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In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication is more important than ever. As a savvy business owner, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your team’s collaboration and productivity. That’s where Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers and phone services come in. These services offer a modern alternative to traditional landline phones by leveraging the power of the internet for voice calls, video conferencing, and more.

RingCentral - Cloud-based VoIP with video conferencing and team messaging capabilities

Nextiva - Scalable VoIP solutions that integrate with CRM systems and provide valuable analytics

Vonage Business - Unified communications platform featuring a mobile app and developer APIs

8×8 - Global cloud communications provider with contact center solutions and video meetings

Ooma Office - Small business-focused VoIP system with a virtual receptionist feature and mobile app

Dialpad - AI-driven communications platform offering call transcriptions and Salesforce integration

Mitel - Enterprise-grade VoIP solutions complemented by collaboration tools and contact center services

Intermedia Unite - All-in-one communication platform providing email services and file collaboration

By exploring these options further, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect Business VoIP provider that meets your company’s unique needs! Stay tuned as we dive deeper into each of these providers and what sets them apart from the competition.

RingCentral – Cloud-based VoIP, Video Conferencing, Team Messaging

When looking for a top-notch business VoIP provider, RingCentral should be on your radar. This leading cloud-based VoIP solution offers a comprehensive suite of communication tools that can help streamline your business operations and improve collaboration among your team members.

Cloud-based VoIP

RingCentral’s cloud-based VoIP system eliminates the need for costly hardware and complex installations. By using the internet to make and receive phone calls, you can save on expenses and enjoy crystal-clear call quality. Plus, you can easily scale the service up or down as your business needs change.

Video Conferencing

In today’s fast-paced business world, video conferencing is essential for effective communication. RingCentral offers HD video conferencing with screen sharing capabilities, making it easy to collaborate with colleagues or clients from anywhere in the world.

Team Messaging

Effective teamwork relies on seamless communication, and RingCentral’s team messaging feature has you covered. With group chat functionality, file sharing, task management, and more – all within a single platform – your team can stay connected and productive without switching between multiple apps.

Nextiva – Scalable VoIP Solutions, CRM Integration, Analytics

When it comes to finding the perfect VoIP provider for your business, Nextiva stands out as a top contender. With its scalable VoIP solutions, CRM integration, and analytics features, Nextiva is designed to grow with your business while streamlining communication and improving efficiency. Let’s dive deeper into these features so you can see why Nextiva might be the right choice for your organization.

Scalable VoIP Solutions

Nextiva understands that businesses have unique communication needs that change over time. That’s why they offer scalable VoIP solutions that can easily adapt to your company’s growth. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large enterprise, Nextiva has a plan that will suit your requirements. Their flexible pricing options make it easy to upgrade or downgrade as needed, ensuring you only pay for the services you need.

CRM Integration

Efficient customer relationship management (CRM) is essential for any business aiming to provide excellent customer service. Nextiva’s VoIP platform integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk. This integration allows your team to access relevant customer data during calls and streamline workflows by automating tasks such as logging call details and updating contact records in real-time.


Data-driven decision-making is crucial for businesses looking to stay competitive in today’s market. Nextiva’s analytics feature provides valuable insights into your company’s communication patterns and performance metrics. With real-time data on call volumes, individual employee performance, and customer satisfaction ratings at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions on staffing levels or identify areas where further training may be needed.

Vonage Business: Unified Communications, Mobile App, Developer APIs

When it comes to business VoIP providers, Vonage Business stands out with its robust features and user-friendly approach. Let’s dive into the three main aspects that make Vonage Business an excellent choice for your company’s communication needs: unified communications, mobile app, and developer APIs.

Unified Communications

Vonage Business offers a comprehensive suite of communication tools that are seamlessly integrated into one platform. This means you can easily manage all your business communication channels – voice calls, video conferencing, messaging, and more – from a single dashboard. By unifying your communication channels, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow and improve team collaboration.

Mobile App

Staying connected on-the-go is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment. With the Vonage Business mobile app, you can take your office with you wherever you go. The app allows you to make and receive calls using your business phone number, send messages to colleagues, and even join video conferences right from your smartphone or tablet. It’s like having a mini-office in the palm of your hand!

Developer APIs

One of the most unique aspects of Vonage Business is its developer-friendly approach. The platform provides a wide range of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow developers to integrate Vonage’s communication features into their own applications or create custom solutions tailored to their specific needs. This flexibility opens up endless possibilities for enhancing your business’ communication capabilities.

8×8 – Global Cloud Communications, Contact Center Solutions, Video Meetings

When it comes to business VoIP providers, 8×8 stands out with its global cloud communications, contact center solutions, and video meetings. This platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes that require seamless communication and collaboration tools.

Global Cloud Communications

One of the key features of 8×8 is its global cloud communications capabilities. This means that no matter where your team members or clients are located around the world, you can stay connected with high-quality voice calls and messaging. 8×8’s robust network infrastructure ensures reliable and secure connections for your business.

