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There are 5G phones available in the US. But do you really need one? Here’s what you should know if you are looking for a phone capable of connecting to the latest cellular networks.

5G is now available “nationwide.” T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T all claim 5G is faster, stronger and more reliable. To get on board, you will need a 5G smartphone. T-Mobile’s 5G mid-band network is making a huge difference in America’s cities, suburbs and exurbs.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 5G smartphones so far this year. You can expect 5G on any new flagship or near-flagship smartphone you purchase in 2023. You can find everything you need about purchasing a 5G smartphone in this article.

Iphone 13 : 

The iPhone 13 offers similar 5G signal strength as the iPhone 12 line but has a much longer battery life so that you don’t have to deal anymore with that “turn 5G on to save battery” sillyness.

Who is it for?

This model is for the majority of iPhone owners. The base iPhone 13 delivers the right performance for the right price.


Battery life is long

Smooth, fast performance

The camera makes it simple to take great photos


The iPhone 13 is not much better than the iPhone 12.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ 128GB Unlocked Phone (Phantom Black)

Samsung Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22+, and the S22 Ultra, have significantly higher Low Band 4G/5G performance than previous year’s phones. They will keep your connected.

Who is it for?

The popular Galaxy S22+  has all 5G bands on every carrier. It’s also less expensive than the S22 Ultra. This is the simple answer I give to people who ask me if they need a phone that has good cellular reception.


Top-of-the-line performance

Excellent reception on cell phones

True 3x zoom camera


Sometimes photos can appear a bit washed-out

Speed doesn’t matter if you charge at 45W

5G Google pixel

Although the Google Pixel 6 Pro does not have a class-leading 5G reception it is a truly outstanding phone. Google’s Pixel software runs faster, is smoother, and offers better support than any other Android version. The Pixel 6 Pro also boasts an AI-powered camera stack.

Who is it for?

Pixel 6 Pro is designed for those who are looking for software elegance and a fast, responsive camera. This is enough for the 5G.


Amazing battery life

Exclusive features for Pixels that are intuitive

Excellent durability

Solid connectivity


Launched fast wireless charging is not possible

Some features of the camera are difficult to use

Iphone Pro Max

The iOS platform is a popular choice for professional content creators. It has the best third party camera software, the best video editing software, as well as the ability to get updates to social media software faster than Android phones. It integrates well with Macs that these creators may also own. If you’re at the right place, 5G allows photos and videos to upload at many times the speed of 4G.

Who is it for?

The 13 Pro Max is designed for those who plan to take many photos or videos with the iPhone. The Pro Max has a bigger screen and better cameras than the iPhone 13 base model. This phone has a super-long battery life, which is the longest we have ever seen on an iPhone. You can also record for quite a while.


Excellent cameras

Battery life is extremely long

Beautiful, buttery-smooth screen


Heavy and big

Cameras aren’t a significant improvement over the previous model.

We chose it

The iPhone 12 mini would not have made it onto this list due to the excessive power consumption for 5G. The iPhone 13 mini is not affected by this. It has an improved modem that allows it to get decent battery life while still maintaining 5G connectivity. This also means it has better reception and speeds that the smaller iPhone SE. Even though it is a tiny 5G iPhone, the device is still functional.

Who is it for?

People with smaller hands and pockets as well as those who don’t want their phone to be a giant portal into the unknown.


The most powerful small smartphone

Beautiful construction

Battery life is longer than the iPhone 12 mini


iPhone 13 family has the shortest battery life

OnePlus 10 T

This phone is the only one that has beat the Galaxy S22 series so far in 5G. Qualcomm is partially to blame, but OnePlus claims that the device has its own antenna technology which enables the best antenna performance regardless of how the phone is held (or whether it’s in your pocket or bag). The OnePlus 10T 5G device is only available on T-Mobile and Verizon. It does not work with AT&T.

Who is it for?


A powerful processor

Excellent reception on cell phones

The fastest wired charging for any US phone


The camera quality is not as good as flagships

No wireless charging support

The current Android skin is clunky and overbearing.

