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Last Updated on November 24, 2023

Best Ring Black Friday deals

Most camera devices can be connected to an app on your phone so you can see what’s happening no matter where you are, and some can automatically call 911 if they suspect danger. We’ve seen a load of new Ring products released last year, ensuring they’ll be doubling down on Black Friday deals.

With Black Friday this week, we have you covered on all of the best discounts for Ring video doorbells, making navigating the sales season much simpler.

Best Black Friday Ring deals in 2023

Most of the major online retailers host consistent Black Friday deals on Ring doorbells, most prominent among them being Amazon, given that the e-commerce giant owns the Ring brand. But even chúng tôi as well as both Best Buy and Newegg will have ongoing deals throughout the year and during Black Friday, as well. Below is a list of all current Ring deals across these various retailers:

Best Black Friday Ring Doorbell deals in 2023 Best Black Friday Ring Security Camera deals in 2023 Where to find the best Ring Black Friday deals?

As mentioned previously, you will find some amazing deals across major retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and the firm’s own official website. Below is a list of the best spots where you can expect to see some deals this Black Friday:

Ring Black Friday deals shortlist: Best Black Friday Ring deals When will Ring Black Friday sales start in 2023?

Black Friday itself will kick off on November 25th, but most stores will be hosting their own schedules for Black Friday throughout the month and leading into the holidays. Here’s a list of when you can expect the best Ring Black Friday deals to start across the internet:

How to get the best Black Friday Ring deals in 2023? Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday

As with most other Black Friday products, this really comes down to what you specifically are looking for in a security video doorbell. Do you need one that’s solar powered, one that is mostly for in-door protection, or a full suite of doorbells and other security needs?

Ring runs the gamut across all home security protection needs, so you can just about find anything you really need, but below is a comprehensive list of features that can help you when looking for the best Ring doorbell for you:

HD Video quality

Infrared night vision

Motion detection

Smart device connection

Cloud storage

Does the Ring ever go on sale?

Ring itself will more often than not run seasonal discounts on various products not just on its own website but also across the many third-party retailers that host its doorbells. You won’t have trouble discovering when, because Ring will keep its online store updated regularly, highlighting sales on the home page for all to see.

How much is Ring doorbell monthly fee?

For Ring security protocols to work, called Ring Protect Basic, users will have to pay either $39.99 for a year or $3.99 per month. This includes video recording for in-home security cameras and doorbells, as well as an extended warranty on the device and even a 10% discount on select Ring products on Amazon and its official store page.

Which Ring package is the best?

The best product package in the Ring lineup is arguably the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, as it offers an all-around suite of features that will keep your household safe and your mind at ease. It’s also a lot less pricey than other offerings, yet still sports all of the same functionality that more expensive Ring doorbells have.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus utilizes improved motion detection sensors over rivals that make it stand out as the best product. At $200, it’s not a bad choice and can be upgraded with an additional bunch of features, including a solar panel, chime, and spotlight cam battery.

Does Ring have Black Friday?

Yes, chúng tôi hosts a number of seasonal sales throughout the year including Black Friday. Other major retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon also take part, so be sure to regularly check these websites in the run-up to Black Friday. Already missed Black Friday? Have a look at our Best Ring Cyber Monday deals instead.

You're reading Ring Black Friday Deals In 2023

Logitech Keyboard Black Friday Deals 2023

Logitech Keyboard Black Friday deals 2023

Logitech make some kickass keyboards, here’s what you can get this Black Friday!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Logitech Keyboard deals. When it comes to keyboards, particularly those geared towards gaming, Logitech stands as one of the most respected brands with an extensive range that slot into all price points and feature sets. The Logitech G Pro line, in particular, is home to some of the most in-demand keyboards, both wired and wireless, prized by professional players and avid gamers alike.

Best Logitech Keyboard deals 2023

Black Friday is finally about to arrive in stores and we’re excited to be bringing you the best of 2023. Of course, this article will be focusing on Logitech Keyboard deals – so keep on reading as we work towards compiling an extensive list that should pique your interest.

To help you hone in on the very best Logitech keyboard Black Friday deals, you’ll find a list of the best deals currently available at major retailers. There’s no shortage of keyboard options from Logitech, so we’ve tried to provide a comprehensive list to cover most budgets.

