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While many people don’t begin concentrating on healthy habits until they’re adults, the younger you start, the better. If you’re a parent, grandparent, or guardian of a child, instilling good habits in them when they are young will help them as they grow into adults. Not sure where to start?

This list of apps for iPhone and iPad are designed especially for kids to learn and keep up with healthy habits. From dental hygiene to nourishing meals and snacks to a better night’s sleep with relaxation techniques, the child in your life can start good habits that will carry them into adulthood.

Kids apps for healthy habits

Since there are habits that can affect both our physical and mental health, we’ve split up this list into sections. This gives you a couple of options for each area of your child’s healthy habits. Jump to a particular topic or browse them all!

Timed tooth brushing for dental health

It’s never too early to teach children the importance of dental health and that starts with brushing and flossing their teeth. While many kids feel this activity is a chore, you can make it more fun with these apps.

Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B

If you’re little one enjoys Disney characters like pretty princesses and powerful superheroes, then check out Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B. This handy app slowly scrubs the screen to reveal a cool Disney picture as it counts down from two minutes while your child brushes their teeth.

Kids earn stickers for brushing their teeth with the Disney Magic Timer and you can see their Report Card in the app to keep up with their daily brushing habits.

Bonus features include AR (augmented reality) mode, how-to videos, multiple profiles for all your kids, and extra Disney characters with in-app purchases.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for additional characters your child can use for their profile like Doc McStuffins, Tinker Bell, Elsa, Buzz, and more

Brush DJ

If you have older kids who are just starting to track their own healthy habits, take a look at Brush DJ for their dental hygiene. Your child starts with a good floss and when they finish, they hit the Play button to hear their favorite tune while they brush.

The timer counts down from two minutes and plays a song from Brush DJ, Apple Music, Deezer, or your own library. So turn up the volume and select a song by mood as you take care of those pearly whites! You’ll also see motivational phrases and helpful tips slide across the top of the screen.

Bonus features include reminders to brush, visit the dentist, and replace your toothbrush, how-to videos, and age-specific information for parents.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

Mindfulness for balance and relaxation

A lot of people don’t think that children get stressed out. But with pressures to get good grades, please their parents, fit in with friends, and keep up with chores, kids can use a little help at times with relaxation too! This is especially important if your child has trouble balancing it all, but these apps can help.

Mindful Powers

Mindful Powers is a great app for kids aged 7 to 10. They can participate in guided mindfulness sessions in Mindful Play and concentrate on their chores or homework with a task timer in Focus Time. Both features work to help your child learn about balance.

The app helps your child grow the skills needed to handle anxiety, big emotions, and getting along with others. It also assists with focus, relaxation, and calmness. By starting with these types of skills at a younger age, your son or daughter will have a head start on dealing with the stresses of adulthood.

Bonus features include voice narration by a child instead of an adult, attractive imagery and animations, notifications to motivate your child, and a section for adults to help their child further.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for the Mindfulness 101 Story Pack

Meditation for Kids

Meditation is something enjoyed by all ages. So if you want to help your child learn a healthy habit for body and mind, take a look at Mediation for Kids. You can choose from meditations that include relaxing sounds, sleep music, and calm meditations.

The app offers a Storygram section so your child can add their very own story for the day. And you can add sleep music to help at the end of that long day.

You get limited options to try out for free, so take it for a spin before subscribing for more features. If you’re serious about teaching your child the benefits of meditation, definitely check out the Meditation for Kids app.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for packs and subscriptions

Thinking and breathing exercises for mental health

We know as adults that thinking things through to come up with a plan to solve our problems is key. And then there are those times when we simply need to take a few deep breaths to calm down. These apps help teach kids about these skills for handling emotions, situations, and problems.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

For children ages 2 to 5, the Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame app is a great app to help them in sticky situations. They’ll tap their little monster to take deep breathes in order to settle down, which is something kids can follow themselves. They’ll also pop bubbles to help the monster think of a plan to solve his problem which teaches them that thinking things through is wise. They then take the steps they see on the screen for carrying out the plan.