Samsung Galaxy S22

There aren’t many options for premium, small 5g phones. This is something I have always regretted. Although the Galaxy S22 isn’t a small phone, it’s small enough to be able to deliver class-leading performance. Its 5G reception is comparable to larger phones.

Who is it for?

The Galaxy S22 is a small Android phone that you can use for a lot of things, including speed and reception.


High signal strength

Premium power

True 3x zoom camera

Design and build quality are top-of-the-line


Battery life is very short


S22 Ultra

The Galaxy S22+, S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22+ are low-signal beasts with superior 5G performance than the Galaxy and iPhone models. They are far more capable than any other cellular device on the list, with the exception of the OnePlus 10T. The S22 Ultra’s main selling points are the 10x optical zoom camera, which can be extended to 100x with digital zoom, and the built-in S Pen stylus. The S22+ does not have these features.

It’s for Whom?

This guide is intended for those who intend to use the super zoom camera and S Pen. It is possible to draw a connection between people who take photos often and those who need better 5G connectivity. The bottom line is that both the S22+ Ultra and S22 Ultra have exceptional 5G performance. Your decision about which one to choose will depend on the importance of the zoom camera.


S Pen integration

Battery life is long

Bright screen

Excellent reception even in low-signal environments


Very large


Easy back scratches

Camera improvements are few compared to predecessors

Galaxy A53

The Galaxy A53 is a fine midrange phone and often gets discounts. Its 5G signal strength performance was better than the Googlepixel 6a during testing. You also get both sub-6 and millimeter wave 5G, which is what all US carriers offer. The Pixel 6a is our preferred phone for many reasons. However, this phone has better 5G.

Who is it for?

For those who want the Galaxy S22+ but don’t have the budget, the Galaxy A53 is the best phone.


Beautiful screen

Versatile cameras

Battery life is long


Performance is average.

Wireless charging is not supported

Buying Guide: Best 5G Phones in 2023

Are You Going to Need a 5G Smartphone in 2023?

Although the 5G situation in America is confusing at the moment, there is one way to make sense of it. 5G must run on a wider range of bands in order to achieve a faster speed than 4G.

As they roll out 3.45GHz and C-band, expect to see improved mid-band coverage from AT&T and Verizon. To benefit from new 5G performaces, your phone must support C-band.

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Best Waterproof Phones List Of Water Resistant Phones 2023

IP rating is a usual term you will see when talking about any water resistant gadget. This stands for Ingress Protection. It is usually followed by a number, which refers to the Gadget’s ability to withstand dust and water. The first digit refers to solid particle protection and the second digit to liquid protection. The water resistant phones have IP67 or IP68 standards. IP numbers that start with a 6 mean the device have complete protection from dust. Samsung certifies the phones with IP68 certification “can be immersed in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.” Those phones with IP67 rating, can be immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for a short time. I have compiled a list of waterproof phones from all major smartphone manufacturers. This list will help you to select the best water resistant phone suitable for your budget and requirments. The

Samsung Galaxy S 20 Series

Samsung Galaxy S 10 Series

Samsung Galaxy S 9 and Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy S 8 and Samsung Galaxy S 8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy S 5

Below are the LG whones with waterproof certifications IP68 and IP67.

LG V60 ThinQ

LG G7  ThinQ





See also:

