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Are you prepared to up the stakes and compete in the betting world? Go no further than ONWIN, bet365, and Bwin, the three elite betting websites. Each of these bookies has distinctive qualities that make them a fantastic option for both novice and seasoned gamblers. In order to assist you in choosing, we’ll evaluate and contrast the benefits of each in this post. Now let’s get started and see which of these betting websites wins!

Better Odds with ONWIN:

Despite being a newcomer, ONWIN is quickly establishing a reputation for providing better odds than most other betting websites. Compared to their rivals, you may well be able to earn larger payments with them. They also provide a wide variety of sports to gamble on, including horse racing, tennis, and football. Also, their website is simple to use and browse, so you won’t have any problem discovering what you’re searching for, even if you’re new to the world of online betting.

Cryptocurrency Deposits:

Odds and Payouts:

When it comes to odds and payouts, ONWIN is the clear winner. They have better odds than the majority of other betting websites, as was already said; thus, using them might result in you winning more money. It’s important to note that Bwin and bet365 also provide competitive odds and payouts, so it truly depends on your own preferences and the sports you bet on. Before making your bets, it is usually a good idea to evaluate the odds and rewards offered by several bookmakers.

bet365 – The Experienced Choice

Bet365 is the company to choose if you’re seeking a bookmaker with a solid reputation and a following of devoted customers. They have been in business since 2000, and their sports betting platform has garnered various honors. They provide live streaming of events along with a wide variety of sports, including some less common ones like handball and futsal. Also, they have one of the greatest mobile apps in the industry, allowing you to place bets easily while on the move.

Bwin – Where Entertainment Meets Betting

Another reputable bookmaker that has been since the late 1990s is Bwin. They are a fantastic option for supporters of the beautiful game because of their significant emphasis on football. A wide variety of other sports are also available for gambling, as well as a virtual sports section if you’re feeling very daring. But what truly distinguishes them is their welcome bonus. New customers can get up to £20 in free bets when they sign up, which is a great way to start off your betting journey.

The Best User Experience? To Conclude

What bookmaker should you pick, then? In the end, everything comes down to your choices and priorities. ONWIN is the obvious choice if you’re seeking superior odds and the ability to deposit using cryptocurrencies. If you want a bookmaker with a long-standing reputation and a fantastic user experience, bet365 is the one for you. And if you’re a football fan looking for a generous welcome bonus, Bwin is worth checking out.

Regardless of the bookmaker you pick, always play sensibly and within your means. Avoid letting the thrill of the game impair your judgment or tempt you to place unwise wagers. With the appropriate mentality and a bit of luck, you may enjoy the excitement of online betting while keeping control of your finances.

For more information on OnWin, please visit the following links:

You're reading Raising The Stakes: Comparing Betting Websites For High Rollers: Onwin, Bet365, Or Bwin?

The Hidden Opportunity For Ecommerce Websites In Google Images

Around three-quarters of U.S. internet users regularly or always search for visual content prior to making a purchase, according to eMarketer; only 3% never do.

When it comes to shopping online, product images create a positive experience for potential customers.

Many experts share that featuring multiple professional images for a product helps reduce customer uncertainty, resulting in improved conversion and lower return rates.

Google Images search share is approximately 26% of overall search, according to Jumpshot and Moz.

Optimized product images can drive new customer acquisition for ecommerce websites. Connecting discovery of up-to-date and accurate product information like images is key to completing a successful buyer experience on Google Images.

Here’s why Google Images offers a great opportunity to acquire new quality traffic.

Google Images: What Changed?

Google partnered with Getty Images to create a new search results experience for Google Images users.

As result of this partnership, Google announced two major changes to image search that change how Google displays indexed images and refers traffic to publishers.

Moving forward, Google is removing the option to “View Image” and replacing it with “Visit Site”, theoretically shifting traffic from Google Search to publisher sites, as evidenced by Google’s Danny Sullivan in the following tweet:

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) February 15, 2023

Ecommerce marketing professionals have a tremendous opportunity to create a new or improved channel for customer acquisition through Google Image Search.

Here are three ways to optimize your product images and get them indexed in Google search for high-quality traffic with purchase intent.

