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When people ask me what’s different about the new Apple Watch Series 4, my immediate answer is simply the design. There’s way more to Apple Watch Series 4 than its appearance, but the way it looks is arguably the one difference that anyone can appreciate.

The design isn’t so different that Series 4 feels like something different than the Apple Watch on your wrist though. It’s absolutely the biggest external change to Apple Watch since the original, but I’ve encountered a number of existing Apple Watch users who can’t immediately pinpoint what’s different.

I think that’s partly because the first three Apple Watches pulled off a great illusion: blending a thick black bezel with deep black elements using the OLED display. If you’re very familiar with the actual confines of the previous screen, the new rounded corner-to-corner display feels like a serious breakthrough.

Update 12/7: This post has been updated with links to the new ECG app and other heart rate features.

Series 3 or Series 4?

Apple Watch has quickly iterated with at least one major change and consistent speed improvements since the original. Series 1 addressed performance constraints, Series 2 debuted at the same time and added GPS for more precise outdoor fitness tracking, and Series 3 introduced LTE for always being connected without the iPhone.

In day-to-day usage, Apple Watch Series 4 doesn’t feel fundamentally different than Apple Watch Series 3. It’s hard to pinpoint something major that I can do with Series 4 that I couldn’t do with Series 3. The major difference for me is more about how it makes me feel when I see it. It’s just aesthetically more polished in so many ways.

With that in mind, Apple currently offers two generations of Apple Watch for new customers and upgraders: Series 3 and Series 4. Both versions come in two sizes with options for GPS-only or LTE, but only Series 4 is offered in stainless steel now.

I recommend Series 4 if you’re upgrading Apple Watches. It will feel new in ways that Series 3 won’t. If you’re buying your first Apple Watch and want to save money, you can get almost the same utility from Series 3.

Check out our Series 3 versus Series 4 comparison for more details.


Beautiful design

I’ve worn Apple Watch every day since the original and upgraded annually to get the most out of it. This paints my perspective in a way that is vastly different than if I was upgrading from the original, but we’ll have experience from that perspective soon too [Update: Apple Watch Series 4: A big leap for the Digital Crown]. I do think there’s value in an annual deep dive on what’s changed year-to-year though and how it affects the experience. For easy access to the timeline so far:

Apple Watch Series 4 includes two notable external changes to the way it looks: 38mm and 42mm sizes are replaced by 40mm and 44mm sizes, and stainless steel now has a gold option.


I’ve always worn a 42mm model Apple Watch. For Series 4, I’ve tried both the 40mm and 44mm versions. The smaller version only feels like a minor decrease in screen size while the overall casing feels absolutely miniature. 40mm feels dainty on my wrist just like the 38mm version did, yet it shows almost as much content as the 42mm version. That’s impressive.

Series 4 in the larger 44mm version feels like brand new territory for Apple Watch. The iconic honeycomb app grid is larger than ever which makes it easier to use, there’s just more screen so apps can show more content, and text is more legible without cranking up the font size.

When I wore 40mm, I was impressed that Apple Watch could fit that much screen on that size device. When I started wearing 44mm, it felt like a whole new kind of Apple Watch. I imagine this feeling is the same if you’ve always worn a 38mm version.

Once you use one of the new displays, the old screens feel absolutely dated. It’s similar to the difference between an iPhone X and an iPhone with top and bottom bezels. Apple has a marketing term, Retina, for its high-resolution displays. I think it needs a catchy term for its corner-to-corner screens too.

The change in thickness is less obvious to me, but it’s there. Series 4 is thinner than Series 2 and Series 3, but it’s not as thin as the original Apple Watch yet. It’s slightly less boxy, though, and that makes it feel fresh.

The back of Series 4 is also very attractive. You don’t see it when you’re wearing the watch, but it’s worth admiring. The upgraded heart rate sensor has been redesigned to look less technical and more balanced. The area around the heart rate sensor is ceramic and not aluminum nor steel — this is a clear upgrade on aluminum models especially. Apple says this helps radio waves pass through, but it also just looks great.

