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The highly anticipated BeatsX are the latest pair of wireless earphones to feature Apple’s W1 wireless chip, which makes it easy to pair and switch between eligible iOS devices.

First revealed at Apple’s fall iPhone event, the BeatsX have experienced a few delays on their way to last Friday’s release. The white and black versions are currently available for in store pickup and shipping, while the newly-revealed grey and blue versions are scheduled to ship in 2-3 weeks.

How do the BeatsX stack up to the similarly-priced AirPods? Are they a good option for users looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds? In this hands-on video walkthrough, we’ll take a look at some of the top BeatsX features in our quest to answer those questions.

Top BeatsX features W1 Wireless chip for easy pairing

The W1 chip is no longer new, but it’s just as convenient. This chip allows the BeatsX to seamlessly pair and switch between iOS devices, the Apple Watch, and sync pairing information across iCloud-connected Macs. As someone who predominantly uses products in the Apple ecosystem, this is one of my favorite new Apple innovations of the last few years.

Easy charging with Lightning port and included cable

Unlike the Beats Solo3 or the Powerbeats3, the BeatsX are the only headphones of the bunch to feature a Lightning port for easy charging. This allows iOS users to use any of the Lightning cables meant for the iPhone or iPad with these earphones. It also means not having to deal with annoying, non-reversible micro USB cables.

Hands-on with BeatsX

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8 hours of battery life on a single charge

It’s nowhere near the whopping 40 hours of battery life of the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones, but 8 hours is decent, and probably enough power to make it through the day.

Fast fuel charging – 2 hours of battery life for a 5 minute charge

…and if 8 hours isn’t enough, there’s always Fast Fuel charging, which lends you up to 2 hours of battery life in exchange for a brief 5-minute charge.

Four different colors

If you find the AirPods’ single white color to be too sterile for your taste, then the BeatsX have you covered. As with most audio hardware in the Beats lineup, there are several colors to choose from, including newly revealed grey and blue options.

Cheapest pair of W1-enabled headphones that you can buy at $149.95

The BeatsX are the least expensive W1-enabled headphones on the market, beating out the AirPods by a mere $9.05.

Flex-form cable

The BeatsX aren’t truly wireless like the AirPods, but the Flex-form cable that rests on the back of your neck is flexible enough to bend, which allows the earphones to be stored in a small case.

Carrying case

It just so happens that Apple includes a rubber carrying case inside the box. The case, which is open-ended and made out of a rubber-like material, isn’t as nice as the cases include with other Beats headphones, but it’s better than nothing.

Magnetic earbuds

The back of each  BeatsX earbud is magnetic, allowing them to stick together securely when they aren’t in your ears.

Less prone to loss due to connected design

Some may not like the fact that the BeatsX aren’t truly wireless, and after experiencing the wireless freedom made possible by the AirPods, that’s certainly understandable. On the plus side, the presence of a wire connecting the two earbuds means that the BeatsX are probably less prone to loss.

Removable eartips with four size options

Although I can wear the AirPods with no problem when walking around, I find that any sudden movements tend to dislodge them from my ears. They fit, but they don’t fit well. Apple’s inclusion of four pairs of different-sized eartips helps to ensure that the BeatsX fit a wider variety of ear types.

Removable secure-fit wingtips

…and if the removable eartips aren’t enough, Apple has included two pairs of wingtips for an even more secure fit.

Music playback controls and call management/Siri

3-months of free Apple Music

Apple includes a free 3-month gift card for Apple Music in the box — a $30 value. But you don’t have to use the gift card for Apple Music if you don’t want to. Instead, you can use the funds to make purchases in the iTunes Store or App Store.

Better sound quality at lower volumes when compared to AirPods

In my opinion the BeatsX sound much better than the AirPods when listening at lower volumes. To hear the low end when listening to AirPods, I find that you really have to crank the sound, whereas low end frequencies can be enjoyed with the BeatsX at much more comfortable listening levels.


