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Aside from the starting price of $349 for the Sport model, the Cupertino firm has yet to reveal pricing of its higher-end Watch and Edition models.

There are two schools of thought here. One says that Apple Watch Edition should sell for $10,000 a pop or more, not just due to its casing being made form 18-karat gold but because Apple will pitch it as a piece of fashionable jewelry rather than a technology product.

The opposite argument says the Edition model should sell for far less as it’s not an actual mechanical precision watch from Swiss watchmakers, so it would be crazy to price it as one.

Before we get to the voting, let me point out that Luma Labs co-founder Greg Koenig determined that the 42mm Apple Watch Edition could cost the company, based on the price of the gold alone, about $850 for an 18 karat process.

And TechCrunch, after consulting with “jewelers familiar with the material” Apple uses for the Edition version, said last September the Apple Watch Edition could be priced at around $1,200.

On the other hand, Apple pundit John Gruber who wrote about Edition pricing on his Daring Fireball blog, doesn’t even rule out the $20,000 price point given the high prices of traditional gold watches.

Be that as it may, clearly the Apple Watch Edition won’t come cheap, especially not in a sense “cheap” is defined in the technology industry.

But just how pricey (or not) it’s going to be is anyone’s guess. Now that you have a better understanding of the cost structure, we’re intrigued as to what you think Apple should set as the fair asking price for the gold Watch edition, band included?

Please cast your vote below.

How much should Apple Watch Edition cost

But why on Earth would anyone drop thousands of dollars on a gold watch?

Before I even remind you that there are people who see burning $5,000 on a watch as no big deal on their bank account, let me point out that gold watches are first and foremost about prestige.

Pictured bellow: the Bulova Accu-Swiss First Edition of the Joseph Bulova Collection Percheron 24k Gold watch, introduced in 2014 and priced at $42,000.

An expensive watch screams success and that’s why top businessmen, watch snobs and rich folks generally wear gold watches — they want others to see them wearing gold on their wrist.

A gold watch has always been an investment, too.

An expensive, precision-mechanic 18-karat gold Rolex that costs tens of thousands of dollars doesn’t lose much of its value after a decade, unlike a $20 Timex. In fact, the value of limited-edition gold watches tends to go up over time.

Last but not least, pricey watches are high quality and will run for years to come — that’s why they’re often passed down as a family heirloom from generation to generation.

I’m sorry but I just cannot imagine a $5,000 or a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition maintaining its value ten years from now. Compare the Apple Watch to top precision mechanical timepiece that showcase Swiss watchmaking engineering and you’ll know what I mean.

A good example is the rather complicated Bovet Dimier Recital 12, seen above, which is priced at $78,200, without diamonds.

In my mind, there’s just nothing sexy or exciting about the Watch’s Apple-designed S1 chip that’ll get outdated by the time a second-generation model hits the market.

So, what are your thoughts on the Apple Watch Edition pricing, repairability and other issues? Will its price be more aligned with Tag Heuer than with Rolex, do you think?

And do you think Apple could maybe take everyone by surprise by pricing the Edition version really, really aggressively, as in $999?

After all, the original iPad had long been rumored to start at $1,200, or more, until Apple shocked pundits by announcing its affordable, compelling sweet price point of $499.

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How To Change Your Apple Watch Face

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

Apple watches are great devices. You can access heart rate information, notifications, and even estimated blood oxygen levels all from your wrist! 

There are a variety of versions to choose from. The most recent Apple Watch is the series 7 model, which claims to have a larger display, better charging time, and more durability. 

One of the best things about the watches is that they are pretty customizable, so you can choose your own Apple watch face and change them whenever you want – from both your iPhone and the watch itself.

This article will show you all the different ways you can change the watch face on your Apple Watch. 

How To Change The Watch Face On Your Apple Watch

Switching to different watch faces from your Apple Watch is very simple.



