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When you just can’t stand to look at that project for another minute and you need a break, where do you turn? What do you do when you’ve got downtime at work and nothing to devote your time to? The answer is simple – browser games.

There are thousands of games on the Internet that run entirely in the browser, but not all of them are fun to play. In fact, some of them are downright awful – but never fear. We’ve listed some of the best titles to kill a few minutes of time or give you a welcome distraction when you need a mental break.

Table of Contents

The game continues in this vein, letting you invest in more powerful production facilities and upgrading your individual cookie-makers output.

You use the A and S keys to punch and kick, and the directional keys to navigate the screen. Enemies come at you and you beat them down until their HP bar (which shows at the bottom right corner of the screen after you hit someone) drops to zero.

The game is full of classic references. You fight Goombas, the Black and White Spies, and even Donkey Kong. It’s a full game with added content once you beat the main story. It’s a great homage to the classic beat-em-ups of yesteryear.

Line Rider is one of those classic games that most people have at least heard of, even if they’ve never played before. The entire premise of the game is simple: you build a track for a man on a sled to ride.

Line Rider is based entirely in physics, so steeper slopes equal more speed, while shallow slopes and uphill sections can be used for speed control. You build the track and then hit the Play button at the bottom to see how your sled-rider does.

If the track doesn’t work out just right, you can stop the game and erase sections and make modifications. Don’t be afraid to try out jumps and loop-de-loops, but make sure you have enough speed to complete them! The last thing you want is for your character to crash and burn.

Note: this game is best played with a mouse, as drawing proper lines with a touchpad is not an enjoyable experience.

Threes is a puzzle game that takes a lot of inspiration from the much-loved 2048. The game is easy to play, but incredibly difficult to master.

You start with a random assortment of tiles that you move using the arrow keys. The trick is in the combination of those tiles. A “1” tile will only combine with a “2” tile to make a “3.” Any tile with “3” or higher only combines with a twin.

That means you need to press “3” tiles together to make “6,” and then press two “6” tiles together to make “12.” With only 16 empty spots on the board, this can get difficult quickly. You can see the upcoming tile, so there is an element of strategy involved.

Threes is a great way to challenge yourself and exercise the brain – and even more useful when you need to work out a problem on a current project, but want something to distract you while your subconscious draws conclusions.

Agario is a PVP game that only uses your mouse. You start out as a small circle and must traverse the screen, eating circles smaller than yourself and growing in size.

It’s a fun and deceptively difficult game. The only danger with Agario is that you can set custom user names, so you might run across NSFW content if you’re playing on a school or work computer.

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5 Fullscreen Hidden Object Games To Play For Free Online

5 Fullscreen Hidden Object Games to Play for Free Online Considered a unique niche of games, accessible even to novices




For newbies in the hidden objects game niche, we recommend the classic Hidden Folks game, which has been the most played of all time. 

There’s a good selection of free hidden object games that you can play online, both as an adult or as a kid.

Most of the games we have in this article are suitable for play as full-screen browser games.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Considered a unique niche of games, they are equally accessible to all types of online game players, even to novices. However, good games are hard to find unless one has a thorough knowledge of such games.

With free online hidden object games, things are easier, though, because most of them are the same; it’s only the background that differs.

There are many websites where you can find this type of game, and we will list some of them.

What is the most popular hidden object game?

Even though this is a particular niche, there are still several games to choose from. Many of these have excelled over the years.

A few we have enjoyed include:

Hidden Folks

Hidden City: Adventure

Criminal Case

Eventide: Slavic Fable

June’s Journey – Hidden Object

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town

The list can go on and on, but of the lot, Hidden Folks has been the most popular and most played hidden objects game. Most of the aforementioned games are free hidden object games for PC.

We will, however, shift our focus now to the best online hidden object games that require no download, many of which are free.

Quick Tip:

The GX Corner in the Opera GX browser displays information on new and intriguing game releases. In addition, there is a large library of hidden object games that you can play straight in the browser.

Do you want to customize your browser? The winner among the visual graphic suites accessible to complement your particular preferred game themes is Opera GX.

Opera GX

Try the GX Corner for new game releases and be in touch with playmates via chat integrations.

Free Visit website

With the help of this hidden object online game created by Pogo, relive each Claire Hart episode. 

