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TikTok thrives on organic engagement and ad partnerships, hence its modus operandi has always levied heavy emphasis on driving more users to the platform. Is there a way better than nudging its own loyal users to bring in their contacts to the platform? Throw in some rewards and bonuses and it is really a win-win for both teams.

No matter how you look at it, it is easy money because all you have to do is refer the app to someone you know and get them to create a free account on TikTok. Not only is it simple and harmless, but it is also a profitable endeavor. Let’s take a look at how it is done.

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TikTok Rewards: Who is eligible to participate?

All it entails is successfully inviting your real-world friends to create an account on TikTok using your unique referral code for you to earn points under the TikTok rewards system. There are no eligibility criteria like age, or number of followers to decide who can be a part of it. Any long-time user or newbie TikToker can join the referral program.

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite either, the more the merrier, in fact (although users of some countries are limited to just 100 invites per day and must meet the age cap as prescribed by the guidelines).

The two unbending rules of referral invites are that — 1. the invited party has to use your referral code to download and sign up on TikTok within 24 hours of receiving the invite for you to receive the reward points; 2. the invited party must not have downloaded TikTok on their device before for you to receive reward points with their signing up.

The real bummer is that the Rewards program is available only to the users of a selected few countries. In addition, you cannot invite someone outside of your country using the referral code. But, as long as you can access the program, you have the potential to make the best use of it.

Note: The link above is for the users of TikTok app for iPhone or iPad. If you are eligible, you will be able to see your referral code and other instructions or offers on the page.

Referral programs are not new in the world of business; in fact, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways of promotion by invoking the users to promote a brand/product on the basis of an incentive system. On TikTok, the referral system hands out perks in various forms — cash, coupons or gift cards, depending on your region.

How to invite someone on TikTok using a unique referral code

Step 1: Launch TikTok and tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

Step 2: Tap the “coins” button on the top-left corner of the page.

Step 3: Once you land on the rewards page, tap the Invite button featured at the top of the page.

Step 4: Tap the Earn points tab.

Step 5: Hit Invite against your unique referral code. You can also tap the copy button against your referral code to fetch it and send it to your contact.

Step 6: A popup asks for the medium of invitation viz Copy link, WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS. Select an option to invite a friend to join TikTok using your unique referral code.

How to enter an invitation or referral code on TikTok

Step 1: Launch TikTok and tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

Step 2: Tap the “coins” button on the top-left corner of the page.

Step 3: Once you land on the rewards page, scroll down to the heading Enter Invite Code and get upto 30000 points. In the text box, enter the referral code you received.

Step 4: Tap Confirm.


Why do I not have TikTok Rewards?

TikTok Rewards, presently, is region-based, that is, it available to users of only certain geographical locations. If you belong to an approved country, then your TikTok version might not be up to date. Check for any due app updates on App Store or Play Store and update the app to the latest version. 

Another reason why you might encounter a message saying TikTok Rewards is unavailable for you is if you have multiple accounts logged in on the device. TikTok requires that you log in and use only the original or first account you used on the device to be eligible to enter the TikTok rewards program.

To fix this issue, clear the app cache and data on your Android phone and log in again using the original TikTok account you used to sign in to TikTok for the first time on that device.

On iPhone of iPad, simply uninstall and reinstall TikTok to log in with the original account.

There is in fact no expiration date for an invite link when you send it to someone. They may use the link any time, any day to create a new TikTok account. However, there is a cap set on the maximum time your referral link is eligible to reap rewards for a successful signup.

In other words, if the invited party doesn’t sign up using your referral code with the invite link you sent within 24 hours, you will not get a reward point. So, if they sign up, say 2 days or 2 months after you sent it to them, it won’t reflect as added points under your TikTok Rewards.

How does the Reward system work?

The Rewards system is pretty transparent yet clumsy according to users. For instance, it really accommodates user demands by giving various options to redeem points. You could withdraw it as cash (wired to your bank), or redeem gift coupons from popular brands like Starbucks. At the same time, all options are not available for everyone but they vary from location to location.

