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In the wake of rampant cybercrime, sensational identity theft, and shocking data selling, safeguarding confidential information has become the need of the hour. Even slight leniency towards the prying eyes could make you fall prey to hackers. So, you better stay guarded right from the word go rather than pay a hefty price later.

When uncompromised protection of personal information while surfing the web becomes a top priority, a virtual private network has a major role to play. Aside from shielding your data with a higher degree of protection, VPN also keeps your identity anonymous so that you can browse the web with desired privacy. But, is VPN just about safeguarding your data? Nope!

VPN also comes in super handy when it comes to bypassing censorship and accessing geographically blocked content on the internet from anywhere. So, you can access US Netflix overseas and even stream your countries popular TV shows while you are abroad. Speaking of a virtual private network, UFO VPN is a noted name. The VPN app looks promising in most aspects like efficiency, security, and seamless performance.

But is it good enough to stand out against the best in the business? Having extensively tried out this VPN app, I would like to share my thoughts about it and whether or not it deserves your attention.

UFO VPN for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Review: Get Top-Notch VPN At Affordable Price Over 2000 Servers in More Than 50 Global Locations

One of the first things that I make sure to check out before picking out any VPN is the number of servers and global availability. And I must say that I have found UFO up to the mark in these two pivotal aspects.

While UFO’s over 2000 servers in more than 50 global locations may sound a lot fewer than ExpressVPN’s 3,000+ VPN servers in 160 locations in 94 countries or CyberGhost’s over 6,000 fast servers in 90+ countries but in most cases, they (UFO’s offerings) would live up to your billing. So, it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

One of the Fastest Connections

Another feature that always dominates my priority list is a fast connection. Before I put my hands on UFO VPN, I was under the impression that ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN offer the fastest connection. However, I was (kind of) surprised to see the level of consistency with which UFO VPN delivers fast connections across several locations.

Throughout my run with the VPN app, the network connection never felt sluggish. Whether it’s movie streaming, extensive browsing or high-octane gaming, it maintained a pretty good standard. So, I consider UFO top-notch as it not only provides fast connections but also keeps the temp intact, unlike many other counterparts that find it very hard to maintain top speed.

Pretty Intuitive User-Interface And Seamless Experience

No matter how good an app maybe if it lacks an intuitive interface, it can’t deliver a great experience. UFO has looked really impressive to me. The neat and intuitive UI is probably the biggest highlight of this VPN app. Moreover, it works seamlessly across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Thanks to the support for five devices simultaneously, it also provides you the desired flexibility to stay guarded on multiple devices. The compatibility with multiple platforms ensures you can move from one device to the other swiftly without putting the protection factor on the backburner.

Safeguards Your Privacy With Trusted Shield

Putting privacy on the forefront, UFO VPN encrypts your data to shield your network connection so that prying eyes will remain at bay. While connecting to a VPN server, it makes sure your real IP address remains hidden. And with the availability of a kill switch, it also offers you the desired control over your data.

So, whether you wish to circumvent censorship or bypass internet firewalls to watch the hottest Netflix shows that are yet to roll out in your country or catch up with the local shows of your region while holidaying abroad, it has got you fully covered. And that too by keeping your identity anonymous.

Offers Reasonable Value for Money Proposition

While most popular VPN services demand a hefty price tag, UFO has kept the price at a comparatively low point. Though UFO’s monthly price of $11.99 seems a bit expensive, the yearly plan comes at just $47.99, which is comparatively a lot less than what ExpressVPN and CyberGhost demand ($99.99/year).

5-day Premium License

You can avail 5-days premium license for free.

Install the app → Tap on Menu button → Tap on your Account → Tap on Redeem License → Enter the code: xZOdbG


Moreover, it’s also available for free with some limitations like around 10 servers in local places of the USA including LA and NY. If you are not a hardcore VPN user and want an app to offer trusted basic functionality, chances are pretty high that the freemium model will be good enough for you.

Furthermore, the freemium model offers you a great opportunity to try out the app before going for the premium version. In a nutshell, UFO VPN offers a great value for money proposition.

The Verdict

UFO has comfortably checked off most of the boxes to be a pretty good option for the folks who want to have a highly-rated VPN without having to dole out a lot of bucks. Whether it’s fast and stable connections, strong privacy or adorable user-interface, the app looks promising in most aspects. And with a reasonably good freemium version, it is more than capable to live up to basic demand. Long story short, UFO is the best bang for the bucks!