1. Nail the Basics of Image Optimization

Descriptive file names are key to getting your product images found.

Also, you’ll want to add optimized alternate text. Image alt attributes are a must for ecommerce websites in case an image doesn’t load.

Google also uses the alt text to understand image context which has been confirmed by the Google webmaster team.

A great example is how MVMT Watches names their product images.

As shown in the below example of MVMT watches, if someone searches for “gunmetal watch”, MVMT owns the first organic result in Google Images search, largely due to proper use of naming and image alt text.

For more help with the basics of image optimization, see 14 Important Image SEO Tips You Need to Know.

2. Markup Your Images with Schema

Using structured markup to enable rich product images and product attributes lets brands attract potential searchers while they are searching for items to buy on Google or images that include products you sell.

Maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find the relevant, current items they’re looking for.

Make Google Images your storefront window with structured markup. A must for any ecommerce brand or retailer is adding structured data markup to websites and ensure Google understands the product images and related attributes.

Google suggests adding markup to your product pages so they can provide detailed product information in rich search results, including Google Images. High intent searchers can see product price, availability, and review ratings displayed on search results.

Google has enabled a new report for ‘Products’ in Search Console for ecommerce sites that use structured markup to annotate their product information.

This new report allows a brand or search marketer to see any pending issues for markup on your site. Once an issue is fixed, the report can be used to validate the resolution of your issues by recrawling your affected pages. Learn more about the rich result status reports.

3. Show Your Product Information in Google Search & Google Images

Another must for any marketing professional working with a retailer or ecommerce website is having accurate information about your products show up in Google Search and Google Images.

With the recent changes to Google product feeds, you can now update your product information in real-time to match related queries from high intent searches or buyers.

The new expansion of the Google product feed is boon for retail brands and marketers looking to properly display their product information (like images) in real-time.

Imagine a fast fashion brand that changes its product inventory quarterly or brands offering exclusive or limited edition products that they launch and sunset on Google Search and Images.

Marketers can now easily upload their product feed and images to Google’s Merchant Center making them eligible for immediate display in search results for web and images search.

The product information (like images) is ranked based on the relevance to search queries from the user, and best of all, it’s free to use. This functionality is now available to brands in the US with additional countries rolling out soon.

4. Show Your Product Images in Google Knowledge Cards

New for 2023 is Google giving manufacturers more control over their brand and product information.

Brands that manufacture their own products, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and/or B2B companies will attest that getting their product images to show accurately in Google is imperative for discovery in their category and overall brand awareness.

Another recent announcement from Google is the ability to update your product information (like Images) through their Google Manufacturer Center.

You can now update your product description, variants, and rich content like images and videos that can show on the product’s knowledge panel.

5. Leverage Your Customers for Authentic Images

Harness the power of user-generated content to increase trust and conversions. Add customer images throughout your ecommerce website.

Encourage your customers to post their images (with your products) to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, then repurpose that content on your product and checkout pages.

Follow brand leaders like Vanity Planet, which encourages customer engagement and shares their UGC throughout the shopper journey:

6. Compress Your Images

Last but not least, ensure that your images load fast and are optimized for speed.

There are many tools, such as TinyPNG, that help you compress your website images.

Also, most hosting platforms offer CDN services for fast delivery. An optimized file size improves your odds for indexing in Google Images.

Properly followed and executed, these six image search tactics can give your ecommerce website a boost in traffic and sales.

Image Credits

Fix Adobe Cef Helper High Memory Or Cpu Usage

Adobe CEF chúng tôi a process that renders various components of the Creative Cloud applications, can cause high CPU or Memory usage issues on your Windows 11/10 computer, when not installed properly. Once you start the software, it will run in the background doing routine checks to verify if all your programs are up-to-date. This application is known to consume a high amount of CPU resources even when it is idle.

What is Adobe CEF Helper.exe?

Adobe CEF Helper (Adobe Chromium Embedded Framework Helper) is a processing service that is used to render various components by several Adobe creative cloud applications. When you use Creative Cloud applications, you will see separate and multiple processes with similar and same names are running in the background. The processes depend on the Adobe CEF Helper required during runtime and the complete rendering process.

