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Most of us have a love-hate relationship with e-mail. It’s allegedly our servant, but, let’s face it, we are often its slaves.

Say what you will about it (nicely-this is a professional forum), but you’ll have to admit that Outlook has improved with each version. It gets easier to use, smarter and plays better with other software. To me, Outlook 2007 is the jewel of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. My colleague Dee-Ann LeBlanc is stirring the pot with reasons for companies to pass on Microsoft‘s flagship. I, on the other hand, am rather fond of the current iteration, so here are a few reasons why Outlook is the best choice for your corporate e-mail client.

1. Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Play Well Together

If your e-mail server runs Microsoft Exchange, Outlook is a no-brainer. They go together like bacon and eggs, toast and coffee, peaches and cream.

Users need to know absolutely nothing to connect. They just fire up Outlook, enter their e-mail address, and it and Exchange commune. Transparently. That cuts down on IT involvement in client configuration and allows users to switch computers easily.

2. Outlook Plays Well With Active Directory.

In fact, since the e-mail address is stored in Active Directory, a user need not even enter that information if authenticating through AD. Outlook automatically figures out the right e-mail address (and, yes, you can bypass that functionality if you need to), log you in and you’re good to go.

If you’re possessed by any sort of PDA or smartphone, there’s a way to synch it with Outlook. Some vendors don’t even provide a native personal information manager for their devices, but rely on the fact that most customers have a copy of Outlook that does the trick very nicely.

4. Outlook Makes it Easy to Organize Your Assets

Most e-mail clients offer some sort of rules for sorting and managing e-mail, but Outlook 2007 (in conjunction with Exchange 2007) really raises the bar. Sure, you can sort messages into folders, or forward or redirect them according to selected criteria. However, you also have the option to send different automatic Out of Office (OOO) messages to internal and external addresses. For example, users who subscribe to mailing lists may not want to send messages to addresses outside their company at all (mailing list admins frown on OOO messages, which act like spam to the list), but need to give internal senders information on who’s covering for them.

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a collaborative platform offering tools for building and managing websites, intranets and workspaces. But Microsoft realizes that many users have neither the time nor the mental bandwidth to log on to yet another server to check forum discussions or to examine shared documents.

6. Outlook Expedites Workflow

Using Outlook’s forms feature, things like requests for time off can be automatically routed to approvers, and the reply returned to the user.

7. Outlook’s User Interface is Familiar

Since Microsoft Office is the market leader in productivity software, the Outlook user interface is familiar to users, cutting down on the learning curve. Sure, there’s a ton of functionality to discover, but the basics are relatively intuitive to someone who’s used to Microsoft Office. That can save a bundle in training costs. And since the familiarity extends to the development environment, it’s also relatively easy for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio to interface with Outlook, either to add functionality or to tie it to other corporate applications.

9. Believe It or Not, Outlook Has Pretty Good Security

Yes, I know Microsoft has a bad reputation on the security front. But Outlook 2007, in particular, has good junk mail filtering (as long as you keep it up-to-date), blocks external content such as web bugs and downloaded images and data from foreign sites, disallows executable attachments and prevents the execution of ActiveX applets, by default. You can bypass the security if you like, but it has to be a conscious decision.

You’re not limited to a single account in Outlook. Several accounts using different protocols (including POP3 and IMAP) can feed into the same set of folders, and be managed with one set of rules. Or, if you prefer, they can be sorted into separate folders by account. You choose.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, it all comes down to picking the right tool for the job, and that job is primarily e-mail. Microsoft Outlook is now robust, secure and versatile enough to be that tool. The extra functionality is just the cherry on the sundae for lucky Outlook users.

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9 Reasons To Use Instagram For Business

Others, however, remain on the sidelines, and one of the chief reasons is that they (incorrectly) believe they have nothing to post.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whether you’re a trendy B2C company or a traditional B2B company, there’s a place for you on the ‘gram.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your business doesn’t have anything visually interesting to post.

With a little creativity and strategic planning, you’ll find there’s plenty you can post on Instagram.

Here are nine reasons you should use Instagram as a business, no matter what your industry is.

1. Customers Expect It

Customers will search for you on Instagram.

They might search for you specifically by name, or by hashtags relating to your business or location.