Contact Center Solutions Video Meetings

In today’s fast-paced business world, face-to-face communication is often essential for effective collaboration. That’s where 8×8’s video meetings come in handy. With HD video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities, you can host virtual meetings with team members or clients from anywhere in the world. Plus, there’s no need for additional software or plugins; simply join a meeting using a web browser or mobile app.

Ooma Office: Small Business VoIP System, Virtual Receptionist, Mobile App

If you’re running a small business and looking for a cost-effective yet powerful VoIP solution, Ooma Office might be the perfect fit for you. Designed specifically for small businesses, Ooma Office offers a comprehensive suite of features that can help streamline your business communication.

Small Business VoIP System Virtual Receptionist

One standout feature of Ooma Office is its virtual receptionist. This automated attendant can greet your callers with a professional-sounding message and route them to the appropriate extension or department. You can customize the virtual receptionist’s greeting message, menu options, and even set up specific schedules for when it should be active. This feature not only saves time but also helps create a more professional image for your small business.

Mobile App

Ooma Office also offers a mobile app that allows you to stay connected with your team and clients from anywhere. The app enables you to make and receive calls using your business phone number, access your voicemail messages, and even transfer calls to other extensions or external numbers seamlessly. With the mobile app, you can ensure that important calls never go unanswered even when you’re on the go.

Dialpad: AI-driven Communications Platform, Call Transcriptions, Salesforce Integration

When it comes to modern business communication solutions, Dialpad stands out with its innovative features and seamless integrations. As an AI-driven communications platform, Dialpad offers much more than just a VoIP phone service. Let’s dive into the key features that make Dialpad a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

AI-driven Communications Platform

Dialpad leverages artificial intelligence to enhance your business communications experience. The Voice Intelligence (Vi) technology is designed to understand conversations and provide real-time insights, coaching, and analytics. This means you can stay on top of important details discussed during calls and improve overall communication within your team.

Call Transcriptions

One of the most useful features offered by Dialpad is call transcriptions. The platform automatically transcribes your calls in real-time, allowing you to focus on the conversation without worrying about taking notes. These transcriptions can be easily accessed later for review or shared with team members who were unable to attend the call.

Salesforce Integration

For businesses that rely on Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM), Dialpad offers seamless integration with this popular platform. By connecting Dialpad with Salesforce, you can easily log calls, access relevant customer information during conversations, and streamline your sales process. This integration helps save time and ensures that all essential data is captured accurately within your CRM system.

Mitel: Enterprise-grade VoIP Solutions, Collaboration Tools, and Contact Center Services

When it comes to managing your business communications, you need a provider that can offer robust and reliable solutions. Mitel is one such provider that specializes in enterprise-grade VoIP solutions, collaboration tools, and contact center services. In this section, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of choosing Mitel as your VoIP provider.

Enterprise-Grade VoIP Solutions

Mitel’s VoIP solutions are designed with large businesses and enterprises in mind. They offer a range of features to ensure seamless communication across your organization. Some key features include:

High-definition audio quality for crystal-clear calls

Scalability to grow with your business needs

Integration with popular CRM systems for streamlined workflows

Advanced call management tools like call routing, forwarding, and auto-attendant

With Mitel’s VoIP solutions, you can rest assured that your business communications are in good hands.

Collaboration Tools

Effective collaboration is essential for any modern business. Mitel offers a suite of collaboration tools designed to help teams work together more efficiently. These tools include:

Instant messaging for quick communication between team members

Audio and video conferencing for virtual meetings

File sharing capabilities for easy access to important documents

Screen sharing functionality for improved collaboration during presentations

With these powerful collaboration tools at your disposal, your team will be able to work together seamlessly no matter where they’re located.

Contact Center Services

Managing customer interactions is crucial for any business. Mitel’s contact center services provide you with the tools you need to deliver exceptional customer service. Some standout features of their contact center services include:

Omnichannel support allowing customers to reach you via phone, email, chat or social media

Intelligent call routing to direct customers to the right agent based on their needs

Real-time analytics providing insights into agent performance and customer satisfaction

Customizable reporting to help you make data-driven decisions

By choosing Mitel for your contact center services, you’ll be able to provide top-notch support to your customers while maximizing the efficiency of your customer service team.

Intermedia Unite: All-in-one Communication Platform, Email Services, File Collaboration

When it comes to streamlining business communications, Intermedia Unite is a powerful all-in-one solution that has you covered. This comprehensive platform offers a range of features designed to enhance collaboration and productivity within your organization. Let’s dive into the key aspects of Intermedia Unite that make it stand out among the best Business VoIP providers and phone services.

All-in-one Communication Platform

Intermedia Unite provides an integrated communication system that combines VoIP phone services, video conferencing, chat functionality, and screen sharing. This means you can effortlessly connect with your team members and clients through various channels using one platform. By consolidating these communication tools, your business can save time and resources while improving efficiency.

