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title: Video Recording Software for Windows 10: Best to Use in 2023




Video recording software for Windows 10 are simplistic in that they do precisely what their name says, record videos.

However, if you are looking for the best video recording app for Windows 10, check our top list below.

To add great filters to your video, you could use Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as other apps presented.

With plenty of features, Animotica stands for the best video recorder app for Windows 10, alongside the rest of the apps.

Windows 10 mobiles and laptops include webcams and cameras for you to record videos with. Webcams are not always ideal for recording videos, but almost all mobile phones have built-in cameras with video-recording options.

Some smartphones can record higher-quality video output. So there are quite a few video-recording apps for Windows 10 Mobile, although app support for that platform is still more limited than Android and iOS.

These are some of the best video-recording apps for Windows 10 mobiles and PCs you can install from the Windows Store.

What are the best video-recording apps for Windows 10?

When talking about Adobe Premiere Pro, those of you that never actually used it may only know it as a video editor and a video converter.

While you may not be wrong, you’d only be scratching the surface in regards to what exactly this program is capable of, since it has several components that also make it an excellent video recorder.

As long as you have a camera attached to your PC, you can record pretty much anything you like, and even do some live editing while you are at it.

More so, you can later doctor up the recordings and create great feature films using the program. Thus, you can consider Adobe Premiere one of the best video recording software for Windows 10.

Here are some of the main benefits of using Adobe Premiere Pro:

UI caters to both veteran and beginners alike

The timeline-based interface looks familiar

Great for combining videos seamlessly

Compatible with other video editors, especially adobe After Effects

Can be tested for free for 7 days

Adobe Premiere Pro

Record and edit your videos like a professional with the industry-leading software.

Free trialVisit website

GoPro is a Windows 10 Mobile app that enables you to operate cameras remotely from your phone. It gives you full remote control of camera options so that you can record videos with a secondary camera.

GoPro is great for sports recording and gear-mounted shots where your camera would usually be out of reach. It also includes HiLight Tag for you to highlight key moments in a recording and options to trim clips.

The app only works with a limited variety of camera and mobile models. It’s compatible with the wearable HERO4, HERO 3, HERO + LCD, and HD HERO 2 cameras.

⇒ Download GoPro

Movie Maker is a free app for Windows 10 Mobile that enables users to record short, fun video clips.

This app enables users to record brief movie clips complete with text, background audio, and perhaps some photos mixed in.

Plus it also includes some extra options for editing videos such as adding emoji over the recording, adding enhancing filters with special effects and transitions.

Moreover, this app will help you to easily share videos on social network platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

⇒ Download Movie Maker Free

Expert tip:

With this, you can edit videos, make movies or use the app as a slideshow video maker. You can easily join, split, trim, combine video and photo, add music, add voiceover.

Furthermore, you can add transitions to your videos, scale, rotate, and reverse them. Alos, you can adjust color and image, apply Chroma Key effect.

With the add animated titles and captions, stickers, a custom logo with amazing animations, you can create marvelous videos. Also, you can share them on various social networking websites.

⇒ Download Movie Maker &Video Editor

This highly-rated app, available for Windows 10 PCs and mobiles, adds DSLR options to your camera.

ProShot gives you shutter speed, ISO, flash, aspect ratio, alternative camera mode, focus, white balance options and more besides.

In addition, it includes eight alternative filters to apply to photos. This app also enables you to record 4K video at 60 frames per second to give your clips a boost.

With it you can record videos in P, M, Auto, C1, and C2 shooting modes and adjust the resolution and frame rate. So ProShot is great for both photography and video recording.

⇒ Download ProShot

As Microsoft is now phasing out Lumia Camera, the Windows 10 Camera app is getting much more attention.

Microsoft has revamped the app and added many of the previously exclusive Lumia Camera options to it.

The Windows Camera app for phones now includes rich HDR, slow motion and panorama video-recording options. Its digital video stabilization enables smoother video recording.

Plus you can capture still photos from 4K recordings and add motion to static photographs with this app. The desktop version also includes a handy framing grid and photo timer camera options.

