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If you’re sticking to your jailbroken installation of iOS 10, then you already know you’re missing out on the new features that ship with iOS 11. On the other hand, an extensive list of jailbreak tweaks can port several of iOS 11’s most sought-after UIs to most jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

One of the most prominent changes to ship with iOS 11 is the modular Control Center interface, which can be tailored to fit your individual needs. While ControlCenterXI ported a significant amount of this interface to iOS 10 devices previously, an upcoming jailbreak tweak release dubbed Maize by the Creatix Dev Team takes everything to the next level.

By now you’re probably wondering what makes Maize so unique, and we’re excited to talk about that with you.

First and foremost, it’s as close to a carbon-copy of iOS 11’s modular Control Center as you can get on a jailbroken iOS 10 device. Complete with the ideal scaling for modules, built-in Flipswitch support, and a customizable Control Center user interface, it’s reasonable to say that Maize is what ControlCenterXI should have been from the beginning.

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After installing the tweak, you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reveal the new iOS 11-esque Control Center, as shown above. Just as you’d expect, you can tap and hold on any of the supported toggles to invoke full-screen modules, like so:

Taking things a step further than iOS 11 permits, Maize also lets you switch between Wi-Fi networks on the fly. Just tap and hol or 3D Touch on the Wi-Fi toggle button from the full-screen connectivity module that you see above, and you’ll get a Wi-Fi selector akin to the one below:

As I learned in an interview with Maize co-creator Andy Wiik, the tweak supports what’s known as continuous interaction, which means you can invoke a full-screen module in Control Center and keep interacting with it without ever lifting your finger.

Curious about what full-screen modules you can invoke with Maize? Just check the list below:

Wireless module (Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, etc.)

Music module (access Now Playing information and control sound output)

Mirroring module (access AirPlay)

Brightness module (access display brightness and Night Shift mode)

Volume module (fine-tune your device’s volume level)

Flashlight module (turn on your device’s rear-facing LED flash and adjust brightness)

Clock module (access alarms, stopwatches, and timers)

Camera module (take selfies, record videos, record slo-mos, snap photos)

And much more…

We also mentioned how Maize is fully-customizable. Just like on an iOS 11 device, you can customize the Maize interface by showing, hiding, and rearranging toggles. To do that, navigate to Settings → Maize:

Here, you’ll find a list of all the supported toggles. Those include:



Orientation Lock

Do Not Disturb



Screen Mirroring





Low Power Mode

Screen Recording


Airplane Mode

Auto Brightness

Auto Lock


Cellular Data

Personal Hotspot

Location Services



Night Shift




Silent Mode


Voice Memos



To enable a hidden toggle, just tap on the green “+” button to the left of the toggle choice. Alternatively, you can hide an enabled toggle by tapping on the red “-“ button to the left of the toggle choice. To rearrange the order in which toggles appear in Control Center, tap, hold, and drag the grabbers to the right of the toggle choices to your heart’s content.

All in all, it’s easy to recommend Maize to anyone who wants more iOS 11-like features on their iOS 10 device without upgrading and losing their jailbreak. It’s the most comprehensive iOS 11-style Control Center port we’ve seen thus far, and we doubt anyone will be able to one-up Maize given its attention to detail. Then again, with more than 30,000 lines of code behind it, such is to be expected.

Maize isn’t out yet as of this writing, but it will soon be available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $3.00. Fortunately, anyone that owns ControlCenterXI already can upgrade to Maize for just $1.50, and it works great with iOS 10 and tweaks like Polus.

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The Best Jailbreak Tweaks For Ios 11

At iDB, we’ve been covering iOS 11 jailbreak tweak releases since the initial public release of Electra for iOS 11.0-11.1.2. Fast-forward a few months, and Electra picked up support for iOS 11.2-11.3.1, and there have been several more jailbreak tweak releases.

In this roundup, we’ll discuss some of the best jailbreak tweak releases since the original Electra jailbreak release. With a little luck, perhaps you’ll find a gem from the Cydia Store that you never knew about.