This colorful and educational app gives your child a neat Sesame Street theme they’ll enjoy. They’ll see how to handle frustrations when they can’t do something they want to do, some sadness at the start of the school year, and more.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

For children ages 5 to 10, check out Stop, Breathe & Think Kids. With missions for Quiet, Focus, Energizing, Open Mind, and more, your kids can learn ways to deal with all sorts of problems and situations.

Each mission has a colorful, narrated video showing your child how to use five-finger breathing to cool down, shake up to dance around and get energized, how to look at others who are different, but keep an open mind.

The app offers a mission finder based on how your child is feeling. They select an emotion like angry, sad, or nervous. You’ll then see several missions to help through those emotions.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and the web

Cost: Free with subscriptions and bundles for additional missions

Nutritional eating for a healthy body

The old phrase “you are what you eat” is a good one for kids to keep in mind as they develop healthy eating habits. Foods that give you energy, build your strength and immune system, and fuel your body are ones your child should learn about. This can help them foster terrific nutritional habits they can carry through their lives.

LittleMoochi: Eating & Habit

Your young children can feed the cute little Moochi what’s on their own plate and see how much strength, energy, and immunity that food builds. LittleMoochie: Eating & Habit is a nifty app for kids to keep track of how healthy the foods they eat are.

Enable the camera, let your child snap a photo of their food, and then let Moochi have a nibble too! As you earn strawberries for the foods, you can buy things for Moochi to wear like hats, sunglasses, and eye patch, and more.

Set up multiple profiles for all your children, fill the Album with your food snaps to level up, and get helpful tips on other healthy foods and snacks with LittleMoochi: Eating & Habit

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

Eat & Move-O-Matic

For older kids who are making their own snack and meal choices, and even for adults, take a look at Eat & Move-O-Matic. Spin the wheel to see your meal and how many calories you can burn with an activity.

You’ll also see helpful tips at the bottom like foods that are high in fat and calories and others you can eat instead. You can even check out food substitutes that are a little better for you like trying a balsamic vinegar instead of ranch salad dressing.

For your middle school or high school kids, this app is a treat because you can not just learn about the foods that are good for you but maybe even get some meal suggestions!

Availability: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free

Wrapping it up

To help the child in your life even more, have a look at apps for kids to learn to cursive writing and apps that can help kids with homework.

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Best Apps For Earthquake Alerts On Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Earthquakes are one of the most catastrophic natural disasters, and they can strike without warning. So, it’s critical to be prepared and stay informed about seismic activity in your area. Fortunately, there are numerous apps for earthquake alerts and tracking on iPhone to keep you updated. Here, I will discuss the best apps for earthquake alerts on iPhone and iPad.

1. QuakeFeed – Editor’s choice

QuakeFeed is a data-backed app for monitoring and receiving notifications. You can see a list of recent earthquakes worldwide on the home screen, categorized by date. You may sort them by depth, distance, or magnitude. Additionally, it allows you to set region-specific alerts for nearby earthquakes. 

These warnings are from USGS, EMSC, and NRC data, making them prompt and accurate. To help you visualize the earthquakes, the app even includes a map with several layers. The USA Earthquake Risk Map shows all danger zones. You may also monitor hurricanes, volcanoes, and wildfires in the premium version. The best part is the app is privacy-focused.


Privacy focused

No ad tracking

Historical earthquake data

Population Density Map and new Night Map


Gives errors while accessing Location services

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $1.99)


2. My Earthquake Alerts & Feed – Free to use

My Earthquake Alerts is the best free earthquake app for iPhone to monitor and receive alerts. For accurate information, it uses data from several seismic networks, including the USGS and the EMSC. Besides, the app has a user-friendly interface with a live earthquake map that detects and tracks seismic activities worldwide. 

Also, the list lets you view the intensity and timings of all recent earthquakes in your region. You may set custom earthquake notifications and determine the precise position, depth, and distance from you. The extensive search function shows you earthquake history back to 1970.



