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Toyota on Trump tariffs: Expect a much pricier Camry

America’s best-selling car could get almost $2k more expensive, Toyota has warned, if President Trump follows through on plans to impose new tariffs on vehicle imports. The ominous prediction comes as the US Commerce Department considers whether to kickstart a new trade war, by declaring vehicle and vehicle part imports “a threat to national security.”

The investigation began in late May 2023, in the face of what the US Commerce Department described as a potential weakening of the internal economy of the United States. “There is evidence suggesting that, for decades, imports from abroad have eroded our domestic auto industry,” secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement at the time. “The Department of Commerce will conduct a thorough, fair, and transparent investigation into whether such imports are weakening our internal economy and may impair the national security.”

American industry, so the argument went, was being marginalized despite strong sales of vehicles. Imported passenger vehicles rose in number from 32-percent of cars sold in the US, to 48-percent, over the past two decades.

The investigation is being carried out under the so-called Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962. In the past, that has been used to divert Defense department funds into research and development of American integrated circuit design, back in 1992, and forcing jet engine manufacturers to “Buy American” when it came to super precision bearings, in 1988. The potential impact on the auto industry, though, could be significantly broader.

In 2023 so far, Toyota has sold more than 150,000 of the Camry in the US. Prices currently range from just shy of $24k through to over $35k, but Toyota says that it could increase on average by $1,800 should the tariff be implemented.

“A hundred and thirty-seven thousand Americans support their families working for Toyota, and Toyota and Lexus dealerships. They are not a national security threat. Indeed, Toyota operates 10 manufacturing plants in the U.S. We are an exemplar of the manufacturing might of America. A 25% tariff on automotive imports, which is just a tax on consumers, would increase the cost of every vehicle sold in the country. Even the Toyota Camry, the best-selling car in America, made in Georgetown, Kentucky, would face $1,800 in increased costs. We believe the only plausible outcome of this investigation is to reject the notion that automotive imports threaten national security” Toyota

The automaker falls short of explicitly threatening that such an increase would be passed on directly to the customer as a sticker increase, but certainly the hints of that are heavy. It’s also a reminder that even car companies which construct vehicles in the US are still dependent to some extent on an international supply chain. Whether that could ever be supplanted by a fully US-centric alternative is questionable.

It’s not the first time this week we’ve seen negative push-back against Trump’s trade wars. On Monday, Harley-Davidson warned that it would be splitting production and moving some manufacturing outside of the US. Blaming the Trump administrations tariffs on steel and aluminum for prompting retaliatory tariffs from the EU on, among other things, its motorcycles, Harley-Davidson said that it would have to move production of bikes intended for sale outside of the US away from its American facilities.

If it didn’t, the company warned, the average cost of a bike could rise in the EU by around $2,200. Last year, Harley-Davidson sold nearly 40,000 of its motorcycles in Europe.

You're reading Toyota On Trump Tariffs: Expect A Much Pricier Camry

What To Expect On A 5G Phone?

As the first 5G networks continue to grow in size, this powerful next-generation technology is getting ready for its day in the spotlight. Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T (among many others) are all rolling 5G coverage as fast as possible.

While it will be years before the U.S. is blanketed in 5G the same way it is with 4G today, there are already more and more 5G phones coming into the market. Here is what you can expect a 5G phone to do with the 5G network.

5G Refresher

Before diving into what your phone can do, let’s look at how we got here. So what is 5G? “G” stands for generation and the “5” stands for the fifth generation of mobile technology. For those who remember, 1G was as basic as it gets back when cell phones first rolled out to the world. They were big, bulky and expensive. The launch of 2G introduced the world to digital technology or GSM along with everyday staples like text messaging.

3G was our first foray into data speeds that didn’t invoke the thought of the modem sound playing in your living room. Today we live in a 4G world, and it’s fast, often very fast with data speeds that can rival home broadband. That brings us back to 5G which is set to have the fastest Internet speeds you’ve ever experienced at home or on your smartphone.

Faster Speeds for All

If you haven’t already picked up on this theme, the primary focus of 5G is speed. There’s little disagreement among the nation’s biggest carriers that 5G will be faster, but there’s a catch. Your phone won’t open Facebook or Reddit any faster. That’s more about the processing power of the phone. Where you will see the difference is when you try to download a movie or a music file.

