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The one case that mostly adorns my iPhone is slim. Given how delicate a thin case is, I remain somewhat concerned about the protection of my smartphone. While being on hunt for a case that can be minimalist enough to let the device showcase its class and strong enough to ward of impact and scratch, I stumbled upon Patchworks ITG Level case for iPhone 7 Plus.

The case showed plenty of promise during the brief interaction. Having used this robust case for almost a week and given it fair amount of run, I’m all set to present the review. Has it stood up my high level—from all aspects? Read on to know that.

1. Military-Grade Drop Protection

For me, the biggest highlight of this case is the ability to provide military-grade safeguard to your iPhone. Despite having such a solid profile, it’s comparatively less bulky than other military-grade suits for iPhone. Hence, your smartphone will continue to flaunt a minimal look; without compromising anything on protection from random shock

So, if your phone ever slips out of your hands or meets with an accidental fall, the cover won’t let it get hurt. You can fully trust this dashing suit to withstand impact and knock down scratch with élan.

While buying cases for my iPhone, there are two things I never fail to check out—protection and minimalist design. The ones that are high on offering more shield from drops generally look bulky and don’t quite play nice with the smartphone. And the ones that are svelte miserably fails to defend the phone from bumps and go out of the radar too early.

Indeed, making a balance between thinness and solidity is never easy. But, ITG Level has got it so right that you can’t help admiring its workmanship.

2. Dual-Layered Casing

ITG Level has been carved out of high-grade polycarbonate and TPU material. The dual-layered casing has got the looks to settle nicely on your smartphone. Soft interior prevents scratch from harming the charm of your device.

The shock absorbing air pocket design adds more muscle into its armoury. Precise cut-outs for camera, ports and speakers enhance its form factor. The raised bezel for camera and screen further shields your device from accidental damage.

3. Matte Surface

Topped by matte surface, the case has a pleasing appearance that appeals to the eyes. The glossy exterior is quite smooth to the touch. With the snap-on design, the case ideally fits the phablet.

4. Improved Grip

Another important aspect of this case is the much-improved grip that it provides. Thanks to the micro-etched textures, it feels incredibly comfortable in hands. The smooth surface fits all the contours of the palm; providing the desired convenience to carry the smartphone.

Being very lightweight, the case allows the device to remain minimalist. It’s one of the key features of this case.

5. Available in Three Colors

ITG Level comes in three color variants—red, black and white. So, if you like to pair up your smartphone with the dark color, you have the option to do that as well.


Military-drop protection

Matte surface

Enhanced grip

Shock-absorbent air pocket

High-quality PC and TPU material

Compact design


It’s really hard to find cons in such a good case. But these are some of the things that can be pointed out:

The Verdict

Patchworks ITG Level is an absolute beast as far as quality is concerned. It has lived up to my expectation adorably from all the aspects. From looking stylish to offering essential shield from falls, the case has packed in with all the qualities you would want from a slim case. It’s the ideal blend of protection and sophistication.

Currently, the case comes at just $14.95 which makes it a smart buy. Any day, I can happily pay around $20 for it. What about you?

Buy it from Amazon

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Operations Analytics Case Study (Level : Hard)

In previous few articles (beginner, intermediate and queuing theory), we have completed a variety of case studies used in operation analytics. One of which was based on assignment algorithm in call centers. Today’s case study will be similar but we will now look at a more broader level instead of individual caller assignment. We will formulate this problem in a similar fashion as we try a transportation algorithm. While solving this problem, we will try multiple well known solutions to the transportation problem.