Where to find the best Logitech Keyboard deals

At WePC, we’re determined to cover every piece of relevant tech out there this Black Friday! If your focus is on Logitech keyboards, then of course we have you covered. This article is going to be looking into Logitech’s fantastic range of keyboards – equally for those looking to compliment their high-end gaming rig, or those just in the market for a more budget model.

Logitech Keyboard sales shortlist

Our deals team has been and will continue to be hard at work searching for the best deals for Black Friday 2023:

Last year’s Black Friday deals for a Logitech Keyboard

Logitech’s range of keyboards were a popular pick-up Black Friday last year and we expect much of the same again.

More Deals Coming Soon!

When will Logitech Keyboard deals start in 2023?

We already know that Black Friday this year lands on November 25th. In case you’re new here, that doesn’t just mean you only have 24 hours to snap up as many deals as you can. Black Friday sales will begin to pop up as soon as a few weeks, or even a month, prior to the big day on November 25th.

After the Friday is over, we’ll be set to enjoy deals throughout the weekend and Cyber Monday too. Deals will then drop off as stocks are expected to be depleted. We’ll be covering fresh sales as soon as possible, so keep coming back for more as we continue working.

What to expect from the best Logitech keyboard Black Friday deals?

The popularity of the Pro keyboards means retailers won’t pass up on the chance to sell a massive volume of products with decent discounts. The G Pro, available in various iterations, including the K/DA and League of Legends Edition, should feature heavily at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and BestBuy, to cite a few. In the past couple of years, we saw the vanilla G Pro hit Black Friday with a discount of 10%, but with another year under the belt, the keyboard may benefit from a chunkier discount in 2023.

Mid-range and budget Logitech keyboards such as the mechanical G413 and G213 should also feature at several retailers during Black Friday, with discounts from 10% to 40%. We’re unlikely to see the premium Logitech G915 and G815 discounted by huge amounts, but 25% is possible based on Black Friday 2023 deals.

Black Friday Logitech Keyboard FAQs

When do Black Friday sales start in 2023?

The Black Friday sales for 2023 start a week before November 25th, which is the day of the event itself.

Should I trust buying from Logitech with Black Friday?

This is an easy yes. If you take a quick look online, you’ll find Logitech to be one of most reliable and trustworthy brands out there when it comes to tech. Black Friday deals only make it sweeter.

More Black Friday Deals

Interested in other technology deals this Black Friday? Here are the best Black Friday deals on the internet.

Check out all our Black Friday deals here.

7 Best Beats Black Friday Deals In 2023

Beats by Dre is a brand name that’s synonymous with expensive headphones. That’s right, the company has constantly been criticized for their overpriced products over the years, but their pricing strategies have still not improved as of yet. Well, if you’ve always held back from getting yourself a pair of Beats headphones or portable speakers due to the exorbitant price tag, this Black Friday is here to help you save a chunk of cash. Alright, I’ll admit that Black Friday is still a few days away, but that doesn’t mean that sellers haven’t been tempting us with some great discounts. Well, if you’ve enough money in the bank for getting yourself a pair of Beats headphones at a reduced cost, here are the best Black Friday deals so far:

1. BeatsX Wireless Headphones

The BeatsX wireless is the perfect companion for your smartphone to experience clear authentic sound throughout the day. With a battery that lasts up to 8 hours, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice pretty easily. Pick calls, control your music, and even activate Siri with the help of RemoteTalk. It’s usually priced at $149.99, but thanks to this Black Friday deal, you’ll be able to purchase it for under 100 bucks, which is a reasonable price tag for what it offers.

Buy on Amazon: ($99, $50 off)

2. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Buy on Amazon: ($219.99, $80 off)

3. Beats Studio 2.0 Wireless Headphones

If you were expecting this to be the latest Studio headphones that Beats has to offer, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s actually the second generation Studios that looks, feels and sounds great. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge, and it also has a built-in mic for hands-free calling. The maximum range of these headphones are rated at 30 feet. It’s currently available for just $219.99 on Walmart which is a discount of nearly 30 bucks on the marked price.