Waterproof phones are becoming more and more popular day by day. Phones with IP certification started appearing around the year 2014. But still most of the users do not care about the waterproof capability of their phone. But now the Coronavirus changed everything! Health experts are urging to clean your personal belongings whenever possible, either with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer. Mobile phones gets dirty pretty quickly. You keep them on tables, dash boards, and other contaminated places very frequently. Eventhough you can apply mild amount of sanitizers on any phone, it is always better to have a water resistant phone on which sanitizers can be applied without any worry of damaging chúng tôi rating is a usual term you will see when talking about any water resistant gadget. This stands for Ingress Protection. It is usually followed by a number, which refers to the Gadget’s ability to withstand dust and water. The first digit refers to solid particle protection and the second digit to liquid protection. The water resistant phones have IP67 or IP68 standards. IP numbers that start with a 6 mean the device have complete protection from dust. Samsung certifies the phones with IP68 certification “can be immersed in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.” Those phones with IP67 rating, can be immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for a short time. I have compiled a list of waterproof phones from all major smartphone manufacturers. This list will help you to select the best water resistant phone suitable for your budget and chúng tôi Samsung Galaxy S5 was the first waterproof Samsung Phone which appeared in 2014. From then all Samsung S series phones were having water resistance capability except Galaxy S6 series.Below are the LG whones with waterproof certifications IP68 and chúng tôi also: Android Phones with LED Notification Light

Top 5 Best Chinese Phones For Under $500 – December 2023

Best Chinese Phones for Under $500 1. Realme X2 Pro

The first phone on our list comes with a bit of a surprise as we’re used to see Xiaomi phones top the charts, but the latest Realme X2 Pro really is an extraordinary phone. The handset does indeed manage to pack the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus for less than $500; heck you can even get it for under $400 if you’re willing to only have 64GB of storage.

The Realme X2 Pro then features a large 6.5-inch display of the AMOLED type with Full HD+ resolution and 90Hz refresh rate. Meanwhile in the camera department we find a 64MP primary shooter accompanied by an 8 MP ultra wide angle lens, a 13MP telefoto camera and a 2MP depth sensor. At the front we have a 16MP camera for high res selfies.

Finally, Realme’s flagship packs a large 4000mAh capacity battery with support for 50W fast charging, headphone jack, NFC and runs ColorOS 6.1 based on Android 9.

2. Vivo iQOO Neo 855 Racing Edition

In the camera department, the smartphone is equipped with a main 12MP sensor, a secondary 8MP ultra wide angle lens and a third 2MP depth sensor; on the front we instead have a 16MP selfie snapper hidden in the notch.

3. Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition

Next we have one of the handsets with the best specs-to-performance ratio on the market, the Redmi K20 Pro Premium Edition. The smartphone differs from the base Redmi K20 Pro in the CPU on-board, the latter does indeed pack the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, paired with 12GB of RAM and a whopping 512GB of internal storage. And yes, that will still cost you less than $500.

Other features include a 6.39-inch AMOLED panel with a real full screen design an under display fingerprint scanner. Meanwhile on the camera side, we find a main 48MP Sony IMX586 shooter paired with an 8MP telephoto and a 13MP ultra wide-angle lens. In the hidden pop-up camera we then find a 20MP selfie snapper.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is fueled by a 4000mAh, supports fast charge at 27W and runs MIUI based on Android 9.

Best Chinese Phones for Under $500 4. Oppo Reno Ace

Following, we have the powerhouse Oppo Reno Ace coming yet again with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus along with a minimum of 8GB of RAM an 128GB of internal storage.

We then find a 6.5-inch 90Hz e-sports ready screen and four rear cameras on the back. Including a main 48MP camera, along with a 13MP ultra wide angle, an 8MP telephoto and 2MP depth sensor. For selfies we instead have a single 16MP selfie snapper.

The smartphone supports the new 65W SuperVOOC super flash charging. Meaning it can charge the 4000mAh capacity battery completely in just 30 minutes. With 5 minutes of charging that can bring around 2 hours to 6 hours of autonomy.

5. OnePlus 7T

If you’re a fan of OxygenOS or OnePlus in general, then the latest OnePlus 7T is the one to get. The smartphone can indeed be found for less than $500 now; while equipping the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of fast UFS 3.0 storage.

The handset also shines for its large 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED with a 90Hz refresh rate. While in the camera department we have a primary 48MP sensor, paired with a 12MP telephoto lens and a 16MP ultra wide angle camera. On the front, selfies are taken care off by a 16MP sensor.

