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Put away your pen and paper when you need to take a count and use a handy app for iPhone and Apple Watch. You might be taking a head count for attendance, tracking the number of people in a line, or counting the number of items. Having an app for your iPhone makes it easy, and having one on your wrist is even better.

Whatever it is that you need to count, these are the best free tally counters for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Tally counters with extra features

If you like the idea of a tally counter for iPhone and Apple Watch that offers a few extra features, these are the apps for you.

Tally – A Counter and Dice

As you can see from the name, this first app gives you a tally counter and dice roll wrapped into one. Tally – A Counter and Dice lets you count one at a time as well as in increments of five or 10. This can really come in handy for speeding up the counting process.

To use the counter, just tap the plus or minus signs and to reset the count, double-tap or tap and hold the center number.

Tally – A Counter and Dice notable features:

If you need a roll of the dice, the app lets you do that with two different options for six or 20 on the die.

The app also offers a cool Billboard feature on Apple Watch. Tap and hold to select Billboard. You will then see the app on your iPhone turn into a full-screen number. As you tap on your Watch to increase or decrease the number, it will change accordingly on your iPhone.

Tally – A Counter and Dice is a great counter for your iPhone and Apple Watch with a few little extras.

Availability: iPhone and Apple Watch



Trivit is another good choice for a tally counting app. Tap to add Trivit, which is your count, and give it a name. Then, tap to count up or use the minus sign to subtract from the count.

Trivit notable features:

You can adjust the app settings for color, vibration, and resetting or removing counters.

All Trivits and counts are synced between your iPhone and Apple Watch.

If you want an app that lets you create multiple counters at the same time, Trivit is the one for you.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch


Countr – Quick Count

If you like the idea of synced counts with your devices, as with Trivit, then check out Countr- Quick Count. It’s a simple app with a single counter on a nice big screen that you can change to dark mode if you prefer. Just tap the plus and minus signs for your count.

Countr – Quick Count notable features

Change settings to up your step count, swipe direction, shake to reset, and enable sound, an icon badge, and dark mode.

When you need to switch between your iPhone and Apple Watch to take a tally count, Countr is an excellent app.

Availability: iPhone and Apple Watch


Basic tally counters

If you don’t care about bonus features and just want a tally counter for iPhone and Apple Watch that is basic and does exactly what you need, then check out these apps.

Hypno Counter

With Hypno Counter, just tap the plus or minus signs to count up or down and hit the Reset button to start over.

Availability: iPhone and Apple Watch

Cost: Earlier, it was free. Now it’s $0.99.


Simply Count

Simply Count gives you three buttons to count up, count down, or clear your tally count.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch



HeadTally is a basic counter that lets you tap to increase the number or swipe to decrease it. To start over, tap Clear on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch


Tally counters for iPhone and Apple Watch give you the handiest ways to count people, objects, or even how many laps around you walk the track. Are you going to give one of these apps a try, or do you have a different one for your devices that you’d like to share?

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The Best Free Apps For A New Iphone

When I first got up new iPhone 5S (thanks to my parents), I instantly went to the app store and starting downloading apps! Having a smartphone and not using apps is like having a computer and only using it to browse the Internet. If you have an iPhone, you’re also lucky because the Apple app store is still better than the Android app store in terms of number of apps and quality of apps, in my opinion.

So what are the best free apps to download for your new iPhone right away? Well, there are a bunch! Obviously, everyone will have their preferences, so I’ll try to keep this list fairly general and useful for anyone. In addition, I won’t list many alternatives, just one or two at the most and normally the best ones.

Table of Contents

I’ll also break it down by category, so if you’re looking for the best video app or chat app, you can skip down to the appropriate section. I’m not going to mention any games because the “best” game changes everyday and there are already enough lists online for finding good games. I’ll also not mention news apps and a couple of other categories that are pretty self-explanatory.

Best Maps/Navigation Apps

Google Maps – I pretty much use the GPS on my iPhone all the time when driving and it’s completely replaced the Garmin GPS I had used for years before. Apple Maps is pretty good now, but it’s still lags far behind Google Maps. Since it’s a Google product, you can log in using your Google account also and have all your data synced, which makes life a lot easier.

Waze – Waze is turn-by-turn navigation with the addition of a social community that helps brings in useful information for drivers. It has been acquired by Google, but it still a separate app. Eventually, it might be merged into Google Maps, which would make that app the only one you really need for GPS navigation!

Best Weather Apps

Yahoo Weather – This is my favorite because it’s got a beautiful interface and pretty much all the information you need, unless you’re hardcore about weather, in which case you’ll probably be spending money on a fancy weather app. But for free, this is just perfect.