Tracks local mild earthquakes below 1.0

Can set preferences for alerts


Gives alerts for only one location

Price: Free


3. Earthquake – Multi-lingual app for iPhone

Earthquake offers the most recent global statistics from several government sources. Additionally, it sends alerts for earthquakes and tsunamis. You can set up four alerts depending on location and/or magnitude. The map is detailed and interactive to illustrate the magnitude and age of the earthquake.

Moreover, the map layers include tectonic plate borders, volcanoes, nuclear power plants, population density, etc. Besides, the earthquake timeline shows essential information about an occurrence. You may also search past events by date, location, or reporting agency, share on social media, and export data to Google Earth.


Lots of filters to sort earthquake events

Multiple seismic network resources

Several language support

Support for Siri Shortcuts, 3D Touch, Haptic Feedback, and dark mode


Widgets need improvement

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99)


4. Earthquake+ Alerts, Map & Info – Most accurate alerts

The Earthquake+ app is data-rich and sourced from 24 global data resources for earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activities. Also, you get insights into tectonic plates and faults, seismic stations, and volcanoes. Besides, it shows focal mechanisms and moment tensors. The app includes allows you to set timely seismic activity push alerts.

What I love the most about the app is that you can customize the app, including alerts, filters, lists, and maps, and search earthquakes by location. Additionally, the today widget show earthquake summary data. You can share warning notifications via SMS, Email, Facebook, and Twitter. The interface is well suited for iPad and compatible with Apple Watch.


24 global data sources

Volcanic activity information

Integrate with social media accounts


The UI for iPhone needs improvement

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.49)


5. EarthQuake+ – Get tsunami details

EarthQuake+ provides official tsunami warnings along with earthquake alerts and tracking on your iPhone. You may filter notifications based on continent, nation, state, city, and magnitude. Also, the map has different annotations to understand earthquake events better. 

Timeline of the event sorts occurrence based on date. You may also get a detailed view of each earthquake. Besides, the reverse geocoding names of sites are derived automatically from their geographical coordinates. So you can get alerts for precise locations even if the name is unavailable.


Beautiful dark mode

Advanced filters for notifications

Get information on the map


Slow real-time data update

Doesn’t provide regular notifications

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)


6. LastQuake – Designed by seismologists

LastQuake is the official earthquake warning app of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC). It alerts people and collects testimonials in real-time when an earthquake hits. After crowdsourcing information, it evaluates earthquake impacts. You may modify the notifications based on severity or location and set voice alerts.



Post-earthquake safety tips

SMS service to notify others


Notifications only for severe earthquakes

Can track one region

The UI is not good

Price: Free


7. Earthquake Network – Real-time user reports

Earthquake Network offers early earthquake warnings for a majority of nations. You will get real-time updates if you are near the earthquake epicenter. Also, you may report an earthquake. Additionally, the app notifies you if your smartphone’s accelerometer detects an earthquake and alerts others.

It uses these real-time users’ reports and 21 seismic network data for accurate alerts. Since it is not technically possible to alert all users quickly, it may take up to 10 seconds if you are far from the epicenter. You may also join the priority lists to get quick notifications immediately.


Report earthquakes

Real-time user data

21 seismic networks


Real-time alerts for priority list subscribers

Price: $1.99 (In-app purchases start from $0.49)


8. Earthquake Alert by Earthquick – Receive facts on iPhone

Earthquick has an interactive map and recent earthquake lists to update you on worldwide occurrences. You may select specific locations and preferences to get real-time earthquake alerts. Moreover, the flat-style interface graphics are impressive. Besides, you will get informed on earthquake-prone areas and earthquake frequencies.

The fact cards help gather knowledge on past earthquake events. But sometimes, the app doesn’t alert beforehand or send notifications after the shock. So, it must work on real-time data accuracy and reliability. 


