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Solana (SOL) and Optimism (OP) are some of the most popular cryptos today. This is reasonably expected given that they possess some of the best fundamentals, and investors expect significant growth going into the future. At the moment, Solana (SOL) and Optimism (OP) are showing positive signals, with Optimism (OP) showing quite a strong showing relative to the broader market.

However, even though these two cryptos show positive signals, analysts don’t expect more than 10X from them. Their market caps are already too big to deliver 100X or more. For the big returns that can magnify even the smallest of investments into life-changing money, analysts are betting more on Sparklo. Sparklo has so much momentum in its presale that analysts believe 4,000% or more could become a reality in 2023.

Sparklo (SPRK)’s use case has got investors watching

Fundamentals matter a lot in the potential performance of a cryptocurrency, especially new cryptos. That’s why Sparklo has got analysts buzzing about its potential. Sparklo wants to turn the $700 billion precious metals market on its head and make it accessible to small investors. With Sparklo, investors will be able to buy fractions of precious metals, such as gold, in the form of NFTs. Not only will these NFTs be backed by physical metals, but those who choose to buy whole units of the NFT can take physical possession of the precious metals backing the NFT.

But that’s not the only exciting aspect of Sparklo. Sparklo is also one of the few crypto presales that are safe. The Sparklo smart contract is audited by InterFi Network and found to have no vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. At the same time, Sparklo has a 100-year liquidity lockup, guaranteeing the project will not rug.

Currently, Sparklo is in stage two of the presale and going for $0.055 and is almost sold out with a 70% bonus up for grabs before Sparklo enters stage 3. The price has increased consistently since stage one of the presale when Sparklo was trading at $0.015. This could be a pointer of good things to come once Sparklo starts trading on exchanges.

Solana (SOL) up, but Robinhood could dampen the mood

Solana (SOL) is up as Bitcoin lifts the crypto market. If Bitcoin continues making gains, Solana (SOL), too, could record some more gains in the short term. However, Solana (SOL) faces some risks that could hold it back. One is the possibility of Solana (SOL) being delisted by Robinhood. Robinhood has announced that it could delist Solana (SOL) and other cryptocurrencies named as unregistered securities by the SEC in its lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase.

The good news is that there are cryptos that are entirely unaffected by the whole SEC saga. One of them is Sparklo. Sparklo is still in presale, and investors are rushing to get in early before it hits exchanges. This FOMO could trigger 4,000% or more once it hits the market.

Optimism (OP) rallies after upgrade but risks abound

Optimism (OP) is one of the top performers in the crypto top 100. Optimism (OP)’s rally is driven by the completion of its hard fork that aims to turn it into a super chain. Optimism (OP)’s upgrade aims to cut gas fees and reduce deposit confirmation times. This is a big deal and could drive a surge in adoption for Optimism (OP). However, like other top cryptos, Optimism (OP) is still trading in the overall direction of Bitcoin.

By comparison, Sparklo, like other cryptos still in presale, is trading independently of the broader market. With the surge in buyer numbers in the Sparklo presale, 4,000% or more in ROI could be on the horizon.

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Chatgpt Price Prediction For June Tradecurve, Ethereum, And Solana

As the cryptocurrency market continues to captivate investors and traders worldwide, June holds promises of exciting developments for various cryptocurrencies. We turned to the innovative AI chatbot, ChatGPT as we explore the price predictions for Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL), two prominent crypto tokens, as well as discuss the potential rise of Tradecurve (TCRV), which is an upcoming revolutionary trading platform currently in its presale phase. Let’s begin.


Ethereum (ETH) could see future price increases

Solana (SOL) price analysis

Tradecurve (TCRV) may experience a faster price surge

Ethereum (ETH) remains a leader with its potential for growth

Ethereum (ETH) has been making headlines with its innovative smart contract capabilities and vast ecosystem of decentralized applications. In recent times, Ethereum has been experiencing upward price momentum, and many analysts believe this trend may continue into June.

Ethereum’s future looks bright, given that Ethereum recently almost surpassed Visa in terms of transaction volume as it reached $3.01 trillion in transactions, while Visa sits at $3.08 trillion.

At the moment, Ethereum is trading hands at $1,904.93 with a market cap of $229B, a rise of 0.48% in the last day alone. Not only that, but the technical analysis for Ethereum also shows a bullish picture, with all moving averages and technical indicators showing strong buy signals. Although ChatGPT cannot provide precise price predictions, it stated that Ethereum could see green charts due to increased institutional interest in the token.

