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In the ancient days of Windows versions with 9s in the name, DOS was the dominant platform for early PC gaming. Doom, Quake, Zork, and hundreds of other games took the primitive features of the operating system and created games that are fun and playable even by today’s standards. While macOS is not well known for gaming, you can still play DOS games on your Mac. Learn how to play a DOS game on macOS with DOSBox, the leading DOS emulator on any platform.

Note: for Windows and Linux users, these are instructions are for playing old DOS games on Windows and Linux.

Why DOSBox?

You might wonder why we chose DOSBox when there are other DOS emulators available to play games on macOS. For instance, there’s also DOSBox-X, which is a fork of the DOSBox project. While you do have other options, DOSBox stands out from the rest for several reasons:

It’s incredibly easy to set up. Unlike some emulators, you don’t need to deal with creating a virtual hard drive, configuring hardware settings, etc.

It runs easily on multiple platforms. Just moved from Windows to Mac? It’s not a problem. You can still run DOSBox and your favorite DOS-based games.

It’s free, and that’s always a plus.

It runs older games exactly as they should be. Instead of just emulating a game to run on newer systems, DOSBox emulates the original environment so the game runs as smoothly as it did originally. Even older hardware is emulated to prevent issues. If you’re looking for the most authentic experience possible without digging up an old IBM-compatible computer, this is it.

With all that in mind, it makes sense that you’d want to start with DOSBox to play your favorite DOS games on macOS.

Downloading and Installing DOSBox

1. Download DOSBox from the developer’s website. Make sure to select the correct “Mac OS X” version. If you’re not sure what to download, then download DOSBox for macOS from Sourceforge.

2. Mount the downloaded DMG in Finder.

3. Copy “” into your desired directory, typically the Applications folder, but DOSBox can be run from any folder. You do not need to copy the text files on the DMG.

DOSBox Frontends

You can download a so-called “frontend” for DOSBox on the same page. In this context, a frontend is an application that runs DOSBox’s emulation code but wraps the emulation in a container application.

Normally, the container application extends functionality or simplifies the process of loading and saving games. While it hasn’t been updated since 2023 and won’t work on Catalina and newer version of macOS, Boxer is the best-known macOS front-end for DOSBox. It offers library support and streamlined loading and playing: just drag and drop the game onto the app’s icon, and you’re ready to rock.

Since Apple dropped support for 32-bit applications, you’ll need a 64-bit front-end to be compatible with Catalina and Big Sur. The developers for Boxer are no longer supporting it. However, chúng tôi has created a 64-bit version that’s supposed to be compatible. Some users have noticed frame rate issues. Try this if you need a front-end, but it may not work perfectly.

For this guide, we describe how to use the standalone version of DOSBox for macOS.

Running DOSBox and Playing Games with DOSBox

If you’re completely unfamiliar with DOS, this puzzling interface is called the DOS prompt. You run commands by typing their names and targets and pressing Enter rather than using your mouse to interact with graphical interfaces.

This is an old style of using your computer and can take some adjustment for contemporary users. To perform actions, users assemble instructions from a coded language of commands. Fortunately, running games only requires a couple commands.

Basic DOS Commands

As we navigate, it will be helpful to remember these critical DOS commands. Also, remember that DOS filenames can only be eight characters long. For organization, it’s easiest to abbreviate the names of your DOS games to eight characters or less.

cd directory: change directory to the specified directory or path.

cls : clear the screen.

dir : display contents of the current directory.

help command: show help text for the specified command.

type textfile: show the contents of a text file.

start filename: open the specified application in a new window. Also works with directories.

Mounting Directories and Launching Games in DOSBox

Before you can load up a game, you’ll need to “mount” the directory in DOSBox. This links the mounted folder to the C: drive in DOS, allowing you to load files from that directory into DOSBox. C: is the location of the main hard drive in DOS, so this folder will be treated as your primary storage by the emulator.

1. Use this command to mount directories in DOSBox:

To return to the DOS prompt, quit from within the game. You may need to choose a “quit” option from a menu – each game varies.

Automatically Mounting Directories

To shorten the process of launching games, you can set DOSBox to automatically run a mount command at startup time by editing the DOSBox configuration file.

