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Run one mile: check. Do 50 pushups: check. Plank for one minute: check. Backslide into your former state of inactivity after only one week of exercise in 2023: check.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, it’s not too late to recommit to your fitness-focused New Year’s resolution (don’t feel bad, it’s the easiest resolution to break for most of us).

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Getting in shape doesn’t have to wait until 2023. With the right coaching, guidance, and encouragement, you could be a walking example of fitness goals gone right by New Year’s Eve 2023.

To achieve your goals, you could go all out and start paying for a gym membership and a personal trainer and a diet plan–or you can you keep your wallet fat while you slim down at home with any of the best fitness apps available on your smartphone.

There are hundreds of great fitness apps out there, making it hard to choose which is best, especially when most of those apps offer the same benefits at varying subscription prices.

That’s why we’re picking three of the most unique, free fitness apps that offer some of the best benefits here. If you’re ready to conquer fitness in 2023, download these fitness apps and get to work.

Nike Training Club: Your Exercise Library

Maybe you’re still going strong with your new diet or healthy eating habits but just can’t find the time to stay active? You definitely don’t have time for the gym, and sure, you could do some basic in-home workouts, but you feel limited in terms of what kind of exercises can actually be accomplished in your living room.

As one of the most popular fitness apps available, Nike Training Club is like having a personal library of exercises you can view and download at any time. With over 185 free workouts across all major types of exercise, including strength, endurance, mobility and yoga, you won’t ever be hard pressed to figure out a routine – Nike Fitness Club puts them together for you.

What’s key is most of these workouts are bodyweight-only workouts so you can get fit quick without spending hours in the gym with machines and weights.


When it comes to selecting workouts, Nike Training Club tailors your experience when you sign up based on your gender and the amount of workouts you usually do or are capable of doing per week. The more you train with the fitness app, the smarter it gets about what routines to serve up.

Workout Routines

You can let the app recommend routines, or you can choose your own, browsing by muscle group or workout type. Within each category, the app serves up multiple exercise routines with information like how long the routine takes, what level of experience it requires, how intense it is, why that type of workout works well, what the health benefits are and whether it requires equipment.

You can also view workout collections where the fitness app strings together multiple related routines you can follow to achieve your specific fitness goals.

Jam, Shop, Track and Post

Nike Fitness Club comes with a few extras that make it more than just a library of exercises and more of a one-stop fitness app. Some notable extras include:

The ability to sync specific music from your device, including from Apple Music and Spotfiy, to make sure you always have the right pump-up jams going for specific routines

Access to the Nike Training Shop where you can make in-app purchases of your favorite Nike gear to ensure you’re comfortable when you work out

An activity tracker to track all your workouts, other activities and milestones, giving you a view into your progress over time

A social feed where you can find and add friends to view their activity, start healthy competitions on leaderboards and show off your stats to them

If you need help getting back into an active lifestyle, Nike Fitness Club is a fitness app you can trust will give you more than a few creative ideas and without the cost of a gym membership.

MyFitnessPal: Your Diet Counselor

While Nike Fitness Club shows you what’s possible with working out, MyFitnessPal is a fitness app designed around the other vital aspect of getting in shape: diet.

Even using the free version of the app, with MyFitnessPal you gain incredible insight into your daily consumption habits and can completely alter your diet to get back on track. The paid premium version of the fitness app takes that ability even further.

Set Goals

An important aspect of getting and staying in shape is to set goals. Without them, it’s easy to plateau and let yourself fall into the trap of maintaining rather than continuously improving.

One of the strongest features of the MyFitnessPal fitness app is the ability to set goals, from how much you want to lose on a weekly basis to what kind of nutrition plan you want to stick with to how many workouts per week and how many minutes per workout you’re committed to following through on.

As you reach or miss these goals, the MyFitnessPal fitness app provides an easy way to see where you are on your journey.

Keep a Nutrition Diary

Another strong feature of this fitness app is its library of nutritional data, with searchable information about all kinds of food people eat, and the ability to track what you’re eating in a diary.