Overall, there aren’t that many video recorder apps for Windows 10 compared with Android.

Those are five of the best video recording app for windows 10 that will enhance your video recording and photography.

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Chess Software For Windows 10: Best To Use In 2023

Chess Software for Windows 10: Best to Use in 2023




Whether you’re a chess enthusiast or are just trying to learn the ropes, the best chess software for Windows 10 can help you improve your skills.

We made a selection of

 programs that auto-explain chess moves and some of them are even available for free.

You can also find a tool created by the popular 18-time world computer chess champion Stefan Meyer-Kahlen.

When people nowadays hear the word game they usually think of something that is purely fun and runs on some kind of gaming system.

There are plenty of board games on the market but some of the original ones disappeared. However, chess has a very long history and it’s definitely here to stay for a lot longer.

Its tactical nature will live forever and many of the upcoming generations will find chess as something worth their time.

What is the way to combine modern technology with a brilliant strategic game and make it playable for millions? Well, the answer involves creating the game itself.

That’s just it. Microsoft used to implement Chess Titans into Windows Vista and Windows 7 but stopped doing so in Windows 8 and 10. All of us can agree, that was regrettable.

Although Chess Titans was great and hard to match, we have some other games that you can get for Windows 10.

How to choose the best chess software for Windows 10?

Whether you need to practice your skills as an experienced chess player or you’re a novice in this area, decide what you want in order to choose from the wide range of tools on the market.

➡ Chess engine

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, you won’t need to bother with this kind of setting.

➡ Friendly interface

If you’re a beginner, like most users who just want to start their journey into this wonderful game, you will need a simple solution with basic functions, like some of the apps listed below.

➡ Features

You should look for learning tutorials that will improve your knowledge about strategy, opening, positioning, and a lot more and the first tool from our list has all these. And it isn’t the only recommendation worthy of your attention.

What is the best chess software for Windows 10?

DecodeChess is considered a strong chess software tool at this moment for a good reason. Chess enthusiasts see it as a chance to win something even greater than a master at their disposal 24/7.

Actually, DecodeChess is well beyond the skill of any chess genius. This great tool provides the best interface to practice with a chess engine and the flexibility to compete against opponents that play more like humans.

You can also benefit from useful hints to learn how moves support future player plans, and positional/tactical motives relevant to the decoded position.

Even more, forget all about regular chess engines that lack descriptions. DecodeChess auto-explains chess moves in rich, intuitive language.

In the game’s Summary tab, you will also learn about the major threats that you are exposed to, how to find the best move, and what pieces you need to pay attention to.

Moreover, it is also the perfect choice for professionals who are often overwhelmed by poorly implemented complex features of other chess software tools.

After all, all the players share a similar goal: to become more open to the game possibilities in front of them and enforce wise habits. That’s precisely what they get from DecodeChess!


Get your skills to the next level with the most sophisticated chess analysis tool – DecodeChess!

Free trialVisit website

Shredder Classic is not simply a chess game, it is a piece of art. This software is created by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, and the popular 18 times World Computer Chess Champion.

Thus, you won’t need to worry about a thing – you’ll play with a pro. If you are a beginner, you can adjust the program’s level to yours.

By opening the Training module from the Mode tab, you will even have access to more than 1000 chess puzzles that you can try to solve.

In time, by playing games, you will learn what is your level, but until then, you can test it by setting it up from the Levels tab and selecting the Playing Strength.

The virtual player level can be easily adjusted

You will also discover a game editor where you can enter the position of every piece and reproduce one of your plays or study a given situation from another source.

The interface of the app doesn’t look fresh but it’s pretty friendly and you will get adjusted to it quickly. You can discover more features of Shredder Classic by downloading it for free using the link below.

Shredder Classic

Shredder Classic is not only a great gaming app but it’s also excellent for learning chess.

Free trialVisit website

The Chess Lv.100 is one of the few free chess games available in the Microsoft Store. It is not as appealing as Chess Titans, but it will serve you well.

This tool brings a lot of customizing options to the table, concerning board and pieces, in-game sound, and graphics. You can also record games you play for later inspection.