1. Open the configuration file at “~/Library/Preferences/DOSBox 0.74-3 Preferences” in TextEdit.

The exact name of the configuration file will change depending on your version of DOSBox.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the document. Under the “[autoexec]” section, add your mount command. You can also add additional commands, with one command per line. When you’re finished, save the file.

3. The next time DOSBox is launched, the mount command will run automatically.

Popular DOSBox Compatible Games

You’ll need some games to run in DOSBox. DOSBox will allow you to play just about any DOS game, though not all games are compatible with macOS: see the complete list of DOSBox compatible games. You can download free and shareware DOS games from ClassicDOSGames and chúng tôi You can also check GamesNostalgia for a variety of retro games, including DOS. For premium games, try GOG, which allows you to buy many DOS games for less than $10 each.

If you’re not sure where to start to find compatible DOS games to play on macOS, try some of these popular games that are compatible with DOSBox:

Prince of Persia (1989) – This popular platformer set a new standard for its time. Battles involve swords vs. projectiles. It’s an all-around exciting game with great animation as you race against time through dungeons and against various foes and obstacles. You can also check out the sequel, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame.

DOOM (1993) – When evil creatures are unleashed on Mars in a teleportation experiment, it’s up to you to save humanity. Widely seem as one of the groundbreaking computer games ever, it’s a classic that you have to play at least once.

Wolfenstein 3D (1992) – This game introduced 3D shooters to computers worldwide. It also set the stage for the success of DOOM. How many Nazis can you take down as you make your way out of Castle Wolfenstein?

Oregon Trail (1990) – It’s a classic survival game that’s much more difficult than it seems. Travel with a group of pioneers as you head out west and try to make the right decisions to survive and make it to your destination. There are also fun mini-games to play.

Dangerous Dave (1990) – This was many players’ introduction to platform-style games. The premise is a simple one: recover trophies from 10 levels amongst the many obstacles and challenges that await you.

Scorched Earth (1991) – Battle against as many as 10 other players or computers in this turn-based survival game. While the gameplay might seem simple, it’s a highly complex strategy game using tanks to wage war against others.

Blood (1997) – This is a must-play DOS game for any horror fan, especially with classic horror movie references. It’s an exciting first-person shooter that pits you against an evil cult.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994) – This was the first game in the Warcraft series, eventually leading to the incredibly popular World of Warcraft RPG. The real-time strategy game lets you pit your skills against a fantasy world.

X-Com: UFO Defense (1994) – Also known as UFO Enemy Unknown, this turn-based strategy game is the first in a series that has you and your team gathering intelligence on aliens and fighting back once you realize how bad they really are.

Wasteland (1988) – After a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and United States, all that’s left is a wasteland. Yet, mutants and raiders are closing in on those struggling to survive. It’s up to you to keep humanity safe.

Sid Meier’s Civilization (1991) – This remains one of the most popular PC games of all time. As the name implies, you try to build and take over civilizations in this turn-based strategy game. Civilization-style board games were actually the inspiration for this game.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to give up your favorite old-school games. All you need is a free DOSBox download, a DOS game or two, and you’re ready to play your favorite games on macOS for hours. Share your experience playing these games with us below.

Looking to upgrade to a new Mac, start with this in-depth buyer’s guide.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Gatesbillou, Wikimedia

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5 New Indie Iphone And Ipad Games Worth Playing

Like any Thursday, last evening the App Store was refreshed with a myriad of new game releases. Rather than highlight juicy games like Real Steel Champions, Warhammer: Snotling Fling and other new arrivals from big name publishers, this time around I’ve decided to do something entirely different.

Therefore: introducing a list of new game releases by independent publishers that I think deserve additional exposure and your attention.

Without further ado, here are five indie games that I think you should definitely check out and hopefully put on your Home screen.

From Kieffer Bros, the creators of Aqueduct, Orba and Monster Soup, comes the next installment in the Blockwick universe. Blockwick 2 is a world of jumbled blocks and colorful shapes that challenge you to unscramble the blocks and connect the colors.

Unlike other color-matching games, Blockwick 2 makes things more interesting by employing weirdly shaped blocks like entangled blocks, sticky blocks, caterpillar blocks, and more.

