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Can you pair your Surface Pen to your Surface laptop or tablet? Does the Surface Pen constantly disconnect from your device? Is the stylus paired but not writing?

We’ll show you troubleshooting fixes to try if a Surface Pen isn’t working on your Microsoft Surface Pro, Go, Book, or Laptop.

Table of Contents

1. Verify Your Surface Pen’s Compatibility

Surface Pens have varying designs, specifications, and features. Hence, not all Surface Pens will work on your Microsoft Surface or Windows PC.

Refer to this Microsoft Support documentation if you’re unsure what Surface Pen model you have. This resource also highlights the features, specifications, and device compatibility information for all Surface Pen models.

2. Charge or Replace Your Surface Pen’s Battery

Your Surface Pen won’t function correctly if low on battery power or if the battery is bad. So check the pen’s battery level and charge it if low.

You can view your Surface Pen’s battery level through the Windows Settings menu, Surface app, or by putting the pen in pairing mode.

Check Surface Pen’s Battery Level in Pairing Mode

Press and hold the eraser or top button of the Surface Pen for five to seven seconds. If the LED indicator flashes a green light, your Surface Pen has sufficient battery power. A red flashing light means your Surface Pen battery is low or dead.

Check Surface Pen’s Battery Level in Windows Settings

Open the Windows 11 Settings app and select Bluetooth & devices on the sidebar. Check the “Mouse, keyboard, & pen” section for your Surface Pen’s battery level.

Check Surface Pen Battery in the Surface App

Open the Surface app and check the Accessories tab for your pen’s battery level.

How to Replace Your Surface Pen’s Battery

Replace your Surface Pen’s AAAA batteries if they won’t hold a charge or if the pen malfunctions. If your Surface Pen has no clip, pull out its top end to remove the dead or bad battery.

You need a jeweler’s Phillips screwdriver to change the size 319 coin cell batteries in Surface Pens with two side buttons.

Refer to Microsoft’s official documentation on changing Surface Pen batteries if you have any issues replacing your pen’s batteries.

Charge Your Surface Pen

The batteries in the Surface Slim Pen and Slim Pen 2 are not removable or replaceable. Dock the pen in a compatible charging accessory for some minutes and check if they work correctly afterward.

Your Surface Slim Pen will charge on a Surface Slim Pen charger, Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard, or Surface Pro Signature Keyboard.

The LED light on your Surface Slim Pen should fade in and out when docked (and charging) in a compatible accessory. Update your Microsoft Surface if the pen doesn’t charge.

3. Replace Surface Pen Tip

Surface Pens malfunction or become less responsive when the tip wears down due to frequent usage or physical damage. Replace your Surface Pen’s rubber nib tip if it has a tear or crack.

Use a tweezer to pull out the worn-out or damaged pen tip and insert a replacement tip. Push the tip into the pen and ensure it locks into place.

If you don’t have extra pen tips, buy one from Amazon or the Microsoft Store. Ensure you get tips designed for your Surface Pen model.

4. Unpair and Reconnect Your Surface Pen

Removing and reconnecting the stylus might stop your Surface Pen from disconnecting randomly.

How to Unpair Your Surface Pen

Go to Settings, select Bluetooth & devices on the sidebar, select your Surface Pen and select Remove device.

How to Pair Your Surface Pen

Return to the Windows Bluetooth settings, put your Surface Pen in pairing mode, and reconnect it to your device.

    Open the Windows


    app, select

    Bluetooth & devices

    , and select the

    Add device




      on the “Add a device” window that pops up.

        Press and hold your Surface Pen’s top or eraser button for 5-7 seconds to put it in pairing mode. Release the button when your Surface Pen’s LED light flashes white.

        Select your pen on the Bluetooth settings page to pair the stylus to your Surface.

        Update your Surface device’s graphics or display driver if the pen still doesn’t work when paired.

        5. Update or Re-Enable Your Display/Graphics Driver

        You might experience issues using your pen if your Surface tablet or laptop’s graphic driver is out-of-date. Connect your Surface to the internet and follow the steps below to check for driver updates.


              Search automatically for drivers


              Windows will search for the latest graphics driver available for your Surface. If it finds a newer version, follow the prompts on the following update to install the update.