Gold stainless steel

Apple Watch and gold have a fun history. The original Apple Watch included the Edition collection with actual gold and prices ranging from $10,000 to $17,000. These were retired when Series 1 and Series 2 were introduced.

Apple later introduced gold and rose gold aluminum versions at normal prices (Series 3 combined gold and rose gold with a single finish that sits between the two shades). Stainless steel has always been limited to silver and space black — I’ve switched between both over the years — until now.

Like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch Series 3 includes a gold stainless steel option. Personally, I’ve never considered myself a “gold” person, but I really like this gold. It’s not yellow, it’s not pink, and it’s not in your face. It’s a really restrained gold.

Apple made a version of their existing Milanese Loop to match the new gold stainless steel finish on Series 4. The original gold Edition watches came with Sport bands and leather straps (and a few celebrities had special gold Link Bracelets), but there wasn’t even an option for a gold Milanese Loop yet.

This watch color and band combination seems to get a lot of attention — and not by being obnoxious. People notice it and frequently use the word “pretty” to describe it. That seems new for the Apple Watch.

People often asked about my Apple Watch during the first year when it was new and different. Now Apple Watch is commonly spotted in populated areas so that’s no longer the case. That didn’t change when I tested the 40mm space gray aluminum Series 4, but it did when I started wearing 44mm gold stainless steel with the new gold Milanese Loop.

I hope Apple eventually makes more bands for the gold stainless steel watch. It currently ships with either a stone Sport band or the gold Milanese Loop, but I’d love to see the traditional leather Classic Buckle revived with gold hardware.

In day-to-day usage, I prefer the black Sport band with the gold stainless steel Series 4. You have to buy the black Sport band separately for now, but I think this should be a standard combination. (Other Sport band colors can work, but they have silver pins that don’t match as well as black or gold pins.)

Small touches

Series 4 isn’t just a larger display and new gold finish. There are lots of external design differences.

The two microphone and air vent dots of past models is now a single microphone dot, relocated from the left side to the right. The speaker is now much louder with a larger opening on the left side (this is used for alerts, Siri, and calls, but Music and Podcasts still require Bluetooth audio). And the water eject tone introduced with Series 2 is deeper now with the speaker change.

The side button is used for toggling power, activating the emergency SOS mode, and launching Apple Pay and the app launching dock so the Apple Watch needs it. But it doesn’t have to look so button-y, especially since the Apple Watch set up tutorial tells you it’s there.

One small step back with this change is using the side button as a snooze button with Nightstand Mode and alarms. It still works, but it’s not quite as natural. I’ll take this tradeoff for the visual improvement though.

The Digital Crown replaces the red dot with a more subtle red ring on LTE models; GPS-only models have an even less noticeable black ring. It also features haptic feedback for the first time. This is turned on by default, but you can disable it for the previous experience.

In other areas, haptic feedback seems to be mapped to each tick mark on the Digital Crown, not the content on the watch screen. This disconnection is strange to me. It’s a neat trick, but I much prefer haptic feedback mapped to on-screen elements and used in subtle ways over arbitrarily firing off with each spin regardless of what’s being shown.

Watch faces


Infograph is an information dense watch face that shows up to eight complications around an analog clock.

Four center complications fit within circles larger than complications on other watch faces. The top center complication can even show text within the tick marks of the clock. You can also use a new Favorites complication to show favorited contacts from the Phone app on iPhone — sort of a throwback to the Friends circle mapped to the side button on the original Apple Watch software.

Other new center complications introduced on the Infograph face include air quality index, Earth, moon, solar, solar system, UV index, and wind speed.

The outer four complication spots introduce a new corner complication style that uses a gauge to show information like high, low, and current temperature, timer progress, and more. This complication style is a very clever way of showing more information in a tight space while still being legible.

New corner complication options from Apple include air quality index and UV index, new data points in the Weather app on watchOS 5.