To earn points, all you need to do is send invites with your unique referral code to your friends and contacts and successfully convert them into TikTok users. The Rewards system also promises more prospects like crediting you with coins when the user you invited uses the app for 10 consecutive days, or meeting video watching milestones, etc. We can consider this a real incentive for users to actively promote and recommend the app to others.

However, a common bug reported by many users is that points don’t get added to their Rewards even if their referrals sign up according to the rule. So, it is up in the air whether you receive rewards with each new referral sign up. 

How do I cash out TikTok Rewards points?

To redeem TikTok Reward points, TikTok offers region-based options. In some countries, you can have the money transferred to your bank account. In others, you may redeem gift coupons or vouchers for points equivalent to the monetary unit like $10 discount coupon for Starbucks or Babbel or £20 Amazon vouchers.

You can find various offers on the Rewards page and select one most compatible with your circumstances. There is even an option to donate the money to various region-pertinent charity organizations. There is a minimum amount set for withdrawal for redeeming, so, to earn points, you can resort to the tasks listed in the Rewards page. 


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How To Change Your Birthday On Tiktok

Changing your birthday on TikTok is not that easy.

When you first sign up on TikTok, you’re required to enter your date of birth.

If you accidentally set it to under 13, you won’t be able to access TikTok.

However, you can easily bypass this by signing up for an account on the desktop version of TikTok instead.

But if you want to change your age on TikTok when you already have an account, you need to use another solution.

For example, if you’re under 16, you won’t be able to go live on TikTok even if you have over 1,000 followers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to change your birthday on TikTok in 3 steps and a couple of frequently asked questions.

How to change your birthday on TikTok

To change your birthday on TikTok, you need to contact TikTok support via the feedback form.

On the feedback form, you need to include your contact information, the description of your issue, and an attachment of your ID.

Then, submit the form and wait for 1 to 3 business days for TikTok’s response.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change your birthday on the TikTok app.

This is because there isn’t a date of birth setting on the app itself.

In order to change your birthday/age/birth date, you need to contact TikTok support.

You can also attach a photo of your ID on there as proof of your age.

However, in this guide, you’ll learn how to contact TikTok via the feedback page instead.

Step 1: Go to the TikTok feedback page

Go to the TikTok Feedback page.

To change your birthday on TikTok, you need to contact them via the “Share your feedback” page.

Firstly, open a browser on a desktop or mobile device.

Alternatively, you can visit the feedback page directly at chúng tôi

This page allows you to send your feedback to TikTok.

You can also tell them about a problem that you’ve encountered on the app such as changing your birthday.

Either way, you’re more likely to get a response from TikTok when you contact them via the feedback form.

Proceed to the next step to learn how to fill up the form correctly.

Step 2: Fill up your contact information

Enter your email address (that is linked with your TikTok account), username, and a description of your problem.

Once you’re on the form, you’ll see 3 fields—”Email address”, “Username”, and “What would you like to tell us?”.

Firstly, enter your email address that is linked with your TikTok account.

Next, enter your TikTok username.

Your username (e.g. @followchain) can be found on your TikTok profile below your profile picture.

Although the username field is optional, you should enter it just in case as TikTok support might need it.

Lastly, under the “Feedback” header, you’ll see the “What would you like to tell us?” field.

Explain that you want to change your birthday on TikTok as you’ve accidentally set the wrong date of birth.

Here’s an example of a description, “Hi, I set a wrong birthday when I created my TikTok account. Can you help me to change my date of birth to 01/01/2000?”.

Proceed to the last step to find out how to complete the form and submit it.

Step 3: Attach your ID and submit the form

After you’ve entered your contact information and the description of your problem, you need to attach your ID.

Attaching your ID will prove that the birthday that you want to change to is your real birthday.

Otherwise, TikTok might not help you to change it.

Firstly, take a photo of your ID or scan it on a scanner.

Under the “Attachments (Optional)” header, you’ll see an “Upload” link.

By selecting the “Upload” link, you’ll be able to upload up to 10 screenshots related to your problem.

Select “Upload” and select a screenshot of your ID (with a clear date of birth).

