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Discover the top 10 universities providing the Best Robotics Courses In 2023

Robotics has grown as a subject over the last few decades. Aside from assisting humans in exploring space and deep oceans, robots are being developed in various industries, including industry, agriculture, and food preparation. Robotics is uncommon at universities and colleges since it necessitates a unique infrastructure, multiple laboratories, and specialized faculty members.

However, the rising need for robotics engineers and specialists in numerous industries has pushed many educational institutions to develop and deliver high-quality in-person and robotics courses. Here we have listed the top 10 universities providing the best robotics courses in 2023. Courses on robotics from these top universities will enhance your career

 1. Columbia University in New York

Columbia Institution is a renowned private research institution in New York City’s financial district. With over 300 fields of study available through its 116 departments, the university provides diverse programs to meet your academic demands. The prestigious institution offers a variety of short courses, Bachelor’s degrees, and graduate programs in human-robot interaction, automation science, and robotics engineering. Several robotics research laboratories and top robotics research centers are also present at the institution to encourage experiential learning and foster field collaboration.

 2. Stanford University

Stanford Institution is a research institution focused on student exploration and innovation. With over 2,000 faculty members and almost 200 academic subjects, you’ll get the guidance to follow your interests and develop a successful career.

The Stanford Robotics Lab exemplifies Stanford University’s commitment to fostering innovation. Various research projects involving robotics applications and Stanford artificial intelligence are housed in the facility.

 3. Oregon State University

Oregon State University is one of the nation’s top robotics engineering schools. Its College of Engineering contains the Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CoRIS) Institute. It takes an interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to collaborate with students from other fields, like biomechanics, agriculture, and art. Students can also study from and collaborate with professionals in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Systems Engineering domains.

 4. Georgia Institute of Technology  5. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university dedicated to pushing students, igniting their passions, and inventing new ideas. Since the late 1970s, Carnegie Mellon has offered various robotics courses ranging from doctoral and master’s degrees to undergraduate majors and minors.

Undergraduate robotics degree courses cover various topics, such as Machine Learning, Medical Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. On the other hand, its graduate degree courses focus more on technology and scientific research.

 6. Johns Hopkins University

The oldest private research university, Johns Hopkins University, has long been associated with intellectual distinction. The academic programs at the school provide relevant courses, top-tier faculty members, a seasoned artificial intelligence research group, and industry partners, ensuring that students are career-ready after graduation.

Computer science, System development, and robotics research are all used in the courses. Haptics and Human-Machine Collaborative Systems, Medical Robotics, and Extreme Environments are among the robotics degrees and specialties available.

 7. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

This research institution provides comprehensive Robotics Engineering degrees ranging from certificates to Bachelor and graduate degrees. Working and part-time students can use various online robotic technology classes and programs.

 8. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1740, takes pride in delivering excellent education and an inclusive student community. The institution is constantly innovating and developing new programs to meet the demands of both students and various sectors. In addition, the General Robotics, Sensing, Automation, and Perception (GRASP) Laboratory at Penn allows students to do robotics research, testing, and manufacturing. GRASP has subsidiary laboratories that can conduct various tests, including underwater and aircraft testing.

 9. University of Washington

The Institution of Washington is a public research institution that aims to have a worldwide influence via academic achievement. The school provides various programs to prepare you for your chosen job, from business to engineering and robotics. UW provides robotics research opportunities as well as robotics courses. Its courses include fundamental concepts in planning, robotic control, and mapping.

 10. California Institute of Technology

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Top 10 Machine Learning Courses To Learn In 2023

Master machine learning in 2023: top 10 courses to build expertise and transform your career Intro

In today’s fast-paced world, Machine Learning (ML) has emerged as one of the most sought-after skills in the tech industry. With the increasing demand for data-driven insights, organizations across the globe are looking for professionals who can harness the power of ML to solve complex problems.

Machine Learning by Andrew Ng (Coursera)

Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course on Coursera is one of the most popular and highly rated ML courses available online. In this course, you’ll learn about the foundations of ML, including linear regression, logistic regression, neural networks, and more. You’ll also get hands-on experience with real-world applications of ML, such as image recognition and natural language processing.

