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Update: We have now launched our new 2023 edition of the best MIDI keyboards for Mac and iPad ahead of the launch of Apple’s new Logic Pro for iPad.

Best MIDI keyboards for Mac 2023 Edition

It has been a slow year for new releases in the MIDI keyboard controller space, but fortunately for anyone looking to invest in 2023, this matters very little. While a new ultra-affordable model from Alesis, mid-tier options from Nektar, and the auto-mapping, OLED display-laden M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro have hit the marketplace this year, MIDI keyboard controllers are still the kind of technology that remain relevant as years push-on, new M1 Macs or otherwise — models released from 2023 on (or even previous to that) are still just as feature-rich, compatible in just about every way, and desirable for musicians, beat makers, and content creators as they were on day one.

We will be highlighting some of the latest models in this year’s edition of the best MIDI keyboards out there. But you will also find some models that have stood the test of time, including some of our favorite options that still get put to task just about every day, from mid-tier home studio models to graceful weighted piano-style controllers, EDC-sized backpack keyboards, and more. 

Alesis Q Mini

Alongside updated versions of its Q-series 49- and 88-key models, Alesis unleashed one of the most affordable MIDI keyboard controllers out there earlier this year with the new Q Mini. A tight set of 32 velocity-sensitive keys is joined by a streamlined collection of the most important musical embellishment controls — octave range transposition, assignable modulation, volume, pitch bend, and a sustain button — for a truly portable solution that can just as easily integrate into your mobile EDS (everyday studio) as it can at home. This is a thin, bus-powered, no-frills solution worth the $49 it will run you right now for anyone in the market to score a quick MIDI keyboard for sketching out ideas, accenting organic recordings on-the-go, or hand-tailoring the top line in your next drill beat. 

32 compact velocity-sensitive synth-action keys

USB-powered with plug-and-play connectivity for Mac or PC

Octave/Transpose buttons

Pitch bend and modulation buttons

Re-assignable volume knob

Sustain button

iOS compatibility via Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

Alesis Q Mini $49 (Reg. $59)

Best MIDI Keyboards under $120

Here’s our running list of the best MIDI Keyboards for Mac in the sub $120 range including some mainstays from AKAI, as well as those particularly inexpensive Arturia models, and more.

AKAI Pro LPK25 $49


Or MKIII from $119

Nektar SE25-Key MIDI keyboard $50

Nektar SE49-Key MIDI keyboard $80

Arturia 25-Key Microlab $89

Arturia 25-Key MiniLab MkII $119

KORG Wireless microKEY Air from $115

Alesis 25-Key VMini $58

Nektar Impact GXP 49 and 61-key MIDI keyboard controllers

Next up, we are taking a look at what is essentially the best new MIDI keyboard controllers for 2023, that actually released this year. Nektar is one of those brands that seemingly soars under the radar among all but the most professional-focused individuals and avid music-making nerds, and for no good reason if you ask me.

The new GXP models feature deep DAW control for Logic Pro and others alongside a host of performance controls that warrant the higher price tag than the models above — the real-time Key Repeat engine with tempo, repeat rate, accent, interval, swing and aftertouch/modulation routing to velocity is a good example here. You’re also looking at “real piano” feel with full-size, semi-weighted keys, unlike the stunted, more portable-friendly designs of those found on the budget-friendly models listed above. 

49, 61 or 88-note full-sized keybed with velocity and aftertouch

14 RGB LED buttons for MIDI, note repeat and Nektarine features

Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels 

1 push encoder for note repeat tempo control and Nektarine features 

Octave up/down buttons with LED indicators 

Transpose up/down buttons with LED indicators. Assignable to other functions. 

7 transport buttons for DAW integration or MIDI assignable 

Note Repeat button with LED tempo indicator

Nektar GXP49 Controller $190

Nektar GXP61 Controller $230

Nektar GXP88 Controller $300

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32

32 compact keys

Portable form-factor

Included synths, basses, drums, effects, and more

OLED display

Touch-sensitive knobs to tweak your sounds

Komplete Kontrol M32 $139

More Native Instruments…

The MKII Komplete Kontrol models include thousands of sounds bundled in and are still easily among the best on the market. I use an S49 as my main controller and really appreciate the, what I would call, barely-weighted keys as a nice middle ground.