You can select levels according to your knowledge of the game or play against friends. AI is quite tricky to beat on higher levels so prepare yourself for a true challenge.

Another great feature is the Edit Mode that will help you reevaluate a position you experienced in a live game or a practice situation.

The last game you played is saved after closing, so you can continue from the same point next time.

We appreciated the pleasant graphics of the app and the soothing music in the background, but you can switch that off from the Settings option quickly if it doesn’t help you.

⇒ Get The Chess Lv.100

Chess Online + is another free chess game you can find in the Microsoft Store. It doesn’t offer an abundance of customization options like The Chess Lv.100, but, instead, brings competitive online gaming.

In fact, you can’t play with the computer at all. You can only find opponents online and there are thousands to choose from.

Expert tip:

When you first open the game, you will receive 120 credits and if you create a user account, you will also get 300 more.

The game is based on credits

When you start playing a game, you have to bet a number of credits (a minimum of 10) on it or pick a player who already proposed a match.

After that, it’s pretty simple. If you win the game, you will get the credits from the other players. If not, you will lose the amount you have bet.

You can set your own conditions for the game

As you can see from our screenshot, you can pick the number of credits, the time period for the moves (by default it’s 5 for a move and 15 minutes in total), and the range for the player rating.

You can also see the statistics for your games or review them, the rankings for your country or worldwide and you can change the design of the board and pieces.

It’s not a complex app but you should try it out, especially if you are a beginner because it will help you develop your skills during intense competitive play.

⇒ Get Chess Online +

The first clear difference between Chess V+ and Chess Online + is that with this one, you can also play with the computer.

Speaking of the differences, this is a pretty basic game, so it’s not so amazing visually, although you can change the appearance of the pieces and the board.

It doesn’t have a 3D view so if you should look elsewhere if you want that feature. However, it does have a Hint option (the question mark) on the side when you’re playing with the system.

Pressing the Hint option will suggest you the next move

The computer level is well balanced but unfortunately, you don’t have the option to change the rating or level and it can be beaten even by an intermediate player.

On the other hand, the game also has a hot seat, player versus player game mode, so you can either play for both sides or with another player on the same computer which transforms the app into a digital chessboard.

That mode can be very convenient if you want to practice a strategy and reproduce a match, or you have a friend around, but you don’t have a chess set available.

That is a great feature if you’re a beginner as you will grasp the piece roles much more easily when you see the moves on the screen.

Chess V+ is a lookalike of classic chess simulators we encountered in the 90s, so it falls behind for most nowadays players.

But it is a reasonable option for nostalgic and chess puzzle enthusiasts. And it’s completely free except for a couple of commercials displayed at the bottom of the screen.

⇒ Get Chess V+

If you like the idea of a tridimensional feeling, 3D Chess Game is what you’re looking for. It is simple but it’s a good chess simulator so you should try it out.

With this app, you get the reverse of what you receive from others because it doesn’t have a 2D view option so you will have to find the right angle to get comfortable with.

The interface is simple but lacks some options you could find in other games. However, it’s easy to understand and get around.

There are 25 available levels of difficulty, from beginner to professional. It can be played against the computer or in a hot-seat mode, against another player on the same PC.

There are also a lot of options to customize the colors of absolutely all elements of the table and pieces so you can even use this app if you want to get some great shots with a chessboard.

You can edit the situation on the board so you can replay a certain position and you can add a time mode to make things more challenging.

The interface is very friendly and there are not so many options to play with so it can be an ideal choice for a beginner.

⇒ Get 3D Chess Game

How can I improve positional thinking?

We came across a great piece on positional thinking on the Chess Evolution website that will eventually help you assess the situation on the board more clearly.

➡ Material

Of course, you also need to look for any traps or strategic consequences that can lead to your quick demise.

➡ Activity

An important aspect of the chess game is to acquire as much control over as many squares with your forces as possible.

If you look at the screenshot below, the knight in the center of the board controls 8 positions while the one in the corner only 2. It’s clear that the one in the middle dominates the board a lot better.