Lastly, select “Submit” to submit the form to TikTok.

TikTok will then review your report and you’ll typically receive a response from them in 1 to 3 business days.

Congrats, you’ve successfully learned how to change your birthday on TikTok!

Why won’t TikTok accept my date of birth?

TikTok won’t accept your date of birth because you are under 13 years old.

To sign up for TikTok, you need to be at least 13 years old.

In order to successfully sign up for TikTok, you need to select a date of birth that is 13 years old and above.

In the event that you selected a date of birth that’s below 13 years old, you can try signing up for a TikTok account on the desktop version of TikTok instead of the mobile app.

Signing up for an account on the desktop version of TikTok will bypass the error message.

What is the age limit to go live on TikTok?

The age limit to go live on TikTok is 16 years old.

If you are below 16, you won’t be able to go live on TikTok even if you have over 1,000 followers.

To bypass this, you can either contact TikTok support to change your age or create a new account.

Alternatively, you can wait until you turn 16 years old to livestream on the app.


Changing your age can be a hassle on social media platforms.

On Facebook, you can only change your birthday for a limited number of times.

On the other hand, TikTok does not even have a birthday setting, and you have to contact TikTok support if you want to change it.

At the end of the day, these platforms hope to mitigate underage users from creating an account as content on them might not be suitable for children.

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Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

How To Use Paw Patrol Filter On Tiktok?

Paw Patrol filter is a recent viral trend in the TikTok community, and users are posing their pets for the camera.

The filter makes the pets look cute. The videos are popular on TikTok, where many users are seen having fun with their pets.

The Paw Patrol filter is an augmented reality (AR) on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. It lets users turn their pets into cartoon characters from the well-known kids’ television program Paw Patrol.

Please continue reading the article if you are interested in this filter and would like to learn how to use the Paw Patrol filter on TikTok.

What Is Paw Patrol Filter? 

Among different unique filters on tiktok, the Paw Patrol filter is recently viral in the TikTok community.

The Paw Patrol filter on TikTok is a popular augmented reality (AR) filter that allows users to transform their pets into cartoon characters from the popular children’s TV show PAW Patrol.

The filter adds various features to the pet’s face, including a helmet, uniform, and pup pack.

It also changes the pet’s eyes and mouth to make them look like the PAW Patrol characters.

In addition to turning your pet into a cartoon character, the Paw Patrol filter makes the background more creative and comical.

The background can be changed to various locations, such as the beach, the park, or outer space.

Moreover, this makes the videos more fun and engaging to watch. The Paw Patrol filter is a great way to show your pet some love.

After using the filter, you’ll see your pet in a whole new light. You’ll appreciate their cuteness even more and be able to share your love for them.

This filter has recently been popular on TikTok since it was released. There are already millions of videos of pets using the filter on the platform.

Hence, this shows that the filter is a hit with pet owners and their furry friends.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

What Is An Augmented Reality (AR) Filter?

A form of filter on TikTok called an augmented reality (AR) filter uses augmented reality technology.

This technology superimposes digital components onto the real-world view captured by the camera.

These filters can add numerous effects, animations, masks, virtual backgrounds, and 3D objects to improve or alter the video’s aesthetic.

Additionally, users can perform various activities with this filter.

These include changing their faces and background, wearing digital masks or costumes, applying virtual makeup, and interacting with virtual items.

Moreover, they can be pretty interactive and captivating, giving the videos a playful or immersive quality.

How To Use The Paw Patrol Filter On TikTok?

The instructions to use the Paw Patrol filter on TikTok are as follows:

Activate the TikTok app.

In the lower-left corner of the screen, tap the Effects symbol.

Do a “Paw Patrol” search in the Effects search box.

To activate the Paw Patrol filter, tap it.

Take a video of your pet while pointing the camera at it.

Additionally, to participate in Paw Patrol Filter Challenge with your pet, you can follow the instructions mentioned below:

When applying the filter, ensure your pet faces the camera. This will make it easier for the filter to recognize your pet’s face and appropriately apply the effects.

You might need to hold your phone steady if your pet moves around a lot so that the filter can track its face.