The BeatsX are a very good value at $149.95, especially when you factor in the free $30 iTunes/App Store/Apple Music gift card. While the sound quality won’t blow you away, I find that it’s better-sounding than the AirPods are, and this is especially discernible when listening at low to medium volume levels. The fact that these earbuds aren’t truly cord-free is a definite downside, as it feels quite restrictive after coming from the AirPods, but conveniences like an inline remote control help to make up for some of that.

If you’re all about convenience, then the AirPods are almost impossible to beat. The charging case, and true wire-free nature of the AirPods make them one of Apple’s most amazing products of the last five years. That said, the AirPods won’t be for everyone, especially if they don’t fit your ears well. Try the AirPods first, and if they don’t fit well, return them for the BeatsX. If sound quality is at the absolute top of your list, and you want a W1-enabled pair of headphones, then go for the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones.

BeatsX are available right now from B & H Photo Video.

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The Top 8 Important Apple Watch First Generation Features

Apple Watch first generation Features Tips and Trick –

Apple Watch’s first generation is a wearable gadget developed by Apple Inc. It is more than a normal watch can offer, hence the coin as the smartwatch. This watch has integrated health-related functionality, such as distance walking or running, amount of calories consumed, caffeine intake, blood pressure, heartbeat, and in some cases, quality of sleep.

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It was first introduced on September 9, 2014, along with iPhone 6 at a press conference. Apple released a watch officially on April 24, 2023.

It is integrated with iOS; hence, you can connect well with your Apple product and services such as Mac, iPhone, iTunes account, etc. Apple Watch’s first generation is the only product developed by Apple that comes under wearable technology. This smartwatch device is available in three different categories (shown in screenshots A, B, and C):

Watch Sport

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Edition

Configuration :

Let us check the configuration for the Apple Watch’s first generation.

The Apple Watch first generation can cost you somewhere between US $ 350 to US $10,000 depending upon the Apple watch model and version you are purchasing.

The back part is made up of Composite for Sports model and Ceramics for Watch / Watch edition model.

Two versions are available, 38 mm and 42 mm

Dimension for 38 mm is 6 * 33.3 * 10.5 mm (in l*w*h format) whereas for 42 mm is 42 * 35.9 * 10.5 mm

The screen for the Sports model is made up of Strengthened Ion-X glass, and Watch, Watch edition model is made up of Sapphire crystal.

Battery for 38 mm is 205 mAh, and 42 mm is 246 mAh. Once charged, it can last up to 18 hours.

OS used is Apply Watch OS 2.0, has been announced at WWDC 2023 keynote.

Storage is 8 GB distributed as 2 GB for music and 75 MB for photos

Let’s check the feature that Apple Watch first generation offers:


Time Travel

Apple Pay

Read Mail


FaceTime calls

Health and Fitness tracking


1. Siri

You can get help from an Apple device using Siri. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant built for the iOS platform by Apple Inc. This is available on iPhones from iPhone 4S onwards. If you are familiar with Siri on iPhone, then using this feature on the first Apple Watch will be easy.

Below are steps to use Siri on Apple Watch first generation :

– Raise your wrist and bring it close to your mouth.

– Long-press the Digital Crown (present on the right side of the watch) on the Apple Watch first generation to activate Siri.

– Ask Siri any question you wish to. For example, Hey Siri, remind me to attend the meeting after lunch hours.

There might be a situation when Siri won’t work on your Apple Watch first generation. This may be due to any one of the reasons:

– You have navigated to the watch face by pressing Digital Crown from another view.

– The microphone of the Apple Watch first generation might be blocked. This is present on the sides of the casing. If you have woolen clothes covering the sides of the watch, it may not activate Siri.

2. Time Travel

Sometimes smartwatch becomes difficult to operate because of their small size. Apple has taken care of this problem by providing a cool feature called Digital Crown.

It is a knob present on the watch’s right edge (shown in screenshot 1) that acts like a home button similar to an iPhone device. When you press on Digital Crown, you return to the main screen. You can zoom into any apps or scroll through options in the interface by turning on Digital Crown.

Apple announced Time Travel – a new feature in watchOS2, at WWDC 2023 keynote. Time Travel allows you to see the list of future stuff, such as whether today evening, meeting scheduled post lunch, etc.