So, the lesson here is that you want to develop your pieces towards the center of the table to gain as much dominance as possible.

➡ Activity principles

The three principles of maximum activity, center, and least active piece work together as a whole.

You have to look at your pieces on the board and if you find any idle ones that have not yet left their home square, start thinking about moving it on the best square possible.

Idle pieces except little to no domination on the board so they must be put to good use, closer to the center of the board if possible.

➡ Attack

Your attack should start when you have a superior position over the opponent. But that position is gained only by respecting the other principles listed above.

Analyzing the correct situation, the piece roles, and the position are extremely important in chess and must not be overlooked.

And if you look further into this wonderful world of chess, you can also take a look at our list including the best software to analyze chess games.

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Best Free And Paid Video Recording Software

Best Free and Paid Video Recording Software in 2023

You can tweak the inherent audio or even adjust its levels

Most screen video recording software let you even add annotations while the recording is taking place

Ability to capture webcam events

A variety of output formats supported

Frame wise editing functionalities

What is A Video Recording Software?

A video recording software helps you record everything that happens on your screen. It is a lot more than that. A video capture or video recording software helps you record high-quality videos of games, application operations happening on your device’s window, system audio, webcam, and much more.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the reputed video recording software and even weigh their pros and cons.

Best Video Recording Software To Capture Events On Screen

To record videos on your laptop or computer, you can choose from the below-listed video capture programs –

1. TweakShot Screen Capture and Video Recorder – An Ultimate Video Recording Tool for Windows

Price: US$ 29.95


Choose desired frame rate and quality, and even highlight the mouse cursor

Record both video and audio in high definition

Store captured videos directly on the cloud

Ability to choose the desired region on your screen

Add or remove watermarks as per your choice


Available for Windows only

Full Review on TweakShot Screen Capture

2. Movavi Screen Recorder – Tool With Great Video Recording Capabilities

Movavi Screen Recorder can be your ultimate companion when you are recording online meetings, webinars, tutorials, live streams, and online events.

Available For – Windows and Mac

Price – US$ 37.95


Records both audio and video in supreme quality

Supports a variety of formats such as MOV, AVI, MKV, and MP4

Even captures webcam videos

Adjust settings pertaining to video recording

Integrated video editor

You can display the mouse while recording a video

You can schedule recording


The trial version restricts you to record videos for a matter of 5 minutes only

Install Movavi Screen Recorder

3. Wondershare Filmora 9

This one’s a powerful and wholesome tool. You must have heard of Wondershare Filmora 9 as a tool that can edit videos, something that has helped video creators globally. But, did you know that Wondershare Filmora 9 is also capable of recording screen activities with equal efficiency? This implies that not just do you get to record videos on screen but you can even edit them like a pro.

Available For: Windows and Mac

Price: Monthly plan starts at US$ 19.99


Intuitive interface

Record video from screen or webcam

More control on audio

Get more control on video editing of recorded screen videos

A variety of formats are supported that include AVI, MP4, TS, WebM, and MPEG-2


Users have reported few performance issues

Install Wondershare Filmora 9

4. Apowersoft ApowerREC – Feature Rich Video Recording Application

ApowerREC is a cross-platform video screen recorder software that can even help you capture events on your smartphone as well.

Available For: Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS

Price: Monthly subscription starts at US$ 19.95


Record the events on the full screen or any desired region in HD

Locked window recording enables you to record videos while you are using other applications

You can record webcams

Schedule video recording

Easily annotate while recording video and add texts and serial numbers


Might create issues on multiple monitors

Install ApowerRec From Apowersoft

5. Ashampoo Snap 11 – Record Videos In A Snap

As the saying goes – the name speaks for itself, Ashampoo Snap 11, is a video recording software that can record videos of anything that happens on your screen in a snap. You can easily save your recorded videos and edit them as per your desires. If you are a gamer with a knack for recording games, you are going to fall in love with Ashampoo Snap 11 instantly.