Best Camera/Photo Apps

Instagram – It’s hard not to find a friend who isn’t using Instagram. Even though Facebook bought them, they are still one of the most popular photo sharing apps out there.

Snapseed – The above-mentioned apps are mostly related to photo viewing and storage, but Snapseed is good for photo effects. You can transform and adjust photos with the many options and tools this app includes all for free.

Photo Editor by Aviary – Another free app, but this one has in-app purchases if you want more effects than just the basic ones. The free version has a lot of features and more than enough to create some pretty cool edited photos.

Best Cloud Storage Apps

Dropbox – The most popular and widely known, Dropbox is pretty sweet for storing your files in the cloud. It works on pretty much every device and on the iPhone it’s amazing for uploading all your photos and videos automatically. Only downside? Expensive for storage. If you use a lot of data, you’ll be paying way more than the competitors.

Google Drive – My new favorite because of the huge price drop: $10 a month for 1 TB of storage. You only get 500 GB on Dropbox for $500 a year. My new plan is to move most data from Dropbox to Google Drive and then continue to use Dropbox, but only on the smaller less expensive plans. Google Drive can’t aut0-upload anything from your phone. Google+ can, but the two don’t currently integrate very well, something Google needs to do if they want to compete more with Dropbox.

OneDrive – Even though it’s from Microsoft, it’s a pretty good app. Just about everyone has a Windows PC, which makes this app actually useful. OneDrive is integrated into Office 2013, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface and other Microsoft products, so if you are in the Microsoft world, this is a good cloud storage app. It’s also cheaper than Dropbox in terms of storage.

Best Messaging/Chat Apps

Google Hangouts – Hangouts is great for anyone who uses Gmail and other Google services. It lets you chat with your buddies and do video calls with groups of people. Not a very great chatting app if you really think about it, but since it’s Google, it’s useful.

WhatsApp – If Facebook paid $16 billion for it, you should probably use it. Just kidding, but very useful for anyone who has family outside of the US because the rest of the uses WhatsApp for messaging.

Facebook Messenger – You can use stickers, make free calls, record voice messages and send free text messages. Messenger is a pretty useful app for keeping in touch with people. Also, it’s Facebook, so everyone you know in the world will be on it.

Snapchat – If you’re a teenager, then go ahead and download as you’ll probably want to share inappropriate pictures of yourself with other inappropriate teenagers. Good luck.

Best Social Apps

Facebook Paper – Paper is Facebook’s new app that lets you follow your News Feed in a much more modern looking UI. Everything looks better in the Paper app and it lets you follow popular news stories on a variety of topics.

Twitter – If you’re not on Twitter yet, you really should jump on the bandwagon. Even if you never post anything, you can get a lot of useful info by following the right people or companies on Twitter. Actually, I get better customer service from companies by posting on Twitter than by calling or emailing nowadays.

LinkedIn – Even if you work for yourself, you should have a profile on LinkedIn. It’s the best social networking site for professionals. Companies use LinkedIn like crazy for finding good talent, so keep tabs on your connections via the app.

Pinterest – I’m not a huge user of Pinterest, but that makes me an exception. Pinterest has huge traffic numbers and people seem to love it. Find interesting stuff whatever your interests might be.

Google+ – Google+ isn’t going to ever replace Facebook, but it’s a good complement. The posts on Google+ are more polished and newsy rather than photos of someone’s lunch or babies.

Best Online Video Apps

YouTube – It only has the most videos in one place in the entire world. Definitely have to download the YouTube app and catch up on whatever crazy viral video is floating around the web that day.

Netflix – If you have a Netflix subscription, then you’ll want the iPhone app so you can binge-watch Breaking Bad or House of Cards.

Amazon Instant Video – If you have an Amazon Prime membership, then you’ll want the Instant Video app to watch all that free content Amazon offers.

Vine – You can literally spend hours watching ridiculously short, yet hysterical videos on Vine. You can also create your own and post it!

Best Note Taking Apps

Evernote – This is the king of note-taking apps and has a slew of features. You pretty much can’t go wrong with Evernote. It works on all devices and there are plugins for browsers, applications, etc.

Microsoft OneNote – OneNote is Microsoft’s free note-taking app that I really like. It’s free on Mac and PC also, so your notes will be synced across computers, the web and your mobile device.

Best Local Apps

Yelp – You’ll always need good recommendations for places to eat, etc, so downloading one of the most popular local guide apps is smart. Yelp is integrated in Google search, Bing and lots of people leave reviews, which makes using it useful.

AroundMe – Another great app for quickly finding local businesses around you. While Yelp is more focused on food, AroundMe can help you find ATMs, hospitals, banks, bars and lots more.

