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Cryptocurrency has been a buzzword for quite some time now and has attracted much attention across the world. The most interesting part of cryptocurrency is that it is not issued by any central authority, government, or banks and hence it is not subject to government intervention like legal tender. 

The year 2023 has seen a sharp increase in the price of cryptocurrency with bitcoin crossing the $50,000 mark, simply making it the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency worth half a million. Despite such a huge increase, the use of bitcoin in global payment still doesn’t seem to be happening.

Though we saw how Tesla started accepting bitcoin as a payment option, it was later revoked by Elon Musk on the grounds of environmental concerns. 

The cryptocurrency market, since its inception, has been extremely volatile. The nature of cryptocurrency and its volatility have been long discussed by economists, policymakers, and investors. There has been a visible increase in the influx of traders in the cryptocurrency market with the vision to make huge profits in a short term. However, everyday users are still lagging behind. 

One of the main obstacles to widespread adoption for a number of reasons is the unsteadiness of cryptocurrencies. All currencies must be stable to be used as a reliable medium of exchange. As prices rise and fall, the general public will stop using the coin for day-to-day trading, hoping that the coin will skyrocket or stay stagnant. However, people are still not used to seeing real money in cryptocurrencies.

The desire for stability is obvious. In general, trust and reputation mean that people need to know the value of their property. While cryptocurrencies are still relatively small currencies (for example, when the US dollar is used as a measure of stability), this volatility is a major issue affecting a currency’s reputation and capacity. 

The quest for stability has given birth to a new asset class called a payment token. A “stable coin” is a cryptocurrency pegged to another fiat currency, such as the US dollar, Euro, or any other currency. While being a global currency, it is not tied to a central bank and has extremely low or negligible volatility. This type of cryptocurrency can be used practically, for daily payments. 

The rise of payment tokens has introduced a new asset class where some payment tokens are pegged with Fiat and some are supported by precious metals such as gold, etc. 

Gold Supported Cryptocurrency: The rise of USDR 

Gold has been considered as one of the most valuable assets, not just today but for the last 5000 years. The price of gold is increasing multifold every 10 years. Considering the popularity and acceptance of gold as a store of value, businesses are now digitizing the value proposition of gold, one of the oldest and most stable currencies in the world. The result is a liquid crypto asset supported by the benefits of physical gold. 

With the growing demand for gold-supported crypto assets, the cryptocurrency world is witnessing the launch of many gold-supported payment tokens, one such payment token which has taken an edge over its competitors is USDR. 

The US Reserve Dollar (USDR) is a gold-pegged cryptocurrency that can maintain a one-to-one relationship with the dollar. 

USD reserve or USDR acts as a cryptographic digital payment token. Tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain and

Binance smart chain (BSC). The main goal of USDR is to expand its presence in the world in accordance with Swiss law, as well as gain recognition as a necessary payment mode for all investors. 

USDR More than just a Cryptocurrency 

USDR Supply tracker 

USDR has been reformed to be 100% transparent and open. The volume of the token will only expand after the mined gold has been processed. This means that all newly minted coins are completely supported with gold.

USDR Supply Management is an important cross-network solution. When users want to exchange, they can buy and sell coins that are already in circulation. Each network consists of addresses where inactive coins are stored as a backup for users. There are also so-called system addresses for exchanging multiple networks. 

USDR decentralized wallet 

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Protecting The Internet’s Potential Value

For just about any technology, be it an operating system, application or network, when a sufficient level of adoption is reached, that technology then becomes a threat vector.

This is why Microsoft Windows is threatened by thousands of forms of malicious software and, in contrast, specialized supercomputers are threatened by relatively few. This also is why as the adoption of the Internet grew and the number of nodes increased, the Internet as a whole became a threat vector. Then, as multiple popular systems began to coalesce, they too became threat vectors.

From a simple cost/benefit view as a hacker, why work hard on an attack that can only compromise a small handful of obscure machines when you can devise one attack that compromises thousands, or even tens of thousands, of systems globally, which then can be used to enable additional exploits or to stop and collect data?