You can travel in the future by rotating Digital Crown in the clockwise direction, whereas rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction will take you to the past. While performing this Time Travel, you can return to the current time by pressing Digital Crown. It also lets you see what has happened, such as yesterday’s weather, meetings attended, etc.

3. Apple Pay

Apple Inc has introduced a mobile payment and digital wallet service called Apple Pay. It allows users to make payments using compatible devices. Below is the list of devices that conforms to Apple Pay specifications :

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c

iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3

Apple Watch first generation

Apple Pay uses the service to communicate wirelessly with the point of Apple Watch’s first-generation sales systems: Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna, Apple’s Touch ID, and Passbook.

To make payment at the store using iPhone, just hold your device near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID (applicable for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus). Using this, you don’t even have to look at the screen to know your details of payment. When payment is successful, a subtle vibration and beep occur.

4. Read the Mail

WatchOS allows you to read mail on your Apple Watch right away. Handling emails on Apple Watch seems to be quite unfeasible due to screen size. However, there may be a scenario in which you need to read email at the earliest; hence, this feature of the Apple Watch comes to your rescue.

You can read emails right from Apple Watch functions. It supports Data detectors that allow you to tap on the phone number or addresses to launch the automatic app from an email.

Below are the steps to read the email from your Apple Watch Tips :

Press Digital Crown and navigate to the home screen

Locate the Mail app icon

Open mail with a single tap on it

Scroll your inbox using Digital Crown viz, clockwise for scroll-down and anti-clock for scroll-up. You can also use your fingers, viz, drag your finger up for scroll-up and finger down for scroll-down on the watch screen.

The single tap on the email you want to read

Operations such as marking an email as unread, flagging it, or trashing it can be performed from the email body itself.

If you want to reply to mail immediately, you have to switch to iPhone or Mac device. This is because emails on Apple Watch are in read-only mode. Some emails won’t be displayed on the Apple Watch device.

IOS 8 provides a Handoff feature. This feature allows you to open the same mail on another device, such as iPhone or Mac, so you can immediately reply to emails. In such a scenario, you must switch to iPhone or Mac device.

In the case of the iPhone device, you can see the Handoff mail app icon in the lower-left corner of the screen (shown in screenshot 6). On the other hand, in OS X Yosemite, you can see the Handoff mail app icon at the front of the Apple watch dock (shown in screenshot 7).

5. Nightstand

WatchOS 2, announced in WWDC 2023 keynote, has introduced apple watch new feature called Nightstand mode for Apple Watch. This allows you to use Apple Watch as a timepiece while Apple watches charge during bedtime. This can replace your bedside alarm clock literally. While in nightstand mode apple watch switches to landscape mode, giving a better view of time.

This model has zero reconfigurability i.e.. It’s either on or off. When it is on, you can see a digital clock in the center with the date and time details below, a battery indicator depicting the percentage charged in the upper right corner, an alarm icon in the upper left corner if you have set the alarm (shown in screenshot 8).

Become an iOS developer that turns ideas into tangible apps. Developing and enhancing a world-class iOS mobile application. Get hands-on experience in using the best technologies for app creation.

Become an iOS developer that turns ideas into tangible apps. Developing and enhancing a world-class iOS mobile application. Get hands-on experience in using the best technologies for app creation.

6. FaceTime Call

FaceTime allows you to make video calls from the device. Apple announced the FaceTime feature for Apple Watch in its WWDC 2023 keynote.

This new FaceTime camera will be built into the Apple Watch’s top bezel, allowing users to make and receive FaceTime calls on the move via their wrists. The coming WatchOS2 will have a new FaceTime Audio feature for Wi-Fi-based calling.

It also allows Apple Watch users to reject or answer FaceTime video calls directly through any paired iPhone or iPad device (shown in screenshot 9).

7. Health and Fitness Tracking

Apple Watch functions include new health and fitness features that can help in keeping track of your health. This feature is really great with all the health-related statistics on your wrist. It can count the number of steps, your caffeine intake, count your calories, your blood pulse, and even monitor your heart rate.

