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Catering might have suffered a few notable setbacks as an industry in recent years thanks to the pandemic but one thing it has been able to do (quite profoundly) is to adapt to this new normal. With so many eat-in establishments becoming economically untenable, more and more caterers are taking their business on the road and making them mobile.

Why Take Your Catering Business Mobile?

Having a mobile catering business allows you to travel with your business and serve customers in different places across the country, taking the business to where the customers are rather than waiting for them to come to you. A mobile caterer can set up shop anywhere from a music festival to a football match and anywhere in-between. The only limit is your transportation.

How to Take Your Catering Business Mobile

There are five steps to successfully turning your catering business into a mobile catering operation.

1. Get a Van – You will need a converted van or truck that you can use to prepare food in or at very least keep it clean and cool. You can either buy a regular van or truck and pay to convert it yourself or buy a pre-converted one. It will generally be cheaper in the long run to do the conversion work yourself and that way you’ll be able to kit it out to your exact specifications too.

2. Equipment – You will need all of the necessary equipment to prepare and serve food from your mobile unit safely and healthily. This includes generators to power the equipment, cookers on board, payment machines and a decent washing/cleaning surface.

3. Registering – You will need to register your business as a mobile catering business, as this comes under different regulations to normal food businesses. Neglecting to do this could cost you a small fortune and even lead to your license being revoked.

4. Finding Locations and Getting Permits – You will need to keep an eye on different locations where there will be eager customers waiting for your tasty treats. This could be outdoor events, festivals or even just busy outdoor spaces. You will need to contact the event planner/owner/authorities to receive a permit to park and serve food there and be prepared to pay a charge for operating in most places. But it is bound to be significantly more affordable than rent.

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5. Marketing – Marketing your mobile catering business is a key aspect of your strategy. Let people know where you will be going next and where they can find you on social media and promote your various social media accounts on your van or truck so customers can learn more about you and find you again. And remember to keep content regular and interesting. You’ve got a lot of competition to think about, after all!

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Top 5 Realistic Tips For Starting A Business Successfully

The 2023 changes may have spurred an entrepreneurial boom. Many people were in a position where their jobs had been lost.

Despite being unemployed, many people found themselves in a situation where they lost their jobs. Some may have realized that they were not able to work for someone else anymore. No matter what motivation, starting your business requires great faith. However, it should also be planned carefully.

Although dreams are often the foundation of businesses, it is the execution that makes a business successful. These five tips will help you get started on the right track before you purchase web domains or update your LinkedIn profile.

Top 5 Realistic Tips for Starting a Business Successfully 1. Find out what your customer’s pain points are and how you can solve them

Your personal experience and expertise could have been the driving force behind your decision to start your business. You may have heard the phrase “I can do it better” somewhere along the journey. Perhaps your unique background allows you to offer something others cannot.

Business is all about problem solving. Be intentional when you think about how your unique skills or approach could better solve the problems of your ideal customer. List the problems your ideal customer may face. Be specific and detailed.

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2. Make sure you have the right tools ready for day one

You’ve probably been to a new restaurant only to discover that the signature dish is not available. How about the inability to make a payment on a website?

The first time you had to deal with a customer, it immediately ruined your impression of that business. It’s possible that your first customer experience was not a positive one.

This is a bad thing for your business. Make sure you have all the tools at your disposal from day one. Do not skimp on the right technology.

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3. Keep an eye out for your competition and what makes you better

This is why you’re in business. Use competitor analysis tools such as SimilarWeb and Semrush to examine your potential competitors. Next, determine what makes you different.

Take into consideration the price, service and quality of your competitors as well as how they treat customers. Many businesses offer similar or identical services these days. These details are what make them stand out.

Now that you have all the information you need, you can start to talk with your family and friends about their opinions on your product.

Although they may not be your ideal customer, it is important to trust their honest opinions. Accept constructive criticism and listen to it. It’s better to address any issues with your product or service now than waiting until you launch your business. This information will help you to identify your value proposition.

4. You should not price yourself unfairly

Price — It’s always exciting to imagine the potential income of being your own boss. Be sure to set the correct prices before you publish your prices.

If they are public, check out the price lists of your competitors. Send out non-committal inquiries if you don’t have access to their price lists. When you have the data, you can compare it with what you expected.

Don’t forget about your overhead costs, taxes and replacement costs as you go through this exercise. You now have enough information to figure out whether you are on the high, middle, or low side of your competitors. If you are on the high end, ensure you present yourself in the most favorable light for your price.

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5. Plan for the Future

This plan will allow you to drill down to the tactical level. You should check this plan often and be able to see what you have accomplished. It’s okay to make changes as needed.