The fact that the Internet, the largest network on the planet, has an extremely large number of active threat vectors is best evidenced by constant news of security problems and an awareness that there are nodes which only add negative value to the Net. When these predatory hosts are used to compromise hosts that add value, then not only is that total value lost to the sponsoring organizations, as well as society, during the course of the initial breach (assuming it is detected), but tremendous costs — both accounting and economic — are associated with restoring the systems, purchasing, implementing and maintaining countermeasures, etc. These costs play havoc with potential value models because they create equations with multiple unknown variables that cannot be readily solved.

For many organizations, connecting to the Internet and having email and Web capabilities are simply viewed as the cost of doing business and can be readily tallied each month by looking at bills from vendors. The value proposition, in comparison, is nebulous at best to many homeowners and businesses that are not engaged in commerce on the Internet. As a result, many spend as little as possible for the connection and put in as few controls as possible because they can’t measure the value of the Internet to them. However, they can track the costs.

In other words, they know they are spending money, but really don’t know if the benefits merit the costs.

Looking at past history and trying to establish rudimentary risks, the ”it hasn’t happened to me before” mentality can create an environment wherein individuals and businesses, even large ones, spend very little on controls, such as Internet security, firewalls, antivirus, antispam, etc. The final nail in the coffin is a fixation on self-interest and an unwillingness to spend personal/organizational funds to protect the Internet, which is a digital commons.

Safeguarding our Resource

Perhaps the core issue surrounding the Internet is the fact that it is a global public commons much like the environment, albeit a virtual one. As such, the Internet is a resource that needs safeguarding to prevent its misuse and ultimate destruction.

In fact, one can apply the Tragedy of the Commons to the Internet in a number of ways.

First, since people are not held accountable for responsible use, an ”anything goes” mentality exists and is perpetuated by a lack of coordinated action by lawmakers worldwide. Second, there are diminishing returns, much like Garrett Hardin pointed out in his classic article on pollution.

With the Internet, for each additional node added that doesn’t have adequate security and behave in a responsible manner, we observe diminishing returns, or even negative returns. And we lose a portion of total value. How many tens of thousands of zombie hosts are on the Internet right now due to clueless small businesses and home owners who have no idea what is going on, yet are unknowingly allowing coordinated attacks to happen on high-value targets all over the world? How many virii are running wild causing havoc? How much time is wasted and opportunity costs incurred due to spam?

These example risks, and many more, threaten the real value of the Internet to society.

Here’s A List Of 144Hz Supported Games On The Play Store

There is boatload a number of phones in the market that come with 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate displays. Be it the budget Realme 6 or the flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra, we recently compiled a list of games that support these high refresh rates. Now, the ROG Phone 3 has made its India debut today with a 144Hz display – bumping up the new normal to offer an even fluid and smooth gaming experience.

Popular Games That Support 144Hz Refresh Rate 1. Alto’s Adventure

You must have already heard of or played this game. Alto’s Adventure is one of the most popular endless runner games, but skiing through the beautiful landscapes on 144Hz displays would be more fun, right?

2. FZ9 Timeshift

It has been a long time since I played FZ9 Timeshift but its story mode is one that I really enjoyed playing on mobile. It’s a typical shooter game that sees you destroy a terrorist organization, fight against other players, and more. The ROG Phone 3 will enable you to enjoy this game on the 144Hz display. Exciting!

Download (Free, in-app purchase starting at $0.99)

3. Shadowgun: Legends

Launched alongside the insanely popular PUBG Mobile, this game has proven its might as one of the most enjoyable FPS shooters on Android. You’ll assume the role of legendary warriors, Shadowguns, to eliminate alien invaders – now in fluid 144FPS.

Download (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

4. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

This is a free-to-play role-playing game from the creators of the world-renowned Final Fantasy franchise. You have to combine your magical abilities with tactical expertise in this game, but there’s a catch. Only the first chapter is available for free and you will have to pay to unlock the other nine.