Either way, not finding you is a bad experience.

Even if you don’t plan to be incredibly active on Instagram, the best practice is to create an account that, at the very least, has your business name, contact information, and a few posts to showcase your brand.

In any case, you don’t want that search to come up empty – or, even worse, lead them to a competitor.

2. It’s a Trust Signal

Having an Instagram account – especially a verified Instagram account – is one more signal that your business is reputable, real, and transparent.

If you’re doing online business exclusively, having yet another social account where your customers can get to know your business is highly valuable.

3. Your Customers & Users Can Tag You

Let’s say you offer a client exceptional service, or a customer is over-the-moon about a product they just bought from you.

It’s highly possible they’ll take to Instagram to share the story, and their glowing review is gold.

That’s the kind of thing you definitely want to be tagged in so that it can show up on your Instagram account.

But here’s the thing – if you don’t have an Instagram account to begin with, the customer will never be able to tag you and it’s a huge missed opportunity.

4. You Can Tag and Sell Your Products

If you sell products, the ability to share Instagram photos and  videos that link directly to those products is a major win.

5. Point Back to Your Site

It isn’t just products you can showcase from your Instagram account – it’s also your white papers, infographics, blog posts, and any other content you post on your website.

Instagram is one more social channel where you can drive traffic back to your site.

6. Online Reputation Management

When it comes to online reputation management and search engine optimization for your brand name, having an Instagram account is a must-do.

Your online reputation is critical to your business, and for that reason, you have to be vigilant about what comes up when customers search for your business or brand’s name.

In addition to your website, your social channels usually show up on the first page of the search engine results, as well.

For that reason, it’s a best practice to create business accounts on all social networks (including Instagram) with your brand name, even if you don’t plan on using them frequently.

The idea here is to control the search engine results page as much as you can by creating profiles and content that points back to your brand.

That way, in the event you do get bad publicity online, your website and social accounts have a fighting chance to rank above any negative content.

7. Your Competitors Are on Instagram

If you don’t have an Instagram account and your competitors do, you’re giving them a competitive edge, plain and simple.

If you’re stumped on what kind of content to post to Instagram, look at what your competitors are doing.

It’ll give you plenty of inspiration for what you can do, too!

8. Networking

Instagram is also a useful networking tool.

That way, if you ever want to reach out to them in the real world or run into them at an event, you’ll have already laid a foundation on Instagram.

9. You Can Attract Talent

Whenever people are considering working with or for a new company, they want to know what it’s really like.

Giving them a transparent glimpse of behind-the-scenes moments on Instagram (and social media in general) is a great way to show off your company culture.

Featured Image Credit: Paulo Bobita

How To Forward Outlook Emails To Gmail

If you have Outlook and Gmail accounts, you can set up your inbox so that it will automatically redirect your messages to the preferred email account. This is particularly useful when you want to read and respond to email messages and you don’t have Outlook on your device.

Plus, you can forward your emails when you want to read and reply from a different email address, or you want someone else to receive on your behalf and reply while you’re away.

Table of Contents

Whatever your reasons, we’ll show you how to forward Outlook emails to Gmail so you can send and receive mail wherever you want.

How to Forward Outlook Email to Gmail

Whether you just set up a new email account or you don’t want to miss an important email while on the go, here are the steps you need to take to forward Outlook to Gmail. 

Note: Instructions in this guide apply to chúng tôi and Outlook Desktop.

How  to Forward Outlook to Gmail Automatically

You can configure Outlook on the web to forward your emails automatically to your Gmail address.

To do this, go to chúng tôi toolbar and select Settings.

Next, select View all Outlook settings.

Check the box next to Enable forwarding.

Note: If you don’t want Outlook to forward more messages, clear the checkbox instead.

Next, enter the Gmail address to which the emails forwarded from Outlook will be sent. You can select the box next to Keep a copy of forwarded messages to keep the copies in your Outlook account otherwise the forwarded mail will be deleted from Outlook.

Select Save to complete the process.

How to Use Message Rules to Forward Outlook to Gmail

Message rules ensure that Outlook forwards only the messages that match a certain criteria to your Gmail address. For this guide, we’ll use Outlook on the web.