Komplete Kontrol A25 $169

NI keybed with 25 semi-weighted keys

Komplete Kontrol A49 $219

NI keybed with 49 semi-weighted keys

Komplete Kontrol A61 $279

NI keybed with 61 semi-weighted keys

Komplete Kontrol S49 MKII $669

49 semi-weighted Fatar with aftertouch

Pitch and mod wheels, plus touch strip

Komplete Kontrol S61 MKII $799

61 semi-weighted Fatar with aftertouch

Pitch and mod wheels, plus touch strip

Komplete Kontrol S88 MKII $1,149

88 hammer-action Fatar

Two high-res color screens

Best MIDI Keyboards for Mac 2023 Edition – Honorable Mentions

M Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3 $59

Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 $110

AKAI Professional MPK225 $269

AKAI Professional MPK249 $429

AKAI Professional MPK261 $499

Arturia KeyStep Pro 37-Key Controller $440

MIDI keyboards and controllers on sale for the holidays:

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Best Gan Chargers For Iphone, Ipad, And Mac In 2023

What is a Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger?

The GaN charger stands for Gallium nitride charger. It’s a semiconductor material, an alternative to silicon. The GaN tech is highly used in creating charger component parts since it can operate at greater heat levels and provides improved electrical transfer rates.

During the early 90s, Gallium Nitride was used as a semiconductor material for LED lights. It was unmatched in giving light to displays in the bright daylight. Besides this, it is also used for solar cell arrays on satellites. Counting on its attributes, recently, manufacturers started using it to create charging adapters.

Best GaN chargers for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook

1. Belkin BOOST CHARGE Pro 4 – Editor’s Choice

Beklin BOOSTCHARGE Pro 4-Port GaN Charger allows juicing 4 Apple devices simultaneously with a total of 108W output. So, you can charge two other devices and a MacBook Pro at maximum speed. It also supports USB-C PD 3.0 power delivery technology for quick charging of your iPhone and iPad. 

Thanks to the Intelligent Power Sharing technology, the charger can recognize the power needs of each connected device and share the power accordingly. Also, the integrated GaN technology allows for high-wattage charging, which is secure and effective. Besides, Belkin has used a desk-top design to easily access the ports. 

You will get two USB-C and two USB-A connections. One USB-C port delivers a max of 96W power output, and the other one offers 30W, whereas the USB-A ports provide 12W shared power delivery. Therefore, your MacBook Pro will get 0-50% in 39 mins if no other device is connected. In contrast, your iPad will juice 0-50% in 39 minutes, and your iPhone 13 Pro Max will get 0-50% in 21 mins simultaneously.


Charge four devices together

Highest 96W power delivery via USB-C port

Intelligent power-sharing technology



2. Anker 736 charger – CES award winner

Additionally, the Gan II technology makes the charger 34% more compact thanks to a 100% increase in operating frequency, an innovative layered architecture, and an improved circuit board structure. Also, it offers higher energy efficiency and enhances heat dissipation with dynamic power distribution and smart temperature monitoring.

I liked Anker’s patented MultiPeotect technology with the latest safety certifications, which ensure safer charging. Also, the foldable prongs and small profile make it portable. The brand has used an anti-static design with a durable anodized surface. So, the charger is smudge-proof and scratch-resistance.


GaN II technology

100W ultra-fast charging

34% compact anti-static design


Prongs may not fit all wall outlet

3. mophie speedport 120 – Highest power capacity

If you want a powerful GaN charger for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, the mophie speedport 120 would be an ideal choice. You will get a maximum shared output of up to 120W. Besides, it can simultaneously charge up to four Apple devices with three USB-C PD connectors and one USB-A port. So, your MacBook Pro can get max 100W power delivery for fast charging. 

The GaN technology boosts charging efficiency in a minimal form factor by using high-performance internal silicon components. Moreover, the off-the-wall design doesn’t obstruct any other slots on your power strip or wall outlet. Moreover, all four ports are accessible with ease, and the included straps help in cable management.


Off-wall design

120W of total combined power

Strap for cable management


Heat dissipation needs improvement

4. Nomad 65W power adapter – Best type-C charger

The Nomad power adapter has dual USB-C ports to quick charge your two Apple devices together. If you only connect your MacBook, it will get 65W power output. But when both ports operate, the upper port delivers 45W, and the bottom port provides a 20W power supply. 