The best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 11 1. AnsweringMachine X – $2.98

AnsweringMachine X is a complete voicemail replacement for the iOS platform, providing users with several new options that they could only wish for if they continued using Apple’s stock experience.

You can learn more about AnsweringMachine X and why you should download it in our full review.

2. ApolloOpener – FREE

If you use the Apollo Reddit client instead of the official Reddit app, and you should be, then you won’t want to miss ApolloOpener.

This free jailbreak tweak launches all Reddit links in the Apollo Reddit client instead of the official Reddit app.

You can learn more about ApolloOpener and how to get it in our full review.

3. AutoPause11 – FREE

AutoPause11 is an incredibly useful add-on that automatically pauses your Now Playing music when you turn your volume all the way down.

When you turn your volume back up again, your music picks up where it left off, resulting in an uninterrupted music-listening experience.

You can learn more about AutoPause11 and why you should get it in our full review.

4. Avertas – FREE

Avertas is a free jailbreak tweak that ports Auxo’s much-beloved quick switcher feature to jailbroken iOS 11 devices.

With it, you can quickly move between recently-used apps without using the stock App Switcher.

You can learn more about Avertas and where to download it in our full review.

5. AVLock – FREE

It’s never fun when your iPhone auto-rotates its display orientation when you’re in the middle of enjoying a video, but a free tweak called AVLock promises to solve this problem for everyone.

AVLock adds a rotation lock toggle button directly to the video player interface so that you don’t even have to open Control Center. It automatically locks the video in the orientation you’re watching it and doesn’t impact other aspects of iOS

You can learn more about AVLock and why it’s an essential tweak for iOS 11 in our full review.

6. Bazzi – $1.99

The stock battery level indicator in iOS is somewhat dull, but Bazzi can help.

Bazzi comes with a bevy of different battery level indicator options to spice up the look and feel of your iPhone X’s Status Bar.

You can learn more about how it works and what it has to offer in our full review of Bazzi.

7. BetterCCXI – $1.00

The Control Center interface has seen significant improvements since iOS 10, and iOS 11 made it even better in some respects, but BetterCCXI can improve it even further.

With BetterCCXI, you can re-size individual modules in the Control Center interface to achieve a more refined aesthetic than you can out of the box.

You can learn more about BetterCCXI and where to get it in our full review.

8. BoostedWifi – FREE

BoostedWifi is a free jailbreak tweak that compels iOS to display more information about nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Among the additional information are RSSI (received signal strength indicator) and Wi-Fi networks that would usually be hidden by iOS because they were too weak to connect to.

You can learn more about BoostedWifi and why you should download it in our full review.

9. CallBar X — $3.99

CallBar X is a remake of one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks for iPhones ever made.

With CallBar X, incoming calls no longer take up the entire display; instead, they appear as banner notifications. You can interact with the phone call right from the banner without ever having to leave what you’re doing.

You can learn more about CallBar X and how it works in our full review.

10. ChromaHomeBarX – FREE

You know what they say in the PC gaming world… RGB everything!

ChromaHomeBarX is a free jailbreak tweak that brings Razer Chroma-inspired RGB lighting to the iPhone X’s Home Bar.

You can learn more about ChromaHomeBarX in our full review.

11. Compatimark – FREE

It can be challenging to discern which jailbreak tweaks will work with your iOS 11 jailbreak, but Compatimark is here to help.

After installation, Compatimark displays compatibility icons just to the right of packages in the Changes tab in Cydia. Never again will you have to guess if a tweak works with your current firmware version.

You can learn more about Compatimark and how to use it in our full review.

12. DontSwipe – FREE

If you frequently hand your device away to other people to show them pictures on your handset, then DontSwipe should be a given considering you won’t want that person swiping through the rest of your Photo Library.

DontSwipe lets you lock your display to a specific image, and it can be unlocked with a secret gesture that only you would know. This prevents anyone from swiping through the rest of your Photo Library and imposing on your privacy.