Email Services

Having a reliable email service is crucial for any business. Intermedia Unite offers robust email solutions that include spam and virus protection, ensuring your inbox stays clutter-free and secure. With features like shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes management, you’ll be able to stay organized and on top of your day-to-day operations.

File Collaboration

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective file collaboration is essential for teams working remotely or across different time zones. Intermedia Unite comes with a built-in file-sharing solution called SecuriSync, which allows for easy sharing of documents, images, videos, and other files with team members or external partners. You can also sync files across multiple devices for seamless access on-the-go.

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Recommending The Best Email Hosting Providers For 2023

Searching for a reliable email hosting provider can often leave us puzzled in terms of price and offerings. Almost all promise multiple aliases, device syncing, and guaranteed up-time. To stay competitive, premium email hosts have doubled down on their features with office suites and online collaboration tools.

To guide you with a better choice in 2023, we bring a selected list of the best email hosting providers. High email deliverability and positive sender reputation were major criteria which eliminated fancy, cheap email hosts. In fact, high bounce rate and potential blacklisting are big reasons why you may want to go with a brand name rather than hosting your own email server.

How Our Email Hosting Providers Stack Up

We assessed the performance of the following email hosting providers by measuring them for common purchase criteria. Each was rated on a scale of “one” to “five” against eight competing characteristics, with a maximum possible score of 40. We tried to keep the evaluation criteria as objective as possible based on publicly available data.

Storage: For online storage, a provider would receive the highest rating (25-50 GB ) with a basic plan, whereas lower storage (1-5 GB) would mean a lower rating.

Features: Almost all hosts provided basic email features such as IMAP/POP3, calendar, contacts, etc. As a result, all of them received a score of 5 except Protonmail which lacks a few features like Calendar.

Security: A provider with military-grade encryption received higher ratings.

Value: Price/Performance ratio was measured. How far you could go with a basic plan without stretching the budget.

Privacy: Do the providers scan your emails? What is their policy regarding data storage?

Ease of use: How easy is it to install the solution? Can it integrate with desktop clients?

Account deletion: How quickly you can permanently delete emails.

Office suite: Does the provider have its own office suite or support easy integration with Microsoft Office 365, Libre Office, etc.?

1. Tutanota

Tutanota has a highly secure, end-to-end encrypted email platform with a slogan, “Secure mail for everyone.” As a result, all your data including subjects and attachments remain private at all times. Even non-Tutanota users can be asked to verify their passwords before opening your emails. The web interface is spartan but does not lack in features and functionalities.

Tutanota does not support integration with third-party apps and offers only 10 GB storage for €60/user/year. You can create only twenty email aliases. They really charge a premium for privacy which can be a deal-breaker for many.

Our Rating: 30/40

2. Kolab Now

If you’re willing to pay more for privacy but looking for slightly more features than Tutanota, Kolab Now fits the bill. Even this is expensive though. All storage accounts are limited to a 2 GB/user/month quota. Additional storage is charged at CHF 0.50/1GB/month.

Apart from security, Kolab Now is feature-rich with support for its official desktop client, integration with online apps, and Libre Office suite. You can delete your data whenever you want – no questions asked.

Our Rating: 34/40

3. Rackspace

If you want the security and privacy features of the above solutions while not paying too much, Rackspace offers the best alternative. In fact, they claim “256-bit Encryption in transit and at rest.” Rackspace offers a basic plan at $2/user/month, with huge 25 GB mailboxes, 30 GB cloud storage and unlimited email aliases. You can run your emails from Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook.

Slight upgrades would give you integration with Microsoft office 365. Rackspace offers a complete email hosting platform with all necessary features.

Our Rating: 32/40

4. Zoho

Plenty of users recommend Zoho Workplace for having a complete set of features in email hosting. Zoho has its own substitutes for Office and collaboration, with headings such as Writer, Sheet, Show and Cliq. Its standard annual plan is cheaper than either Microsoft or Google. Zoho has an online help section with a detailed setup guide.

The best part is a ticket-based support system which can be a real help for administrators. However, as far as privacy is concerned, Zoho collects user data just like Microsoft or Google do.

Our Rating: 30/40

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers a mature dual email and web-hosting service with no shortage of features. The hosted email integrates with Microsoft apps such as Skype, Microsoft Team and Outlook Web Access. In fact, GoDaddy’s email interface has the feel of “Microsoft on Steroids.” The add-ons are worth a mention.

If you’re looking for HIPAA compliance for your organization emails, GoDaddy has readily available templates. The biggest disappointment is the hidden cost, as there may be too many “add-on” services which you have to manually remove.