The Creative Cloud desktop app has several individual components inside its user interface, such as the Apps tab, the Files tab, and the Discover tab. Adobe CEF Helper is a process that renders these components of the Creative Cloud desktop app. CEF helper is important to run the Creative Cloud desktop app.

The legit file is generally found here:

C:Program FilesAdobe SystemsAdobe Creative Cloud

C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobe

Users have always claimed that the Adobe CEF helper application uses a high amount of CPU resources, resulting in device issues like screen freezes, lags, and glitches when the software is active on the computer. Hence, many times they believe it is a virus but that is not the case. Adobe CEF Helper is used by an application to render any project before its export, resulting in high consumption of the CPU and GPU of the device.

Fix Adobe CEF Helper High Memory or CPU usage

You can follow the next list of solutions to resolve this issue.

Restart your computer and see

Run SFC scan

Temporarily disable your antivirus program

Update Windows OS

Uninstall & reinstall Adobe CEF Helper

Let us look at these solutions in more detail.

1] Restart your computer and see

Restart your computer and see – maybe it will resolve the issue.

2] Run SFC scan

Type the following command and press Enter:


Once the process is complete, restart your PC and check if the changes are applied. SFC automatically detects and repairs corrupted files and directories on your PC.

3] Temporarily disable your antivirus program

In case you have installed any other antivirus program, you can disable it using the above-mentioned steps or similar steps.

4] Update Windows OS

An older version of Windows can also be an issue and, it can be easily fixed by updating the operating system. The error will mostly be fixed in future iterations.

5] Uninstall & reinstall Adobe CEF Helper

If you are sure you do not need it you can uninstall the program via Settings or Control Panel. Look for Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop and uninstall it.

Restart your computer.

Next, we recommend that you visit the chúng tôi page and download the latest version of V and install it on your computer again.

We hope the above-mentioned instructions are useful in fixing the high CPU usage issues due to Adobe CEF Helper. Do let us know in case of any queries.

How to stop Adobe CEF Helper from running in the background?

Do the following to disable  from running at startup automatically:

Open Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop

Under General, toggle the switch against Launch Creative Cloud at login to the Off position

How to remove Creative Cloud from Windows?

You can uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud using the Windows 11/10 Settings panel:

Open Settings

Select Adobe Creative Cloud

Hope this helps.

38 Of The Best Free Stock Photo Websites For 2023

Here’s a list of online resources and websites where you’ll find free stock photos for your social media posts, website, or other marketing channels.

You might be the most amazing social media manager in the world, with an impeccable social strategy and well-honed posting schedule — but that doesn’t mean you know how to take a picture. Maybe you should be looking into free stock photography instead.

That’s okay! We’re not blaming you! We can’t all be good at everything. (For example: even Grammy-winner Michael Bublé doesn’t know how to eat corn like a normal human.)

Even if you’ve studied up on how to take good Instagram photos, sometimes it’s just best to leave imagery to the professionals. Which is where free stock photos come in.

And, lucky for you, the internet is chock-a-block with gorgeous, royalty-free, copyright-free photos, just waiting for a chance to dazzle your followers.

In fact, we’ve managed to round up 38 (thirty eight!) of the best free stock photo websites to share with you. So if you’re looking for photos for commercial use that don’t cost a penny but will make your social feeds look like a million bucks, read on.

(Looking for free stock video sites? We’ve got you covered there, too.)

Bonus: Get the always-up-to-date social media image size cheat sheet. The free resource includes recommended photo dimensions for every type of image on every major network.

How to know if a stock photo is free to use

Before you go on a shopping spree (or… whatever it’s called when the thing you’re shopping for is totally free), it’s important to clearly understand how to know if a stock photo is free to use.

If you accidentally share something that doesn’t give you commercial rights, you might be in violation of copyright law — which could mean some serious consequences for your brand, or even you personally.

And unfortunately, “I didn’t know” won’t fly as a legal defense.

So look for clear descriptions on the stock photo website that say “commercial use allowed,” “commercial use and modifications allowed,” or “no known copyright restrictions.”

Anything licensed under the Creative Commons or public domain is fair game too.

But when in doubt, read the fine print.