You can learn more about DontSwipe and why you need it in our full review.

13. DateUnderTimeX – FREE

DateUnderTimeX is a simple and free jailbreak tweak that places the date underneath the time in the iPhone X’s Status Bar.

It seems like a small detail Apple left out for no good reason, but now you can have it regardless.

You can learn more about DateUnderTimeX and how it improves the iPhone X’s Status Bar aesthetic in our full review.

14. FastDeleteKey – FREE

Backspacing large bodies of text in iOS can be a nightmare, but FastDeleteKey makes things easier by speeding up the backspace process substantially.

Upon installation, you can customize the backspace speed to your liking, and it makes text editing with the iOS keyboard so much easier.

You can learn more about FastDeleteKey and how to get it in our full review.

15. Gauze – $1.29

Apple’s App Switcher is somewhat dull, even in iOS 11. But Gauze fixes that problem by reintroducing the classic grid switcher aesthetic.

When you install Gauze, the per-card App Switcher is replaced with a 4×4 grid app switcher. The gestures are the same to kill applications, but it makes so much better use of the real estate available than Apple’s stock App Switcher.

You can learn more about Gauze and where to get it in our full review.

16. Hush – FREE

Hush is a useful free jailbreak tweak that automatically enables Do Not Disturb mode when you place your handset face-down on a surface.

Whether you’re putting it down on your desk or on your nightstand, the tweak intelligently knows when you want your notifications silenced based upon the orientation of your device.

You can learn more about Hush and why it’s an awesome tweak in our full review.

17. IntelligentPass – $2.00

IntelligentPass is a jailbreak tweak that automatically disables your handset’s passcode protection in low-risk environments, such as when connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

When you leave those low-risk environments and travel elsewhere, the tweak automatically re-enables your passcode for security. It’s intended to be a convenience tweak that lets you access your device more quickly, and it can be a godsend in certain situations.

You can learn more about IntelligentPass and how it works in our full review.

18. Jumper – FREE

The Lock screen plays host to a duet of toggles that make accessing the Camera and Flashlight easier than pie. But Jumper is a free jailbreak tweak that lets you customize these toggles.

If you never use the Camera or Flashlight from your iPhone’s Lock screen, then consider using Jumper to utilize these shortcuts more effectively with apps that you use all the time.

You can learn more about Jumper and how it works in our full review.

19. KITTLoader – FREE

No one likes boring things on their jailbroken handsets, and that’s why a free jailbreak tweak dubbed KITTLoader was born.

KITTLoader replaces the loading indicator in the iPhone X’s Status Bar with something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

You can learn more about KITTLoader and how to get it in our full review.

20. LatchKey – FREE

LatchKey is a simple, yet aesthetically-pleasing jailbreak tweak that relocates the iPhone X’s Face ID unlocking glyph to the Status Bar.

LatchKey even includes many different glyph styles to pick from so you can customize the look and feel of the unlock effect.

You can learn more about LatchKey and why you’d want it in our full review.

21. LegiBilly ­– FREE

LegiBilly is a free jailbreak tweak that lets you customize the color of various text strings throughout iOS.

Depending on your wallpaper selection, or the theme you might be using, LegiBilly can help bring out the dominant colors in almost any interface for a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

You can learn more about LegiBilly and why you should get it in our full review.

22. LendMyPhone – $3.99

LendMyPhone is a jailbreak tweak that replicates a macOS-style guest mode on your iPhone, but with additional benefits.

With it, you can configure a custom passcode for specific users, and control what apps and features they can access when they input the passcode you’ve designated. This keeps your information safe but still lets the guest user access core functionalities.

You can learn more about LendMyPhone in our full review.

23. LiveRings – FREE

LiveRings is an incredible jailbreak tweak that animates the activity rings on the Activity app icon on your Home screen.

Upon installation, the animated rings depict your current level of activity for the day, much like how the Clock app icon displays the present time.

You can learn more about LiveRings and where to get it in our full review.