Solana (SOL) to trade in the green

Solana (SOL), another major blockchain platform, has gained attention for its high throughput and low transaction fees. With its focus on scalability and speed, Solana has positioned itself as a potential competitor to Ethereum.

Solana co-founder Raj Gokal recently stated that this project is the “Apple of crypto.” Gokal’s comparison of Solana to Apple is based on the notion that similar to how Apple’s ecosystem mixes many software and hardware, Solana might develop an ecosystem that smoothly integrates various apps and services.

Solana has a value of $21.01 with a market cap of $8.3B, a jump of 1.74% in the past 24 hours. The trading volume of Solana has also increased by 30.57% in that same time and now sits at $340,451,357. With all technical indicators and moving averages for Solana also showing green, this token could see future price hikes when June rolls around.

Tradecurve (TCRV) emerges as a potential contender

While Ethereum and Solana seem to rule the conversation due to their popularity and past success, Tradecurve (TCRV) is an emerging player in the market that shouldn’t be overlooked. This project, currently in Stage 3 of its presale, brings something new to the table, and as most experienced investors already know, buying in early on these projects is the best way of generating long-term gains.

Tradecurve will be a borderless, decentralized trading platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that will allow users from all over the globe to utilize cryptocurrency as collateral and access forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies as trading options. The difference between Tradecurve and its peers is that it will not require any sign-up KYC checks, ensuring an utterly private trading environment where users will remain anonymous.

Tradecurve will cater to experienced and beginner traders, implementing features such as high leverage (500:1), subscriptions to automated & AI trading bots, a metaverse trading academy, negative balance protection, and more. These features will be powered by the platform’s utility token, TCRV, which has a current resale value of just $0.015.

However, the critical factor separating Tradecurve from Solana and Ethereum is its low market cap, which now sits at $27M as the token supply is 1.8B. Compared to the before-mentioned tokens’ market cap, which numbers in the billions, Tradecurve could see substantial price growth way easier as not many new funds are needed.

While its price movement in June is uncertain, Tradecurve’s unique approach could position it as a noteworthy contender in the market, so sign up for its presale below.

For more information about the Tradecurve presale:

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The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2023 – Solana And Keninah Concord

Are you one of those people who think the end of the cryptocurrency market is near? Well, think again. This is a repeat of the 2023 crypto crash, and those who lost out were those who had given up on the market. While the coin market may be in a massive dip, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Like other crypto enthusiasts, you’ll look for the best coin to invest in in 2023 to boost your crypto portfolio exponentially. This piece will review two popular names in the crypto space and why you should buy them – Solana (SOL) and

Solana (SOL) – The high-speed Cryptocurrency

Whenever you want to invest in a cryptocurrency, it’s a good idea to choose tokens that offer you the best return on your investment. These types of tokens usually have plenty of potentials and provide an impressive use case. Solana is among the numerous high-potential crypto tokens you’ll find in cryptocurrency. Touted as the Ethereum killer, there are many reasons why anyone would want to purchase Solana. To start with, the decentralized protocol uses smart contracts to process transactions. This means that it can support decentralized applications and platforms. Many blockchain developers and users switched to Solana as they found faster and cheaper alternatives. Solana can process at speeds of up to 75,000 transactions per second because it runs on a Proof-of-History mechanism. This is a hybrid of the popular proof-stake mechanism. Another reason why you may want to purchase Solana is that it can support NFTs. NFTs are a fast-rising phenomenon in the digital world. But supporting NFTs means that Solana is supporting innovation in the digital community. SOL is the native token of this platform, and it can be traded on multiple exchanges. Solana is currently one of the most significant coins in the cryptocurrency market. This means it still has plenty of growth potential when the coin market recovers.  

The Benefits Of Keninah Concord (KEN)

Keninah Concord (KEN) is another impressive cryptocurrency with an unbelievable use case on the coin market. While other coins are focused on being a value store, this project focuses on giving back to the world during times of crisis. Keninah Concord was developed as a donation protocol that would be used to give back to victims during war and periods of crisis. Many people usually cannot access traditional funding means during war and conflict. Keninah Concord will be the solution to connect war victims to much-needed resources.