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Web Scraping: For And Against

There’s no doubt that we’re in a very complicated time in terms of personal data. Most uneducated consumers don’t realize how much sensitive information is traded each time they log in to their favorite social media apps or use an in-home electronic assistant.

In turn, they’re unsuspectingly leaving hordes of details about their private lives out for anyone (or any corporation) to expose.

And that’s where web scraping comes in. Also referred to as web harvesting or web data collection, this process involves specialized software that collects information from a website and compiles it for other uses. Just like any other technological tool, the process can be used for both positive and negative purposes.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at the argument of whether web scraping should be considered illegal.

Positive: Compilations of Data, Facts, and Figures

There are numerous benefits of using data scraping, and many businesses around the globe use the byproduct of this practice, whether they know it or not.

Those who feel data harvesting is not a threat, often cite the ability to compile data together from multiple websites in an easy and cost-effective fashion. From this perspective, the general thought is that anything put out on the internet is the same as having it in public view, thus making it general knowledge.

In some cases, they’re right. Web scraping powers the Wayback Machine, a website dedicated to providing previous editions of websites in a clear and easy-to-use manner.

This program makes it easy to look back at previous data, which is definitely a positive. But the technology used to attain the information is what concerns many in the industry.

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Negative: Difficult to Interpret and Invasion of Personal Privacy

However, there is a downside to the process of web scraping and using personal data for business purposes.

From a technical perspective, harvested data isn’t always easy to interpret or gives you the information you really need. For example, the information scraped using a software program might just be gibberish without any real context. It can also be the wrong information or data that has no real significance on the business you’re trying to conduct.

But the biggest and most hotly contested factor doesn’t deal with technical limitations. Rather, it has to do with the public’s understanding of web scraping and whether it is really an invasion of personal privacy.

Many individuals feel that any outside entity’s ability to pull random data from various public websites and compile it to come up with a specific conclusion is a form of privacy invasion. But, whether they like it or not, it isn’t really all that uncommon.

Marketing companies use this process all the time to try and predict likes, dislikes, and future moves of consumers. They have been doing so for a very long time.

Protections Against Web Scraping and Data Mining

What this all basically comes down to is that website owners are responsible for protecting their customers and users from actions like web scraping and data mining.

By keeping certain sensitive pieces of information private, like banking transaction details or contact information, these organizations can help limit their risk of a breach and ensure positive customer satisfaction.

While that kind of sounds like a no-brainer, it really isn’t always the normal course for some major platforms. For example, Venmo got into a bit of hot water in 2023 by publicly publishing all transactions and keeping them in a database.

This meant that anyone who had a specific user’s username could see every single time they paid for a cup of coffee or sent a roommate half of the month’s rent.

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Wrap Up: Pros and Cons of Web Scraping

Like with anything else in tech, there are certainly pros and cons to web scraping. While the process isn’t a big deal when it comes to innocent or general information, it can cause huge problems when you’re talking about very specific details about a website user’s lifestyle.

Thus, it is incredibly important for all website owners to pay extra attention when it comes to protecting certain pieces of data, as the practice is so widely used that it isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.

Is Orbot A Good Vpn? Check Our Honest Review

Is Orbot a good VPN? Check our honest review




Orbot is a nifty security/privacy application that can keep your mobile communications private while you’re online.

You can use Orbot exclusively on Android devices, but there are also some ways to run it on Windows 10 PCs. Spoiler alert: it involves using emulators.

Check out our VPN Section for more guides on how to protect your digital life.

Visit our Security Hub to discover more about maintaining your online security.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Orbot is a nifty security/privacy application that can keep your mobile communications private while you’re online. It’s based on Tor, but it’s only available for Android phones.

As you probably figured it out already, you can’t exactly use it on Windows 10. Tor and its browser are enough protection and basically offer the same thing for your Windows 10 PC.

Many take Orbot for a dedicated VPN service, which is not exactly true. While Orbot does offer some VPN features, it functions after a somewhat different set of rules.

Did we mention that it’s entirely free to use?

Is Orbot a VPN?

Long story short, no, Orbot is not a VPN for your Android phone. What this project manages to do instead is bring Tor functionality to Android phones. It’s optimized for these devices, so you can rest assured that it’s not just some port.

Orbot lets you connect to the Internet in a secure, private manner. You’re maybe thinking: right, but that’s the same thing a VPN does, so how is Orbot any different? Well, the truth is that this app has the best of both proxy servers and VPNs.