Best Movie Apps

IMDB – Absolutely the best app for getting information about an actor, movie, TV show or anything related to movies and television. A must if you watch any TV or movies at all.

Fandango – Awesome app for getting local showtimes and watching movie trailers. Pretty much the same as Flixter, but I like this app better.

Other Best Apps

In addition to the above apps, there are some that don’t necessarily fit into one of the categories above. Here’s a couple of more that I find useful.

Chrome Browser – If you’re already a Google user, Chrome has some nice features to keep everything in sync. I also find it faster and better than Safari.

Google Search – Even if you never use this app to actually perform a search, you should use it for the Google Now notifications. If you’re a Gmail user, you can connect the two and get alerts automatically for flights, packages and more.

Skype – Facetime is awesome, but sometimes you need to video chat with someone who doesn’t have an Apple device. Skype is a great option since it’s already so popular.

Find My iPhone – You should definitely have this installed if you have more than one Apple device using the same iCloud account. It helps me keep track of all of my family members at any time.

Mint – You probably have credit cards, right? Bank accounts? Loans? Investments? Mortgage? Keep track of it all using the free Mint app.

Runkeeper – Runkeeper is the only fitness app I’m mentioning because it’s free and it does an amazing job of keeping track of your runs.

The Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors (All Models)

It’s essential to use an Apple Watch screen protector if you want to keep your watch’s display looking as good as new for a long time to come. The right protection will guard against scratches, scuffs, and cracks so that you can go about any activity without worrying about damaging your watch.

Below, I’ve picked out some of the best Apple Watch screen protectors that are high-quality yet affordable. One thing to keep in mind is getting the right size screen protector for your watch. Secondly, you should pay attention to the material of the screen protector and what kind of damage it guards against.  Check out the list below for some great options.

Best Apple Watch screen protectors

Best overall: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen is a well-known name for high-quality yet affordable iPhone cases and accessories. This ultra hybrid screen protector for the Apple Watch checks all the boxes with its shock-absorbent bumper, raised bezels, and clear screen cover. It fits snugly around the entire display and keeps off everyday wear and tear. Precise cutouts ensure easy access to the buttons. In addition to the classic transparent protector, you can also get it in a space crystal color option.

Price: $13.99

Buy for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE

Buy for Apple Watch Series 7

Best Apple Watch Screen Protector + Case: Misxi

This glass screen protector from Misxi is equally effective as the Spigen Ultra Hybrid but much cheaper. I love the snap-on design that makes it double up as a case for your Apple Watch. The only downside is that it won’t offer protection underwater because liquid can get trapped under it. But this is not too big a concern because it’s super easy to snap on and off whenever needed. It comes in a handy 2-pack and you can choose from a range of color options to change up your style as you like.

Price: $10.99 for 2-pack

Buy for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE

Buy for Apple Watch Series 7

Best value: LK

If you’re looking for more conventional protection for your Apple Watch, you can’t go wrong with this flexible TPU screen protector that fits perfectly along the curved edges of your watch. The 0.1mm thickness keeps things light and maintains your watch’s original touch sensitivity. The best part is that it’s super affordable and comes in a handy pack of 6 screen protectors.

Price: $9.99 for 6-pack

Buy for Apple Watch 44/45 mm

Buy for Apple Watch 40/41 mm

Best aesthetics: ZAGG Invisbleshield

Just like with any other product, Apple Watch screen protectors have their flaws. One of these is their tendency to let dust accumulate around the watch’s rounded edges. If that’s bothering you, this Zagg screen protector has an aesthetic design with edges that beautifully match your watch. So, even if dust collects around the corners, it won’t be visible.

At the same time, the hybrid glass material is less prone to chipping and absorbs mild impacts to keep the display safe. It’s a great choice if you want to keep your watch looking great while still protecting it.

Price: $7.99

Buy for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE (44mm)

Buy for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE (40mm)

Best for just the screen – Spigen ProFlex

Here’s another option from Spigen that offers full-screen coverage and robust protection from scratches and scuffs. It’s got an oleophobic coating that keeps away those dreaded fingerprint smudges too. Moreover, it comes with an auto-alignment installation kit for effortless application. Pair it with a Spigen Apple Watch case for the ultimate protection. Unfortunately, this one’s not available for the Apple Watch Series 7.

Price: $12.99 for 2-pack

Buy for Apple Watch 44 mm

Buy for Apple Watch 40 mm

Best film protector – Liwin

If you’re looking for a non-glass screen protector for your Apple Watch, go for this acrylic film that offers supreme clarity and adequate protection from minor scratches. In fact, it claims to “self-repair” small bubbles or scuffs within 24 hours due to its flexible material. It fits perfectly from edge to edge and maintains original touch sensitivity for seamless use.