I found that it’s easy to spend a lot of time tinkering with the Infograph face considering how many customization options it has. This is a good problem to have — especially as more apps update to work with the new watch face.

I especially like using the task manager Things on the top center complication so the next task can appear in text around the dial and the circle complication can be a progress ring. I’m using Carrot Weather (with all the snark turned off) to add a humidity gauge to one of the corner complications.

A lot of users just want to launch apps from complications, not see information, so one fix for the variety limitation could be fitting app icons in the center slots. This could apply to the next watch face too.

Infograph Modular

Apple Watch Series 4 introduces a new digital watch face called Infograph Modular. This features a digital clock for the time, an optional slot above that for the day and date, four circular complications, and a new large slot that lets apps show almost anything. Three circular complications sit below the large slot, one circular complication above it.

This is my new favorite Apple Watch face. I used to use Activity Digital primarily with the date, current temperature, and Workout complications around the Activity rings and digital clock.

Activity Digital shows seconds, not just hours and minutes, and Infograph Modular can’t do that yet. I wish it could. But I’ve otherwise created a better watch face for tracking my activity progress throughout the day.

I can see the current, high, and low temperature in one slot, my Activity rings in another, and view an updating chart of my activity progress with numbers on the same face that shows the day and date, launches the Workout app, and even shows me my task progress with Things.

Full Screen

Infograph and Infograph Modular are the only watch faces that are totally unique to the new Apple Watch, but several watch faces have versions exclusive to Series 4.

Fire and Water, Liquid Metal, and Vapor are all new to watchOS 5 in circular mode, but only Series 4 has the more sophisticated full screen option. This lets the elements move around the corners of the display and the tick marks for each hour of the analog clock.

Kaleidoscope also gains the full screen option, and Color gains full screen and circular modes with watchOS 5.1 (currently in beta). These full screen modes look great on the new corner-to-corner display, but they remove the option to use any complications.

Personally, I’ve been using the water-only version of Fire and Water in full screen mode after completing my Activity rings as a way to reward myself and unwind. These full screen faces are visually pleasing but completely opposite of information dense faces.

Legacy faces

It may be inaccurate to describe all other watch faces as legacy, but that’s what most of them feel like on Series 4 — especially the new 44mm size. Some are updated with rounded complications where text used to be vertical, others remove the background label in a subtle way, and some complication slots are unchanged.

The Siri watch face is simply larger which is nice for reading at a glance. Most other watch faces feel like they would have been designed more like Infograph and Infograph Modular if they were created today.

There are a few watch faces that do feel like they were made for the Series 4 that could fit into the full screen category though: Photos and Timelapse.

These faces used to reveal the thick bezel around the boxy watch face on older watches. Now they absolutely shine. I see Photos used as a watch face commonly in the wild so I think a lot of Series 4 users will enjoy it even more now.

Invisible features

So much of what I have to say about Apple Watch Series 4 is about how the watch itself looks and how watch faces respond to the new display because other major changes can’t be seen — at least yet.

The accelerometer and gyroscope have been upgraded which likely improves activity tracking, but not in a way that fixes something that was broken. Apple Watch Series 3 is already fantastic at this.

Fall detection

The upgrade does power newly added fall detection however. This feature intelligently detects when someone wearing Series 4 falls, presents an option to call emergency services or dismiss the alert, then automatically calls emergency services and notifies your emergency contact if you don’t respond within one minute of a detected fall.

Fall detection is turned off by default if you’re under 65. Apple says that’s because younger people often participate in activity that could be mistaken for a fall, like playing sports, but you can turn it on manually.

I frequently run with my Apple Watch and AirPods and nothing else. I stopped carrying my iPhone on runs when it gained LTE with Series 3. Fall detection and automatically alerting emergency services appeals to even me as a 27-year-old. The thought of stumbling during a run or even being clipped by a car in a hit-and-run is a real concern.

Apple warns that every fall cannot be detected, of course, but it’s a feature that has the potential to save lives.