Today it might take 30 seconds to download a song and a few minutes to download a TV show. With 5G those download times are going to be cut down significantly, likely in the blink of an eye. T-Mobile promises that by 2024,its 5G network will be up to ten to fifteen times faster than 4G LTE. Verizon says its speeds can be up to 100 times faster in the next few years. That’s mind-blowing! Instead of a few minutes to download a movie on Netflix, it will now take seconds. Your downloaded video will also be much crisper on a 5G connection.

Lower Latency Is a Good Thing

This benefit is more network-related and slightly more technical, but it’s relevant all the same. As phone manufacturers build this into their future devices, the benefits for customers all over the world are significant. Simply stated, latency is the time it takes for a signal from your phone to reach a cell tower. In today’s 4G world, those times average around fifty milliseconds. On your future 5G smartphone, that time can be reduced to just one millisecond.

This incredible improvement means games like Fortnite will benefit tremendously and introduce an even better multiplayer experience. Likewise, video chat apps like Skype or FaceTime will see a reduction in the delay between someone talking and their lips/face moving. It’s very subtle with a strong 4G LTE signal, but 5G is dramatically better.

The Internet of Things

This benefit might be surprising, but it’s already taking place in our 4G LTE world. The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is loosely translated to how all of our devices are connected to each other. If you have smart lights in your home or a smart fridge, you’re scratching at the surface of IoT.

As 5G rolls out to these devices and your smartphone, it’s going to change the way you live. Connecting all of these together requires significant capacity on each cellular network, and that’s why 5G is so important. Some of this is possible today, but that’s only because the number of people doing it is small. The biggest benefit of 5G for your phone is that each carrier will have the bandwidth that allows you to turn down your thermostat from a thousand miles away almost instantly. All of this will be possible from the palm of your hand.


To be certain, all of this just touches the surface of what is possible with 5G. The primary focus right now is going to be speed, and 5G phones will unquestionably be fast.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be years before you have to worry about it as the first 5G-compatible devices are just launching now, and their networks are spotty at best. It will likely be five to ten years before we see nationwide coverage. Until then, enjoy what you have while keeping an eye on the future.

Image Credits: 5G City, 4G to 5G

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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What To Expect When Transitioning Into A Digital Marketing Role?

Stepping into a digital marketing role can be daunting, especially if you’re transitioning from a different field. There will almost certainly be an adjustment period as you learn the ropes and apply your existing skills to the new environment.

However, with the right preparation and mindset, you can quickly become an expert in this exciting and rapidly-evolving field. To make sure that your transition is smooth and successful, it’s important to have an understanding of what tasks are expected of you in your new job.

Digital marketing roles typically involve creating content for websites or social media accounts; designing graphics; running email campaigns; optimizing search engine results (SEO); analyzing data; developing strategies for online marketing initiatives; managing budgets and researching trends related to digital marketing.

You may even find yourself overseeing projects from start to finish! It’s essential that you familiarize yourself with the tools needed for each task so that you can hit the ground running when getting started in a digital marketing role.

Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

Take the time to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Utilize the resources available in your organization or local college to develop an understanding of digital marketing topics like content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and analytics.

Networking with industry professionals can provide valuable insight into trends and opportunities that you might not have considered before. Once you have a better idea of what’s out there, start building skills through online courses or certifications as well as hands-on experience such as volunteering for a non-profit or working on personal projects.

By blending creative thinking with technical knowledge, you will be able to find rewarding positions in digital marketing that align perfectly with your career goals.

What Are the Benefits of a Digital Marketing Role?

Digital marketing roles can offer a wide range of benefits, from the ability to work remotely and set your own hours, to flexibility in terms of topics you can cover. Additionally, digital marketing roles often involve working with cutting-edge technology and staying up-to-date on industry trends.

As such, these positions are great for those who have an aptitude for learning new things quickly and keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging tech tools.

Furthermore, digital marketing roles also provide opportunities to network with other professionals in the field as well as potential clients or employers.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Role?

Responsibilities also include managing web content, developing strategies to optimize search engine rankings, creating email campaigns, monitoring social media accounts and analytics reports, and analyzing competitors’ activities in order to discover potential opportunities for improved performance.

A successful digital marketer should be able to develop effective campaigns that attract customers while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. They must also possess excellent communication skills in order to effectively collaborate with other members of the marketing team on projects as well as communicate results back up through management channels.