Our Rating: 30/40

6. Protonmail

If privacy is your number one concern, perhaps you should go with Protonmail. You can upgrade to an email with your domain easily on a web interface under “Protonmail Plus” or “Protonmail Visionary” plans. However, the plans can be rather expensive, as getting only 20 GB storage space could cost you at least €24/user/month/yearly. Most email hosting providers retain your emails for months even after you delete your account. This Swiss email provider will destroy all your data when you delete your account.

Our Rating: 29/40

7. Microsoft Exchange Online/Office 365 Business Premium

Microsoft Exchange Online offers a no-frills email hosting plan for users of any budget. Even with their cheapest plan starting at $4/user/month, each user gets 50 GB of mailbox storage. Anything beyond that and you can move your emails to an in-place archive on your PC.

An email user also gets smooth integration with Outlook desktop client while enjoying PCI-DSS standard data leak prevention security. The only drawback of Microsoft is their old school Admin installation which feels hopelessly outdated for 2023.

Our Rating: 31/40

8. G Suite

Microsoft’s closest rival is winning rave reviews with its G Suite apps. If you enjoy using Gmail as your mail client, along with Docs and Hangouts, this might be it for you. Even the cheapest plan at $5/user/month comes with 30 GB storage, business email through Gmail, video and voice messaging, group editing on docs, sessions on Hangouts and shared calendars.

Our Rating: 31/40

9. Fastmail (Popular Demand)

With a nearly 20-year old legacy, Australia-based Fastmail is dedicated to professional email hosting with unrivaled features including super fast “push” features for full mobile sync. In fact, this is one of our favorite picks if you like to manage all your emails on a phone. Fastmail also perfectly integrates with Thunderbird, Outlook and Apple Mail. With two-bit encryption and perfect forward secrecy, you definitely get best security and privacy.

The biggest drawbacks: scrubbing your records is not fast enough because the emails are retained for 14 days, and system logs up to 180 days. Also, compared to Rackspace, Zoho and G Suite, Fastmail has less storage space for a basic plan: only 2 GB for $3/user/month. Still, we’re giving it the highest rating, 5 for Value, on account of the sheer number of supported features.

Our Rating: 31/40 (Storage – 3; Features – 5; Security – 4; Value – 5; Privacy – 4; Ease of Use – 4; Account Deletion – 2; Office Suite – 3)

An Honorable Mention

Our surprise find, Migadu is a little-known Swiss email hosting provider which delivers unbelievable price/performance value along with top-notch security. It lacks fancy features but does the job of email hosting with guaranteed privacy at the cheapest plan of $4/user/month. One may also go for Runbox and Amazon Work Mail, but it was outside the scope of this article.

Our Final Verdict

Different people have different expectations while searching for a reliable email hosting provider. Whatever your choice is, you must understand your own needs better to avoid getting stuck in a bad arrangement.

Winner: In our evaluation, Kolab Now scores ahead of the rest of the pack except for its steep pricing. However, if you have to combine security with cutting-edge features, Rackspace is definitely the toast of the article, and our final recommendation for #1 email host.

Sayak Boral

Sayak Boral is a technology writer with over eleven years of experience working in different industries including semiconductors, IoT, enterprise IT, telecommunications OSS/BSS, and network security. He has been writing for MakeTechEasier on a wide range of technical topics including Windows, Android, Internet, Hardware Guides, Browsers, Software Tools, and Product Reviews.

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The 8 Best Laptops And Ultrabooks Available Today

Have you picked up your laptop lately? If it’s getting long in the tooth, it’s probably as heavy as it is slow. Fortunately there’s no better time to look for a more portable and modern machine than during the holidays. Even if you can’t find a year-end deal on the particular model that interests you, you’ll be able to impress family and friends when you whip out your new laptop at holiday gatherings.

Thanks to the performance and efficiency of Intel’s Core-branded processor platform, Ultrabooks are gradually gaining in popularity. These machines provide great performance and long battery life, despite weighing less than 4 pounds. They’re also a traveler’s best friend—slim and light, with quick boot times owing to built-in solid-state memory drives.

That said, if you need more raw power and are willing to compromise on portability, you can find plenty of great traditional laptops. These machines may weigh more, but they also carry larger screens, which are helpful in countless multitasking scenarios.

To help you with your purchasing decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best Ultrabooks and laptops available right now. PCWorld staffers test as many models as possible—and then we pass our experiences on to you.

Without further ado, let’s start with a look at our four favorite Ultrabooks, and then follow up with four great traditional laptops.

Vizio CT15-A2 Vizio CT15-A2

The CT15-A2 is the 15.6-inch version of the 14-inch CT14-A2, which impressed us last August with its sleek, minimalist design. Though the 14-inch model is no longer available, you can pick up the 15.6-inch model for the same low price—despite its extra screen real estate.