Download (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

5. Mekorama

Download (Free, Offers in-app purchases)

6. Minecraft

This is one of those games that do not need any introduction. Minecraft is an amazing sandbox game that sees you build a home, breed animals, and craft weapons to survive in an open world. If that’s something you feel you will enjoy, then Minecraft can run at a sweet 144 FPS on some of the latest gaming phones out there.

7. Modern Combat Versus

If you are a fan of PVP games like Rainbow Six Seige, then Modern Combat Versus is something you should definitely give a try. It boasts fast-paced 4v4 action gameplay that I quite like.

Download (Free, in-app purchase starting at $0.99)

8. Hill Climb Racing 2

This used to be my go-to game a couple of years ago. I’m certain that a lot of you must have played Hill Climb Racing 2, where you race opponents on a variety of tracks. You can also upgrade and customize your vehicle to your heart’s desire. It’s time to reinstall the game as it can operate at 144FPS.

Download (Free, in-app purchases starting at $0.99)

9. Super Samurai Rampage

Are you a fan of Samurai Jack? Remember that cartoon? Well, this game will remind you of Samurai Jack as you play as one in this retro pixel-style game. The aim is to take out any and all enemies using your katana to attain the highest score – now at 144FPS as well. A super-smooth victory?

Download (Paid, $1.99)

10. Vainglory

Download (Free, in-app purchase starting at $0.99)

The Complete List of 144Hz-Supported Games

Apart from some of the most popular and interesting games listed above, here’s the complete list of games that support 144Hz refresh rate displays:


