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On a day when most of Madison Avenue was focused on the TV Upfronts, TikTok launched Branded Mission this morning. It’s an innovative (and subversive) way for brands to crowdsource authentic (and creative) content from the TikTok community.

Branded Mission empowers creators to engage directly with brands to create (and monetize) their content for marketing campaigns.

In turn, it eliminates the need to go through one of the thousands of agencies and firms that have popped up to offer influencer marketing services.

Talk about cutting out the middleman! So, what’s the likely impact of TikTok’s digital disintermediation?

Well, as is often the case, the devil is in the details.

Details Of TikTok’s Branded Mission

TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. TikTok took the top spot for most downloaded app in the first three months of 2023, beating Instagram and Facebook.

For digital marketers, Branded Mission enables brands to invite creators to contribute to a campaign – if they can create content that resonates both with their brand and their communities on TikTok. For example, brands can:

Engage the community to participate in branded campaigns.

Let creators tell the most relatable brand story in an authentic way.

Discover a diverse ecosystem of creators who are the main drivers of culture on TikTok.

For creators, Branded Mission gives the broader creator ecosystem the opportunity to get selected by digital marketers to create branded content. For example,

All creators who are at least 18 years old with more than 1,000 followers will be eligible to participate in a Branded Mission, providing even more opportunities to make money on TikTok.

Creators whose videos are selected by the brand will gain boosted traffic. And Branded Mission now provides a one-two punch along with TikTok Pulse, the social video platform’s ad revenue share program, which was announced two weeks ago at IAB NewFronts.

Now, why do people watch TikTok videos?

Although many traditional marketers still think of it as a Gen Z platform for dance challenges, TikTok says people come to be inspired by a broad spectrum of diverse communities as well as to discover new brands, products, and ideas.

Creators who seem to have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and appear to represent a new generation of storytellers are breaking boundaries of entertainment and defining culture.

So, if storytelling is actually what brings communities together on TikTok, then this has the potential to create a valuable opportunity for brands and creators to work together to create engaging content. TikTok thinks the participatory nature of the platform has created an entirely new way for brands to engage with creators and connect with diverse communities all around TikTok.

We’ll see if they’re right.

TikTok doesn’t have a CTV option, so they’ve doubled down on inspiring brand and creator collaborations. To get an idea of how they are positioning Branded Mission, watch the overview that they’ve uploaded to Vimeo.

According to TikTok:

In other words, it’s a new way for brands and creators to collaborate on creating branded content.

Now, this new matchmaking service has the potential to help brands discover emerging creators broadly across TikTok – if that’s what they’re interested in doing. Some brands will test the waters – and others will wait and see what happens. So, it’s difficult to predict whether Branded Mission will take off as quickly as TikTok itself has.

Discovering The Power And Creativity Of Co-Creation

Up to this week, the brands that have seen the most success on TikTok have been the ones that have taken the time to watch and listen to the TikTok community before engaging with specific creators.

Branded Mission has the potential to bring more brands closer to communities on TikTok if – and only if – they are willing to empower creators they haven’t already vetted to contribute to a campaign.

I expect challenger brands are the most likely ones to fit this profile. And I expect that most market leaders and niche brands will wait and see what happens next. I also expect a similar phenomenon will take place on the creator side of the matchmaking process.

The most likely creators to check out a challenger brand’s Branded Mission page to see if it represents an opportunity to monetize their next video will be nano-influencers (1,000 to 10,000 followers) or micro-influencers (10,000 to 100,000 followers). And I expect that most macro influencers (100,000 to 1 million followers) and mega or celebrity influencers (over 1 million followers) will wait and see what happens next.

This may make the early days of Branded Mission as awkward as a middle school dance. But, it may also produce some surprising results. Who knows, things could snowball quickly.

Branded Mission is currently in beta testing and only available to brands and marketers in a dozen markets around the world. But, TikTok expects Branded Mission will become available in additional markets starting in late 2023.

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Pinterest Launches Story Pins & More New Tools

Pinterest is launching its “biggest updates for creators yet,” which includes a suite of features and the debut of stories.

The company states in an announcement:

“These new publishing and measurement tools will give creators ways to easily publish immersive and expansive stories directly to Pinterest and reach Pinners looking for inspirational ideas and people to follow.”

Pinterest Story Pins

It was only a matter of time before Pinterest introduced its version of stories, a feature which is now ubiquitous throughout all social media.