Create a watchlist to track multiple locations

Fact cards

Good graphics


Buggy data retrieval

Often app crashes

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


9. Earthquake Tracker – In-depth event details

The Earthquake Tracker app offers earthquake alerts and tracking on your iPhone. You can examine the earthquakes on the map and see specific occurrence locations worldwide. Also, the filters let you sort earthquakes based on location and severity. While setting alerts, choose which earthquakes you want to be notified about. 

But the alerts are not real-time and are delayed for a short period as the updates are retrieved from USGS and EMSC. I liked the Featured section of the app. It shows data such as the number of earthquakes in the previous 24 hours, recent earthquakes based on Richter scale numbers, the number of earthquakes near you, etc. You may also enjoy the dark theme.


Custom filters

Featured information

Dark theme


Slow alerts

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $4.99)


10. MyShake – Official earthquake alert app of the California government

If you live in California, Oregon, and Washington, the MyShake app is ideal for getting earthquake early warning notifications. It’s backed up by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. The app sends warnings for earthquakes with estimated magnitudes of 4.5 and above, not for mild quakes.

Also, you can set a default alert location and configure personalized notifications. Besides, the suggested safety precautions help to prepare for an earthquake. Moreover, you may share your experience on the app after a quake. The app supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.


Part of the California Earthquake Early Warning System

Only for severe disasters

Expert safety tips


Laggy interface

Drains battery fast

Price: Free


Stay safe, fellows!

Earthquakes are unpredictable and can cause significant damage and loss of life. However, with the help of the best earthquake alert apps for iPhone and iPad, you can stay informed and prepared for seismic activity in your area. So, whether you live in an earthquake-prone area or are traveling to one, having it on your iPhone is essential. Also, ensure you have an emergency kit and a rescue plan.

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Best Easter Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023


Put the world’s most extensive library of animated GIFs and Stickers to some good use. Send unique Good Friday and Easter Sunday messages to cheer them under these pandemic situations.

Just type Easter in the search term to find the right sticker or GIF. What’s more, you can create your own custom content with captions, stickers, filters, and other accessories.

GIPHY also features a keyboard extension, so you can easily send GIFs via iMessage, text, email, messengers, social platforms, and more! That’s what makes it one of the best easter apps for iPhone and iPad.

2. JibJab

Don’t just send ecards, make them more fun by sticking your face on them. Just snap a selfie-and place your face on Ecards, popular Music Videos, and dancing GIFs.

Don a bunny suit or hatch from an egg. But why just you, add your friends and family members into the mix as well.

Cast multiple faces and hop around like bunnies or dance on funny tunes to wish everyone a very happy Easter. If nothing else, the app is definitely good for some laughs. I think we got enough reasons to consider this as one of the best easter apps for iPhone and iPad.

3. 1800Flowers

Do you love sending ornate Easter baskets or Easter flowers to your loved ones? Then 1800Flowers brings a wide variety of options at your fingertips.

From Easter centerpiece to chocolate gift baskets, from preserved roses to timeless tulips and much much more. What’s great is you can avail up to 20% off on your orders.

Remember, under the current circumstances, the website might be a delay in deliveries. So order as soon as you can.

Under all the fun and frolic, Good Friday and Easter are a way to commemorate Jesus. To thank Him for all His blessings, preachings, and sacrifice.

Learn more about Holy Week and the significance of each day leading to Easter Sunday. Avail Bible Stories and other authentic, inspiring stories of faith from leaders around the world.

And not just that, you can also share inspiring verses with friends, family, and others on social media apps.

5. Kitchen Stories Recipes

Kitchen Stories is amongst the most popular, simple, and recommended cooking apps out there. It entails thousands of free recipes, HD instructional videos, and articles about cooking and baking.

Whether for Easter breakfast or brunch, there is a recipe for every moment. Plus, you can also share your favorite Easter recipes for others to cherish.

And thanks to their search feature, you can find dishes best suited for the limited groceries that you might have.

6. Easter Cards and Wishes

A tailor-made Easter greeting app from chúng tôi This Easter, reach out to all your loved ones and renew your ties with them with our beautiful and meaningful e-cards.