Give the rule a descriptive name that you can remember and then choose how to forward the emails. You can do this by going to the Add a condition dropdown and selecting:

Choose Has attachment

Choose From 

Choose Importance

If you pick Choose Has attachment, Outlook will forward only messages with email attachments. Choose From and Choose Importance will forward emails from specific senders or those marked as highly important respectively.

Note: The message cannot be forwarded until it has met all conditions.

Next, select Add an action and then select Forward to (an email) or Forward as attachment (complete emails forwarded as unmodified attachments).

Enter your Gmail address to which all the forwarded messages matching the set criteria or message rules should be sent.  Here you can specify more than one address if you want the email to be forwarded to multiple recipients.

Next, add exceptions that will exclude all emails that match certain criteria from being forwarded. You can do this by selecting:

Add an exception

Select one dropdown to choose a condition like Sensitivity

Select an option dropdown and choose an option like Private

Once done, select Save to complete the process.

How to Forward Outlook Emails to Gmail on Desktop

We’ve looked at how to forward Outlook email to Gmail using Outlook for the web, but you can do the same using Outlook’s desktop version.

To get started, create a rule using the following steps:

Open Outlook desktop on your PC and find the Rules under Home.

 Select Advanced options.

Next, set the criteria for the forwarded messages or leave it blank if you want every email to be forwarded to your Gmail account and then select Next.

Confirm the prompt if you see a dialog box warning that the changes will apply to all messages. 

Enter your Gmail address in the To box at the bottom and then select the criteria for the emails you want excluded from the rule. If you want, you can also filter emails from particular senders or that contain certain words or phrases.

Give your rule a descriptive name that you can remember in future and check the box next to Turn on this rule.

Select Finish. From here on, every email that’s forwarded will go to the email address you specified and matches the criteria you set.

Send Your Mail Wherever You Want

Whether you plan to switch email clients or you just want to move a few important emails, it’s easy to forward emails from your Outlook account to Gmail using the steps in this guide.

If you have two Gmail accounts, our guide on how to transfer emails between two Gmail accounts offers quick ways to do so within minutes. See also how to forward multiple emails in Gmail and how to automatically save your email attachments to cloud storage and free up valuable storage space on your device.

10 Reasons Why Ethereum Is On Course To Breach $10,000

It’s been quite a roller-coaster of a year for Ethereum. When 2023 began, ETH was valued at just over $720 on the charts. At the time of writing, however, ETH was trading just under the $4100-level.

Thanks to the scale of its performance, many crypto-enthusiasts have presented their own predictions for Ethereum’s current rally. ‘ETH is well on its way to $10k,’ for instance, is a statement that is common on Crypto-Twitter these days. 

Spencer Noon, the creator of ‘Our Network’, recently presented his case for Ethereum’s bullish projection in a series of tweets.

ETH generated the most revenue from network fees out of any cryptocurrency out there, including Bitcoin.

The analyst pointed out, 

“Ethereum dwarfs every blockchain in terms of fees paid, with a current run rate of nearly $7 billion — confirming massive demand for ETH block space.”

Secondly, “Ethereum settles $30.5 billion worth of value per day, far more than Bitcoin and every other blockchain — to put this into context, PayPal settles ~$2.5 billion daily.”

There has also been a corresponding surge in Ethereum’s active wallets, with its daily active addresses count climbing to 625K (90-day MA) recently – Well over its previous ATH on the charts.

The fourth reason shed light on the DeFi space, its heavy dependency on the Ethereum network, and why the alt is getting more appealing to institutions. According to Noon,

“There is now $65 billion locked in DeFi, with 16 different projects having more than $1B TVL — a sign that Ethereum is institutional-grade financial technology.”

Then there is the question of the outstanding supply of stablecoins. Ethereum, right now, has over $50B in outstanding stablecoin supply, with the network enjoying 500k daily unique senders. What’s more, “$20B in value are being exchanged per day — a sign of explosive product-market fit.”

The sixth reason was in relation to DeFi’s liquidity as DEX volumes have been surging across the board. Monthly


volume, Noon found, stood at more than $60B, up ~60x YoY — “proving


liquidity already rivals


.” Here, it’s worth noting that something similar was found out by a recent Pantera Capital finding.