4. Powerbeats 3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

This is yet another pair of in-ear headphones, but consider this to be a step up from the BeatsX in terms of sound quality and performance. The battery on the Powerbeats 3 is good enough to provide you with nearly 12 hours of listening time. Thanks to Fast Fuel, you can get 1 hour of listening time with just a quick 5-minute charge. It’s designed to resist sweat and water, so you don’t have worry about getting it wet in the rain. This Black Friday, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Powerbeats 3 by paying just $134, which is a discount of $65 on the actual price tag.

Buy on Amazon: ($134, $65 off)

5. Beats Pill+ Portable Speakers

Next on the list, we’ve got something different from the usual headphones that Beats has to offer. Yes, we’re talking about none other than the company’s popular portable bluetooth speakers, the Beats Pill+ which delivers rich sound quality in a compact form factor. The rechargeable battery that this device packs is good enough to last you for about 12 hours, which is impressive to say the least. The Beats Pill+ also lets you charge your iPhone and other devices as well. It currently costs 10 bucks lesser on Amazon, at just under $150.

Buy on Amazon: ($149.99, $10 off)

6. Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones

This is the least expensive on-ear headphones that Beats has to offer, and thanks to this Black Friday deal, it’s even more affordable now. The Beats EP has a lightweight frame that is reinforced with stainless steel for great build quality. With RemoteTalk cable, you can pick up calls and control music on your iOS devices. You’ll be able to get your hands on these wired on-ear headphones by shelling out just under a hundred bucks, which is a discount of nearly 30 dollars on the marked price.

Buy on Amazon: ($99, $30.95 off)

7. urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphones

Buy on Amazon: ($73.59, $26 off)

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The Best Black Friday Discounts on Beats Headphones

Apple Black Friday Deals 2023: All The Deals On Macs, Iphones, Ipads And Watches

Apple iPhone Deals

iPhones are the best-selling smartphones on the planet, and account for about half of all smartphone sales in the U.S. So if you’re among the millions who simply can’t have enough of the half-eaten fruit, you might want to check out some of the deals on various iPhone models this Black Friday.

1. iPhone 6 32GB Space Grey, Prepaid Straight Talk (Walmart)

iPhone 6 may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but it’s still a pretty decent device in its own right and, offers possible the best option to get into the iOS eco-system for cheap. Walmart’s currently selling it at just $199, which is a massive $200 off of its sticker price of $399. Original Price: ($399)

2. iPhone SE 32GB Gray, Prepaid Straight Talk (Walmart)

Original Price: ($199)

3. Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black, Prepaid Straight Talk (Walmart)

Last year’s iPhone 7 is still blazing fast, will receive iOS 12 next year, and looks exactly like its successor, the iPhone 8. All of that makes it a great device to own especially, if you can get it at a $50 discount, which is exactly what Walmart is offering right now. Original Price: ($698)

MacBook and iMac Deals

MacBooks are becoming ever-more popular, so if you’re planning to switch over from Windows or thinking of replcing your age-old MacBook, this could be as good a time as any to get one because of all the deals and discounts on offer.

1. Apple 15.4-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Late 2024 (B&H)

Original Price: ($2,399)

2. Apple 13.3” Macbook Pro (Mid 2023)

If you don’t want to spend nearly 2 grands on a laptop but still want a slice of the macOS pie, you can always grab the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro (mid 2023 model) with a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU alongside 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. The device is currently on a $150 discount at B&H, which means you’ll have to pay only $1,149 for something that’s normally listed at $1,299. Original Price: ($1,299)

3. 27” iMac with Retina 5K Display (Mid 2023)

If you’re looking for a mid-range desktop from Apple, look no further than the 27″ iMac with Retina 5K display. It’s a brand new model (mid 2023) that’s powered by a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU and has 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a 1TB Fusion drive, while graphics duties are taken care of by the AMD Radeon Pro 570 (4GB). It’s also getting a $150 discount right now at B&H, and, can be had for $1,649 instead of $1,799.

iPad Deals

1. Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 32GB (2024, Wi-Fi Only)

B&H is offering a $30 instant discount on the 2023 iPad 9.7″ Wi-Fi model that comes with 32GB built-in storage. It comes in three colors – Space Gray, Silver and Gold, and the offer is applicable on all three models, so you can pick one up for just $299 instead of its $329 list price. Original Price: ($329)

2. Apple 512GB 10.5-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi + 4G LTE)

If you want a more powerful tablet, especially one with LTE connectivity, you’ll be glad to know that B7H is also offering a discount on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro that comes with 512GB of internal storage. Thanks to a $70 discount, you’ll have to pay $1,049 for it instead of $1,119 during the offer period.