Apple Watch Series 4 will introduce the ability to take an electrocardiogram with the new ECG app in a future software update, but it’s not a feature that’s available at launch. This feature uses the upgraded heart rate sensor and Digital Crown to work. Here’s what Apple says about the new ECG feature:

Like fall detection, the benefits of having a built-in ECG reader aren’t obvious in everyday use for a lot of users. But I’m certain Apple Watch Series 4 and the new ECG app will provide useful health information to customers who otherwise may go without crucial health data.

Update 12/7: The new ECG app and irregular heart rate detection features are now available in the United States for users 22 and older. The app is very easy to use and makes it possible to share results with your doctor using the Health app on the iPhone.


I’ll end with a collection of observations from testing Apple Watch Series 4 in no specific order:

Most of the functionality feels the same, but the enhanced Siri waveform that responds to audio input improves the user experience; Dictation still needs to be responsive

Series 4 is faster than Series 3, but the leap from older Apple Watches is much more dramatic

Some on-screen elements are truncated or even hidden behind the bezel on the 40mm version of Apple Watch Series 4 at launch, but not on the 44mm version (see the Heart app, Calendar corner complication on Infograph, and months with five weeks in Calendar app)

Apps that haven’t updated for Apple Watch Series 4 aren’t full screen yet; 44mm runs 42mm apps, and 40mm runs 38mm apps

No built-in sleep tracking, always-on display (even for the time), or camera, but the 44mm display is the first screen that feels suitable for a video call — view a portrait in the Photos app to experience

The packaging change is curious — will we see watches and bands sold in more combinations in the future?

Calendar’s ‘NO EVENTS’ placeholder text has to go — that’s a dealbreaker on Infograph for me (and it truncates as a corner complication on 40mm)

After a full year of being able to make phone calls on the Apple Watch without an iPhone nearby, you still can’t leave the Phone app during a call

I really want the six iPhone XR colors (black, white, red, blue, yellow, and coral) to replace space gray, silver, and gold aluminum finishes — white is technically still silver, but space gray is starting to look dated and matte black would be cool … and all those other colors

Apple Watch has become a lot of things for me.

It quantifies how much activity I need throughout the day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It keeps me connected to friends and family even when I want to break my iPhone addiction and leave it behind. And it’s my workout partner with Siri, Apple Music, and Apple Podcasts streaming on LTE.

These were true of Apple Watch Series 3, and they’re just as true if not more with Apple Watch Series 4 — but the big reward this year is I absolutely love how the Apple Watch looks and feels. And I have no doubt the invisible features will prove their potential in time.

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Apple Watch Ultra: Release Date, Price & Features

The case is made from titanium and it rises up to surround the completely flat screen, which is made from sapphire crystal (as found on iPhone cameras). This should help to protect the Watch Ultra’s screen from damage while you’re rock climbing.

The display, which measures 49mm across (1.93 inches) is twice as bright as any previous Apple wearable, capable of 2000 nits. That should help you see which direction to go even in the brightest condition.

Plus, there’s a new orange button – the action button. This does (almost) whatever you want it to. For example, you can press it to drop a waypoint along your route, so you can find your way back later.


There’s a dual-frequency GPS which supports L1 and L5 frequencies. Along with new positioning algorithms, it’s the most accurate GPS in an Apple Watch yet. But should you still get lost or run into serious trouble, there’s an 86dB siren that can alert rescue teams to your position.

The crown and side button have been re-designed: they’re more prominent and can be used while wearing gloves. And talking of gloves, the Ultra is tested to work in temperatures from  -4° F (-20° C) to 131° F (55° C). It’s also certified to military-spec standards for things such as low pressure (altitude), temperature shock, contamination by fluids, humidity, sand and dust, freeze/thaw, freezing rain, plus shock and vibration.


Apple has added a second speaker for louder sound, and there are three microphones so those you call can better hear you.

