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The most ingenious strategies for getting the most out of Trello include:

Table of Contents

When you paste a list onto a Trello card, you will be asked if you want the items on the list to be on one card or separate cards.

Create a Workflow

A workflow is a process of completing tasks for a project from initiation to completion.

You might not be aware that you use workflows in your everyday life whenever there is a process required to get something done.

For example, think about planning a Thanksgiving dinner for your extended family. If you break down everything you need to accomplish into tasks, you will realize that if you miss a step, something will be missing from your dinner. 

Those tasks are part of your workflow.

Below are some examples of workflows you can use to be more productive in your business.

To-Do, Doing, Done

This is a straightforward workflow that tracks what you need to do, what you are currently working on, and what has been completed.

Using a workflow like this makes it much easier to track a project that has multiple tasks. It is easier to follow in a visual board than on lists of paper or in your head.

You can even add a list for tasks that don’t necessarily need to be completed immediately in order to keep track of and not forget anything.

Use workflows to:

Track progress

List and assign tasks

Collaborate with team members

Organize very complex projects

Workflows keep everything in one place and accessible to all who are ultimately responsible for getting a job done correctly and on time. 

You can increase your productivity further by connecting Chanty team chat so that when a certain action takes place in Trello your entire team can also be notified. These notifications can include instances where:

Use Labels Effectively 

Using labels in Trello adds a layer of color-coded and visual data to the cards on your board. If you aren’t using them, you are not making the most of the Trello system.

Use labels to:

Organize cards by team

Segment cards

Highlight and prioritize tasks

Enable search and filtering capabilities

Give Each Label a Name

However, it would be much easier to be able to see the label names from the board view without having to hover over it. That’s easy to fix.

Apply or Remove Labels for a Card

There are several ways to edit a label on a card including:

Another shortcut involves the order the labels appear in the menu. The first position is 1, the second is 2, and so on down the line of labels.

Sort The Cards On a List

If you want to be able to view the tasks that are due first or which ones might have fallen through the cracks, you can sort the cards on a list. You can sort by specific criteria such as due date and date created.

Keep in mind that the only available options are the criteria used on cards. For example, if you don’t have due date on any of your cards, you will not be able to use it for sorting.

Add New Cards Anywhere On Your List

There is no need to be concerned if you want to add a card to the top of a long list. You don’t have to drag it from the bottom position to the top.  

Turn Emails Into Trello Cards

One of the many benefits of using Trello for project management and collaboration is to avoid the numerous daily emails back and forth from team members or clients.

For example, rather than copying from Gmail into Trello tasks, you can turn emails into cards directly from your email or Gmail inbox.

Once you know a board’s unique email address, you can forward any email to it. Trello will automatically create a card from the contents of the email.

This is especially helpful if your team members send a lot of feedback via email.

Keyboard Shortcuts

As we showed you above with labels, using keyboard shortcuts can reduce the time you spend and increase your efficiency when using Trello.

There are many available shortcuts to save you time, such as:

Due Date

Navigate Cards

Focus Search Box

Open Card

Edit Title

Clear All Filters

See Trello Keyboard Shortcuts: An Infographic Cheat Sheet for a complete list.

Highlight The Boards You Access Most Often

If you work with many teams and have multiple boards, it could be cumbersome to find those you use most often.

The boards you have selected to be included as stars will show up at the top of what could be a very long list of boards.

Connect Cards

There will be times when working with Trello that you will want to make a connection between one or more cards on the same board or even a card from another board.

When you choose a board or card under the attachment area, you will see a snapshot of the card you attached including:

The title

Due date

Any other icons that are on the front of the attached card

Which board and list the card was in

Make a Connection Between the Cards Drag & Drop

For example, let’s look at the sample board above “To-Do, Doing, Done.” When you start “Doing” a “To-Do”, drag it to “Doing.”

When you complete the task, drag it to “Done.”

If you haven’t tried Trello, you have no idea what you are missing. It is a very powerful and intuitive tool for project and task management.

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11 Windows 10 Tips To Increase Productivity

11 Windows 10 Tips to Increase Productivity

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1. Use GodMode to control everything on Windows 10:

One of the best kept secrets of Windows 10, is GodMode. This powerful hidden option grants access to almost everything that you search in Control Panel or Windows 10 settings.  To activate GodMode follow these simple steps:

This will alter the folder icon into something that looks like Windows 10 Control Panel.