Operation Analytics and Investigating Metric Spike Case study

You own a call center with 1000 resources. Each of these resources have gone through a different set of trainings. These training combinations are A,B,C,D,E and F. For instance set A is the population who have gone through training 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Similarly, set B has gone through some other set of trainings. The distribution of these callers are

A : 200

B : 200

C : 100

D : 100

E : 250

F : 150

Also, the calls you get on a daily basis have different types of queries. This can again be classified into 4 categories. Let’s call them X,Y,Z and W. Each of these category can be identified through an IVR and you can try to allot any caller to these customers. On a daily basis you get following distribution of calls :

X : 20%

Y : 30%

Z :  15%

W : 35%

The number of calls might vary with days but remains almost constant at this ratio. With every set of trainings, you get a different type of skill set which enables a caller to resolve varied type of calls in different time. For instance, a set A agent can resolve a call X in 10 minutes. Following is a grid, which you can refer to check the resolution time for each combination :

Here is the catch! Your objective is to complete the work of all the callers in the least aggregate time. This will allow you to train them on different skills and therefore decrease the resolution time dynamically. Ultimately, you want a dynamic system which can do such an allocation on real time. However, for now you need to make the assignment so that you minimize the total time taken by all callers combined.

Kick Start the process

As of now, the problem is open ended till you assume the actual inflow of calls to a certain number. To simplify things, let’s assume that we have a balanced transportation problem in hand. Following is the distribution of calls :

X : 200 calls

Y : 300 calls

Z : 150 calls

W : 350 calls

Total calls : 1000 calls

Hence, the number of agents and calls are exactly equal. Even if the total number of calls increase, our current solution will still be valid as the ratio holds true.

Introduction to transportation problem

This is a classic transportation problem where the time is just a substitute of cost. Here, we try to minimize the total cost by making the right set of assignments. We can either solve it through a simplex or a tabular solution. Transportation problems are generally solved in two steps :

Identifying a basic feasible solution

Finding the optimal solution

For this article, my focus will be to complete the first step. I will leave the second step for the reader and based on the response on this article, will publish the second part as well if required.

Identifying a basic feasible solution can be done through 3 approaches :

North west corner rule (simplest of all)

Minimum cost method

Penalty cost method

North west corner rule

The process is very simple. We just assign the maximum possible values on the north west corner till we exhaust all the callers. We start as follows :

Here we were able to make this assignment because both supply and demand is 200. However, we make an assignment of a value which is the minimum of two, which coincidentally is the same here. Now we have exhausted both the first row and first column. Hence we move to the cell (B,Y) and make the next assignment. Sequentially we make all the possible assignments.

Now we calculate the total time which in this case comes out as 7550 minutes. To simply evaluate the results , we assign all A’s for X type of calls. We will divert around 33% of Y type calls to C type agents and 66% to B type agents & so on. This is generally the least optimal solution and we can get better results by the rest two methods.

Minimum cost method

This method is slightly evolved version of the last one. Here we simply try finding out the smallest time which for a combination of caller-customer that are available. For instance, if we look at the entire cost matrix, we find the minimum time is for X customer being attended for caller D, hence we make the maximum assignment at this combination.

Finally we arrive at the following assignments :

The total time for this assignment now reduces to 3900 minutes which is almost a 50% reduction on the overall time.

Penalty cost method

This is an even more evolved version of initial assignment procedure. Here we start with calculating the difference between the minimum and the 2nd minimum time for each row and column. This is basically the cost of not making an assignment in the current iteration. Following is our penalty cost table :

As we see the penalty cost is maximum for the caller types D. And we need to immediately assign the maximum value to caller D. Once done, we again recalculate all the penalty costs and move on with the assignment. Finally, following are the assignments

The total cost here is 4400, which is not better the last method. However, there is no guarantee of which algorithm wins in any iteration. It completely depends on the chances you break the tie in favor of lowering the cost or in opposite direction.

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Zendo Kaiga Iphone 7/7Plus Leather Wallet Case

Many iPhone users prefer wallet cases to keep their smartphone, cards, and cash securely in one place. In terms of living up to the basic needs like protection and convenience, wallet cases perform a great balancing act, which is not found in other cases. That’s one of the main reasons why wallets are so adored by users.

However, there are a few things like bulkiness and a bit conservative design that prevent wallet cases from winning over those who prefer minimalist profile. There is a new leather wallet case from Zendo, which has been readied to excel in all aspects. Right from the onset, it looks primed to offer luxury experience—without compromising anything on comfort and protection.

So, how good is Kaiga leather wallet case for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus and whether it can be a complete wallet for your smartphone—from users’ perspective?