Available For – Windows

Price – US$ 24.99


Share recorded videos on a myriad of cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc

Works well on multi-display setups and HD and super HD environments

Multiple formats are supported

Multi-lingual support


You may have issues with the 4K recording feature

 Download Ashampoo Snap 11

6. Camtasia – A Feature Rich Video Recording Software

Keeping aside its cost, everything is on the up and up for Camtasia. It is one of the best screen video recorder tools available. It offers a variety of templates and presets that can help you get started in no time at all.

Available For – Windows and Mac

Price: US$ 249.99


This video recording program comes packed with custom effects like swipes, taps, and pinches

Easily record the video of your webcam

Basic editing features such as adding audio and texts and trimming video are provides

Raise the bar of your recorded videos by adding annotations and captions, removing backgrounds

Camtasia gives you more control over each frame thereby making frame by frame editing possible


The application is reported to sometimes slow down when trying to work on heavy files

Install Camtasia

7. Free Cam – The Best Free Video Capture Software

If you have a notion that a screen video recorder software will drain your wallet completely, how about having a look at a free alternative. Free Cam, indeed, is a video recording software that doesn’t just let you capture videos on your computer’s screen but offers tons of features to edit them as well.

Available For – Windows


Inbuilt video editor

Directly upload recorded video on YouTube

Remove unnecessary fragments and background noise

Adjust volume and add fade-in and fade-out effects

No watermarks and no time restriction on video recording


Available only for Windows

The output format is restricted to WMV in the free version

You can’t record webcam video in the free version

Install Free Cam Video Recorder

8. TinyTake – A Great Cloud-Based Video Recorder

If you need a video recording software that can fulfill your regular needs of making tutorials, you need a tool that gives you complete control over customizability as well. And, TinyTake is one such tool. It is in fact one of the best cloud-based screen video recorders which facilitates sharing files over the cloud with teammates and other members.

Available For: Windows

Price: Starts at US$ 29.95 per year


Easy to use and intuitive user interface

Availability of an inbuilt cloud-based gallery

Customizable hotkeys

You can even share public URL

Inbuilt viewer where you can watch videos, images, and other files


You can save video files in MP4 format only

Free version has a recording limit of 5 minutes

Not many editing features

Install TinyTake

9. OBS Studio – Video Recording Software For All Purposes

Whether you are a gamer or do frequent live streams, if you aim to record such videos on your computer, OBS is an option to consider. In fact, as a live streamer, you can use the custom transition feature wherein you will be able to switch between multiple windows.

Available For: Windows, Linux, and Mac

Price: Free


It is an open-source screen video recording software available free of cost

You can capture audios from both internal and external sources

Custom transition feature to switch between multiple windows

Upload recorded videos directly on social media platforms


Slightly complicated interface

No video editing capabilities

Install OBS

10. Debut Video Capture – This Video Recording Program Supports External Devices

Another free-to-use video recording tool, Debut Video Capture offers you tons of features to record all kinds of videos. And by that we mean not just recording videos on your computer’s screen but you can even record videos from any other input device or even connect an IP camera.

Available For: Windows and Mac

Price: Free


Capture webcam events

Can record videos from external devices such as a home camera

Variety of output formats supported to export recorded videos


Lacks editing tools

Dated user interface

Install Debut Video Capture

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to install a video recording capture tool or wish someone else to make an informed decision about the same, this is the blog for you. Do let us know which of the above video screen recording software would you pick and why. For more such content keep reading Tweak Library.

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About the author

Sarang Bhargava

5 Of The Best Screen Recording Software For Windows

Do you want to start your own YouTube channel chock full of “Let’s Play” videos? Not into the Triple A blockbusters on Steam? How about creating software tutorial videos? Or making demo videos to show off one of your own applications? If the answer is yes, then you are in the market for a reliable, high-quality screen recorder. Luckily for you there are many out there. However, not all of them are fantastic.

The most basic screen recorders will do exactly that – record whatever is on your screen. While some adopt an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, others have integrated other useful features. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, we have rounded up some of the best screen recording software available today.