That’s not an exaggeration either. With the launch of LinkedIn stories earlier this week, and now Pinterest stories, there’s hardly a social network you can log into where stories are not at the forefront.

“Story Pins is an all new type of Pin and publishing option that gives creators a way to tell dynamic and visual stories with videos, voiceover and image and text overlay.

We’re making it easier for creators who are eager to share their talent, passions and creativity to flow back directly into Pinterest without the need for a website.”

Stories are everywhere for a reason – they get get engagement!

Pinterest aims to make its stories more engaging and actionable than regular pins in a variety of ways.

Every company’s version of stories does something slightly different, and Pinterest is no exception.

The major difference between story pins, and other types of stories, is they can be saved to your profile permanently and remain discoverable over time.

“Ensuring fresh, positive and inspirational ideas are always discoverable on Pinterest is a key priority of ours. Creators are the heart and soul of Pinterest, building content that inspires people around the world. We want Pinterest to be a place not just to be inspired, but a platform where people can inspire others.”

In addition to user’s profiles, story pins will also appear across the home feed, search results, and places like the Today tab.

Story pins will be surfaced to other users via Pinterest’s visual discovery engine, which matches new content to people with relevant tastes and interests.

How to Publish a Story Pin

Story pins can be created directly in Pinterest using the in-app camera.

Users can record video, add multiple images, and overlay text with custom fonts over the visuals.

Pinterest users can also add a supplemental page to their stories with additional detail, such as ingredients or DIY materials needed.

Since story pins remain discoverable, and do not disappear after 24-hours, users can add hashtags to categorize them by topics or interests.

New User Profiles

Pinterest’s suite of new creator tools includes revamped user profiles.

A focus on original content

Profiles are being updated to showcase users’ ideas front and center.

There’s a renewed focus on content published directly by the user, not just other content they’ve saved to their boards.

New messaging feature

Pinterest’s new user profiles offer the ability for users to message each other via the Contact or Message card.

Messaging also includes emoji reactions, which is a quick way to provide feedback to users on their content.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is launching new analytics tools, as well as an engagement tab, for users to track their performance and progress over time.

Users can find stats on individual pens or view the redesigned analytics dashboard which shows a more detailed view of content performance.

These features are starting to roll out now. Pinterest users in the US will start seeing story pins on iOS, Android and web today.

Tiktok Owner Bytedance Wants To Make A Smartphone

TikTok Owner Bytedance Make A Smartphone

Bytedance is not the only Chinese firm that’s seeking to construct a telephone because of its programs. Selfie app manufacturer Meitu had previously built a smartphone teeming with its own collection of photo editors.

TikTok’s Mobile app parent company, ByteDance(China), could soon be launching yet another ambitious project: own smartphone with pre-installed which will come preloaded its apps like TikTok, Flipchat and more.

2023 had been difficult of a year for ByteDance beacuse its popular video app TikTok banned by India for a couple of weeks. And after all The TikTOk App saw tremendous growth over the last few months.

ByteDance, the owner Zhang Yiming of apps such as news aggregator Jinri Toutiao, collaboration tool Lark, and short video app TikTok, is reportedly building its own smartphone in market to compete with Xiaomi, OnePlus.

Based on sources of Times report, the telephone would come packed with ByteDance’s several App — that include the information aggregator Jinri Toutiao, the omnipresent TikTok, and based on some rumors, an unreleased streaming music app.

Hence, companies such as ByteDance, apparently the world’s most precious startup ($75 billion) right now, are raising self-dependence. The Business has found success beyond its housing, particularly in India, where it seems almost 300 million consumers, mostly from TikTok (currently India’s most downloaded app).

ByteDance is confronting some uphill climbs on a worldwide scale. The continuing trade warfare of the U.S. and China can also wrench. The U.S. Department of Commerce banned Chinese technologies giant Huawei, by means of example, over spying and other national security problems, prompting Microsoft to wash its own laptops from its own shop and Google to cut company with the supplier.

Read also: – Huawei Countdown: May 20, and Continue through August 19, 2023

The move fits in accord with the organization’s strategy to go into the smartphone company. FT noted unsuccessful efforts of US internet companies when attempting to go into the smartphone marketplace, including Amazon and Facebook.

Chinese selfie app maker Meitu successfully parlayed a smartphone business into a deal with Xiaomi.

ByteDance phone manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo and Realme will offer tough competition from the cheap Android smartphone area, to mention a couple. And when ByteDance would like to play with at the flagship smartphone area, it’s going to need to compete with all the established players such as the likes of Samsung and Huawei.

