You can set it to only backup and sync when you’re connected to wi-fi. 

How To Make Chat Gpt Undetectable: Tips And Tricks

To evade detection, Chat GPT requires a natural writing style and a detailed prompt outlining the desired tone. Detection tools scrutinize writing style and tone, making Quillbot an effective option. Online guides can provide step-by-step instructions to make conversations untraceable. If you want to quickly make your text undetectable you can use Undetectable ChatGPT tool to automatically rephrase your text and minimise ai detections scores.

In recent years, the use of AI chat services such as ChatGPT to generate content has become increasingly popular. However, with the convenience of these services comes the risk of academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Many educators and scholars worry that students may use these services to produce assignments without actually learning the material. To address these concerns, this article provides tips and tricks on how to make ChatGPT undetectable while ensuring that the content is creative and authentic. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, users can generate content that is unique, difficult to detect, and authentic. While it is not ethical to use ChatGPT without detection for academic purposes, there are suggestions available for non-academic purposes. However, it is important to note that using ChatGPT in a way that aims to deceive or mislead others is not acceptable and goes against ethical principles.

AI-generated content has become popular in recent years, and ChatGPT is among the most widely used AI chat services. However, the use of such services has led to issues of academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Many educators and scholars worry that students may use these services to produce assignments without actually learning the material.

While it is true that AI detection tools are used to identify articles generated using AI chat services such as ChatGPT, there are ways to make ChatGPT undetectable. By following the tips and tricks outlined below, users can generate content that is creative, authentic, and undetectable.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to make Chat GPT undetectable:

Choose a Natural Writing Style: To make Chat GPT undetectable, it is essential to choose a natural writing style. Avoid using repetitive patterns and implement a variety of sentence structures. This will make the content appear more natural and less like a machine-generated article.

Rewrite and Mix Content with Human-Generated Content: Another way to make Chat GPT undetectable is to rewrite and mix the content with other human-generated content until the AI content score is 10% or lower and there is no plagiarism. This will make the content unique and difficult to detect.

Proofread and Edit the Content: Users can modify the Chat GPT results by proofreading the content for readability and ensuring that it is creative enough to be passed off as authentic. Proofreading and editing can help improve the quality of the content and make it more believable.

Avoid Unnatural Phrases and Sentence Structures: Chat GPT tends to generate content with unnatural phrases and sentence structures. By avoiding these unnatural phrases and structures, users can make the content appear more authentic and natural.

Use Specific Examples and Details: To make the content more authentic, use specific examples and details. This will make the content appear more researched and less like a machine-generated article.

Add Personal Touches and Opinions: Adding personal touches and opinions to the content can make it more authentic and difficult to detect. This will make the content appear less like a machine-generated article and more like a human-generated article.

Add Relevant Images and Videos: Adding relevant images and videos to the content can make it more interesting and engaging. This will make the content appear more like a human-generated article and less like a machine-generated article.

Use Relevant and Up-to-date References: Using relevant and up-to-date references can make the content appear more researched and authentic. This will make the content appear less like a machine-generated article and more like a human-generated article.

Read the Content Aloud: Reading the content aloud can help identify any unnatural phrases and sentence structures. This will help improve the quality of the content and make it more authentic.

Also Useful: How to Turn Off Chat History in ChatGPT

To determine if the content produced by Chat GPT can be detected, there are tools available online such as the OpenAI API Key and Turnitin. However, it is important to keep in mind that these tools may not be completely accurate in detecting Chat GPT content. Some universities may not have the technology to detect this type of content yet. Nevertheless, it is crucial to uphold academic integrity and avoid using undetectable content for academic purposes. Academic dishonesty is not encouraged.

There is currently no clear information available on the limitations of using OpenAI API Key to detect Chat GPT content. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of the tool may vary and it has been reported that it requires a minimum of 1,000 words to accurately detect AI-generated content. This suggests that the tool may not be reliable in detecting shorter pieces of text or smaller snippets of Chat GPT content. It is also possible that new variations of Chat GPT may be able to evade detection by the tool. Therefore, it is important to use the tool as a guide but not rely solely on it to ensure academic integrity.