The keys are shallow, but large and easy to locate even for the clumsiest fingers; and the accompanying touchpad supports multitouch gestures. Best of all, the CT15-A2 delivers strong performance at an affordable price. In our WorldBench 7 benchmarking gauntlet, it earned a mark of 81 for overall performance, keeping pace with some of the highest-rated Ultrabooks, at for a much lower cost. Read our full review of the 14-inch model here.

[$1199 for a 15.6-inch Ultrabook with a 1600-by-900-pixel display, a Core-i7 processor, and Windows 7]

Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A

Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A

The UX31A upgrades last year’s UX31E with a new touchpad and an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU. It rivals other top-rated Ultrabooks in overall performance, and sports a beautiful full HD IPS display with an excellent antiglare filter to reduce annoying reflections.

The UX31A demolished our demanding WorldBench 7 benchmark suite with a score of 150, meaning that it was 50 percent faster than our baseline desktop system. When you factor in thoughtful extras such as an SD Card reader that supports the latest SDXC high-capacity cards, and a USB-to-ethernet adapter, the newest Zenbook prime is a home run. Read our full review here.

[$1449 for a 13.3-inch Ultrabook with a 1600-by-900-pixel display, Core i7-3517u processor, and Windows 7]

Acer Aspire S7-391

Acer Aspire S7-391

The Aspire S7-391 offers solid performance, despite weighing a mere 2.8 pounds. Couple its light weight with a svelte chassis that is just 11.9mm wide and yet is demonstrably rigid, and you have an Ultrabook that could double as a ninja star.

This Windows 8 machine features a 13.3-inch touchscreen covered in Gorilla Glass 2, a pair of 128GB SSDs in RAID 0, and a Core i7-3517U processor. The S7 achieved a score of 72 on our brand-new WorldBench 8 benchmark suite (which is expressly designed for Windows 8). Read our full review here.

[$1649 for a 13.3-inch Ultrabook with a 1920-by-1080-pixel display, a Core i7-3517U processor, and Windows 8]

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

The aptly named Yoga 13 is the most flexible machine we’ve seen. It bends, swivels, and downward-dogs to perform dual duty as both a Windows 8 tablet and Ultrabook.

The keyboard, trackpad and bezel-less 13-inch multitouch screen are all top-notch and comfortable to use, making Microsoft’s new OS easy to navigate by touch, keyboard, or mouse. Lenovo managed to squeeze an Intel Core i5-3317U CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD into the Yoga, which achieved an overall mark of 60 on our new WorldBench 8 benchmark suite. Whether you need a laptop or a tablet—or maybe just something to prop up and watch a movie on—the economically priced Yoga 13 won’t disappoint you. Read our full review here.

[$1099 for a 13-inch Ultrabook with a 1600-by-900-pixel display, a Core i5-3317U processor, and Windows 8]

That’s the Ultrabook story. If you’re looking for stronger performance, though, and are willing to surrender some portability, consider a traditional laptop. We name our favorites after the jump!

13 Of The Best People Finder And Phone Number Lookup Websites

Whether your goal is to reconnect with an old high school friend or look up a potential job candidate, online people searches have a variety of uses. Finding someone’s phone number, home or email address, arrest records, and family members are all something you can do via a people finder website. With a narrow focus on information about people, these sites stray from the likes of Google and Bing, which can yield more general results.

1. Truthfinder

Truthfinder runs very deep if you’re based in the US. It’s a free phone number lookup site that has millions of searches each month. It cross-references findings with social media info, jobs, education, police records and much more, giving you a very strong profile of the person you’re searching for. Here’s the kind of stuff it brings up, among other things:

Email address

Social media profiles

Criminal history

Birth and death records

Dating profiles

Location history

Most Truthfinder features work for free, though you can also pay a monthly fee to generate an unlimited amount of reports on people per month.

2. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a rigorous lookup tool that has a slightly more accessible feel to the other options on the list. You can do a regular People Search or Reverse Phone Number Lookup in moments. The site is a little “on the nose” when it comes to the angle that you’re looking to uncover your partner’s infidelity but hey, clearly it works.

Email addresses

Social media profiles


Phone numbers

You’ll need to pay for full reports, though there’s a five-day trial for $1 that you can try out to get all the reports you want for that time.

3. Peek You

Email address

Social media website profiles

Arrest history

Location (Addresses)


Wikipedia page

General results are free, but to dive deeper into something like an arrest record, a free will be charged.

4. Social Catfish

If Peek You grabs your attention with social profile searches, Social Catfish takes it to another level. This service not only allows a similar search by social profile username but adds dating sites like Tinder, Hinge and chat apps to its results. On top of that, it adds reverse image search, so if all you have is a photo of a person, you can run it through Social Catfish and see if it can locate other images of the person across the Web. One interesting note about the site is that you must be on the tab as the searches finalize, otherwise your search will be paused until you return.

Known locations (addresses)


Language spoken

Account IDs/Usernames

Phone number

Reverse image search

Social Catfish requires you to sign up for their unlimited plan in order to access any search result: this costs $5.73 for the first five days, then $27.48 a month. Only consider this site if you plan on running numerous searches each month.