The game includes 160 levels of increasing difficulty. Tip: illuminate the glyphs for an extra challenge. The universal app is 87 megabytes and requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 6.0 or later.

Blockwick 2 is $3 in the App Store.

Set in 1849 when gold was discovered in California, you play as Jerrod Wilson, a hero tasked with traveling the routes from New York to California in search of gold. The iPad-only app weighs 923 megabytes and requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Download old Rush! Anniversary HD for $5 in the App Store.

Created by High Score Hero, this game is basically a Wipeout-inspired futuristic racer similar to AG Drive, but with blocky graphics. You’ll be dodging and weaving through down an urban highway in the sky. Physics-based engine takes care of realistic hovering, collision and destruction, with rewards for chain reaction crashes.

What’s interesting is that the game includes an editor in which you create your own hovercraft to use in test flights and in-game challenges. As you create your own fleet from scratch, you’ll be also collect over 50 unique hovercrafts by winning races. The universal 81.8-megabyte app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 6.0 or later.

Hovercraft – Build Fly Retry is available free in the App Store.

Indie developer Darrin Henein has been working on Lastronaut for two years and is now putting it out there at no cost as a love letter to the gaming industry. You are a humanoid robot and the year is 2023, but that’s just an excuse for a smoothly executed, pixel-packed action as you run, jump, dodge and blast your way through the machine army.

Your character is equipped with an arsenal of human and robotic weapons to cause mayhem with. The game looks great and I couldn’t stop playing it earlier today

Download Lastronaut for free in the App Store.

Created by Noodlecake Studios, RAD Boarding is an apocalyptic snowboarding game “jam-packed with 90’s flair”. It certainly looks very polished and appears to be addictive. You’re basically performing all sorts of gnarly tricks while collecting tons of items along the way and fighting crazy boss battles.

The 91.3-megabyte universal app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 6.1 or later and is available on a freemium basis with optional In-App Purchases.

Download RAD Boarding at no cost from the App Store.

See anything you like on this list?

Think of another indie game that deserves a mention?

How To Open The Emoji Keyboard On Macos

In this tutorial, we’ll show you five distinct ways to open and use the Mac emoji keyboard.

Table of Contents

1. Use the Emoji Keyboard Shortcut

macOS has keyboard shortcuts for accessing almost every built-in feature and functionality, including opening the emoji keyboard. To insert an emoji in a text field, position the cursor or insertion point where you want the emoji, and press Control + Command + Spacebar.

That’ll open the Emoji & Symbols keyboard. Select the emoji you want to insert or select the icons at the bottom section of the Emoji & Symbols keyboard to view other emoji categories.

2. From the Menu Bar

Another easy way to open the Mac emoji keyboard is via the Input menu on the menu bar. But first, you need to add the “Emoji & Symbols” option to your Mac’s menu bar.

Open System Preferences and select Keyboard.

Pro Tip: If you have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, tap the Globe icon on the Touch Bar to open the “Input Sources” page in System Preferences.

To open the Emoji & Symbols keyboard, select the Input menu or Keyboard & Emoji Viewer icon.

Select Show Emoji & Symbols to open your Mac emoji keyboard.

3. From the App Menus

App menus are the options to the right of the Apple menu (i.e., File, Edit, View, Tools, Window, Help, etc.). Another quick and easy way to open the emoji keyboard is via the “Edit” option on the App menus.

Open the app where you want to input the emoji, select Edit on the App menu, and select Emoji & Symbols.

4. Use the Function Keys

You can also open the Emoji & Symbols keyboard by pressing the Function (Fn) key on your Mac keyboard. This is even faster than the default emoji keyboard shortcut (Control + Space + Command). But first, you need to manually assign the responsibility to the Fn key in the Keyboard System Preferences.

Select Show Emojis & Symbols.

Henceforward, pressing the Fn key on your keyboard will open the emoji keyboard.

5. From the Touch Bar

You can also insert emojis into apps and documents from your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. However, we should mention that the emoji icon only shows up on the Touch Bar for Apple apps— Notepad, TextEdit, Stickies, Mail, Safari, Podcasts, Messages app, etc.