1945 Air ForcesArcade

Ace Force: Joint CombatAction

Arma Mobile OpsFPS

Badland BrawlStrategy


Batman: The Enemy WithinAdventure

Battlelands RoyaleShooter

Bendy in Nightmare RunAction

Blades of BrimEndless runner

Bleach Brave SoulsAction

Boggle With Friends: Word Game Word



Card ThiefPuzzle

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo StarsAction

Chameleon RunArcade

Chicken Jump: Crazy TrafficArcade

Chilly Snow Slide 2Arcade

Cover FireFPS

CSR Racing 2Racing


Dead Target – Offline Zombie ShooterFPS

Dead Trigger 2FPS

Deer Hunter 2023Simulation

Deus Ex GoPuzzle


Don’t StarveAdventure

Don’t Starve: ShipwreckedAdventure

Dub DashArcade

Epic Battle SimulatorSimulation

EterniumRole Playing

Fast Like a FoxAdventure

Final Fantasy XV Pocket EditionRole Playing

Frag Pro ShooterBattle Royal

FZ9 TimeshiftFPS

Golf ClashSports

Google EarthApplication


Groove Coaster 2Music

Grow KingdomStrategy

Hill Climb Racing 2Arcade

Hitman GoPuzzle

Injustice 2Action

Into MirrorAction

Into the DeadAction

King of Sails: Royal NavyStrategy

Lara Croft GoPuzzle

Lara Croft: Relic RunAction

Legendary: Game of HeroesRole playing

Lemmings – Puzzle AdventurePuzzle

Magic RampageRole Playing

Man or VampireRole Playing

Marvel Contest of ChampionsFighting



Mini Dayz: Zombie SurvivalAction

Mini MetroPuzzle

Modern Combat VersusFPS

RC SoccerArcade

Mortal KombatFighting

MR BowArcade

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits Adventure


OK GolfSports


Pac-Man 256Arcade

Payback2 – The Battle SanboxArcade

Perfect SlicesArcade

Photon StrikeArcade

Plague IncSimulation

Pumped BMX 3Sports

Real Racing 3Racing

Rebel IncSimulation

Rope HeroAction

Shadow Fight 3Arcade

Shadowguns: LegendsAction



Smashing RushArcade

Sonic Dash 2 Adventure

Sonic the Hedgehog ClassicArcade

Soul KnightAction

Space Armada: Galaxy WarsSimulator

Space Jet: Space ships galaxy gameSpace Shooter


Squadron IIArcade

Subdivision InfinitySpace Sim

Subway SurfersArcade

Super Samurai RampageArcade

Temple Run 2Action

The Catapult: Clash with PiratesAction


The Silent AgeAdventure

The Walking Dead: Road to SurvivalRole Playing

The Wolf Among UsAdventure

Tiny Room Stories: Town MysteryPuzzle

Toon BlastPuzzle

Traffic RiderRacing

Trials FrontierArcade

UNKILLED – Zombie FPS ShootingFPS


Vendetta OnlineSpace Sim

Wonder TacticsRole Playing

Last Hope Tower DefenseTower Defense

Offline BubblesArcade

Ceres MRole Playing



Friday the 13th: Killer PuzzlePuzzle

Doodle God HD FreePuzzle

8 Ball PoolSports

Blitz BrigadeFPS

Offroad Legends 2Racing

Grand Mountain AdventureSports

Xenowerk TacticsStrategy


CarX Drift Racing 2Racing

EvertaleRole Playing Game

Walk masterAction


Chess RushStrategy

Infinitode 2Strategy

Farm PunksAction

Tales RushAction

Crossing VoidRole Playing

Dungeon QuestRole Playing

Pocket RoguesRole Playing

EverybodyRPG ReturnsRole Playing

Slash of Swords – Arena and FightsAction

A Way to SlayAction


Off the RoadRacing


Open TTDSimulation


Reckless Getaway 2Action

Tank StarsArcade

Harvest TownRole Playing

Somnus: NonogramPuzzle

Falcon SquadArcade

Zombie Gunship SurvivalAction

Shadowguns WargamesAction

Curse of ArosRole Playing

Last ArrowsAction

Tower Madness 2: 3D DefenseStrategy

The Walking Zombie 2Action

Mosaic: BlipBlopArcade

A Planet of MineSimulation


Legend of SolgardRole Playing

Idle ZombiesArcade

Tiny BubblesPuzzle

Egg incSimulation

The Mighty Quest for Epic LootRole Playing

Old Man’s JourneyAdventure

Survival DerbyArcade

Hunter AssassinAction

Knights of Pen and Paper 2Role Playing

Dead City ZombieAction

Rise of KingdomsStrategy

Honkai Impact 3rdAction

Titan Quest Action

Bullet EchoAction

Kingdom Two CrownsSimulation

Color Me HappyArcade

Rick and Morty: Pocket MortysStrategy

The Greedy Cave 2: Time GateRole Playing

Sword MakerSimulation

Egg TycoonSimulation

Adorable HomeSimulation

Swordman: ReforgedAction

Battlevoid: First ContactStrategy

Smash BanditsRacing

Smash Cops HeatRacing

Bullet Hell Monday FinaleArcade

Bullet Hell Monday BlackArcade

Duel OttersArcade

Bloons Adventure Time TDStrategy

Transmission Puzzle

sand:box – relaxing particle engineSimulation

Pokémon Café MixPuzzle

Ninja ArashiAdventure

Dead CellsAction

Stellar FoxPuzzle

Infinity LoopPuzzle

Fancy Pants AdventuresArcade

Doodle AlchemySimulation


Cosmic WarsStrategy

Broken Dawn 2 HDAction

Soda Dungeon 2 Adventure

Idle Digging Tycoon Simulation

Laser OverloadPuzzle

Rope Slash Puzzle


Sky RollerArcade

Happy WheelsArcade

Though a myriad of games listed above are the same as those mentioned in the 90Hz/ 120Hz games list that we compiled last month, this is the most extensive list of games that are supported on 144Hz display phones. So yeah, if you are planning to enjoy the fluid gaming experience on your new high-end gaming phone then take your pick and have fun.

Fileless Malware On The Rise

Fileless Malware on the Rise

Therefore, the question arises, can you combat what you can’t catch? Well, you may be able to do that! You just need to know how.

What are Fileless Malware?

Generally, anti-malware detects malware stored inside a hard drive. But fileless malware do not need any storage space, hence remain untraced by traditional defense systems. Additionally, fileless malware are resilient, hence more troublesome. Some examples of the malware are Phasebot(raw material to create virus for data theft), Poweliks(affects C&C server and invites other attacks) and Anthrax(affects files through computer memory).