If you’re looking for a non-glass screen protector for your Apple Watch, go for this acrylic film that offers supreme clarity and adequate protection from minor scratches. In fact, it claims to “self-repair” small bubbles or scuffs within 24 hours due to its flexible material. It fits perfectly from edge to edge and maintains original touch sensitivity for seamless use.

Price: $9.99 for 6-pack

Buy for all models

Best liquid screen protector – Luvvitt

A liquid screen protector is a pretty versatile and easy-to-use option because you can “paint” it onto your Apple Watch display and other screens too. It’s made of silica dioxide (Si02) which consists of microscopic particles of glass suspended in a liquid solution. This fills in the imperfections of the screen and adds an ultra-thin layer of protection. The best thing is its ease of use and the option to apply it on multiple devices.

Price: $18.99 

Buy now

Don’t miss these other essential accessories: 

15 Best Movie Sites To Legally Watch Movies For Free

I can’t remember the last time I downloaded a movie on my laptop or tablet. Both internet speeds and streaming services have improved so much in the past few years that I normally stream all my movies. My streaming habits have increased even more as it has become much easier to stream movies than download them, thanks to all the amazing streaming services out there. While paid options like Netflix offer a lot of amazing content including some of the best action movies and best heist movies out there, the free streaming websites offer quite a good selection of free movies as well. The best part is that all these services are completely legal, so you don’t have to worry about anything. So, if you are interested in streaming free movies, here are the 15 best movie sites that are legal and free.

1. YouTube Free to Watch Movies

YouTube has an entire category of free movies for its viewers. Dubbed the “Free to Watch” category, it offers a healthy selection of movies that you can stream without having to pay a dime. All these movies are ad-supported, so they basically work as any other YouTube video. I especially love the movie collection here as YouTube is offering some of the best movies that have ever been produced. At the time of writing this article, there are 360 titles featuring movies such as the Rocky series, Terminator, IP Man, Police Story, and more. If you love free movies, you should definitely check this out.

Availability: USA

2. Tubi

My favorite and probably my pick for the best movie sites is Tubi. While most of the other services offer movies that are pretty old, thanks to its partnership with movie studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, Starz, and more, Tubi gives you access to a ton of movies that are relatively new. One of the good things about Tubi is that not only does it work on a browser but it also has apps for various platforms including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more. To watch movies, you only have to register for a free account (no credit cards required) and you can watch hundreds of hours of free content.

Availability: Worldwide

Price: Free

3. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is one of the newest streaming services that allows users to watch movies and TV shows for free. Since IMDb is owned by Amazon, the service is available for free for all FireTV users. However, note that the service is only available in the US. So, if you reside anywhere else, this is not meant for you. The best part about IMDb TV is its collection of free movies and TV shows. While most of the free movie streaming platforms on this list deal with older content, IMDb TV offers a catalog of both old and new movies. Some of the movies that you can stream on IMDb TV include Memento, The Illusionist, Rain Man, Dune, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Jerry Maguire, and more. Apart from these, IMDb is also producing some original content that you cannot find anywhere else. IMDb TV’s content catalog makes it one of the best free movie streaming services in the world.

4. Vudu

Availability: Worldwide

Price: Free with some paid titles

5. Kanopy

If you are looking for a free and legal movie streaming service that gives you access to the latest movies, then Kanopy is the service you should check out. The only condition for using this service for free is that you should either be a University student or professor or have a public library card. If you fulfill either of the criteria you can watch the critically acclaimed latest movies for free. To give you a taste of the movies hosted on this website, here are some of the movies you can watch on Kanopy right now: Moonlight, Lady Bird, Mr. Hublot, Captain Fantastic, Almost Adults, and more. Apart from the great content, you will also get a website that can rival Netflix in user experience. Kanopy also offers mobile and TV apps. This is the best free and legal movie streaming service on the planet. If you meet its sign-up criteria, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

6. The Roku Channel

Roku is a pretty renowned name in the streaming industry, and most people living in the US probably have a Roku streaming device. However, did you know that you can stream free movies and TV shows via The Roku Channel? And you don’t even need a Roku device to access it — a web browser is more than enough. You get access to free movies, TV shows, and even Live TV that you can access from within your browser, or via a Roku app. The UI is neat, and there are plenty of nice movies and shows that can be streamed for free.