Finally, the OnePlus 7T  is fueled by a 3800mAh capacity battery with support for 30W fast charge and runs Oxygen 10 based on Android 10.

Best Chinese Phones for Under $500

Check out our sub $200 list if you’re on a tighter budget!

The Most Influential Phones Of All Time: Phones That Had A Lasting Impact

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Motorola engineers Martin Cooper and John F. Mitchell likely had no idea what impact their invention, the cellular phone, would have on all of humanity when they made that first call on April 3, 1973. The original cell phone, the Motorola DynaTAC, was a massive brick of a thing that was all battery and cost $4,000. While the DynaTAC introduced people to the very idea of the cellular phone, the mobile devices we all carry in our pockets were popularized over the years by smaller, more affordable fare.

What makes a phone influential? Not just sales. A phone has to introduce a new feature, a new functionality, or an entirely new way of doing things to be considered influential. It has to have a lasting effect on what comes after it. The following devices make Android Authority‘s list of most influential phones for their impact on the greater market.

The StarTAC influenced generations of flip phones.

The StarTAC was sold in a number of different models over the years and came with the ability to send and receive SMS messages, a vibrating alert, and swappable external batteries. It was incredibly small at the time, weighing in at just 88g. If you had some cash to spare, the Motorola StarTAC was the phone you bought. The StarTAC influenced generations of flip phones.

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Palm / Handspring Treo 180 (2002)

Some might argue about which Treo is the most important, but it was the 180 that combined a PDA with phone calling capabilities into the same device in the Treo line. That alone was a big first step for Palm and Handspring.

This interesting piece of hardware featured a monochrome, resistive touch display and QWERTY keyboard, as well as a flip-up lid that covered the screen and acted as an earpiece when open. Other specs included 16MB of memory and a 33MHz Dragonball processor. This phone set the stage for Treos to come, particularly the Treo 600 and 650, which were hugely popular with business users in the 2000s.

Motorola RAZR (2004)

The Motorola RAZR was one of those phones that everyone lusted after, earning it a well-deserved place on our list of most influential phones. It took the clamshell form factor to the max with svelte lines and a metal build. The RAZR retailed for $400.

It was among the most important fashion phones and went on to sell more than 130 million units. Like the StarTAC, it was popular with celebrities and in Hollywood. It was mimicked by competitors, which later came out with their own trim clamshell designs. The Motorola RAZR was an icon in its own time. Motorola recently resurrected the RAZR to hop on the foldable bandwagon.

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The BlackBerry Curve was many peoples’ first smartphone.

The Curve took the popular trackball feature from the BlackBerry Pearl and stuck it in a more user-friendly device than older BlackBerries. It featured a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as a color screen. Some specs included a 312MHz processor, 64MB of storage, 16MB of RAM, and a camera. Some variants had Wi-Fi and others had GPS. The BlackBerry Curve was many peoples’ first smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note (2011)

Last, but not least, we have the Samsung Galaxy Note — the original 2011 model. This phone was a big leap for Samsung, literally. The company went rogue with the idea of a phone that had a giant screen and supported a stylus. Samsung has given us a new Galaxy Note each year since, and the phone continues to be the pinnacle of design, technology, and software from the Korean company.

Not long after the Note’s arrival, the average screen size for smartphones began to creep up. Even Apple decided to follow the Note’s lead: it later introduced the iPhone 6 Plus, which was the first big-screened iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy Note makes our list of most influential phones for ushering in the era of big-screened smartphones.

Top 10 Big Data Trends Of 2023

2024 was a major year over the big data landscape. In the wake of beginning the year with the Cloudera and Hortonworks merger, we’ve seen huge upticks in Big Data use across the world, with organizations running to embrace the significance of data operations and orchestration to their business success. The big data industry is presently worth $189 Billion, an expansion of $20 Billion more than 2023, and is set to proceed with its rapid growth and reach $247 Billion by 2023. It’s the ideal opportunity for us to look at Big Data trends for 2023.  