2. Windows 10 Dark Mode

Want to give your apps a smooth and elegant look? Switch to Dark Mode in Windows 10. To do so, follow the steps explained below:

Here under “Choose your default app mode”, select Dark.

3. Send Android text messages from your Windows 10 PC

4. Sync Copied messages on Windows

Access data of one PC data onto another using Windows 10 performance tweak.

Note: To sync data, you’d need to sign in with Microsoft or work account.

5. Organize Apps on Windows 10

Are you a multi tasker? Do you want to take full benefit of the screen area? Use Windows 10’s Snap feature. Simply drag any app’s title bar to an edge of the screen and arrange other open apps.

Win + Right arrow key: to snap to right half

Win + Left arrow key and Win + Up arrow key: Snap to the top left edge

Win + Left arrow key and Win + Down arrow key: Snap to the down left edge

Win + Right arrow key and Win + Up arrow key: Snap to the top right edge

Win + Right arrow key and Win + Down arrow key: Snap to the top right edge

Using these simple shortcuts, Windows10 tips and tricks you can snap the apps in Windows 10 and can make full use of the screen.

6. Use mouse to resize snapped apps

Most useful feature you get to use while working on Windows 10 to boost performance is snapping Windows. But if you want to resize them, then what? Worry not, if you want to resize any of the snapped screen, hover the mouse pointer over the intersection and resize them as per your choice.

7. Take Snapshot on Windows 10

This, screenshot will be saved on clipboard.

8. Hide desktop icons quickly

9. Get Microsoft experience on your Android phone

Download and install Microsoft Launcher from Google Play Store to get mesmerising beautiful Bing wallpapers, sync your Office docs, calendar, and more.

10. Chat within a shared Word doc

Note: To share a document you need to log in to your Microsoft account. This is an amazing Windows 10 performance tweak.

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11. Find multiple open apps quickly

A multi tasker faces problem to find an app when number of documents, applications are open. Therefore, to resolve this problem Windows 10 brings Task View to find apps easily. Task view in Windows 10 shows thumbnail of all the open apps including virtual desktop. Using this Windows 10 tips and tricks to use Task View you can manage apps across desktops and monitors.

To use Task View press Windows key and Tab together. This will show you thumbnails of all open apps on Windows 10. Select the app you would like to work on. 

Using these simple Windows 10 tips and tricks you can increase productivity. These Windows 10 hacks will not only make things easy but will also help you to use Windows 10 to the best of its capability.

We hope you’ll enjoy using these Windows 10 tips and tricks. If you like the information, share the article. Also, if you want us to add more tips do let us know. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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Preeti Seth

Ipad Multitasking Tips To Increase Productivity

Would you believe this is a pic of an iPad and not a Mac with Launchpad open?

Table of Contents

Some fans say that with iOS 11 – and iOS 12 certainly ups this score with other performance improvements – that Apple’s iPad is like a brand-new device. Enjoy this article, and let us know what you think.

Using the iOS Dock

We know how to drag iOS apps to the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, but normally by holding down an app for several seconds until the icons start bouncing around.

Now, on iPad, one can much more easily drag and drop items to a dock – just like in Mac OS. This makes the iOS dock the easiest way to launch your most used apps. This iOS dock also makes split view multitasking much easier to use.

Add apps to the doc just by dragging them down. So in these three pics, I move the App Store app to the dock. Tap and hold the app for about a second and then start dragging. You no longer have to wait for the shaking effect to start.

Now in this picture of the iPad dock, notice that recently used apps are on the right and other dock apps appear on the left for easy opening.

To access the iOS dock while in another app, simply touch and swipe up from the bottom of the screen a short distance. If you swipe up from the bottom and go to the center of the screen, it will bring you back to the home screen. This is how swiping works on the iPhone X and XS.

MultiTasking on the iPad

Note that swiping up from the bottom of the screen to expose the dock also shows this same view.

For more on making the most of Control Center in iOS, see our recent pieces about Customizing Control Center and Using 3D Touch In Control Center.

For Split View Multitasking:

First, check that Allow Multiple Apps is turned on in Settings.

Next, open an app that you want to use, like Mail, Word, Pages, or Twitter. Swipe up to see the Dock.

