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Four years ago, I wondered why Apple sold such seemingly simple plastic docks for $29, so I cut two of them in half to see what was inside. I was impressed: in addition to a larger-than-expected collection of electronic components, they were filled with substantial zinc plates that kept Apple’s devices standing safely upright, no easy feat since the docks kept shrinking every year. The only problem: most (but not all) of Apple’s docks have been model-specific and case-unfriendly, issues that were particularly pronounced in the official iPhone 5s Dock and iPhone 5c Dock. When Twelve South released the handsome multi-device and case-compatible HiRise and HiRise Deluxe, many people — including me — had no need for a more limited, Apple-designed alternative.

Somewhat belatedly, Apple has just released the iPhone Lightning Dock ($39), its first docking solution for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s not clear why Apple took its time releasing this accessory, which uncharacteristically has a 2014 date on the back of its box. But it’s the dock Apple should have released three years ago, delivering case compatibility, multi-device support, and the expected Apple minimalism. It has no back support for your iPhone, instead relying on a stiffened and modestly padded Lightning connector to hold your device on the traditional Apple light recline. And it also includes an audio-out port, which has been absent from all of its third-party rivals. Now that Apple has released the right sort of dock, should you consider buying one?…

Key Details:

Apple’s first official Lightning docking solution for iPhone 6/6+

Also officially compatible with iPhone 5/5c/5s and iPod touch (5th-gen); unofficially works with iPad Airs and iPad minis.

Fully case-compatible

No cables, power source included

Has headphone audio out port

Unlike its earlier Lightning docks for iPhones, Apple has pared down the iPhone Lightning Dock to the barest essentials. Made mostly from glossy white plastic, it has a gray rubber bottom with an embossed Apple logo, just like past iPad, iPhone, and iPod docks. But there’s notably no recessed “well,” front lip, or other support for the device besides the strength of the Lightning plug that sticks up from the roughly 2.6″ by 1.9″ by 0.3″ glossy plastic base.

Defying Apple’s past Lightning accessory guidelines, which called for a surrounding support platform roughly as large as the abandoned Dock Connector plug — an unnecessary design requirement that helped to kill the third-party Lightning accessory market — the integrated Lightning connector’s soft plastic base measures a mere 12 millimeters in width and 6 millimeters in depth. Though it will come as no surprise to users of third-party docks that have depended on elevated Apple cables to achieve the same function, this nub simultaneously enables the Lightning plug to connect with and support encased devices. Since nearly 80% of iPhone owners use cases, many people will consider this to be a welcome improvement.

Given its pleasant design and multi-device support, the only potential deal-breakers with the iPhone Lightning Dock are its price point and limited incompatibility with certain cases. Apple has for some reason jacked the price up to $39 from the $29 it charged for the iPhone 5c and 5s Docks. This makes the iPhone Lightning Dock more expensive than the metallic Twelve South HiRise, which similarly requires you to supply your own Lightning cable, but comes in silver or black versions. By comparison, the silver, black, or gold HiRise Deluxe includes its own cables and is designed to adjust to various case thicknesses and depths, while selling for roughly the same price as an iPhone Lightning Dock plus an official Apple Lightning Cable. I’d personally pick one of the HiRises over the iPhone Lightning Dock, but if you prefer Apple’s design, it’s a good enough option to broadly recommend.

Apple $40 Lightning iPhones, iPods, iPad Airs/minis

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Some Iphones, Ipads, Macs, Vulnerable To Short

The same security vulnerability is found in a wide range of chips from Intel, Qualcomm, and Samsung, meaning that a large number of non-Apple devices are also affected …

The vulnerability relies on impersonating a previously-paired device and is thus dubbed Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS).

Worryingly, BIAS attacks can impersonate either a ‘slave’ or ‘master’ device, meaning that the target device can be asked to either send data or, as in the case of a Bluetooth keyboard, accept it.

The attack works against any device which uses the Bluetooth Classic protocol. This includes some relatively recent Apple devices, including:

iPhone 8 or older

2024 iPad or older

2024 MacBook Pro or older

It also works against many smartphones from Google, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung.

Attacks can be carried out using low-cost equipment, including a Raspberry Pi.