ProCharge power philosophy

Compact and portable



No USB-A port for older devices

Check out on: Nomad

5. Baseus GaN2 fast charger – Best in budget

Baseus GaN charger offers decent performance on a budget. It has two USB-C ports and one USB-A port with a total 65W power supply. So, you can charge your iPhone 14 from 0-50% in just 25 minutes, which is three times quicker. The best part is the charger supports 8 kinds of Multi Fast-Charging protocols, such as PPS, QC3.0, PD3.0, etc.  

Moreover, the GaN II technology incorporates six charging protection intended for your safety and is 5x quicker, 30% smaller, energy-efficient, and has better thermal conductivity and heat management. Also, the Intelligent Power Allocation and Baseus Power Split (BPS) technology save 30% charging time and felicitate simultaneous fast charging.


5x charging speed

30% smaller in size

Baseus power split(BPS) technology

Overpower protection


Unreliable charging

6. Spigen 100W GaN charger – Charge two Macs together

Spigen 100W GaN charger has two USB-C ports with dual 45W power output. So, if you connect your MacBook Pro, it will be fully charged with a 100W output in less than 2.5 hours and from 0 to 50% in 44 minutes. Besides, the exclusive Adaptive Power Diffusion technology intelligently supplies the optimal power to each connected device. 

It distributes 45W to each port when both are simultaneously loaded. Therefore, two MacBook Airs may be 3.1x faster charged concurrently. While it still has a powerful 100W output, it is 13% smaller than the old 96W charger. Also, the increased charging efficiency and temperature management provides more coolness. Moreover, you will get a 24-month warranty.


Dual MacBook charging

Intelligent PowerDiffusion technology

50-degree F cooler


Charging lags

Check out on: Amazon

7. Satechi 165W PD GaN charger – Powerful desktop companion

The Satechi GaN charger has 4 USB-C PD ports that provide a 165W combined power supply. So, you can quickly charge your MacBook Pro at 100W full speed. The potent GaN technology provides quicker charging and greater power effectiveness. 

Also, you will have stress-free charging with over-current, over-temperature, and voltage protection. Besides, the included handy stand to safely dock the charger at your desk blends in with any workstation. I liked its slim space gray style and compact dimension.


4 USB-C ports

Convenient charging

Includes desktop stand


No USB-A port

8. TECKNET USB-C charger – Safer charging

TECKNET 65W GaN wall charger offers two USB-C PD 3.0 ports and one USB-A port. Your MacBook Pro will be juiced from a single USB-C port from 0% to 100% in two hours, thanks to built-in PPS technology. It is 50% smaller than a typical charger. Besides, the GaN technology decreases the charger’s size, weight, heat output, and power consumption. 

Therefore, it significantly increases charging efficiency and convenience. I liked its built-in protections that secure your devices from too much current, overheating, and overcharging. Besides, the combined ABS and PC shell makes the charger more durable. The brand offers a 36-month warranty.


Automatic charging adjustment

50% smaller

Overheating and overcharging protection


Struggles to charge three devices simultaneously

Check out on: Amazon

9. UGREEN 100W Nexoda GaN charger – Multiple charging protocols

UGREEN GaN travel charger has three USB-C ports and one USB-A port. If you connect one device, it can deliver 100W of power for fast charging. At maximum support of 5A current, your M2 MacBook Air will juice up to 55% in less than 30 minutes. It integrates Power Delivery 3.0, Quick Charge 4+, PPS, AFC, and BC1.2 charging protocols. 

Besides, Dynamic Temperature Sensors track the temperature, and a sophisticated PMW chip modifies power outputs to protect your devices. So, the charging is completely safe and reliable. Also, the heat dissipation design and UL94-V0-approved shell guarantee secure overnight charging.


Multiple charging protocols

4 USB-C ports

Higher energy efficiency


Can not fast charge multiple devices

Check out on: Amazon

Is a GaN charger better than a normal charger?

The GaN charger has multiple benefits. It has a far better “band gap” efficiency than silicon. So, it can conduct electricity well and thus sustain much higher voltages over time. In addition, GaN charging transfers current more quickly than a silicon chip while using less power overall. It also makes charging safer and more protective.

The best part is that the GaN charger has multiple ports and can charge your iPhone, iPad, and Mac simultaneously. Moreover, the powerful high-wattage charger supports fast charging. Don’t worry if you have older devices; some GaN chargers have USB-C configurations. So, you don’t need to carry different chargers for each device.