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization (Coursera)

The Applied Data Science with Python Specialization is a comprehensive course offered by the University of Michigan on Coursera. This course covers a range of topics, including data manipulation, data analysis, visualization, and machine learning. You’ll also learn about the different tools and libraries used in Python for data science, such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python (Coursera)

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python is a beginner-friendly course offered by IBM on Coursera. This course covers the basics of ML, including supervised and unsupervised learning, classification, regression, and clustering. You’ll also learn about different ML models and techniques, such as decision trees, random forests, and neural networks.

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree (Udacity)

The Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree offered by Udacity is a comprehensive course designed to prepare you for a career in ML engineering. In this course, you’ll learn about the different stages of the ML lifecycle, including data preparation, model building, and deployment.

Deep Learning Specialization (Coursera)

Deep Learning is a subfield of ML that focuses on the development of artificial neural networks. The Deep Learning Specialization offered by Coursera is a comprehensive course that covers the foundations of deep learning, including convolutional networks, recurrent networks, and generative models.

Applied Machine Learning (edX)

Applied Machine Learning is a course offered by Columbia University on edX. This course covers a range of topics, including supervised and unsupervised learning, model selection and evaluation, and feature engineering. You’ll also learn about different ML models and techniques, such as decision trees, k-nearest neighbors, and neural networks.

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp (Udemy)

The Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp is a comprehensive course offered by Udemy. This course covers a range of topics, including data cleaning, data analysis, machine learning, and deep learning. You’ll also get hands-on experience with popular ML tools and libraries, such as Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow.

Machine Learning Crash Course (Google)

The Machine Learning Crash Course offered by Google is a beginner-friendly course that covers the basics of ML, including supervised and unsupervised learning, feature engineering, and model evaluation.

“Applied Machine Learning” by Kelleher and Tierney

The ninth course on our list is “Applied Machine Learning” by Kelleher and Tierney. This course focuses on the practical application of machine learning techniques in solving real-world problems. It covers topics such as data preparation, model selection, evaluation, and deployment. Students will learn how to use various machine-learning algorithms to solve different types of problems, including classification, regression, clustering, and recommendation systems.

“Advanced Machine Learning” by Andrew Ng

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Courses In The Year 2023

These top 10 Artificial Intelligence courses in the year 2023 are going to help you

The future of the world is artificial intelligence. Every website and App these days uses AI for the majority of its operations. Nowadays, they have even been used to place your face on other characters in gaming and non-gaming apps. They are utilized for facial recognition locks, registering and verifying your security for transactions, and other purposes. All of these and more are made feasible by artificial intelligence.

In this article, we have explained the top 10 artificial intelligence courses in the year 2023. Read to know more about AI courses in 2023 in detail.

Best Artificial Intelligence Courses

Here we have put together a list of the Best AI courses offered by prestigious colleges and online discussion boards.

1. Artificial Intelligence A-Z

To develop AI designs for practical applications, this course provides a broad understanding of artificial intelligence techniques like machine learning, data science, and deep learning.

The Course Covers Topics Such as:

The Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Designs for artificial intelligence.

acquiring knowledge of A3C.

command sophisticated AI models.

Create virtual autonomous vehicles.

2. Artificial Intelligence Certification Program provided by Stanford University

This is the best artificial intelligence course, making it perfect for software engineers who will eventually work with AI as well as those studying computer programming and language programming.

The Course Covers Topics Such as:

Both knowledge representation and machine learning.

Models based on logic and probability.

artificial intelligence, robotics, and visual learning.

3. AI Course for Everyone by Coursera

This course is provided by chúng tôi which was founded by Stanford University’s renowned adjunct professor and Google Brain founder Andrew Ng.

The course covers topics such as:

The purposes of machine learning.

Machine learning expertise and non-technical explanations of deep learning.

Brief tests to aid in understanding complex and new ideas

4. Python-Based Introduction to Artificial Intelligence from EdX

The Certified Certificate in Using AI with Python is an exceptional opportunity provided by Harvard University to learn and use AI technology while utilizing challenging mathematical ideas.

The course covers topics such as:

To work with Markov models and Bayesian networks.

Using graph search algorithms.

Designing for constraint fulfilment.

5. Coursera’s IBM Applied AI Certification Program

IBM provides this fantastic chance for users to learn Python, build chatbots and virtual assistants for their companies, and get knowledge of neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning.

The course addresses subjects like:

APIs, Python, and IBM’s Watson AI service are used to construct AI-powered systems with little to no coding.

Vision approaches are used to upload numerous design and classification models.

6. Watson Application from edX

This course offers a deep understanding and application of IBM’s Watson to develop AI algorithms that are smarter and can perform replies and functions that are more believable and humane.