24. MitsuhaXI – FREE

MitsuhaXI is an excellent add-on for those who listen to lots of music, and it’s completely free.

Upon installation, you’ll notice a fun and quirky waveform in the Now Playing interface that syncs itself to your music playback.

You can learn more about MitsuhaXI and how it works in our full review.

25. NavAway – FREE

NavAway is a simple jailbreak tweak that automatically hides the navigation bar from view as you scroll down in apps.

It’s a great tweak because it provides more viewing real estate as you scroll, but the navigation bar reappears when you begin scrolling back up.

You can learn more about NavAway and how it works in our full review.

26. Nebula – $2.00

While we’ve seen countless night mode tweaks for iOS in recent memory, Nebula is slightly different because it applies to the websites you visit in Safari rather than the apps you use on your device.

Nebula is designed to work alongside a dark mode jailbreak tweak, such as Eclipse. Together, they provide the best dark mode experience you can get outside of Apple’s Smart Invert feature.

You can learn more about Nebula in our full review.

27. Notchification – $2.00

When you have an unread notification, you’ll see a series of circles pop up like bubbles around the True Depth camera system as shown.

You can learn more about Notchification and where you can get it in our full review.

28. NotificationsUnleashedXI – $0.99

NotificationsUnleashedXI is a jailbreak tweak that improves the feature set of your incoming notifications.

Whether you merely want them to look better or you want to see more information from your notifications at a glance, this is the tweak for you.

You can learn more about NotificationsUnleashedXI and what it can do for you in our full review.

29. Palette – FREE

Palette is a simple and free jailbreak tweak that colorizes your incoming notification banners with an aesthetic consistent with the primary color of the corresponding application icon.

For example, Twitter notifications would look blue, Snapchat notifications would look yellow, and Yelp notifications would look red, etc.

You can learn more about Palette and where to get it in our full review.

30. PercentageBatteryX – FREE

Apple left a lot to be desired with the battery level indicator on the iPhone X, but PercentageBatteryX is a free jailbreak tweak that fixes that problem.

Upon installation, PercentageBatteryX fills the battery level indicator icon with a numeric battery level that displays exactly how much battery you have remaining.

You can learn more about PercentageBatteryX and how it augments your iPhone X’s Status Bar in our full review.

31. PremiumPlay – $1.99

AirPlay is incredibly handy if you have an Apple TV because it lets you stream content from your iPhone to the big screen, but some apps prevent you from using AirPlay to stream content, such as cable apps.

PremiumPlay is a jailbreak tweak that bypasses these restrictions, enabling AirPlay streaming in apps that typically don’t support it.

You can learn more about PremiumPlay and why you should get it in our full review.

32. Priority – $0.99

Some notifications are more important than others, but iOS doesn’t know how to tell the difference.

Priority is a jailbreak tweak that lets you tell iOS which notifications to prioritize. When prioritized, notifications remain persistent until manually dismissed and appear above all other notifications.

You can learn more about Priority and how it can improve your notification experience in iOS in our full review.

33. RealCC – FREE

If you didn’t already know, iOS 11’s Control Center toggle buttons for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi don’t actually turn the wireless radios off, they just limit their activity.

RealCC is a jailbreak tweak that fixes this problem by restoring the toggles’ original functionality. Upon installation, the toggles will turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless radios respectively, instead of making them slightly dormant.

You can learn more about the mechanisms behind RealCC in our full review.

34. SafariPad – FREE

SafariPad is a free jailbreak tweak that brings iPad-style Safari web browsing to the iPhone.

Tabbed web browsing is among the most significant features included with this tweak, and it’s well worth the time to install as it brings significant usability improvements to the mobile web browsing experience.

You can learn more about SafariPad in our full review.

35. SafariUnleashed PRO – $1.00

SafariUnleashed PRO brings a bevy of internal experimental features in Safari to the hands of the end-user.

The fruitful benefits encompass better tab management, automatic Reader Mode, and forcing websites not to track you, among other things.