Choose more powerful charging!

GaN chargers are an excellent choice to charge your iPhone, iPad, or Mac quickly and efficiently. With their smaller form factors and faster charging speeds, they’re ideal for busy professionals, students, and anyone who’s always on the go. I’ve shared some of the best GaN chargers for Apple devices.

Each of them offers unique features and benefits, so it’s worth taking the time to choose the one that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking for a charger that’s small enough to fit in your pocket or powerful enough to charge multiple devices at once, there’s a GaN charger out there that will meet your needs.

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The Best Apple Ipad Keyboards

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

In the world of tablets, the Apple iPad remains the undisputed people’s champion, with its sleek design, intuitive interface, and exclusive app ecosystem. However, a good keyboard is necessary if you use your tablet as a laptop replacement or even the occasional productivity station. We’ve selected the best Apple iPad keyboards tailored to specific user needs and preferences. Read on to decide which is best for you.

The best Apple iPad keyboards

Whether you have an iPad Pro or the standard iPad, we have handpicked the top Apple iPad keyboards for various user types. Apple’s own Magic Keyboard still delivers the best overall experience, but the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard for a high-quality alternative. The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is perfect for those who don’t need a trackpad, and the Zagg Pro Keys is reliable for the budget-conscious. The Brydge Max Plus is for productivity enthusiasts, and the Logitech K780 is for those with a multi-device setup. Hit the links below to check them out.

Logitech Combo Touch: The best protective keyboard


The Logitech Combo Touch is a versatile, mid-range folio keyboard that offers excellent protection for your iPad. Designed for 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models and 4th and 5th-generation iPad Air models, this keyboard connects using Apple’s Smart Connector, drawing power directly from the iPad. The Combo Touch features soft, backlit keycaps for added grip and a larger, responsive trackpad. It also includes a slot to hold an Apple Pencil.

While not as sleek as the Apple Magic Keyboard, the Logitech Combo Touch compensates with its protective features, such as the rubber bumper and thick padding. It’s also cheaper at $195. The sturdy kickstand is secure on various surfaces and enables adjustable viewing angles. Sure, the Combo Touch is a bit bulky, which might feel bigger when using the iPad as a tablet. However, its durable construction makes it a dependable option for iPad users who want a keyboard that provides some protection.

Apple Smart Folio: The best iPad keyboard without a trackpad


The Apple Smart Keyboard is a portable-friendly option for users who desire a keyboard without adding much bulk to their iPad. The keyboard attaches to the tablet using magnets and serves as a screen cover with a soft lining, offering protection from scratches.

The keyboard is more minimalist, lacking backlights and a trackpad, but it is suitable for lap use in short periods or at a desk for longer sessions. Plus, it doesn’t require charging port pairing, so it is easy to set up. The Apple Smart Keyboard is a reasonably priced option at $129.99, considering its quality and convenience to iPad users.

Brydge Max Plus: SEO-optimized description


The Brydge offers a diverse lineup of keyboards for many types of tablets, but for iPad users, the Max Plus, for $199.99, has a few unique design features. Unlike some of Brydges typical corner clamps, this one features a magnetic snap-fit case, allowing for a 135-degree screen rotation and adding a layer of protection on the backside. 

The Brydge Max Plus connects via Bluetooth 5.0, and they provide an Instant-On connection that eliminates any lag often associated with Bluetooth connections. The keyboard also features a generously sized multi-touch trackpad, supporting all the necessary gestures. Lastly, the high-quality aluminum construction of the Brydge keyboard gives the entire setup a laptop-like feel.

Honorable mentions

That’s it for our list of the best iPad keyboards you can buy, but it’s only a fraction of what’s out there. We also want to give an honorable mention to the following products:

Keychron K3: For those who love mechanical keyboards, this one is lightweight, portable, and offers wired and Bluetooth connections. It sells for $89.99.

Omoton for iPad: Slim, lightweight, and ultra-affordable for just $19.99. There’s no stand or trackpad, just the basics.

Brydge Pro Plus: The classic clamp-style bridge keyboard, available for 12.9-inch and 11-inch models. It offers a protective build and has a reliable productivity layout. See pricing.


To get your iPad to recognize your keyboard, turn on Bluetooth on your iPad, and put the keyboard in pairing mode. Once the keyboard appears in the list of available devices, tap on it to connect.