Proxy vs. VPN

Proxy servers let you access certain websites and services on the Internet by offering you a gateway. A VPN establishes a secure tunnel to any server in its network.

Both proxies and VPNs mask your IP address, but proxy servers are generally less secure due to a lack of encryption. A VPN encrypts your traffic, but it can be a bit slower than a proxy.

Orbot uses Tor to encrypt your traffic by redirecting it through various nodes around the world. The nodes are usually other Tor users, but there’s also a chance you can bounce through an exit relay hosted on a dedicated machine.

Long story short, Orbot can be rather deemed as Tor for Android phones with added VPN functionality (includes a VPN mode).

What is VPN mode in Orbot?

As we’ve briefly mentioned above, this app encompasses a VPN mode. Upon closer inspection, you may notice that it acts exactly like a VPN.

It even asks you for permission to manage your connection, just like any other Android VPN service does.

However, Orbot has a bunch of extra features that regular VPNs may lack. For instance, it’s widely known that many websites have VPN filters, which are used to detect and block VPN traffic. One such website is the US version of Netflix.

How good is Orbot VPN?

Considering that it’s based on Tor, Orbot’s VPN can’t be blocked by websites as easily. Your connection will bounce through several nodes until finally reaching the website, which makes it harder to detect and block.

Furthermore, your traffic will be both encrypted and dispersed throughout all the nodes on your connection. This makes it tenfold harder to decrypt traffic, given that it’s not all in the same place.

Last, but not least, Orbot’s VPN feature lets you enable it only for certain apps on your phone. It kind of works like split tunneling, letting you choose which apps’ traffic will be encrypted.

How to use Orbot VPN

1. Install it on your device

Visit the product page on Google Play

Hit the Install button

Wait for the installation to come to an end

Hit the Open button to launch the app

2. Launch Orbot

3. Connect to a server

4. Toggle VPN mode

It’s worth mentioning that you can select the apps for which Orbot will encrypt traffic. Selecting no apps (by default, no apps are selected) will enable a system-wide VPN.

Additionally, we’ve found some hints that the system-wide VPN only works on rooted phones. However, we’ve tested it on a non-rooted phone and it seems to work just fine.

5. Configure Orbot

Note that from an accessibility standpoint, Orbot can be easily configured, as most of the customization options work on a disable/enable model.

However, you should refrain from bringing any changes to the default configuration unless you really know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you may break Orbot’s security and even its functionality.

6. Bonus: for Samsung devices

Reportedly, there’s an app running on Samsung devices that listens to port 9050, which Orbot uses by default. You can either locate the apps that are listening on that port (use third-party apps such as Netstat), force stop them and disable them.

However, it’s far easier to just change Orbot’s default Tor SOCKS port from the app.

How to use Orbot VPN on Windows 10

As we’ve clearly mentioned above, Orbot is Android-exclusive. Thus, not only is the app only available for Android, but it’s also optimized for these devices alone.

In conclusion, you can’t run Orbot on your Windows 10 PC natively, so you’ll have to improvise.

Although you can either use a regular VPN or Tor on Windows to the same effect as Orbot, if you’re stubborn you’ll need an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

Once you have the emulator installed on your PC, deploy the app on it as we’ve described above.

Apparently, the app works without any major issues on Android emulators. However, it won’t be able to hide any traffic from outside the emulator. Furthermore, it may not be as secure as installing and running it on an Android device.

Final thoughts on using Orbot as a VPN

All things considered, if you want a private, secure VPN on your Android device, Orbot is a good place to start. It basically brings all of Tor’s functionality on your Android phone, with added capabilities.

If you plan on using Orbot on your Windows 10 PC, it might be too much hassle. Since the app is Android-exclusive, you’ll need an emulator to get things running, and you might even notice certain bugs during the app’s runtime.

Your connection is not secure – websites you visit can find out your details:

Use a VPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection.

We recommend Visit Private Internet Access

We recommend Private Internet Access , a VPN with a no-log policy, open source code, ad blocking and much more; now 79% off.

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Linkedin: Top 25 Fastest Growing Jobs

LinkedIn has published a report on the fastest-growing jobs worldwide, with individual lists broken down by country.

The report analyzes LinkedIn’s internal data and identifies jobs that have seen the most growth in postings and hiring activity over the past five years.