The course addresses subjects like:

AI may be programmed to analyze and interpret large data sets and apply particular functions to increase productivity.

Constructing Watson with tone and client preferences in mind.

7. 2023 Artificial Intelligence: Create the Most Potent AI

This course teaches students about Augmented Random Search (ARS), a technique used by large corporations to create sophisticated artificial intelligence models.

The course addresses subjects like:

Develop programming for artificial intelligence.

Create robust AI algorithms.

How to use the algorithm in the real world and the theory behind ARS?

8. Udemy’s Master Class in AI

The best course available for learning how to create robust hybrid AI and artificial intelligence models.

The course addresses subjects like:

Figuring out how to use fully linked neural networks.

Working with evolutionary strategies, policy gradients, and genetic algorithms.

NeuroEvolution and deep learning of recurrent neural networks

System development for hybrid intelligence.

9. Udemy’s Introduction to AI for Managers

Have you ever wondered how automatically multi-layered neural networks learn and adapt? Using in-depth machine learning and deep learning techniques, this course provides you with a thorough understanding of the technical components of AI.

The course addresses subjects like:

Teaches how to effectively manage AI projects for outstanding outcomes.

10. Google AI Powered by Google

The course addresses subjects like:

Fundamental knowledge of data clustering, recommendation systems, explorables AI, and machine learning.

How to prepare data, test, and debug machine learning?

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Bhiwandi

Demand For Digital Marketing Experts in Bhiwandi

Digital Marketing jobs are currently in high demand, and businesses and recruiters are seeking digital marketers and SEO specialists regularly.

The below image shows how popular Digital Marketing jobs in Bhiwandi with the result of 8000+ available on LinkedIn and will continue to grow.

How to Choose Right Digital Marketing Course in Bhiwandi?

If you want to boost your employment chances, consider taking a Digital Marketing course. Do you want to know how to pick the best digital marketing course for you? The skill of digital marketing may be learned and mastered with the help of a digital marketing course.

Learn how to design and optimise websites, increase website traffic, utilise social media, understand and enhance SEO, and use email marketing, PPC, retargeting, web analytics, email marketing, mobile app marketing, and content marketing in this Digital Marketing course. Choosing a course that covers all of these courses will give you a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of digital marketing.

Disclaimer: All the digital marketing courses and the information listed were taken from various sources on the Internet and can be changed at the institute’s convenience. We do not take any responsibility if the information mismatches. So please cross-check the information from their website once before you enroll.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bhiwandi 1. Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar, based in Chennai, is one of India’s most prestigious digital marketing schools. The institution, which was founded by Sorav Jain, one of India’s top digital marketers and Instagram influencers, offers a full online digital marketing course. It was launched as a learning arm of echoVME Digital, one of Chennai’s premier digital marketing firms, which was also founded by Sorav.

Sorav Jain is the brains behind Digital Scholar’s courses. He is also an author and a keynote speaker. He designed these courses with the ever-changing trends in digital marketing in mind, as well as the industry’s dynamic character. Furthermore, Digital Scholar employs a one-of-a-kind agency-styled teaching technique that gives students the hands-on experience they need to succeed in the business.

Digital Scholar provides one of the greatest digital marketing courses in Bhiwandi, including all of this and more. Our online digital marketing course at Digital Scholar has received international recognition. Students from all around the world have attended, including Singapore and Malaysia. You can master the art of the digital market and study from industry professionals from the comfort of your own home with Digital Scholar’s online course.

Students acquire the experience of working as an agency using Digital Scholar’s agency-styled training technique. Every batch of students is broken into groups and required to complete all tasks and assignments as a team. This offers students valuable on-field experience, preparing them to face the obstacles that await them once they reach the professional arena.

Course Syllabus

Orientation & Fundamentals of Marketing

Personal Branding

Content Writing

WordPress Management

Search Engine Optimization

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing


Sales Funnels

LinkedIn Marketing

Instagram Influencer Mastery

Social Media Management

Agency Management

International freelancing

Other Customized Modules Unique to Digital Scholar

Making Money Online

Selling And Pitching Tips

International Freelancing

Course Highlights Course Faculty

Train under the direction of Sorav Jain, one of India’s top digital marketing specialists, and his team of seasoned professionals.

Certifications Offered

Digital Scholar offers 20+ digital marketing certifications. These Certificates are industry recognised and have a high value in the Market.