The Bluetooth standard provides authentication mechanisms based on a long term pairing key, which are designed to protect against impersonation attacks. The BIAS attacks from our new paper demonstrate that those mechanisms are broken, and that an attacker can exploit them to impersonate any Bluetooth master or slave device.

Our attacks are standard-compliant, and can be combined with other attacks, including the KNOB attack. In the paper, we also describe a low cost implementation of the attacks and our evaluation results on 30 unique Bluetooth devices using 28 unique Bluetooth chips.

We found and exploited a severe vulnerability in the Bluetooth BR/EDR specification that allows an attacker to break the security mechanisms of Bluetooth for any standard-compliant device. As a result, an attacker can impersonate a device towards the host after both have previously been successfully paired in absence of the attacker.

The details are rather technical and explained in a detailed paper. There is also a one-minute overview video, which you can watch below.

But the essence is this. The attacker claims to be a previously-trusted device, and also claims to support only the lowest level of Bluetooth security: unilateral authentication. Your device agrees to be in charge of authenticating the remote device, but the attacker sends another request that it should be the one to take control of the authentication process (something known as role-switching). Due to a bug in the protocol, your device simply agrees to this. The attacker then sends the authentication OK, and your device trusts it.

The research team disclosed their findings to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) – the standards organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards – in December of last year, and held back on public disclosure until now in order to allow workarounds to be developed.

The Bluetooth SIG says that it will be updating the Bluetooth Core Specification to block a key element of the attack process (preventing the target device from agreeing to a less secure protocol), and in the meantime is encouraging manufacturers to issue a security patch to make the attack less likely to succeed.

BIAS would require relatively targeted attacks from someone within Bluetooth range. If you are concerned you may be targeted in this way, best practice would be to keep Bluetooth turned off when you are not using it. A paranoid user would also instruct their device to forget Bluetooth devices immediately after using them, and to repeat the pairing each time.

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Air By Crazybaby Review: Fancy And Nice

We’ve seen tonnes of wireless audio gadgets from China — we’ve also done a list of the best Apple AirPods alternatives — out of which, most have, on an average, been sufficiently good.

However, if there’s still a market that’s rather unexplored, that of quality stereo Bluetooth earphones that sound good, and just… work.

And that’s where Air by crazybaby attempts to hit jackpot. Lets have a look in this review to see just how far it gets.

There happen to be a lot of market segments, mostly extremely price-sensitive, where the packaging and presentation doesn’t really hold much value. Air by crazybaby, certainly, doesn’t happen to fall in that category.

What you’ll also be happy to find is that the gadget comes pretty nicely packed in a nice and small retail box. Inside, you find a very interesting-looking metal ‘capsule’ containing the business material including some other extras like earplug tips, literature, etc. stuffed on the bottom side of the box.

These earphones are probably the most comfortable fit I’ve ever used. It’s certainly way more easy to use than a pair of IEMs, which don’t really go well with me. crazybaby also offer a ‘leash’ for people who are paranoid about losing/damaging the earbuds, which should be really hard to do in my opinion.

As for the music quality, the buds offer a surprisingly rich sound. By ‘rich’ I don’t refer to bass-heavy sound, but instead something that sounds extremely natural and yes, with enough bass. I’ll be honest (while certainly attempting to not sound like I’m trying to sell these buds) in saying that I prefer the sound of these buds over a lot of wired earphones I’ve owned in the past, including some really expensive ones.

I’m told the earbuds come with “0.20” (5.2 mm) Custom-made Hi-Fidelity MicroDrivers” which deliver the sound that I’ve come to love. Also, I’m pretty sure the buds required little or no ‘burn in’ to sound the way they do now.

Gizchina News of the week

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According to the tech spec of the product, Air by crazybaby also come with passive noise cancelation. And doesn’t it work well! Just to ensure I was right about it, I made a few others use the pair of earphones to check of the noise cancelation, and pretty much everyone had the same sentiment about the feature — it worked really well.

The earbuds also come with a mic on them, which lets you take calls without having to shift to your phone. However, in my usage, the mic has been rather poor. I’ve had to switch to my phone in between calls, which isn’t the most convenient thing to do. For some reason, the earbuds’ built-in mic doesn’t catch voice well enough, which makes it pretty unusable for me during calls.