See More: ChatGPT Money Making Ideas in 2023

It is not ethical to use ChatGPT without detection for academic purposes or any other forms of dishonesty. However, if you are using ChatGPT for non-academic purposes, there are some suggestions available to avoid detection. One approach is to request personalized texts from ChatGPT instead of using generic prompts. Another way is to experiment with different prompts to generate more diverse and unpredictable output, which makes it harder to identify as ChatGPT content. You can also try inserting punctuation randomly within the generated text to make it less detectable. Additionally, ChatGPT has a “humanize” feature that can rewrite your content to make it completely undetectable. However, it is important to note that using ChatGPT in a way that aims to deceive or mislead others is not acceptable and goes against ethical principles.

As the use of AI chat services such as ChatGPT becomes more prevalent, concerns about academic dishonesty and plagiarism arise. While there are tools available to detect AI-generated content, there are ways to make ChatGPT undetectable. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, users can generate content that is creative, authentic, and undetectable while upholding academic integrity. It is important to note that using ChatGPT in a way that aims to deceive or mislead others is not acceptable and goes against ethical principles.

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10 Gboard Tips And Tricks To Improve Mobile Typing

While it’s rightfully known as one of the best keyboards out there, Gboard includes several hidden features that you might never come across organically. We’ll show you how to become a Gboard power user by implementing the Gboard tips and tricks below.

Table of Contents

How to Access Gboard Settings

To enable many of these features, you’ll need to access Gboard’s settings. You can quickly get to Settings by long-pressing the comma key and tapping the gear icon.

Okay, now that you know where Gboard’s settings are, let’s review some little-known features of this handy little keyboard.

1. Move the Cursor More Easily

Going back to edit text you’ve already typed can be frustrating as positioning the cursor right where you need it to be is a precision operation.

If that’s not doing it for you, Gboard offers another way to achieve precise cursor control. Look for the icon that looks like a capital I with arrows before and after it. When you tap that icon, you’ll see all the options as in the right half of the screenshot below, allowing you to navigate through your text with ease.

2. Switch Language   

For people who type in different languages, Gboard has hundreds of language-specific keyboard layouts that you can add. Navigate to Gboard’s settings and tap Languages. Select the Add Keyboard button and search for the language you want to add.

Once you have multiple keyboards in Gboard, you can long-press the spacebar to quickly switch between them or cycle through keyboards by tapping the globe icon to the left of the spacebar.

3. Use Voice Typing

Voice typing is a huge time-saver. The real trick is remembering to use it. Tap the microphone icon and dictate to your heart’s content. 

If you don’t see the microphone icon, it might be integrated directly into the app you’re using instead of on the Gboard keyboard. For example, in the Google Search app on Android, the microphone icon is to the right of the search field itself.

4. Add Words to Your Personal Dictionary

Are there words you find yourself constantly having to type—words that just don’t ever appear as suggestions even though you use them all the time? Fear not, you can solve this problem.

5. Create Smart Substitutions

Notice in the screenshot above that when you add a word to your personal dictionary, you can also add a shortcut. When you type the shortcut, Gboard will offer the full word or phrase as a suggestion.

For example, if you provide a lot of tech support for family members, you might find yourself suggesting that a computer restart might solve the problem. In the screencap below, we’ve created a shortcut, mq (mom question). When we type mq, Gboard suggests, “Have you tried restarting your computer?” Ha! 

Here’s another shortcut tip: Create @ shortcuts for all your email addresses. Create the shortcut @ for your main email address, and when you type @, it will appear as a suggestion in Gboard. Give your second email address the shortcut @@. Give your third email address the shortcut @@@, and so on. It’s a super-quick way to enter whichever email address you want without having to type the whole thing out.

6. Enable Autospace After Punctuation

In most apps, Gboard will automatically add a space after you type a period. (One exception is in web browsers since you typically wouldn’t want a space after a period in a URL.) Moreover, if you tap the spacebar twice, Gboard will type a period followed by a space, so you’re all set to start typing the next sentence.

7. Get Your GIFs from Gboard

This option will only work if you only have one keyboard language installed as it replaces the globe key (also known as the language switch key) described in Tip #2 with an emoji key. First, open Gboard’s settings and select Preferences. Look in the Keys section and toggle on the option labeled Show emoji switch key.