As such a role requires a high degree of skill and knowledge about digital technology it is often highly sought after by employers looking for experienced professionals who can bring creative solutions to their business’s needs.

What Skills and Qualifications Are Required for a Digital Marketing Role?

Digital marketing roles require a variety of skills and qualifications. A good understanding of digital marketing strategies, the ability to use various tools for online marketing, creativity, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, problem-solving aptitude, project management abilities, and web development knowledge are all important qualities that employers look for when recruiting for digital marketing jobs.

Additionally, familiarity with SEO techniques, analytics software like Google Analytics (or similar platforms), and content creation tactics like blogging or vlogging can make an individual’s profile shine among other candidates. Finally, having an up-to-date certification in a field related to digital marketing is also beneficial.

Possibilities for Career Growth in a Digital Marketing Role

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field with great potential for career growth and development. As the demand for digital marketing professionals continues to increase, the opportunities available in this field become even more abundant.

No matter which role they choose, digital marketers have the opportunity to continually build their skill set while working on exciting projects with leading companies across all industries.

How to Make the Transition?

Start by doing an internship − One of the most important benefits that internships can provide is networking with professionals who are already working in the field, which can help us learn from their experiences and make connections that may lead to future job opportunities.

Additionally, an internship provides us an opportunity to get hands-on training and develop our professional skills through activities such as task management or communication.

You’ll also be able to use various tools such as Google AdWords and social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques.

Establish a strong online presence − It can help you reach more people, gather more resources and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers or clients.

Having a strong online presence can also give you the opportunity to create relationships with key stakeholders in your industry and build credibility as an expert in the field.

These types of connections are essential for success in digital marketing, so it’s important that you make sure your online profile is up-to-date and highly visible across multiple platforms.


Once you’ve gained the knowledge and experience needed to start a career in digital marketing, it’s important to keep up with industry trends. By staying abreast of changes in technology, analytics tools, social media platforms, and more, you can ensure that your skills stay relevant and valuable for years to come.

It’s also beneficial to attend networking events related to digital marketing as well as webinars or other educational programs on the topic. Staying connected will give you an edge over those who don’t make an effort to remain current.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Hasn’t Changed Much – But That’s Not A Problem

If there’s one thing to say about Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 5, it’s that it doesn’t look all that different to the Galaxy Watch 4. It sports broadly the same design and straps – albeit in new colour combinations this time around – in the same 40mm and 44mm casings.

Of course, that’s not to say there’s nothing new about the Galaxy Watch 5.

Longer, better, faster, stronger

Samsung has made strides in the durability department, with a sapphire crystal display that’s not only scratch resistant but 60% stronger than that of the Galaxy Watch 4.

There’s also a 13% larger battery, resulting in a boost in overall battery life, and new fast charging capabilities mean it can achieve 45% of charge in 30 minutes, or enough power for 8 hours of use after just 8 minutes of charging.

The size of the 3-in-1 bioactive sensor has also been increased in a bid to provide more accurate readings when exercising and sleeping, with new body composition targets available to further enhance your training regime.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

There are also brand new watch faces to choose from, along with a suite of updated faces and over 80 new complications to utilise.

While handy changes, it’s certainly not Samsung’s most revolutionary update yet – but if I’m being honest, it didn’t need to be.

The Galaxy Watch 4 was ahead of its time

Take the Galaxy Watch 5’s health and fitness tracking capabilities for example. Utilising Samsung’s bioactive sensor, comprised of an optical heart rate sensor, electrical heart rate sensor, and a bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor, the watch can provide key metrics not only on heart rate but blood oxygen levels and even your body composition.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

The latter, in particular, is impressive, requiring only two fingers on the watch to provide insights into your body mass, skeletal muscle, water levels, and much more.

The swathe of data available to the watch means the exercise tracking experience should also be among the most insightful around, complete with recovery time based on your exercise and even the recommended amount of water to drink post-workout depending on your sweat levels. Yeah, I don’t think the Apple Watch Series 7 can do that…

It’s a similar story when it comes to the Galaxy Watch 5’s sleep tracking capabilities. It does everything you’d expect a smartwatch worth its salt to offer, including a breakdown of sleep cycles, time asleep, interruptions, and even snoring detection, but it goes much further than that.