LinkedIn’s “Jobs on the Rise” report compiles data from 28 countries to determine the positions that have seen the most significant growth from January 1, 2023, to July 31, 2023, across regions including the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

This article summarizes the top job growth trends globally, along with a full list of the top 25 jobs in the United States.

Worldwide Job Growth Trends

According to LinkedIn’s report, even with job cuts in the technology industry, tech positions remain among the fastest-growing, and core business functions are still highly sought.

The report shows that tech continues to be the most rapidly expanding field, and in every country included in the report, tech roles are among the top 10 fastest-growing positions.

The top tech role identified in the report is data engineer, which was listed as one of the fastest-growing careers in 24 out of 28 countries. Additionally, 16 countries listed site reliability engineers as one of the fastest-growing positions.

The report found that growth marketing managers were among the fastest-growing careers in seven countries, including Turkey, the Netherlands, and India.

Growth marketing managers are responsible for activities that increase business revenue, such as acquiring new customers and retaining them or finding ways to reconnect with former clients.

Cybersecurity positions, including cybersecurity specialists, engineers, managers, and analysts, were among the fastest-growing jobs in 17 countries.

The importance of cybersecurity has increased to the extent that three countries, Singapore, Brazil, and Chile, listed two different cybersecurity positions among their top 10 fastest-growing careers, accounting for 20% of their top 10 in those countries.

In the field of cybercrime, the role of anti-money laundering specialist is also on the rise.

Top 25 Fastest-Growing Jobs In The United States

The following list is pulled from LinkedIn’s 2023 “Jobs on the Rise” report, which utilizes internal data to identify the 25 job titles that have experienced the most significant growth over the past five years.

LinkedIn describes its methodology:

“LinkedIn Economic Graph researchers examined millions of jobs started by LinkedIn members from January 1, 2023 to July 31, 2023 to calculate a growth rate for each job title. To be ranked, a job title needed to see consistent growth across our membership base, as well as have grown to a meaningful size by 2023.”

LinkedIn’s list can be beneficial whether you are currently job searching or not, as it uncovers trends that can help guide your career choices and prepare you for the future job market.

These are the top 25 fastest-growing jobs in the United States:

Head of Revenue Operations

Human Resources Analytics Manager

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Truck Driver

Employee Experience Manager

Sales Enablement Specialist

Advanced Practice Provider

Growth Marketing Manager

Data Governance Manager

Grants Management Specialist

Molecular Technologist

Content Designer

Sustainability Analyst

Strategy & Operations Manager

Chief People Officer

Sales Development Representative

Online Campaign Manager

Product Operations Manager

Sales Compensation Manager

Customer Marketing Manager

Head of Rewards

Deal Manager

Customer Success Associate

Channel Account Executive

Director of Bioinformatics

See LinkedIn’s full report for more about each job, including links to available job postings.

Featured Image: mentalmind/Shutterstock

Source: LinkedIn

Macbook Pro Constantly Dropping Wireless Connection?

You may love your shiny new MacBook Pro, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. While macOS running on original Apple hardware is less prone to technical issues when they do crop up finding solutions can be difficult. 

One issue that always seems to come back over the years is spotty WiFi connections. In other words, your MacBook either keeps dropping its wireless connection or refuses to connect in the first place. 

Table of Contents

Is It a WiFi Issue?

This may seem like an obvious question, but is your MacBook Pro really having an issue related to the WiFi connection? If the WiFi connection icon shows that you’re hooked into the local network, but internet performance is spotty or only some websites work, then chances are the problem isn’t with the WiFi connection itself. 

Those sorts of issues are outside the scope of this article. If you need help with your internet, check out our article on the subject. Below we’ll only be looking at potential solutions to WiFi connection problems.

Basic Housekeeping

Before you start panicking and looking up arcane voodoo rituals to get the WiFi back on, start with the obvious and simple housekeeping steps that can often resolve problems by themselves.

First, make sure that your MacBook has been updated to the latest version of macOS. Then reboot your Mac, and restart your router. It’s also a good idea to unplug everything from the USB/Thunderbolt ports to eliminate any third-party culprits.

Pay Attention To macOS Wifi Recommendations

The WiFi Diagnostic Tool

If you do determine that the problem is related to the WiFi, then a good place to start is by using the macOS Wireless Diagnostic Tool. 

If the tool should find something systematic, it will list the issue and you can look them up specifically. If the problem is intermittent, you may find that the diagnostic tool won’t find anything. In which case, the investigation continues.

Did Anything Change Recently?

The next thing you should consider is whether anything specific happened when your WiFi started acting up. 