7. Crackle

Another great place for watching free movies is Crackle. Originally known as Sony Crackle, it’s now an individual entity and will get you access to a ton of free movies along with high-quality original content. Not only that, but Crackle also features a good selection of anime movies which makes it great for anime lovers. I found the service to be best for the action and thriller genres of movies. Some of the movies hosted on Crackle include Babel, 30 Minutes or Less, Charlie’s Angles, Drive, and more. The service is only available in the US and in Australia, but it’s still one of the best movie sites out there.

Availability: US and Australia

8. Popocornflix

Popocornflix is a great place to consume movies. First of all, it’s available worldwide so it doesn’t face any content restrictions like Crackle or other restricted services mentioned on this list. Secondly, the website is very fast and provides very good streaming speeds which makes this ideal for streaming movies if you have an internet connection with lower speeds. Lastly, there’s also a good selection of movies here so you will definitely find something interesting to watch. Apart from featuring studio movies, Popcornflix also features a lot of indie movies which is great news for indie movie lovers. Overall, this is a great place to discover and watch movies.

Availability: Worldwide

Price: Free

9. CONtv

CONtv is another great resource for watching free movies and TV shows. While CONtv hosts all genres of movies, it seems to feature mostly horror movies. So, if you are a horror movie aficionado, this will fall right in your alley. The best part about CONtv is that apart from hosting movies and TV shows, it also gives users access to free comics. And while you need to register for a free account to watch movies and read some of the more popular comics like Star Trek, you can read most comics without any registration. I also love the UI of the website as it is easy to navigate. It also makes it easy to find the titles you are looking for. Overall, I find CONtv to be a great free resource for watching movies legally.

10. Top Documentary Films

If you are a fan of documentary films then this is the best movie site for you. Aptly named “Top Documentary Films” the service offers a big selection of documentary movies. The documentaries cover various topics such as art, nature, mystery, politics, sexuality, and more. I personally don’t follow documentaries too much so I cannot tell you about the quality of content here. However, if online reviews are any indication, this is the best place to watch free documentary films on the internet.

Availability: Worldwide

Price: Free

11. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movie Cinema is one of the best movie sites for indie and short films. Since the service holds mostly short and indie movies you get access to them just a few months after they are released which is something unheard of. The platform also offers studio movies but they are nowhere near as new as compared to indie or short ones. The movies cover a lot of different genres including western, zombie flix, war, SciFi, and more, so everyone will find something to watch here. If you love short movies, definitely check it out.

Price: Free

12. Pluto TV

If you’re looking for a free movie streaming website that can also stream Live TV for free, you should definitely take a look at Pluto TV. This website offers a very traditional TV-like interface. You get a channel guide for Live TV, and you can watch free movies on Live TV, as well as other things like sports. Pluto TV also offers on-demand streaming for movies, so you can easily find and watch movies that you want to see. Pluto TV has a nice selection of movies that you can stream, including titles like Hunger Games, Midsomer Murders, and more.

13. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline is one of the best free and legal movie streaming services that you can use to get your daily fix. Apart from feature-length movies, the website also hosts short movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. While the list of movies doesn’t include A-list movies, it does bring both old and new movies. The website also hosts animated movies which adds an extra oomph to the service. What I love about this website is its collection of cult classics. If you love them then you are going to enjoy this service.

14. Disney+ Hotstar

Availability: India

Price: Free, Super Plan -₹899/year, Premium Plan ₹299/month or ₹1499/year

15. SonyLiv

Another great place to watch Indian movies, and definitely one of the best movie sites for regional movies and Hindi movies, is SonyLiv which gives you access to a ton of free and paid movies. Apart from Bollywood movies, the service also offers a great selection of Telugu and Tamil movies along with international movies. Just like Hotstar, you can find quite a lot of new movies here. I also love its streaming capabilities. While the website itself is not that good, the streaming speeds are very good. If you like Hotstar then you are going to love this one too.

Price: Free, LIV Premium Plans₹299/monthly, ₹699/6 months, ₹999/year and Mobile-only plan – ₹599/year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s Watch Apple Announce The Iphone 13 And More At Its Fall 2023 Event

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more ›

It’s Fall. That means it’s time for changing leaves, overly complicated Halloween decorations from Target, and a new iPhone. We’re buckling down to watch the Apple Fall 2023 product announcement event and would love for you to watch along with us.

The new iPhone tends to steal the show during these Fall events. This year, we’re expecting iPhone 13 to follow last year’s iPhone 12 lineup. Rumors suggest we could also get a new Apple Watch 7 to replace the Apple Watch 6 at the top of the lineup. We also may get a new AirPods update since the vanilla version of Apple’s super-popular earbuds, which went into version 2 back in 2023.

Let’s start the event

We’re kicking things off with a very elaborate musical tribute to the state of California. It’s jaunty. Now we’re digging into the upcoming content on Apple TV+. Ted Lasso’s big smiling face is there along with some prestige dramas and sci-fi action. Billie Eilish was in there for some reason, too. Now it’s time for the hardware.