You can dig more into understanding image copyright here, but here’s a handy flowchart that cuts to the chase:

Source: Hootsuite

And now, onto the good stuff: free resources for social media photos that will wow your followers and get those likes rolling in.

38 free stock photo websites

Gorgeous, editorial style pics are everywhere here. Photographers upload their content in hopes of catching someone’s eye for future paid work. In the meantime, low- or no-budget brands can benefit from the wealth of stylish shots. Not sure what to search for? Browse featured collections like “Athletics,” “Travel,” or “Technology” to spark some inspiration.

Gratisography is really pushing the whimsy here. Download any of their free high-resolution stock photos for whatever use you want, thanks to a “peace of mind” license. Lots of illustrations are available, too.

Source: Gratisography

Find free photos, vectors and videos courtesy of Adobe, which all meet the exact same licensing standards as the company’s paid content. Some shots look a little more posed and stock photo-y than others… but maybe that’s what you’re going for!

Source: Adobe Stock Free Collection

You guessed it: more free stock photos for editorial or commercial use. No attribution required at all here, so if you don’t want to give credit to the person who shot this person holding a pumpkin, you don’t have to.

Source: Pikwizard

RawPixel has a decent collection of Public Domain images (either photos that have fallen out of copyright, or has been dedicated to the public domain). You might find just what you’re looking for here… though you do need to sign up with a free account to get it.

Instantly download free high-resolution stock photos. Good news, because when you’re in a rush to get that Instagram post scheduled, sometimes there’s no time to log-in!

Source: Splitshire

Shopify wants its clients to have nice looking websites, so they’ve helped ‘em out with a collection of sleek, high-quality photos. A lot are (surprise) retail or service focused.

25,000-plus photos and 1,500-plus vector illustrations are at your fingertips here… including this chubby sea lion!

Pixabay has some beautiful shots… millions of them, in fact. What more do you need to know?

Sometimes, you want your free stock photo site to focus. FoodiesFeed exclusively offers beautiful food photos. Not a great place to be looking if you’re reading this round-up just before lunch, FYI.

Hundreds of new, free, high-resolution stock photos are added weekly here, in categories like “Nature,” “Dog,” and “Family.”

Talented creators share their best free stock photos on Pexels. You can even explore the most-viewed photos for a hint of what’s really resonating with audiences at any given moment.

Seven new stock photos are uploaded each week. It’s a mixed bag, but they’re all beautiful… and, as you probably guessed, they’re all free.

While they do have images of barns, they also have images of other things: hands holding cell phones, beautiful vistas, and cups of coffee on a messy office desk.

Three photographer pals create stock images in their spare time. You’ll find a lot of documentary-style shots here, which can give a social feed a much-needed dose of authenticity.

Okay, I’m going to start getting repetitive at a certain point, because it’s hard to say something new about another collection of royalty-free images and stock photos. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing a little search here for some Insta-inspo!

A “photographer of the week” feature puts the spotlight on Life of Pix’s talented contributors weekly.

Photographer Jay Matri has made a large selection of his photos available for free commercial use (“Do anything,” he says). We hope you like trees and waves!

No restrictions on any of the ISO Republic photography — download to your hearts’ content and get to posting.

Self-described as “femine” stock photography, the collections here are airy, bright, and generally have an “Instagram influencer making smoothies in the ‘burbs” vibe. Which sometimes is exactly what you need.

People, places, things: all the usual fare you would want from a free stock photo website.

One neat distinction from IM Free is that they also offer free web templates and icons, in addition to royalty-free imagery.

Freerange promises “great photos”: what’s not to love? New free images daily.

I mean, the name really says it all, doesn’t it?

All these free stock photo websites kind of look the same too… it’s like one endless collection. But that’s good! It means you have infinite sources to find exactly what you need to build engagement.

Beautifully lit, high-resolution photos that have been “hand-picked,” whatever that means!

They’re gorgeous, they’re high-resolution, they’re (you guessed it) freeeee.

Want to give your social feeds a vintage flair? Grab some of these free historical photos from the public archives.

A lot of disembodied-hands-holding-smartphones. A lot of beaches. A lot of women in beachy hats. It’s a stock photo treasure trove!

Photographer Jan Vasek shares their work, free for websites or commercial projects.