Make informed decisions about any changes you are considering. You run the risk that you will surprise your customers by giving them something they don’t want.

10 Pubg Mobile Sniping Tips For Beginners

PUBG Mobile is a lot of fun, and the reason is partly the excellent selection of arsenal the game offers. You get pistols and revolvers, shotguns, SMGs, ARs, drones in Arctic Mode, heck even RPGs in Payload mode. However, the sniper rifle is one of the elite weapons in the game.

Note: These PUBG Mobile sniping tips are aimed at new players who are not accustomed to sniping in PUBG. If you consider yourself an average, or above average player, these tips aren’t aimed at you. Although feel free to read them if you like.

1. Land in Places Like Military Base

Before you can start sniping, you actually need to get a sniper rifle. While you can find snipers lying around the map, you have a higher chance of finding one in military areas, such as the Military Base in Erangel. In Sanhok, try landing in Bootcamp.

2. Loot Air Drops

You will also find the Mk14 inside Air Drops and this is another really great sniper rifle. It can switch between single fire (for long distance shooting) and automatic fire (for close combat) which makes it extremely versatile. Switch between an 8x and a 3x scope for absolute combat efficiency with the Mk14.

3. Crouch

To increase your chances of taking better shots without getting shot back, crouch down when you’re scoped in. This makes it difficult for the enemy to spot you, while still allowing you plenty of options for movement if you need that.

4. A Ghillie Suit + Prone Works Wonders

Find a patch of grass and lie down to become extremely hard to spot. Moreover, you get even better stability this way. Keep in mind though, that being prone means your movement speed is extremely slow, so if you are spotted, you will have to get up and run really quickly.

I have also found that ghillie suits are great for hiding inside bushes and sniping from a crouched position.

5. Deck Up Your Sniper with Attachments

Attachments can take your sniping skills to the next level. The most obvious attachment is a scope, yes, but there are other attachments that can give you the upper hand when you’re locked in a sniping battle. Here’s what I prefer using:

Slap on an extended mag if you can find one. Sniper rifles take long to reload, and extended mags allow you to reload less. This can be the difference between winning a battle of the wits against another sniper and being rushed by enemies while you reload your weapon.

Go for a flash hider or a suppressor. Personally I like using a flash hider when I’m trying to hide with a ghillie suit since this means enemies can’t see my sniper’s muzzle flash to spot me from a distance.

6. Compensate for Bullet Drop

This won’t matter over relatively shorter distances, but as you start taking longer shots with your sniper rifle, you will have to adjust for bullet drop. This is hard, and it takes practice.

Different rifles have different bullet drops. For example, the Kar98k and the M24 are both snipers that use 7.62mm ammo, but the bullet drop in the Kar 98k is much higher than the M24.

7. Scope Selection

However, spotting is just as important as sniping. I would recommend using an 8x on your sniper, and keeping a 3x or a 4x scope on your second gun (probably an AR, right?) to spot enemies.

The 3x and 4x have much wider fields of view than the 8x does, which means you can scan a larger area. Once you spot an enemy, switch to the 8x, scope in, and fire.

8. Lead the Target

Hitting a running target with a sniper is a two-pronged issue. One, bullet drop. You have to aim above the target’s head depending on how far they are from you. Two, it takes time for bullets to travel, and if you keep your crosshairs on the enemy and shoot, they will have moved by the time the bullet reaches them.

To hit a moving enemy, you need a perfect combination of aiming above, and ahead the enemy and shooting. This is yet another thing only practice can teach you to do well. I still haven’t mastered it, but I can do it quite frequently.

9. Enable Peek and Fire

A really useful movement option in PUBG Mobile — Peeking — isn’t enabled by default. While this is useful for all sorts of things, sniping is one place where peeking really helps.

This helps when you’re taking cover behind trees or rocks since you can peek to aim at your enemy without exposing your entire body as a target.

10. Take the High Ground

Sniping is about precision. With an M416 or the Groza, at a shorter distance, you can rely to a certain extent on the sheer overpowering shower of bullets from these ARs to kill your enemy, but with snipers, you need to be precise.

Needless to say, if you lose sight of your enemy behind foliage, it’s an issue because you can’t shoot what you can’t see. That’s why, as a sniper, you should always try to position yourself to have the high ground.

Use These PUBG Sniping Tips in Your Next Game

Obviously, you won’t be able to remember all these tips all at once, but you should try out a few of the things I have mentioned here and see how you perform at sniping in PUBG Mobile. The best place to practice is either the practice room, and the Sniper Training mode to practice against actual enemies.