Apple Watch Deal

Apple Watch Series 3, 38mm

Apple Watches are some of the best-selling smartwatches around the world, and if you’re looking to get your hands on the company’s latest Series 3 devices, you can get yourself a $60 gift card to go with it at Kohl’s. Now monetary discount here, but still a cool deal to have nonetheless. Original Price: ($329)

Upcoming Apple Black Friday 2023 Deals

Many retailers will offer deals on other Apple products as well, but they will only go live at midnight, November 23rd (unless mentioned otherwise). So without further ado, let’s take a look at the upcoming deals on Apple products this Black Friday:

1. Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Offer: Free $250 gift card (Target)

2. Apple iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus

The iPhone X is unlikely to see too many discounts this year, but Walmart is offering a $300 AT&T or Verizon discount card from if you buy Apple’s latest and greatest from them. The offer is also applicable on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but there are a few caveats to the deal, so do go through the fine print before signing up for anything.

Offer: Free $300 AT&T or Verizon Gift Card (Walmart)

3. Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch, 64 GB, Wi-Fi

You can get a $120 discount on the Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ (64GB, Wi-Fi-only model) at Target this Black Friday. The device is currently listed at $649, but can be yours’ for just $529 come midnight, November 23rd.

4. Apple iPad 32GB, Wi-Fi, 5th Generation

You can get an $70 discount on the 32GB Wi-Fi-only iPad (5th-gen) if you pick pick one up at Walmart this Black Friday. It is currently listed at $329 on the retailer’s website. Original Price: ($329)

5. Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch, Core i5, 8GB, 256GB (Latest Model)

The latest MacBook Air can be yours’ for just $999 after a $200 discount at Target this Black Friday. It’s listed at $1,199. Original Price: ($1,199)

6. MacBook Pro

Offer: Save up to $250 (Best Buy)

7. Apple Watch Series 3

Although you won’t get any direct discount on Apple Watches, Kohl’s will be offering a $90 gift card (Kohl Cash) on Apple Watch Series 3 Models that start at $329. The deal will go live on November 20th.

Offer: $90 Kohl’s Cash (Kohl’s)

8. Apple Watch Series 1

Macy’s is expected to offer $70 off on all Apple Watch Series 1 models, so after-discount prices will range from $179 to $229 depending on the variant you choose. The link will only go live on November 22nd.

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Check Out These Great Pre-Black Friday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday once used to be the curtain-raisers for what’s to come during the Christmas shopping season, but over the past decade, they’ve taken a life of their own. Today, they are two of the biggest shopping days in the world alongside China’s Single’s Day shopping festivities that just got over earlier this month. So get in on the fun and grab your favorite Apple gadget at a reduced price this festive season.

Google Recommends Permanent Urls For Black Friday Pages

Google recommends using permanent URLs for Black Friday pages rather than creating new URLs for each annual sale.

Recurring URLs for Black Friday Pages

The holiday shopping season kicks off every year on the day after Thanksgiving – also known as Black Friday – with deep discounts from thousands of retailers.

Each year brings new sales, but it should not bring new sales pages.

The ephemeral nature of Black Friday sales may lead some site owners to believe setting up new pages each year, and later removing them, is the best course of action.

However, that’s not ideal for Black Friday pages, or any web pages for that matter.

Here’s specifically what Google recommends:

“Use a recurring URL, not a new URL for each occurrence of the event. Give the landing page of recurring events a meaningful URL that reflects the event that is used each year (for example: use /sale/black-friday, not /sale/2024/black-friday).”

Why does Google recommend recurring URLs?

Because recurring URLs allow sites to build link equity.

Link equity refers to the SEO value of a link, which is something that’s gained over time.

URLs build link equity when other pages link to them.

The longer a URL exists on the web, the more link equity it has the potential to gain.

And the more link equity a page has, the greater its potential to rank in search results.