Keninah Concord is designed as a community-driven project. Therefore, users will be responsible for helping to drive the project forward through their votes and decisions. Keninah Concord is built on the Binance Smart Chain. As a result, users will enjoy fast transactions at a low cost.  BSC is currently capable of processing about 160 transactions per second. This means that donations will not be held up or slowed down due to network issues that traditional financial institutions experience. Keninah Concord will also help you reduce the transaction cost associated with making big-money transfers. Keninah Concord is a cryptocurrency project with the potential to do well because it leverages blockchain technology to provide utilities like never before. It’s the world’s first crisis donation cryptocurrency. For some time now, the crypto space has shown an affinity to support projects with unique use cases, and there’s reason to believe this case will be no different. As a result, you can expect the value of Keninah Concord to increase in the future. KEN is the native token of this platform. Users can participate in the Keninah Concord presale and enjoy juicy bonus offers. You will enjoy an 11% deposit bonus when you pay in ETH. There’s also a 14% deposit bonus for those that pay in BNB.  

To find out more about Keninah Concord (KEN), visit the links below:

5 Fixes For No Valid Sources Are Available For This Video

5 Fixes For No Valid Sources Are Available for This Video Wrong settings on your browser might lead difficulty playing videos




A slow internet, individual website video players, and your browser cache data might trigger this video error. 

This error is not specific to Windows 11 and will require device-specific solutions, like turning off ActiveX Filtering.

Deleting the browser should be the very last resort when none of the other fixes works for you. 

Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

Here’s what Opera One can do:

Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

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The days of waiting hours for a movie to completely load are long gone. Today, you may watch videos online instantaneously with no buffering.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of some difficulty. While streaming on the internet, you may run into various problems.

You probably have run into the error message no valid sources are available for this video. While browsing on Windows 11, you may encounter this error on Chrome, Firefox, or the Edge browser.

The problem may be caused by various factors, including outdated plugins, browsers, and a corrupted cache.

We will dive into this and recommend the best fixes you may apply. 

Note that other browser issues like a slow Chome on Windows 11 will require different solutions.

What does no valid sources available for this video mean?

The no valid sources available for this video error occurs when your browser has difficulty playing a video embedded in a website.

Faulty or outdated browser extensions can cause this. Another prominent cause of the issue is the accumulation of corrupt browser data, which disturbs your browser’s activities.

Lastly, wrong browser settings can also lead to difficulty playing videos.

Will a no valid source error make my videos slow on Chrome?

Many users dealing with errors relating to no valid sources available for videos in Chrome may also experience slow loading rates on their browsers.

If this is the case with you, then the typical culprits are:

A slow internet connection: Smooth video streaming needs a speedy internet connection. The video might buffer if your connection is sluggish or unreliable. As a result, ensure you have a strong enough internet connection to play the videos in the browser.

Individual website video players: Another factor to consider is the website itself. The video player used by a website determines how a video is played.

Browser cache data: Too many caches might also be the cause.

Regardless of the reason, the steps in the article will also resolve slow video loading times on your browser.

Quick Tip:

It’s possible that an issue exists just in one browser and not in others. You may confirm whether this is the case by performing a similar activity in Opera One. It has support for multiple video formats.

We recommend Opera One because it is open source and has rich video format file support. It is also updated very often, and any issues you may encounter here are easily manageable.

Opera One

Try an up-to-date browser that supports multiple file formats and is open source.

Free Visit Website

What do I do when there are no valid sources for my video?

If you use an older browser, you may miss out on patches and new features for issues and faults that were prevalent in prior versions.

These flaws may lead to various problems while using the browser, including errors connected to no valid sources available for videos on Firefox, Chrome, and Brave Browser.

2. Clear the browser’s cache 2.1. How to clear the cache on Google Chrome 2.2. How to clear the cache on Firefox

Expert tip:

This can lead to issues like no valid sources available for this video on your browser on Android, PC, and other devices. Cleaning the cache regularly might also help keep your browser uncluttered.

3. Restart the browser task

Certain websites or temporary bugs might cause this browser video error. If you try restarting the browser, it may continue operating in the background even after closing it.

You must end the task in the Task Manager to force the browser to close.

4. Reset the browser 4.1. How to reset Google Chrome 4.2. How to reset Firefox

Your browser’s settings and data will be cleared if you reset it. After that, it will restore to the default settings. This procedure is comparable to uninstalling and reinstalling your browser, but it’s a faster process.