Join her as she solves mysteries with the aid of her niece Harper, the Detective,  and several other interesting people.

Find twelve or more hidden things in each scene of the classic game. Even better, you may watch episodes repeatedly, with new sets of items to hunt for.

Additional features:

Cool themes and sounds

Dozens of challenges

Several hidden items

⇒ Play Claire Hart Classic

Sarah is departing Hollywood for a unique cinematography project and exploring America’s most stunning landscapes and tourist attractions. From sea to sparkling sea, go on an incredible journey with her!

Every episode transports you to a different nation region, with several hidden artifacts in each location. Play back your favorite scenes, and you’ll find new things to look for every time you do.

Additional features:


Cool scenes

Nice themes

Expert tip:

Visit towns, churches, vineyards, gardens, cafés, and monuments while hunting for hidden things to learn about the history and culture of France.

Watch out for two more things tucked away in the scenes: cheese and wine. To score additional bonus points, locate them before finishing your list of items.

Additional features:

Nice graphics of cities and places

Cool soundtracks


⇒ Play From France with Love

Winter Wonderland calls, so wrap up for the chill! In this online hidden object game, see stunning winter places while traveling the globe with Santa.

In each episode, you may see polar landscapes, snow-capped mountains, quaint cottages, icy woods, and more, which transports you to a new region of the globe. 

Observe for stages that ask you to spot the variations among two scenarios that seem to be similar.

Additional features:

Start to finish gameplay

Bonus objects and levels


⇒ Play Winter Wonderland

This falls in the free online hidden object games to play on a full screen category.

Visit some of the world’s most eerie locations in the spooky hidden object game Paranormal Destinations. With Charlie, your paranormal investigator and guide, you’ll look for buried relics in creepy woods, castles, catacombs, ghost towns, graveyards, and more. 

Discover the two unusual objects – a bat and a skull – hidden in each scene to get extra points. Before you finish your list, make sure to locate them!

If you encounter difficulties along the way, you may use valuable power-ups to prolong your winning streaks or reveal hidden things.

Additional features:

Additional objects points

Scary levels and scenes


⇒ Play Paranormal Destinations

So these are a few options to play hidden object games online for free. But for the real experience, invest a little money into some of the best hidden object games for Windows 10/11 PCs.

Also, note that this list has not been made in any particular order. You simply should try them all or pick a favorite according to your personal preferences.

Let us know what you think of this list and which of the games you find most interesting.

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Rhythm Games Online: Best Ones To Play Unblocked & Free

Rhythm Games Online: Best Ones to Play Unblocked & Free It’s time to test your ability to follow a rhythm








Browser rhythm games are a subset of games that do not require any hardware other than your computer and a simple browser. 

There are many great browser options for gaming, and as long as you use a modern web browser, you’ll be able to run these games. 

All games listed below will be great options to try and improve your rhythm abilities. 

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Rhythm games are music-themed games that test your ability to follow a rhythm. These games usually revolve around dancing or simulated musical instruments, and you are required to push buttons in a particular order. 

Browser rhythm games are a subset of browser games that only require you to have an updated browser to enjoy the gameplay.

These games also fall into the category of browser games that you can play with friends, and in this article, we discuss some of our favorites.

To learn about the different excellent browsers, read our guide on the five best browsers for gaming. 4K web browser rhythm games will no longer be a challenge, and remember that your searches regarding online rhythm games have only started.

What is the best rhythm game right now?

The best rhythm game right now is Guitar Hero. The game started this genre and is still the best title you can play and have fun with.

With a little skill and a plastic guitar, you become a guitar hero playing in front of a crowd that will boo you off the stage if you miss too many chords.

However, our selection of games below doesn’t require any accessories, so you’re good to go.

Can you play rhythm games on PC? That might be the question that you have in mind as well. You can play rhythm games on any device and platform, including the PC.

What is the best browser to play rhythm games?

You can play rhythm games on any browser if it features HTML5, WebGL, and other online game engines.

However, the best browser that we recommend is Opera GX. It’s made for gaming, and you can concentrate on your play without distractions.

It has excellent support for all the latest technologies, is updated very often, and allows you to draw all necessary resources and concentrate them on your gaming.

Opera GX

Optimize your setup for peak performance and enjoy uninterrupted gaming!

Free Visit website

What are good browser rhythm games?