Chopped Finalist’s Mission To Master Dessert

Jared Goldberg (SHA’20) says he works “in a field you truly can’t master. There are so many types of cuisines and ingredients that you constantly learn new things.” Photo by Michael Goldberg

Jared Goldberg goes out with friends on most weekend nights, but he’ll leave by midnight to get some sleep. By 4 a.m., he’s up and out the door, just as his friends are coming home. It’s a concession he makes to bake.

When he was 17, Goldberg (SHA’20) made it to the final round on the teen version of Food Network’s Chopped. He has cooked at restaurants in Connecticut, New York, and Boston, and in summer 2023, he interned at a top bakery in New York City. Goldberg thrives on challenge, working “in a field you truly can’t master,” he says. “There are so many types of cuisines and ingredients that you constantly learn new things.”

Goldberg found the kitchen after a high school basketball injury sidelined him from the game. Looking for an alternative to sports, he attended a cooking class at UMass Amherst. “I knew I liked to eat, so I figured the class was worth a try,” he says. “I loved it. The teacher gave us creative freedom in the final exam to make a dish of our choice, and I made a stuffed tomato with wild rice, ground lamb, and a red pepper coulis. It was the first thing I ever made that was my own.”

At 16, he walked into Crabtree’s Kittle House, the finest restaurant near his hometown of Scarsdale, N.Y., seeking experience. The farm-to-table restaurant and wine cellar gave him a job as a prep cook, and he started by spending hours cutting strawberries into quarters. He learned new cooking techniques each week, from knife skills to how to create basic sauces.

During the summer before his senior year of high school, he auditioned for a role on Chopped Teen Tournament, where four contestants are given baskets of secret ingredients and face off in appetizer, main course, and dessert rounds. He made it onto the show’s third season, but was eliminated during his episode’s final round after attempting a dessert using banana split brownies, ribbon candy, avocados, and wasabi peanuts. He did his best to transform those funky ingredients into a berry banana crumble with avocado whipped cream in 20 minutes. But he accidentally shattered the bowl mixer and got glass in his avocado, losing one of his key ingredients.

Goldberg promised his parents he wouldn’t get a job during school so he could focus on his grades and on making friends, but soon he was itching to get back into the kitchen. He knew desserts were a weakness—after Chopped, he was “too frustrated to look sweets in the eye”—so he sought out internships that would teach him the principles of baking. During his freshman year, he joined the award-winning Sofra Bakery & Cafe, in Cambridge, Mass., which specializes in Middle Eastern desserts, and was eventually transferred to Sofra’s sister restaurant, Oleana. In summer 2023, he continued baking at Barbalu in New York City.

Right now, he’s all about cookies, since he made seven types per shift at Sofra. “I make a really awesome cookie with a kick,” he says. “It’s a typical shortbread cookie, with flour, sugar, and butter, but then you replace some of the butter with tahini. It’s great with a little vanilla ice cream.”

Tiktok Offers New Resources & Ad Credits For Small Businesses

TikTok is launching several initiatives to support small businesses, including tips from successful creators and $100 in ad credits.

In an announcement, TikTok promotes the launch of a small business “accelerator,” a landing page that links to helpful business resources.

“Right now, small businesses need our support more than ever, which is why TikTok and American Express are launching a brand new program to help merchants reach new audiences and grow their business. The  # ShopSmall Accelerator, powered by TikTok and American Express features popular TikTok creators Anna Sitar, Brandon Blackwood & Sofia Bella and will be complemented by a custom Shop Small® soundtrack created especially for TikTok content. This new effort aims to help small businesses stand out in the crowded holiday shopping season and make the most out of Small Business Saturday® on November 26.”

Here’s more about what’s new from TikTok for small businesses and how to apply for $100 in ad credits.

TikTok’s #ShopSmall Mini-Site

TikTok’s new mini-site for small businesses contains tips from popular creators, links to different tools and resources, and information on how to apply for $100 in ad credits.

Tips From Creators

TikTok gathered three full-time creators to put together a brief yet educational video for small businesses.

The video goes over why small businesses should use TikTok, how to stay on top of audience interests, and what to share on a business account.

$100 In TikTok Ad Credits

Businesses have until December 24 to apply for the ad credit, which expires a little over a month later, on January 31, 2023.