You can select from over 100’s cards ranging from religious to funny cards. The app also houses an exclusive collection of poems and quotes suiting the festivities.

To top it all, these awesome cards are easily shareable on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, and Messenger Chat.

7. Easter Wishes Card & Wallpaper

Maybe due to egg painting, the bunny or egg hunt, Easter is always packed with so many colors. Bring those colors to your iOS device with Easter-themed wallpapers.

Also, get greeting cards, wishes, messages, quotes, and status updates for the occasion. Share the fun with your friends, family, and everyone you love.

8. Eastermoji

World-renowned artist and illustrator, Mindacosa brings Easter special emoji and stickers. As they incorporate right into your keyboard, you can use them in various apps.

Eastermoji app also supports an AR mode. SO, if you have an AR compatible device, you can also create your own video messages.

However, the app only offers the first 6 emoji free of charge, rest the user has to purchase.

9. Easter Swap – Coloring Holiday

Whether you are 4 or 60, get your Easter groove on, with this wonderful match-3 games. The app features kingdoms of colorful eggs, cute rabbits, iron lily flowers, chocolates, and other sweet Easter elements.

Happy Easter! 

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Best Eq Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Quite like the music genre one listens, the audio output one prefers can also be different. For instance, some may like it punchy, and some desire a clear, balanced sound. And while iPhone’s built-in EQ carries quite a few options, it does not gives total control. Thankfully these best EQ apps for iPhone and iPad can help you customize your audio experience as your listening preferences.

1. Equalizer+ HD music player

If you are a music junkie, here’s an all-in-one music player with tons of features under its hood. For starters, it houses a 7-band equalizer, bass booster, 10 equalizer presets, custom presets, AirPlay compatibility, excellent visualizers, a queue system, and a sleep timer.

Equalizer+ brings all your music from iTunes, Google Drive, or Dropbox on one platform. And thanks to handy offline mode, you can play it without the internet or WiFi. Further, it can also auto-optimize the sound quality according to the headphones being used.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


2. Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

Love listening to music over a pair of headphones or earbuds? Well, Boom can add the magic of 3D surround sound to the whole experience. Apart from that, you get a bass booster,  16-band equalizer, 29 handcrafted EQ presets, and so much more.

Understanding the latest trend in the business, boom offers seamless support to music streaming services like Spotify & TIDAL. You can also stream over 40k worldwide radio stations and podcasts while fine-tuning their output as per preference.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


3. Flacbox: FLAC Player Equalizer

A powerful music player and downloader with a built-in audio equalizer and bass booster. Whether MP3 or WMA, iCloud or HiDrive, Flacbox supports to innumerous audio formats and offline or online storage services.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


4. Equalizer Pro ‪+

This equalizer app features a highly optimized equalizing algorithm that uses much less battery than other similar apps. You can enjoy high-quality equalization without any distortion.

It’s great for an extra sound boost on your iPhone or fine-tuning sound in-car audio. It helps to fine-tune sounds so that whatever you’re listening to sounds fantastic, whether it’s metal, country, rap, or something else.

Price: $2.99


5. jetAudio – MP3 Music Player

The remarkable thing about jetAudio is its easy-to-use interface and broad audio file formats compatibility. Along with the 16 equalizer presets, it also boasts 10/20 bands graphic equalizer for those who love customizing their own sound experience.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


6. Music Player X – Equalizer DJ

Specially designed for iTunes, Music Player X is a light-weight and functional music player. And while its pretty simple, it manages to pack some great features. To start off, Bass Booster, 5-Band Equalizer, DJ crossfader, and 3D Audio FX.

Then it also incorporates Song Timer for working out, Playlist Manager, and live sync. And that’s not all, you can also customize the color palette of the app. So, not just the music, the app is all set to do your bidding.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


7. Evermusic Pro

What has compelled me to go for Evermusic Pro is the ability to not just spice up music time with features like an audio equalizer and bass booster but also enhance the overall experience.