Call you can, because all Ultras have built-in cellular connectivity. However, the rumoured satellite comms aren’t present, so you’ll still need to be close enough to civilisation to get a phone signal.

One rumour that turned out to be true is that the Ultra has a larger battery than a standard Apple Watch which can provide up to 36 hours of ‘normal’ use. But if you won’t be able to charge it for longer than that, there’s a power-saving mode which extends that up to 60 hours at the cost of lower-frequency GPS updates and heart rate readings.


Apple says you can wear your Watch Ultra for “recreational diving”, which means up to 40m / 130 feet. It also has a new depth gauge which works with a new Depth app to provide the current depth, water temperature, duration under water and the maximum depth reached.

It also has all the usual Apple Watch features including ECG and blood oxygen monitoring, and the new body temperature sensor that’s in the Series 8 which is designed to more accurately track women’s cycles, as well as the motion sensors for detecting when you’ve been involved in a car crash (and automatically calls the emergency services for you). Processing power comes from the same chip in the Series 8, too.


The Watch Ultra runs watchOS 9, which includes a redesigned compass app that has three views. One is a hybrid that shows an analogue and digital compass, but another displays your latitude, longitude, elevation and incline, while the third is an ‘orienteering view’ that displays waypoints and Backtrack.

The latter uses GPS to trace your route to the current position, so you can go back the way you came if you become disoriented.

23 September 2023

You can buy Apple Watch Ultra from Apple now, following general release on 23 September. We also have a full article on where to buy the Apple Watch Ultra if you’re tempted.

It’s available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, the UAE, the UK, the US and 40 other countries.

In the US it’s $799, but UK buyers will pay £849.

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Opinion: It’s Time For Apple To Discontinue The Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 was announced in September 2023 alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and while it didn’t come with a new design, Series 3 brought important enhancements, like a faster processor and the cellular version. Nearly four years later, Series 3 is still available in stores — but perhaps it’s time for Apple to discontinue it for good.

When Apple Watch Series 3 was introduced, it brought a long-awaited feature, which is the ability to receive and make phone calls without an iPhone nearby. Series 3 also features the S3 chip, which is 70% faster than the S2 chip found in the Apple Watch Series 2. While these were great improvements at the time, it doesn’t seem that the Apple Watch Series 3 has aged all that well.

Even after the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE in September last year, Apple still sells the Apple Watch Series 3 as a cheaper option of its smartwatch — which starts at $199 in the US. However, the decision to keep Series 3 for another year may not have been a good idea.

Why Apple Watch Series 3 is bad in 2023

Despite Apple’s efforts to keep the Apple Watch Series 3 updated with the latest and greatest software, the hardware simply can no longer handle new versions of watchOS. An article from The Verge published on Tuesday highlights exactly what I’m talking about. “Updating an Apple Watch Series 3 is a nightmare in 2023,” says the publication.

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. As the report points out, it has become nearly impossible to install watchOS updates on Series 3 without having to restore the entire device first. This is because the GPS version of the Series 3 only has 8GB of internal storage, which is not enough to run watchOS 7 with apps, music, and other user content.

I constantly hear from friends who own an Apple Watch Series 3 that they always get the same error when trying to install system updates. watchOS tells them that there isn’t enough storage space, even when they don’t have any third-party apps installed or music stored. According to Apple, the not-so-user-friendly solution is to completely restore all Apple Watch data and settings to install the latest version of watchOS.

This only hurts the user experience

Well, it’s hard to say because only Apple has the answer to that, but most likely, the company wanted something to say that you can buy an Apple Watch for just $199. It’s definitely amazing to hear that there’s an Apple Watch that costs this cheap, but you shouldn’t buy a Series 3 in 2023, even with the lower price.

So what should Apple do now? If the company really cares about the user experience, it should discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3 while it can. And by that, I mean before it announces watchOS 8 at WWDC 2023. It makes no sense to keep forcing users into a bad experience just to brag about the $199 price tag or to say that older Apple Watch models can still get software updates.