Bemuse is a browser / web-based, online rhythm game. It is played by tapping the proper keyboard keys while listening to the music. You score higher by duplicating the playing music correctly.

In this game, you have more than 40 songs to pick from in various genres.

The game has an online ranking system, and you’ll have to fight for the top score. In addition, it has a party mode, which is fantastic for playing games with friends.

All you need to do is connect your MIDI keyboard or gaming control, connect your headphones, and get even more enjoyment out of Bemuse.

You may play this web-based rhythm game on any OS with the newest version of Chrome installed, and there is no need to install any other software or plugins.

Additional features:

Multiple difficulties

Adjustable speed

Fully key-sounded

⇒ Play Bemuse

Rhythm Plus is another excellent option that is easy to learn and play. You play the game by tapping on the keys of your keyboard and will start with the keys F, D, K, and J.

It is categorized as a VSGR (vertical scrolling rhythm game) since the song notes are dropped from the top of your screen to the bottom.

With this game, you are able to share any of the songs used. Also, to make the game more fun, you are allowed to import your songs and they will be used as part of the game.

Players can register with FaceBook and share their scores and progress with friends.

Additional features:

Song chart support

Multiple tracks

Multi-device sharing

⇒ Play Rhythm Plus

Chainsaw Dance is yet another free rhythm browser game based on the manga series Chainsaw Man.

To stay alive, you have to button-bash through various complex melodies while keeping your health meter filled up.

Chainsaw Dance is based on a popular game called Friday Night Funkin’, and the two games share similar music.

Because it is centered around your listening experience, the aesthetics are minimal yet incredibly appropriate for the game. The new soundtrack will keep you glued to your keyboard.

There are no positive or negative aspects to the game; it’s just a competition to see who can be the fastest to relax with the soundtrack. Each song is appropriate for this chainsaw dance concept.

Additional features:

Cool pixelated visuals

Difficult and easy modes

Multiple tracks

Expert tip:

This free rhythm browser game is aimed at kids and allows them to learn rhythm while playing a digital taiko drum and old Japanese melodies.

Mount Fuji (Fujji No Yama), Cherry Blossoms (Sakura), Kitten of My Home (Uthi No Koneko), Blacksmith of the Village (Murano Hajiya), Blue Eye Doll (Aoime No Nintyou), and Kite Song are among the songs available the game.

Additional features:

Great sound simulation

Advanced scoring system

Additional points easy to get

⇒ Play Drum Beats

Geometry Dash is a relaxing rhythm browser game played on mobile devices and PC through your browsers.

The game’s principle is simple: the player must keep a block alive as it swerves through a labyrinth of rhythmically synchronized obstacles that should be avoided with increasing precision.

This game also has several peer materials, so there’s a lot to do for such a little game.

Geometry Dash’s broad availability and straightforward control scheme have won it a committed audience, despite the fact that it lacks the ultra-complex score systems of several other popular rhythm games. Those features make it ideal for newbies to rhythm games in general.

Additional features:

Varying difficulty levels

Easy controls

Complex scoring scheme

⇒ Play Geometry Dash

Friday Night Funkin’ is already causing a stir in the rhythm game community due to its quick popularity, retro appearance, and simple gameplay.

Despite having a structure that is comparable to Pump It Up or Dance Dance Revolution, Friday Night Funkin’ stands apart due to its moddability.

This one is created for individuals who grew up squandering hours on websites like Newgrounds, but although the graphics are undeniably appealing, the gameplay is also not to be sniffed at, and the broad selection of accessible modifications keeps you coming back.

To play, press the arrow or WASD keys, or switch to DFJK in the settings menu.

Additional features:

Sleek retro look

Great graphics

Easy control integration

⇒ Play Friday Night Funkin’

Don-chan embarks on a grand journey that will take him across space and time, saving the earth from weird happenings throughout the globe!

In this rhythm game combat, you will face giant bosses, over 250 creatures, and enemy drums by linking your combinations to do severe damage.

You’ll be drumming till it becomes a part of you with more than 130 tracks, including six new songs like Gurenge.

Additional features:

Vast song list

Guest characters

Great graphics

⇒ Play Taiko

Explore the world of unblocked rhythm games

Most people playing online games are gamers on a budget. So, it is logical to explore all the free options for browser games. All the games on this list are 100% free to play.