              Disable and re-enable your graphics driver if the problem persists.



                  on the confirmation pop-up to proceed.

                  Your Surface’s screen should go on and off. Re-enable the graphics driver when the screen comes back on.

                    Your screen will go black and come back on again. Try using your Surface Pen and check if re-enabling the graphics driver resolved the issue. Reset your Surface’s graphics driver if the pen still doesn’t work.

                    6. Update Your Surface

                    Software-related glitches and outdated firmware can cause your Surface Pen to malfunction. Hence, we recommend updating your Surface’s operating system to the latest version.

                    Install the latest Windows updates and keep your Surface Pen or Surface Pen charging accessory connected throughout the process.

                    7. Restart Your Surface

                    Rebooting your Surface might fix temporary system glitches causing Surface Pen failures. Close all applications or documents before rebooting your Surface, so you don’t lose unsaved data.

                    Press and hold the Power button on your Surface for about 30 seconds. Wait about 10 seconds for your Surface to shut down and press the Power button again to turn it back on.

                    Get a New Surface Pen

                    You can request a replacement pen from Microsoft depending on the warranty status of your Surface Pen. Contact Microsoft Support or visit a nearby Surface Service Center to check your pen’s eligibility for replacement.

                    You may be charged a service fee if your Surface Pen is faulty and out of warranty.

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                    Macbook Touch Bar Not Working? 7 Fixes To Try

                    You’ll find the Touch Bar—a mini OLED display— sitting above the keyboard on new-generation MacBook Pros. We have published a detailed guide explaining everything you need to know about the Touch Bar and how you can customize it according to your preference. This time, we’ll walk you through what to do when the Touch Bar malfunctions or stops working.

                    When a MacBook’s Touch Bar fails to display controls and quick-access shortcuts, or it just won’t respond to touches, the problem is almost always due to temporary software issues. Thankfully, these issues are easily fixable and will only take minutes to resolve.

                    Table of Contents

                    In this article, we’ve put together seven (7) troubleshooting solutions that’ll help restore your Touch Bar back to normalcy when it’s not working.

                    1. Force Stop App

                    Does your MacBook fail to respond or display dynamic controls when you use a particular app? Force stop the application and launch it again.

                    There are two ways to force stop an app on Mac: using the Force Quit tool or the Activity Monitor.

                    Force Stop App on Mac Using the Force Quit Tool

                    A faster way to launch the Force Quit window is using this keyboard shortcut: Command + Option + Escape.

                    Force Stop App on Mac using Activity Monitor

                    Should the Touch Bar remain unresponsive when you relaunch the application, it’s possible that the app has some bugs. Go to the app’s settings menu or visit the App Store to check if there’s an update available for the app.

                    You should contact the app developers if the app continues to crash your Mac’s Touch Bar.

                    2. Refresh Control Strip

                    The Control Strip is the expandable region on the right side of your MacBook’s Touch Bar. It houses the controls for system-level tasks — the Siri button, volume control button, mute button, brightness control, etc.

                    If the controls in the Control Strip are unresponsive or not displayed on the Touch Bar, try refreshing the Control Strip.

                    Refresh the Control Strip via Activity Monitor

                    You can refresh the Control Strip by force-closing the process in the Activity Monitor. Doing that will prompt macOS to clear the Control Strip from your Mac’s memory and fix issues causing it to malfunction.

                    2. Type control strip into the search bar.

                    Refresh the Control Strip via Terminal

                    2. Paste the command below into the Terminal console and press Return.

                    killall ControlStrip

                    The Control Strip section of the Touch Bar will go blank and immediately come back on. If the Control Strip still doesn’t work, proceed to the next section to refresh the entire Touch Bar. 

                    3. Refresh Touch Bar

                    If the Touch Bar is blank, unresponsive, or, not working for all applications, refreshing it should fix the problem. When you refresh your MacBook’s Touch Bar, you’re simply clearing the memory used by the Touch Bar. This is similar to deleting an app’s temporary files on your smartphone.