1. CamStudio

CamStudio has been around for a long time, and for good reason. Whereas many of the free screen recorders out there are little more than working tech demos designed to entice users to buy the “full” application, CamStudio is totally Open Source. This means that you can record your screen to your heart’s content and use your recordings in any way that you see fit. CamStudio records videos in AVI format and allows you to record the whole screen or just a portion of it. With a super simple interface and videos free of watermarks, CamStudio is one of the best.


3. ezvid

With a straightforward interface, ezvid is very easy to use. Coupled with a basic but capable built-in video editor, ezvid is a strong contender for your hard drive space. Ezvid also allows you to add slides, change the playback speed of your video, and make overlaid annotations. Most of these features can be found elsewhere, but the crowning achievement of ezvid is its capability to upload your videos to YouTube without ever leaving the app.

4. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is available for macOS, too.

5. eLecta

eLecta may not look like much, but if you’re interested in making tutorials, look no further. The key feature that sets eLecta apart from the competition is the ability to do picture-in-picture recording. This is ideal if you want to record reaction videos or want to conduct tutorials. The only problem is that eLecta doesn’t allow you to change the file container from within the app. It’s an annoyance but not necessarily a deal breaker. Finally, you can add your own personal watermark to your videos to deter copyright infringement.


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Packaging Design Software: 5 Best To Use In 2023

Packaging Design Software: 5 Best to Use in 2023




Looking for the best software for packaging design? Our thorough selection cannot disappoint you.

Create unique and original art with our feature-rich packaging design software choices.

CorelDraw’s intuitive interface will make designing ideas easier than ever.

We’ve also selected Inkscape as a free alternative for those who are just starting out with designing.

Get the right software to support your ideas!

Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




3D models & infographics

Many other artworks

Get all apps at a special price!

Although not everyone wants to admit it, we all look for the packaging when deciding whether to buy a product or not.

It has to be attractive, yet to the point, and it needs to subconsciously make the customer buy it over any other product.

Designing such packaging is thus no easy task, as you not only need a good sense of style but also a good graphic design tool to go with it.

Since a sense of style is not something you can download, you can choose what tool to use when creating your product’s packaging. Depending on your choice, you can eventually make your job a whole lot easier.

As such, we’re going to be listing a few software tools that are to be the best of the best when it comes to designing the packaging or pretty much any product imaginable.

Topping out our list is a world industry-standard and best software for packaging design that has dominated the market for years now.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphic design program that allows you to unleash your wildest imaginations when it comes to visuals.

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in designing a simple 2-color logo or a banner the size of a stadium with all the colors of the rainbow, Illustrator has everything you need.

The program comes with an extensive library of tools, brushes, and extensions that can be used to enrich your experience using it.

That being said, even a task such as designing the packaging of a product is a piece of cake with Adobe Illustrator.

The software features layer support, so your packaging can contain all the elements that you can ever dream of.

One great thing about is that it features plenty of tools that automate the creative process in an intuitive way, so less time focusing on doing basic tasks and more time focusing on what truly matters.

Here are some of Adobe Illustrator’s main features:

24/7 Customer Support

An almost unlimited supply of resources

Plenty of tutorial guides

A complete toolset

Familiar UI for those used to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Create awesome product packages that will attract customers and help your business with Adobe Illustrator

Free trialVisit website

Are you wondering which software is used for packaging design? If you’re not all that versed with graphic design tools, then maybe Adobe Illustrator’s UI might seem a bit scary.

As such, if you are willing to part with a few of the tools and features, you could always choose a program like CorelDRAW.

While still a solid vector-based graphic design tool, CorelDRAW is far more user-friendly thanks to the cleaner and more intuitive UI.

However, unlike Illustrator, CorelDRAW is far more limited in terms of what it can do, as it is mostly directed towards those that want to make simpler designs, such as logos, or infographics.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for packaging designs, just that you won’t be able to do everything you want with it just as easy.

Here are some of CorelDRAW’s main features:

Intuitive interface

A solid set of tools and features

Full layer control

Not too resource-intensive

Great for designing logos as well


Create amazing graphic designs for your work by using the plethora of features included with CorelDraw

Check priceVisit website

This next product is probably new to you since it hasn’t been on the market for all that long as compared to the other entries, but that doesn’t mean it is not a good choice.