5. Remove recently added third-party extensions

Extensions or plugins are designed to improve your surfing experience, making it simpler and more comfortable, but they may occasionally create complications by interfering with the settings. 

As a result, it’s conceivable that they trigger this video playback error. 


Since your extensions are disabled in private mode, you may launch the browser in private or incognito mode to determine whether the error persists before disabling extensions.

Why are videos not playing in the browser?

The reason a video might not play on your browser can be because of a weak internet connection. Also, it might be due to problems with the source file.

Lastly, this issue might be because of some problems with your browser. In this case, you can apply the fixes discussed in this guide.

Can I experience no valid sources for Android videos?

In this article, we covered the error on Windows 11, but on Android OS, users have also experienced the same problem where they see an error message that says: no playable video source found on Android

The steps to rectify it are similar, and you must consider:

Updating your internet browser

Clearing your browser’s cache

Turn off ActiveX Filtering

Allowed browsers to run Flash

Launching browsers in Incognito Mode

This error message is, in fact, spread across different OS and browsers, and you may come across the following iterations:

No valid sources are available for this video on Firefox and Chrome: Here, you will have to apply fixes for these two browsers regardless of your device.

No valid sources are available for this video on iPhone: In this case, you should consider updating the device, then apply browser-specific fixes.

No valid sources are available for this video on your Safari iPad browser: Most of the steps in this article will work. The UI for Safari, however, will be different.

The fixes will generally hover around the same solutions discussed.

Getting the not-so-pleasant error message – no valid sources are available for this video can be bugging, but these steps should be all you need to fix it.

These steps are in no particular order, and you should only consider deleting your browser as a very last option.

Unlike in the past, you have a rich choice of the best browsers for Windows 11, which you may try.

Still experiencing issues?

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Barnes And Noble Nook: Tantalizing But Unfinished

The Nook (due for wider availability in January 2010) joins a growing array of e-readers, led to date by Amazon and Sony. The Nook’s most directly competes with the Amazon Kindle 2. Both models are of similar size, have similar prices, and are the only models that provide direct-from-device wireless access to each bookseller’s e-book store (Sony’s Reader Daily Edition will add wireless connectivity, as will other readers to be announced at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

Assessing the Nook necessarily involves evaluating storefront access, title selection, and title presentation as much as it does appraising the device itself. And ultimately, despite its progressive design choices and clever navigation tools, the Nook feels like a first-generation product in need of a fair amount of future refinement.

The Nook’s greatest design is its innovative use of a touchscreen strip below the 6.5-inch E-Ink electronic paper display that dominates the device. The touchscreen obviates the need for a keyboard or for multipurpose buttons or other navigational aids–such as the Sony Reader Touch Edition’s buttons and the Amazon Kindle 2’s physical keyboard and five-way joystick navigation. Where the Touch Edition’s touchscreen overlay might irk some readers (because text lacks crispness), and the Kindle’s buttons might feel retro in the iPhone era, the Nook’s touchscreen offers a highly adaptable, context-sensitive means of navigating the device.

The touchscreen also adds a splash to color to a device that remains locked in a world consisting of shades of gray. Beyond being a navigation tool for the E-Ink screen, the touchscreen has an on-screen keyboard for data input (such as for searching or for adding notes) and colorful cover thumbnails that you can scroll through; if you flip past the list on the E-Ink screen above the touchscreen, the E-Ink screen moves to the next page to catch up with where you are in the LCD.

With its launch software, the Nook stumbles in a couple of ways. I call out the launch software in particular because Barnes and Noble says that it plans to fix some of the performance issues through a firmware update. But the anticipated update has yet to arrive (it was initially slated to arrive in the week following the Nook’s launch; now the due date has slipped to late December). Until it comes, I won’t be able to say whether the sluggish performance is strictly a software shortcoming or whether it implicates one or more of the hardware components along with the software.

Waiting for a page screen to redraw itself on the Nook’s E-Ink screen can be a serious test of your patience. In a side-by-side comparison of similarly formatted content, the Nook took noticeably longer the Kindle 2 to change the page. More annoyingly, the screen would blink in and out as it tried to perform this operation. Granted, Amazon’s Kindle DX and Kindle 2 (to a lesser extent) do this too, but the Nook is especially slow: It took 14 seconds to open and format the book Up in the Air, for example. That time lag might not sound like a lot, but it feels like an eternity when you’re holding the device in your hands.