                    There are two ways to refresh the Touch Bar on MacBooks. You can either do that using the Activity Monitor or Terminal. Both methods involve shutting down and restarting the Touch Bar. We’ll show you how to do it both ways in the next section.

                    Refresh Touch Bar Using the Activity Monitor

                    2. Type touchbar (without space) into the search bar.

                    Note: This process is labeled “Touch Bar agent” on MacBooks running macOS Sierra (version 10.12) or older.

                    macOS will close the Touch Bar, assign new resources to the TouchServer, and restart the process. The Touch Bar will go blank for a second and come back on.

                    Refresh Touch Bar Using Terminal

                    2. Paste the command below into the Terminal console and press Return.

                    sudo pkill TouchBarServer

                    You may be required to provide your MacBook’s password. Type the password and press Return to proceed.

                    Note: For MacBooks running Mac OS Sierra (version 10.12) or older, paste the command pkill Touch Bar agent into the Terminal console.

                    4. Check Touch Bar Display Settings

                    macOS lets you customize the controls, buttons, and shortcuts on the Touch Bar. If you don’t find some buttons or controls on your Touch Bar, make sure you have the correct display configurations set for your Touch Bar.

                    By default, the Touch Bar will display the App Controls but you can change that to Quick Actions, Spaces, Function Keys, or Expanded Control Strips.

                    Make sure you also check the Show Control Strip box. 

                    5. Restart Your MacBook 6. Repair Your Mac’s Drive

                    The Touch Bar may malfunction if there’s an issue with your Mac’s drive. Follow the steps below to use the macOS Disk Utility tool to scan your drive for potential errors and corrupted files.

                    7. Update macOS Contact Apple Support

                    Cashapp Not Working? Try These Fixes

                    Cash App is one of the most popular money-transferring services today, with more than 30 million active users at any given time. The service makes it easy to send money to friends or receive money for services, especially if you’re selling products through a marketplace like Facebook or Craigslist.

                    Cash App works similarly to a bank account, providing users with a Cash App Card (a sort of debit card.) If your bank went down and you lost access to your money, you’d be in trouble. The same holds true for Cash App users. If you find that Cash App isn’t working, here are several steps you can take to fix the problem.

                    Table of Contents

                    Cash App Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

                    If you can’t transfer money or access your Cash App account, try the following fixes.

                    Check The Cash App Servers

                    The first question you should ask is, “Is Cash App down?” If the Cash App server is down or the service is experiencing an outage, there isn’t much you can do except wait for it to be resolved. 

                    Of course, knowing the problem isn’t with your account can provide peace of mind. Use a service like DownDetector to check whether Cash App is up and running. If you see that other people have also experienced problems, just wait – mobile payment services like Cash App tend to resolve these issues quickly.

                    Check Your Internet Connection

                    One of the most common Cash App problems is a loading screen loop. Rather than opening to the screen you expect, Cash App will get stuck on the initial loading screen. This is often caused because your internet connection isn’t steady; your phone’s signal might be too weak, or your Wi-Fi connection isn’t as solid as it needs to be. Perform a speed test or turn off your Wi-Fi and try again.

                    Update Cash App

                    One of the main causes of Cash App issues is an out-of-date app. It’s also one of the easiest fixes. Make sure your Cash App is up to date on your Android or iOS device through the app store. 

                    Clear Your Cash App Data

                    Clearing your app data can resolve a lot of problems, especially if Cash App is crashing. You can do this easily by deleting and reinstalling the app (which will also serve as a troubleshooting step in and of itself.) 

                    Open Settings.

                    After you’ve removed Cash App, reinstall it from the App Store. 

                    Change Your Cash App PIN

                    Your Cash PIN is one of the security measures in place to prevent unauthorized use of your account. If you have forgotten or entered the wrong PIN, you might not be able to use Cash App. Changing the PIN can help. 

                    Open Cash App.

                    Tap the profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen. 

                    Select Privacy & Security.

                    Select Change Cash PIN.

                    Enter a new PIN. 

                    Make sure to remember this PIN to ensure you can send cash through Cash App.

                    Use the Cash App Website

                    If the Cash App mobile app isn’t working, try accessing the service through the website. It has the same functionality as the app but will sometimes work when the app will not. You can use the website to check your Cash app balance, contact Cash App customer service, and more. 