The late photographer Nic Jackson’s work remains available to use any way you want — his family has ensured all of his images will stay accessible and open to the public.

Morgue file was started back in ‘96 as a free image exchange for creative professionals and teachers. It’s still alive and well, with images now available for anyone and everyone to use however they see fit. There’s a lot of amateur stuff here, but also lots of hidden gems.

Want Picjumbo to just choose photos for you? Sign up for their newsletter and they’ll deliver free stock to your inbox weekly.

Find stylish (and very Instagrammable) photoshoots here at Kaboom. Hot editing idea: some of the textured photos could make cool backdrops or borders for any of these other stock photos you’ve just downloaded.

To help improve representation of gender in all its forms, Vice has compiled a collection of Creative-Commons-lisenced photos of gender-diverse and non-binary models for anyone to use.

Another cool initiative to improve representation in stock photography, Nappy only features photos of Black and brown models.

Whew! If you can’t find a stock image to suit your needs in this exhaustive list of resources… well, we don’t know what to tell you. Maybe consider using a stock video instead?

Once you’ve found the perfect image, use Hootsuite to easily upload, schedule, and promote them across multiple social networks.

Get Started

Do it better with Hootsuite, the all-in-one social media tool. Stay on top of things, grow, and beat the competition.

How Displays Are Raising The Game At Sports Concession Counters

If you’re familiar with the song “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” you know that it resonates with anyone in the sports venue business. Stadium and arena operators want their fans to have a great time. They also want fans to buy a lot of peanuts and cracker jack — as well as nachos, hot dogs, soft drinks, beer and countless other items for sale at sports concession stands.

Sports concessions is a huge business, and it’s critical to the bottom lines of both professional and amateur sports around the globe. For example, more than 82,500 people attended the 2014 Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium, generating a whopping $94.60 per attendee in food and beverage revenues.

Making the Case for Digital Displays

In the last few years, the industry, which had previously had all its menus on analog signs and backlit posters, has converted to digital signage displays primarily due to the financial and experiential benefits. Compliance is the primary argument for upgrading sports concession stands with digital displays. Digital screens provide assurance that the right products and prices are displayed where and when they need to be. When screens are mapped to specific locations and managed from a central computer, worries about putting up or taking down printed material all but disappear.

In the past, when concession stands rarely sold anything other than hot dogs, popcorn and soda, signs could stay up for months or years. Changes to the menus were rarely made. Modern sports facilities, however, often host multiple teams, with multiple sponsors and multiple demographic profiles, in addition to concerts and other special events. When sales reports are generated, the tallies on what people ordered at the counter can look very different from event to event.

For instance, there are events where beer sales are big, and there are other events — such as U.S. college sports — at which beer sales are prohibited. This presents a problem for venues that have beer listed on all printed menu displays at concessions. For venues using digital displays, it’s a simple scheduling task that can be done for a season’s worth of games as soon as the schedules become available.

Digital displays also give concession stand operators much more flexibility in how food items are marketed, which is growing more important as sports venues move upmarket. Today, menus offer broad choices, including options for patrons looking for fresh, healthy foods. Leading national brands now compete for sales with regional, even local, companies. That makes for a lot more information that needs to be displayed.

Digital Displays Improve the Fan Experience

U.S. Cellular Field, home to the Chicago White Sox, has updated its concession stands from analog to digital signs, using more than one hundred 40-inch and 48-inch screens around the ballpark. The facility had been using aging backlit posters that were increasingly hard to read. Lines slowed because fans couldn’t see the menus until they neared the counter, and there was confusion when the menus were still promoting items that were out of stock. Since installing digital displays, the stadium has increased sales from coordinated promotions, decreased wait times at stands, improved overall customer satisfaction and enabled high-margin cross-promotions with the fan store.

Food services operator Delaware North, which runs the concession stands for the White Sox, said the move to digital displays made sense on many levels. “In addition to reducing costs, we really wanted to use the digital menu boards to showcase what we had around the park,” said Joey Nigro, Delaware North Sportservice’s general manager. “We conducted a return on investment analysis on the cost to maintain our existing menu boards compared to the cost of new digital displays. When looking at the numbers over a six-year period, the costs were about the same. Same cost, but better experience.”