You can set a calorie goal with Activity for Apple Watch (shown in screenshot 11). This goal contains only active calories and not resting ones. The Apple Watch functions will distinguish between calories you burn by simply being alive and those you burn using brisk walking or workout at the gym.

You can even see the total step count of the day right inside the Activity app.

Apple Watch functions have an inbuilt heart rate sensor that makes calorie counts during workouts (shown in screenshot 12). By default, the Apple Watch functions will check your heart rate every ten minutes. However, you can change this setting in the Activity app. You can manually check your heart rate anytime from this Activity app.

8. Transit

Transit allows you to navigate your city smoothly by providing directions. Tap on the Transit app to open it up. It’ll give you the button to get directions to your home or office and another button that provides locations where you’ve traveled recently.

The rest of the screen scrolls through the nearest public transit stops, only displaying the transit options (such as subway, bus, trains, etc.).

Once you get desired directions from Transit, the entire journey is displayed on one screen in a simple, condensed manner. If you want to know more about a specific location, just tap on that specific step to pull up a map.

The plus point of Transit is that it displays the entire list of steps on one scrolling screen.

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Hands On: Without Apps, Intel’s Realsense Camera Is A Puzzle

Okay, now what?

Intel’s RealSense is actually a family of different products: there’s the RealSense “Snapshot,” a camera mounted into tablets like the Dell Venue Pro 8000, which can be used for real-world distance measuring. And then there’s the RealSense 3D Camera (Rear R200) a rear-mounted 3D camera that looks purpose-built for a Surface or similar tablet. But that isn’t available yet, Intel says.

Mark Hachman

But like the Kinect for Windows, this is very early in the game. The hardware might be mature, but the apps are few, far between, and in some cases not fully formed.

Intel provided PCWorld with the original RealSense 3D camera, also known as the Front F200, which carries the label from its designer, Creative Labs. (Remember them?) It flops over the top of your monitor or laptop, using a stiff hinge to balance and secure it. A USB cable snakes out the back to your PC. It normally costs about $100.

In NeverMind, you play a therapist delving through the subconscious of various patients, looking for clues to their trauma.

There’s one catch: the RealSense camera can read your fear, and the game ramps up the difficulty the more scared or anxious you become: increasing the frequency of spikes, for example, or overlaying “static” on your field of view, making it more difficult to see. The idea is for you to learn how to manage stress, both in the game and the real world.

A NeverMind puzzle you must solve to proceed.

In my brief playthrough, I found the game concept fascinating enough, although the RealSense camera seemed to hold the experience back. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous, and my “viewscreen” was quickly filled with static. I settled down quickly—after all, the tutorial level began in bucolic, peaceful countryside—but the static never went away until I restarted the game. I suspect that either the game didn’t poll the camera often enough, or else the camera couldn’t easily detect changes in my pulse. (Note that RealSense camera is designed to “read” you from 20 cm to 200 cm, or 7 inches to 47 inches away.) Restarting the game seemed to solve the problem.

The reason that this is important, however, is that Intel hopes to make the RealSense technology ubiquitous, replacing the common Webcams found in notebooks with its own, more sophisticated cameras.

One can imagine a world where Cheetos-munching users navigate by waving their hands through space, rather than pawing a keyboard or the display itself. But as interesting as the NeverMind concept is, Intel needs to do two things: attract mainstream app support, such as a browser or productivity app, and offer a showcase or app store where users can try them out.

I certainly don’t want to imply that Intel’s RealSense is dead or not worthwhile—not by any means. Intel did us the courtesy of providing us hardware that few actually have. But Intel clearly wanted journalists to walk away thinking that developers need to get on board and support the platform. We’ll agree. If RealSense is going to become mainstream, we need some mainstream uses for it.

Data Science Immersive Bootcamp – Hands

“I have applied for various data science roles but I always get rejected because of a lack of experience.”

This is easily the most common issue I’ve heard from aspiring data scientists. They put in the hard work to learn the theoretical aspect of data science but when it comes to applying it in the real world, not many organizations are willing to take them on.