                    Contact Your Bank

                    Banks can decline transactions for a variety of reasons. If your Cash App transfer failed, it might be because your bank doesn’t recognize your Cash App account. Contact your bank and authorize Cash App, or find out why they continue to decline it. If your bank is declining direct deposits from Cash App, you may need to provide your Cash App routing number.

                    If you can’t make Cash App instant deposits, contacting your bank is the easiest way to fix the problem. 

                    Contact Customer Support 

                    If all else fails, you might need to contact Cash App support. Since Cash App works as a sort of mobile banking service, you don’t want to let too many days pass without access to your account – especially if you suspect you’ve been the target of a scam. If none of the above steps restore Cash App functionality or you lose access to your account, contact support for further assistance. 

                    Cash App Alternatives

                    If you can’t get Cash App to work or you prefer to use a different service, there are other options out there.

                    Venmo is a more stripped-down version of Cash App that is simply for sending and receiving money, versus Cash App’s stock-focused features. 

                    PayPal is more like Cash App than Venmo. You’re able to add cash to your PayPal account, as well as receive a debit card to make purchases. You can even use your PayPal card to make withdrawals from ATMs.

                    Face Id Not Working? Try These Fixes For Your Iphone Or Ipad

                    Face ID Not Working? Try These Fixes For Your iPhone or iPad

                    Also Read: How to secure Google Drive with Face ID or Touch ID

                    Top Fixes For Face ID Not Working

                    Before you begin to fix “Face ID not working” make sure:

                    2. The phone’s camera is completely clean and there is no fog on the screen.

                    3. Your phone’s screen is working properly, it is not frozen.

                    5. You have removed your mask to unlock your phone.

                    6. You haven’t entered the wrong passcode multiple times.

                    7. Your device might have received a remote lock command.

                    8. After checking the above list, let’s see top quick fixes for Face ID stopped working:

                    9. First of all, you need to enter your passcode so that we can have a look inside your phone.

                    ⮚  Checking your Face ID Settings

                    Your phone’s face ID feature might not work properly if you have not set up the Face ID set up. To check your Face ID setting, follow the below steps:

                    1. Go to settings.

                    2. Tap on Face ID & Passcode

                    3. Enter your passcode.

                    If you’re able to find the “Set Up Face ID” option quoted in blue letters, you might have reached the major cause. If in case, you have never Set Up Face ID, you will need to set your Face ID settings. Also, make sure your Face ID is enabled.

                    ⮚  Checking for updates

                    Make sure that your phone is updated with the latest version. To check updates, follow:

                    Go to settings.

                    Tap on General

                    Tap on Software Update

                    ⮚  Restarting your device

                    If you’re still unable to unlock your phone with Face ID, restart your phone and enter your passcode. Now, go to settings and check all the settings. Now, try to use Face ID again.

                    Also Read: What to do if the iPhone screen went black?

                    ⮚  Using Face ID with a mask

                    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we all wear masks and it creates a mess while trying to unlock the phone. Trying to access your iPhone while your Mask is on, do this repeatedly could prompt for a passcode and that can be irritating, especially when you are in a hurry.

                    So whenever you need to unlock your iPhone, remove your mask and then try to unlock your device.

                    Don’t want to do that every time you want to access your phone? Don’t worry, there is a solution, not a direct one but it works and lets you unlock your iPhone even with a mask on.

                    To set up your iPhone’s biometric system while wearing a mask. Here’s how you can set up a face ID with a mask:

                    Go to settings.

                    Tap on Face ID & Passcode.

                    Now, tap on Reset Face ID.

                    After this, tap on Set Up Face ID.

                    Now, fold your mask and bring it up (just cover one side (as shown in the image below).

                    If you are getting a “Face Obstructed” message on the screen, you need to slowly move your mask towards the side of your face. After a few seconds, you will be able to see a message “Move your head slowly to complete the circle” request on your screen.

                    You need to complete two scans of your face, by folding the mask in the same way.

                    Now, Face ID is ready to work. Now, try to unlock your iPhone or iPad by using Face ID with a mask.