When typing in supported apps, tap the emoji icon on the Touch Bar. That will instantly display your frequently used emojis.

To access other emoji categories, tap the right-facing arrow icon on the left edge of the Touch Bar.

Select a category icon to view emojis on the category. You can also tap the Search icon to find an emoji. That will launch the minimized version of the emoji window.

Type Emojis and Customize the Mac Emoji Keyboard

Here are more features of the macOS emoji functionality you should know about. 

1. Expand and Minimize the Full Character Viewer

When you open the emoji keyboard, macOS displays a miniature version of the “Character Viewer” by default. You need to expand the Character Viewer to customize the emoji keyboard, mark emojis as favorites, view emoji variations, modify character size, and customize the emoji list.

To access the full version of the Character View, select the Expand icon in the top-right corner.

That’ll enlarge the emoji keyboard viewer. You’ll find that the Character Viewer is split into four sections. The first section (from the left) houses the main categories for special characters available in macOS—Emojis, Symbols, Punctuations, etc.

The second section houses the sub-categories for each main category. This section may sometimes be blank or absent if the main category doesn’t have sub-categories. The “Maths Symbols” category, for instance, doesn’t have a sub-category.

Emoji and symbols are housed in the third section. Selecting an emoji or character in this section will preview your selection in the fourth section. Additionally, you’ll find the emoji description, related characters, and fonts variation in the section. There’s also an option to add the emoji or symbol to your list of favorite characters.

Tap the Collapse icon in the top-right corner to minimize the Character Viewer window to its default size.

2. Add and Remove Emojis from Favorite

A “Favorites” section appears in the sidebar when adding an emoji. Head to the section to view your favorite emojis and symbols. Select Remove from Favorites to delete an emoji or symbol from the list.

3. Insert Emojis into Text Fields and Apps 4. Search for Emojis and Characters

There’s a search bar in the top-right corner of the Character Viewer window. Select the search bar and enter a keyword that best describes the emoji or character you’re looking for.

Have Fun With Emojis

Fix Random Notification Sound Keeps Playing On Windows 11/10

If just out of the blue or after you update your Windows 11/10 PC to a newer build or version, you start to notice a random notification sound keeps playing every couple of minutes, then this post may help you. It could be an errant browser extension, Steam Inventory Helper, or any other program making these noises.

Random Notification Sound keeps playing on PC

If you’re faced with this issue, you can try our recommended solutions below in no particular order and see if that helps to resolve the issue.

Restart computer

Run Audio Troubleshooter

Check Volume Mixer

Use Process Monitor to monitor sound

Check the mouse

Check web-browser extension

Update Sound card drivers

Let’s take a look at the description of the process involved concerning each of the listed solutions.

1] Restart computer

The first thing you can try to fix the issue on your Windows device is to restart your system. If that doesn’t work, try the next solution.

2] Run Audio Troubleshooter

This solution requires you to run the native Audio Troubleshooter to find the sound driver issues, if any on your Windows PC, and fix them.

3] Check Volume Mixer

The Volume Mixer shows all the programs that are currently using your sound devices. This solution requires you to open Volume Mixer and use the utility to find out the program that is causing random noises.

You will see various soundbars. If an app is making a sound, the bar will show a green color. Keep looking at it for a while to identify the app. Once you identify the culprit, you can mute or disable its sound.

Read: Computer playing music by itself randomly

4] Use Process Monitor to monitor sound

This solution requires you to use the Process Monitor tool to find out the exact program that is generating sound. You need to configure the tool to track the applications that is triggering the notification sound. Here’s how:

Download the Process Monitor tool.

Unzip the package.

The .wav file extension is specifically added because most of the notification sounds are in the .wav format.

Now, keep Procmon tool running in the background. Do not close it. Wait for some time until you hear the sound. Then, look under Process Name and Path columns to find out the app that is pushing the notification sound. You could filter for .wav processes.

5] Check the mouse

A faulty mouse was reported by some Windows PC users as the culprit behind the random notification sound. So, disconnect the mouse for a while and see if the issue is fixed. You can also try changing the USB port of your mouse too or change the mouse altogether.

If you don’t want to replace the mouse yet, you can mute the connect and disconnect sound – bear in mind that this action will apply to all the devices that you connect to your PC.