However, there are many paid options as well. If you think you can afford it, you must know that the paid options often have better functionality.

Since the teams are better funded, you will probably have quicker access to support and material about the game online.

Some of the rhythm games have blocked levels and some don’t let you access some levels because the songs are not available for your country.

But if you have this problem, you can circumvent it by using one of the best VPNs for gaming and bypass the geolocation restrictions.

The browser rhythm games on this list are written in no particular order; they are simply among our favorites to play, and now you can play them as well.

All you need is a modern browser, and you are good to go. In case you are interested in finding more games, visit our best chúng tôi browser games guide as well.

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The 5 Best Linux Games

If you want to play all of the latest and greatest computer games, then your only real option is Microsoft Windows. Even macOS, which is gaining in popularity, only gets a few choice titles each year. 

For Linux users, the choices have been more sparse over the years, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of games to play. Let’s highlight the best Linux games you can play today.

Table of Contents

A Note on Non-native Linux Games and Linux Exclusives

In our article on Linux Gaming, we highlighted how easy it is to play games that were made for Windows in Linux. In particular, Steam has an incredibly robust conversion system known as “SteamPlay”, where Windows games are wrapped in special software that makes a title work in Linux.

In this article we aren’t going to include Windows games that work on Linux using systems like SteamPlay. If we did, the list would pretty much look like a Windows game list. Instead, we’ll only include the best Linux games that have a native Linux port.

The Metro series of games are based on popular novels telling the tale of a post-apocalyptic Russia where survivors have taken shelter in the subway tunnels. Tough, scary and very fun to play, the Metro games are masterpieces in their own right.

This Redux Bundle contains both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. The latest game in the series, Exodus, sadly does not have a native Linux port at the time of writing.

These are the “Redux” versions of the games and, as such, they have been remastered with improved graphics and features. They also come with a less hardcore difficulty mode, but you can ignore it and play the games as originally intended as well.

If you like more realistic, gritty horror survival shooters, there aren’t many that can stand toe-to-toe with the Metro games. Having native Linux ports of these titles is simply fantastic.

The latest in Sid Meier’s incredibly popular turn-based strategy games has a native Linux version. Even better, this is a game without particularly high system requirements. So many laptop systems are going to run it just fine.

This is by far the most polished Civ game, with beautiful Pixar-like cutscenes and animation, beautifully detailed tiles and graphics and oodles of atmosphere.

The point of the game is to develop your civilization to its pinnacle, which comes in the form of various achievements. Whether through war, diplomacy or technological supremacy the future of your people is in your hands.

Civ is still as addictive as ever and honestly, do you even need another game on your Linux system? Where would you even find the time to play anything else?

This should not be confused with the very first Hitman game, instead this Hitman game represents a reboot of the series. It brings unparalleled sandbox-style gameplay to the assassin-for-hire that made these games famous in the first place.

This game was originally released in an episodic format, with a new, dense, self-contained mission. This Game of the Year edition includes all of the content made for the game, so you don’t have to wait to enjoy everything Hitman has to offer.

Hitman has immense replayability, beautiful graphics and an intriguing story. As Agent 47, you’ll have to work out the best way to get your target, stick to the mission parameters and make it out in one piece. The best players will do all this without anyone ever knowing they were there. 

Agent 47 can use a variety of weapons, gadgets, disguises and the environment to accomplish his goals. Hitman is an amazing amount of fun and a must-play title for anyone who likes stealth puzzle gameplay.

The first Borderlands game set the bar for the “looter shooter” genre that now has juggernauts such as Destiny within its stable. Grab some friends, pick your character class and set out into the weird world of Pandora depicted in spectacular cel-shaded graphics. Borderlands took the action-RPG mechanics of Diablo and combined it with solid first-person gunplay. The final ingredient is the series’ signature humour and bonkers sci-fi story.

Borderlands 2 takes everything that made the first game great, and improves upon it. Although there have been two Borderlands games since the release of number 2, the second title is still the pinnacle of the series, with pitch-perfect jokes and incredibly balanced gameplay.

This edition comes with all the downloadable content released for the game over the years. There’s an astounding amount of game here for you and your buddies to plough through. Don’t be discouraged if you’re more of a lone wolf however. Unlike the first game, Borderlands 2 is a very enjoyable solo game.