Battery life on these buds has been very satisfactory too. According to the factory, you can get around 3 hours (music)/4 hours (talktime) on a single charge. On the other hand, the innovative battery capsule storage unit will afford you another 8-9 hours of usage. In my usage, I’ve been able to independently verify that the 3 hours claim is very well true, while it’s a bit difficult measuring 12+ hours with the capsule.

In my opinion, the idea to have a ‘reservoir’ battery is a huge hit. We’re pretty much always using our gadgets these days, and it makes sense to extend the battery life of a gadget, albeit at the expense of longevity (I’m not even sure if that’s the case here, but let’s assume it in the worst case).

Connectivity has been pretty good, but not as good as the rest of the package. The earbuds are really simple to use — you can press and hold the button on the back of the buds to turn them on and then they’re immediately available to pair. However, for some reason, the earbuds won’t work with my MacBook Pro. I’ve used them with a few other phones, and they work more or less flawlessly.

There’s just this little stutter I hear on the right earbud at times, I’m guessing which happens only when the battery is low. These are the only two gripes I have with the connectivity part of Air by crazybaby.

Air by crazybaby come with a retail price tag of $169 (I think they’re $30 a bit too steep at that). For the unaware, the gadget started as a crowdfunded project, which raised a total of $2,761,399 by the end of 2024… which is a lot of money. However, it’s nice to see the company deliver and in a rather satisfactory manner.

You can learn more about Air by crazybaby here, where you’ll also find info on how you can purchase some for yourself.

Apple Black Friday Deals 2023: All The Deals On Macs, Iphones, Ipads And Watches

Apple iPhone Deals

iPhones are the best-selling smartphones on the planet, and account for about half of all smartphone sales in the U.S. So if you’re among the millions who simply can’t have enough of the half-eaten fruit, you might want to check out some of the deals on various iPhone models this Black Friday.

1. iPhone 6 32GB Space Grey, Prepaid Straight Talk (Walmart)

iPhone 6 may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but it’s still a pretty decent device in its own right and, offers possible the best option to get into the iOS eco-system for cheap. Walmart’s currently selling it at just $199, which is a massive $200 off of its sticker price of $399. Original Price: ($399)

2. iPhone SE 32GB Gray, Prepaid Straight Talk (Walmart)

Original Price: ($199)

3. Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black, Prepaid Straight Talk (Walmart)

Last year’s iPhone 7 is still blazing fast, will receive iOS 12 next year, and looks exactly like its successor, the iPhone 8. All of that makes it a great device to own especially, if you can get it at a $50 discount, which is exactly what Walmart is offering right now. Original Price: ($698)

MacBook and iMac Deals

MacBooks are becoming ever-more popular, so if you’re planning to switch over from Windows or thinking of replcing your age-old MacBook, this could be as good a time as any to get one because of all the deals and discounts on offer.

1. Apple 15.4-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Late 2024 (B&H)

Original Price: ($2,399)

2. Apple 13.3” Macbook Pro (Mid 2023)

If you don’t want to spend nearly 2 grands on a laptop but still want a slice of the macOS pie, you can always grab the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro (mid 2023 model) with a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU alongside 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. The device is currently on a $150 discount at B&H, which means you’ll have to pay only $1,149 for something that’s normally listed at $1,299. Original Price: ($1,299)

3. 27” iMac with Retina 5K Display (Mid 2023)

If you’re looking for a mid-range desktop from Apple, look no further than the 27″ iMac with Retina 5K display. It’s a brand new model (mid 2023) that’s powered by a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU and has 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a 1TB Fusion drive, while graphics duties are taken care of by the AMD Radeon Pro 570 (4GB). It’s also getting a $150 discount right now at B&H, and, can be had for $1,649 instead of $1,799.

iPad Deals

1. Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 32GB (2024, Wi-Fi Only)

B&H is offering a $30 instant discount on the 2023 iPad 9.7″ Wi-Fi model that comes with 32GB built-in storage. It comes in three colors – Space Gray, Silver and Gold, and the offer is applicable on all three models, so you can pick one up for just $299 instead of its $329 list price. Original Price: ($329)

2. Apple 512GB 10.5-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi + 4G LTE)

If you want a more powerful tablet, especially one with LTE connectivity, you’ll be glad to know that B7H is also offering a discount on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro that comes with 512GB of internal storage. Thanks to a $70 discount, you’ll have to pay $1,049 for it instead of $1,119 during the offer period.