Swipe Left Or Right

All you need to do is swipe left or right from each side, and you will see the different watch face options that you have previously added to the watch. 



Swipe To Center

Once you have found the one you want to switch to, you don’t have to do anything else. Just swipe it to the center and that’ll be your new watch face!

How To Customize The Watch Face On Your Apple Watch

Another great thing about these little devices is that you can actually customize the watch face on the watch itself!




Once you have selected the face you would like, tap on it and select ‘Edit’. You will then be able to select an array of feature options. You can change the color or markings of certain faces.



Press Down

You can do this by tapping to select a change, and then using the digital crown to change it. Once you are happy with the changes, press down on the digital crown and the changes will be saved. 

How To Delete A Watch Face From Your Apple Watch

While knowing how to add and change watch faces from your Apple Watch is essential, knowing how to delete them is equally important.



Swipe Left And Right

As you would do to select a watch face, swipe left and right until you reach the face you would like to delete.

Simply swipe up, and you will see an option that says ‘Remove’. Tap this, and that selected watch face should be removed. 

How To Add A Watch Face From Your iPhone

If making all these changes on the small face of your Apple Watch is a little too fiddly for your liking, then you can do them all directly from your iPhone!



Face Gallery

Simply go to the Watch app on your phone, and go to the ‘Face Gallery’ that is located at the bottom. Here, you can search through the different watch faces that are available.

Once you have found the one you’d like to include in your collection, you can press ‘Add’.




You can also customize different watch faces from your iPhone. Once you have selected a watch face, you can choose from a variety of different colors, styles, and complications.




Once you are happy with your edits, tap on ‘Add’, and your new watch face will be added to your Apple Watch.




If you would like to remove a watch face using your iPhone, just select the face you want to get rid of, and at the bottom of the screen you should see an option that says ‘Remove’.

Tap on this, and the watch face will be removed from the collection.

Final Thoughts 

Apple watches are great – even better when just how you want them to be to match your own style – and as mentioned there are a variety of models to choose from.

If you are an iPhone user, having an Apple Watch will enable you to access a variety of features including fitness and health tracking. It will also give you the convenience of seeing messages, calls and notifications right on your wrist. All on a watch face which can reflect your own personality or practical needs.

How To Fix An Apple Watch Stuck On The Apple Logo

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

One of the most annoying Apple Watch problems you might face is a screen stuck on the Apple logo. This issue can seemingly affect all models, but it occurs more often on older devices like the Series 3. If you have an older watch lying around with this problem, we may be able to help. Below you’ll find several ways to resolve the Apple Watch stuck on the Apple logo issue.

How to fix an Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo

There’s no single fix for this problem, so there’s a good chance that you’ll have to troubleshoot your way through it using multiple methods. First, ensure your smartwatch is on its charging cradle and getting some power. Next, follow the steps below.

Press and hold the digital crown and side button for 3-30 seconds, then let go.

The screen should go black.

The screen should light up once more in a few seconds with the Apple logo.

If all goes well, your watch will reboot into watchOS.

If it doesn’t, repeat the above steps several times.

If your Apple Watch doesn’t turn on, there could be a deeper underlying issue. Place it back on its charger and try switching it on again.

Try a new charging cable

If you can access a secondary charging cable, now’s the time to bring it out. A damaged charging cable may not provide the power the Apple Watch demands.

Plug in the new charging cable or charger and place the Apple Watch on it.

Wait a few minutes to see if the watch is charging.

If a faulty charging cable was the problem, the Apple Watch should charge up in a few minutes and boot normally.

Additionally, you may want to give it a head start by hard rebooting it using the method above.

Use the Find My app

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

This is one of the stranger solutions you’ll find online. If a hard reboot or new charging cable fails to fix the problem, prompting the watch’s Find My feature from their iPhone may snap the device out of its trance.

To use the Find My feature:

Open the Find My app on your iPhone.

Tap the Devices tab.

Tap your Apple Watch.