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) will be the Center of Attraction

The positions of Data Scientists and Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are modestly new, anyway, the prerequisite for these experts on the work is currently high. As the volume of data continues developing, the requirement for data professionals additionally arrives at a specific limit of business requirements. CDO is a C-level authority at risk for data availability, integrity, and security in a company. As more businessmen comprehend the noteworthiness of this job, enlisting a CDO is transforming into the norm. The prerequisite for these experts will stay to be in big data trends for quite a long time.  

Investment in Big Data Analytics

Analytics gives an upper hand to organizations. Gartner is foreseeing that organizations that aren’t putting intensely in analytics by the end of 2023 may not be ready to go in 2023. (It is expected that private ventures, for example, self-employed handymen, gardeners, and many artists, are excluded from this forecast.) The real-time speech analytics market has seen its previously sustained adoption cycle beginning in 2023. The idea of customer journey analytics is anticipated to grow consistently, with the objective of improving enterprise productivity and the client experience. Real-time speech analytics and customer journey analytics will increase its popularity in 2023.  

Multi-cloud and Hybrid are Setting Deep Roots

In 2023, we hope to see later adopters arrive at a conclusion of having multi-cloud deployment, bringing the hybrid and multi-cloud philosophy to the front line of data ecosystem strategies.  

Actionable Data will Grow

Another development concerning big data trends 2023 recognized to be actionable data for faster processing. This data indicates the missing connection between business prepositions and big data. As it was referred before, big data in itself is futile without assessment since it is unreasonably stunning, multi-organized, and voluminous. As opposed to big data patterns, ordinarily relying upon Hadoop and NoSQL databases to look at data in the clump mode, speedy data mulls over planning continuous streams. Because of this data stream handling, data can be separated immediately, within a brief period in only a single millisecond. This conveys more value to companies that can make business decisions and start processes all the more immediately when data is cleaned up.  

Continuous Intelligence

Continuous Intelligence is a framework that has integrated real-time analytics with business operations. It measures recorded and current data to give decision-making automation or decision-making support. Continuous intelligence uses several technologies such as optimization, business rule management, event stream processing, augmented analytics, and machine learning. It suggests activities dependent on both historical and real-time data. Gartner predicts more than

Machine Learning will Continue to be in Focus

ML projects have gotten the most investments in 2023, stood out from all other AI systems joined. Automated ML tools help in making pieces of knowledge that would be difficult to separate by various methods, even by expert analysts. This big data innovation stack gives faster results and lifts both general productivity and response times.  

Abandon Hadoop for Spark and Databricks

Since showing up in the market, Hadoop has been criticized by numerous individuals in the network for its multifaceted nature. Spark and managed Spark solutions like Databricks are the “new and glossy” player and have accordingly been picking up a foothold as data science workers consider them to be as an answer to all that they disdain about Hadoop. However, running a Spark or Databricks work in data science sandbox and then promoting it into full production will keep on facing challenges. Data engineers will keep on requiring more fit and finish for Spark with regards to enterprise-class data operations and orchestration. Most importantly there are a ton of options to consider between the two platforms, and companies will benefit themselves from that decision for favored abilities and economic worth.  

In-Memory Computing

In-memory innovation is utilized to perform complex data analyses in real time. It permits its clients to work with huge data sets with a lot more prominent agility. In 2023, in-memory computing will pick up fame because of the decreases in expenses of memory.  

IoT and Big Data

The function of IoT in healthcare can be seen today, likewise, the innovation joining with gig data is pushing companies to get better outcomes. It is expected that 42% of companies that have IoT solutions in progress or IoT creation in progress are expecting to use digitized portables within the following three years.  

Digital Transformation Will Be a Key Component

Top 6 Mobile Proxy Services Of 2023

Mobile proxies empower individuals and companies to extract valuable data, improve mobile app user experience, and conduct app quality assurance. However, obstacles such as being blacklisted and geographically restricted contents necessitate the use of a trustworthy proxy service.