We’re starting with the iPad, which is unexpected. Cook says iPad has grown more than 40 percent since last year.


The base level iPad gets an update. Apple

The new base-model iPad now has an A13 Bionic chip up from the A12 in the previous model. That translates into a 20 percent speed boost according to Apple. The company doesn’t miss the chance to mention that it’s faster than the vast majority of Chromebooks out there. The front-facing camera has gotten a big update to 12-megapixels and 122-degree field of view. It also has the iPad Pro’s Center Stage feature, which tracks people in the frame to make calls feel more dynamic.

The iPad display now has True Tone so it changes color balance depending on the ambient light in your surroundings. It still only supports the first-generation Apple Pencil.

The old connector port and the legacy Pencil compatibility might seem outdated, but for schools that have already invested in accessories for their iPad hardware, upgrading can be tricky.

The new iPad starts at $329 for the base 64 GB model. If you’re a school, it starts at $299. It starts shipping next week.

iPad Mini

The new Mini looks great Apple

The screen is now 8.3-inches and the TouchID feature lives in the button on the top right of the device. It really does feel just like a mini version of the iPad. It’s a Liquid Retina display with True Tone, too.

Compared to the old Mini, it’s 40 percent faster when it comes to CPU performance and 80 percent faster when we’re talking GPUs. Apple keeps talking about how pilots can use it to do fancy things during flights, which must be a big market I didn’t know about.

It connects to a computer via USB-C instead of Lightning. Is that foreshadowing for the new iPhone?

The back camera now has a faster lens and a built-in flash. You get an ultra-wide camera and stereo speakers. It also supports Apple Pencil 2, unlike the base model iPad. This seems like a solid option for people who want a small screen.

The iPad Mini starts at $499.

Apple Watch Series 7

The new larger screen can handle up to 50 percent more text at once. Apple

The Apple Watch has gotten a bigger screen. It now has a thinner bezel and a much larger actual display. The screen on the front is curved to make the device feel more cohesive.

Apple Watch Series 7 also has IP6X durability ratings, which makes it tougher than its predecessors. It charges up to 33 percent faster thanks to a new fast-charging USB-C cable.

It will come in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, just like its predecessor.

Series 3 stays in the current lineup for some reason. The SE is sticking around for $299, and the new Series 7 will start at $399. Apple is updating Fitness+, which it sees as a big selling point for the Apple Watch. This part of the presentation feels passive aggressive since I’m eating pizza while watching it.

iPhone 13

Hello new iPhone Apple

Now we’re getting to the main event.

The new camera system has the diagonal lens arrangement from the leaked images. The camera system on the front is smaller now to interrupt the screen less. The notch is 20 percent smaller.

There’s a regular version and a Mini version, both of which have a screen that 28 percent brighter than its predecessor. It does P3 wide color and has a max brightness of 1200 nits in HDR mode.

Inside, the new A15 Bionic chip will handle the computing. It has 15 billion transistors, which sounds like a lot.

The new CPU has six total cores, two of which are performance and four of which are high-efficiency. A15 Bionic also has a four-core GPU and a 16-core Neural Engine. These numbers are hard to parse and act as a nice reminder of why people stopped paying attention to hard specs when it comes to phones.

A look at the specs. Apple

The camera system now has bigger pixels and a new f/1.6 lens to let in more light. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini are both getting sensor shift image stabilization from the old iPhone 12 Pro Max. The new Ultra Wide camera has also gotten an image quality bump.

For video, iPhone 13 is getting a new Cinematic Mode. It’s about rack focusing. It can tell when a subject is going to enter the frame, which is very cool. The blur creates weird halos around people, though, especially around their hair.

You still get MagSafe, but the new leather MagSafe wallet also supports Find My, so you can locate it if you misplace it. That’s smart.

iPhone 13 starts at $699 for the Mini or $799 for the iPhone 13. The base storage option checks in at 128 GB and goes up to 512 GB.

iPhone 13 Pro

Gaming is a big emphasis for the new 13 Pro. Apple

Now we’re into the high-end hardware. 13 Pro comes in four shiny colors with stainless steel bands around the outside. The True Depth camera system is 20 percent smaller as with the iPhone 13.

Inside, it has the new A15 Bionic, which isn’t much of a surprise. You get a 5-core GPU up from four in the non-Pro version. Apple keeps referring to the Snap Dragon 888 as “the competition” in case you were curious about that.