With that option enabled, you’ll see an emoji key to the left of the spacebar. Tap the emoji key for quick access to all your emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

8. Access Punctuation Faster

How much time have you spent searching for a particular symbol key in the keyboard? One of the worst offenders is the % symbol. First you have to tap the ?123 key. Then you have to tap the = < key. Only then do you have access to the percent sign. Way too annoying. 

Here’s a better way: Long-press the period key, and you’ll get direct access to sixteen common punctuation marks and symbols, including the % sign. 

9. Pin Clips to the Clipboard

Gboard’s clipboard keeps getting better and better. Tap the More icon (three dots/ellipsis) and then select Clipboard. Turn on Clipboard by tapping the toggle icon. The best part of Gboard’s Clipboard is the ability to pin clips. Anything you copy is saved to Gboard’s clipboard for one hour before it is deleted. 

However, you can pin your clip, and Gboard won’t delete it until you unpin it. Tap the More icon and select Clipboard at any time to get access to your pinned clips. Tap a clip to paste it into the text box.

You can pin multiple items, making this feature extra useful. Long-press a clip to paste, pin, or delete it from the clipboard.

10. Translate on the Fly

Our last Gboard tip helps you skip a step or three when translating text to a different language. Rather than going to a translation website or app to translate your text, copying the translation, and pasting it where you need it, Gboard collapses that process into fewer steps. First, select the More (three dots/ellipsis) icon in Gboard. Next, select Translate. 

Now you can type in your native language and select the language you want your text to be translated into. Google Translate will automatically enter the translation into the text box. 

Master Gboard on Your Phone

Oneplus 3, Oxygen Os Top 10 Tips And Tricks

OnePlus 3 Full Coverage Customize navigation buttons

Most of the OEMs like Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC place the back button on right and the menu button on the left whereas the OnePlus 3 comes with opposite placements by default. It sometimes gets irritating when you are not used to the new setting. To resolve this problem, OnePlus offers changeable navigation buttons.

Activate Ambient Display & Proximity Wake to peep into notifications

Much like the Active display from Motorola, the Oxygen OS has an option called Ambient Display. The AMOLED display on the OnePlus 3 makes it more convenient to place this option on board. This feature wakes the screen for few seconds when a notification arrives.

Smart and Quick Gestures

Double Tap to Wake- Tap twice to wake up the display.

Open camera from lock screen- Simply draw an ‘O’ on the lock screen to open camera directly.

Turn flash from lock screen- Draw a ‘V’ on the lock screen to turn the flash on within a second.

Arrange your status bar

Status bar resides at the top of the display and it is the most used area on your display. It is necessary to keep it neat and manageable so the OnePlus 3 offers you an option to customize the status bar. It basically shows your signal strength, Wi-Fi status, notifications and more. Sometimes it gets very crowded and clumsy to look at.

Care for your eyes with the night mode

This is not something unique but very useful. Night mode eliminates the tint of blue from your display which makes it yellowish and looks warm. This yellow tint is easier on your eyes compared to the ususal screen, and it is perfect to use in the night. Moreover, if you find the display too yellow, you can adjust the quantity with the slider.

Activate/Deactivate Shelf

Shelf is basically a shortcut or quick access panel that can be accessed by swiping to the left of the home screen. It displays frequently used apps, you can place your widgets and also has a memo feature. You will find this feature by default but if you are not able to see it or want to take it off, then follow these steps.

Tap and hold on the home screen.

Now tap on the customize button on the bottom right.

You will find options to enable/disable or customize the shelf option.

Change App icon size and density

If you like all your apps in one single screen and prefer smaller icons, then OnePlus 3 gives you the option to customize the size and density of your icons.

If you swipe the card on the right once again, you’ll find an option that will let you arrange your icon density according to your convenience.

Customize Alert slider

Change Notification LED colours

This feature is nothing exceptional or unique but there are very few flagship phones that offer this feature. It lets you have an idea about your notifications by looking at the colour of the LED. On OnePlus 3 you can change the colour of the notification and also access applications to enable or disable the notification LED for particular app.

Switch to On-screen navigation bar to avoid accidental touches

I have often experienced one issue in the OnePlus 3 and that is the accidental touches on the navigation buttons. It keeps happening while playing games, watching videos and also while normal usage. If you are also tired of the same issue and want to avoid such problem, then it is best to disable the buttons temporarily.

Update the detailed information about Useful Tips And Tricks For Utilizing Mission Control In Mac on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!