The creators of ‘fileless’ malware have used PowerShell (a Microsoft tool) to execute memory focused attacks by using macros. Macros tell PowerShell to load malicious code in the computer’s memory. Macros, though used for automating tasks can be a medium for malware attacks in which malware can easily hide inside documents. They seem harmless and when opened ask to enable macros. As soon as macros are enabled, the malware hits the computer memory.

How Can You Stop Them?

Fileless malware are old. Attackers used them in 90’s before Windows introduced Office XP (2001). But we still seem less equipped against the technique. The attacks may have made a comeback with the use of Dropbox and zipped file attachments, but, we can still stop them.

Here are some of the best practices that you must follow to evade fileless malware attacks.

Get the Best Protection System

Protect Your Email

Fileless malware use email attachments for spreading infection. Thus, ensure that you scan and strip your attachments and check link reputation. It can decrease the probability of attacks.

Disable Macros

Enable macros only if required. For example, you do not need macros in a word processor. You must install the latest MS Office version to prevent such attacks through word documents.

Employee Education

Security best practices cannot be implemented unless employees are educated enough. Tell your employees not to open suspicious emails and disable macros as far as possible.

Only healthy security practices combined with adequate defense tools can help stay secure against malware attacks in the long run. We hope that you follow these easy yet important steps to keep your system safe from Fileless Malware!

Next Read: What is a cyber-attack and how it affected us this year?

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The $4.5M Monster Trucks Running Gold Mines

The $4.5m Monster Trucks running gold mines

I’ll confess, my attention wasn’t entirely on Ford’s top-secret 2023 F-150 prototype when I saw the clandestine trucks in action at the Cortez gold mine. After all, it’s hard to concentrate when multistory monster-trucks are roaming a near-Martian landscape. Roughly $4.5m apiece, they’re the sort of heavy machinery most of us never come into contact with, so join me on a photo-tour of these big-wheeled behemoths.

Cortez has a mixed fleet of trucks, though most are Liebherr T282B. Rear-wheel drive, they’re 48 feet long and 24 feet high.

Tires for the trucks don’t come cheap. Cortez keeps a stockpile of spares – along with a specially-adapted Caterpillar loader to move them – costing around $50,000 apiece.

You get a lot of rubber for your money, however. The T282B uses six 59/80 R63 tires, more than 13 feet in diameter.

Big trucks need big engines, and the T282B doesn’t show up lacking in power. Liebherr offers a choice of two engines, either a 78-liter V18 or a 90-liter V20, for in excess of 3,500 HP.

The diesel engines themselves don’t directly power the wheels, however. Instead, they work as a generator for the T282B’s electric drive system, which can propel the truck at up to 40 mph.

Cortez runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with four shifts each working for 12 hours. The mine only shuts down on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

Maintenance on each truck takes place once a month, with Cortez’s on-site garage capable of doing a full overhaul of the vehicles if they require it.

Contrary to appearances, the Cortez miners didn’t quite trust me to drive the trucks myself. However, with no gears to navigate, and ample power-assistance to the controls, they’re said to be as easy to operate as an electric golf-cart.

Each truck has cruise control, along with differential wheel torque control, which can automatically boost the power sent to the right or left wheels when the driver is making low-speed turns.

The trucks don’t so much have a blind-spot as a moat of blocked visibility around them, and with easily enough power to crush a car there are strict rules on-site about how much space other vehicles should leave between them.

To help the driver, there are cameras on all of the corners of the trucks, feeding to LCD displays in the cab. All vehicles on-site drive on the left, too, since it’s then easier to position the truck on the road.

Rather than the system you’d find on most modern cars, the T282B uses electric retarding on the front wheels, while dry disc service brakes are automatically applied front and back. The driver assistance aids can also use them to help stop the truck from rolling backwards when at low-speed on an incline.

While the trucks handle on-site transportation, they don’t actually move the intermingled rock and gold to the processing facility. That’s the responsibility of a nine mile long conveyor – made of a solid length of rubber, a full eighteen miles long – which snakes across the scrubland between the two locations.