The new display now supports 1,000 nits peak outdoor brightness. The screen now gets Pro Motion, which means it can go from 10 Hz to 120 Hz depending on what you’re doing. That 120 Hz framerate promises smooth motion and scrolling. This is something we’ve been waiting for from Apple for a while. The screens come in 6.1 and 6.7-inch options.

The new cameras include a 77mm telephoto camera with a 3x optical zoom, a new main sensor with more real estate, and a wider aperture for the super-wide.

The ultra-wide camera now offers “macro” photography. It can focus down to 2cm thanks to its super-wide focal length.

Photographic styles now let you customize the editing applied to your images. It’s like preset image settings that come in many cameras.

When it comes to video, it shoots Dolby Vision HDR footage. Apple is big on Cinematic Mode. Coming down the line, the iPhone 13 Pro will shoot 4K 30p ProRes. If you don’t know what that means, you don’t need it. 13 Pro starts at $999 and 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099. You can now get up to 1 TB storage in the Pro models.

That’s a wrap on the event! Look for more coverage in the coming weeks!

How To Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch

How to Free Up Space on Your Apple Watch

Yeah, when it comes to the iPhone or iPad, you can easily choose on the basis of RAM or memory but it isn’t the same with Apple Watch. That is why, while making the decision of buying an Apple Watch, you cannot only think about memory. It needs to be an overall decision where everything about the Watch will have the same weightage.

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Apple Watch & iPhone

Check Storage Space Before Clearing Space on Apple Watch

Since there can be many reasons your Apple Watch can get less storage space error, the same way there are many ways one can clear space on Apple Watch. From finding the unnecessary data stored on the Apple Watch to the rarely used apps, everything can be flushed out to create enough space.

In order to look for the solutions to clean up space on Apple Watch, first you need to find which section is storing most of the space. And if that’s unnecessary, I think you know what action needs to be taken without blinking. And to do so, you need to dig in deep & look into each section to look at how much storage space you have on the Watch as below:

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1. Storage Checking With Apple Watch App

Dedicated Apple users who have accessed the Apple Watch know that your Watch is as good as the not-connected-speaker sitting idle in the room corner, if not synced with the Watch App on iPhone. If we say that your Watch is incomplete without the Apple Watch, it wouldn’t be wrong. Because you can literally control anything & everything on the Apple Watch with your iPhone’s Watch app. So if you have got an Apple Watch & are getting the storage space notification, its high time you look for the remaining storage on the Watch. As well as, without further delay, identify the solution to deal with the storage issue as below:

A. Start with launching the Watch App on your iPhone (that’s been paired with Apple Watch).

B. Follow the process by tapping on My Watch; General, & then About.

C. Give yourself a couple of seconds & you will see all the details have appeared in front of you (installed apps, music tracks, images, & remaining storage).

This was one of the ways to look for the storage space on your Apple Watch & see if there is any unnecessary data that needs to be flushed out.

2. Storage Space Checking From Apple Watch

It’s not that you can access the storage details only from the Watch App on your iPhone. In case you do not have your paired iPhone nearby, still the Apple Watch storage details can be seen on your Watch. Apple Watch will give you a complete & detailed info about the storage that’s been covered up by installed apps.

You need to start with unlocking the Apple Watch & pressing the Digital Crown button.

Once you have reached the above mentioned path, the Available & Used storage details will appear in front of you. The storage info will also display the applications as which one is consuming how much space.

After analyzing the whole storage space details, you can see the apps that are covering the maximum space on the Apple Watch. And once you have found the details about storage space, now is the time to start cleaning space on Apple Watch.

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Here’s How to Free Up Space on Apple Watch

Now that the problem has been found, it’s time we look for the solution that can help us clean the space on Apple Watch. Let’s start the process of freeing up space on Apple Watch using below steps:

1. Removing/Uninstalling 3rd Party Apps from Apple Watch

Considering that you have used the above steps to know the space covered by installed apps, you need to figure out which ones are rarely used & take up the most storage. Once those have been narrowed down, you need to start deleting or removing those apps to clear space on Apple Watch.

Please note: If you find apps that are native ones (such as Walkie-Talkie, Podcast etc.), know that they cannot be deleted from the Apple Watch.

B. Follow the process by visiting the Installed Applications area & choose the one that you wish to delete from the Apple Watch.

C. Now you need to tap on Turn Off option for Show App on Apple Watch. Simple as that!!

For now, there isn’t any way to delete or uninstall multiple applications from the Apple Watch so be patient while removing apps one-by-one.

2. Remove Native Apps From Apple Watch

I know what you are thinking that just above it was stated “you cannot delete or remove native apps”. However, you can do so by using your Apple Watch, instead of the paired iPhone. Using the below way, you can easily delete the native apps to free up space on Apple Watch as mentioned below:

You need to start the process by tapping on the Digital Crown button on Apple Watch.