Read also:

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The Top 8 Important Apple Watch First Generation Features

Apple Watch first generation Features Tips and Trick –

Apple Watch’s first generation is a wearable gadget developed by Apple Inc. It is more than a normal watch can offer, hence the coin as the smartwatch. This watch has integrated health-related functionality, such as distance walking or running, amount of calories consumed, caffeine intake, blood pressure, heartbeat, and in some cases, quality of sleep.

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It was first introduced on September 9, 2014, along with iPhone 6 at a press conference. Apple released a watch officially on April 24, 2024.

It is integrated with iOS; hence, you can connect well with your Apple product and services such as Mac, iPhone, iTunes account, etc. Apple Watch’s first generation is the only product developed by Apple that comes under wearable technology. This smartwatch device is available in three different categories (shown in screenshots A, B, and C):

Watch Sport

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Edition

Configuration :

Let us check the configuration for the Apple Watch’s first generation.

The Apple Watch first generation can cost you somewhere between US $ 350 to US $10,000 depending upon the Apple watch model and version you are purchasing.

The back part is made up of Composite for Sports model and Ceramics for Watch / Watch edition model.

Two versions are available, 38 mm and 42 mm

Dimension for 38 mm is 6 * 33.3 * 10.5 mm (in l*w*h format) whereas for 42 mm is 42 * 35.9 * 10.5 mm

The screen for the Sports model is made up of Strengthened Ion-X glass, and Watch, Watch edition model is made up of Sapphire crystal.

Battery for 38 mm is 205 mAh, and 42 mm is 246 mAh. Once charged, it can last up to 18 hours.

OS used is Apply Watch OS 2.0, has been announced at WWDC 2024 keynote.

Storage is 8 GB distributed as 2 GB for music and 75 MB for photos

Let’s check the feature that Apple Watch first generation offers:


Time Travel

Apple Pay

Read Mail


FaceTime calls

Health and Fitness tracking


1. Siri

You can get help from an Apple device using Siri. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant built for the iOS platform by Apple Inc. This is available on iPhones from iPhone 4S onwards. If you are familiar with Siri on iPhone, then using this feature on the first Apple Watch will be easy.

Below are steps to use Siri on Apple Watch first generation :

– Raise your wrist and bring it close to your mouth.

– Long-press the Digital Crown (present on the right side of the watch) on the Apple Watch first generation to activate Siri.

– Ask Siri any question you wish to. For example, Hey Siri, remind me to attend the meeting after lunch hours.

There might be a situation when Siri won’t work on your Apple Watch first generation. This may be due to any one of the reasons:

– You have navigated to the watch face by pressing Digital Crown from another view.

– The microphone of the Apple Watch first generation might be blocked. This is present on the sides of the casing. If you have woolen clothes covering the sides of the watch, it may not activate Siri.

2. Time Travel

Sometimes smartwatch becomes difficult to operate because of their small size. Apple has taken care of this problem by providing a cool feature called Digital Crown.

It is a knob present on the watch’s right edge (shown in screenshot 1) that acts like a home button similar to an iPhone device. When you press on Digital Crown, you return to the main screen. You can zoom into any apps or scroll through options in the interface by turning on Digital Crown.

Apple announced Time Travel – a new feature in watchOS2, at WWDC 2024 keynote. Time Travel allows you to see the list of future stuff, such as whether today evening, meeting scheduled post lunch, etc.

You can travel in the future by rotating Digital Crown in the clockwise direction, whereas rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction will take you to the past. While performing this Time Travel, you can return to the current time by pressing Digital Crown. It also lets you see what has happened, such as yesterday’s weather, meetings attended, etc.

3. Apple Pay

Apple Inc has introduced a mobile payment and digital wallet service called Apple Pay. It allows users to make payments using compatible devices. Below is the list of devices that conforms to Apple Pay specifications :

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c

iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3

Apple Watch first generation

Apple Pay uses the service to communicate wirelessly with the point of Apple Watch’s first-generation sales systems: Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna, Apple’s Touch ID, and Passbook.