Apple Watch Deal

Apple Watch Series 3, 38mm

Apple Watches are some of the best-selling smartwatches around the world, and if you’re looking to get your hands on the company’s latest Series 3 devices, you can get yourself a $60 gift card to go with it at Kohl’s. Now monetary discount here, but still a cool deal to have nonetheless. Original Price: ($329)

Upcoming Apple Black Friday 2023 Deals

Many retailers will offer deals on other Apple products as well, but they will only go live at midnight, November 23rd (unless mentioned otherwise). So without further ado, let’s take a look at the upcoming deals on Apple products this Black Friday:

1. Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Offer: Free $250 gift card (Target)

2. Apple iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus

The iPhone X is unlikely to see too many discounts this year, but Walmart is offering a $300 AT&T or Verizon discount card from if you buy Apple’s latest and greatest from them. The offer is also applicable on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but there are a few caveats to the deal, so do go through the fine print before signing up for anything.

Offer: Free $300 AT&T or Verizon Gift Card (Walmart)

3. Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch, 64 GB, Wi-Fi

You can get a $120 discount on the Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ (64GB, Wi-Fi-only model) at Target this Black Friday. The device is currently listed at $649, but can be yours’ for just $529 come midnight, November 23rd.

4. Apple iPad 32GB, Wi-Fi, 5th Generation

You can get an $70 discount on the 32GB Wi-Fi-only iPad (5th-gen) if you pick pick one up at Walmart this Black Friday. It is currently listed at $329 on the retailer’s website. Original Price: ($329)

5. Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch, Core i5, 8GB, 256GB (Latest Model)

The latest MacBook Air can be yours’ for just $999 after a $200 discount at Target this Black Friday. It’s listed at $1,199. Original Price: ($1,199)

6. MacBook Pro

Offer: Save up to $250 (Best Buy)

7. Apple Watch Series 3

Although you won’t get any direct discount on Apple Watches, Kohl’s will be offering a $90 gift card (Kohl Cash) on Apple Watch Series 3 Models that start at $329. The deal will go live on November 20th.

Offer: $90 Kohl’s Cash (Kohl’s)

8. Apple Watch Series 1

Macy’s is expected to offer $70 off on all Apple Watch Series 1 models, so after-discount prices will range from $179 to $229 depending on the variant you choose. The link will only go live on November 22nd.

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Check Out These Great Pre-Black Friday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday once used to be the curtain-raisers for what’s to come during the Christmas shopping season, but over the past decade, they’ve taken a life of their own. Today, they are two of the biggest shopping days in the world alongside China’s Single’s Day shopping festivities that just got over earlier this month. So get in on the fun and grab your favorite Apple gadget at a reduced price this festive season.

Tcl 55Dp648 Review: Nice But Dim



Thin design

Wide colour gamut

Quick response time


Lacks brightness

Poor viewing angles

Lacklustre sound

Our Verdict

The TCL 55DP648 is a good looking and affordable TV if you’re looking for a large set with a 4K resolution and HDR support. Although the TV offers a decent colour gamut and a quick response time for gaming, it’s let down by a plethora of problems elsewhere. Namely we’re talking about the dramatic lack of brightness and poor viewing angles.

Not everyone has thousands to spend on a new TV, but you also don’t want to buy something sub-standard and regret it. Hisense is a great shout for a great value TV but now has a rival in the form of TCL, another Chinese brand. Here we review the 55DP648 which is under £500.

TCL 55DP648: Price & Where to buy

Although the 55DP648 has an RRP of £599 it’s one of those ones where it’s not really been on sale at that price.

Instead, you can get it for around £495 at various retailers including Amazon, AO and Boots (an AO site in disguise).

That’s an impressive price point for a large size TV with a 4K resolution and HDR support and puts it in competition with sets like the Hisense U7A and to some extent, the Philips 6703.

TCL 55DP648: Design & Features

These days you don’t need to splash out on a TV to get stylish design. We prefer the U7A from Hisense but the TCL is decent for the sub-£500 price.

You get slim bezels around the display and the panel itself is very thin, too, at under 10mm. The sleek lines are only interrupted by a round power button.

Like most TVs the 55DP648 is wall-mountable if you like. Alternatively, just sit it on the spiky legs. These are quite close to the sides of the TV so there’s a possible issue if you want to put the set on a small stand with the display over hanging.