Rally games are incredibly underrated titles in the video game racing genre. Sure they don’t have the same pizazz as track racing games where you face off against other cars. In most rally formats, you’re racing against yourself, but that’s not any less pulse-pounding! Especially when you’re racing across multiple surfaces, incredibly technical courses and driving an insane all-wheel-drive monster with horsepower coming out its ears.

Of all the rally games you could play, Dirt Rally and the series that’s lead up to it is one of the best. This is a Codemasters title. The people behind Colin Mcrae Rally and various other top-notch racing sims. Not only does Dirt Rally look absolutely astounding the racing experience is second to none.

The game includes more than 40 real world cars modelled with incredible accuracy. There are over 70 stages spread across six rallys. Once you’ve mastered those, you can make your own custom rallys by mixing and matching stages. If you’re a tinkerer, the game also offers systems where you have to repair, tune and modify your car. It’s a dirt lover’s dream and with a game this realistic, you’ll feel like you really have to pick dirt and bugs from your teeth.

Linux Can Game!

While Linux is still not the first choice of operating system for PC gaming, it’s hardly the most distant choice anymore either. Between these excellent native ports and the many Windows games that now work thanks to projects like Steam Play, there’s no reason to stick to boring old work on your Linux computer. 

Online 13+ Hours Of Comprehensive Video Tutorials

About CBAP Training Course

Course Name Online CBAP Certification Training Course

Deal You get access to the video tutorials for a lifetime.

Hours 23+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Prepare for the CBAP certification exam and learn business analysis planning, monitoring, requirement management and communication, its knowledge areas and role of business analysts

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Business Analysis and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about Project Management would be preferable

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

CBAP Training Curriculum


CBAP – Certified Business Analysis Professional

The module has 123 videos and takes an approximate time of about 13h 6m to complete the CBAP course. In this CBAP Training, you will be introduced to CBAP. Role of business analyst and business knowledge 2.0; The module also covers subject regarding CBAP as well as helpful knowledge about the exam. The module also offers knowledge of analysis regarding Enterprise and Requirement. Assessment and solution have been provided under this module.

What is CBAP?

CBAP is a professional certification which is provided to business personals and individual who have an idea about business analysis or who wants to step into the business analysis field. As a part of the exam, the practitioners need to analyze the situational analysis case study in three-and-half-hour. Once the practitioners complete the exam they will be awarded the CBAP certificate. The exam is conducted by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). The certificate is valued by many companies in different sectors. In the IT sector, it is valued the most. Though this exam is valued most it is challenging to clear the exam.  It is not impossible but with the right amount of effort and focus.

There are many business analyst’s certifications in which CBAP is one of these. The exam duration of CBAP is 3.5 hours and has 120 multiple-choice questions. The exam questions will be both cases as well as scenario-based. It is a computer-based exam. There are eligibility criteria to take up this exam.

Why CBAP certification is required?

CBAP certification training is related to business analytics. There are amazing business analysts skills that will be taught or enhanced. Below are a few skills that can be learned by practitioners.

Business Analysis: A skill that every business analyst should possess. A characteristic that defines an analyst.

Elicitation: Business analysts should research and discover a system for users, customers, or stakeholders. Elicitation will be helpful to achieve this task.

Requirement Analysis: If a person needs to analyze something, he needs to first collect the data. To collect the required data, we need analysis. This skill is helpful to improve the business.

Enterprise Analysis: Analyzing at an enterprise level is another skill that can be mastered through this program.


To take up the CBAP certification exam there are few prerequisites.

Five years of industry experience as a business analyst.

7500 hours of practice as a business analysis activity.

In the last four years, the person must have earned at least 35 hours of professional development in areas related to business analysis.

Minimum 900 hours in four of the six knowledge areas prescribed in the BABOK Guide.

Two references from a career manager, a distinguished client, or another Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) recipient.

To take the CBAP Training, you should have basic computer knowledge with good internet speed.

However, to take our CBAP training on this certification there are no such pre-requisites. Any Business analysis enthusiast can opt for the same.

Target Audience

This CBAP Training Course is for business analysts who intends to improve themselves. Business analysts who want to improve themselves.

Project Managers, who would like to gain knowledge or improve their proficiency.

Software analysts, who are working in the IT field at a managerial level or analyst level can be eligible for this CBAP Training.