However, do not get fooled by its short time, because this doesn’t mean that it is bad since it comes with quite an impressive toolset.

Expert tip:

By using this program you can create your own professional looking graphics with easy-to-use design tools that make your projects look like you paid a graphic designer.

This is all thanks to the menus that are arranged in a way that is both logical and intuitive, as you can almost tell where you can find a certain feature even if it is your first time using the program.

More so, if you’re a fan of the hands-on approach, you will be happy to know that Graphic Design Studio also supports pencil and pen tools to their full extent.

Here are some of Graphic Design Studio’s main features:

Beginner-friendly UI

Wide range of tools

Can be used for plenty of graphic design projects

A wide library of Inspirations (templates) to choose from

The price tag

Those of you with prior Photoshop or Illustrator experience will find the UI to be very familiar, but those of you that are hard-core Windows fans may not like the macOS-inspired look.

However, if you love designing on the go, such as on a tablet, then you’ll love how Affinity Designer integrates itself with the device.

Regardless of which, if packaging design is what you are looking for, then Affinity Designer has all the tools that you may ever need, including font bundles, illustration kits, brush packs and more.

All in all, these bonuses are meant to help you bring some extra creativity and polish to your projects, thus creating quality products.

Here are some of Affinity Designer’s main features:

Plenty of bonus features such as brushes, fonts, and more

Full layer support

Vector-based design

Portable device compatibility

Photoshop and Illustrator-inspired look

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer’s interactive and awesome UI will make binging your ideas to life easier than ever

Check priceVisit website

If you’re on a budget and are not bothered by the occasional bug here and there, then Inkscape is definitely the tool that you should be looking at.

Taking into consideration the fact that it is completely free, the sheer number of features and tools that Inkscape has is amazing.

More so, the fact that it is open-source makes it an ideal candidate for a large number of plugins that can add even more functionality to the base program.

As far as graphic design goes, Inkscape is perfectly capable of creating pretty much anything, from tiny logos to digital art and even billboards and banners.

Unfortunately, being free means that technical support is non-existent, but if you browse their forums, you are bound to find a solution at some point.

This product is completely free, without any hidden costs, although you can contribute through donations if you wish to support its developement.

Here are some of Inkscape’s main features:

High-quality vector-based graphics

Great support forums

Highly customizable with plug-ins



⇒ Download Inkscape

Designing your packaging in a way that will draw the attention of potential customers is basically winning half the battle.

Thus, it is always good to invest in a very good software tool when it comes to designing your product. Therefore, make sure that your final choice suits your needs.

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10 Best Note Taking Apps For Ipad To Use In 2023

There can’t be a better electronic device for note-taking than the iPad. Find out the best note-taking apps for iPad below.

Thanks to the iPad’s support for Apple Pencil, you don’t have to depend on pen and paper to take notes. Instead, you can use an iPad to start taking notes anywhere.

However, the flexibility and efficiency of this process will depend upon whether you’ve chosen the best note-taking app for your iPad. To help you, we’ve compiled the best note-taking apps for iPad with Apple pencil and more.

Best Note-Taking Apps for iPad: Out-of-The-Box 1. Apple Notes

Since it uses iCloud for data storage, you might consider it a limitation. But its writing and drawing-related features are worth a try.

Best Note-Taking Apps for iPad: Free 2. MS OneNote

If you ask, what is the best note-taking app for iPad, the answers would include MS OneNote. It helps you simplify overwhelming planning stages and collect your ideas. You can use different pen colors for beautiful handwritten notes and apply settings accordingly to make them flexible.

It can also automatically convert hand-drawn shapes into perfect polygons and circles. Moreover, this app supports writing notes using any stylus like Apple Pencil or fingertips. The best thing about this app is you can sync all notes to your OneDrive account. Thus, you can access these notes from other devices too.

Though it is a free app, you can make in-app purchases to Microsoft 365 plans to enjoy a comprehensive experience.