Related post: Stop random USB connection or disconnection sounds on PC

6] Check web-browser extension

Some users also reported that the Steam Inventory Helper web browser extension was the culprit. So, if you have the extension installed, navigate to the settings of the extension and turn the sound off or disable the extension altogether.

7] Update Sound card drivers

An outdated or corrupted sound driver could potentially cause this issue. In this case, updating or reinstalling the sound driver could fix the issue.

You can either update the sound card drivers manually via the Device Manager, or you can get the driver updates on the Optional Updates (if available) section under Windows Update. You can also download the latest version of the driver from the sound card manufacturer’s website.

If you do not like sounds, you can always Turn Off Notification and System Sounds completely.

I hope this helps!

Read next: Make Notification dialog boxes stay open longer in Windows.

What Games Come With Oculus Rift?

When the Oculus Rift first came out, you could purchase it and get direct access to many featured games. These were free and downloadable for all Oculus Rift owners.

Currently, the Oculus Rift is unavailable from the official store as there are now updated versions of the Oculus, including the Oculus Rift S.

That being said, the featured games have remained much the same for all of the Oculus models and versions.

As such, we are going to be exploring some of the best games that came with the Oculus Rift, most of which are still available for purchasers and owners of any of the Oculus devices.

You should bear in mind that whilst the list of free, featured Oculus games are long, there are also other paid-for versions of games available for use with the Oculus.

We will explore some of the best of these at the end of this section so you get a good idea of exactly what is out there to play on your Oculus Rift or another Oculus model.

Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that Oculus changes what they make free frequently, and so, whilst it may be included as a freebie for all Oculus Rift users currently, this may not always be the case.

Without further ado, here are just a handful of the games that are available for free for Oculus Rift users:

Minecraft – everyone’s favorite open-world game is available to play in VR. It supports all of the same Minecraft features that you know and love and can be played from your existing Windows device if you already have it! Whether you like to play on creative mode or you want something a little more intense, Minecraft has it all. It’s fun for all ages!

Radical-G: Racing Revolved – this fun racing game is currently free on Oculus Rift and is a must-have for any fans of racing games. You can actually get into the cockpit yourself and race through lots of gut-wrenching racetracks with all sorts of twists, turns, splits, and even jumps! You will feel like you’ve just raced in NASCAR for real!

Pro Fishing Challenge VR – This VR game looks and feels as though you are fishing out on a lake! This is the perfect immersive experience game for players who love fishing in real life (or anyone who wants to try it) as you get to do all the things you would on a real fishing trip. From reeling to baiting and of course, catching fish, this game has it all!

PokerStars VR – Play an authentic poker game from the comfort of your own home with PokerStars VR. It will feel as though you are really there, which is even more exciting when you learn the different VR locations you can choose! From a Medieval Castle to The Galaxy Space Station and even a luxurious Monte Carlo Yacht, you can get some simple poker tournaments on the go in whatever location you fancy.

As well as all of these exciting free games that are included for any owners of the Oculus Rift, there are also a variety of different apps and experiences you can choose from.

For free you can experience Virtual Space, Epic Roller Coasters, Jurassic World, and Google Earth.

Remember to keep checking each day, though, as the Oculus store often swaps and changes the different freebies that are available!

Of course, there are also a number of fabulous games that can be purchased for your Oculus Rift. Of course, these are not included as standard but must be bought from the Oculus Store (there will be more information on how to purchase oculus games in the next section). Some of these fun purchasable games are as follows:

Asgard’s Wrath

DiRT Rally 2.0


Beat Saber

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Creed: Rise To Glory



Dead and Buried II

….and many more!

Why Are Games Crashing On My Pc?

PC gamers can optimize Windows 11/10 to improve gaming – and for gamers on Windows 11, there are a couple of gaming settings you need to know and tweak for an even better experience. In this post, we take a look at why your games are crashing on your Windows PC and also offer suggestions on how gamers can mitigate the usually unexpected occurrence of this issue.