Did you just update drivers? Did you change routers? If possible, try to roll back changes that happened recently, to test whether the problem goes away.

Is It Just Your Mac?

It’s very important to figure out if your MacBook Pro is specifically the issue with dropping wireless connection or whether other devices using the same WiFi network are also having issues. That includes Windows laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, and anything else that uses an internet connection. 

Are they performing as expected? If not, it may not be an issue with your MacBook Pro at all. If it happens across devices, then the common factor is more likely to be the router.

Is It On Every Network?

Similarly, don’t jump to conclusions if WiFi network dropouts happen on only one network. If it is your MacBook that’s the issue, the problem will likely follow you from one WiFi network to the next. 

If it doesn’t, once again the router may be the true culprit. Make sure to read our article on how to fix your router if the connection keeps dropping.

Does The Problem Persist On Ethernet?

If you have an ethernet adapter for your MacBook Pro, it’s worth switching off the WiFi and connecting directly to your router. If the problem is still present even when using an ethernet connection, then it may once again be a configuration issue with the router, since this eliminates WiFi as a factor.

Is Signal Strength Low?

Low signal strength is always a prime candidate when looking for WiFi dropout suspects. Does the problem happen when you are close to and in sight of the network router or access point? There are many reasons your router may have a weak connection to your MacBook Pro. 

If you find that your connection instability goes away when closer to the network access point, you may be able to solve the problem with a WiFi repeater. These extend your signal strength so that the footprint of good quality WiFi becomes larger.

You may also consider increasing signal strength in your router settings or adding an external antenna to it if you haven’t already. You can read our full guide to boosting WiFi signal strength here.

Remove Sources Of Interference

Modern WiFi operates in the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands. Since it’s digital and has sophisticated error correction, other devices using the same frequency usually don’t impact performance noticeably. 

However, you may want to eliminate interference as an issue by unplugging Bluetooth devices (which are also 2.4Ghz) and moving away from devices like microwave ovens. Switching bands on your router may also improve stability.

Is There Channel Competition?

All WiFi systems operate at the same frequencies, so why don’t they clash with each other? The answer is that they use “channels”, which break up the main frequency into small, narrow channels. 

There are 11 and 45 channels on the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies respectively. So, usually, your neighbor’s router will automatically use a channel that doesn’t have anything else happening on it. However, a router can have its channel manually set or that, for some other reason, there’s just too much competition to find a good channel. Channels 1,6 and 11 are popular choices for the 2.4Ghz band because they don’t overlap. 

You can use a WiFi analyzer app on your smartphone or computer to see which local WiFi networks are using which channels and then set your router to use a relatively uncontested one.

Does It Happen After Waking From Sleep?

Mac users often encounter a situation where WiFi doesn’t reconnect properly after waking from sleep mode. The good news is that there is a pretty reliable way to resolve the issue. 

First, go to the Apple menu, System Preferences, and then Network. 

Now all you have to do is reconnect to the WiFi, and from now on there should no longer be an issue connecting to the network after waking from sleep.

Forget The Network

If you find that you can’t connect to a network, even though it has worked before, the solution is often simply to forget that network and then reconnect to it. 

If you read the wake from sleep solution above, you already know how to do this. The only difference is that you’ll only select a single network, instead of the entire list as we did above.

No More Disconnection Anxiety

Secure Password Generator Using Python

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon.

In this article, we will see how to build the password generator. Password generate is a python application that will generate the random string of the desired length. Nowadays we are using many applications and websites that require passwords. Setting strong passwords is very important to avoid any attack by attackers and to keep our information safe. Now we will build this application using python, Tkinter, and pyperclip.


Let us see the requirements that are needed for us to build this application.

Python: Python is the programming language that we will use to build the application.

Tkinter: Tkinter is a Graphical User Interface library. using Tkinter is one of the easiest ways to build any GUI-based applications. In this application, we use Tkinter to build the window where we generate a random password.

pyperclip: Pyperclip is a module in python that is used for copying and pasting the text. So in our application after generating the password we will also have an option to copy the password.

Random: Passwords are generated randomly so to generate these passwords randomly we use the random module. This random module generates the random numbers.

Strings: The string module in python helps in creating and customizing strings.

Now let us move into the implementation part.

For any project, we have to start by importing the required modules. For our application, we will import Tkinter, Pyperclip, Random, and strings.