Cortez has only had one major accident with a dump truck, when a driver passed out due to a medical condition and the vehicle slowly overturned. Aside from some minor damage to the bodywork and railings at the front, it was undamaged, and the driver also recovered.

Cortez may have invested significantly into its fleet - it currently has around 55 trucks – but it pays dividends. In 2013, the mine produced 1.34 million ounces of gold, which at today’s prices would be worth around $1.68bn.

Thanks to Ford and Barrick for hosting me at the Cortez mine

Why Iuds And Birth Control Implants Are On The Rise

Why IUDs and Birth Control Implants Are on the Rise BU experts weigh in on the current threats facing family planning and abortion access in America

Photo courtesy of iStock/PrimeTime_Productions

Updated on June 12, 2023.

The four million Americans who receive birth control and other health services through Title X, the federally funded family planning program, may be breathing a sigh of relief (at least temporarily). The Trump administration’s sweeping changes to Title X, which were rolled out in March 2023 and scheduled to go into effect on May 3, 2023, were blocked in late April by a federal judge in Washington state. The changes would have prevented any medical organization that provides or refers patients for abortions from receiving program Title X funds that support STD prevention, cancer screening, and contraception.

The now-blocked Title X changes are just one of numerous actions that the Trump administration has taken to restrict access to contraception and abortion. Add on top of that the murky future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and it’s no coincidence that more and more women are seeking out long-term birth control options.

In the days and months following the 2023 presidential election, women’s healthcare providers across the country reported a spike in patients’ requests for long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) like intrauterine devices (IUDs) and under-the-skin implants. Among them were several physicians with Boston University ties who saw patients becoming more concerned about birth control access.

Due to President Trump’s campaign promise to repeal the ACA—which requires coverage for most contraceptives—these physicians say many women felt the window of time to get free birth control was closing, especially for more expensive and highly effective contraceptives like IUDs and implants which, respectively, cost between $1,000 and $1,300. As long as the ACA’s Women’s Health Amendment is still enforced, most insurance companies must cover the costs.

Judy Platt, director of Boston University’s Student Health Services primary care department, remembers seeing firsthand an increase in the number of BU students’ requesting IUDs after the 2023 election, which, she says, then leveled off after about 12 months.

“I saw a patient this morning who, when I was reviewing her history, talked about how she got an IUD the week after the election. That is how she refers to it: 2023, the week after the election,” says Katharine White, who is a practicing physician and associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Boston Medical Center and BU School of Medicine. “That was the incentive for her to get it.”

According to physician Jennifer Childs-Roshak (Questrom’10), president and CEO of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, Planned Parenthood health centers across the country saw the total number of patients using IUDs increase 91 percent in recent years, and saw an uptick in requests for IUDs after the 2023 election due to concerns about losing access to affordable birth control.

Research data now backs up healthcare providers’ anecdotal reports about the increasing popularity of LARCs. A recent Harvard University study found the demand for IUDs and implants increased by 21.6 percent in the 30 days after Trump was elected.

The IUD and the implant are the most effective forms of reversible birth control available, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Depending on the type, an IUD can last for over 10 years of continued use and an implant can last 3 years or more. This “set it and forget it” method, combined with the devices being highly effective, can be incredibly freeing, White explains, and patients themselves are often the ones spreading the word about the benefits within their social circles.  

“A woman who has an IUD that she’s happy with will talk to everybody about how her IUD has changed her life,” says White. “There’s a social element I see to LARC devices that there hasn’t been around other methods of birth control.”

White says that there are, of course, pros and cons to any method of birth control, which should be carefully considered with a healthcare provider no matter who is sitting in the Oval Office.

“The answer is not: everyone should have an IUD,” says White. “It’s that everyone should have free and easy access to one, so if that’s what she decides is the best thing for her, she can just get it and get back to her life.”

Two years into Trump’s presidency, his administration has made it easier for employers to claim religious or moral objections to the ACA’s mandate that they provide insurance for contraception. On April 1, 2023, President Trump tweeted that a vote to totally replace the ACA will have to wait until after the 2023 election, when he hopes that the House of Representatives will return to a Republican majority.