You can also create recipes and save them so you can easily recall ingredients to make the perfect meals and stay on track with a healthy diet. And if you lead a busy lifestyle, one where you often skip a meal or a snack, MyFitnessPal lets you set reminders for when to eat.

Connect Fitness Apps

While MyFitnessPal is focused on helping you keep a healthy diet, it makes it easy to connect countless other apps like MapMyFitness, the sister fitness app to MyFitnessPal that provides workout routines, to build a robust fitness plan.

If you already have a good sense of what workout routines you need to accomplish, or if you’re using another fitness app like Nike Training Club or MapMyFitness to get that information, MyFitnessPal could be a great way to ensure you’re managing the other half of fitness, eating well, with just as much due diligence.

Blog and Fitness Extras

Fitness is as much about knowledge as it is about doing the work. It’s important to understand the benefits of certain workouts and nutrition plans. That’s why a noteworthy extra of this fitness app is the access it provides to the MyFitnessPal blog for new tips on diet and fitness each day.

On top of this, you have other means through which you can increase your commitment to keeping fit, such as:

Adding friends and sharing progress with them

Tracking steps and setting step goals to meet each day

Tracking your progress over time with visual charts

If you want to prioritize the nutritional route to a healthy body, MyFitnessPal is a great fitness app to use in conjunction with whatever other plans you have for exercise. The best part is you can get so much out of it for free.

Sweatcoin: Your Fitness Reward

With all the hard work of increasing your amount of exercise and decreasing the unhealthy eating habits you’ve enjoyed for so long, it’s safe to say your reward is a healthier, happier you with a smaller waist size.

Think again: what if you actually got rewarded with a digital currency you can spend? That’s where Sweatcoin comes in.

This highly unique fitness app tracks your outdoor steps (indoor steps aren’t trackable at this point in time) using your smartphone’s accelerometer and GPS location. It then converts your steps into a currency: sweatcoins.

Sweatcoins can be spent in the Sweatcoin marketplace on a range of goods (wireless earphones, an iPhone, etc.) as well as services and experiences (an expedition to the Jungles of Borneo) and even converted into actual cash (20,000 sweatcoins gets you $1,000 in PayPal).

Then again, given how much all of your new fitness apps have done for you, maybe you would prefer to donate your sweatcoins to a partnering charity–you can do that too. You can also exchange sweatcoins with friends and family.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Fitness is one of those things that may seem antithetical to the digital world at first. It’s so bodily, so physical, it seems to clash with the abstract world of code and phone screens. But these three fitness apps and many others available for iOS and Android have taken exercise, diet and the benefits of following a healthier lifestyle to new levels.

You're reading Three Unique, Free Fitness Apps To Get In Shape With For 2023

46 Unique Photo Apps For Iphone

Taking Selfies

Selfie is taking the world by storm, thanks to the growing popularity of cameraphone. And in 2013, the word became yet another tech-related terms added to English vocabulary. If you are reading this article, I have no doubt that you are a tech lover that “occasionally” takes selfies. And as Steve Jobs famously said, “There’s an app for that.” Many apps to be exact.

The main feature of selfie apps is to make your self-photos looks the best. Each app comes with its own twist, but the most unlikely player on the field is Redmond’s tech giant. Microsoft released Microsoft Selfie (free) that uses the face recognition technology to analyze the face and enhance the result. We’ve come across this technology with the website How Old that guesses your age from your photo.

Other selfie apps that you can try are YouCam Perfect, BeautyPlus, BeautyCam, and InstaBeauty. All are available for free.

Creating Cartoon and Comic

If you think merely taking selfies is not enough to express yourself, you can try to turn your photos into cartoon and comic. With over 300 million users, MomentCam (free) is a popular app that will turn your photos into fun cartoons. It lets you add funny features, backgrounds, and text bubbles. You can also change your facial expressions and share the result with your friends.

Other cartoon and comic making apps that you can try are CariCartoon (US$ 1.99) Comic Touch 2 (free), Comic Life (US$ 4.99), and ComicBook! (US$ 2.99).