No matter how well you do in the interview round – the hiring manager always finds the lack of data science experience as the main sticking point.

So what can you do about this? It is a seemingly unassailable obstacle in your quest to become a rockstar data scientist.

We at Analytics Vidhya understand this challenge and are thrilled to launch the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp to help you overcome it!

This is an unmissable opportunity where you will get to learn on the job from data science experts with decades of industry experience.

“In the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp, we are not only focusing on classroom training – we provide hands-on internship to enrich you with practical experience.”

So you get the best of both worlds – you learn data science AND get to work on real-world projects.

Let’s Gauge the Benefits of the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp

This Bootcamp has been created by keeping Data Science professionals at heart and industry requirements in mind. Let’s dive in to understand the benefits of Data Science Immersive Bootcamp:

Learn on the job from Day 1: This is a golden opportunity where you can learn data science and apply your learnings in various projects manned by you at Analytics Vidhya during the course of this Bootcamp

Work with experienced data scientists and experts: The best experts from different verticles will come together to teach and mentor you at the Bootcamp – it is bound to boost your experience and knowledge exponentially!

Work on real-world projects: Apply all that you learn on the go! Real challenges are faced when you dive in to solve a practical problem and cruising through that successfully will hone and fine-tune your blossoming data science portfolio

Peer Groups and Collaborative Learning: Best solutions are derived when you learn with the community! And this internship gives you an opportunity to be part of several focused teams working on different data projects

Build your data science profile: You will get to present your work in front of Analytics Vidhya’s thriving and burgeoning community with over 400,000 data science enthusiasts and practitioners. You are bound to shine like a star after getting such an exhaustive learning and hands-on experience

Mock interviews: Get the best hack to crack data science interviews

Unique Features of the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp

There are so many unique features that come with this Bootcamp. Here’s a quick summary of the highlights:

Curriculum of Data Science Immersive Bootcamp

Data Science Immersive Bootcamp is one of the most holistic and intensive programs in the data science space. Here’s a high-level overview of what we will cover during this Bootcamp:

Python for Data Science

Linear Algebra

SQL and other Databases

Statistics – Descriptive and Inferential

Data Visualization

Structured Thinking & Communications

Basics of Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

Deep Learning Basics

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)

Computer Vision

Building Data Pipelines

Big Data Engineering

Big Data Machine Learning

Wholesome Data Science is what we call it – everything you need to learn is presented in a single platter!

How to apply for the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp?

Here are the steps for the admission process to the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp:

Online Application – Apply with a simple form

Take the Fit Test – No knowledge of data science expected

Interaction with Analytics Vidhya team (Gurgaon) – Interview round to screen the best candidates

Offer Rollouts – The chosen candidates will be sent the official offer to be a part of the Bootcamp!

Offer Acceptance

Welcome to AV’s Data Science Immersive Bootcamp!

Fee Structure and Duration for the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp

Admission Fees: INR 25,000/-

Note: It is non-refundable and will get adjusted with the entire upfront payment (INR 3,50,000) or with 1st Installment (in case of Installment Payment Plan).

Option 1:  (If paying all upfront)

INR 3,51,000/-

Option 2: (Installment Payment Plan)

1st Installment – INR  99,000/-  (30 days before the start date)

2nd Installment – INR 1,25,000/- (within 60 days of the start date)

3rd Installment – INR 1,25,000/- (within 120 days of the start date)

Here are the details of the program:

Duration of Program: 9 months / 40 weeks

Internship Stipend (from month 1): Rs. 15,000/- per month

Number of Projects: 10+ real-world projects

No. of Seats in the Bootcamp: Maximum 30

And The Most Awaited Aspect – You Get A Job Guarantee!

As mentioned above, this Bootcamp will enrich you with knowledge and industry experience thus making you the perfect fit for any role in Data Science. Bridging the gap between education and what employers want – the ultimate jackpot Analytics Vidhya is providing!

Build your data science profile and network

Create your own brand

Learn how to ace data science interviews

Craft the perfect data science resume

Work on real-world projects – a goldmine for recruiters

Harvard Business Review dubbed Data Scientist the sexiest job of the 21st Century.