To proffer concrete remediation to games crashing on PC, you need to identify the main factors that are the culprit. Below are the most common causes of this issue:

Gaming PC doesn’t meet minimum specs

PC has been overclocked

Incorrect or wrong game settings

Graphics adapter consumimg too much power

Windows operating system is outdated

Outdated device drivers

Poor or slow network connection

Digital Rights Management (DRM) issues

Games are running in the wrong mode

Security software interference

VPN issues

Too many open browser tabs

Why are games crashing on my PC

As we have identified the most reasons why games crash on PC, we can now proceed to outline measures PC gamers can apply or put in place prevent this occurrence at the barest minimum. In no particular order, the following are suggestions you can try to prevent or fix game crash issues on your Windows 11/10 gaming rig. We suggest you give your gaming system a restart as this simple action can fix game crash issues, assuming there are no serious underlying issues with your hardware or OS.

Check system requirements

Stop overclocking

Check game graphics settings

Check the power supply unit (PSU)

Make sure Windows is updated

Make sure drivers and games are updated

Check network/internet connection

Enable Game Mode

Check and adjust security software settings

Reinstall game

Let’s see these in detail.

1] Check system requirements

The main and obvious reason why games crash on PC is, the gaming system spec doesn’t meet the game’s minimum requirements. So, when buying games online from Steam and similar services, make sure to review the game’s description for the system requirements. If you’re buying the physical copy of the video game from a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll find the minimum and recommended system requirements on the back of the video game packaging.

You can always check the game vendor site for this informations. If your PC meets these requirements, you shouldn’t have any issues installing and running the game. Otherwise you will need to upgrade your PC before you can play the game – this could require you to simply upgrade the hardware components (like RAM, storage disk etc) on your rig or purchase a new gaming PC.

Read: Farming Simulator 22 crashing or freezing on Windows PC

2] Stop overclocking

Although with good ventilation and cooling, CPU overclocking and GPU overclocking can significantly increase performance as many gamers still engage in this practice. However, it isn’t a perfect method as games can still crash. So, if you have overclocked your PC, you can simply reverse the change depending on the overclocking software in use. Generally, launch the software and look for the option to stop the overclocking or uninstall the software altogether. This basically will reset your processor (and GPU, if appropriate) to default settings. Once done, restart your computer and see if the crash issue is resolved. Otherwise, the issue is caused by something else.

Read: Diablo 3 keeps crashing or freezing on Windows PC

3] Check game graphics settings

To help you get the most out of your game, most games, especially those with high system requirements, have a dedicated video settings screen. Games tend to boot with a configuration designed for your system hardware, but this can cause game crashes sometimes. In this case, you can troubleshoot by lowering the game settings in the video configuration screen. You can keep adjusting the settings until you hit the right mix of performance and graphics. If you graphics card is unable to handle high resolutions, you will have to upgrade to a more powerful graphics hardware.

Read: How to enable Optimizations for windowed games in Windows 11

4] Check the power supply unit (PSU)

If the graphics adapter installed on your Windows 11/10 gaming PC is drawing more power than is available on the PSU, you’re likely to experience game crashes. The only solution as it applies in this case, is to upgrade to the best PSU capable of providing enough power to play the game. Before swapping out the PSU, check how much power your PC needs. Also, make sure there’s no dust or particles build-up on the graphics card and PC interior to prevent high PC temperature which can lead to performance issues and possibly system crash.

Read: How to measure your PC’s total power consumption

5] Make sure Windows is updated

Your game’s system specification should list the correct operating system and version required to run the title. Most AAA games are designed for 64-bit systems and is expected to run without issues on newer versions of Windows. Generally, the issues of operating systems and hardware are interlinked – in the sense that older hardware running Windows 11/10 may be suitable for running the most up-to-date video games. But your games will likely crash if you play on an old or outdated operating system. So make sure Windows is updated to the latest build/version to keep up with game improvements and requirements for the best gaming experience.

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6] Make sure drivers and games are updated

If games are crashing on your PC, before you try forking out money to purchase a new gaming rig, you should first update drivers and the game itself; assuming you are running the latest version of Windows on your rig.