The remote supplied works well enough but it’s an oddly thin and long shape like a wand. There are buttons for Netflix and Freeview Play which you’ll need (just like the Bush Smart TV from Argos.)

TCL 55DP648: Setup & Interface

Setting up the TV is pretty simple and straight forward. The ports are all lined up vertically on the back and include three HDMI ports, Ethernet (there’s also Wi-Fi) and two USB 2.0 ports. We’d like more, of course, but that’s what you get with a cheaper set.

What’s really odd, and frankly stupid, is that HDMI 2.0 is switched off by default so you’ll have to find it and turn it on in the menu. Leave it switched off and colours from HDR sources look awful.

The Roku smart engine used for TCL TVs in the US would be nice but we’re stuck with a basic system here. Overall, the interface is easy enough to navigate all though there are some oddities like the sports mode being in the system section of the menu rather than display.

It’s also fairly sluggish in use and although there’s only a button for Netflix, there are various other services available via Freeview Play such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. There’s also 4K YouTube via the basic Home menu.

Netflix supports 4K HDR, but there’s no Amazon Prime Video, Now TV or the like.

TCL 55DP648: Performance

A cheap set with nice design and a few good features is all well and good, but whether you should buy one really hinges on the performance of the panel itself.

Let’s start with the positives,. Colour gamut is good for a TV at this price and it supports HDR10 and HLG (hybrid-log gamma). Unfortunately you will have to do some tweaking to see these colours as the default settings are for fairly muted tones.

Upscaling HD content to 4K is pretty good and a quick response time means this is a good choice if you’re going to do a lot of gaming. Having the Ultra HD resolution means the image is nice and crisp.

Sadly, the good news ends there.

Our biggest gripe is the poor brightness. The TCL 55DP648 peaks at just under 300 nits which is not good at all for an HDR TV. It means the image looks dull and you don’t get those blinding whites that you’ll see on – admittedly more expensive – sets from Samsung’s higher ranges. 

Annoyingly, brightness is adjusted automatically and the image regularly dimmed for no apparent reason. We scoured the menus to find and disable any ambient light sensors, dynamic contrast settings and anything else, but either couldn’t find these things or turning them off had no effect whatsoever.

Compounding this is fairly poor viewing angles; only sitting square on does the picture look its best. Oh, and there’s no Dolby Vision support.

Backlighting comes from edge-mounted LEDs and we noticed a bit of light leakage from the top edge and and lighting isn’t particularly even across the panel. Darker areas of the picture lack detail and aren’t really deep black.A mysterious feature called Mix Dimming doesn’t seem to help either.

Motion isn’t handled (there’s no motion processing at all) so camera pans and objects moving quickly across the screen have an amount of jerkiness that can’t go unnoticed. We’ve not mentioned audio yet which, in a word, is lacklustre.


If you’re looking for a 4K HDR TV for under £500 then the TCL 55DP648 might appear to be a bargain.

It’s got a stylish design with its thin panel which has good colour gamut and better upscaling than you’d expect at this price. It’s also got a very quick response time for all the gamers out there.

However, the set’s very poor brightness was a constant source of disappointment creating a lacklustre experience across the board. It proves that you can buy a TV with HDR support that can look worse than a regular 4K set. 

Add in poor viewing angles and uninspiring audio and it’s hard to recommend this TV. If you can afford it, spend a little more and buy the Hisense U7A.

Specs TCL 55DP468: Specs

Screen size/resolution: 55in, 3840 x 2160 pixels

HDR10, HLG support

Contrast ratio: Not stated

Brightness: 320 nits

Speakers: 16W (2 x 8W)

Built-in tuner: Freeview Play

EPG: 7-day

Inputs: 3 x HDMI (all support HDCP2.2, ARC via HDMI2)

Outputs: Digital audio optical, headphone jack

Networking: 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi

Ports and slots: 2 x USB 2.0

Physical dimensions (w/o stand): 1227 x 765 x 9.9mm (w/h/d)