Turning Photos into Work of Art

Another fun thing that you can do with your photos is to make them as if they’re work of art. Several types of apps fall into this category.

Try My Sketch (free), Sketch Me! (free), or Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon (US$ 1.99) to turn your photos into pencil chúng tôi if you prefer to expand beyond pencil, you can try Photo Art Maker (free) or Photo Lab, (free) that can help you create antique oil paintings, watercolor paintings, street graffitis, impressionism paintings, and more, from your photos.

Speaking of graffiti, you can try Graffiti Me! (US$ 1.99) to create your next Banksy-style street art, complete with the wall and spray painting text.

You can also caricature your photos using Caricature Me (free).

Creating Collage

These apps do more than just put several photos together into one collage. They also offer ways to apply styles to the layout, add stickers and backgrounds, use different borders and frames, add labels and patterns, use templates, and many more.

To create collages, I use the simple and free Pic Jointer. But there are lots of free alternatives (with in-app purchases) out there such as Photo Collage, Photo Collage Maker, Pic Stitch, and Photonia Photo Collage Editor. There are also paid alternatives with no in-app purchase that you can try such as LiPix Pro (US$ 1.99) and Photo Frame Maker (US$ 1.99).

Coloring Parts of the Photo

Another popular photography trick to emphasize a certain part of the picture is to put color only on that part and leave the rest as black and white. This trick is also a fun way to enrich your photos before sharing them with your friends via social media.

I use Color Effects (free). Not only it can create a black and white photo with colored parts, but it can also change the color of any parts of your photo. Other alternatives are Dash of Color (free), Photo Splash (free), Color Splurge (free), Color Blast (US$ 0.99) and Color Splash (US$ 0.99).

Creating Poster with Text and Artwork

You can also use your photos as the base to create posters with text and artwork. This kind of posters is perfect to use as holiday greeting cards, banners for your business, self-improvement quotations, magazine cover, or anything else that you can imagine.

And there’s nothing better to start exploring the art than Adobe Post (free). Dubbed as the app to create beautiful social graphics, Adobe Post comes with auto-adjusting typography, stunning design filters, professional design templates, and half a million free stock photos that you can use to create your graphics on the fly.

And if you feel that Adobe name is not enough, you can continue your exploration with other apps like Phoster (US$ 1.99), Over (free), Path On (US$ 1.99), and FontMania (US$ 2.99).

Cloning Objects

How do you feel to see two (or more) of yourselves in one picture? Amazing, right? Again, what was once a tedious process to do in traditional photo editing softwares, is now as easy as taking few snaps on the phone. But different from other photo apps mentioned earlier, cloning yourself is not only a process done after taking photos, but also involving special steps while taking the pictures.

The basic steps are placing your phone in a fixed position, and taking several pictures of yourself in different positions with the same background. After that, you can combine yourselves into one picture with the help of a light image editing.

My recommended app to clone yourself is Clone Camera Pro (US$ 1.99). It comes with a special photo shooting feature that will set several auto snaps with a timer. So, all you have to do is place the camera, set the timer, and do several poses. You can also upgrade to get the special tutorial that will teach you how to create amazingly impossible images using the app.

Other similar apps that you can try are Split Camera, Split Lens, and PicClone. All free with in-app purchase. There is also a paid alternative with no in-app purchase: Clone Magic (US$ 1.99).

Using Front and Back Camera

Most modern smartphones come with front and back camera, so why limit yourself with photos taken with either one of them? Why not use both of them to take a picture? You can use them to take a group picture without excluding the person who takes it, or take a photo of a beautiful sunset and show the world that you are the one who take it.

Some apps can help you take two pictures, one using the front camera and the other using the back camera, then combine them in one photo. Due to hardware limitation, I have yet to find an app that can do it simultaneously. But the apps make it easy to switch between cameras. First you take a photo using the back camera, and then you snap your picture using the front.

The one that I use most is Selfback (US$ 0.99). It allows you to arrange the two pictures the way you want. You can put your picture as a small circle on one location of the central image, or you can also put the two picture side by side.