                    Related Read: Top Face recognition Apps for iOS and Android

                    In case the Face ID is not working with a folded mask method, then you must set up Alternate Appearance. To set up an Alternate Appearance, follow the below steps:

                    Go to settings and tap on Face ID & Passcode.

                    Now, tap on “Set Up Alternate Appearance.”

                    Then, fold your mask again as described in the above section. Now, cover the other side.

                    Complete the FaceID setup scan.

                    Once done, use your mask to cover your whole face to check if the trick works for you.

                    Once you’re finished, try to unlock the phone with the alternate appearance way and your FaceID should work with/without a mask.

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                    I hope this blog helps you to fix the “Face ID not working” issue for your iPhone or iPad. Comment down and let us know if you face any issues during the process. For more such tech-related content, follow Tweak Library on all social media platforms.

                    Thanks for reading.

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                    How To Fix Try Catch Powershell Not Working?

                    How to Fix Try Catch PowerShell Not Working? To fix this look for incorrect syntax




                    If Try-Catch is not working on PowerShell, you must check for incorrect syntax and error action values.

                    This guide will explain the different ways to resolve the issue.



                    To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

                    Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

                    Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

                    Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

                    Fortect has been downloaded by


                    readers this month.

                    The Try-Catch statement in PowerShell handles errors and exceptions in your code. If Try-Catch is not working as excepted on PowerShell, it can be frustrating. 

                    In this guide, we will cover all the ways to fix the issue along with the probable causes of the problem. Let’s start!

                    What causes the Try-Catch not working issue in PowerShell?

                    There could be various reasons why the statement is not working on PowerShell. Here are some of the most common ones: 

                    Default ErrorAction set – If the ErrorAction is set to Continue, then Try-Catch will not work as expected. 

                    Syntax errors – If the syntax used is improper, the formatting is incorrect, or it is missing keywords, Try-Catch will not work.

                    Cmdlet or function behavior – Some functions and cmdlets come with their error-handling behavior, which might not be compatible with Try-Catch.

                    Incorrect logic or use of variables – If there is an inappropriate use of variables or incorrect logic, then Try-Catch will not work. 

                    What can I do if the Try-Catch is not working on PowerShell? 1. Check Syntax

                    First, you need to check if you have used the correct syntax for the version of PowerShell you are using.

                    Next, verify that you have placed the Try and Catch blocks in the correct sequence.

                    The basic syntax for Try-Catch is mentioned below. Replace # code to run here with the code and # error handling code here with the error handling code:

                    2. Check if you are trapping a specific error 

                    You need to verify if you are trapping specific errors you want to handle and not all the errors. Follow these steps to do the same:

                    3. Set ErrorAction value 

                    The default value for ErrorAction is Continue; however, for Try-Catch to work, you need to set the ErrorAction value to Stop. To do this, follow these steps:

                    Open PowerShell as administrator.

                    You need to use the Set-StrictMode cmdlet or the ErrorAction parameter on individual cmdlets. To understand it better, let us look at an example: 

                    4. Use the correct exception type

                    It is important to use correct exceptions when using Try-Catch, as it can only handle exceptions of the System.Exception type. If you have used non-System.Exception errors, then Try-Catch will not work.

                    As for non-System.Exception, you need to use the NET” framework’s error handling mechanism or catch the error.

                    5. Avoid script termination 

                    If your script is terminated before reaching the Catch block, Try-Cach will not get a chance to handle the error. To avoid script termination, follow these steps:

                    Launch PowerShell with admin rights.

                    You need to use the Continue statement after the Catch block. Let’s understand it by an example: 

                    6. Use the Try-Catch-Finally

                     If the Try-Catch statement is still not working, you can use the Try-Catch-Finally construct instead. This ensures that your code runs to completion, even if an exception is raised.

                    Open PowerShell as administrator.

                    Type the command with Try-Catch-Finally. Here is an example to understand the script better: 

                    If you want to know how to stop PowerShell from closing after running a script, you can read this.

                    Still experiencing issues?

                    Was this page helpful?


                    Start a conversation

                    Get My Payment Not Working? Try These Solutions

                    The Internal Revenue Service or IRS is expected to send Coronavirus stimulus check to over 80 million Americans as a result of the US government’s $2.2 trillion aid package to help businesses and households survive during the pandemic.