Tap Play Sound to make it ring. You may have to do this up to three times.

Let the watch ring for a dozen seconds, then stop it.

Your watch should return to normal once the sound stops if all goes well.

Unpair the watch

Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Tap Unpair Apple Watch.

At this point, you may have to input your iCloud details to disable the Activation Lock.

Once your watch is unpaired from your iPhone, hard reboot your watch.

Let the battery drain

Finally, one solution that requires a little more time involves letting your Apple Watch’s battery drain completely. Depending on when the logo issue crops up, your Apple Watch’s battery could take several hours to a day to drain.

Once its battery is completely dead, placing the watch on its charger should initiate a normal reboot.

What else can you do?

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Consider upgrading your Apple Watch

Depending on the age of your Apple Watch, there may not be much else you can do. We’ve seen plenty of users online face this issue with older Apple Watch models. Repairs may cost more than the device itself.

In this case, it might be time for an upgrade. Apple launched the Series 8 alongside the cheaper Apple Watch SE (2023) and the range-topping Apple Watch Ultra. However, consider getting an older model if you don’t need the new features spread across these new devices. The Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 7 remain excellent smartwatches in their own right.

Check your warranty

If your newer Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo, confirm if your warranty is up. In the US, your Apple Watch is covered by a one-year warranty against “defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with Apple’s published guidelines.” Depending on the issue, your device may be covered.


It’s unclear why the Apple Watch occasionally gets stuck displaying the Apple logo. Various factors could be the reason, ranging from a hardware issue to a software bug.

Realistically, there’s no reason why you should upgrade your Series 3 if it’s fully functional. However, if you regularly get the Apple logo issue, we’d recommend upgrading to a newer Apple Watch model.

How Facebook Messenger Generates Cost

Apple’s implementation of iOS 14.5 caused, at best, a shift in our ability to track and attribute campaigns that rely on pixel data.

But pixel-based conversions aren’t the only way to drive results within Facebook. In fact, Facebook lead forms and Messenger are a relatively untapped and efficient way to drive lead flow immune to the tracking woes caused by iOS 14.5.

In this column, you’ll learn the step-by-step process to put them to work for you. But first…

How Did We Get Here?

To understand the value of on-Facebook lead generation tactics, we need to understand why they’re so important now.

To make a long story short, iOS 14.5 flipped the script on pixel-tracking for iOS devices this year.

When the iOS 14.5 was pushed to Apple devices, IDFA was no longer an automatic opt-in. Instead, users were defaulted to opt-out and were prompted with a question of whether they would like to opt-in to tracking.

Suffice to say, generalized privacy concerns and a lack of trust among consumers in how companies like Google and Facebook use their data have resulted in low opt-in rates.

According to Flurry, a mobile analytics company that has been tracking opt-in rates since the launch of iOS 14.5, the current U.S. average opt-in rate is 15%.

That means roughly 15% of Apple devices running iOS 14.5 are allowing the use of IDFA. Or, more importantly, 85% are not comfortable sharing their data.

Consequently, Facebook had to get creative when it came to tracking the conversions of iOS device users by implementing modeled conversions. The end result has been delayed and not-always-that-accurate data for pixel-based conversions.

Delayed data can make campaign optimization more difficult and less effective as you might not see the whole picture.

Lead Generation Forms are Immune to iOS 14 Tracking Issues

Luckily, pixel-based conversions aren’t the only conversion options available. Facebook lead generation forms have long been an alternative to landing page lead forms, allowing users to submit their information directly within the ad unit.

This medium not only bypasses landing pages entirely — leading to a more seamless user experience and likely higher conversion rate — but there is no pixel involved.

While imperfect, Facebook lead generation forms have consistently outperformed landing pages from a CPL standpoint, in my experience.

If you’re running lead generation campaigns on Facebook and are relying exclusively on landing page web forms, I strongly encourage you to test out this alternative.