You can use the Paw Patrol filter to alter the backgrounds of your films. This can be a great approach to add originality and interest to your videos.

Why Is Paw Patrol Filter Getting Viral On TikTok?

Paw Patrol is a popular children’s TV show. The existence of a mass following indicates that many people are already familiar with the Paw Patrol characters.

This means they are likely interested in transforming their dogs into these characters.

Moreover, using the filter is both simple and entertaining.

You can easily apply it by pointing your phone at your pet, and the effects are instantly recognized and applied.

Additionally, the filter possesses a pleasing aesthetic.

It bestows your pet’s face with various adorable and imaginative effects, effectively making them resemble a member of the Paw Patrol crew.

The summer is a popular time for individuals to upload videos of their pets to social media, and the Paw Patrol filter was just in time for that.

This indicates that the filter is being viewed by many individuals already interested in watching videos of adorable dogs.

The Bottom Line

Users of the Paw Patrol filter can turn their pets into cartoon characters.

These cartoon characters are from the hit children’s television series PAW Patrol.

The filter’s popularity on TikTok has been boosted by its simplicity of usage, visual attractiveness, and timeliness.

The filter is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a creative and entertaining way to show your pet some love.

Therefore, don’t miss out on the chance of fun you can have with your pets with this filter.

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How To Get More Likes On Tiktok: 4 Easy Tips

Learn how to get more likes on TikTok to increase your chances of getting on the For You Page and show social proof.

They love you. But do they like you? The number of likes your TikToks receive has a significant impact on the growth of your account—the number of followers, the views on each video, and even how much cash you can make if you’re monetizing your content.

Bonus: Download the free 10-Day Reels Challenge, a daily workbook of creative prompts that will help you get started with Instagram Reels, track your growth, and see results across your entire Instagram profile.

Why are TikTok likes important?

How much does each metric matter? Are likes an integral part of the dip, like guac? Or something useless and maybe kinda gross, like, say, olives? (Don’t get mad, it’s just a blog post.)

Likes are a ranking system for TikTok’s algorithm

A large part of gaining traction on TikTok is showing up on users’ For You feeds. How each individual For You feed is built depends on TikTok’s algorithm—a labyrinth of code that savvy social media marketers are always trying to master.

In other words, every layer of the dip makes a difference. The more likes you have on a video, the more likely that video is to show up on a For You page of a relevant potential follower, and the more you show up on the For You page, the more followers you’ll gain—which again, increases your chances of getting on more For You pages.

They serve as social proof

When it comes down to it, likes are just a tap on a screen. The person who liked your TikTok could have laughed out loud, passed the phone around to their friends, and sent it as a web link to their older sister who refuses to download the app.

Or they could have tapped it by accident, maybe when they realized they’ve spent too much time toilet-scrolling and their boss is probably wondering if they’re okay.

Regardless of how it came to be, every like acts as social proof of the validity of your account and content. Other TikTok users will see the like count on each video, as well as the total likes on your account, and equate lots of likes with, well, lots of people liking your content. And that’s a good thing.

Like counts have such a significant social impact, in fact, that Facebook and Instagram have experimented with hiding them entirely and now give you the option to hide likes. For better or for worse, TikTok likes are public and conspicuous, and the more you have, the more you’ll be seen as a good source of content.

TikTok likes can make you money

This brilliantly written blog post covers 4 strategies you can use to make money on TikTok, but all of them require establishing a good rapport with your audience. The more they like your videos (both figuratively and literally), the more they’ll pay, and the more brands will pay you to show off their goods.

Should you buy TikTok likes?

Wow, that’s a great question. I wasn’t expecting that question. To put it simply, no.

While opening your wallet may gain you a bit of the social clout noted above, it’s a very risky—and ultimately, artificial—way to up that like count.

We already conducted an experiment where we bought TikTok followers, and found that it did nothing for engagement (plus, we got a notification from TikTok warning us about inauthentic accounts and ultimately, removed the followers). The app lists a similar warning when it detects fake likes, and removes them as well.