                    IRS has started hosting a Get My Payment portal to help people track the status of their payments but within moments of its rollout, several users are facing issues when checking for the status of their relief money. As expected, the “Payment Status Not Available” message can leave people guessing if they’re even entitled to receiving the check, in the first place.

                    If you’re one of those who are eligible to receive the $1,200 relief check but are getting a “Payment Status Not Available” error, then this post will help you analyze what could be the actual problem behind it and help you with a resolution, if there is any.

                    Check your eligibility

                    You will only receive the Economic Impact Payment if you meet the following requirements:

                    You are either a citizen, permanent resident, resident alien, or qualifying resident alien of the US

                    You possess a valid Social Security number

                    You’re not dependent on another taxpayer

                    For tax filers: Your income is under a preset amount that’s based on the filing status and your qualifying children. Your adjusted gross income should be under

                    $75,000 if you’re an individual

                    $112,500 if you’re the head of the household

                    $150,000 if you’re married and filing for joint returns

                    For Non-Filers: Your income did not exceed $12,200 ($24,400, if you’re married) in the year 2023

                    For taxpayers with higher than a particular income: If your income comes under any of the following criteria, you will still receive the economic impact payment with some cuts. The criteria are as follows:

                    Between $75,000 and $99,000, if tax is filed as single or married separately

                    Between $112,500 and $136,500, if you’re the head of the household

                    Between $150,000 and $198,000, if you’re married and filing for joint returns

                    You’re NOT eligible if you belong to any of the following categories:

                    Your income is greater than $99,000 ($136,500 if you’re a household head or $198,000 when filed together as married)

                    You are dependent on someone else’s income tax return like a child, student, or a person dependent on a parent’s return

                    You do not possess a Social Security number

                    If you have filed any of the forms – Form 1040-NR or Form 1040NR-EZ, Form 1040-PR or Form 1040-SS

                    You are a nonresident alien

                    Can you receive payment without filing a tax return?

                    Yes, you are eligible to receive economic impact payment even if you haven’t filed an income tax return but only on a few conditions. These include:

                    You’re either a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident

                    Your income in 2023 didn’t exceed $12,200 (or $24,400 if married)

                    You receive any of the following benefits – Social Security retirement, SSDI, survivors benefits, SSI, or Railroad Retirement

                    Who can receive economic impact payment automatically?

                    If you’re an eligible taxpayer residing in the US, then you won’t need to take any action in the Get My Payment portal. If you belong to one of the following criteria, you are eligible for receiving economic impact payment automatically on your account:

                    You have filed the federal income tax for 2023 or 2023

                    You belong to any of these categories – Social Security retirement, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), disability (SSDI), survivor benefits

                    You receive Veterans Affairs benefits

                    You get Railroad Retirement benefits

                    Make sure you provide the following information correctly

                    One of the basic reasons for the ‘Payment status not available’ error to pop up could be because of human error. The IRS won’t be able to complete the payment if you entered information with even a slight difference from what’s on record. If you wish to avoid the payment status error, you might want to provide the following details correctly on the Get My Payment portal:

                    Your full name

                    Email address

                    A mailing address that you use currently

                    Date of birth

                    A valid Social Security number

                    Your bank account type, account number, and routing number

                    An Identity Protection Personal Identification Number, if provided to you by the IRS

                    A state-issued identification or Driver’s license

                    Details regarding each of your qualifying children – Name, Social Security number, Relationship to you/your spouse

                    Did you file your taxes for the years 2023 and 2023?

                    If you didn’t file your tax returns for 2023 or 2023, the ‘Payment status not available’ error might appear on your screen. You can either file an income tax return for 2023 with the IRS or use the Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here tool to get your payment quickly.

                    You can use the Do I Need to File a Tax Return? tool to check if you’re required to file a tax return for 2023. Here, you will have to enter regarding your basic information, filing status, and tax withheld.

                    Did you file taxes quite recently?