But the goal of these types of campaigns is to create conversations between brands and potential customers.

They were not designed for easy or automated lead generation, and usually require manual labor to chat with the potential customer. They’re not ideal for large-scale lead gen campaigns.

How to Create An Effective Lead Generation Chat Campaign Step 1: Create a new campaign within Facebook, selecting “Lead generation” as your objective.

Step 2: Under the ad set settings, you’ll see an option at the top for “Lead method.” Select “Automated Chat.”

Step 3: Under the ad settings section, towards the bottom, you’ll see a section labeled “Message Template.”

Step 4: Create your chat experience

Create your welcome message. This will be the first automated message sent on behalf of your page.

This can be coded to dynamically insert the name of the person who has started the chat.

Create questions for each piece of lead data you would like to collect.

Facebook has several pre-populated options for various contact fields, which will automatically suggest the answer based on the user’s profile information.

Step 5: Create your completion message.

The completion message is the final message that the user will receive, following the successful completion of all of the lead generation questions.

At this point, the data has been sent to Facebook and is available for download. You can also integrate directly with your existing CRM system thanks to a number of partner integrations with top platforms.

So if you’re using an ebook, whitepaper or other content in exchange for lead information, you can include the link to download that asset here.

Step 6: Preview the user experience and make adjustments.

As you’re creating questions and adjusting the chat flow, you’ll see a chat preview on the right side of the window.

In addition, you can send this draft chat directly to your Facebook Messenger, allowing you to go through the experience step by step.

Please note that this will generate an actual chat with the page, so plan accordingly if you have other team members monitoring your page’s messages.

With the chat experience created and tested, you can now finalize the remainder of your campaign details.

Why Use Lead Generation Chats?

If you’re on the fence about testing out chat as a lead generation method, consider the following results.

CPMs were considerably lower (almost ½) for the lead generation chats campaign, allowing more impressions to be served for less spend

While the CTRs for the chat was lower, conversion rates for the chats were similar enough to forms to allow a significant decrease in overall CPL

This netted out to around a 30% decrease in the average CPL for using chats

In addition to the potential efficiency gains, the chat functionality also allows your page to continue chatting with the user.

This is excellent for additional opportunities to engage potential customers after the lead is submitted — something that’s not as easy to do with forms.

These campaigns can also be programmed to run only when times where additional sales and support representatives are available to answer any additional questions that come up.

And for companies that use third-party chat software on their websites, such as Intercom or Drift, Facebook can seamlessly integrate with several providers.

Test It Out

If your lead generation strategy on social is completely dependent upon driving traffic externally, you will likely find your job increasingly difficult as more privacy-centric changes are made by companies that provide our existing marketing infrastructure.

It’s often a better experience for users. The results can out-perform existing tactics.

More Resources:

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How To Use Emergency Sos On Apple Watch

When in trouble, medical or otherwise you can send an emergency SOS on Apple Watch. The inbuilt feature has saved multiple lives. Various options in Apple Watch SOS Mode can be enabled or disabled as per your convenience and requirement. So, Let’s check out how you can use the SOS feature.

How to Use Emergency SOS on Apple Watch

What is SOS on Apple Watch?

SOS is an international code signal of extreme distress, and both iPhone and Apple Watch have inbuilt SOS features. As and when it is triggered, the emergency service department of your area is notified. Moreover, a message will be sent to your emergency contact along with your location.

The SOS features on Apple Watch includes – call for help, heart rate alerts, smart medical ID, and fall detection (for series 4 only).

How to Use Emergency SOS on Apple Watch

Your watch will employ location triangulation to gather your current location to find the emergency services contact number. Though in some regions, you might have to manually enter the number. Once the call is made, the watch sends alerts to your emergency contacts, along with your current location.

Even if your GPS is off, the watch will auto-enable it. If your location is changed, an updated location will be sent to your contact until the SOS mode is deactivated. The Apple watch needs eSim or a Wi-Fi connection to make the call; whether via an already connected network or your paired iPhone. So, make sure that Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your Apple Watch.