Digital Marketing Certifications

Hubspot Certification

SEMRush Certifications (6)

Google My Business Certification

Search Ads Certification

Google Display Ads Certification

Google Mobile Certification

Shopping Ads Certification

Video Ads Certification

Module Specific Certifications (11)

Companies Where Our Students Are Placed

Digital Scholar has tipped up with the top digital marketing companies.

Digital Scholar’s Placement Partners

Success Stories of Our Students


PPC Campaign Specialist

Arpit Gupta

Cracks 12 LPA

Watch Video

Marketing Executive

Assistant Digital Marketing Manager


Cracks 7.5 LPA

Watch Video


Head of Digital Marketing

Rubia Naseem

Cracks 7.2 LPA

Watch Video

Google Reviews and Ratings Course Duration & Fees

The online course is four months long, & all the modules are covered extensively. The course fee is ₹75,000. Call us at +91-9513632705 for the offer price. Of this, Rs. Four thousand will be spent back on you for a domain, hosting, and marketing budgets for hands-on learning. Here are the upcoming batch details for the online digital marketing course in Bhiwandi.

Upcoming Batch Details

Course Duration

4 Months

Course Modules

14+ Modules & 3 Specialization

Course Certificates

20+ Certificates

Training Mode

Live Online Classes

Weekend Batch

Saturday & Sunday

Starts From

22nd July, 2023

Course Fee


Contact Number


Download Brochure

2. Digital Bizware

Digital Bizware is an expert Digital Marketing Training institute in Bhiwandi. Till now, the institute has trained more than 100+ companies in digital marketing, helping them achieve their business goals & helping corporations scale up their businesses.

Course Syllabus

Course Duration & Fees: Contact Them

Course Highlights

Certifications 10+

Resume and Monk Interviews

Personality Development – Digital Carrer Preparation

Phone: +91 88281 54879

Address: Office No 204, B Wing Rajdarshan Building Dada Patil Road, 1-A Near Bal Ganesh Tower, Opp To Thane station, Thane West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400601

3. Freelancers Academy

Freelancers Academy offers full-featured and well-designed digital marketing courses in Thane that will give you the knowledge and skills to make a successful career in this field.

Course Syllabus

Digital Marketing Overview

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Analysis & Keyword research

On-Page Optimization

SEO Technical

Off-page Optimization

Advanced Link Building

Blog Marketing

Content Marketing

Competitor Analysis

Website Auditing

SEO Tools

Google My business

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google Search Ads

Google Display Ads


Video Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Course Highlights

Agency Based Learning

Work on Live Projects

Placement Assistance

Course Duration & Fees: Contact Them

Phone: +919372762170

Address: Office No 204, B Wing Rajdarshan Building Dada Patil Road, 1-A Near Bal Ganesh Tower, Opp To Thane station, Thane West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400601

4. Digital Infinite Course Syllabus

Digital Marketing Overview

Google Business

Social Media Optimization

Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Twitter Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Social Media Automation

Whatsapp/SMS Marketing

Email Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Youtube Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Influencer Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords) 

Course Highlights

30+ Modules

25+ Latest Tools

Online Study Portal

Practical Training

2 Month Learning Support

7+ Certification


Course Duration & Fees:  1 month & 8000

Phone No: +91 9967888222

Address: Digital Infinite, C1 – 348, 3rd Floor, Kasturi Plaza, Manpada Road, Ramnagar, Dombivli East

5. Lips India

LIPSINDIA is a premium Digital Marketing Training destination in Mumbai, providing the most exhaustive digital marketing course curriculum with 5000+trained digital marketers

Course Syllabus

Web Introduction

Google Adwords

SEO- On Page

SEO Off-Page

Social Media


Google Analytics

Mobile Marketing

Social Media Analytics

Content Creation

Affiliate Marketing

WordPress CMS

Course Highlights

Live classes


Course Duration & Fees:   25000 – 29000

Phone No: +91-9833202320

Address: 3/A, Vrindavan Building, Gr. Floor, Umeda Ashram Road Behind Pantaloons, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092

6. Pro Ideators

Proideators is an initiative developed by a team of experienced professionals from IIT, IIM and industry. The goal of Proideators is to bridge the gap between our existing education framework and the evolving business landscape. We will identify such gaps and fill them where possible.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Website Development (Blog/Corporate)

Ecommerce Website Development

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console

Google Adwords/Ads Certification (SEM & PPC)

Google Tag Manager Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Mobile Marketing

Lead Generation & CRO

SMS Marketing

E-commerce and Marketplace

WhatsApp Marketing

Business Listings

Affiliate Marketing

ORM – Online Reputation Management

Adsense & Blogging

Online Media Planning & Buying

Social Media Marketing (SMO & SMM)

Email Marketing

Ecommerce Website Marketing

Content Marketing

Remarketing and Retargeting

YouTube Optimization & Marketing

How To Grab Freelancing Projects?