TikTok is giving away $250,000 in ad credits to small businesses that meet its eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for TikTok’s $100 ad credit, businesses must:

Create a TikTok Ads Manager account

Enroll for the ad credit by submitting a form

TikTok says the ad credit will appear in TikTok Ads Manager within 1-2 days of meeting the eligibility criteria.

#ShopSmall Stickers

Lastly, TikTok is launching a selection of stickers to raise awareness about supporting small businesses.

Anyone can add these stickers to their content by tapping the stickers button and searching for “shop small.”

Source: TikTok

Featured Image: askarim/Shutterstock

How To Predict A Good Sunset Or Sunrise – Brendan Williams Creative

How To Predict A Good Sunset Or Sunrise

When you want to capture the perfect golden hour photo, it can be frustrating when the sunrise or sunset is underwhelming. Although it may seem to be completely random, there are a lot of ways you can easily predict a good sunrise or sunset to take photos of. All it takes is an understanding of some basic weather conditions and the help of a few free apps. Best of all, you don’t need to be a top-level meteorologist to figure it out. Here you’ll learn exactly what conditions make an amazing sunset or sunrise to help you accurately predict their outcomes in the future.

What Makes A Great Sunset Or Sunrise?

Nothing beats golden hour. That fleeting moment just before the sunrise or sunset. The warm hues and more vibrant tones are unlike anything else in the day.

With so much color, it’s no wonder that golden hour is the preferred time of day to take photos. After all, if you want to capture a scene in the best conditions possible, this is the time to do it!

As you’ve come to learn, not all sunsets and sunrises are made equal. Sometimes the colors are more vibrant than ever while other times there’s not much of anything.

With this inconsistency, it can be hard to know when you should be getting out to take a photo. Nothings as deflating as anticipating an epic sunset just for it to be exceptionally underwhelming.

So what’s the secret behind learning how to predict a good sunset or sunrise?

Before you can figure this out, you need to learn what actually makes a sunset or sunrise look incredible.

As explained in The Science Of Sunset, golden hour occurs because light has to travel further through the atmosphere when the sun is closer to the horizon. With an increased distance, the shorter color wavelengths (like blue) scatter out before they ever reach your eye.

The result is an excess of warmer tones like orange and yellow when the sun is closer to the horizon. These colors end up making the vibrant hues of golden hour you know and love.

Although there is a sunrise and sunset every day, there are a variety of factors that alter how it appears. Things like moisture levels, cloud types, cloud height, wind levels, and air quality to be more specific.

In order to predict the perfect sunset or sunrise, you’ll need to understand each of these aspects.


Clouds are one of the biggest contributors to predicting a good sunset or sunrise. Different conditions will create a variety of clouds that each sit at varying heights above the ground.

In order to capture the best colors at golden hour, higher-level clouds provide the safest bet. Since there’s no chance of them blocking any light, high-level clouds will reflect color the best.

Of course, you can capture a great sunset or sunrise with low-level clouds, but it’s far less consistent. All it takes is one cloud to pass in front of the light and it’s game over.

For the most consistent golden hour conditions, opt for clouds that float higher above the ground.

– Best Types Of Clouds For Sunset & Sunrise

Luckily you don’t need to be a meteorologist to figure out the best types of clouds for sunset and sunrise. All it takes is remembering which types of clouds will create the best light.

In a nutshell, the best (and most consistent) cloud types for great sunsets and sunrises are high above the ground. There are a few main cloud types that do this.

1. Cirrus

Cirrus clouds are among the highest floating clouds typically at 18,000ft or higher above the ground. This cloud type is known for creating fantastic sunsets and sunrises since it reflects light extremely well.

Since they’re one of the highest cloud types, Cirrus clouds often hold color the longest during golden hour.

They most often appear as long, thin, and wispy clouds. Often they look very smooth in appearance and stretch across the sky in groups.

2. Cirrocumulus

Cirrocumulus clouds typically sit around 18,000ft above the ground like the Cirrus cloud. This cloud type often stretches across most of the sky and resembles a large group of small white puffs.

Since Cirrocumulus clouds stretch across much of the sky, it makes them a great cloud type for sunset and sunrise. They will beautifully reflect the sunset colors and can be lit up in a variety of warm hues.

Unlike some other clouds, Cirrocumulus will never create rain or merge with other clouds. This means it’s a safe bet that you’re in for some good weather if you see these clouds!

3. Altocumulus

Altocumulus clouds range in height between 6,000ft – 20,000ft above the ground. They resemble a group of cotton balls and can make for a pretty epic sunset or sunrise.