This article reviews top 5 mobile proxy services highlighting their unique features and pricing plans to help you navigate the complex landscape of mobile proxy services with ease. We will also discuss how mobile proxies work and benefits companies.

What is a mobile proxy?

A mobile proxy is a gateway that uses the IP addresses of a mobile network. Mobile proxies provide a layer of privacy between a mobile device and the target web server to hide users’ real mobile IP addresses.

Top mobile proxy providers of 2023

There are many mobile proxy services, which slows down the decision-making process. In this section, we will examine the top five mobile proxy solutions in terms of their features (e.g., pool size, geo-targeting, IP type), as well as their prices.

We selected the vendors based on their market presence and customer satisfaction. While filtering mobile proxy providers, we followed these verifiable criteria: 

40+ employees on LinkedIn

5+ reviews on review sites such as G2, Trustradius, and Capterra.

Proxy providers# of employees# of reviewsAverage score Bright Data4141794.7 NetNut5164.7 Smartproxy103133.6 Oxylabs314334.7 IPRoyal47104.6 SOAX61424.9

1. Bright Data

Bright Data is a web data platform that provides proxies, no-code tools, and ready-to-use datasets for data collection purposes. The proxy provider offers mobile residential IPs, including 3G/4G/5G mobile proxy network. The mobile IPs are provided by ISPs, allowing you to view websites as a real mobile user.


Proxy pool: 7 million 3G/4G mobile proxy network

Geolocation targeting: Supports country, city, zip code, carrier & ASN targeting

Proxy control panel or API: Allows users to manage and track their mobile IPs

Rotating IPs from mobile devices: You can change mobile IPs at regular intervals or for each request.

Shared and dedicated IP types: You can use shared or dedicated mobile IPs based on your specific need and application.


Starting price: $27.00/GB/monthly

Free trial: 7-day trial

2. NetNut

NetNut offers 1 million mobile proxies with automatic mobile IP rotation. Rotating mobile proxies enable users to avoid detection and blocking by the target website.


Personalized IP rotation: Changes mobile IPs after each connection request or after a certain period.

IP whitelist: Allows only a certain set of IP addresses to connect and interact with the proxy pool.

City-level targeting: Enables users to select proxies associated with a particular city.

API for stats: Provides information and data regarding performance metrics and proxy usage.


Starting price: $19/GB/monthly

Free trial: 7-day trial

3. Smartproxy Features:

Proxy pool: 10+ million 3G/4G/5G mobile IPs

Geolocation targeting: Supports ASN, OS & country-level targeting

Rotating and sticky IPs: Allows users to change mobile IPs periodically or maintain the same IP for the duration of a session.

Shared and dedicated IP types: You can use dedicated or shared mobile IPs based on your specific need and application.

Dedicated account manager for enterprise plans: Offers personalized assistance tailored to your specific requirements. You can get direct support with technical issues.

Pricing: 4. Oxylabs

Oxylabs offers 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile proxies with ASN and country-level targeting. You can use mobile IPs to check the context, location, and other display parameters to ensure the ad is displayed correctly and effectively on websites.


Proxy pool: 20+ million mobile IPs

Geolocation targeting: Allows users to target by country or ASN, enabling access to the required geo-restricted content.

HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocol support: You can use mobile proxies to redirect your internet traffic through the service provider’s supported protocols.

Automatic IP rotation: Allows users to rotate their mobile IP addresses at predefined intervals or for each request.


Starting price: $25/GB

Free trial: 7-day trial

5. IPRoyal

IPRoyal provides mobile IPs from a 5G/4G/3G residential cellular network pool, which can be used for various purposes, including social media automation and app testing.


Proxy pool: 1M+ residential mobile IPs

Geolocation targeting: Supports country, city, zip code, carrier & ASN targeting

API access: Offers API to interact with mobile proxy service. You can rotate IPs, manage sticky sessions, or check usage stats via API.

Automatic IP rotation: Allow users to rotate mobile IPs at the set intervals, starting from 6 minutes for per request.