5. Whitepages

The original “people search,” Whitepages, has been around for many, many years. What Yellowpages is to business, Whitepages is to people. Of all of the sites available, Whitepages offers some of the most comprehensive results around. Its four basic searches begin with a name, reverse phone number, reverse address or business search. For landlords in particular wanting to do background on a possible tenant, Whitepages is a fantastic option.



Financial records

Background checks

Traffic records

Criminal records

Lien/Property records


Professional licenses

Premium searches with phone numbers and past addresses cost $4.99 a month, while a full background report is $9.99 per result.

6. TruePeopleSearch

Address history



Email addresses

Phone numbers

7. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch mentions as soon as you land on its page that it’s a free people search tool that requires just a first and last name. If it’s a common name like John Smith, you can find better results by narrowing the results down to a last-known city or state. The free results include name, age, address and partial phone number information. On the other hand, you can also search via phone number and look for the name, age and address.

Address history

Phone number

Criminal record

Driving record

Child predator background check

Anyone looking for unlimited reports will need to subscribe for $24.86 per month; the plan automatically renews until canceled.

8. Intelius

When it comes to people search sites, Intelius is one of the best-known names in the space. What separates the site from others is not its results but its commitment to customer privacy. All searches are anonymous and 256-bit encrypted, so your subject will never know you are looking. In addition, the results are some of the most reliable and accurate that you will find across this space. Searching through billions of public records can often lead to false positives, but Intelius somehow cracks through that better than its competitors.


Past and present address

Age and date of birth



Membership to the Intelius platform costs $19.95, while premium plans start at $29.95. Full background checks are $39.95.

9. Spokeo

Another well-known name in the space, Spokeo is another people finder but has the reputation of being featured in numerous publications, like Forbes, Fox News, ABC, etc. The site is filled with more than 89 million business records, six billion consumer records, 600 million court records, more than 120 social networks, etc. Initial searches can be performed by name, email, phone or address, and each of those immediate results are free. Results are quick and give you enough information before asking you to pay for the full profile unlock.

Contact information

Location history

Family and associates

Social media accounts

Personal details (phone numbers, email and physical addresses)

Criminal records

Financial background

A one-month plan, which includes access to all info, is $19.95 for one month, while three months is available for $14.95 monthly.

10. TinEye

Even as other sites on this list offer reverse image searches, TinEye is one of the best-known options for this search parameter. It’s hard to say how its technology differs from that of Google, but its results are commonly just as good, if not better from time to time. You can search using any kind of image you want including someone’s profile picture, a photo from a party, or something years ago.

If you are using a historical photo, it’s important to know that TinEye won’t age a person, so results would be similar to the photo you upload. Searches are completely free, which makes it an appealing alternative, and, for many people, that it isn’t Google adds a hope that it’s more private than the search engine giant’s own reverse image search technology.

11. Facebook

When you think of people finder websites, Facebook may not be at the top of your list – but it should be. With over 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook can be an incredible search tool. This platform is far more than originally intended, as it was a way to connect with people from college, high school, past workplaces, etc. Facebook offers a variety of search functions to help narrow down by city and state, group association, education, and if they are a friend of a friend. Want to search for a company? You can do that with Facebook as well, assuming the person has the company listed on their profile.

Facebook can be a bit limiting, as privacy limitations can prevent many searches from finding proper results, but that’s not to say you will strike out every time. Still, Facebook has access to information on hundreds of millions (billions) of users. Once you find a result, what information you find is up to them based on security and privacy settings. It’s a complete toss-up as to whether someone has their profile page set to public, private, friends, friends of friends, etc.

12. LinkedIn

Like Facebook, LinkedIn won’t be your first thought as a people search site, but it’s actually pretty great, especially for professional searches. That you can see where someone works, their current and former position, current or former supervisors, as well as who they work with, can be pretty fantastic.

Similar to Facebook, privacy settings can prevent some information from being available. If you have your own registered account, looking at someone’s profile will be made known to the person you are searching for. If you know where the person has worked, LinkedIn can be a really great resource for finding someone, but beyond that, you won’t find much else about them personally.

13. Classmates

Arguably one of the original social media sites on the Internet, chúng tôi is the absolute best place to search for people by high school/university. Facebook is often thought of as the best way to reconnect with former classmates, but Classmates is second to none in this space. With a free registration, you can list your name in the Classmates community, allowing others to find and contact you. The free membership also includes the opportunity to search for classmates and view yearbooks for free.

Bump up to the Classmates+ membership, and you can see who has visited your profile, read and reply to messages in your inbox, see who remembers you and more. Membership costs $9 for three months, $24 for one year and two years for $36. While you won’t find criminal history or get a background check through chúng tôi it’s an incredibly fun way to reconnect with classmates you likely haven’t seen for years.