It’s a top-notch MP3 music player that ensures your music time never hits a roadblock–even when you are offline. With the built-in playlist manager, you will be able to keep your tracks perfectly in line with your taste.

ID3 tags editor comes in handy when you need to edit the audio tags with ease. However, the best thing about Evermusic Pro is that you will be able to use it as a nice audiobooks player.

Price: $4.99


8. Equalizer

Quite popular among audiophiles, this one is full to the brim with great features. But the key thing is that the EQ is powerful, you can import presets via email (or send them). And thanks to a terrific interface, everything can be controlled right from the app.

Equalizer lets you fine-tune the EQ curve for your left or right ear. You get to choose from more than 10 pretty good presets, and there is also a super handy spectrum analyzer to visualize music.

Price: $3.99


Signing Off 

Music is a very personal experience. And whether you are happy or depressed, a favorite tune can enhance, support, and uplift your mood. A right EQ app can greatly help, so we suggest you choose one from the lot very wisely.

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Best Parenting Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Parenting is a remarkable experience! God chooses you to be the guider of a baby, which is always craving for your limitless love and care. When you are ready to pour the happiness of the entire world or every bit of your bliss, nothing seems to be enough, and you always feel like doing more. To help you steal the heart of your baby or provide it optimum care, we have reviewed the best parenting apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Baby Connect

Appreciated by Apple, Baby Connect is the most comprehensive baby tracker on your iPhone or Apple Watch. All the information related to your baby gets synchronized with your husband or wife. Even if you lose your iPhone, you can access the details from a free web interface or with another phone.

You can record your baby’s details like feedings, naps, diapers, breastfeeding, milestones, etc. A notable feature is you can also register your baby’s mood, temperature, games s/he plays, and more.

Keep track of your baby’s growth by comparing averages of previous day and previous week. Check your data on graphs to identify trends.

2. Baby Sleep Sounds

One of the toughest tasks every parent has to carry out is getting the child to fall and stay asleep. A baby generally likes to hear relaxing sound while sleeping. With this app, you can select sounds and combine them to create a cool mix that your baby will love to listen.

It lets you perfectly adjust the volume of each sound so that you are able to create a great mix. With 80 high-quality ambient sounds, 13 presets, 10 shush sounds, you have got plenty to experiment. And yes, there is also a timer feature to let you set duration. Thanks to the support of AirPlay, you can beam music to your Apple TV or even HomePod.

3. Baby +

With “Baby +,” you can keep an eye on the development of your little kid. What has called for my attention in this app is that it offers daily activities, which you can do with your child.

The weekly information ensures you can easily find out how your kid is progressing. And with the essential parenting guides, Baby + helps you become a more informative parent.

4. Parent Cue

Parents have a great role to play in the development of a child. They have to carry out a number of things to ensure their kid learns good things and develop as a nice person. And the most critical period of a child’s life is from the time he is born until he graduates. Parents have around 936 weeks to influence their kids and ideally shape their life.

With Parent Cue, you will read the practical things that you need to do or say to your child. The app also counts the weeks and keeps on guiding you about things you must do to offer a better development to your kid.

It offers prompts in the form of videos, which your kid will love to watch. Besides, the app also provides a Phase Cue to let you understand the developmental phase of your child.

5. Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

Tracking your baby’s growth is a wonderful experience, and with Ovia you will never miss a chance to see how your sweetheart is getting on with life. You can read more than 1000 articles written by experts to know more about parenting and child development.

Take a peek at the milestone checklists to find out the major things that your child will do in his first year and beyond. You can invite friends to follow your child and save your entire memories in a family calendar. That’s not all; you can also join a vast community to interact with like-minded people and share your experience with them.

6. Peekaboo Moments

Peekaboo Moments is known to be one of the most appreciable parenting apps for iOS. It lets you record the growth and development of your baby. You can securely keep the photos and videos of your child. Write an emotional future letter for your kid and also record a nice audio diary and post it on your baby’s timeline.

Track all the special milestones of your baby and share them with your friends and loved ones. To ensure your kid is healthy and developing perfectly, you can also compare the growth of your baby with WHO standard.