Yes, you can have a case on your iPad with a keyboard, but it depends on the case design. Some keyboard cases are specifically designed to hold and protect the tablet, while others may require a separate case.

To get the keyboard back to normal on your iPad, press and hold the Globe icon on the on-screen keyboard and select “Dock” or “Merge” from the options that appear.

If you frequently type or use your iPad for productivity tasks, it is worth getting a keyboard. It enhances your typing experience and allows you to work more efficiently.

Best Easter Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023


Put the world’s most extensive library of animated GIFs and Stickers to some good use. Send unique Good Friday and Easter Sunday messages to cheer them under these pandemic situations.

Just type Easter in the search term to find the right sticker or GIF. What’s more, you can create your own custom content with captions, stickers, filters, and other accessories.

GIPHY also features a keyboard extension, so you can easily send GIFs via iMessage, text, email, messengers, social platforms, and more! That’s what makes it one of the best easter apps for iPhone and iPad.

2. JibJab

Don’t just send ecards, make them more fun by sticking your face on them. Just snap a selfie-and place your face on Ecards, popular Music Videos, and dancing GIFs.

Don a bunny suit or hatch from an egg. But why just you, add your friends and family members into the mix as well.

Cast multiple faces and hop around like bunnies or dance on funny tunes to wish everyone a very happy Easter. If nothing else, the app is definitely good for some laughs. I think we got enough reasons to consider this as one of the best easter apps for iPhone and iPad.

3. 1800Flowers

Do you love sending ornate Easter baskets or Easter flowers to your loved ones? Then 1800Flowers brings a wide variety of options at your fingertips.

From Easter centerpiece to chocolate gift baskets, from preserved roses to timeless tulips and much much more. What’s great is you can avail up to 20% off on your orders.

Remember, under the current circumstances, the website might be a delay in deliveries. So order as soon as you can.

Under all the fun and frolic, Good Friday and Easter are a way to commemorate Jesus. To thank Him for all His blessings, preachings, and sacrifice.

Learn more about Holy Week and the significance of each day leading to Easter Sunday. Avail Bible Stories and other authentic, inspiring stories of faith from leaders around the world.

And not just that, you can also share inspiring verses with friends, family, and others on social media apps.

5. Kitchen Stories Recipes

Kitchen Stories is amongst the most popular, simple, and recommended cooking apps out there. It entails thousands of free recipes, HD instructional videos, and articles about cooking and baking.

Whether for Easter breakfast or brunch, there is a recipe for every moment. Plus, you can also share your favorite Easter recipes for others to cherish.

And thanks to their search feature, you can find dishes best suited for the limited groceries that you might have.

6. Easter Cards and Wishes

A tailor-made Easter greeting app from chúng tôi This Easter, reach out to all your loved ones and renew your ties with them with our beautiful and meaningful e-cards.

You can select from over 100’s cards ranging from religious to funny cards. The app also houses an exclusive collection of poems and quotes suiting the festivities.

To top it all, these awesome cards are easily shareable on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, and Messenger Chat.

7. Easter Wishes Card & Wallpaper

Maybe due to egg painting, the bunny or egg hunt, Easter is always packed with so many colors. Bring those colors to your iOS device with Easter-themed wallpapers.

Also, get greeting cards, wishes, messages, quotes, and status updates for the occasion. Share the fun with your friends, family, and everyone you love.

8. Eastermoji

World-renowned artist and illustrator, Mindacosa brings Easter special emoji and stickers. As they incorporate right into your keyboard, you can use them in various apps.

Eastermoji app also supports an AR mode. SO, if you have an AR compatible device, you can also create your own video messages.

However, the app only offers the first 6 emoji free of charge, rest the user has to purchase.

9. Easter Swap – Coloring Holiday

Whether you are 4 or 60, get your Easter groove on, with this wonderful match-3 games. The app features kingdoms of colorful eggs, cute rabbits, iron lily flowers, chocolates, and other sweet Easter elements.

Happy Easter! 

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Best Safari Alternatives For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Safari is a pretty good browser, but it falls shorts in several aspects. For instance, not all sites perform optimally, and it doesn’t feature the best tab management options. Thankfully, there are plenty of Safari alternatives for iPhone and iPad that are fast, secure, and feature-rich.

Moreover, with the ability to change the default browser in iOS 14, you can use your favorite one conveniently. Want to know what my choice is? Keep reading as I review some of the most popular iPhone browsers.