And do not forget to register with us TODAY! Only 30 candidates will get a chance to unravel the best of Data Science in this specialized Bootcamp.


Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Hands

Lenovo Yoga Book C930 hands-on: Dual E Ink and LCD delight

A good idea can turn into a great one if you stick with it, and happily Lenovo has done just that with the new Yoga Book C930. Building on the innovative but flawed idea of the original Yoga Book in 2023, this second-generation model addresses the most common complaints, throwing in a second, E Ink display, upgrading the processor, and generally making for a much more flexible – and thus useful – ultraportable.

Like the original Yoga Book, the Yoga Book C930 has twin displays joined with a 360-degree hinge. The first-generation model used a touch-sensitive, backlit “Halo Keyboard,” however, which illuminated for typing but disappeared for using the ultraportable as a sketchpad. As Lenovo previewed earlier this year, the Yoga Book C930, in contrast, has an E Ink display on its lower half.

It’s an infinitely more flexible arrangement than before, as a result. The upper panel is a 10.8-inch 2560 x 1600 LCD IPS touchscreen, while the lower panel is a 10.8-inch 1920 x 1080 e-paper touchscreen. Lenovo can not only change keyboard layouts on the fly – switching between languages, for example, or showing special characters – but it can dynamically adjust the ‘board depending on what you’re doing.

So, normally the trackpad is hidden, maximizing space for the QWERTY layout and spacebar. Tap the virtual trackpad nub, however, and a trackpad enlarges. It means that both the keys and the trackpad can be larger than either on the previous Yoga Book, which couldn’t dynamically adjust its keyboard layout.

Lenovo uses a Wacom Active Pen with Bluetooth, that supports 4,096 levels of pressure recognition along with tilt. It has buttons on the side and the top, and the AAAA battery is good for 400 days of typical use. Sadly there’s no silo to store it, though it will cling magnetically to the side of the Yoga Book C930, and unlike the old model you can now use the pen on the LCD screen, too.

If all meant that Lenovo could do away with the cumbersome paper notepad accessory it included with the first Yoga Book. That required you to magnetically attach it to the lower half of the notebook, then swap out the regular stylus tip for an ink nib for sketching and taking handwritten notes. It was an awkward process, and so now you sketch directly onto the E Ink screen instead.

Even when you’re just typing, there have been improvements. Touch-typing on a completely flat surface was always one of the ergonomic annoyances of the original Yoga Book, and clearly the new Yoga Book C930 doesn’t add another dimension there. However, new haptic feedback – along with the virtual keys visually changing as you tap them, and optionally making a sound, too – makes a huge difference. I probably wouldn’t want to write a complete novel on it, but it’s a whole lot more pleasant an experience than it was before.

Lenovo hasn’t denied itself a little drama, either. When I first tried to open the Yoga Book C930, I found myself searching in vain for a large enough groove or notch where the two halves join. That’s only very slightly present, because Lenovo uses what it’s calling Knock-to-Open: you rap the closed notebook gently with your knuckles, and it pops the lid slightly. Necessary? Not really. A fun little gimmick? Absolutely.

What’s inside, though, isn’t a gimmick. If the primary concern first-gen Yoga owners had was the typing experience, then the Intel Atom processor inside was a close second. The Yoga Book C930 steps up to a far healthier 7th Generation Intel Core m3-7Y30 or Core i5-7Y54 processor instead, paired with 4 GB of LPDDR3 memory and up to 256 GB of PCIe SSD storage. There’s Intel HD Graphics 615, too.

Gone is the Android option – it just didn’t have the same appeal, Lenovo tells me – in favor of Windows 10 alone. There’ll be a WiFi-only model, with 802.11ac, and an LTE version which throws in 4G LTE. Either way you get two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, which can each handle power, data, and a external display, and a new optical fingerprint sensor.

Dolby Atmos support – which sounds oddly good on such a small device – and a 35.8 Wh battery round out the core specifications. Lenovo tells me it expects the Yoga Book C930 to run for up to 8.6 hours on a full charge. Less than the old model was rated for, true, but you’re getting a far more useful machine to use for those hours.