ZENDO Kaiga iPhone 7/7Plus Leather Wallet Case 

High-Quality Calf Leather

Carved with top quality calf leather, Kaiga wallet case has an appealing profile. Notably, the case is made of the same leather used by German car manufacturers for the seats of their vehicles…

Thanks to the superior material, it’s highly durable. You can fully trust it to withstand the impact of drops and absorb shock. The other important quality is that it’s scratch resistant. So, if your car key had an encountered with the case in your pocket, the wallet wouldn’t have to lose the battle.

Beautifully Handcrafted Design

The handcrafted design reinforces both the durability and style of the wallet case. The vivid stitching easily catches attention. Honestly speaking, the wallet wouldn’t have looked so impressive without this handcrafted design.

The precise cut-outs for camera, speakers, lightning port and button enhance its appearance and bring more comfort into the play. Overall, the design is adorable and pairs elegantly with the smartphone.

Card Slots and Big Compartment for Cash

The wallet features card slots (iPhone 7 Plus has 4 card slots, while iPhone 7 has 3 card slots.) and big money sleeve to let you keep your valuables securely. The multiple card slots offer you more freedom and required convenience to carry credit and ID cards without any hassle.

The case continues to look lightweight even after you stash cash and fill all the card slots. With the magnetic clip closure ever ready, your valuables remain inside perfectly.

Throughout the test, the wallet did an excellent job in simplifying my task of keeping my smartphone, cash and a lot of cards securely. I didn’t miss my usual wallet at all during the travel as the case was doing the task perfectly.

Desired Functionality

The wallet can double up to let you enjoy movies or videos at your preferred angle. Being lightweight, it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your iPhone. You can easily access your smartphone to quickly answer any call and feel comfortable while carrying it in your hands. Most importantly, it won’t let ugly bumps or accidental fall damage your device. As for functionality, it scores pretty high numbers.


High-quality calf leather

Impressive handcrafted design

Stand feature to for better movie watching experience

Feels very smooth to the touch

Better grip allows you to hold the smartphone comfortably in hands


Lack of more color options

The Verdict

Kaiga leather wallet case takes care of all the basic needs. Whether it’s durability, protection, quality or convenience, it stands up to the marks. Being available at around $50, it’s not too expensive either.

Its superiority lies in its top grade material and luxurious profile enriched by handcrafted design. And because of this quality only, I would love to pay for it present my iPhone 7/7 Plus an endearing suit.

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The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

Essential Accessories For Iphone 6 Plus

1. Screen Protectors

It is not amusing when you notice even a slight scratch on your phone’s screen. Especially when you have paid an exorbitant cost for your phone, it is safe to keep it protected. You can keep the iPhone 6 Plus’s screen pristine by installing screen protectors.

These protectors are available in various types. They offer the required shielding to your iPhone’s delicate screen. Make sure to buy a screen protector that is durable and offers the best possible protection. Do not end up buying sheets that are made of insubstantial materials. Having a screen protector not only helps safeguard your phone’s display but also maintains its value while re-selling it.

2. Protective Cases For iPhone

There are diverse types of protective cases for iPhone 6 Plus, and it is difficult to point out the best type among the lot. There are enough choices to suit your styles and preferences.

Some may like a rugged and robust case, while some may prefer a minimalistic case. But, you need to know that each type has its benefits and drawbacks. The robust cases can keep your phone safe even on a battlefield but are bulky. Whereas the minimalistic cases are designed mainly to offer some grip to the phone, it can fall due to a slippery design. Some of these cases come with a belt holster and a kickstand.

3. Bumper Cases

Being a stylish and expensive product, you may like to flaunt your iPhone 6 Plus uncovered. But, given its large display, it is all the more vulnerable to a fall, especially when you hold it in a single hand without a case.

The screen protectors can only keep your phone from getting scratches, but not from shocks or drops. So, in such situations, bumper cases are a great option. These cases protect your phone effectively on the edges and are not bulky as well. They fit your phone perfectly and are slim enough to easily slide into your pockets.

4. Earphones/Headphones For iPhone

Whether you are commuting, enjoying your workout, relaxing at home, listening to music, or listening to podcasts, a good pair of headphones or earphones is always valuable.