Start dragging a second app from the dock up the screen, and when you see it start to show, continue to drag it upward.

If you drag it up, but not to the far right of the screen, you’ll see the second app overlap the first app, something that Apple calls slide over. In this view, you can drag and drop between the two apps.

Drag from the solid bar at the top of the second app, to the right, top of the screen, to put the iPad and the app into Split View mode.

This allows the user to, at a touch, resize the two windows to their preferred size. Thus, to drop a photo from Photos into an email one is working on, first expand the Photos window.

Then choose the thumbnail and drag it to the email.

It’s very easy to switch positions of the two apps: just drag from the top handle of one app. Also, in split view, it’s easy to bring a third app into slide over, when even more information is needed. Though, things can get a bit wild at this point.

When you have the third app in slide over, if you tap on any of the other apps, the third app gets hidden to the right. To view it again, just slide from the right edge of the screen to the left. Here I have News and Safari in split view and the App Store in slide over.

Consider your most used productivity apps.  Here are some more useful split-screen examples:

With Mail open

Add photos to your email

Check your calendar while sending an email

MS Word (or Pages) on your iPad

Open Photos to add graphics to your document

Open Safari or Chrome browser on your iPad to drag URLs and images into your document and easily copy and paste text.

Open News app to drop stories to your document – this works better in Pages than Word.

Multitasking also allows video clips, from YouTube or Photos, to run alongside your other apps

Also, but only if you use a Password Manager, it’s much easier to enter credentials into apps. The example below uses 1Password.

Put 1Password for iPad into your iPad dock

Open the app that requires your credentials

Drag 1Password into Slide Over and use 3D Touch to open it.

Search for the app credential, and drag the username and password into the app fields for easy sign in.

Last, note some useful gestures that assist here. Just swipe to the right on a split view or slide over app to move it off the screen, then swipe left to bring it back.  Another good one: in any split view, to immediately access the home screen, pinch four or five fingers together on the screen!

Top 10 Power Bi Dashboard Ideas That Tech Beginners Can Take Up

If you have been looking for the Top Power BI dashboard ideas, you need to check these

Power BI Dashboard is definitely here to make data handling easier. Self-service and enterprise business intelligence are both supported by the unified, scalable Power BI platform (BI). It enables you to connect to and see any data while also integrating visuals into the daily usage apps you use. One of the best ways to begin the build/design process for your next Power BI report is to get some ideas. These top 10 Power BI dashboards are created with a specific dataset in mind are here to change the game.

Finance Dashboard

An executive-level report showcasing an organization’s financial insights is a finance dashboard. The dashboard delivers high-level insights that enable users to quickly skim the report since the intended users are executive-level personnel. The dashboard’s goal is to give a broad overview of the company’s financial performance throughout time. Users can also explore financial performance according to area and product category.

Pharmaceutical Company Dashboard

In this power BI dashboard example, the KPIs for the pharmaceutical businesses are highlighted. Executives and managers may use this power BI dashboard to keep track of trends, performance, and sales according to predetermined sales targets. The report is one page long and presents all pertinent information clearly and attractively. You can select a city to get information on daily contracts signed, positive response rates, team performance, networking goals, and regional sales performance.

Marketing Dashboard

The marketing dashboard was created to help a bank’s marketing team visualise a series of customer-based market research studies the bank has conducted. A bank’s marketing staff will use the dashboard to discover trends and patterns in a series of customer-based market research studies. The marketing team can identify similarities between various client data points thanks to the dashboard, which gives them a visual picture of their research. They can better understand their clients thanks to these insights, which also teach them how to serve them.

Social Media Dashboard

To understand the broad effects each of their social networks has on their audience, social media managers use the social media dashboard. The report’s objective is to give a broad picture of the effects that the social media team’s efforts are having over time on the number of impressions. The dashboard is also made to assist in locating the most effective social networks. As a result, the team is better able to determine where to concentrate their marketing efforts.

Customer Analysis Board

The management of a food store created the customer analysis dashboard to help them better understand the demographics of their customers and how those factors affect their interactions with the retailer. The dashboard’s goal is to assist the food retailer in identifying the types of clients who are more and less valued. With the use of these data, the store can concentrate on a subset of customers who offer a higher return on investment.