That’s a trade I’d be willing to make, were it my money and my road-warrior lifestyle. The first-generation Yoga Book felt like a movie prop: eye-catching and tempting in a geeky way, but in practice hampered by its underwhelming specifications and questionable ergonomics. In contrast, this second-generation model makes a far more compelling case.

The flat-profile keyboard is no longer just a compromise to make for a super-skinny notebook. Instead, it’s legitimately useful with its flexible layouts, virtual notepad duties, and ereader talents. Certainly the Lenovo Yoga Book C930 isn’t for everybody but, for those who sit at the center of its Venn diagram of talents, it’s an altogether unique and quite probably rewarding device. If you’re among that cohort, you’ll be able to pick one up in October, priced from $999.99.

Hq Trivia For Android Hands

HQ Trivia hit the scene in August 2023 on iOS. It quickly garnered viral fame with thousands of participants all around the world. The game launched on Android last night just in time for their New Year’s Eve special edition. The app is technically in early access beta. Thus, the presence of bugs should shock nobody. We decided to do a quick hands-on to show you what it’s all about. We have the video linked above if you’d rather watch than read! It’s also here on YouTube!

About the game

HQ Trivia is a hit quiz show game from the original creators of Vine. It launched on iOS back in August 2023 and quickly became super popular. Games often have well over 100,000 people. The New Year’s Eve game had over half a million participants at one point. That’s fairly impressive for a live game show game that’s less than six months old.

Games seem to take place every day at 9PM EST along with extra games at 3PM EST on weekdays. That means there are a total of 12 games per week. There may be the occasional special edition like the New Year’s Eve game. That means there aren’t a ton of opportunities to play. However, given that it’s live, it’s really not that big of a deal.


It’s a pleasant gaming experience

There’s a lot to like about this game. It doesn’t force you to sign into anything, really. It doesn’t have the kinds of mechanics that usually make mobile games suck. There’s no energy counter, no upgrades, no boosts, or anything like that. You can’t buy your way to victory. It feels like a game show.

When playing, it totally felt like I was sitting on my couch watching Jeopardy trying to guess the answers. Except in this case, I get money if I’m right 12 times in a row. That’s a neat experience and one that is totally unique to this game. HQ Trivia has no menus and aside from an FAQ, nothing to look at really. You just open the app at the right time, watch a dude talk, answer some questions, and go about your day. There’s no BS and, frankly, that’s refreshing.

There are some bad apples, though

As per the norm, people can and will find a way to make this game not so fun. It is possible to cheat HQ Trivia with a second device with Google Assistant. It takes a bit of creativity, but you can get Google to answer these questions for you before the timer runs out. When you include that, bots, and all kinds of other stuff, it kind of kills the spirit of the game. That said, it’s not against the rules to play with multiple in the room with you and most games have fewer than a couple hundred winners. Thus, the problem isn’t so widespread yet.

About the only other issues are the bugs. The company is less than six months old. Games with tons of participants are going to lag or lower the video quality, even on the iOS. Some have even complained about being kicked mid game due to connection issues. The Android version is in early access beta right now. These problems should clear up in the future, at least mostly.

Final thoughts

There really isn’t much more to say. The game is just that simple. Some have tried to extend the narrative beyond the game’s natural bounds or slam it for various philosophical reasons. However, at the end of the day, this is just a simple, fun, live quiz show game with cash prizes. That’s it. Don’t read too far into it, it’s really not that big of a deal.

The live host is a great touch and the promise of real money gives the game some tension. The lack of menus or any complicated mechanics gives the game an almost universal accessibility. The occasional connection issues and Google Assistant hacks aren’t great, but it doesn’t seem to affect things that much.

If you want to see a full game, I’ve linked a YouTube channel in the video description that archives old HQ Trivia games. You can see entire games from start to finish. I don’t know if it’s an official channel or an enterprising individual, but the videos are clean and you can see what it’s like. We’d recommend you try it at least once. It’s something different that you don’t really see every day.

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