At the end of the day, using sniper rifles properly takes a lot of practice, so even if you don’t get many kills in the beginning, stick with your preferred sniper, and keep playing normally. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

8 Tips To Protect Your Business’ Wireless Network

Enamored by Wi-Fi’s convenience, we tend to be blind to its risks. Many routers are riddled with security holes that leave your data exposed to enterprising hackers and other intruders. And if you’re running a business, the jeopardy is even greater. To keep your wireless network secure, follow these eight security tips.

Change the default password

If you didn’t do it when you set up your router, immediately change the default password. This is an essential step given that the default passwords for all network equipment vendors are widely known and just a quick search away.

Use only WPA2 encryption

The unidirectional nature of Wi-Fi signals necessitates the use of encryption to prevent neighbors or malicious parties from spying on your online activities. Even though the option is still available for legacy reasons, avoid WEP encryption as it can be cracked in minutes. Use only WPA2, which introduces a new AES-based encryption for better security over WPA. There’s really no excuse not to: Every Wi-Fi router bearing the Wi-Fi trademark today supports it, as does every wireless device and Wi-Fi adapter card made in the last few years.

Use a complex passphrase

Despite the lack of known weaknesses in WPA2, it is susceptible to brute force attacks when used with an easily guessed passphrase. Specialized software makes it trivial for attackers to process captured wireless data packets against huge dictionary lists to obtain a match. To foil such attacks, use a passphrase containing at least 25 characters including a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numerals and symbols.

Avoid common SSID names

One common tip is to not broadcast the SSID (Service Set Identification). While this could be used to throw off novice attempts at breaking in, hiding the SSID is useless against a half-competent hacker.

However, it’s good practice to not use the default SSID, as well as common names. Hackers have developed pre-computed tables of password hashes known as a “rainbow table” to find the WPA passphrase quickly. These tables are keyed to individual SSIDs, and using one that is not on the list would force an attacker to adopt a more time consuming approach without the benefit of a ready-to-use rainbow table.

Disable WPS

If your Wi-Fi router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), disable it. Created as a user-friendly way for users to add new devices to their network, the WPS PIN is an 8-digit number printed on the label of WPS-enabled devices. Depending on vendor implementation, however, it is likely to be susceptible to brute force attacks.

WPS makes it easier to add device to your network, but it also makes your network more vulnerable.

An attacker can crack the PIN code of a vulnerable device with between four to 10 hours of automated effort, which would allow them to recover your secret passphrase and make changes to your Wi-Fi hardware.

Set up a guest network

It would be bad form to deny friends and relatives access to your Wi-Fi network when they’re visiting. But circulating the static passphrase to everyone is bad security. Instead, set up a separate wireless network under a second SSID, a feature supported by an increasing number of wireless routers. Having a separate network for guests allows you to routinely change the passphrase without affecting your own devices. You can even disable it entirely when not in use.

Forget MAC address filtering

The MAC (media access control) address is a unique identifier hardcoded to individual ethernet ports and Wi-Fi devices. However, the actual effectiveness of this is dubious, since it’s trivial to spoof a MAC address. Most Wi-Fi access points will allow you to filter out unauthorized MAC addresses, though the security benefits are dubious.

Unless you know what you are doing here, we would urge against using MAC address filtering due to the inconvenience and hassle that can result from a misconfiguration. Moreover, having to manually add every single tablet or smartphone that you acquire is a productivity downer.

Disallow admin access from wireless network

You may not be able to keep a determined hacker out, but you don’t have to make his job easier. Disallowing administrative access from the wireless network shout keep any successful hacker from wreaking further havoc by making changes to the configuration of your Wi-Fi router. Obviously, this means that any tweaks to your Wi-Fi router would have to be done from a desktop or laptop on your wired local area network. But the added protection is worth the hassle.

Though this isn’t meant as an exhaustive guide to protect yourself against all possible security risks of a Wi-Fi network, adhering to the above tips should make you significantly safer. Ultimately, if security is paramount sticking to a wired ethernet network may be your best bet yet.

Optimize Your Dealership’S Google My Business Listing: 10 Tips

As a car dealer marketer or dealership owner, you know that it’s important for your dealership to show up on Google for car buyers no matter where they are in their customer journey.

You probably have a solid car dealer marketing strategy in place to make sure you’re showing up there with PPC, SEO, and maybe even an existing local listings management strategy.

But, if you haven’t taken a look at your dealership’s Google My Business (GMB) listing in a while, you might be missing an opportunity to surface your listing for relevant local searches conducted by your most likely car buying customers.