Web Analytics Dashboard

The purpose of a website analytics dashboard was to help a company’s marketing division better understand how users interacted with its website. The dashboard’s goal is to gather website analytics information and show it in a more digestible style for the marketing team to better understand how their customers are interacting with their website.

Customer Satisfaction Dashboard

In order to better understand the data gathered from customer feedback surveys, an airline company’s management created a customer satisfaction dashboard. The dashboard’s goal is to assist the airline in learning how consumers feel about the service they received. The insights enable the airline to assess if it is aligning service improvements with consumer expectations. Additionally, it aids in their comprehension of how well certain service offerings are functioning in terms of client pleasure.

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard was created to help executives understand how their company has done so far this year. The dashboard’s goal is to give a quick overview of the company’s performance while concentrating primarily on high-level, understandable insights. The goal is for executives to monitor important indicators and determine whether a deep dive is required to boost or maintain a particular performance metric.

HR Dashboard

Another often used Power BI dashboard example is the HR Dashboard. It is made for HR managers who want to be aware of the workforce’s demographics, keep tabs on new employees, and make sure they’re following the industry’s diversity standards. To better understand employees, the HR staff can produce high-level information like average income, average tenure, and average age. These insights make it possible for HR to include employees in future company decisions more successfully. The outcomes support the organization’s goal by assisting the HR team in carefully planning a diverse workforce.

CEO Dashboard

This Power BI executive dashboard is for you if you’re seeking for strong CEO dashboard examples. It provides the CEO with a high-level overview of significant KPIs and indicators. Higher-level executives may make data-informed decisions and strategically map out the organization’s future with the aid of this CEO dashboard, which provides insightful statistics on the organization’s performance. It provides a bird’s-eye view of organisational data and company expansion. It contains information on a number of crucial company sectors, including inventory, profit, sales, performance, orders, outages, and top personnel, among others.

Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

This is an effective Power BI dashboard example for managing a brand through sentiment analysis and social media traffic for any large company or international brand.

It is a section of an 8-page report on internet brand monitoring and provides perceptions of consumer attitudes about the brands. A certain time range, sentiment type, and source can be chosen, and the system will display mentions by category for that time frame.

25 Seo Tips To Rank Up Your WordPress Site – Webnots

Search engine optimization is the technique of bringing your site top in search results pages. Whatever the powerful content you write, your WordPress site needs a push to rank top in search engines. Here is a list of simple do it yourself SEO tips for WordPress beginners. We strongly recommend not to rely on external SEO agencies and spending big amount with them. We have also consolidated the complete guide in an attractive PDF eBook format. You can download the WordPress SEO guide and read it offline.

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SEO Strategies for WordPress Site

Your SEO strategy should cover the following SEO methods:

WordPress SEO Methods

You can learn black hat SEO to make sure, these methods are not used on your site. Here is a complete WordPress SEO checklist considering all these acpects.

Note: WordPress by default supports most of the SEO techniques, but it is unavoidable to use plugins to improve SEO. In this article we explain some SEO features with three plugins – Yoast WordPress SEO, Redirection and WP Smush. You can also use any other plugins to get similar features.

1. Allow Search Engine Indexing

Disable Search Engines in WordPress

2. Permalinks Settings

WordPress Permalink Settings

3. Verifying Site with Webmaster Tools

Ensure to add and verify your WordPress site in Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tools account. This informs the search engines that the site is reliable and have a verified owner.

4. Generating a XML Sitemap

With version 5.5. or later, WordPress by default creates XML Sitemap for your site. However, we recommend you using a third-party plugin for this purpose. Almost, all SEO plugins offer automatic creation of XML Sitemap for your site. Once the Sitemap is created, ensure to check it is accessible on browser and submit the same to webmaster tools account.

5. Install Google Analytics

Though installing Google Analytics will not directly impact your SEO, it helps to monitor the site’s performance. Analytics offers large number of reports with different parameters. You can use these reports to monitor the traffic with your SEO strategy and take corrective actions. Instead of Google Analytics, you can also use simple statistics tools like Jetpack Stats to monitor the traffic status quickly. Using Jetpack Stats you can not only monitor the stats using WordPress mobile apps but also check the downtime which Google Analytics does not provide.

6. Redirecting Modified Posts

You may be changing the URL of blog posts and pages during the time of building your site. If not redirected properly any links to old URLs will result in “404 page not found” error. It is recommended to set the auto redirection for modified posts so that you will not loose search engine ranking of the old post URL. You can do this easily with the popular “Redirection” plugin.