Ethereum, it can be argued, is also becoming more appealing thanks to its emergence as an “economic vacuum for all assets, including Bitcoin.” This can be best evidenced by the fact that “over 200K BTC are now represented on Ethereum in various forms.”

There are other reasons too, factors that may all contribute to ETH’s surge to $10,000 one day. NFTs, for starters, perhaps the space’s hottest property this year, have seen their sales cross $600M on Ethereum. The emergence and success of projects such as the Ethereum-based Polygon network have also disproved the “Ethereum can’t scale narrative.”

Finally, perhaps the most crucial factor that may be driving ETH’s value may be the hype and progress around EIP-1559. According to Noon,

“Finally, in less than 3 months(!), the EIP-1559 upgrade will be activated, likely resulting in hundreds of millions worth of ETH being burned each year — this is a massive catalyst for ETH value capture and its overall fundamental investment case.“

What Is Cardano? – 10 Reasons To Buy Ada In July 2023

To answer the question ‘what is Cardano?’ you need to know the difference between a blockchain and a cryptocurrency.

A blockchain is a decentralised ledger that validates transactions and stores the entire history of a unit of value; a cryptocurrency is the unit of value.

Why is this important?

Because while you can never buy any Cardano – you buy the cryptocurrency, ADA – the success of an ADA investment is directly tied to the success of the Cardano blockchain.

You need to know that not all cryptocurrencies come with their own blockchain.

Below, we’ll analyse 10 reasons to buy Cardano in July 2023, and compare the benefits of ADA with a fast-growing altcoin – EverGrow – which has no native blockchain.

What is Cardano? – The ‘Ethereum Killer’

The Cardano blockchain is often dubbed ‘the Ethereum killer’.

It’s true that Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche and more are all competing to have their blockchains overtake the total valued locked (TVL) and market cap of Ethereum – but there’s also a deeper connection between Cardano and Ethereum.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson was an Ethereum co-founder who left the project in 2014 over a clash of vision.

Hoskinson wanted to make the Ethereum blockchain commercial.

After starting work on Cardano in 2024, Hoskinson sent the blockchain live in 2023 with the goal of bettering Ethereum’s scalability, reducing its high energy output and providing blockchain solutions for a fascinating array of industries.

For example:

Cardano makes medical records instantly retrievable by doctors

Cardano provides academic certificates that are instantly accessible and imperishable

Cardano lets fashion brands validate the authenticity and identify fakes

Cardano helps environmental charities track the exact outcome of a donation

Cardano allows agricultural industries to vet the entire supply line of a commodity

Cardano gives the 1.7-billion unbanked adult population a chance to digitally control their finances.

Cardano is already working with New Balance to track the authenticity of shoes, with Ethiopia to issue digital identities to students, and with various universities to develop academic training and research partnerships.

Cardano is best known as the company which develops and improves its blockchain – Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) – only making updates after a rigorous, scientific peer-review process.

How is a Cardano Investment Different from Other Cryptocurrency Investments?

Demand for ADA depends almost entirely on the current use cases and future potential of the Cardano blockchain.

If Ethereum overcomes its scalability failings, if Solana gets better dApps, or Avalanche becomes the smart contract platform of choice, then Cardano will struggle to offer significant ROI to investors.

Compare this with the fast-growing altcoin EverGrow.

Like the majority of cryptocurrencies, EverGrow launched on an existing blockchain network – in this case, the BNB Chain (Binance).

EverGrow does not need hundreds of computing engineers to beat the competition. Instead, the EverGrow core team comes from the world of finance to offer what most crypto investors want – a good return on investment.

For example, a cryptocurrency like EverGrow can afford to charge a 14% transaction tax with 8% distributed instantly in the BUSD stablecoin as investor rewards, with 2% for strategic coin burning and the rest for marketing and liquidity.

ADA needs to be rapidly transferable at the lowest cost possible to be the native token of a huge network of dApps, DeFi protocols and decentralised exchanges.

EverGrow, meanwhile, priotises long-term holding for maximum ROI.