You can learn more about SafariUnleashed PRO and why you should get it in our full review.

36. ShortLook – $3.99

If you’re looking for a refreshing new notification experience on your iOS handset, then you shouldn’t look any further than ShortLook.

This tweak shows incoming notifications in a unique new way tailored around the new OLED display in the iPhone X. It provides several creeper comforts that help make glancing at your notifications more enjoyable if your phone is sitting on the desk in front of you at work.

You can learn more about ShortLook and how it works in our full review.

37. SmartVolumeControl2 – $1.99

No one likes the stock volume HUD in iOS, myself included. That’s why I’ve resorted to using SmartVolumeControl2 instead.

SmartVolumeControl2 provides users with a bevy of different volume HUD replacement options and even allows for on-screen volume control rather than having to press buttons.

You can learn more about SmartVolumeControl2 and why you should download it in our full review.

38. SnowBoard – FREE

WinterBoard hasn’t been updated in ages, but SnowBoard intends to be a complete theming replacement.

SnowBoard works with a bevy of existing WinterBoard themes, as well as add-ons from other major theming platforms. You can also access app-editing mode by double-tapping on Home screen icons while in ‘jiggle’ mode.

You can learn more about SnowBoard and what it’s capable of in our full review.

39. SpotClearOnClose – FREE

SpotClearOnClose is a free jailbreak tweak that automatically clears your search queries from Spotlight search every time you close the interface.

It’s a solution to a problem that many would consider an invasion of privacy, as iOS has a nasty habit of remembering your most recent search query even after you’ve closed Spotlight.

You can learn more about SpotClearOnClose and how to download it in our full review.

40. SwipeUptoKillX – FREE

It’s a bit annoying how Apple forces users to tap and hold on App Switcher cards on the iPhone X before those apps can be removed from the interface. No other iPhone running iOS 11 requires this extra step.

SwipeUptoKillX is a simple jailbreak tweak that fixes this by restoring the classic swipe up gesture for removing apps from the App Switcher.

You can learn how to download SwipeUptoKillX in our full review.

41. TapVideoConfig – FREE

TapVideoConfig is a free jailbreak tweak that lets you change the video recording quality directly from the Camera app by tapping on the quality indicator.

It saves you the steps of having to navigate through the Settings app to accomplish the same task, which ensures you’ll be ready when it’s time to grab the shot.

You can learn more about TapVideoConfig and how it could benefit you in our full review.

42. VideoHUD – FREE

VideoHUD is a welcomed jailbreak tweak that replaces iOS’ clunky stock volume HUD with a system-wide version of Apple’s redesigned video player volume HUD.

It’s a complete upgrade from the stock volume HUD in every way, and it’s astonishing that Apple didn’t implement this out of the box in iOS 11 or iOS 12.

You can learn more about VideoHUD and how to get it in our full review.

43. VoiceChanger X – $1.99

If you ever wish you could answer your phone and sound like Darth Vader or the chipmunks instead of your boring old self, then you might want to try a jailbreak tweak called VoiceChanger X.

Just as the name implies, this tweak provides real-time voice effects during phone calls. An interface overlays the phone call interface so you can adjust in real-time.

You can learn more about how VoiceChanger X will provide you with hours of entertainment in our full review.

44. YouRespring – FREE

By default, your iPhone displays the black and white spinner when you respring, but YouRespring lets you customize the respring screen with almost anything you want.

YouRespring supports animated GIF images among other things. You can configure your respring screen from the preference pane that gets added to the Settings app after installation.

You can learn more about YouRespring and how it works in our full review.

Wrapping up

Famisafe Parental Control: The Best Phone Tracker App For Monitoring Your Kids

What is GPS tracking? And a Phone Tracker?

GPS Tracking is as simple as it looks. It makes use of the GPS or Global Positioning Technology to check the exact geographical position of a target. We’ve seen several applications exploring this concept for quite some time. It has been mainly used by navigation apps in vehicles and even smartphones nowadays. However, during the past few years, we have been seeing a global trend that uses GPS to track children’s location and even activity. This technology composes the so-called Phone Tracker apps.