How to Remove Yourself From People Finder Sites

This really is the million-dollar question and is as important as adding yourself to the “do not call” directory. Ultimately, you can remove yourself, but it’s going to take some work.

Essentially, you will need to do the rest of the sites, like Spokeo, Whitepages, Truthfinder and the like individually. It’s all relatively simple yet time-consuming but can be done. The caveat is that most of the “free” information is public, so as easily as you can remove it, it can quickly go back up. Additionally, data brokers don’t have to abide by your requests to remove the info.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Do most of these sites work outside the U.S.?

For the most part, these sites are U.S. centric. A few will work in Canada, but international users will likely need to look elsewhere. The caveat here is that some records will include international results but only for searches initiated inside the U.S.

2. What about information like search history?

Realistically, your search history should be private. None of the main 15 or so people finder sites that are regularly used, including those listed here, capture your search history. In the case of Facebook and LinkedIn, your search history inside each platform is captured, but nothing beyond that. Facebook knows some of what you searched for on Google based on cookie and website pixel data, but they don’t know your complete search history.

3. How private are these sites?

They are not super private. Know that “most” of the info you can see through free searches is publicly available. That includes your name, phone number and address history. This information can already be obtained on government (city, county, etc.) websites that show mortgage data, court records, criminal history, etc. What these sites are doing is taking the legwork out of your need to search countless sites to compile info on one person. Ultimately, privacy is something you can work to obtain, but it’s not guaranteed.

4. Are some of these sites really as free as they claim?

Saying that there are no completely free search options is a little misleading. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and TinEye are all “free” in that you don’t pay anything. The same goes for searching for names through the likes of a Google search. Basic information on people finder sites is mostly free because it’s using publicly available info. These sites make money from deeper searches like background history (criminal, financial, employment, etc.), so they can hook you with the free results. Unfortunately, there is not one single free site that is going to deliver every bit of information you can find about someone, and that is actually a really good thing.

Outside of these sites, your information is actually big business on the Dark Web. Find out what your personal info is worth on the Dark Web.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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The 8 Best Simple Mobile Smartphones

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile is a US prepaid carrier that has operated on T-Mobile’s network since its founding in 2009. It doesn’t have as large a customer base as T-Mobile, but it has managed to activate a few million subscribers in the last decade. You can always bring your own phone, but it’s worth looking at what Simple Mobile has to offer. We’ve rounded up the best Simple Mobile phones you can buy to save you some time.

Now, we’re going to be honest, there are many cheap Simple Mobile phones out there, but most of them aren’t worth the asking price. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus mostly on their more premium offerings. If you want a cheap phone, you’re probably better off looking at unlocked options.

More: These are the best Simple Mobile plans

The best Simple Mobile phones:

Editor’s note: We’ll regularly update this list of the best Simple Mobile phones as new devices launch.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 series

David Imel / Android Authority

Simple Mobile has finally expanded its Galaxy offerings to include the entire 2023 lineup. Whether you want the smaller, more affordable Galaxy S21 or the all-out Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can finally take your pick.

Samsung Galaxy S21 specs:

Display: 6.2-inch, Full HD+

SoC: Snapdragon 888


Storage: 128/256GB

Cameras: 64, 12, and 12MP

Front camera: 10MP

Battery: 4,000mAh

Software: Android 11

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus specs:

Display: 6.7-inch, QHD+

SoC: Snapdragon 888


Storage: 128/256GB

Cameras: 64, 12, and 12MP

Front camera: 10MP

Battery: 4,800mAh

Software: Android 11

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra specs:

Display: 6.8-inch, Full HD+

SoC: Snapdragon 888

RAM: 12/16GB

Storage: 128/256/512GB

Cameras: 108, 10, 10, and 12MP

Front camera: 40MP

Battery: 5,000mAh

Software: Android 11

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specs:

Display: 6.7-inch, Full HD+

SoC: SD 865 Plus/Exynos 990


Storage: 256GB

Cameras: 64, 12, and 12MP

Front camera: 10MP

Battery: 4,300mAh

Software: Android 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra specs:

Display: 6.9-inch, Quad HD+

SoC: SD 865 Plus/Exynos 990


Storage: 128/256/512GB

Cameras: 108, 12, and 12MP

Front camera: 10MP

Battery: 4,500mAh

Software: Android 10

LG Reflect specs:

Display: 6.5-inch, HD+

SoC: MediaTek Helio P22


Storage: 32GB

Cameras: 13, 5, and 2MP

Front camera: 13MP

Battery: 4,000mAh

Software: Android 10

Apple iPhone 13 Mini specs:

Display: 5.4-inch, 2,340 x 1,080

SoC: Apple A15 Bionic


Storage: 128/256/512GB

Cameras: 12 and 12MP

Front camera: 12MP

Battery: 2,438mAh

Software: iOS 15.1

Apple iPhone 13 specs:

Display: 6.1-inch, 2,532 x 1,170

SoC: Apple A15 Bionic


Storage: 128/256/512GB

Cameras: 12 and 12MP

Front camera: 12MP

Battery: 3,240mAh

Software: iOS 15.1

Apple iPhone 13 Pro specs:

Display: 6.1-inch, 2,532 x 1,170

SoC: Apple A15 Bionic


Storage: 128/256/512GB/1TB

Cameras: 12, 12, and 12MP + ToF

Front camera: 12MP

Battery: 3,095mAh

Software: iOS 15.1

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max specs:

Display: 6.7-inch, 2,778 x 1,284

SoC: Apple A15 Bionic


Storage: 128/256/512GB/1TB

Cameras: 12, 12, and 12MP + ToF

Front camera: 12MP

Battery: 4,352mAh

Software: iOS 15.1

5. Apple iPhone SE (2024)

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Do you want a high-end processor from Apple inside your next iPhone but don’t want to spend tons of money? Then check out the 2023 edition of the Apple iPhone SE. You are getting the same A15 Bionic processor found in the iPhone 13 models in this phone, but you will only have to pay $379.99 to get it from Simple Mobile.

Apple iPhone SE 2023 specs:

Display: 4.7-inch, 1,334 x 750

SoC: A15 Bionic


Storage: 64GB

Camera: 12MP

Front camera: 7MP

Battery: 2,014mAh

Software: iOS 15

Samsung Galaxy A32 specs:

Display: 6.5-inch, HD+

SoC: MediaTek Dimensity 720

RAM: 4/6/8GB

Storage: 64/128GB

Cameras: 48, 8, 5, and 2MP

Front camera: 13MP

Battery: 5,000mAh

Software: Android 11

Samsung Galaxy A12 specs:

Display: 6.5-inch, HD+

SoC: Helio P35

RAM: 2/3/4/6GB

Storage: 32/64/128GB

Cameras: 48, 5, 2, and 2MP

Front camera: 8MP

Battery: 5,000mAh

Software: Android 11

Here: These are the best unlocked phones you can buy

Additionally, if you find a great deal on a smartphone that saves you some cash over buying it directly from Simple Mobile, you can just bring that device with you.

Alipay Payments Supported In Windows Phone 10, 8

AliPay Payments Supported in Windows Phone 10, 8 [Update]




As a technology journalist, I have to be aware of almost everything that’s happening in the tech world, not only in the Windows or Microsoft world. And many other colleagues of mine are quite aware that right now is the moment when China is becoming a more interesting market for tech companies that it used to be before. Just look at Apple’s numbers for 2012, China is now a very serious market.

China has the biggest number of mobile subscribers and it’s only natural that foreign companies come in China and try to develop their business. And Microsoft isn’t sleeping with regards to this. Recently, Microsoft has announced that they are going to support AliPay as payment method for Windows Phone 8 and so, even for Windows 10, Windows 8. This move is obvious – Redmond needs more traction from Chinese developers and they are willing to do what it takes to obtain it.

Also, recently it was announced that AliPay has reported that in 2012, the amount of their mobile payments has increased by 550%! Yes, that’s right – five times more! Ballmer wasn’t sleeping and he probably instructed his subalterns to get to work. So, as a result, AliPay payments are now possible in Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft adds AliPay as payment option in Windows Phone 8, Windows 10

AliPay for Chinese folks is just like PayPal for Americans and Western Europeans – is a very comfortable method of paying online. But what’s unbelievable is the amount of users it has – almost 800 million. Probably this is what convinced Microsoft to adopt this spread payment option. With this move, Microsoft wants to encourage the app development in the Windows Phone store and also in the Windows 8 one, which  even now seems scarce to some.

Right now, AliPay users can also get a touch of Windows 10, Windows 8 through the Wndows 8 Xbox app, so technically, AliPay payments are also available for Windows 8. If this “experiment” proves to be a success, I think Microsoft will continue and will introduce AliPay as legit payment options for the entire Windows 8 store, as well. Microsoft boasts and say that they are the first large OS to support AliPay as official payment solution. Here’s what else Microsoft said in their announcement:

Needless to say, this is a significant opportunity to reach new users – a good reason to visit the Dev Center to cross-submit your app for the China market today and over the coming months localize or customize your app to increase its appeal to users in China. And if you’re a game developer, Windows Phone 8 now supports Xbox games in China.

Let’s hope that this will have the desired effect and will help developers earn money for their work. And with this occasion I also hope for Microsoft to make it possible to pay with PayPal in the Windows 8, Windows 10 Store.

UPDATE: AliPay Payments is no longer supported in the Microsoft Store. Currently, the Chinese store supports only three payment methods: MasterCard, Visa or Credit Card. If you own an English or US credit, MasterCard or Visa card, you can then buy the apps from the Microsoft UK/US Store.


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