Other similar apps to try: Frontback (free), Mento (free), and Front & Back Camera Pro (US$ 2.99).

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How To Get Netflix For Free With T

There are some pretty great unlimited plans available in the United States these days. You can get good coverage and solid prices almost anywhere, so it comes down to perks to set the plans apart. If you’re eyeing up T-Mobile plans, you might be wondering what else your plan can get you. The answer is that you can get Netflix for free with T-Mobile just for signing up. Here’s how to get yourself set up for some free streaming.

If you’re just looking for a way to get Netflix for free, we still have you covered.


To get Netflix for free with T-Mobile, sign up for an eligible Magenta plan. After choosing your plan, head to the T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile site. Go to the Add-Ons section and select your desired subscription. Follow the prompts and log in to your Netflix account to confirm your subscription.


How to get free Netflix with T-Mobile

Eligible T-Mobile plans

How to activate Netflix on T-Mobile

How to get free Netflix with T-Mobile

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Getting your free Netflix subscription from T-Mobile is almost as easy as signing up for the carrier itself. All you have to do is register for a qualifying plan that includes taxes and fees. However, you’ll have to make sure that you have the correct number of lines on your account — either one line or two — depending on which Netflix plan you’re interested in.

Follow the steps listed below once you get set up with a T-Mobile plan.

Which plans are eligible?

Kris Carlon / Android Authority

As mentioned, the most challenging part of getting Netflix for free from T-Mobile is choosing the correct plan. Not all plans are eligible, and you can’t sign up for any tier of the streaming service if you’re a T-Mobile Essentials subscriber.

Instead, you’ll have to choose from the T-Mobile Magenta or Magenta Max plans. If you go for the basic Magenta option with two lines, you’re eligible for a free Netflix Basic plan ($9.99 value). Netflix Basic offers support for streaming on one screen at a time and only up to standard definition quality. Should you want more, you can sign up for another Netflix plan, and T-Mobile will cover $9.99 of the cost.

Those of you willing to spend a little more on Magenta Max can get more in return. You’ll only need one line on your plan to sign up for Netflix Basic, or two lines will get you access to Netflix Standard. The standard plan bumps you to two screens at high-definition quality ($15.49 value). If that’s not enough, you can upgrade to Netflix Premium, and T-Mobile will cover $15.49.

Unfortunately, the following plans are ineligible for Netflix On Us through T-Mobile:

Any tax-excluded plan.

Mobile internet plans.

Prepaid plans.

Single-line Magenta plans.

Single-line ONE plans.

How to activate Netflix on T-Mobile

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Once you’ve signed up for your T-Mobile plan, it’s time to activate your subscription. However, there are a few things you should know first. You’ll want to ensure that you already have a T-Mobile ID with primary account holder permissions set up. Double-check that you’re on an eligible plan as explained above, and make sure to log out of your existing Netflix account (if you have one). Then, follow these steps:

Activate on the T-Mobile app

The easiest way to activate free Netflix from T-Mobile is by using the carrier’s app. Download it to your phone, then follow these steps:

Log in with your T-Mobile ID and select the Accounts tab at the top.

Choose Add-Ons from any line on your account and select Manage Data & Add-Ons.

Scroll down to Services and choose your desired subscription.

Select Go to Netflix and log in to your Netflix account (or create one if needed).

Select Start Watching to enter your free Netflix account from T-Mobile.

Activate on My T-Mobile

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

If you prefer to stream from your computer, activating your new subscription from your web browser might be easier. In this case, head to the My T-Mobile page and follow these instructions:

Log in with your T-Mobile ID and select View details under any line on your account.

Follow steps 3 through 8 listed above.


Yes, Netflix uses your current data plan to stream on T-Mobile. You can always stick to Wi-Fi, but T-Mobile is generous with its premium data — each plan offers 50GB or more.

Yes, all of T-Mobile’s discounted plans include the Netflix On Us perk. To be eligible, you’ll have to follow the same requirements — either two lines of Magenta or a single line of Magenta Max.