For those reasons, in the end, having two screens in play simultaneously was a jarring experience: It meant that my eyes had to dart continually from the too-bright lower screen to the more muted, easy-on-the-eyes E-Ink screen. The auto-brightness feature lowers the brightness, but not enough; I had to dial the brightness down manually to as low as 4 to 10 percent to get to passable contrast with the E-Ink screen above.

Another design nicety is the black bezel that separates the off-white plastic Nook chassis from the E-Ink screen. The bezel makes the text pop more, for more-pleasurable reading. And the Nook’s fonts (you can choose from a set of two to three fonts, depending on the book) are easier on the eyes than the Kindle 2’s, with more clarity and definition (as with the Kindle, you get a good selection of font sizes–perfect for anyone whose eyesight requires large print).

On the other hand, the power button up top is too flat, and the battery–though removable–requires you to remove a screw to get it out. The microSD card slot is buried inside, behind the easy-to-remove back panel, so it’s protected but awkward to take out. The device charges via a micro-USB port on the bottom. You get a headphone jack for listening to MP3s, but no support for audiobooks.

I found the LCD activation inconsistent, too (due to buggy software, perhaps?). To activate the screen, you press the capacitive touch ‘n’ between the touchscreen and the E-Ink screen. That method worked fine, but I also managed to activate the screen without touching the ‘n’–just by holding the device in a certain way.

Barnes and Noble has taken several steps to encourage potential customers to buy into its e-reader universe. For one thing, you can buy books using the Barnes and Noble eReader on multiple device platforms–PC, Mac, iPhone, and BlackBerry (an Android version is due early next year). For another, you can lend friends the books you buy, simply by sending the book to a user’s e-mail address. The recipient can read it for a specified period of time, during which time you lose access to the book via your devices–just as you would if you lent a paper book to someone. The difference: You can lend a book only once, and for two weeks, so lend wisely.

Amazon’s Kindle 2 and Barnes and Noble’s Nook are neck-in-neck in many ways. Each has unique capabilities: Amazon supports international shopping ( if you have a model with AT&T Wireless inside) and has text-to-speech; Nook has Wi-Fi, supports ePub, and runs the Google Android mobile operating system, which throws opens the door for customization and future enhancement.

At least for now, though, I can’t confidently the recommend Nook. If the promised software update dramatically improves performance, the Nook could emerge as a worthy competitor to the Kindle 2. But it’s current sluggish performance, along with the caveats about the LCD’s interaction with the E-Ink screen, can’t be ignored. I’ll revisit this review after Barnes and Noble pushes out its firmware update.

Poweradd Power Banks For Iphone – Simple But Powerful!

Things to know: 

What will be your first move when your iPhone battery is draining, and you are outside?  In this situation, you realize how important a power bank can be. The brand Poweradd understands these crucial requirements and offers a decent range of power banks and chargers.  

Here, I have picked up their three best-selling products, used them extensively, and provided you with a detailed review to help you make the right purchase decision. 

Poweradd – The power-house of your iPhone

Poweradd manufactures several kinds of high-tech, fast-charging power banks, and travel-friendly multiport USB wall chargers. Besides, you can explore a range of heavy-duty power stations and eco-friendly solar panels on their website.  

The power banks I have chosen are labeled as Poweradd Pro as they are top-notch variations. Besides, another one is the EnergyQC power bank. It is another range of Poweradd that is well-known for its fast charging and portability. Excited to get the nitty-gritty? Let’s jump in! 

1. Poweradd Pro portable charger + USB-C wall charger review

How about getting a universal power resource for all your Apple devices? The Poweradd Pro Portable Charging power bank bundle comes with a 10000mAH power bank, a 20W wall charger, and a USB-C cable. So, you don’t have to search and buy them individually, saving time and money (smart move). Using this power bank, you can juice your iPhone 14, any iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch. 

Capacity10000mAhPower bank Type-C input5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5APower bank Micro input5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5APower bank Type-C output5V/3A, 9V/2.2A, 12V/1.5APower bank USB output4.5V/5A (22.5W), 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5AUSB C wall charger inputAC 110V-240VUSB C wall charger output5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A 20W MaxDimensions7.68 x 2.87 x 1.02 inchesWeight309g

Build and design

Poweradd has opted for a traditional design for its power bank. The wide black LED digital display is a cherry on top of the classy look. It enhances the user experience by showing the remaining battery percentage. By pressing the side button, you can turn on the display, and it will turn off after 35 seconds. 