Games can crash for reasons beyond (but not unrelated to) unsuitable hardware and operating systems. Video drivers, for instance, should be up-to-date, as should the game itself. Although some games will automatically check for updates and install them before they load, you can manually check for patches and updates for the game in question at the publisher’s website

Depending on your PC, manufacturers have made available special driver download software for their brands that you can use to update update drivers and firmware:

You can also use a third-party free driver update software or you can download the latest version of the device driver you need from the hardware manufacturer’s website.

7] Check network/internet connection

Especially with online gaming, you may experience game crashes when slow or poor network delays the game client being updated by the remote server. To prevent this issue, make sure that your network speed is suitable for playing games. Check your internet device and disable other internet applications to ensure that only the game receives data. For the best online gaming experience, you can connect your PC directly to the router via Ethernet and avoid using WiFi where possible. You may have to use a Powerline Ethernet Adapter to overcome any architectural limitations.

In some cases, network issues can contribute to Digital Rights Management (DRM) affecting a game’s performance or the remote server status causing the game to crash. In this case, you can play offline if the option is available for the game. This will prevent the DRM from checking with the remote server for suspicious activity in the game or account.

Still on network issues causing games to crash, your VPN/GPN software can also cause games to keep closing on your PC, particularly online games. This can occur if the VPN server is down, or if the VPN client isn’t able to maintain a connection. Distance can also play a part, as you’ll have to deal with latency when playing on a specific game server located at another region. In any case, the applicable solutions here, is to switch to a faster and more stable VPN, invest in a faster internet connection or disconnect from the VPN when accessing a specific game server.

Read: How to optimize Windows 11/10 for Online Gaming

8] Enable Game Mode

Interference by other open and running apps while gaming on your Windows 11/10 computer can cause the game to crash. So, close all other apps before launching the game you want to play, as this will even free up more system resources for the game to run smoothly. This also applies to your browser as well – so make sure not to open multiple tabs than necessary. You might need voice chat software like Discord or Game Bar; beyond that your PC resources should be focused on running the game.

In addition, you can enable Game Mode to reduce and limit other activity so that your game can freely run with sufficient system resources.

9] Check and adjust security software settings

Apps, processes, and services running in the background can impact the performance of gaming, and your security software is not an exception. Your AV is actively looking for suspicious files. Sometimes, these files are scanned, which can cause the PC to hang or freeze, and then crashes due to security scanning. The game in play can also crash because a legitimate game file is identified as harmful and quarantined. In this case, you can either reduce the level of (or disable) file scanning when gaming, replace your security software with one that has “game mode” option, or temporarily disable (if possible) the security software for the duration of your gameplay.

On the other hand, games can crash on your PC if infected by a virus/malware. So be sure to keep your AV updated and manually scan your system periodically.

10] Reinstall game

Other things being equal, this is a viable solution to the game crashing on PC, because it could be that the issue is caused by corrupted or damaged game files or even a botched game installation that is missing crucial game files. In this case, you can uninstall the game (preferably, use uninstaller software), reboot PC, and then download and reinstall the latest version of the game on your Windows 11/10 PC.

I hope this post is informative and helpful enough for you!

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What causes games to crash on PC?

The game may close, generate an error, or crash during start or during play if your Windows 11/10 computer does not meet the system requirements of the game or because of outdated drivers. This can also happen if your PC is infected by a virus.

Why do all of my games keep crashing?

There could be a number of reasons why apps or games freeze or crash, especially when you consider the wide range of chipsets, screen resolutions, custom skins on Android smartphones. One reason could be low memory or a weak chipset. Apps can also crash if they are not coded properly.

How do I fix a crashed game?

To fix a crashed game on Windows 11/10 computer, you can try the following suggestions:

Install the latest drivers

Install the necessary software

Make sure the PC doesn’t overheat

Disable background programs

Disable the onboard sound device

Scan for malware

Check your Hardware

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Can RAM cause games to crash?

RAM can sometimes cause specific problems on your PC. Some gamers report that games keep crashing after adding new RAM. This usually occurs when trying to run high-speed DDR RAM or if you have installed the memory component on an unseated module or the RAM itself is bad which needs to be replaced.

Why are my games closing by themselves?

Poor memory management is one of the most common reasons for app or game crashes on mobile devices, especially for low-end mobiles and tablets. There may insufficient storage space for apps to run smoothly, especially if you have multiple applications running at the same time in the background.

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