Weight: 15kg

Average power consumption: 70W (average), A Energy rating

Warranty: 2 onsite home repair

Mkeke Cases For Iphone 14 Combine Aesthetics And Protection With Affordability

Ever since the iPhone 14 lineup was launched, there has been an abundance of clear cases and covers. While some promise good aesthetics, others boast reliable protection. However, we rarely find a product where a case lets you display your iPhone in all its glory and still protect it. Enter Mkeke, a case company that has been around for over 7 years and offers a wide variety of cases that protect and impress with their quality. I was attracted to Mkeke’s clear case selection for iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max right away. So I got myself a bunch of Mkeke cases for the phones. Here’s what I think about Mkeke’s cases and why they are one of the best clear cases for your iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max Cases: Overview Mkeke Clear Cases: Unboxing Experience

While one may not think it, a big part of any product is the way you get to it. For me, taking out a case itself holds as much value as using it. While I have been annoyed by frustrating packaging in the past, Mkeke went the other way. The case arrives in a simple white box with an outline of the product upfront. You get your standard information on the back.

Now, once you open the box, you can pull out the Mkeke case in its plastic packaging using the handy flap up top. All you need to do then is remove the packaging that protects the case, and you’re there.

Unboxing the Mkeke clear case for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is simple. While you might be tempted to expect over-the-top boxes, Mkeke keeps it simple and elegant. Overall, the no-frills packing and protection for the case were a pleasant experience.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Case: Best Features Design and Build

The first thing I noticed was the big air cushions around the case corners. These looked pretty cool and provided a rugged look to the case. This is also when I saw the Mkeke logo, which is on the edge of both the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cases. The case itself has covers for the volume and power buttons. Besides that, you also get your cutouts for the DND switch and charging port.

The back of the Mkeke case is clear and crafted using polycarbonate. You also get a cutout for your camera module with some safety built in (discussed in detail below).

If you’re not a fan of a plain transparent case, Mkeke offers color gradient selections for both the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The beautiful color selections range from black and clear gradient to beautiful combinations like purple-blue, purple-green, purple-pink, and even red-green.

I tried on the vast selection of color options offered by Mkeke for both the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and loved them. If you’re someone who loves good design and is open to experimenting with color shades, Mkeke clear cases are a perfect fit for you. Also, for environment-conscious users, you should know that Mkeke’s cases also abide by the Climate Pledge Friendly on Amazon.

Fit and Feel

Moreover, the phones felt comfortable to hold and easily useable. The TPU frame is non-slip, and hence, didn’t fall at all during my use over the course of a week. And if you’re an iPhone 14 Pro Max user, Mkeke cases will offer you the utmost peace of mind.

Daily Usage

Since I used the Mkeke clear cases on the iPhone 14 Pro, and my colleague Pratik used it with his iPhone 14 Pro Max, we did manage to get some usage insights. The biggest one of them is that the case is very comfortable even in the long term. Activities like using social media, entertainment, and gaming don’t tire you out. The phone doesn’t feel bulky due to the Mkeke clear case.

Charging is equally easy as all Mkeke cases are MagSafe-friendly for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The cases are also non-yellowing, so you keep using them for a long time without worrying about them looking shabby in a few months.


Most phone cases are made of cheap materials that aren’t able to protect your phone in case of accidental drops or bumps. However, I was pleased to see that Mkeke cases come with Military Drop Protection and will protect your iPhone 14 Pro/ Pro Max. The air cushions at the corners act like airbags and protect your iPhone from breaking when it falls.

In addition to that, the Mkeke cases also come with a scratch and sweat resistance surface, which is great for daily use. The company promises this through its thousands of hours of testing during manufacturing.

Dual Protection System

Moving on, a big problem that some iPhone users in the past have faced is the back camera lenses being scratched easily. With no solutions from Apple’s camp and the camera modules growing in size with the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, Mkeke took it upon themselves to solve the issue. Hence comes the dual protection system.

The Mkeke clear cases come with big 3.5 mm raised camera bezels for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. So, when you place your iPhone on its back on a table, the camera lenses will no longer come in contact with the surface and won’t scratch. For the screen, a 1.9mm raised front bezel running all around comes to the rescue.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro/ Pro Max Cases Pricing

With all these features, you would think a Mkeke case would be expensive. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Mkeke clear case portfolio starts as low as $16.99 for the standard clear case. While the price bumps up by two dollars for the color gradient cases. But you know what, the price is perfect and worth all the features you get here.

Check out Mkeke clear cases on Amazon (starts at $16.99)

Get Mkeke Cases and Protect Your iPhone 14 Pro

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