So, you know exactly when you should recharge it before going out. While charging, the LED display always stays on. Besides both the power bank and wall charger are in white color, which I would not prefer for long-term usage. On the top side, you will get four charging ports, including a Type-C port for both input and output, a micro-USB port for input only, and two USB-A ports for output. 

Therefore, you can juice your three devices simultaneously. The USB-C power bank can slide into your bag or pocket easily as it’s quite slim. But I feel the weight is pretty hefty to carry around. Moreover, the plastic outer shell may get scratched and feels a bit cheaper. 


The Poweradd Pro portable charger Li-Polymer battery pack has a capacity of 10000mAh, so it’s pretty capable of recharging your iPhone two times fully. Both the power bank and wall charger have a built-in smart chip. Moreover, the smart fast-charging technology helps to detect your device and set the quickest charging output. 

With 20W fast charging, it will take 1 hour to charge from 40% to 100%. Also, if you have connected an iPhone and an iPad, both will charge quickly together and take almost 2 hours. Besides, juicing the power bank using the included power adapters will take almost 1 hour and 50 minutes. The charging ports are bi-directional. 

Additionally, the battery pack can hold the charge accurately for a longer period. Most power banks have overheating issues that harm your iPhone’s battery health. But I was impressed with its protection feature that prevents short circuits, over-voltage, overcharging, and overheating issues. 

So, whenever your devices have completed charging, it will cut off charging automatically. Also, it will waive off power fluctuations so your iPhone will not face an explosion. Therefore, your Apple devices and you are in safe hands. The best part is I also use this battery pack with a USB heating scarf and hot water bag. 

Should you buy it?


Classy looks

Massive battery capacity

Smart fast charging technology

Overheating and overcharging protection

Compatible with USB heating products


White color gets dirty over time

Little overweight

The Poweradd Pro portable charging power bank and USB-C wall charger bundle are priced at $25.99. So, according to its usability, the price tag is justified. Because if you buy three of them individually, it will cost more. Also, you don’t have to worry about damaging your iPhone’s battery life. But I had expected a bit more premium build material. 








Value for money


2. Poweradd Pro portable charger review

Poweradd Pro portable charging power bank acts as an external battery pack for your iPhone. Pretty straightforward, right? You can juice your iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple Watch, AirPods, Nintendo Switch, GoPro, and much more. And the 10000mAh is more than enough for a whole day. 

Capacity10000mAhMicro input5V/2A, 9V/2AType-C input5V/3A, 9V/2AType-C output5V/3A, 9V/2.2A, 12V/1.5A (PD 20w)USB output5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (QC 18w)Dimension5.47 X 2.64 X 0.67 inchesWeight240.12g

Build and design

Poweradd Pro power bank is a cult classic with an elegant black finish. It has a textured body that offers a good grip and a pleasant hand feel. So, it’s useful and handy for both indoor and outdoor activities. Besides, the design is quite portable, compact, and sleek so that it easily slides into your pocket. 

Additionally, you will get a LED digital display and a tactile side button. Pressing it will turn on the power bank so you can check the accurate battery power remaining. Also, long-pressing the side button will turn off the power bank. Therefore, whenever you are going out, check it and refill it before the battery pack is dead. 

If your device supports fast charging, the display will show FAST beside the battery percentage. Besides, the power bank has three ports: a USB-C, a USB-Micro-B, and a USB-A. The USB Type-C port supports dual input and output, including 18W input and 20W output. 

So, unlike other power banks with only a USB-C input, it is ideal for your iPhone, iPad, and other USB-C devices. Moreover, you have options with the USB-A 18W output and micro-USB 18W input. Additionally, you will get a USB-C to USB-A cable in the box. 


Poweradd Pro portable charger is a fast-charging power bank that offers PD 3.0 20W Type-C output. So, you can charge your iPhone up to 50% in 35 minutes. If you have connected an iPhone and iPad together, it will charge the iPhone to 100% and the iPad to 60% on average. 