Since launching in September last year it has paid out more than $37.5 million in BUSD rewards to holders who understood the difference between blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

10 Reasons to Buy ADA in July 2023

1. Crypto 3.0. Cardano is arguably the natural evolution of crypto from Bitcoin (crypto 1.0) and Ethereum (crypto 2.0). Cardano offers an exciting array of real-world use cases for cryptocurrencies beyond the pure speculation of Bitcoin. Cardano offers the development platform the get there without the high processing fees and enormous energy consumption of Ethereum.

2. Ouroboros. Ethereum has an annualised energy consumption of 70 TWh – equivalent to the consumption of the Czech Republic. Ethereum has a carbon footprint compared to the Republic of Ireland (39 Mt C02). A single Etheruem transaction has the carbon footprint equivalent to 201,422 VISA transactions and uses enough energy to power an average US household for 5.5 days. Cardano was discovered to be the least energy intensive blockchain network on the market in 2023 thanks to its randomised consensus mechanism called ouroboros.

3. Peer-reviewed blockchain. Cardano takes its name from Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano, and its ticker ADA from British mathematician Ada Lovelace – considered the first computer programmer in history. Cardano’s peer-review process ensures it does not suffer the network outages of other competitors like Solana and makes it an attractive blockchain solutions provider for other global industries.

4. Use cases. Cardano is the blockchain network that most reaches outside of the crypto industry to ink partnerships with top brands like New Balance, as well as universities, world governments and other key sectors.

5. Fast transactions. Cardano can process more than 250 transactions per second (TPS) compared to around 5 TPS on the Bitcoin blockchain and 15-45 TPS on Ethereum. In 2023 a scheduled network upgrade should make Cardano able to process 100,000 TPS. Through the Hydra layer-2 system, Cardano will eventually process up to 1 million TPS.

6. High network staking. More than 70% of ADA is staked for network validation. Using the two official wallets (Daedalus and Yoroi) users are incentivised to take their ADA off exchanges and stake it for up to 5% APY. Ethereum has about 5% of its supply locked for validation – but this is because Ethereum still uses an energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus mechanism.

7. Developers. Cardano has up to 150 developers working day-in-day-out to develop the blockchain network. Cardano is one of the most actively-developed projects in the blockchain space and this summer of 2023 will rollout the Vasil hardfork, which will rapidly increase the scalability and operation of smart contracts on the blockchain.

8. Vasil hardfork. The Vasil hardfork scheduled for July 2023 will allow faster block creation on the Cardano network and greater scalability for decentralised apps (dApps) running on Cardano. This year could be the year Cardano cements itself as the leading Ethereum competitor – recent dApps to enjoy greater scalability includes the Revuto project which offers lifetime subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, and more as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Subscriptions can be traded like any other NFT for a fixed price.

9. Lowest prices in 18 months. The price of ADA is the lowest since early 2023 – some 18 months ago. Cardano had a successful price rally last year to reach an all-time high of $3. In July 2023, the price of Cardano is trading between $0.41 to $0.47.

10. Whale accumulation. Cardano whales (wallets holding 10k to 100k ADA) have been accumulating more than 79 million ADA in the past month according to Santiment. Whale accumulation is a key sign that experienced investors are bullish on the future price potential for Cardano.

The Risks of Investing in Cardano in July 2023

The key risks of investing in Cardano are both theoretical – as outlined by comparison with EverGrow above – and real.

Ethereum is by far the leading smart contracts platform for developers in the cryptocurrency industry. Ethereum has over 1,500 active developers (10 times more than Cardano) and will transition to a more environmentally friendly and scalable consensus mechanism before the end of 2023.

Solana, while suffering network outages numerous times in 2023, also has more developers on board than Cardano.

The problem is also to do with the price of ADA. In April 2023, before the crypto crash, 82% of ADA investors were in the red on their portfolios. Back then ADA had a price of $0.97 – today the ADA price is $0.47.

Compare this with the BUSD rewards from EverGrow.

The daily BUSD rewards mean that even during a bear market EverGrow investors can make passive income. The passive income may be reduced when daily volume is at a current $150,000 per day – meaning $12,000 distributed to investors.

But this helps to keep investors engaged until the daily trading volume of EverGrow is back to its 2023 peak of $12 million – meaning $960,000 for EverGrow investors in a single day.

You can use one of the EverGrow calculators on the website to look at your passive income potential with an EverGrow position depending on daily trading volume.