With so much texture to these clouds, they look great in golden hour photos. They usually occur when a warm front is coming in and are common across all parts of the world.

4. Cumulus

Cumulus clouds are among the lowest of clouds in this list sitting at just 6000ft or lower. These are commonly the type of cloud that many kids will try to find shapes in since they’re extremely fluffy. Taking on the appearance of a heaping cotton pile, Cumulus clouds are easy to spot.

Although they sit far below the height of other clouds, their fluffy look and heaping appearance work great for sunsets. Cumulus clouds will make any sky look more interesting during sunset or sunrise.

If you want to learn how to predict a good sunset or sunrise, remembering cloud types is important.

Although the major cloud contenders for great sunsets are listed above, check out ZME Science for more info on cloud types.

Weather Factors That Affect The Quality Of Sunrise And Sunset

There are a lot of aspects that come together to create amazing golden hour colors. Here are some things to keep aware of when trying to predict a good sunset or sunrise.

Cloud Ceiling

As we talked about in the clouds section, the height of a cloud plays a massive roll in creating a good sunset or sunrise.

The cloud ceiling is the height of the lowest clouds in the sky. The higher the ceiling, the more vibrant and colorful golden hour is likely to be.

When the ceiling is higher up, the colors of golden hour will last far longer. Since the light will still hit higher areas, these clouds will remain lit up even once the sun is down.

If the cloud ceiling is high, it’s a safe bet that there will be some great sunset or sunrise colors.


Humidity plays a huge roll in how much moisture is in the air. If there are increased amounts of moisture, light rays will scatter far more than before.

As the light rays break apart and scatter, they become less and less vibrant. This is because there are simply fewer colors that actually reach your eye.

This isn’t to say that the sunset will be non-existent, but it will mute the vibrance significantly. The fewer times that waves of light get broken up, the better the sunset or sunrise will be.

That’s why in fall or winter time it’s common to have extremely vibrant sunsets since there is less humidity!

Air Quality

Having clean air is essential in capturing the best sunset or sunrise possible. Whether it be pollution or dust, dirty air will heavily mute the colors of golden hour.

After a storm, the air quality is significantly increased. Any rain can help to settle the dust in the air and strong winds can clear away pollutants.

Typically the first sunny day after a storm offers incredible sunsets or sunrises because of the air quality. With less debris for light to fight through, it appears as vibrant as possible!


Wind can have both a positive and negative effect when it comes to predicting a great sunrise or sunset.

It can be good in the sense that it will clear away pollutants and help to improve the air quality.

It can be bad because it may blow away all the clouds. Without clouds, sunset and sunrise become a lot less interesting to photograph.

Becoming aware of the wind is important to better predict the conditions for golden hour. With high winds, the clouds you see now could be completely gone by the time sunset or sunrise hits.

How To Predict A Good Sunset

To predict a good sunset you need to take into consideration a variety of factors. Things like cloud type, cloud ceiling, humidity, air quality, and wind, play the biggest role in making a good sunset. Here are the main aspects you’ll want to look for to predict a good sunset:

Mid to Higher-level clouds such as Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Altocumulus, or Cumulus clouds

Less than 60% cloud coverage 

Clean air, especially after a storm

Low humidity 

How To Predict A Good Sunrise

To predict a good sunrise, you need to think about important aspects around temperature, humidity, cloud type, cloud coverage, and more. Here are the main aspects to look for in order to predict a good sunrise:

High-level clouds like Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Altocumulus clouds

Less than 60% cloud coverage 

Clean air 

Low humidity and cooler temperature

Tools To Help You Predict Good Sunsets And Sunrises

Sure you could use your eyes to make a guess at how good the sunset or sunrise will be.

But what if you wanted some added reassurance?

There are a few different apps that you can use to accurately predict a good sunset and sunrise with ease. Here are a few different options you should try:

1. SkyCandy (Free Mobile App + In-App Purchases)

SkyCandy is a mobile app that uses current and future weather data to predict the quality of an upcoming sunset or sunrise. In the eyes of this app, the quality of golden hour depends on the vibrance of colors there will be. It’s up to 80% accurate making it a reliable tool for planning your outings around.

Notable SkyCandy Features:

Will send you alerts when there is going to be a great sunset or sunrise

Save different map locations and receive sunrise and sunset forecasts

Has a sun position tool to help plan exactly where the sunrise or sunset will be from any location

Learn More And Download SkyCandy

2. SunsetWx (Free Website)

SunsetWx is a free online app that forecasts the sunrise and sunset quality around the globe. It allows you to access a variety of maps and view an hourly prediction for the quality of golden hour. Although it looks complicated at first, the more red the color, the more vibrant the sunset or sunrise. This is another useful tool to help you choose when to go capture golden hour photos!