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Career Preparation

Course Highlights

Course Duration & Fees:   Contact Them

Phone No:  80700-80999

Address: Chaphekar Wadi, Near Sheth GH High School, Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066 

7. Shailesh Panchal

Shailesh Panchal offers Professional Advanced Digital Marketing “Digital Marketing Gyan” E-Learning Education Platform In Ghodbunder Road, Thane. Here you will be provided with many short and long term Digital Marketing Courses based on real-time, practical business experience.

Course Syllabus

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Course

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Agency Course

Course Highlights

Skilled Expert Trainers

Google Certified Trainer

Hindi Lecturers

After Training Support

Focus on Practical Training

Course Duration & Fees: Since there is no information on fees and the duration of the course, you can contact the organization directly for details on fees and duration.

Phone No: +91 – 84540 90990

Address: Ghodbunder Road, Thane (West), Maharashtra, India.

8. Digital Trainee

Digital Trainee is the digital marketing training division of Digitize Brand, whose objective is to train and shape future digital marketers. To date, they have trained more than 8000+ individuals in digital marketing.

Course Syllabus

Digital Marketing Overview

Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to Google Search Console

Content Marketing

Local SEO

App Store Optimization

Website planning

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Online Display Advertising

Mobile Marketing

Video Marketing

Remarketing And Conversion

Social Media Optimization

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Course Highlights

80+ Live Project Assignments

Training Backup Videos

100% Job Placement Assistance

Live Money Spent On Campaigns

Course Duration & Fees:   Contact Them

Phone No: 9975829071

Address: Krishna Plaza, Office No. 201- 2nd floor, Thane Station Rd, Jambi Naka, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400601

9. Digible

Digible offers a course that is tailored for freshers aiming to make a career in Digital marketing or working professionals who want to make a career change/add digital skills to their repertoire. Students are taught live projects and learn about the latest developments in Digital Marketing.

Course Syllabus

Social Media Management.

On-Page SEO.

SEO Link Building.

Search Engine Marketing.

Social Media Marketing.

Course Duration & Fees:   60 hours, 6 weeks

Course Highlights:

live projects

placement assistance 

Phone No:  +91 8828062735

Address: 703, Durga Niwas, Tembhi Naka, Near Jain Temple Thane (W), Maharashtra – 400601

E-mail ID: [email protected]

10. Ediify

EDIIFY is a digital marketing institute that offers industry-oriented training in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Vasai, and Virar in, India. They offer one of the best digital marketing courses in those mentioned locations.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Website Design & Development

Ecommerce Website Design & Development

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing (SMO & SMM)

Google Adwords/Ads (SEM & PPC)

Course Highlights

Course Duration & Fees:   3 & 6 Months

Phone No: +91 74003 64632

Address: Bus Depot, Yash Ashoka Bldg, Basement, Opp. Kopri, Thane East, Maharashtra 400603


This was the list of the top 10 best digital marketing training institutes in Bhiwandi. Now, it’s in your hand to choose any one of the digital marketing institutes in Bhiwandi at your convenience. You can build your skills and knowledge in this field by taking up anyone of the digital marketing course from the above-mentioned list of the best digital marketing courses in Bhiwandi available right now. So what are you waiting for? Choose the one that fits your needs and start learning today!

Enquire Now


1. What is the Fee for Digital Marketing Course in Bhiwandi?

An average digital marketing course fee in Bhiwandi ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 1 lakhs, although this varies according to the modules and specialization of the course, mode of the course and length of the course

2. What are the job opportunities after the digital marketing course?

There are many Job Opportunities available after the digital marketing course. Some of the roles are SEO Executive, Social Media Specialist, PPC Expert, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Writer, Email Marketer, Automation Expert and much more

3. How do I learn practical digital marketing?

If you want to learn practical digital marketing, you need to choose the right digital marketing course which has to give more value for the money, train you with proven strategies by the industry experts and prepare you for a digital marketing career.