Using your sleep data, you’ll be assigned a sleep profile in the form of an animal. This can help provide additional insight into your sleep habits, and it’ll also use the data to create a customised multi-week plan with the aim of improving the quality of your nightly snooze.

Considering Apple is just about to add basic sleep tracking capabilities with watchOS 9, it’s another win for Samsung.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

To be honest, that’s a theme throughout the Galaxy Watch 5. While there isn’t much that is new – especially when it comes to tracking – it’s still one of the most tempting smartwatches you can buy in 2023, now with a bigger battery and better durability.  

It’s not enough for Galaxy Watch 4 owners to upgrade, but it’s an even more compelling option for those yet to invest in a Samsung wearable.

Besides, those that want something completely new have the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to look forward to; it’s even stronger than the Watch 5, boasting a titanium body that’s 2x more durable, a display 90% stronger than the Watch 4, and a battery that’ll last over three days on a single charge.

For more on both the Galaxy Watch 5 and its Pro brethren, take a look at all you need to know about the Galaxy Watch 5 & 5 Pro. We’ve also got details on where to pre-order the Galaxy Watch 5 if you’re tempted by the new wearable.

How To Paint A Door (7 Tips To Make It So Much Easier!)

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Learn how to paint a door! Painting interior doors is an easy way to add a dramatic look to your home without spending a lot of time or money! Make those builder-grade doors look prettier with just a coat of paint!

Painting the doors was part of my staircase and hallway makeover. The entire staircase turned out great if I do say so myself.

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Interior Door Painting FAQs Can you paint a door without removing it?

Yes, you can paint a door without removing it. Paint the door while it’s open. Use a paint guide for the bottom edge to avoid getting paint on the floor. Leave the door open while the paint dries.

Should I use a brush or a roller to paint an interior door?

If you have a paneled door, you need a brush for the inset panels. Using a small roller makes painting the door faster.

I have painted doors using only a brush, as well. It takes longer, but it’s doable.

How do I avoid brush marks when painting a door?

To avoid brush marks when painting, keep a wet edge. This means paint next to the paint that you just laid down. If you let it partially dry and paint over it, streaks will occur. Let those spots dry completely and add another coat.

Another way to avoid streaks is to use a paint sheen that isn’t as shiny. I like satin because it holds up to traffic and can be cleaned, but is still fairly matte. Glossy paint sheens like semi-gloss will show streaks easier.

What kind of paint should I use for painting a door?

I use latex paint in a satin finish when painting doors. Satin is a nice sheen for doors because it can be cleaned, but it doesn’t require a million coats of paint like semi-gloss paint does.

What color should I paint my door?

It depends on what you’re going for. I like painting my door colors to add a fun detail to a space. Black is classic but can be overwhelming in a dark space. Colorful doors add a fun punch of color.

I painted the doors on the 2nd floor of my home black for a classic look. The main floor of my home has gray doors, which help disguise dirt and wear. In my basement, I just painted a door pale blue and it’s so beautiful.

How do I prepare a door for painting?

Clean the door well before painting. Paneled doors can accumulate dust. Be sure to clean the top edge of the door as well to avoid tracking dust across your fresh paint.

If you are drastically changing the color of a door (from dark to light), use a primer to help you get to a lighter color faster.

If your door has a shiny finish, you may want to lightly sand the door before painting.

You might be interested in learning how to paint French doors.

How to Paint a Door Supplies Needed

Paint ( I used latex paint in a satin finish)

Paint brush

Small foam roller

Paint tray

Screw driver (to remove door knob)

Paint edging tool (to use on door bottom edge)

I painted my doors in Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black, my favorite black paint.

Looking for places to order paint online?

Clean the door well. You don’t want dust to ruin your paint job, so wipe the door down with a damp cloth first.

Remove the doorknob. It’s not that hard to do and it takes less than 5 minutes. It’s much easier than just taping it off. If your doorknobs are ugly, it’s a good time to replace them. Even inexpensive, knobs look better than old ones.

Paint sheen is important. Although I love the look of matte paint, it doesn’t hold up well on doors. Doors get heavy use and matte paint scratches easily. However, gloss and semigloss paint take forever because of how many coats of paint you will need. I prefer satin for doors. It holds up to regular use, can be scrubbed clean, and covers easier.