                    If you’re someone who filed your tax return for 2023 recently but you’re seeing the ‘Payment status not available’, then chances are that your return has not been processed yet. If you filed your return recently, it’s best left if you give IRS some time to use your information to calculate the right payment for you. The authority says that the Get My Payment data gets updated once a day and you can check if you’ve received the payment once every day.

                    Did you file your taxes through Turbo Tax, Credit Karma, or other tax apps?

                    The ‘Payment status not available’ error message can also show on your screen if you’re someone who filed your taxes with the help of third-party tax preparation services like Turbo Tax, Credit Karma, or H&R Block. As explained by some users on Reddit (1,2,3) and The Washington Post, the IRS seems to have not obtained details regarding the direct deposit when users utilized these services for tax preparation.

                    Do NOT check your Get My Payment application during off hours

                    IRS has clearly mentioned that its Get My Payment service will be unavailable between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. Eastern time during the following dates:

                    April 23, 2023

                    April 24, 2023

                    April 25, 2023

                    These timeframes are labeled as planned outages as the IRS will conduct maintenance during the stated time. Moreover, users don’t need to check for payment status more than once per day as the IRS only updates the portal once a day.

                    Your bank could be unable to check your account balance

                    Ever since the US government approved the $2.2 trillion aid package to its citizens, it’s not just the Get My Payment portal that has gotten overcrowded due to too many people using the same queries, even bank portals have started reporting issues.

                    Since a bank account is a second-best way for people to track whether they’ve received their relief money, these portals have also started getting overloaded. CNET reports that US banks including Captial One, PNC Bank, US Bank, Chase, and more are getting issues because of increased usage.

                    Did you get locked out of your Get My Payment account?

                    Besides getting the ‘Payment status not available’ error, you could also potentially get the Try again later after you enter your details on the Get My Payment portal. IRS says that if the information you enter does not match its records, then you will get an error message. If such an error occurs multiple times, users will be locked out of their Get My Payment account for the next 24 hours.

                    Look out for scams in the disguise of economic impact payments

                    IRS has warned people to avoid scam artists who could use the economic impact payments as a cover to take away your relief money and with it, your personal information. It’s important to note that IRS WILL NOT make phone calls, send texts or emails or contact you via social media regarding your Coronavirus stimulus check. Contact the IRS if you have faced such a situation.

                    Check with your spouse if you filed returns jointly

                    If you’re married and you filed your returns jointly with your spouse, then you should know that either spouse can access the Get My Payment portal to check the status of your payment. Check with your spouse if they provided all the information or if security questions were answered correctly. Once your identity is verified, both spouses will be shown the same payment status.

                    Evaluate how your payment will be sent to you

                    IRS says that upon processing, the payment will be sent to you whether by direct deposit or mail. If you want your stimulus check in the quickest way possible, then you should provide the Get My Payment account with all your bank information so that the relief money is directly deposited in your bank.

                    Check which bank account you’re expected to receive payment in

                    By default, IRS will use the bank information that’s available from your recent-most tax return. However, you can change your bank account information when submitting your ‘Get My Payment’ application or ‘Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here’ tool. You CANNOT change your bank account after the payment status turns to pending or processed.

                    If your bank account has changed since filing your tax return, you can update the changes on your Get My Payment application until the payment is ‘scheduled for delivery’ as mentioned in the image provided above. You can only change your bank account information if you did not use a direct deposit on your recent-most tax return or if the direct deposit was refunded.

                    In case the bank account that you previously used for tax returns is closed, your relief payment will be sent to the address that’s filed in your last return.

                    You can no longer use the ‘Non-Filers’ tool if you’re an SSA and RRB recipient with Dependents

                    If you’re an SSA and RRB recipient with a child and you don’t normally file a tax return, then you can no longer use the ‘Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here’ tool as you have crossed the deadline date for submission which was set for April 22, 2023. You will only receive the $500 per qualifying child after claiming the 2023 tax return.

                    Are you a U.S. citizen living abroad?

                    IRS will also send you the Coronavirus stimulus check if you’re a U.S. citizen currently residing outside the country. If you have a valid Social security number and aren’t dependent on another taxpayer, you can receive the economic impact payment by filing the Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR.

                    Even citizens living in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are eligible to receive the relief payment.

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