Notable SunsetWx Features:

Hourly sunset and sunrise models

Global, European, and US map models.

Daily and future sunrise and sunset predictions

3. My Sunset App (Free Mobile App)

My Sunset allows you to look at current and predicted sunrise and sunset models with ease. It automatically shows predictions based around your current location and allows you to navigate a map in real-time. This app is completely free with no in-app purchases but only has a 50% reliability rating. My Sunset is a useful tool if you want an idea of what to expect, but don’t be upset if it’s wrong.

An interactive map that you can toggle between sunrise and sunset modes

Set custom locations to see forecasted sunrise and sunset conditions

Unlimited custom locations to forecast from

Learn More And Download My Sunset

How To Capture The Perfect Sunset Or Sunrise Photos

Now that you know exactly how to predict a good sunset or sunrise, let’s talk about capturing one. If you’re serious about taking amazing golden hour photos, use these tips to help make it happen!

– Arrive Well Before Sunrise Or Sunset

One of the biggest mistakes photographers make when shooting sunrise or sunset it arriving too late. The best light will only last for a few minutes, so you better make sure you’re ready!

Don’t scramble around trying to set up your gear, pick your settings, or find a place to shoot. Show up early to allow yourself time to get situated.

Take a walk around to see where the best photos could be taken from. Think about what lens or filters you want to use. Take a moment to get yourself sorted before the show begins.

It’s best to arrive at least an hour early before sunset or sunrise. This will give you enough time to organize your thoughts and capture the perfect golden hour photo.

– Make Sure To Define A Clear Subject In Your Frame

A lot of people get so excited about an amazing sunset that they just take a picture of the sky.

What about all the amazing light hitting the ground?

Rather than just focusing on the sky, be sure to establish a clear point of interest in your photos. That could be a person, a beach, a cliff face, a mountain, you name it.

Anything that will give your photo more context is fair game.

Establishing a clear subject is an important part of composition in photography, but is especially important at sunrise and sunset.

– Try Using A Graduated ND Filter

A graduate ND filter is a lens filter that only darkens a portion of your image. This is extremely useful to balance your exposure and make the colors of the sky appear more vibrant.

These filters are especially useful for landscape photographers who are trying to capture an overall environment. Graduated ND filters come at a variety of price points and are a worthy investment for many photographers.

I currently use the Lee Filters ND.6 Soft Edge Grad and have no complaints. It’s been a must-have in my camera bag for a number of years.

– Capture A Sun Flare

Sun flares are a great way to spice up your sunset or sunrise photography. Since it creates a star shape to the sun, it draws a lot more attention to your image.

Sun flares can be easily captured with just about any camera with a manual aperture. With a smaller F-stop you can manipulate the incoming sunlight to create a star shape in your photo.

To do this, all you need to do is use an aperture of F/16 or higher. You can make your sun flares pop even more by partially hiding the light behind an edge. This creates an awesome effect where the sun star stretches out around the covering edge!

Learn More: How To Capture Sun Flares In Your Photography

– Use The Right Camera Settings

In order to capture the sunrise or sunset as you imagine in your head, you need to use the right settings. With golden hour photography, there are a few important aspects to consider with your camera settings.

For example, you can utilize a more shallow depth of field to create a more glowy effect to the image.

You could use a longer focal length to make the sunset or sunrise feel more dramatic.

You could make use of an ND filter to capture a long exposure to add a new level of interest to your image.

Camera settings are essential for perfectly capturing any sunrise or sunset. Check out my guide to the best camera settings for golden hour to get started on the right foot!


So that’s how to predict a good sunset or sunrise with some added tips to help you capture the perfect shot. By utilizing the strategies, apps, and photography tips outlined here, you’ll be sure to capture amazing golden hour photos in no time.

With all that said, keep in mind that predicting a sunset or sunrise won’t always be accurate. There are times where things look like they’re lining up for some epic colors, but not a whole lot ever show up. Rather than getting frustrated over an unsatisfactory sunset or sunrise, enjoy it for what it is.

After all, a bad sunset is still better than a good day at work.

If you know someone who you love to know how to predict a good sunrise or sunset, be sure to share this post with them!

Happy Shooting,

– Brendan

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