Download: Microsoft OneNote

3. Google Keep

If you’ve been using Google Keep on your other devices, you can continue with that app on your iPad. With this app, you can easily capture your ideas as a note. You can also edit those notes on any device and share them with others for collaboration.

Apart from this, Keep lets you add lists, photos, and audio files. This app can record a voice memo and transcribe it automatically. For note organization, it offers you labels and colors.

Setting up reminders for a note and grabbing text from an image are other highlighted features of this free note-taking app.

Download: Google Keep

Best Note-Taking Apps for iPad: Paid 4. Notability

Notability offers you a combination of simplicity and power. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or professional, this app helps your capture ideas instantly and inspires you in your creative work.

Here, you get several note-taking tools such as highlighter, text, ink, etc. It also supports recording audio that you can play back later. This app also lets you create notes instantly from various templates.

The continuous page scrolling feature of Notability allows endless idea exploration. Here, you can also group notes according to subjects and dividers. This app is free to download, but you can buy its subscriptions.

Download: Notability

5. GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5 is one of the best apps for note-taking on iPad that lets you get rid of the traditional pen and paper. It comes with a shape tool for drawing perfect lines and shapes.

Also, you can effortlessly move, rotate, resize and change the color of your handwritten notes. If you want to edit your notes, you can erase them as your choice.

Moreover, you can include an array of covers and templates such as blank paper, Cornell paper, and ruled paper. This free app has various in-app purchases for Microsoft 365 plans.

Download: GoodNotes 5

6. Notes Writer

Are you looking for the best note-taking app for iPad with an Apple pencil? Try Notes Writer. It’s ideal for business, professional, academic, and personal use.

You can take notes on this app anywhere since the app doesn’t require a constant internet connection. Further, you can create unlimited subfolders, folders, and notebooks to organize your notes.

Interestingly, you can also annotate PDF documents using this iPad note-taking app. You can download the app for free. But you must buy Full Version Unlock items ranging from $3.99 to $5.99.

Download: Notes Writer

7. Concepts

Concepts is a digital whiteboard app with infinite canvas. You can use it on your iPad for sketching, drawing, note-taking, wireframing, and more.

This iPad application is suitable for professional work like movie storyboard drawing, comic storyboard sketching, creating design plans, sketching products, and more.

It offers minimal features for free. You need to buy in-app content like Everything Yearly + Trial, 10 Object Packs, etc., to use its unique note-taking features. All in-app purchases are between $3.99 to $29.99.

Download: Concepts

8. Penultimate

Penultimate is suitable for handwriting, sketching, and digital note-taking on iPad. It comes with Sync and Search Feature from Evernote. Hence, you can export content to other devices online using an Evernote account.

It offers a free canvas to zoom in and out anywhere to make edits, corrections, etc.

It would be best if you had an Evernote subscription to use the app on your iPad. The monthly subscription cost ranges from $2.99 to $7.99.

Download: Penultimate

9. Agenda.

Suppose you want a note-taking app that lets you collaborate with others; agenda is the right option for you. On this app, you can write on plain text but also include styles such as indented blocks, headlines, and preformatted text.

This best note-taking app for iPad offers a date-focused approach that is highly helpful for students and professionals. If necessary, you can also convert it into HTML and markdown text.

You can easily share the notes with others as well. Syncing notes through iCloud and Dropbox is also possible. The in-app purchases of this free app start at $12.49.

Download: Agenda.

10. Inkpad Notepad

Inkpad Notepad offers you an elegant way of note-taking. When it comes to a simple platform, it’s the best note-taking app for iPad.

Also, you can find the list of all notes on the left panel. It automatically saves your notes and lets you edit, search, and sync them online. While you can use this app for free, some in-app purchases are available.

Download: Inkpad Notepad


Whether you’re a student or a professional, note-taking is an essential part of your daily tasks. It becomes easier for iPad users to use the best note-taking app for this purpose.

With the help of the best apps for note-taking on iPad, you can easily take notes in a digital format. Here are some more free note apps for iPadOS that you might want to check.

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