You can call for help with Apple Watch using SOS feature in two ways – multi-press SOS and single press SOS.

Step #1. Long press the Side Button of your Apple Watch until you see the Power-off Slider.

Step #2. Tap on Emergency SOS Slider and swipe right.

The watch will immediately call emergency services and message your emergency contacts. Under some circumstances, looking at your watch to slide right might not be a possibility. You can use the single-press feature for the same, though this will only work if the feature is activated via your iPhone.

How to Enable Emergency SOS on Your Apple Watch

Step #1. Open Watch App on your iPhone.

Step #2. Scroll down and select the Emergency SOS option.

Step #3. Switch the toggle option next to Hold Side Button to ON.

If you want to disable this feature, just turn the toggle off. Now that you have enabled the Single-press SOS calling, here’s how to use the feature:

Activate Single Press SOS on Apple Watch

Step #1. Press and hold the Side Button of your Apple Watch. Continue holding until the countdown finishes.

Once the countdown finishes, your watch will automatically make an SOS call. Next, your emergency contacts will be notified. While the watch counts down from three, it sends out alarm tones, even if it’s in the silent mode. In emergency situations, where you might not want to make a noise, use the multi-press SOS.

The three tones act as a notification that the emergency call mode is activated. This comes in handy if the feature is mistakenly activated. Which brings us to the question of how to cancel the Emergency SOS call.

How to End SOS Call From Apple Watch

You also have an option to end the call, if it was mistakenly made. During the countdown period, release the side button to cancel. If the connection is being made, tap on the End Call icon. You will be asked to confirm the action, tap on Yes.

However, if you have added emergency contacts, a new countdown will begin. This will count down from 10 to send your emergency contacts an SOS message and location. Tap on Cancel to stop the message. You will be asked to confirm the action, tap on Yes. Once canceled, your watch will display a Medical ID, that will have your details.

This contains general information provided by you in the health app such as blood group, height, weight, or medical conditions. When you scroll down, your emergency contacts will also be shown, along with their numbers and relationship with you.

The emergency contacts on your Apple Watch and iPhone is stored along with your Medical ID in the Health App on your phone.

Step #1. Open the Health app from your iPhone and go to Medical ID from the bottom-right corner.

Step #2. Tap on Edit on the top-right corner.

Step #3. Scroll down to the Emergency Contacts section and tap on + add emergency contact.

Step #4. Search for the contact of the person you want to add.

Step #5. Choose Relationship.

Your emergency contact has been added, repeat the process to add more.

If you want to delete the contact, tap on ‘- (remove icon)’. A Delete option will slide in the window, tap on it to confirm.

If you are using iOS 13, that there is just a small change in the location of the Medical ID tab. You can open the tab via – Health app → Profile Icon → Medical Details → Medical ID.

What is A Emergency Medical ID

You can call the Medical ID a contingency plan, it has vital health and personal information such as your allergies and medical conditions. In an emergency, Medical personnel can view this information without unlocking your Apple Watch. All they have to do is press the side button on your watch and drag the Medical ID slider to the right to view. Noting the information, they can inform your emergency contact and offer suitable aid.

However, to enable this feature, there are two things you need to take care of first. Set an Emergency Medical ID on your iPhone and allow the Medical information to be seen when the screen is locked. For the latter, open the Health app → Medical ID, then turn On the toggle in front of Show When Locked.

Precaution is always better than cure!!

When we think about the future, we often estrange ourselves from the possibility of something terrible. However, life as we said earlier, is quite unpredictable. Under the emergency, you might not get time to update, enable, and set the SOS mode for your Apple Watch.

Also, don’t forget to enable SOS services for your iPhone as well. Being prepared will always serve you well. Also, it aids you in keeping calm, knowing that help is on its way.