According to the brand, you can juice your iPhone twice a day after fully charging the power bank. But after fully charging an iPhone 14 Pro Max, only 35% battery was left. Besides, the 10000mAh battery is capable of charging two devices simultaneously. Also, it can fast charge your iPhone while refilling from a power outlet. 

But note that it will enable fast charging only for USB-C port-connected devices, and the other one at the USB-A port will get standard 18W power delivery. If you have connected only one iPhone, it will get fast charging. Besides, when your iPhone reaches 80%, it will stop quick charging. 

So, from 80% to 100%, your iPhone will charge at 18W. This 20% charging is done in around one and a half hours (too much time!). And overall, it takes almost 2 hours to fully charge your iPhone 14 Pro Max. So, I don’t recommend plugging it in after hitting 80%. 

With this capacity, you can’t use it with a MacBook. While refilling the power bank, you must use the 20W wall adapter so that it will get quick charging. To juice 0 to 100%, the time taken is about two hours. If you are using micro-USB wall adapters, the power bank may take 3-4 hours. 

Should you buy it?


Elegant black looks


Textured body patterns

Dual Type-C input and output

20W fast charging


Fast charging is disabled after 80% 

Only one color option is available

With a price tag of $19.99, Poweradd Pro portable charging power bank is a good deal. If you are a minimalist and black lover like me, definitely give it a try. It can be your tiny buddy on outdoor trips or an office desk. Just get a USB-C to USB-C cable and USB-C to Lightning cable so that you can enjoy fast charging for all your devices. 








Value for money


3. EnergyQC Pilot 5GS portable charger review

EnergyQC Pilot 5GS is the upgraded version of Pilot 4GS. Now it incorporates fast charging capabilities and a USB Type-C port for both input and output. You will get a massive 12000mAh battery capacity and multiple layers of protection for your iPhone. Curious to know? Let’s jump into the specifications first! 

Capacity12000mAhLightning input5V/2A, 9V/2AType-C input5V/3A, 9V/2AType-C output5V/3A, 9V/2.2A, 12V/1.5A (20W) USB-A output5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (18W)Dimension5.63 x 2.9 x 0.59 inchesWeight289.2g

Build and design

EnergyQC Pilot 5GS undoubtedly looks elegant. It comes with a rose gold color metal build and a 15mm thin sleek design. So, you will get a luxurious hand feeling same as using an iPhone. The aluminum alloy material ensures the battery pack is safe if you drop it accidentally. Also, it will shine like new for a long time.  

Besides, on the top side, you will see a power button, LED indicators, and three ports: a Lightning input port, a USB output port, and a USB Type-C port for both input and output. The four LED indicators show the battery remaining. Suppose only three LEDs are on; then roughly 50-75% of power is left. 


The EnergyQC Pilot 5GS USB-C Power Bank employs the newest PD3.0 and QC3.0 fast charging technologies. So, you will get an input power of up to 18W and an output power of 20W. Therefore, an iPhone 12 from 0% to 60% in only 35 minutes, saving 1.5 hours of charging time. You can juice your iPhone 13 2.5 times with a full charge of it. 

Also, your AirPods Pro can have 46 charges. Awesome, right? The best part is the power bank incorporates multiple security measures like overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuits, and overheating protection. Therefore, your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods’ battery health is safe and secure. 

Should you buy it?


Metal finish

Massive 12000mAh battery

Fast charge PD and QC-supported devices

Multiple battery protection built-in

PD3.0 Fast Charging technology


No digital display for showing the battery percentage

Now the final question arrives – is EnergyQC Pilot 5GS power bank worth spending $23.99? Definitely, yes! It offers a beautiful metal finish and a massive battery capacity with PD 3.0 20W fast charging ability. If the brand had included a digital display, it would have become an allrounder. 








Value for money



Poweradd power bank and chargers review summary

Poweradd power bank and chargers review summary





Poweradd definitely provides the best portable charger and fast-charging power bank in the market. Poweradd Pro USB-C power banks are easy to use and implement smart technologies. So, your iPhone’s battery health is not damaged. Besides, the EnergyQC power bank is one of a kind. Therefore, give it a try for sure!

Poweradd definitely provides the best portable charger and fast-charging power bank in the market. Poweradd Pro USB-C power banks are easy to use and implement smart technologies. So, your iPhone’s battery health is not damaged. Besides, the EnergyQC power bank is one of a kind. Therefore, give it a try for sure!




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