An older URL with a moderate amount of link equity has a much greater chance to rank over a newly published page with no link equity.

So, instead of creating new pages for Black Friday every year, keep using the same URL as Google suggests.

Additional Recommendations For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Here are the remainder of Google’s best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These are recommendations for retailers to help Google highlight and surface sales events in search results.

Publish early: Create the Black Friday sales page well before the sale so Googlebot has time to discover and index it.

Follow standard SEO best practices: For up-to-date information on what matters in SEO today, see Search Engine Journal’s complete guide to SEO here.

Build internal links to the landing page: Link to the Black Friday landing page from other pages on the website, especially the home page. This will help communicate its importance to Google, and help visitors find the page faster.

Include a relevant, high quality image: Provide a static image with an up-to-date representation of your sale. Google recommends trimming whitespace around the borders of the image, and ensuring the image is visually engaging and of good quality.

Get the landing page recrawled: When the landing page has been updated with new or additional content, ask Google to recrawl the page to get your content updated more quickly.

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Fitbit Black Friday: 5 Best Fitbit Wristbands For Your Workout

Fitbit Black Friday: 5 Best Fitbit Wristbands for Your Workout Grab the best deals & get into the shape with the best Fitbit wristband!




It’s never too late to pursue your new year’s resolution of getting into tip-top shape. Of course, there are some preparations to make before you dive in chief among them getting the right equipment. And whatever exercise you will be taking up, a Fitbit is likely to be one of the must-haves.

Now, we went out and looked around for some amazing Fitbit deals. Here they are.

6+ days battery life

Amazon Alexa Built-in

6-month Fitbit Premium trial for new Premium users

Heart sensor might be inaccurate

Check price

Fitbit Sense Advanced smartwatch brings now more reliable stress monitoring capabilities thanks to the EDA Scan app that it incorporates. This app detects your body’s electrodermal activity so you can understand how you respond to stressful situations.

The device also comes with a compatible ECG app, or a voice assistant, and can help check your skin temperature or optimize your sleep.

Unfortunately, those under 22 years old should not use this smartwatch model, as per Fitbit regulations.

One size

Sleep & swim tracking

Up to 5hrs battery life when using built-in GPS

Occasional inaccurate measurements

Check price

This is the perfect smartwatch for outdoor runs, rides, hikes, regular workouts, that can show a workout intensity map with your heart rate and or calorie burn.

You can also use it to make secure purchases with Fitbit Pay and take calls, send texts and read app notifications.

For those who need motivation, you’ve got 20+ goal-based exercise modes, that will keep you on track.

Allows a 300+ strong songs playlist

15+ exercise modes

Personalized on-screen coaching

Might show inaccurate data

Check price

Fitbit Versa is a lightweight, swim-proof all-day companion that empowers you to chase your best life.

The usual 24/7 heart rate is prominent as are actionable insights, on-screen smart workouts, personalized guidance, and more.

The notifications are this time supplemented with custom replies to messages on Android phones.

Up your game by following the personalized on-screen coaching with useful workout tips displayed on the screen by the built-in coach.

Water-resistance for this Fitbit model is maximum 50m.

Wide syncing range (30ft)

Large & small size bands included

Damage resistant screen

Poor customer service

Check price

This sleek-looking wearable is the smart hub to deliver not only stats but also to provide coaching and useful on the go nuggets as you crank up the pace.

It’s backed up by excellent essentials such as a built-in GPS, SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, and multi-sport modes.

Just like other models, this one can also store and play hundreds of songs, plus you can download your favorite extra tunes from Pandora.

The corning gorilla glass 3 is one of the toughest and resists damage. Then, it has more pixels in addition to amplified brightness (by up to an extra 1000 nits).

Up to 5 days of battery life

Super-bright OLED display

Powerful sleep tracking

Issues with the charging cable

Check price

This Fitbit motivates you to hit your health plus fitness goals by monitoring all the key data: your activity, workout, weight, sleep, and more.

Then you can view all the exercise summaries from its interactive app.

Use this Fitbit model to track calories burned, steps, active minutes, and distance, or sleep quality.

For more diversity, you can purchase separately interchangeable leather, metal, and classic bands.

These are the best Fitbit wristbands you can get, so be sure to consider one of the models from this article.

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