Market analysts, who love to analyze the market trends.

FAQs What is the certification cost of CBAP?

The fees as of now are USD 325 for IIBA members and USD 450 for IIBA members. Though additional tax or charges may be levied depending on the country.

For which level profession is this certificate required?

This certificate is for the people who have experience in business analytics and with over 5 years’ experience.

CBAP exam certification is conducted by which board?

CBAP certification is conducted by IIBA.

Does this CBAP Training Course provide me with a sample question and answers?

Yes, sample questions and answers are covered in this module.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

Business analysis is growing rapidly. Every company or business have a post named business analyst. This post serves an important task in the growth of the company.

Business analysis is high in demand.

Great career opportunities for people looking for a job in managerial sections.

Business analysts are high in demand in the IT sector. As many of the top-notch, IT companies like to hire analysts without any second thought.

With the CBAP certification course, the person should be eligible for higher compensation.

The person will be able to practice business analysis

Advanced career options due to certification

CBAP Certification will be a tool to improve your performance.

Course Review

Great CBAP course!


Rostyslav Haleliuk

Business Analytics course


Robin Jüllig

15 Best Marvel Games Of All Time You Can Play

The Marvel universe is a great and expansive universe with many superheroes packing different abilities in it. The Marvel comics have been around for a long time, but recently, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been catching a lot of people’s attention. The stories and movies are well written and are really interesting. Apart from movies and comics, Marvel also makes games for their movies and comic superheroes. Now, some games may have their flaws but being thrown right into the action is always fun, and that is exactly what these games do. So, here is a list of some of the 15 best Marvel games you can play:

1. Deadpool (PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox 360 Xbox One)

Deadpool is perhaps one of the most hilarious (anti-)heroes in the Marvel Universe. He is famously known as the “Merc With The Mouth” and is portrayed as a self-aware character who usually breaks the fourth wall. The Rated R hero has a game of his own which is no different. The game has you hack and slash your enemies and spew guts and blood everywhere. The game has a lot of the signature elements of Deadpool, such as the fourth wall break, vulgar humor, and a lot of profanities.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PC, PS4, PS2, Xbox 360)

This is perhaps one of the best games put out by Marvel and might be one of the few instances where the game is better than the movie itself (not better than Logan though). The game has Hugh Jackman play as Logan, so the game stays true to the Wolverine played in the MCU. Origins: Wolverine is another M-rated Marvel game, so you know it is going to be the real deal. The game is filled with brutal deaths with tons of blood. The story might not be the best one out there, but it exists to have you fight with a lot of bad guys and shred them into pieces or get shredded into pieces yourself.

The game is not easy and you will get a lot of damage which exposes Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton, further adding to the genuineness of the game. The game also has unlockables and custom outfits which you can equip to your liking. Origins: Wolverine is one of the few games which really makes you feel like that you are a part of the game, and is one heck of a game.

Download ($25)

3. X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (PC, PS2, Xbox)

The Rise of Apocalypse is an RPG styled game such as Diablo. The game has the basic elements of an action RPG but with X-Men characters throughout the game. These characters all have special abilities and powers which can be upgraded and made more powerful. The objective of the game is to take down the supervillain Apocalypse and to do that, the game allows a lot of team and character customization.

Like the previous X-Men Legends, you can form teams, even if it is with nonmutants like Iron Man, or even with the Brotherhood of the evil mutants. The game delivers on the story and has a lot of dialogues between the characters. The interactions were also quite interactive, as the dialogues are designed with the history of these characters in mind.

Download ($18)

4. Marvel Vs Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes (PS2, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, PSP)

The game was so popular that it even got an HD re-release nine years after the original. The game has you battle a team of three members, with your own team having three members as well. This gauntlet style battle and the different special moves and characters make the game refreshing every time you play it, and each battle has something new in it.

Download ($26)

5. Captain America: Super Soldier (PS4, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, DS)

Captain America is one of Marvel’s most important superheroes and was the first Avenger. He also helps in forming up the new Avengers with the Black Widow. The game Captain America Super Soldier takes us to the first movie where Steve Rogers becomes Captain America. The game takes place in the movie universe, and has some references to the movie, though not much. The game is set in a castle with various levels, puzzles, and enemies.