EverGrow is also a useful comparison due to its automatic coin burning mechanism. More than 53% of the initial EverGrow supply has been burned since launching in September.

The EverGrow team has been burning more tokens from supply in July 2023, which helps to increase scarcity and raise prices during a broken market in a way that cryptocurrencies like ADA tied to a blockchain platform can’t afford to do.

Should I buy Cardano in July 2023?

Cardano is undoubtedly one of the most promising Ethereum competitors in the market.

Cardano is currently the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap ($16 billion) and ahead of Solana in 9th place, Polkadot in 11th place, Avalanche in 14th place, NEAR Protocol in 25th place, and Algorand in 29th place.

The real-world use cases and robust peer-reviewed process of the Cardano blockchain make it one of the more future-proof cryptocurrency ecosystems, with potential for industry adoption outside the cryptocurrency industry.

The lively community forums and the popularity of decentralised staking pools make Cardano a fantastic place for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

If you’re only interested in crypto for making a decent return on your investment, however, then ADA is not necessarily the best buy in July 2023.

You should research small market cap cryptocurrencies like EverGrow ($60 million) with a huge potential to breakout in 2023. Smaller, relatively unknown cryptocurrencies are also the ones to provide the most spectacular gains (just look at Shiba Inu in 2023) and are where the investors looking for ROI should search first.

0X800Ccc0D: How To Quickly Fix This Outlook Error

0x800ccc0d: How to Quickly Fix This Outlook Error First, check if you have a reliable internet connection





0x800ccc0d error occurs if you have internet connection issues, a damaged Outlook data file, or incorrect login credentials.

To fix it, you can repair the Outlook profile, check your Firewall settings, modify the Outlook Settings, or create a new profile.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Encountering errors while using Microsoft Outlook can be frustrating, and one common error is 0x800ccc0d. This error typically indicates an issue with the email configuration or connection settings.

In this guide, we will provide you with effective solutions to resolve this error and get your Outlook up and running in no time.

What causes the 0x800ccc0d Outlook error?

There could be various reasons for this error; some of the common ones are mentioned here:

Incorrect email configuration – If the server settings, including incoming and outgoing mail server addresses, ports, or encryption settings, are incorrect, you may see this error.

Damaged Outlook data files – Outlook data files store your emails, contacts, and other Outlook data, and if they become corrupted, they could trigger the 0x800ccc0d error.

Internet connectivity issues – The error can occur if there are problems with your internet connection or if the connection to the mail server is interrupted.

Incorrect login credentials – Providing incorrect login credentials, such as an incorrect username or password, can lead to authentication failures and result in this error.

Antivirus or firewall conflict – Some antivirus or firewall programs may interfere with the communication between Outlook and the mail server, resulting in an error.

Now that you know the causes, let us check out the troubleshooting methods to fix it.

How can I fix the 0x800ccc0d Outlook error?

Restart your computer and Outlook.

Restart your router or check your internet connection.

Make sure your Windows is up to date.

Ensure Outlook is updated.

Disable the security tool temporarily.

Once you have done these, move to the detailed methods to fix this error.

1. Allow Outlook through the firewall

If you’re using a third-party antivirus and firewall, make sure you include Outlook in its exception list.

2. Repair the Outlook profile

Press Windows + E to open the Windows File Explorer.

Navigate to one of these paths:

3. Use an automatic repair tool

It’s more likely to get rid of this Outlook error by repairing the application with a recognized PST file recovery tool. You can proceed with the next steps:

Finally, you can save the repaired files and the deleted Outlook files from the Stellar tool.

Stellar PST File Recovery

From now on, use your Outlook inbox without any unpleasant error codes due to Stellar technology.

Free trial Visit website

4. Create a new profile

Restart your Outlook and check if the issue persists.

5. Verify the login credentials

Now Outlook will try to establish the connection. Once it is complete, close the window, and restart the Outlook app.

6. Check the Outlook settings

So, these are methods to fix the 0x800ccc0d Outlook error and restore normal email functionality on the app.

If you are facing other issues related to Outlook, such as Something went wrong, we recommend you check out this guide to find solutions to fix them in no time.

Still experiencing issues?

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