Use a paint brush AND a foam roller. As tempting as it can be to only use one, painting doors goes faster when you use both a brush and a roller. The brush is for the recessed areas and the tops and bottoms of the door. The roller makes fast work of the flat panels and edges.

Paint in the correct order. The recessed areas get painted first with a brush. The rest gets painted with a roller, besides the very top and bottom.                                                                                  

If possible, wait a few days before replacing the doorknobs. Otherwise, the paint will stick to the doorknob. You’ll never notice until you go to remove the doorknob and it rips a lot of the paint off. Again, trust me.

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Does Google Know Too Much About You?

Do you trust Google? If you use its multitude of online services on a daily basis you might, but is that assumption wise? For some, Google is a wonderful company with a broad selection of useful online tools that make life easier, but for others Google is a looming, unregulated monster just waiting for the moment to drop the ‘don’t’ from the company’s unofficial motto, “Don’t be evil.”

But Google Wants to Do Even More.

How serious could Google’s online domination get? You tell me.

In 2007, PC World published this startling chart showing the privacy risks for your information. The basic problem was that all your information is just sitting there on Google’s servers unencrypted, raising the risk of data loss, theft, or unauthorized access.

Google Has Your Location

Several Google services can let you share with the world, and with Google’s servers, where you’re located right now. Are these handy tools? You bet. Nevertheless, you’re letting a big corporation track where you are at any given moment.

Latitude is a similar opt-in service to My Location, except it allows you to share locations between friends based on your mobile phone or desktop location. The service has a lot of granular controls to restrict information sharing to specific friends, which makes this a very flexible service. But unless you have told Google not to track you, the company has your most recent location on its servers.

Did you know that Google also ties information about your phone’s battery life — as well as other unspecified data — to your Google account when you use Latitude? Google probably wants battery life information so it can tweak the Latitude program, but why is it tying that information to your personal Google account, and what is this “other information” Google’s collecting about your phone?

Google’s Got Your Voice

According to its privacy page on Google’s Mobile Privacy page, the company says, “for products and services with voice recognition capabilities, we collect and store a copy of the voice commands you make to the product or service.” No doubt Google does this to improve its voice recognition services, but still: Google has a copy of your voice on file.

Google Voice, the company’s telephony service, also records your messages and your voicemail for you. That’s a great service, and it’s great that the company will transcribe your voicemail for you to deliver it via email of SMS.

It should be noted that all of the above services are opt-in, but if you so choose Google can have your voice, your personal voicemail messages, and a transcription of those messages on its servers.

A controversial issue surrounding Google, and other information gatekeepers, like Yahoo! and Bing, is how they are behaving in China. All of these search engines routinely block access to particular subjects, like Tiananmen Square, at the request of the Chinese government. Of course, if a Chinese citizen can access chúng tôi they would have the unfettered access they can’t enjoy on

The typical argument in favor of Google bowing to Chinese demands is that Google needs to comply in order to do business in the largest emerging market on the planet. But doesn’t that logic suggest Google could turn around and do the same thing at the request of any government?

Google Wants Your Desktop with Chrome OS

Google does say that your privacy is important to the company, and it has made some steps in this area. Google says it keeps only 18 months of search data, and that data is completely anonymous. The company is also careful to point to its privacy policy for every single Google product on its Web pages. But it’s important to note that many of Google’s privacy measures were introduced only after public outcry, including a request to make links to its privacy policy more visible.

In fact, you could argue that Google is fundamentally reluctant to respect privacy in preference of innovation. According to a blog post entitled “Another step to protect user privacy,” the company said, “Although [anonymizing search server logs] was good for privacy, it was a difficult decision because the routine server log data we collect has always been a critical ingredient of innovation.”

That’s a fair argument, since a lot can be learned from how people behave on the Web. If you combine a large body of data about user behavior with Google’s massive computing power, you can see how Google could get an excellent sense of how to shape its products to meet user needs.

Google has a lot of handy services, but as the company gains more and more information from its users, those users may raise even more questions about how big Google should be allowed to get, and whether the government needs to step in and strictly regulate how Google’s overwhelming amount of information is used.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to plug next week’s schedule into my Google Calendar, get caught up with my Gmail, catch up on my blog reading with Google Reader and then watch a few of my favorite videos on YouTube.

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