7. Use Proper Title and Separator

Sample Google Search Format

It is recommended to use “Yoast WordPress SEO” plugin so that the search snippet view can be seen before publishing the post. Based on the preview, you can do necessary adjustments without hassle.

8. Keyword Density

Generally speaking there is no need of worrying about keywords if the content is appropriately written. For example, an article talks about dogs should automatically contains the word “dog” fewer times along with the word “dog” appear in heading. It is no harm to check appropriate usage of keywords with the easy to use plugins. Plugins like Yoast and Rank Math offers built-in feature to view the SEO analysis of your page before publishing.

Keyword Analysis with Yoast SEO Plugin

The analysis meta box is shown on each post and page with lots of insights like the usage, readability, density, etc. You can target to get the green signal by making the recommended corrections.

9. Meta Description

After the title / URL, the next section appears in search results is your meta description. Search engines will pickup the description from your page content if you do not add it separately. All WordPress SEO plugins offer meta description on each post so that you can separately enter the summary of your post or you can use the default “excerpt” section. Some general guidelines for meta description are:

Use your keyword in meta description.

Use appropriate length (less than 155 characters) so that the paragraph will not get truncated when displayed in search engine.

Ensure to avoid duplicate meta description for multiple posts.

10. Use No-index and No-follow

WordPress does not provide default feature to hide only certain pages/posts from search engines. For example, you may not want “Thank you page”, “Newsletter” or “Archive” page is indexed in search engines. You need to use plugins to set those pages as “No-index” and “No-follow” so that search engines will not crawl those pages or you need to modify “robots.txt” to set such rules.

Individual posts can be hidden from search engines using Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. Also you can disable all unnecessary archives like author archives and date archives. You can learn more about SEO for crawlers to understand how it can impact your ranking.

11. Using Update Services

WordPress Update Services

You can also use the latest IndexNow feature from Bing to inform search engines instantly after publishing new posts. This will send your URLs to the central pool from which any search engines can pickup the content.

12. Using Internal and External Links

Internal links inform search engines how your site is structured and the most linked post/page will be considered with highest priority. There are many ways you can create internal links in WordPress:

Creating a normal text and image hyperlinks within content.

Use sidebar widgets to display set of related and popular posts

Show related posts below the content

Use footer area to show frequently used pages

13. Optimizing Images

Ensure all your images are attached to a post and you are redirecting attachment URLs to parent post. This will ensure users are redirected to content page instead of ending up viewing an image. Always add “Alt Text” to all images so that search engines can understand the meaning of the images.

Use plugins like WP-Smush to optimize the images so that the page can load faster.

14. Use Solid Hosting

No one likes the slow loading page including search engines. Check your site with Google PageSpeed Insights tool and take corrective actions suggested. Among all the factors we have explained in this article, using solid hosting is the most important for improving your page speed.

If you have a smaller site, try using shared hosting with Bluehost or SiteGround. For running a bigger site or online store, make sure to have a VPS hosting like SiteGround Cloud or managed WordPress hosting like Kinsta or WPEngine.

15. Use Mobile Friendly Theme

Google and other search engines check the mobile-friendliness of your site and decide the ranking accordingly. Hence it is mandatory to use responsive themes or separate mobile site to ensure your WordPress site is mobile-friendly and rank higher. Use Google mobile-friendly tester tool to check your site is complying to the requirements.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

16. Defer or Lazy Loading Files

Lazy loading of resources will help you to load the files only when the user interaction is needed. For example, you need not to load the images that is available at the bottom of the page until user reaching to that position. Lazy loading initially started for media files and WordPress 5.5 or later versions will automatically lazy load media files.

17. Minify and Combine CSS and JS Files

Theme and plugins will load lots of CSS and JS files to create the required layout and functions for your site. However, loading each CSS and JS file separately will increase the network bandwidth. The best option is to clean the files (minify) and combine together to reduce the size and network trips. If you are using SiteGround, you can use SG Optimizer plugin for this purpose. Otherwise, use W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket to minify and combine static files.

These plugins will also help you to remove parameters in static URLs like version numbers from CSS / JS files.

18. Use GZIP Compression

GZIP compression helps you to compress the HTML content and save bandwidth. You can enable GZIP compression from your hosting account. SiteGround and many other companies enables the compression by default.