Why geography matters

When the proposed Title X changes were first revealed in March 2023, 21 states and medical organizations like Planned Parenthood filed lawsuits in opposition. The rule changes would have removed the guarantee that patients receive full and accurate information about abortion options from their doctors, which raised ethical concerns from medical professionals.

“The Trump-Pence administration…put healthcare providers like Planned Parenthood in an impossible position: withhold information from patients or get pushed out of the Title X program,” says Childs-Roshak.

Nationally, 41 percent of the people who receive care through the Title X program go to Planned Parenthood health clinics. According to Childs-Roshak, funding from the Title X program prevented over 1,500 chlamydia cases, 260 gonorrhea cases, and 43 cervical cancer cases in 2010 in Massachusetts. The rule changes would have had disproportionate consequences for women of color, who make up at least 56 percent of Title X participants.

Advocates have also expressed concern that cuts to Planned Parenthood would leave patients stranded from healthcare in certain areas of the country.  

“Geography matters in this country with respect to health and human rights,” says Wendy Mariner, a BU School of Public Health professor of health law, School of Law professor of law, and School of Medicine professor of medicine. 

Lawmakers in some left-leaning states like Massachusetts and New York are taking steps to protect access to reproductive care and remove barriers that limit a person’s ability to choose to have an abortion. In response to the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back coverage requirements for employers with religious or moral objections, Massachusetts enacted a bill in 2023 that mandates free access to contraceptives. New York has abolished a 1970-era law that criminalized abortion unless a mother’s life was at risk and legalized abortion after 24 weeks if a woman’s health or the fetus’ life is in danger.

Meanwhile, in some right-leaning states, conservative lawmakers are making abortion services and contraceptive services less available by imposing Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws, in hopes of getting a case in front of the Supreme Court that could potentially undermine a woman’s federally protected right to choose an abortion.

In 2023, one such case from Texas, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The case challenged a 2013 Texas TRAP law that mandated that physicians who perform abortions have admitting privileges to a hospital within a 30-mile radius, which slashed the state’s number of abortion clinics from 42 to just 19.

“In the Whole Woman’s Health case, the [Supreme Court] struck down the Texas TRAP law because it did not, in fact, provide any medical benefit but made women’s right to have an abortion impossible to exercise in many cases,” Mariner explains. But in today’s current political climate, “with the new Supreme Court justices who are believed to favor restrictions on abortion and contraception, I think states are being encouraged to enact laws that more directly attack women’s rights to make all kinds of reproductive decisions.”  

A bill in Louisiana has presented new challenges, Mariner recently wrote in a blog post, that go well beyond abortion and could potentially alter how constitutional rights are defined and protected. In May 2023, the governor of Louisiana signed into a bill that proposes to ban abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. Since pregnancy is tracked from the first day of a woman’s last period before conception, for a woman with a typical 28-day menstrual cycle, six weeks pregnant is only about two weeks after she has missed her next period. Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, and Georgia have signed similar bills that seek to restrict abortion early within the first trimester. Alabama’s governor signed one of the most extreme bills, which proposes to criminalize doctors for performing abortion procedures with up to 99 years in jail, unless a woman’s life is threatened or a lethal fetal anomaly is detected.

“When you think about what is actively happening right now…how many women are not in control of their bodies right now. [Women are] already not able to fully decide what happens to their pregnancies,” says White, who recently penned an

Although White does not credit the upward trend in IUDs and implants to the threat of new legislation restricting abortion access—since most women don’t anticipate needing a future abortion—she does see her patients worrying more and more about losing access to affordable methods of birth control.

“I find that issues around reproductive health are one of those ways that people are realizing that what happens politically affects them personally,” says White. “Issues around contraception and abortion directly affect the decisions that they can make for themselves and for their family and I think that has been a very rude awakening.”  

Mariner says if a person’s rights granted in Roe v. Wade were taken away by a Supreme Court decision, “then it would be up to the states individually to decide what laws they wanted to pass. So where you live would determine what your rights were, the way that where you live now influences what kind of education you receive, what jobs are available, and whether you can breathe the air.”

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