Dedicated IPs: Also known as static IP addresses, are used only by the assigned user.


Starting price: $90 per month

Free trial: 7-day trial


SOAX offers real 3G / 4G / 5G / LTE mobile IPs for businesses for data collection, market research and SEO monitoring.


Proxy pool: 8.5M+ proxy IP pool

Geolocation targeting: Allows users to select proxies based on mobile carrier and city associated with a specific city and carrier.

Customer success manager: Provides personalized services and technical support to its customers, and onboard new customers.

Automatic mobile proxy rotation


Starting price: $33.00/GB

Free trial: 3-day Trial for $1.99

How do mobile proxies work?

Mobile proxies work much like regular proxies such as residential and datacenter proxies. Mobile proxies assign mobile IPs to mobile devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones) to conceal the real IP addresses of users. Here is a simplified steps involved in how mobile proxies work:

Making request: When a user access to a website on their mobile device, their connection request first goes to the mobile proxy server.

Forwarding user request: The mobile proxy receives the request and forwards it to the target website by assigning you a new IP address.

Response: The target website takes the request provide the required information back to the mobile proxy server. The website sees the IP of the mobile proxy as the source of your request.

Data delivery: The mobile proxy server forwards the response to the user device.

Comparing residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies

Datacenter proxies are IP addresses that belong to datacenters. It is one of the cheapest ways to mask users’ real IP addresses. However, since they come from cloud server providers, they can be identified and blacklisted more easily compared to mobile and private proxies.

Residential proxies are IP addresses provided by an ISP (Internet Service Providers). Unlike other proxy services, residential proxies are more difficult to blacklist because they provide real IP addresses.

Mobile proxies are 3G/4G connections assigned to users by mobile operators. Mobile proxies also work very similarly to residential proxies. Detecting mobile proxies is difficult because they provide dynamic IPs.

We listed Top 10 Residential Proxy Providers of 2023 and outlined their key features to help you understand which residential service is best for your business needs.

3 Ways to Leverage Mobile Proxies for Your Business 1. Scraping data from social media accounts

While scraping web data, organizations can use mobile IPs to bypass IP bans and CAPTCHAs. CAPTCHA is one of the most common types of website security techniques. It identifies scraping bots and denies them access to websites to minimize web scraping practices. Mobile proxies are used to tackle this problem and allow web scraping bot access. They use dynamic IPs instead of static IP addresses. 

The difference between a dynamic and a static IP address is that static IP addresses do not change over time while dynamic IP addresses are updated regularly and change over time. This increases privacy and anonymity.

Mobile proxies are also the best option for managing multiple social media accounts. They give social media managers different IP addresses so that they can easily access multiple accounts without IP bans. 

If you log out of one of your social media accounts and then log in to another account, your IP address remains the same since you use the wireless or mobile network. Most of the time, social media platforms deny access to users who create multiple accounts with the same IP address. Mobile proxies prevent such scenarios by assigning different IPs.

See our in-depth guide on social media scraping to learn more about its legality, benefits, and use cases.

2. Ad verification 

Monitoring every single ad is not feasible, especially for large companies, as they often run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Companies can integrate mobile proxies into their web scrapers. This allows them to crawl websites at different times without being blacklisted.

3. Enabling access to region-specific content

Geoblocking is one of the most common barriers to tracking competitive data. Companies can use mobile proxies to gather geo-specific data without IP bans in order to obtain regional data in real-time. With a mobile proxy, your IP address is changed every time you make a request. Mobile proxies gain access to all content available in their region and can easily scroll mobile-first websites. 

Further Readings:

If you still have any questions about how to choose a mobile proxy service that is suitable for your specific application, feel free to read our data-driven whitepaper on the topic:

If you believe that your business may benefit from a web scraping solution, check out data-driven list of web scrapers, and reach out to us:

Gulbahar Karatas

Gülbahar is an AIMultiple industry analyst focused on web data collections and applications of web data.





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