19. Cache Static Content and Optimize Delivery

There are many free and premium caching plugins available to convert dynamic PHP pages to static HTML pages. Most free plugins allow browser caching by setting proper HTTP headers. However, plugins like WP Rocket goes one step further and allows you to optimize CSS delivery. It will generate critical above the fold CSS to load pages much faster.

The latest trend in CSS delivery is to remove all unused CSS and inline used CSS in the header section. This will help to fix issues like render blocking CSS and reduce unused CSS in Google PageSpeed Insights tool. It will help to increase the page speed to near 100 level as above the fold area will render fast with inlined CSS.

Hosting Offer: Get discounted hosting with SiteGround on Google Cloud.

20. Use CDN

Since many hosting companies offer services from United States, the network latency will affect the users trying to access pages from other parts of the world. In order to avoid this problem, you can use Cloudflare or any other CDN service. CDN will cache static content like images, CSS and JS and serve your content to users from the nearest server. This will help you to improve the site speed and offer good user experience.

21. Preload Links, Fonts and Prefetch DNS

If you are using custom fonts hosted on your domain (generally it is part of your theme), it is essential to preload them. This will help you to shorten the page loading time and improve the Google PageSpeed score.

22. Avoid Third-party Resources 23. Use Simple Theme

At the end, your theme decides the final layout for your site. Using heavy theme that offers hundreds of features is no more desirable. Features with shortcodes will not only affect your SEO, you also have to struggle when changing the theme.

Consider using minimalist themes like GeneratePress, Astra or Genesis to have super fast website.

24. Limit Number of Plugins

Similar to theme, ensure to limit the number of plugins on your site.

Avoid using heavy page builder or bundled plugins with theme.

Delete unused plugins on your site.

Avoid using outdated plugins that is no more compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Each plugin will load CSS / JS thus affecting your SEO efforts. Limiting number of plugins will not only improve the page speed but also reduce your maintenance tasks.

25. Consider AMP Final Words

We strongly recommend you to setup all SEO features when starting your blog or site. It may take considerable time at the beginning. However, it will bring good results and make your life easy in the long run. Otherwise, you will have real difficulties in changing the setup after few years when your blog gets good traffic.

Top Tips For Taking Your Catering Business Mobile

Catering might have suffered a few notable setbacks as an industry in recent years thanks to the pandemic but one thing it has been able to do (quite profoundly) is to adapt to this new normal. With so many eat-in establishments becoming economically untenable, more and more caterers are taking their business on the road and making them mobile.

Why Take Your Catering Business Mobile?

Having a mobile catering business allows you to travel with your business and serve customers in different places across the country, taking the business to where the customers are rather than waiting for them to come to you. A mobile caterer can set up shop anywhere from a music festival to a football match and anywhere in-between. The only limit is your transportation.

How to Take Your Catering Business Mobile

There are five steps to successfully turning your catering business into a mobile catering operation.

1. Get a Van – You will need a converted van or truck that you can use to prepare food in or at very least keep it clean and cool. You can either buy a regular van or truck and pay to convert it yourself or buy a pre-converted one. It will generally be cheaper in the long run to do the conversion work yourself and that way you’ll be able to kit it out to your exact specifications too.

2. Equipment – You will need all of the necessary equipment to prepare and serve food from your mobile unit safely and healthily. This includes generators to power the equipment, cookers on board, payment machines and a decent washing/cleaning surface.

3. Registering – You will need to register your business as a mobile catering business, as this comes under different regulations to normal food businesses. Neglecting to do this could cost you a small fortune and even lead to your license being revoked.

4. Finding Locations and Getting Permits – You will need to keep an eye on different locations where there will be eager customers waiting for your tasty treats. This could be outdoor events, festivals or even just busy outdoor spaces. You will need to contact the event planner/owner/authorities to receive a permit to park and serve food there and be prepared to pay a charge for operating in most places. But it is bound to be significantly more affordable than rent.

Also read:

Top 7 Work Operating Systems of 2023

5. Marketing – Marketing your mobile catering business is a key aspect of your strategy. Let people know where you will be going next and where they can find you on social media and promote your various social media accounts on your van or truck so customers can learn more about you and find you again. And remember to keep content regular and interesting. You’ve got a lot of competition to think about, after all!

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