Similar to your iPhone, keep a hold onto any of the apps until all of them start juggling.

Please know you can swipe left to right while those apps are juggling & delete apps on the next page as well.

3. Remove Audiobooks to Free Up Space

While removing data from Apple Watch, you need to make sure if those can be accessed through iPhone as well (if deleted from here). For example, Audiobooks and that is something that can easily be accessed & listened to if you have your iPhone nearby. So in order to clear space on Apple Watch, let’s delete audiobooks from Apple Watch:

Navigate to the Watch App on paired iPhone & make your way to Audiobooks (through My Watch tab).

Once you locate Audiobooks, tap on it & switch off the option “Reading Now”. While you are on the page, please switch off another feature “Want to Read” as well.

Post doing so, find Library & start the Audiobooks deletion process by swiping right onto the file & select Delete.

You can also tap onto the Edit button (top right side of the screen) & remove multiple Audiobooks in one go.

4. Delete Messages & Health Data From Apple Watch

Another successful way of cleaning up space on Apple Watch is deleting messages from Apple Watch as well as the health data.

With Messages, there is a proper chain that’s going on without even realizing how big it is. Plus, though they don’t store enough space, still, in order to clean up space everything counts, from pin to plane. There will be messages that are important to you and there will be those that aren’t. So narrow down those messages and navigate yourself to the Messages app on Apple Watch to delete them (swipe right to the conversation). Simple!!

When it comes to Health Data, it’s quite an important thing as it’s directly related to your health. Since all the health data on your iPhone is exactly a mirror of the data on Apple Watch, I think you know what to do. Both the statistics get synced so anything on one device will be easily accessible on the other one as well.

Please know that doing so on your Apple Watch will remove the whole fitness & health record from the Watch.

Navigate yourself to the Health app on your iPhone & tap on Sources.

Under Sources, launch the Apple Watch & look for the option, “Delete All Data from Apple Watch”.

Choose the option & go ahead with tapping on the Delete function. That’s it. Another way has been used to create more space on Apple Watch by removing many.

5. Set Synced Album Limit on Apple Watch

Synced Album gives the user liberty to sync up to 500 photos & that is a huge number if you are going through them on your Watch. And you can visit those pictures anytime, even though the iPhone isn’t paired with the Apple Watch. Luckily, Synced Album has an option where you can set a limit onto the number of photos that can be synced. So let’s start by setting a limit from 50-100 and see how that’s been working out for you.

Launch the Watch App on your iPhone & go to the My Watch tab.

Follow the process by scrolling down to look for the Photos section & once you find it, tap on it.

Under Photos, tap on Synced Album & now is the time to select the Album.

After choosing the Album, here you need to set the limit on the number of pictures (50-100) according to your requirement.

6. Remove Music to Free Up Space on Apple Watch

Music is one of the best feelings in the world that can take you places you never imagined & bring you back in no time. Obviously, your Apple Watch also has the feature of Music Playing & we all know that we don’t listen to all the songs that are into our playlist. Some of them we ignore & others we skip to listen to the favorite ones. So why keep them in the Music library if we are not listening to them at all. Let’s clean space on Apple Watch by deleting the not-played music as below:

A. Delete Music Through iPhone

Open the Watch app on your iPhone & as always, go to the My Watch tab.

B. Delete Music Through Apple Watch

Yeah, that’s possible too!! You have the liberty to delete music tracks from your Apple Watch in simple steps.

Just simply visit the Music app on your Apple Watch & narrow down the Playlist/Music/Album you wish to remove.

After choosing the track or playlist, swipe to the right & tap on the burger menu (three dots).

Tap on Remove & confirm the action by choosing the upcoming prompt. Simple as that!!

Following the above steps as well as methods will definitely free up space on Apple Watch. However, if you keep following these from the start, you may never face the issue of “not enough storage space” while installing updates as well. Apple Watch has been a tremendous support to our lives, from attending phone calls to responding to messages & accessing social media apps. And all of this was possible without even taking out the cell phone was amazing so let’s keep the device clean & spacious enough for functions to work flawlessly.

Wrapping Up

It’s quite necessary that one keeps his/her device with enough storage space that at least updates can be installed without any issue. And since Apple Watch has literally become our iPhone, we have become totally dependable on it. So let’s try to free up a bit of load from Apple Watch & try to clean space on Apple Watch by using different ways.

From as small-sized-category as Messages are to as large-sized-category as Music or Photos, everything needs to be analyzed. That is how you can free up space on your Apple Watch and make things seamlessly work out for you so explore them all.

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