Download ($20)

6. Marvel Heroes Omega (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Marvel Heroes Omega is a different type of game compared to other Marvel games on this list. This game is an MMORPG and was recently made available to consoles after years of being available on PC. The game has most of the major characters from the Marvel Universe in its roster. You can glide your shield across Hydra henchmen as Captain America, or you can beat people up as The Hulk.

Omega follows the story of the Cosmic Cube. Dr. Doom possesses the Cosmic Cube and plans to reshape the entire universe and to achieve that he has built an extensive army of allies. In this game, you are to team up with other members and stop him. The game offers traditional MMORPG features such as character customization, interaction with NPCs, and even quite a bit of loot.

7. Lego Marvel Superheroes (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

This is by far one of the best games from Marvel. LEGO Marvel Heroes is a collaboration with LEGO and consists of over 100 different characters. As this is predominantly a LEGO game, it has the same design and main objective as other LEGO games, but how the objective is reached is the fun part.  The game has you collect Cosmic Bricks (a nod to the infinity stones) scattered throughout the universe before the villains do.

The gameplay is smooth, with a matching plot and you will need to switch between characters to get the job done. There are numerous characters to play this game, but you start off as Iron Man and Hulk and then proceed to get the rest of the characters. Each character has specific abilities which will help in certain situations. For example, Black Widow’s power to spoof cameras and other things. This variety and art make this game a perfect game for Marvel and LEGO fans alike.

Download ($20)

8. Spiderman (PS1, N64, PC)

Features like unlockables, different costumes, and Easter eggs were all in this game. Although the graphics are not up to par by today’s standards, it still holds up pretty well. Especially the What If mode, which changes the dialogues and gameplay entirely when you enter the cheat. Also, with the upcoming Spider-man game, it’s a good time to get nostalgic with this Spiderman game. 

Download ($10)

9. X2: Wolverine’s Revenge (PC, Xbox, PS2, GBA)

Download ($25)

10. Marvel Contest Of Champions (Android, iOS)

Marvel’s Contest Of Champions is a mobile version of their own take on the fighting genre. It borrows cues from its own Marvel Vs Capcom and DC’s Injustice, with its own twists. The game remains a fighting game where characters fight each other in a 2D arena. All the controls are touch based and simple swipe gestures, but with the addition of different special moves makes the game more interesting. Apart from the fighting and special moves, Contest Of Champions boasts a wide variety of characters, and each character brings something new to the table. This game is simple yet fun, and is a must pick for Marvel fans.

Download (Free)

11. The Punisher (PS2, Xbox, PC)

The Punisher made a great impact in the Daredevil TV show and a new Punisher show is in the works. For people unaware, the Punisher is a vigilante whose job is to take down villains. The game stays true to that and is a third person shooter with some twists. Apart from the bullets and the guns, there are also scenes where you must interrogate the opponent. Apart from that, there are features like Slaughter Mode, in which the game is slowed down and you lose your guns in favor of an endless supply of throwing knives which you can use to precisely hit an enemy’s face. Another fun addition is that you can use any opponent as a human shield. The gameplay spans over 10 hours, so there is plenty of action to go around.

Download ($12)

12. Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (PS2, Xbox, PC)

13. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

The game has all the RPG attributes with character customization and upgrades and even has some puzzles as detours. The game is an enjoyable experience with a huge character palette. All these characters can beat anyone to a pulp, drag enemies, and much more. Some characters are more fun than others, but this variety keeps the game from getting boring. It is a must play game because of this feature alone.

Download ($40)

14. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is the successor of the Marvel Vs Capcom 2 game and brings some updates to its predecessor. Like other Capcom games, this update is similar. It brings new characters with new special moves and new stages to fight in. The Ultimate version of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 boasts fifty characters, which are almost all new characters when compared to the second iteration of this series. These new characters have different styles of fighting and vary in their techniques. There is a new mode as well called Heroes and Heralds, which adds more value to this game.

Download ($25)

15. Spiderman: The Shattered Dimensions (PC, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, DS)

Spiderman: The Shattered Dimensions is a game full of different atmospheres and universes. It does a lot of things and succeeds in most of these things. Unlike other Spidey games where you play as Peter Parker, in this one you get to play as others as well. Noir Spiderman, 2099 Spiderman, and even Ultimate Spiderman are all playable characters. All these are well built with a proper story linking them.

Download ($36)

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