In this post, we’re going to talk about why Google My Business is so important for your car dealer marketing, how to create a solid Google My Business listing, and tips to optimize your dealership’s Google My Business listing so you’re getting found when and where it counts.

Why Is Google My Business Important for Car Dealer Marketing?

We know that the customer journey for car buyers is long and involves many touchpoints – with a majority of the digital touchpoints starting on search engines like Google. This is why PPC and SEO are so effective for car dealer marketing.

But, your Google My Business listing gives you another (free!) way to show up for local searches related to your dealership – and it can often show up at a critical time, like when car buyers are trying to find nearby dealerships, look at dealership reviews, and compare dealerships they’ve already identified.

Without a complete and optimized Google My Business listing for your dealership, you could be missing out on dealership visits and sales from interested car buyers.

Quick Tips for a Solid Google My Business Listing Before You Get Started

Before you take some time to optimize your dealership’s Google My Business listing, there a few steps you’ll want to take.

If you haven’t already claimed or created a listing for your business on GMB, you can do so here. Just follow the prompts from Google.

You’ll want to make sure your dealership’s listing is claimed so you have complete control over the information listed and can make updates as needed. In order to claim your dealership’s listing, you’ll need access to the phone number or address listed in the GMB profile.

You might also read through some of Google’s GMB guidelines to make sure you understand what you can and can’t do with your GMB listing.

We’ve outlined some frequently asked questions about Google My Business here.

10 Ways to Optimize Your Dealership’s Google My Business Listing

Now that your dealership’s Google My Business listing is set up and/or claimed, it’s time to make some optimizations so you’re getting the most out of your business profile.

1. Regularly Update Your Dealership’s Information (Including Around the Holidays!)

It might seem basic, but it’s important to make sure that your essential information, like your dealership name, address, phone number, and website URL are correct on your listing. Sixty-two percent of consumers reported using Google My Business to find a local business’s phone number or address, so it’s incredibly important that your dealership’s information is correct — or you could be missing out.

If you already claimed your dealership’s Google My Business listing, take a minute to check that all your information is accurate. If everything looks correct, great! You’re good to go for now – but make sure that you’re continually updating your dealership’s information on your GMB listing as things change.

One thing many dealerships forget is to update their hours of operation around the holidays. Google My Business offers the ability to set special hours so you can let potential car buyers know if you’re closing early or closed entirely around the busy holiday season, so make sure to add that to your holiday marketing checklist each year.

2. Keep Your Business Information Consistent

When you’re checking your dealership’s Google My Business listing, take a moment to compare your information to the information on your website and other dealership listings. Is your dealership name displayed the same across each channel? Is your phone number and address listed the same as well?

You can see in this example that this dealership’s business information on its GMB profile is consistent with its website information.

Consistency is an important Google ranking factor. Google wants to ensure it’s showing the most accurate and up to date information to searchers, and because it doesn’t have people verifying every piece of information across the internet, it compares the information it can find online about your business. If your dealership’s name is listed as “Phoenix Classic Automobiles” on your website but your GMB listing is “Classic Automobiles Phoenix,” you could run into a problem.

3. Add Photos to Your Dealership’s Google Business Profile

Pictures can really help your dealership’s GMB listing stand out. Google gives you some ideas of the types of pictures to include in your listing, so start there.

Your pictures don’t have to be breathtaking – you can snap a few quick images with your smartphone to upload and call it a day, or you can incorporate any photos you’ve had taken as part of your car dealer marketing campaigns in the past.

4. Take It a Step Further & Add Videos to Your Dealership’s Listing

You also have the ability to add videos to your dealership’s Google My Business profile. Videos are a great way to tell your dealership’s story and give car buyers an idea of what they’ll encounter when they visit your showroom or repair center.

This dealership shared a video on their GMB listing of how they give back to their community.

Here are some ideas of videos to share on your dealership’s Google My Business listing:

Showroom walkthrough.

Employee spotlight.

Inventory spotlight.

Your dealership’s story.

The possibilities are endless! Again, your videos don’t have to be perfect and polished – you can take a quick video on your smartphone to upload to your listing.

5. Choose the Right Category for Your Dealership

Categories help Google understand your business type so they can show your listing for relevant searches. Google recommends using only a couple of categories, so choose two or three that relate to what you offer. Your primary category might be used car dealer, but you may also want to highlight your repair center as well.

Note: Only your primary category will show in search results.

We walk through Google categories in more detail here.

6. Get Good Reviews on Your Dealership’s Google My Business Listing

Reviews play a big role in your dealership’s Google My Business listing. Not only do they show up with your listing in the Google 3-Pack or on Google Maps, but they can also determine whether you show up at all for certain searches.