No, you can link your current account to the Netflix On Us perk. You’ll just have to follow the instructions listed above.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Mac In 2023 (Free And Paid)

1. Fotor Photo Editor – Editor’s Choice

Further, you can create fun collages by selecting from 100 templates and adding up to 9 photos at a time. Add borders, shadow effects, and more. The app boasts a state-of-the-art photo processing engine that makes it easy to process high-quality images quickly.

Price: Free ($5.99 for Monthly Plan)


2. Photos for macOS (Default App)

The default Photos app on your Mac is a top choice for editing photos with ease and convenience. The latest updates to this app give it an immersive look that showcases your best photos and brings a ton of flexibility to your fingertips.

You can organize your photos into custom albums or let the app do it automatically with Smart Albums. Plus, access your memories across your other Apple devices thanks to iCloud. The best part is that this app is free and available by default on your Mac!

3. Pixelmator Pro

Check out this feature-rich and easy to use image editor that boasts a wide range of professional-grade image editing tools. It’s ideal for bringing out the best in your photos and add stunning effects, text, and more.

It’s got an intuitive and accessible design that’s straightforward to use for both beginners and pros. You can even choose from beautiful presets and edit non-destructively to always have your original image on hand.

Price: $19.99


4. Adobe Lightroom

Any list of photo-editing apps is incomplete without mentioning Adobe. This cloud-based service gives you the complete package of everything you need to edit, organize, store, and share your pictures.

It offers pro-level features that are still easy to use. You can adjust your full-resolution shots and have both your originals and edits backed up to the cloud. Further, keep things organized with searchable keywords that are automatically applied without the hassle of tagging.

Price: Free ( $9.99 for Monthly Subscription)


5. PhotoScape X

This is your all-in-one image editor that comes with countless features to create and edit the best photo on your Mac. For your social media posts, you can take any picture and remove the background. Although this one is a nasty trick, you should give credit to the original image source.

One of the significant features of PhotoScape X is you can use this software in foreign languages like English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, etc.

Price: Free ( $39.99 for Pro)


6. Polarr Photo Editor

Whether you are a pro editor or a creative arts learner, Polarr has something to impress you. For novices, Polarr has auto-enhance tools and high-quality filters to go into details of photos. Pro users can explore layer support, curve tools, local adjustments, and other features.

If you compare Polarr with Photoshop, you will find the former more accessible and intuitive. By using watermark support, you can be the sole owner of your creation. Since it works offline, you don’t need a constant Internet connection.

Price: Free ($3.99 for Premium Monthly)


7. Paint S

Paint S is arguably the best image editing tool for social media professionals, who frequently have to add text to images. Apart from adding text, you can also crop, rotate, and scale images quickly. The software’s ability to support layers allows you to re-edit your images freely.

This software’s notable feature is saving your images in several formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and many other popular formats. To make your photos more attractive, Paint S helps you select and remove unwanted elements.

Price: Free ($8.99 for Full Version)



This software supports multiple languages like C, C++, Perl, Python, Scheme, and others. Whether you are working for digital or printed media, you can always get high-fidelity color reproduction by using high-quality color management features.

Price: Free


9. Seashore

This is a completely free photo editing app for Mac that gives you most of the tools you need to edit your images to perfection. It’s easy to use but supports features like layers that give you greater control.

It’s open-source and will always remain free while providing the perfect balance of features and simplicity. You can get your editing done quickly without getting lost in the complexities of a full-blown editing app.

Price: Free


Try These Best Photo Editing Apps For Mac


Author Profile


Mehak has a master’s degree in communication and over ten years of writing experience. Her passion for technology and Apple products led her to iGeeksBlog, where she specializes in writing product roundups and app recommendations for fellow Apple users. When not typing away on her MacBook Pro, she loves being lost in a book or out exploring the world.