In this competitive market, there are several applications with GPS tracking for iOS or Android. One of the most common examples is Google Device Manager. However, among the best solutions in the market, we believe that Famisafe Parental Control is one of the most notable choices. We’ll drive through Famisafe Parental Control features through this article, and we will explain as it stands as one of the best mobile tracker application in the market.

FamiSafe Parental Control

FamiSafe is a powerful location tracking application that comes to serve your tracking needs! The application is supported by Android and iOS devices. So no matter your smartphone preference, you’ll be served with a  powerful phone tracking software. We can list below some of the most notable features offered by this application:


FamiSafe provides easy access to the live location of the phone you’re monitoring.

It provides accurate information.

Supports Web Filtering.

App Blocking and App Activity Report features available straight out of the box.

It detects Explicit Content and reports about Suspicious Photos.

There are multiple scenarios where you can use the app. For instance, if your target device is lost or stolen you can use FamiSafe to track the device location as long as it has an internet connection.

FamiSafe is a free phone tracker. You can access all functions by upgrading to a premium plan which is available at affordable prices.

You don’t need to handle everything on your kid’s phone. After the initial setup, you can monitor everything from your own smartphone.

It is available for Android and iOS

How FamiSafe works?

The first thing you need to do is to set up the application/service on your kid’s phone. The process is quite simple but involves getting a lot of permissions. This is just to ensure that all features will work seamlessly. Moreover, there is Administration permission that will ensure that your children will not accidentally uninstall the app.

How to Install FamiSafe on your children phone

Log in with the account you’ve just created in the first step.

Then a new screen will appear allowing you to determine if this is your Children Phone

Select “Kids” and insert information about your children, i.e. Name and Age. After that, the app will ask for a set of permissions like Accessibility Control, Notification Access, and even Run as an Administrator.

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The “Run as Administrator” permission is quite important since it will prevent your children from accidentally deleting the app. Make sure to give all the necessary permissions and the app will work as expected.

Worth noting that some Android smartphones come with battery saving settings. Make sure that the FamiSafe is allowed to bypass “battery-saving” restrictions since it needs to run on Background. The installation process on iOS is just as simple as on Android.

Installing FamiSafe in your smartphone

As you’ve just read, the process for installing FamiSafe in your kids’ smartphone is quite simple. The same applies to your smartphone, however, the operation is slightly different. You can download the app straight from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Store.


FamiSafe – Android Download

FamiSafe – Download on iOS

FamiSafe – Amazon Store

There is a multitude of features you can use through FamiSafe. It’s more than a GPS Location Tracker or Phone Tracker, it will allow you to monitor your kid’s internet usage, which apps he is using most and block some Internet Content for your Kids.

There are other powerful tools like one that allows the app to send you a notification once your kid enters a specific place. You can check location history to track your kids when they are out of home or you’re at work, for example.

For example, you can determine the app to notify you when your kid arrives at the school. The app is always checking your kid’s location in the background through GPS. Since we’re talking about notifications, you can also connect your kid’s social media in the application. The Explicit Content Detection will notify you if your kid gets a suspicious message with explicit or suspicious content. You can sync a plethora of social media apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, just to give a few examples.

You can even set a pin on the application. This way, only you will be able to change and set up the application. Other interesting and notable features are:

YouTube App Control

Web Filter

Safe Search which blocks explicit content from appearing in browsers.

FamiSafe Pro

As aforementioned, FamiSafe is available for several devices in a demo mode. However, if you want to experience all the features of this phone tracker with extensive and continuous support, you can opt for a paid plan.