To make payment at the store using iPhone, just hold your device near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID (applicable for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus). Using this, you don’t even have to look at the screen to know your details of payment. When payment is successful, a subtle vibration and beep occur.

4. Read the Mail

WatchOS allows you to read mail on your Apple Watch right away. Handling emails on Apple Watch seems to be quite unfeasible due to screen size. However, there may be a scenario in which you need to read email at the earliest; hence, this feature of the Apple Watch comes to your rescue.

You can read emails right from Apple Watch functions. It supports Data detectors that allow you to tap on the phone number or addresses to launch the automatic app from an email.

Below are the steps to read the email from your Apple Watch Tips :

Press Digital Crown and navigate to the home screen

Locate the Mail app icon

Open mail with a single tap on it

Scroll your inbox using Digital Crown viz, clockwise for scroll-down and anti-clock for scroll-up. You can also use your fingers, viz, drag your finger up for scroll-up and finger down for scroll-down on the watch screen.

The single tap on the email you want to read

Operations such as marking an email as unread, flagging it, or trashing it can be performed from the email body itself.

If you want to reply to mail immediately, you have to switch to iPhone or Mac device. This is because emails on Apple Watch are in read-only mode. Some emails won’t be displayed on the Apple Watch device.

IOS 8 provides a Handoff feature. This feature allows you to open the same mail on another device, such as iPhone or Mac, so you can immediately reply to emails. In such a scenario, you must switch to iPhone or Mac device.

In the case of the iPhone device, you can see the Handoff mail app icon in the lower-left corner of the screen (shown in screenshot 6). On the other hand, in OS X Yosemite, you can see the Handoff mail app icon at the front of the Apple watch dock (shown in screenshot 7).

5. Nightstand

WatchOS 2, announced in WWDC 2024 keynote, has introduced apple watch new feature called Nightstand mode for Apple Watch. This allows you to use Apple Watch as a timepiece while Apple watches charge during bedtime. This can replace your bedside alarm clock literally. While in nightstand mode apple watch switches to landscape mode, giving a better view of time.

This model has zero reconfigurability i.e.. It’s either on or off. When it is on, you can see a digital clock in the center with the date and time details below, a battery indicator depicting the percentage charged in the upper right corner, an alarm icon in the upper left corner if you have set the alarm (shown in screenshot 8).

Become an iOS developer that turns ideas into tangible apps. Developing and enhancing a world-class iOS mobile application. Get hands-on experience in using the best technologies for app creation.

Become an iOS developer that turns ideas into tangible apps. Developing and enhancing a world-class iOS mobile application. Get hands-on experience in using the best technologies for app creation.

6. FaceTime Call

FaceTime allows you to make video calls from the device. Apple announced the FaceTime feature for Apple Watch in its WWDC 2024 keynote.

This new FaceTime camera will be built into the Apple Watch’s top bezel, allowing users to make and receive FaceTime calls on the move via their wrists. The coming WatchOS2 will have a new FaceTime Audio feature for Wi-Fi-based calling.

It also allows Apple Watch users to reject or answer FaceTime video calls directly through any paired iPhone or iPad device (shown in screenshot 9).

7. Health and Fitness Tracking

Apple Watch functions include new health and fitness features that can help in keeping track of your health. This feature is really great with all the health-related statistics on your wrist. It can count the number of steps, your caffeine intake, count your calories, your blood pulse, and even monitor your heart rate.

You can set a calorie goal with Activity for Apple Watch (shown in screenshot 11). This goal contains only active calories and not resting ones. The Apple Watch functions will distinguish between calories you burn by simply being alive and those you burn using brisk walking or workout at the gym.

You can even see the total step count of the day right inside the Activity app.

Apple Watch functions have an inbuilt heart rate sensor that makes calorie counts during workouts (shown in screenshot 12). By default, the Apple Watch functions will check your heart rate every ten minutes. However, you can change this setting in the Activity app. You can manually check your heart rate anytime from this Activity app.