If these libraries are not preinstalled, then you have to install them and then you have to import them. For installing these libraries you have to use pip install to install them. I basically use jupyter notebook to run the code so I open the anaconda prompt and run these commands to install the libraries. You can use any prompt to install them.

To install Tkinter

pip install tkinter

To install pyperclip

pip install pyperclip

To install random

pip install random

To install strings

pip install strings

Now import all the libraries. From Tkinter import all the libraries. So to import everything that has in that particular module we use *.

from tkinter import * import random, string import pyperclip Initialize Window

Our next step is to initialize the window where we generate the password by giving the number of digits in the password. For this we use Tkinter. First, we initialize the win variable with Tk() function. Using the geometry function we will set the width and height of the window. and using the title function we will pass the title of the window. Here we set it to “PASSWORD GENERATOR” with height as 500 and width as 500. Here using configure method I set the background color of the window.

win = Tk() win.geometry("500x500") win.title("PASSWORD GENERATOR") win.configure(bg="#ffc252")

At the top of the window, the text is placed saying PASSWORD GENERATOR in bold letters with ariel font and font size 18 and with some background color. Here we use the Pack() function to arrange the widgets in the window.

Label(win, text = 'PASSWORD GENERATOR' , font ='ariel 15 bold',bg="#ffc252").pack()

Now we have to place an input box where the user can input the number of digits the password should contain. Before that, we place the text, “PASSWORD LENGTH” with Arial font and font size 10 with bold letters. Using IntVar() function, we can set integer data as this function holds integer data, and later we can retrieve the data.  Spinbox() provides a range of values for the user to input. Here, users can enter the digits or scroll the numbers and select the length of the password. And here it generates passwords from lengths 8 to 32.

Python Code:

The text and the spinbox will look like this.

Define Password Generator

Coming to StringVar() f also similar to the IntVar() function but here stringVar() function holds string data. Now we define a function called Generator which generates random passwords. Firstly the password is initialized with an empty string. Setting a password that contains only numerical digits or with only alphabets doesn’t provide enough security for your system or any application. For any password, it should be a combination of uppercase letters, lower case letters, numerical digits, and some punctuations. For the first four digits of the password, we set it to, a random uppercase letter, random lowercase letter, random digit, and random punctuation. And remaining values will be the random combination of uppercase, lowercase, digits, and punctuations.

pass_str = StringVar() def Generator(): password = '' " for x in range (0,4): password = random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase) + random.choice(string.ascii_lowercase) + random.choice(string.digits) + random.choice(string.punctuation) for y in range(pass_len.get()- 4): password = password + random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.ascii_lowercase + string.digits + string.punctuation) pass_str.set(password) Generate Buttons

Now create a button where it follows the Generator command and the Generator is the function that we defined for generating the password. The button contains the text “GENERATE PASSWORD” on it with blue background and white foreground. These buttons are very user-friendly with a nice GUI. You don’t need to stick to the UI that was defined in this article. You can change some text fonts, colors, and many more and you can make your window more beautiful. And you can play around with this and can make your window according to your expectations.

Generate=Button(win, text = "GENERATE PASSWORD" , command = Generator,padx=5,pady=5 ) Generate.configure(background="blue", foreground='white',font=('ariel',10,'bold')) Generate.pack(side=TOP,pady=20) Entry(win , textvariable = pass_str).pack()

The generate password button will look like this

Our next step is to copy the password. We use pyperclip to copy the password. Get the string in the pass_str function and then copy it using pyperclip and we create a button which follows the command copy_password with the text “COPY TO CLIPBOARD” button next we configure the button that means how the button should look like. The button contains blue color background and white color foreground and we use ariel font with font size 10 and bold letters. Here we use the pack() function to organize the widgets according to the size of the frame And we set some top pady here.

def Copy_password(): pyperclip.copy(pass_str.get()) copy=Button(win, text = 'COPY TO CLIPBOARD', command = Copy_password) copy.configure(background="blue", foreground='white',font=('ariel',10,'bold')) copy.pack(side=TOP,pady=20)

The copy to the clipboard button will look like this.

Now run the main loop to execute the entire application.


Here you can see I created the password of 8 digits and the password that I got is ” Sh8_90Ny”. This is a user-friendly application and a very useful application.


Password Generator is an interesting, exciting, and thrilling application. We can use a secret password generator for building strong passwords and this password generator doesn’t store any password anywhere. I clears all the data as soon as you left the window. So without any hesitation, you can build your secret and strong passwords using this password generator.

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