Apple’s stock earphones that come with iPhone 6 Plus are excellent, but they are not on par with the category’s best third-party brands. Hence, keep the default Apple’s earphones as a backup and opt for a high-end wired earphone or bluetooth earphones, for instance, Bose. They are expensive, but for serious music lovers and people who want their audio to be flawless, these high-end earphones are worth every penny.

These headphones deliver amazing sound and fit comfortably. There are specially designed earphones for runners and athletes, providing great functionality.

5. Car Chargers

The iPhone 6 Plus offers a pretty good battery life. But, if you are going to use it non-stop, then naturally, the battery will drain. Mainly, if you travel often, then a car charger can keep your iPhone 6 Plus prepared wherever you go.

While driving, you mainly need your phone to check directions. During that time, your phone’s low battery signal is the least desirable. The car chargers for the iPhone 6/6s and iPad that consist of the lightning cable are compatible with 6 Plus.

Given the huge iPhone 6 Plus size, you would find it a tad easy to answer calls using headphones. However, the headphones’ biggest downside is the wire, which can be intrusive and even annoying when it gets knotted.

7. Docking Stations

Docks are easily one of the most used accessories for the iPhone 6 Plus, as at least once a day, you need to charge your phone. There are many types of third-party docks with stunning designs for the latest iPhone device.

8. Waterproof Cases For iPhone

Unlike rival phones like the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 Plus is not waterproof. Consequently, cases that have extra waterproof resistance are ideal for iPhone 6 Plus. While some of the renowned brands in the iPhone case industry have not yet released waterproof cases, many smaller brands have launched waterproof cases.

These cases are an excellent option to protect your investment. Also, unlike the typical iPhone cases, the waterproof cases offer an all-protection to your iPhone, making it waterproof, shock-proof, dustproof and scratch-resistant.

Look at the related accessories:

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Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of chúng tôi who has a keen eye for news, rumors, and all the unusual stuff around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting content on social media.

Hex Code Iphone Wallet Case Review

Ever since I saw Twelve South’s BookBook, I’ve wanted an iPhone wallet case. As a carrier of both an iPhone and a wallet, the convenience of combining the two was rather appealing.

But other than Twelve South’s case, there didn’t seem to be a lot of viable options available. And I didn’t necessarily like how the BookBook case, well, looked like a book. Luckily, I recently discovered the HEX Code Wallet Case.

I found the HEX Code case on Apple’s website. Made of genuine leather, it’s offered in both black and brown versions, each costing $49.95. I felt the black case looked a bit more classy than its counterpart, so I ordered it.

I’ve been using the case for three days now, and I must say I really like it. It’s gorgeous, comparatively thin, and has completely replaced my daily need for a wallet. But it does have some major caveats, so let me break it down for you.

The Good

The photos on Apple’s website don’t do the HEX Code Case justice. Much like I’ve done with the iPhone, I’ve caught myself staring at the case in reverence. It’s extremely thin, at least compared to the other wallet case combo options, and incredibly sharp-looking.

As for functionality, the case serves its purpose. I find the three card slots on the inside of the cover to be perfect for my daily errands. It holds my driver’s license, and both my bank and credit cards. If you typically carry more than three cards on a daily basis, the HEX Code will obviously come up short. More on that in a minute.

The last component I wanted to mention under the “Good” category was the case’s attached elastic band. It’s quite ingenious. When the case is closed, the band holds the front and back covers together tightly to keep the case slim.

The Bad

Though the HEX Code looks great, it has some major downfalls. For starters, using your iPhone while it’s in the case is a bit awkward. You have two choices: using it with the front cover loose and flapping about, or with it folded behind your phone — both make talking on the handset and texting somewhat unpleasant.

Another caveat of the case is that there are only three card slots. While I found this to be just fine for my needs, others who require more card space or room for other items in their wallet might find this to be a deal-breaker.

The biggest problem with the HEX Code Case, for me at least, is that there isn’t a camera hole. This means that if you want to snap a quick picture of something, you must completely remove your iPhone from the case to do it. Obviously I knew this when I ordered the product, but I guess I didn’t think it’d bother me as much as does. I’m seriously considering cutting a hole in the case.