1. Google Chrome

I love Google Chrome so much that I did a detailed comparison with Safari to explain my reasons. Primarily, the stand-out feature is the seamless sync across devices, thanks to signing in with your Google account.


Impeccable cross-platform sync

Great tab management features

Built-in Google Voice Search to avoid manual typing

Mighty Google Translate to convert web pages from one language to another.

Data saver mode automatically compresses the web pages for faster loading

Incognito mode which does not record history, cache, and cookies


Tracks user data

Hogs resources


2. Firefox and Firefox Focus

For more privacy, you can go for the Firefox Focus browser, in which stealth mode is always on. It seamlessly blocks many common web trackers without needing to meddle with the settings.


Private Browsing Mode makes sure that none of your online activities are being recorded.

Enhanced Tracking Protection is known to block all harmful trackers, including crypto miners and fingerprints.


You need to create a Firefox account to allow data to sync

No tracking protection in Private Browsing mode.

3. Microsoft Edge

Long gone are the days of Internet Explorer. Microsoft has created one of the best browsers in the form of Edge. It has a straightforward UI with many helpful features such as private tabs, swipe gestures, translate webpages, etc.


Minimal resource consumption

Tracking Prevention to stop third-party trackers from accessing your browsing activity.

InPrivate browsing Mode

Immersive Reader Mode allows for a distraction-free experience.

Password Manager to handle all your saved passwords


You must have a Microsoft Account to make the most of the features.

Sync is a bit slow

Interface and navigation could be more responsive


4. Brave Browser

Moreover, you can also use TouchID/FaceID to unlock this browser. And there’s also an in-built Private VPN that allows you to hide your actual IP address and browse anonymously.


Best security and privacy features

Speedy browser

In-built VPN

Less resource consumption


Data sync is a bit complicated to setup

Payment methodology needs to be simplified for more developers and publishers to be on board.


5. Aloha

Here’s another top browser for those concerned about privacy. It doesn’t log any of your activity, so you can freely browse without worrying about how your data will be used.

The interface takes inspiration from Google Chrome and is a breeze to navigate. Like Microsoft Edge, this browser’s highlight is how it lets you play YouTube and other videos in picture-in-picture mode. This is incredibly handy when you want to watch something while also carrying on with other tasks on your phone.


Ad-free browsing experience

In-built VR player allows you to enjoy VR videos

Picture-in-picture / background play for videos

Fast and secures


Need to pay for full features

Price: Premium subscription starts at $2.99


6. Opera Browser

This iOS browser app has undergone a complete overhaul in recent times. One of the highlights of this is the Fast Action Button. This is inspired by Apple’s Control Center, and a single tap is enough to invoke quite a few functionalities such as refreshing the tab, closing it, or opening a new one.

Further, the ‘Flow’ feature allows you to link the device’s browser with its desktop version. You could then easily exchange the desired data from either end. It also comes with a built-in QR Code scanner, which blends well with its Flow feature.

Lastly, its ad and popup blocker ensures an immersive browsing experience.


Ad-blocker and cryptocurrency mining protection

Easy to use

Fast Action Button for easy one-hand usage


No online data sync


7. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

This is the leading name among the most secure web browsers for iPhone and iPad. It gives equal attention to both privacy and customizations. Moreover, what makes it stand out is that it has a built-in search engine that doesn’t hog or track your data the way Google does. It is consistently scaling up to offer a better browsing experience.

Further, a badge beside the address bar shows the privacy grade of each website you visit which helps you stay safe and instantly gauge the site’s reliability.


Blocks all third-party trackers by default

Private search engine compared to Google

Enforce Encryption makes sure that you always land upon the HTTPS version of a site rather than the HTTP (if available).

Privacy scores from A to F for each site

TouchID/ FaceID lock


Detailed customization settings are time-consuming

The default search engine is DuckDuckGo and cannot be changed


8. Yandex Browser

Yandex browser is all about safe and secure browsing. It reduces data usage and speeds up page load time with its special Turbo mode.

Its uniqueness lies in its ability to change the look of tabs using preset background designs or photos from your device. Pretty neat when you’re bored of the plain look of other browsers.


Voice search in multiple languages, including Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Customized look and content to

In-built ad blocker

Fast and secure


Some websites don’t display correctly

Need to create a Yandex account for sync


9. Ecosia

This one’s more of a search engine than a full-fledged browser, but it’s the best choice if you care about the earth and sustainability.