Buying likes isn’t strictly against TikTok’s terms of service, but continually getting your account flagged for inauthentic likes is not good.

Continue reading if you want to know how to get free likes on TikTok.

How to get more likes on TikTok, even if you’re not famous Strategy 1: Know your audience

Since the dawn of time (or like, when Youtube was invented) creators have been trying to figure out ways to hack the system and gain fame and fortune, fast. Knowing your audience is the best way to do this: figure out what they want, and give it to them. Right?

But trying to fit yourself into a mold is actually one of the worst things you can do (and kind of gives off pick me energy).

No matter what, the folks who make it big on the internet are the ones who are perceived to be authentic—and usually, that’s because they are. Your audience wants you to be yourself. TikTok users not only appreciate genuine content, they like it. For a deeper insight into who your followers are, check out your TikTok analytics.

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Strategy 2: Stay up to date with TikTok trends

If you’re struggling for content ideas, TikTok trends are a great place to look for inspo. From dance challenges to seasonal photoshoots to trends where people fall in love with you, your feed is always full of TikToks that were made to be recreated.

And if challenge-style trends don’t tickle your fancy, using a trending song can be just as effective.

Have you ever been so obsessed with a singer, you bought all their albums, went to their concerts, plastered your bedroom with posters of them and loved everything even moderately affiliated with them? Don’t pretend the answer is no. You seem like an ex-Directioner.

Using songs that are trending is an easy way to make TikToks that immediately resonate with viewers. It’s a way to piggyback off the success of a well-known artist, and create content that’s instantly identifiable—a like for Olivia Rodrigo might translate to a like for you.

Strategy 3: Follow TikTok influencers

Your favourite influencer might seem like they’ve got it all figured out, but even super famous TikTokkers have videos that get less traction than others. Bella Poarch has over 84 million followers on the app, and while this video had 5.4 million likes, this one has a measly 700,000 likes (we’re kidding, 700k likes is a lot—but not compared to her other videos).

Paying attention to the like counts of influencers is a good technique to see how different kinds of videos perform on a large scale. The first TikTok makes a reference to a hugely popular TV show, and the second is a pretty basic lip synch (in a notably fabulous outfit). Watch what influencers do, and try and translate those strategies into your own content.

Strategy 4: Just ask for them

Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the best answer. One asking-for-likes technique involves making videos in two parts, then asking your audience to “like for part two.” This feels like an exchange with your viewers. They hit that like button, and in return see how the story ends.

But you don’t need TikToks with multiple parts in order to request likes from your audience. We’re not here to tell you to beg on every TikTok, but there are clever, humorous, and effective ways to simply ask for likes. Here’s an example.

How can you resist that?

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Want more TikTok views?

How To Delete A Tiktok Account On Pc And Mobile

There are several social media platforms available on the internet, and one of the most well-known ones is TikTok, which essentially allows users to create and share short videos. TikTok is a feature-rich site where you can spend all of your free time binge-watching videos. However, you could wish to delete your TikTok account for a number of reasons, such as wanting to limit the amount of time you spend online. Most likely, if you’re reading this, you’re looking for instructions on deleting a TikTok account. Thankfully, you’ve landed on the right article. This article will discuss how to delete a TikTok account on both a Windows PC and a mobile device, which is a little bit different.

Although it’s quite simple to delete a TikTok account, a deactivation period of 30 days after you’ve initiated the deletion of a TikTok account that you may use to decide whether you want to reactivate your account or not during this period, anyone considering deleting their TikTok account must wait.

After these 30 days, your TikTok account will be completely deleted. The steps for deleting a TikTok account on a computer and a mobile device are detailed below.

How to Delete a TikTok Account on Mobile Phone

To delete a TikTok account on a mobile phone using the app or web browser, follow these steps:

Open the TikTok app on your phone and tap on the Profile icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Tap on the Account option.

Now, select Deactivate or delete the account.

On the resulting page, Tiktok has the option to deactivate your account or delete it permanently. To delete your account permanently, tap on Delete account permanently, select the reason why you are deleting your TikTok account, and select Continue.