But issues aside, I love the HEX Code case. So much in fact that I continue to put up with the above-mentioned annoyances. I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a classy wallet-case combo in the $50 range.

Esr’s Halolock Accessories Take Iphone Magsafe To The Next Level

ESR is a well-known manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices, with more than 100 million customers around the world. And with its new HaloLock system, ESR expands the capabilities of MagSafe for iPhone to an even wider variety of accessories, from cases to external batteries that function as a stand.

Apple introduced MagSafe to the iPhone in 2023 with iPhone 12. By combining the Qi standard for wireless charging with strong magnets, MagSafe has enabled a new range of accessories that align perfectly with the phone. This is especially important for charging accessories, as the perfect alignment makes charging more efficient.

HaloLock Power Bank Wallet

ESR HaloLock Power Bank Wallet is a very clever solution for those who have always wanted to combine a MagSafe Wallet with the MagSafe Battery Pack. The accessory works just like any other power bank, but it has a storage space for up to two cards. But more than that, you can use it as a stand if you prefer, since the accessory is foldable.

Thanks to the strong MagSafe magnets, users can attach their iPhones to the ESR HaloLock Power Bank Wallet in landscape orientation. Choose from portrait or landscape and any angle between 20° and 70° to find the perfect position to watch videos, use FaceTime, or browse the web.

And with an internal 5,000 mAh battery, you can fully recharge any iPhone model with the HaloLock Power Bank Wallet. Of course, the accessory can also recharge other MagSafe-compatible devices, such as the AirPods charging case. The HaloLock Power Bank Wallet can be easily recharged via a USB-C port.

HaloLock Geo Wallet

The HaloLock Geo Wallet also offers an elegant wallet solution that can be attached magnetically to your iPhone. However, this accessory is fully compatible with Apple’s Find My network, which means you can track it anywhere.

Enjoy a magnetic lock on your phone more than double the strength of the official MagSafe Wallet via powerful built-in magnets with 1,500 g of holding force. Go about your day with peace of mind, knowing your most important items are locked on for the ride.

To ensure that you will be able to track your wallet, the HaloLock Geo Wallet comes with a built-in battery that lasts for three months on a single charge. And when the battery dies, you can easily recharge it using a special magnetic to USB-C cable.

The HaloLock Geo Wallet also has a secure-grip finger loop, so you can hold your iPhone more firmly. The finger loop can be folded flat if you don’t want to use it.

It’s worth noting that the ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet is currently available on Kickstarter. Sales on Amazon will begin in May.

HaloLock Charger with CryoBoost

Wireless recharging can be challenging. Even with perfect alignment, thanks to the magnets, these chargers heat up the device more than conventional wired chargers. This is why ESR created CryoBoost technology, which adds a cooling fan to the charger that helps dissipate the heat.

As a result, the iPhone stays cooled, which enables faster charging speeds and also helps preserve battery health. According to ESR, the CryoBoost system is capable of recharging the iPhone in less than 3 hours, while the official MagSafe Charger can take up to more than 4 hours.

And the best part is that the HaloLock Wireless Charger is available in two different versions: a 3-in-1 base and a car mount.

The HaloLock 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is the perfect solution for AirPods and Apple Watch users, as it can charge these two devices simultaneously with your iPhone. There’s even a Sleep mode that turns off the status lights at night.

Meanwhile, the HaloLock Wireless Car Charger conveniently lets you keep your iPhone attached to your car dashboard while it recharges wirelessly.

ESR HaloLock cases and more

ESR also offers a variety of cases for iPhone, iPad, and other devices. The CLASSIC Kickstand Case with HaloLock is a simple but elegant transparent case made of acrylic that protects your iPhone without hiding its original design. The case comes with a kickstand in the camera area so that you can sit your iPhone on a flat surface.

And AirPods Pro owners can get the CYBER ARMOR Tough Case with HaloLock, which strongly protects their earbuds with a ruggedized design and is MagSafe compatible.

All HaloLock products can be found at special prices on Amazon or the ESR Gear online store.

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