4. How do I get a job in digital marketing with no experience?

If you have done a course in a highly reputed digital marketing institute, they will teach you all the skills required for you to move further in your digital marketing career and prepare you to get a digital marketing job with no experience. You know what, Digital Scholar provides 100% placement assistance after the completion of the 4 months online digital marketing course.

Top Robotics Job Opportunities In India For December 2023

Demand for robotics experts is skyrocketing year over year

With the world entering the industrial revolution age, the use of


Job Role: Microsoft Robotic Process Automation Application Developer Location: Pune Job Description: Candidates for this role will be responsible for UiPath Process Automation Development; infrastructure setup and management for the UiPath application; interacting with BAs, PM and business to understand the processes to be automated. They will require performing technical feasibility check for the process to be automated; and providing design and development estimations for the processes to be developed. Requirements: • 4 years of experience in RPA UiPath development • In-depth knowledge and exposure of RPA and UiPath tool • Experience throughout the entire RPA project lifecycle • Good Communication skills • Minimum of 15 years of Education

NICE Actimize

Job Role: Robotic Automation Engineer Location: Pune Job Description: Robotic Automation Engineers will be responsible for understanding detailed requirements for functional and flow to automate web applications and backend services. They will require to review stories in detail to participate in grooming, sprint planning, and assess automation efforts; performing hands-on automation execution; work closely with PM and Developers to deliver high-quality releases for production. Requirements: • Demonstrated ability to design and configure automation using a variety of technical skills (e.g. Pure webservices, SQL-based data conversions, UI, etc.). • Experience working as part of a team on large scale IT customization and implementation projects. • Prior experience working with Selenium & Robot Framework will help • BE/BTech in CS or equivalent with overall 7+ years of experience and recent track record in Automation planning and execution of mission-critical multi-tenant SaaS applications. • Hands-on project experience of one of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools like Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, APA, etc.


Job Role: Automation Engineer Location: Bangalore Job Description: The Automation Engineer will work for the Local Apps Squad in CIO Network Engineering Deploy ISA, with a particular focus on development, deployment and rollout of Local and Global CIO programs as necessary in support of Network Engineering initiatives deployment for the ISA/APJ Market. Requirements: • Total experience of 8 to 10 years with minimum 5 years of relevant experience in Application Development using Python, Flask Framework, Docker Containers, REST APIs • Working knowledge of Agile Framework • Knowledge of Networks Infrastructure which includes, but not limited to, LAN / WAN and other Voice and Data networking technologies • Along with technical skills, knowledge and experience in Relational and NoSQL Databases, Structured Query Language, UI Development, IBM standards for application development, ITSS Security Compliance Standards are beneficial. • Working knowledge of Agile project management and experience in using Project Management/Agile Tools like Jira

Rapyuta Robotics

Job Role: Software Engineer I – Robotics Location: Bangalore Job Description: For this role, candidates’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to, collaborate in a team to design, develop, integrate and maintain a robust team of autonomous robots in semi-structured and dynamic environments. They will need to contribute to the deployment and testing of system; identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems; and contribute to software design reviews, architecture reviews, and best practices. Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience with an outstanding track record • Demonstrated ability to design, implement, and test scalable and highly available software systems in a fast-paced environment • Strong proficiency in C++, with a fair knowledge of the language specification and at least 1-2 years of hands-on experience • Computer Science fundamentals in algorithm design, problem-solving, and complexity analysis • Strong communication skills and ability to work well in a team environment


Job Role: Senior System Software Engineer Location: Pune Job Description: As a part of NVIDIA’s GRID Software team, the candidate will require to design, architect, prototype and implement complex Windows services and applications. They will work closely with partners, UX and UI designers on new products or features/improvements of existing products. They will also need to deliver solid code and working features that provide the appropriate level of security, performance, reliability and scalability, and provide technical leadership to fellow engineers, designers, and partners to develop, review and maintain the product. Qualifications:  • 7+ years of proven experience in C / C++ / VC++, Windows API (Win32 Programming), Windows Socket Programming, Multi-threading, COM / DCOM-ATL, STL. • Proven track record of work on Windows OS with in-depth knowledge of Windows Internals. • 7+ years of hands-on experience in Windows Programming & debugging Windows applications using various debugging tools (e.g. WinDbg, Visual Studio, Sysinternals Suite, etc). • Strong knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithm Design, Design Patterns and OOP concepts. • Strong knowledge of user space application concepts such as multi-threading, synchronization, IPC/RPC, etc.