For example, if a car buyer searches for “best dealership Providence,” they’re only going to see dealerships in the 3-Pack with a star rating of 4.0 or above.

So, it’s important to get good reviews on your listing so you can increase your chances of appearing in these relevant local searches.

Related: Check out these tried and true tactics to get more Google reviews.

7. Respond to Reviews on Your Dealership’s Google My Business Listing

Not only is it important to get good reviews for your dealership on your GMB listing, but it’s also important to respond to Google reviews – both positive and negative.

Responding to Google reviews is a best practice for your dealership’s reputation management because the responses show up along with your listing. This can help you win over new customers – especially with a carefully thought out response – and gives you the opportunity to provide details that might be helpful for car buyers conducting researching for their purchase.

8. Share Your Dealership’s Offers on Your GMB Listing

9. Take Advantage of the Questions & Answers Section on GMB

On each Google My Business listing, there’s a place for customers and potential customers to ask questions that can be answered by the dealership or by other people on the web.

You have the opportunity to ask and answer questions on your own listing, making it a great resource to add any frequently asked questions you may receive.

Think about the pieces of information you want prospective car buyers to know or any common objections you receive from car buyers and frame those as Q&As to include on your listing.

10. Add Products to Your Dealership’s Google Business Profile

Google My Business also has a feature that allows you to list products to be shown directly on your dealership’s listing.

You can use the products feature to promote or highlight any inventory that you’re trying to move or that might bring customers into your location.

Tip: Consider changing out the products you list based on any trends you’re noticing at your dealership. If more car buyers seem interested in SUVs, highlight SUVs on your GMB listing.

Getting Started with Google My Business for Your Dealership

Google My Business can be a huge asset for your car dealer marketing strategy when optimized and used to its full potential.

Here are those 10 Google My Business optimization tips for your car dealership:

Regularly Update Your Dealership’s Information (Including Around the Holidays!)

Keep Your Business Information Consistent

Add Photos to Your Dealership’s Google Business Profile

Take It a Step Further & Add Videos to Your Dealership’s Listing

Choose the Right Category for Your Dealership

Get Good Reviews on Your Dealership’s Google My Business Listing

Respond to Reviews on Your Dealership’s Google My Business Listing

Share Your Dealership’s Offers on Your GMB Listing

Take Advantage of the Questions & Answers Section on GMB

Add Products to Your Dealership’s Google Business Profile

And, if you’re looking for help optimizing your dealership’s Google Business profile, the team at LOCALiQ Automotive is here for you. Reach out today to learn more.

Stephanie Heitman

Stephanie is the Associate Director of Content for LocaliQ and WordStream. She has over 10 years of experience in content and social media marketing and loves writing about all things digital marketing. When she’s not researching the latest and greatest marketing news and updates, she’s probably watching reality TV with her husband, reading, or playing with her two pups.

Other posts by Stephanie Heitman

Top 10 Best Business Gadgets For Entrepreneurs

Tech innovations have made life much easier for everyone. Using the right tools can help free up time, and can make working much more convenient for entrepreneurs. This is important so that they can achieve a work-life balance and pay attention to both aspects.

So, to make things easier to figure out, here are the top 10 business gadgets you need in 2023.

Top 10 Gadgets for Business That Entrepreneurs 1. Smartphone

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2. reMarkable

For anyone that likes taking notes by hand, but needs a proper system, reMarkable is the way to go. The absence of social media apps or notifications removes all distractions in the process as well. This tab is one of the best gadgets for business travel if you want to organize your thoughts conveniently.

3. Power Bank

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4. Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is a modern laptop that can also operate as a tablet. It has all the required external ports needed to make connections as well. The Surface Pro is extremely compact and lightweight, and is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs on the move.

5. Google Keep Up

While it isn’t a gadget, Google Keep Up is one of the best apps to ensure productivity for employees. It syncs perfectly across all devices, and can help you take notes, to-dos and alarms. As long as you have a Google account, you can use it for free.

6. Smart Watch

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7. Oura Ring

Getting enough sleep is very important to stay sharp and make important decisions. So, having a device like the Oura Ring helps you monitor your sleep schedule.

Important factors like sleep quality and REM are also measured through this device. You can expect huge improvements to your sleep using the Oura Ring.

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones

When you’re choosing business travel gadgets, noise-canceling headphones should be a must. They can help you attend meetings and practice for presentations. A pair of proper headphones can help you pay full attention to a meeting in any environment.

9. Recap S2

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10. The Ember

These are the top ten gadgets for business that will help you stay on top of your business activities daily. Take full use of this list, and fulfill your potential as an entrepreneur starting today.

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