7. BabyTime

It’s important to keep track of your baby’s activities to find out what it wants or whether it’s ill. With BabyTime, you can record sleep, breastfeeding, diaper change, medicine, bath, baby food, and many other activities. Once you have recorded various activities, you can check the growth of your baby and see if the amount of sleep and milk are decreasing or increasing.

The customizable graph lets you easily monitor the crucial data. Hence, if you observe an unusual change, you will be able to identify whether the child is ill or what kind of change it is. Besides, you will also be able to share your baby’s activities with the caregiver.

8. Boomerang Parental Control

Boomerang is a trusted parental control app that offers you desired control over your kid’s device. You can keep an eye on the apps that your child is using and also block the ones you don’t want him/her to use.

Set the allowed screen time schedules so that the child doesn’t overuse the device. Track his location to ensure he doesn’t go to a place without your permission. Besides, the app features a built-in browser to let your child browse the web safely.

9. FBI Child ID

God forbid, if your child is found missing, it is a devastating moment for any parent. Thankfully, FBI Child ID is at your service. You can upload all the essential information on this app. Details like height, weight, facial features, or other identifiers prove crucial for investigating officials.

The best thing about the app is your information is secure. FBI can only access the details when you provide it during emergency.

10. Smart Parenting

“Smart Parenting” can make a decisive difference in helping you become a better parent. With the use of this app, you will have a proper understanding of a child’s psychology. As a result, you can develop a stronger relationship with your kid.

Find out the ways to boost your child’s cognitive and intellectual potential. Also, discover the tips to make your kid understand discipline and follow it consistently. Even though the app is free, some features like a summary of kids require an in-app purchase.

That’s all!

Your pick?

I guess you have chosen one of these apps to boost your parenting experience, haven’t you? Let me know its name and the features you have liked in it.

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Best Entry Management Apps For Ipad And Iphone In 2023

Order Entry is the most challenging and most crucial part of any industry. If you are a business person, executive, or have a small shop, correct order details are vital. Instead of managing them in papers and books, turn to the digital aspect. These iPad Order Entry management apps ensure that you keep the balance between the order and your salespeople. In simple swipes, you can manage entire data on-the-move and have them delivered at the right time.

1. Distribution One Order Entry

You can quickly check the pricing and view order history. Depending on the requirements, you will also be able to create order templates. Besides, the app also allows you to reorder from past orders.

2. Innovo OE Touch

What makes “Innovo OE Touch” very user-friendly is the ability to let you create orders as per real-time product pricing. You can scan the barcode to add products to cart.

With ZotSell, taking orders is fast and easy. You can create, edit, duplicate or send orders to your customers rapidly. As it works even in the offline mode, you will be able to track orders and access all of your customer information without any interruption. It also enables you to keep a tab on your documents and leaflets comfortably.

You can also create a PDF catalog with the purchase button. Easily access all the information about your customers and manage the entire data right from your fingertips. Lastly, ZotSell supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.

4. Distribution One Order Entry

Besides, you can also check the price and keep a track of the order history with ease. For more flexibility, the app allows you to track customer-specific pricing as well.

One of my favorite features of this app is the ability to create custom order templates. Just in case you aren’t pleased with the pre-defined offerings, you can craft more suitable templates that can be fully in line with your requirements.

5. BASys Work Order Entry

This one is primarily made for Bridgestone dealers who use the BASys manufacturing system. The app allows you to add extra locations for UID usage.

The simple interface makes it more convenient to create or take orders. There is also an option to erase all the unnecessary work orders at one go. You can save orders to view and manage them later.

6. Sid Harvey

You can review all of your previous orders and access the essential information when needed. Besides, Sid Harvey also lets you keep track of your account info with ease. As it works even offline, your work won’t come to a halt in case of the poor Internet.

7. ZiiZii Order Entry

You can even print shelf tags from the app by connecting to a supported Bluetooth or network printers. It’s also packed with many other features that will make your job easier.

That’s all!

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