There are two to three displays at each concession stand showing menu items and promoting other food offers around the park, something that helps balance lines before games and between innings. The displays also run promotions driving awareness of the Chicago Sports Depot, which sells White Sox fan gear.

Beyond menus and promotions, sports venues are also using concession stand screens to replay videos of highlights, so fans don’t have to miss the action. Screens are also being added at venues for things like mobile food orders and express pickup counters, notifying fans when orders are ready. Those screens will also raise awareness of new apps, and educate fans on how to use them for an improved game experience.

Read the full case study below to find out how Delaware North Sportservice selected and deployed its new digital signage menu boards.

Digital Signage Menu Boards Help Drive Concession Sales for Delaware North from Samsung Business USA

Technical Seo For Sports Websites: A Complete Guide

You are familiar with the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of the sports website management industry. Your site provides the latest sports news and information, including live score updates. But if people can’t easily find it, all your great content is for naught. This is where A Comprehensive Guide to Technical SEO for Sports Websites comes in!

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about technical SEO for sports websites so you can stay ahead of the competition. We can help you speed up the time it takes for pages to load and make your site mobile-friendly, among other things. Prepare to enter the exciting world of technical search engine optimization for sports-related websites!

Boosting Your Conversion Rate: What You Need to Know

Every website co must consider the following to increase their conversion rate −

A website that is user-friendly and intuitive

Use a simple and easy navigation system for your users

Easy-to-read fonts and detailed website

An appealing product range

Properly designed call-to-action buttons

Is SEO Necessary for a Sports Website, and why?

Do you know why the sports industry is booming? The sports market is one of the most competitive in today’s era. Every year, more and more sports websites develop their own goods and services. All sports goods sales have increased because more people want to be healthy and fit.

The booming sports and recreation industry includes sports, fitness, sportswear, and shoes. So, if you work in the sports retail business and have an online store, you need an SEO strategy.

The First Step: The Value of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is like the unsung hero of the internet, quietly working to improve your site’s performance and visibility in search results. Why it’s so essential for sports websites −

Google or any other search engine use “spider or crawlers” robots to crawl and index your website. Make it easier for people to find your sports website by making it easy for search engines to crawl and index it. If crawlers can index your website better your site will be among to SERP results.

An excellent user experience is achieved when a website is quick to load, simple to use, and looks good on any device.

Now that we’ve established its significance let’s get into some of the fundamentals of technical SEO for sports websites.

Optimizing Your Site’s Speed

Sports fans, who want up-to-the-moment information, are among the minor patients of Internet users. Here are some tips for making your sports website faster −

Compressing Source Code for Web Pages

Obviously, you don’t stuff your website with unnecessary things. Therefore, remove all the extra stuff in your website like −


CSS, and

JavaScript files.

Your website will load faster if the file is small.

Image Enhancement

High-resolution images, while beautiful, can significantly slow down a website. TinyPNG and ImageOptim can help you compress and optimize your images to load quickly without losing quality.

Mobile Optimization and Responsive Design

Optimizing your sports website for mobile use is essential, as more and more people are now accessing their favorite sites from their phones and tablets. How? Read on!

Use a Mobile-Friendly Layout

With a flexible design, your website will look great and work well on any computer, phone, or tablet. Because of this, both user happiness and search engine results will go up.

Increase Page Load Time on Mobile Devices Schema Markup: Making It Easier For Search Engines To Read And Index Your Work

Schema markup is structured data that improves a site’s readability for search engines. Schema markup for your sports website will allow you to −

Having content easily understood and presented by search engines will increase your site’s visibility in voice search results.

The following schema types should be considered when implementing schema markup for a sports website.

SportsEvent − A class for describing sporting events, including the name, date, location, and participants of the event.

SportsTeam’s mission is to serve as a resource for identifying sports teams and their players.

Athlete − Used to highlight details about specific athletes, such as biographical information and career highlights.

You can use resources like Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper or chúng tôi to generate the necessary code for your website.


Every facet of technical SEO is important for your site’s success, from improving load times and mobile friendliness to adding schema markup. Get going immediately to give your sports website the edge it needs to succeed.

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