How To Convert Text To Shape In Photoshop

Photoshop is a wonderful graphic software that has a host of useful features. Converting Text to shape in Photoshop is a great feature for making great artwork. Converting text to shape allows for the text to be manipulated just like a shape. There may be challenges to finding unique texts that you like so manipulating one may be the next best option.

How to convert Text to Shape in Photoshop

Converting text to shape can be a great way to create logos or branding symbols. Creating logos will require some uniqueness to the artwork. Being able to turn text to shape and manipulate each letter is a great way to create unique artwork for logos and brands. Gone are the days when you had to use hand drawing to create unique writing. Photoshop allows you to create unique artwork for your projects.

Choose Text

Prepare Text

Convert Text


1] Choose Text

Photoshop offers a lot of text options as default, and you can download more. When you are going to change the text to shape, choose your desired text carefully. You will not be able to make certain changes to the text after it is converted. To help make the process easier, it is best to choose a text that is as close as possible to what you want the result to be. For example, if you want a stencil look as a part of the final result, it would be easier to choose text that already has a stencil look, and not to try to make one. Therefore it is important to plan what you want and make sketches on paper of the result you expect. Make as many sketches as it will take to get you to one that you like.

2] Prepare Text

It is important to prepare the text properly as there will be changes that you will be unable to make once the text is converted to an shape. Choose the correct text, and make changes to the weight. Choose the Font Family, the Font Style, and the Anti-aliasing Method, if all of those apply to the font. Some fonts may not offer a font style option. As stated previously, choose a text that is as close as possible to what you would want the results to be. This will make the manipulation easier after you have converted the text to a shape.

Write the text on the canvas and make the changes and move on to the conversion step.

Go to the left panel and choose the Type tool that is best for your project, whether the Horizontal Type Tool or the Vertical Type Tool. Long press the T icon to make the Type Tools pop out so that you can choose the one you want.

When you are finished choosing all that you can type the text you want to convert.

3] Convert Text

So you have chosen your text and you have made whatever changes you deem necessary so now it is on to the fun part. It is now time to turn the text into an shape so that you can manipulate each letter to make the design you want.

The Fill Color, Fill Pattern and Stroke Option can now be changed from the Fill swatch and Stroke options on the left of the top menu bar.  Photoshop now sees the texts as a shape. You can make further changes according to your project’s requirements. I will make a few changes just to show what can be done with this text.

Text with a rusty looking gradient fill and a stroke.

This is the text that has been changed to a shape. It is used to make a fancy logo. Notice that the W has an overhang on the top of the C.

Logo with the overhang at the top of the C removed. With the text converted to shape, the Direct Selection Tool can be used to distort the different letters separately.

Another way to get rid of the extra would be to rasterize the shape then use one of the tools to cut or erase it. However, rasterizing the image will make it unable to be edited as separate letters. The whole image will become one flat shape.

This is just one example of what you can do with the text that has been converted into a shape with Photoshop.

4] Save

To save the finished product so that it is editable go to File then Save as then choose to save as a Photoshop PSD.

You can save an extra copy for printing, sharing, or using on the web. Go to File, Save As and then choose the File Format to be JPEG, TIFF, PNG or any of the other formats available.

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Why is learning How to Convert Text to Outline in Photoshop Important?

As a graphic designer, professional, or hobbyist, learning new design ideas, tips and tricks will take your skills to another level. These tips and tricks can save you time and give your designs a unique quality and look. Nothing that you learn will be wasted because it adds to the knowledge that you can use to do better work. You will also start to discover new tricks of your own as you learn new design principles.

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Why not Write Each letter Separate then Manipulate Them?

That is a way that the logo or artwork could be done, however, when lighting and color schemes like gradients are to be done, each letter will look different. There will be no cohesiveness and they will all look different. To get them to look like one work, it would take a lot of time to design them. Making them one text and then converting them to shape makes it easier to make them look like one. The gradient lighting and shadows will all match.

Is it Possible to Print from Photoshop?

It is possible to print from Photoshop. Go to File then Print. A dialogue box will appear, make whatever necessary changes there then press Print. Printing from Photoshop can be good because it will save you time. After all, you will not have to save the document as a separate file to print. You will also save space on your hard drive because you will not have to save an extra copy of the document if it is not necessary.