8. Transit

Transit allows you to navigate your city smoothly by providing directions. Tap on the Transit app to open it up. It’ll give you the button to get directions to your home or office and another button that provides locations where you’ve traveled recently.

The rest of the screen scrolls through the nearest public transit stops, only displaying the transit options (such as subway, bus, trains, etc.).

Once you get desired directions from Transit, the entire journey is displayed on one screen in a simple, condensed manner. If you want to know more about a specific location, just tap on that specific step to pull up a map.

The plus point of Transit is that it displays the entire list of steps on one scrolling screen.

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12 Tips To Improve Battery Life On Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 seems to be a complete smartwatch –  in more ways than one. But there is one department where the wearable device still lags behind is the battery life. While the claimed 18 hours of battery life may prove to be more than enough for many, they might not be enough for power users including those who love to listen to music during rigorous workouts. Even though I don’t claim to be a power user, my smartwatch has barely gone past 13 – 14 hours. Moreover, there have also been situations where I would be completely taken aback by the rapid battery draining on my Apple Watch. And I guess, I’m not alone who is complaining about this issue. If my personal experience is sounding familiar to you, try out these tips to improve battery life on your Apple Watch Series 5.

Tips to Improve to Battery Life on Apple Watch Series 5

First and foremost, do keep in mind that reducing power consumption involves some trade-offs. But if you don’t mind giving up on some helpful yet power-hungry features, you can extend the battery life of your watchOS device. To ensure, your user-experience doesn’t take a hit, I have mostly targetted the features you can live without. And the ones that might affect your personal usage have been red-listed so that you can decide whether to keep them enabled or put them off until the battery of the smartwatch returns to normal. Having said that, let’s get started with the tips!

1. Disable “Always on Display”

2. Limit Animation

3. Take Control of Notifications

Going forward, your Apple Watch will no longer mirror alerts from the specific apps of your paired iPhone.

4. Reduce Transparency

5.Disable Auto-Play Message Effects

6. Make the Most of Greyscale Mode

7. Turn off Background App Refresh

8. Turn off Automatic App Install and Updates

9. Disable “Wake Screen” on Wrist Raise

10. Decrease Auto-Lock Time

The longer the screen of your smartwatch remains awake, the more battery it will consume. Hence, try to decrease the auto-lock time. watchOS offers you to choose from three options: 15 seconds, 70 seconds and Always. Make sure to select either 15 or 70 seconds if you want to cut down the unnecessary power usage.

11. Take Advantage of Theater Mode

Times when you are enjoying a movie or some fun-filled games with your loved ones, be sure to enable Theater Mode to keep the smartwatch silent and dark. As a result, even when the Wake Screen is active, the watch screen won’t wake. Simply swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch to access the Control Center. Now,  tap on the Theather Mode icon to turn it on.

12. Enable Power Saving Mode

Though enabling “Workout Power Saving Mode” could be immensely pivotal in maximizing the battery life of your Apple Watch Series 5, I want to leave the decision to you as it involves some trade-offs. Well, when this feature is enabled, the Always-on Display and the built-in heart rate sensor during walking and running workouts are automatically turned off. While Apple says that the Bluetooth-connected heart-rate monitors are not affected, calculations for energy burned in some workouts may be less accurate. If you think that these trade-offs are worth the you can turn it on to improve the battery life on Apple Watch.

Note: On this very screen, you should see yet another helpful feature that automatically pauses running workouts when you stop moving and kickstarts when you start your workout again. It could also be quite helpful in extending the battery life of your device. To enable this feature, simply turn on the toggle for Running Auto Pause. 

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Improve the Battery Life of Your Apple Watch

So, that’s how you can take control of all the power-hungry features of your Apple Wath and help the battery last longer. Of course, some of the tricks do involve some trade-offs but they are worth embracing especially during the times your smartwatch needs to last longer. Have any feedback for us? Feel free to send that across.

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