Job Role: Developer (Java and JavaScript), SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Location: Bangalore Job Description: As a developer, the candidate will be responsible for designing, coding and testing specific product features in a development team. He/she has to take full responsibility for accepted tasks and demonstrate a high level of quality, speed, reliability and efficiency. They will need to analyze and solve issues in existing and new code while working closely with the team to ensure team success. They will also need to develop a functional knowledge of the overall product and support customers and partners when required. Qualifications: • University Degree in Computer Science or related technical areas with a minimum of 3 years of experience • Proficiency with Java and fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript • Good understanding of object-oriented design principles and design patterns • Familiarity with RESTful web-services using Java Spring Boot or similar frameworks/tools /Familiarity with Node.js • Familiarity with Cloud Foundry and/or SAP Cloud Platform • Good to have some knowledge of database technology such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Top Robotics Jobs To Apply For In March 2023

A few decades back, robotics was science fiction and anything related to robotics, including job opportunities were seen as a thing of the future. Now, the future is here by changing robotic science fiction into science fact. The robotic industry is opening 

Top robotic jobs in March 2023 Microsoft Robotic Process Automation Application Developer at Accenture

Location: Bengaluru Role and responsibility: As an application developer, the job demands the candidate to have 4-6 years of experience in Robotic Process Automation with automation anywhere. The candidate should have the ability to understand business processes and create process flow diagrams, and experience interaction with client business, IT, operations and Architecture teams on and offshore. He/she should be capable to build and work with developers and testers to implement automation solutions independently across multiple clients. The job demands experience in C and/or Java, HTML, CSS Microsoft Technology VB NET, Windows, Internet Explorer, SQL Server, etc. Apply for the job 

DevOps Engineering, SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation at SAP SE

Location: Bengaluru, Hyderabad SAP SE is a German multinational software corporation that develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Founded in 1972 as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, the company has evolved to become a market leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics, intelligent technologies, and experience management. As an innovative cloud company with over 200 million users worldwide, SAP enables businesses of all sizes and in all industries to operate profitability, adapt continuously, and realize strategic goals. Role and responsibility: As a DevOps Engineers, the candidate will support developers on work related to Git, GitHub, JaaS. He/she will also engage with developers, QA program management to prepare, plan and help generate the compilation/build time. The candidate will automate the storage of logs and other artifacts used for building the reason for audit reasons. He/She should also improve management of build machines, dashboards, drop zone, install windows updates, free disk space, recycle resources, handle IP/security scans and improve communication around important phases of the release process. Apply for the job 

Developer Robotics & Automation at ITC Infotech

Location: Bengaluru ITC Infotech is a global technology solution and services leader providing business-friendly solutions that enable future-readiness for clients. Founded in 2000, the company seamlessly brings together digital expertise, strong industry-specific alliances and deep domain expertise from ITC Group business. ITC Infotech solutions and services are focused on banking & financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, customer goods, travel and hospitality.  Role and responsibility: The role, RPA developer is within the ITC Infotech’s application development group of Rapid Response Team at UnitedHealth Company. The job demands an experience of 3 to 5 years in .NET, REST API, UI PATHor SQL. The candidate will have to report to Project Lead/ Manager Application Developer on multiple projects. Apply for the job 

RPA Engineering-Robotic Process Automation at Amazon

Location: Hyderabad  Role and responsibility: The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developer will be responsible for developing complex automation solutions using a variety of methods in support of automation initiatives. He/she should collaborate with the end-users as well as team members in the design, development, testing and maintenance of automation projects across the organization. Apply for the job 

Automation Engineer at Mindtree

Location: Bengaluru Mindtree Ltd is an International Technology consulting and implementation company that delivers business solutions through global software development. Founded in 1999, the company is structured into four industry verticals namely retail, CPG and Manufacturing (RCM), banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), technology, media and service (TMS) and travel and hospitality. Mindtree offers services in the areas of agile, analytics and information management, application development and maintenance, business process management, etc. Role and responsibility: As an automation engineer, the candidate should be able to understand the process of automation, and automation requirements and convert it to scripting. He/she should provide timely and accurate assistance for automation in the assigned business areas. The candidate should be very good in scripting and have storing understanding of solutions using scripting and underlying IT services with an innovative mindset.

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