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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

How To Create A Poll On Facebook

Want to know what your friends or acquaintances think about a certain topic? You can quickly create a poll using Facebook’s native options. Alternatively, create a pool with an external service, then share it with your Facebook friends. This tutorial demonstrates all the options to create a poll on Facebook.

How to Create a Group Poll on Facebook

The first method allows you to create a poll, then share it to one of your Facebook groups. The poll will be accessible to all members of the group.

Open Facebook in a browser and select “Groups” from the menu on the left.

Select the group where you want to post the poll from the list of groups on the left.

Find the “Write something” bar and select the “Poll” option underneath.

In the new “Create post” window that appears, opt to share the post anonymously or with your name attached, which is a very handy feature.

Type in your question in the “Create a public post” section and add your options underneath.

Optionally, add extra info to your poll, including a feeling or activity, tag people to draw their attention to the poll you’ve just created, check in or tag an event.

Scroll down and tap on the “Gear” icon next to “+ Add option.” Enable the options for “Allow people to choose multiple answers” and/or “Allow anyone to add options.”

Press the “Post” button to have your poll appear as part of the group’s feed.

Depending on the policy of the group you’ve joined, you may have to wait until an admin approves your poll before seeing it live. It could happen instantaneously or take a while.

On mobile, the process is relatively the same. Tap on the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner.

Select the “Groups” card from the “All shortcuts” section.

Switch to the “Your groups” tab at the top.

Select the group where you want to share your poll.

Tap on “Poll” underneath the “Write something bar to start the poll creation process.

How to Create a Poll in Facebook Messenger

When creating polls on Facebook Messenger, if you want to survey a select group of people, you’ll first have to add them in a group.

Fill out the questions and answers.

Hit the “Create Poll” button instead of the “+.”

On mobile, the process is quite similar. Instead, tap on the four dots to the left of the text box.

Select “Polls.”

Fill out your question and answer variants and hit “CREATE POLL” to have it appear in your group chat in Messenger.

How to Create a Poll in Stories

You can create a poll in Facebook Stories with the help of stickers on your Android or iOS device, but the option is not available on your PC.

Open the Facebook app and tap on the “+Create story” card under the “What’s on your mind?” bar.

Create a Facebook Story either by using one of your own photos or videos or with the “Boomerang” or “Selfie” options at the top of the display. The other options aren’t compatible with Polls.

Select “Stickers” from the options list in the top-right corner in the Story editing screen.

Tap on “Poll.”

Type your questions. By default, Facebook will automatically add “Yes/No” answers, but these are customizable. Tap on each of them to change the text to what you want them to say.

How to Use a Third-Party App to Create a Poll for Facebook

If you don’t like the built-in Poll option in Facebook, you may want to consider creating your poll using a third-party app. You can easily craft polls using Google Forms or any other alternative poll-creating services.

This allows you to easily poll people who aren’t in common groups and add all of them (who may or may not know each other in the first place). You can also share your poll in groups and with individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions Why can’t I see the poll option in Facebook Messenger?

Depending on your location, you may not be able to see the poll option in Messenger, as it’s not currently available in Japan and some countries in Europe. If you’re located in one of these regions, you can use a third-party app instead to create your polls, then share the link in your Messenger conversations or group chats. It’s quite easy.

What are some other ways to create a poll on Facebook?

You can create a poll on the page of an event you’ve created. This is a handy way to poll for an event to make your guests’ stay more enjoyable. If you own a dedicated Page for your business on Facebook, you can also create a poll there.

Image credit: Luca Sammarco via Pexels. All screenshots by Alexandra Arici.

Alexandra Arici

Alexandra is passionate about mobile tech and can be often found fiddling with a smartphone from some obscure company. She kick-started her career in tech journalism in 2013, after working a few years as a middle-school teacher. Constantly driven by curiosity, Alexandra likes to know how things work and to share that knowledge with everyone.

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