Next, you’ll be prompted to verify your action by logging in to your account. Log in to your TikTok account and select Delete account afterward.

Tap on Delete again to confirm the action, and voila, your account will first be deactivated for 30 days and deleted once the period lapses.

How to Delete a TikTok Account on Windows PC

To delete a TikTok account on a PC, follow the steps below:

Open your browser, visit chúng tôi and log in to your account.

Select Continue on the resulting page.

If your phone number is linked to your TikTok account, you’ll be sent a verification code which you have to enter on the Enter 6-digit code page.

Tap on Delete again to confirm the action.

How do I reactivate my deleted TikTok account?

If the recovery period of 30-days hasn’t lapsed, you can still reactivate a deleted TikTok account. Here is how to do it:

Open the TikTok mobile app and tap on the profile menu.

Select Add account and follow the on-screen prompt to log in to the account you want to reactivate.

In a few moments, you should be directed to your TikTok account.

Can you Delete a TikTok Account on your PC?

Yes, if you have your TikTok account logged in to your PC, you can also delete it there by using the steps we covered in the article. However, you will need to provide some of your account credentials in order to be able to proceed with this action.

How do I remove a device from a TikTok account?

To remove logged-in devices on a TikTok account, follow the steps below:

Open TikTok on your phone and tap on the profile menu

Now, select Security and login, and tap Manage devices.

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Encrypt Data Or Invite Disaster

In today’s workplace, stealing information doesn’t require a covert Special Forces team: It is often done by an employee armed with a 5 GB USB flash drive. And your unsecured, unencrypted network invites a hacker to compromise a server or workstation holding sensitive data.

But you don’t have to be vulnerable. There are plenty of options available today for securing/encrypting your data and many of these options are just overlooked.

Consider in recent news the security breach where hackers obtained access to more than 40 million credit card accounts. Could this have been avoided?

Yes! If the data had been encrypted, we wouldn’t have 40 million people losing sleep.

In other news, Citigroup announced that 4 million consumer records, stored on magnetic computer tapes, were mysteriously lost during a shipment by UPS to a credit reporting agency.

Guess what? Those tapes were not encrypted. And the list of examples goes on.

With this string of incidents, it is very clear what has to happen. We must start encrypting our data. It is essential.

Options From Enterprise to Workstation

Encrypting your data does not have to be an expensive rollout like moving from NT 4.0 to Active Directory. There are many types of encryption, from complete encryption at the enterprise level down to the often overlooked encryption of an individual’s workstation. With so many options, your perfect solution is surely available.

I believe encryption is as important as a firewall. You wouldn’t leave your network unprotected by a firewall — we all know that’s as foolish as just giving a hacker your enterprise or domain admin password. Nor should you leave your sensitive data unencrypted; encryption ensures that your data is secure.

But how, specifically, might encryption be useful to you?

When you send an email of sensitive information, encryption provides security that no unauthorized parties have access to your data. If your password is encrypted, it cannot be duplicated by anyone else so it ultimately proves your identity when you sign on to a computer or use a smart card or an RSA device.

When you sign an email with an encrypted signature, the email cannot be changed or modified without changing the digital signature. Using digital signatures provides you with proof that a document has not been compromised.

Create and Enforce An Encryption Policy

Encryption can be used for email exchange as well as to encrypt documents on your hard drive. Encryption is used when logging onto a system, SSL connections on the web, and on anything that is sensitive within your business model.

Just as you have a disaster recovery plan, you should also create an encryption plan for your organization. Make it corporate policy to digitally sign every email. Configure encryption over your remote connections. Use encryption technology to encrypt the entire contents of your hard drive.

With the amount of data being too frequently compromised, not having an encryption plan for your company is security suicide. September 11 was the disaster recovery wake-up call for many companies who lost everything because they didn’t have a plan in place; many companies quickly got their acts in gear after the fact to have disaster recovery sites configured.

Not having an encryption plan may not quite stop you dead in your tracks as failure to have disaster recovery did for some, but it could cause your stock to fall, profits to decline, and peace of mind to be shattered. Do yourself a favor and configure an encryption plan for your company today.

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