7 Free Android Apps To Monitor Pc With Your Android Device

While until a couple of years back, users didn’t have many options when it came to managing their computers with their mobile devices; the evolution of Android as the most mainstream OS has meant that the average user is spoilt for choices, thanks to the developers. This hasn’t made the mainstream desktop obsolete by any means, it just helps you connect your smart devices more efficiently.

But hey, you don’t need to be so engrossed regarding this as we are listing the 7 best free apps for monitoring and managing your computer — all conveniently with your Android device. So tune-up your eyes for a lengthy read on these apps that not only bring remote monitoring right from your mobile device but let you do a whole lot more.

The Pulseway app is one of the top rated and most feature-rich solutions available on the Google Play Store. The developers describe it as ‘the Admin’s best friend’ and is built to help IT managers and system admins make their lives a whole lot easier. The Pulseway app can help you to monitor and manage up to 5 computers with a pretty long list of supported commands and monitoring.

There is support for notifications too and everything works via an encrypted communication with the server, so your systems are never in harm’s way. The app is supported on all the major desktop OS (Windows, Mac, and Linux), offering you insight on uptime status, CPU usage charts, GeoIP support for location finding, event logs, local hard disk status and so much more.

Easy, fast and efficient. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop can be used to access almost everything on your PC right from your Android smartphone or tablet. It comes in handy to access all programs, files, and documents on your PC with total compatibility even for running Flash-based or java games and media files. The app may make you forget that you aren’t exactly using an emulator!

With support for up to 5 computers from a single account, Splashtop requires Windows 7/XP/Vista or Mac OS X 10.6+ to run. All of this comes enclosed in a shell of military grade 256-BIT encryption and multi-network support, so you don’t even need to be necessarily connected to a Wi-Fi network to take access of your computer back home. You also get live streaming on your computer’s webcam.

A pioneer in the series of apps that offer desktop monitoring and support from mobile devices, Remote Control Collection is a one-stop solution in itself. Packed with half a dozen remote control features, you get the ability to use your phone as a wireless mouse, a wireless virtual keyboard, a Live Screen viewer, a Media Player and so much more.

One of the most feature-rich PC remotes out there, Unified Remote gives you the unrestricted freedom of controlling your favorite apps, mouse, and keyboard – all from one place. Unified Remote comes with special elements built in like the Task Manager, File Manager and others to help you control your favourite media player like VLC or Windows Media Centre easily from the clean and intuitive interface.

One great option is the availability of both — Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or mobile network server connections, with support for more than 70 popular Windows, Mac and Linux programs right from the app itself. Unified Remote also comes with a built-in screen viewer so that you can remotely access the desktop even when you’re miles away from the computer. The app also supports automatic server detection with password protection and encryption.

Unified remote also supports media centers like Kodi, Boxee, Plex, etc. and also supports services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, among many other features.

While there are plenty of apps that give you remote access to your computer, very few go into the hardware information of things. If you want all your system info in one app, Remote System Manager is the app made just for you. This app gives detailed info regarding the present state of the CPU/GPU, RAM, and quite a few extensive processes while the accuracy of the stats too, is impressive.

Starting things off, PC Remote by Monect offers a remote desktop solution to help you connect to your Windows PC remotely from anywhere at any time. But the features don’t end there, as PC Remote helps you turn the screen of your Android device into an actual wireless remote.

You can use the screen as a virtual keyboard, an air mouse to navigate, turn into a fully-customizable gamepad and enjoy some high-flying action. You even get the projector feature to mirror the display of your Android device onto the PC screen, along with the ability to access files and folder stored on your computer remotely. It also lets you play PPT presentation right from the mobile device.

Albeit the app looks a bit dated considering how the newer ones sport a material design, but this gem is regularly updated to keep it smooth on the performance side. WiFi Remote is an app totally dedicated to controlling media on your PC and thus it has a no-nonsense approach to it.

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