For approximately every 45 searches you do, Ecosia plants a tree. Given how we are all constantly searching for things, this is an easy way to do something small for the planet.

For more information about their work and transparency, you can check out the Projects tab at the browser’s bottom. However, since Ecosia is primarily a search engine, it lacks many essential features such as tabs and privacy controls.

So, it would be preferable to use this within another browser at the URL


Uses search revenue to plant trees

Save your favorite webpages

Clean, beautiful look


Search results not as accurate as Google

Not a full-fledged browser


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Best Eq Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Quite like the music genre one listens, the audio output one prefers can also be different. For instance, some may like it punchy, and some desire a clear, balanced sound. And while iPhone’s built-in EQ carries quite a few options, it does not gives total control. Thankfully these best EQ apps for iPhone and iPad can help you customize your audio experience as your listening preferences.

1. Equalizer+ HD music player

If you are a music junkie, here’s an all-in-one music player with tons of features under its hood. For starters, it houses a 7-band equalizer, bass booster, 10 equalizer presets, custom presets, AirPlay compatibility, excellent visualizers, a queue system, and a sleep timer.

Equalizer+ brings all your music from iTunes, Google Drive, or Dropbox on one platform. And thanks to handy offline mode, you can play it without the internet or WiFi. Further, it can also auto-optimize the sound quality according to the headphones being used.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


2. Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

Love listening to music over a pair of headphones or earbuds? Well, Boom can add the magic of 3D surround sound to the whole experience. Apart from that, you get a bass booster,  16-band equalizer, 29 handcrafted EQ presets, and so much more.

Understanding the latest trend in the business, boom offers seamless support to music streaming services like Spotify & TIDAL. You can also stream over 40k worldwide radio stations and podcasts while fine-tuning their output as per preference.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


3. Flacbox: FLAC Player Equalizer

A powerful music player and downloader with a built-in audio equalizer and bass booster. Whether MP3 or WMA, iCloud or HiDrive, Flacbox supports to innumerous audio formats and offline or online storage services.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


4. Equalizer Pro ‪+

This equalizer app features a highly optimized equalizing algorithm that uses much less battery than other similar apps. You can enjoy high-quality equalization without any distortion.

It’s great for an extra sound boost on your iPhone or fine-tuning sound in-car audio. It helps to fine-tune sounds so that whatever you’re listening to sounds fantastic, whether it’s metal, country, rap, or something else.

Price: $2.99


5. jetAudio – MP3 Music Player

The remarkable thing about jetAudio is its easy-to-use interface and broad audio file formats compatibility. Along with the 16 equalizer presets, it also boasts 10/20 bands graphic equalizer for those who love customizing their own sound experience.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


6. Music Player X – Equalizer DJ

Specially designed for iTunes, Music Player X is a light-weight and functional music player. And while its pretty simple, it manages to pack some great features. To start off, Bass Booster, 5-Band Equalizer, DJ crossfader, and 3D Audio FX.

Then it also incorporates Song Timer for working out, Playlist Manager, and live sync. And that’s not all, you can also customize the color palette of the app. So, not just the music, the app is all set to do your bidding.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


7. Evermusic Pro

What has compelled me to go for Evermusic Pro is the ability to not just spice up music time with features like an audio equalizer and bass booster but also enhance the overall experience.

It’s a top-notch MP3 music player that ensures your music time never hits a roadblock–even when you are offline. With the built-in playlist manager, you will be able to keep your tracks perfectly in line with your taste.

ID3 tags editor comes in handy when you need to edit the audio tags with ease. However, the best thing about Evermusic Pro is that you will be able to use it as a nice audiobooks player.

Price: $4.99


8. Equalizer

Quite popular among audiophiles, this one is full to the brim with great features. But the key thing is that the EQ is powerful, you can import presets via email (or send them). And thanks to a terrific interface, everything can be controlled right from the app.

Equalizer lets you fine-tune the EQ curve for your left or right ear. You get to choose from more than 10 pretty good presets, and there is also a super handy spectrum analyzer to visualize music.

Price: $3.99


Signing Off 

Music is a very personal experience. And whether you are happy or depressed, a favorite tune can enhance, support, and uplift your mood. A right EQ app can greatly help, so we suggest you choose one from the lot very wisely.

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