Monthly – $9.99 /month – Sync up to five devices on your account

Annual – $4.99 /month – Sync up to 30 devices on your account

Quarterly – $6.66 /month – Sync up to 10 devices on your Account

Worth noting that only users in the Premium plans will be able to check Browser History, Location History, Use the Smart Control Schedule, the Explicit Content Detection, and Suspicious Photos detection features. Moreover, the free plan only allows you to use up to 1 smartphone. In the end, if you want to monitor your children and get the best possible information, we strongly recommend you acquiring the Annual Plan which is cheap as $59.99. You can make the purchase straight from your smartphone via your OS in-app purchase system. However, you can also purchase a plan through the FamiSafe website. Your purchase will always be synced to your account and it’s not device dependant.


Windows 12 Release Date, New Features & Compatible Devices

However, that all changed with the release of Windows 11, which went from rumour to official reveal in a matter of weeks. The cancellation of Windows 10X influenced Microsoft’s decision, but the company had clearly been working on a new operating system for a while.

It now looks like the company is shifting to a three-year update cycle for major versions of Windows, meaning Windows 12 would be announced as soon as next year. While nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft, there are plenty of rumours flying around. Here’s everything you need to know.

Will there be a Windows 12?

It’s looking likely. There was a six-year gap between the release of Windows 10 and Windows 11, but the latter isn’t expected to be the last major version of Windows.

A July 2023 Windows Central article suggested a Windows 11 successor is in the works, although there’s no guarantee it’ll be known as Windows 12. A subsequent March 2023 article details some of the upgrades you can expect. Both articles cite author Zac Bowden’s ‘sources’, but he has a strong track record for Windows news.

In February 2023, chúng tôi reported on a since deleted tweet from leaker @leaf_hobby, where the OS list for an upcoming Intel Meteor Lake desktop CPU apparently included Windows 12. We can’t verify how accurate this is, but the leaker in question has a solid track record for Intel leaks.

Shortly after that, in an interview with The Verge, Microsoft head of consumer marketing Yusuf Mehdi mentioned “develop future versions of Windows” in reference to AI features. That may just mean a future update, but a new major version would make a lot of sense.

Then, in March 2023, Microsoft launched a new fourth ‘Canary’ channel of the Windows Insider Program. This will be more experimental than even the existing ‘Dev’ channel, and Microsoft says it’ll be used to “preview platform changes that require longer-lead time before getting release to customers”.

It means builds in the Canary Channel will be very unstable, but provide access to features that are a long way away from general release. It’s also notable that there’s no mention of Windows 11 in Microsoft’s summary of the Canary Channel below – that could mean it’s only for Windows 12 features.

According to Windows Central, this is “where the company intends to preview long-lead development items for the next major version”.


In an article reporting this development, Windows Latest, said the Canary Channel “would lay the groundwork for the next-gen, likely Windows 12”.

As expected, there was no mention of Windows 12 at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in May 2023. However, as Windows Latest reports, the company did include a screenshot with mention of “the next generation of Windows”.

Microsoft / Windows Latest

This didn’t turn out to be a real event, but Microsoft is likely working on “the next generation of Windows” behind closed doors. Will these just be updates to Windows 11, or a brand-new version in the form of Windows 12? That remains to be seen.

But hints from Microsoft and Intel, combined with reports from two reputable publications, means it’s likely a major new version of Windows is on the way.

When will Windows 12 be released?

As you might expect, we don’t know exactly when Windows 12 (or its equivalent) will be released.

Our best guess so far comes from the same Windows Central article as above, which says there’ll be a major new version of Windows every three years. With Windows 11 released in 2023, that suggests we’ll see Windows 12 at some point in 2024.

In March 2023, Bowden again indicated that the “next major version of the Windows client” would be released in 2024. The fact it already has an internal codename – Hudson Valley – suggests that may be the case. He was slightly more specific in a June 2023 article, suggesting it’ll arrive “in the second half of 2024”.

Windows Latest has gone one step further, suggesting a launch in the fall (autumn) of 2024 and then wider rollout in 2025. However, it’s not clear where author Mayank Parmar got this information from.

German site Deskmodder, which first hinted that Windows 12 was in the works, says in another article that “we’ll probably get Windows 12 by the end of 2024”.

For context, most recent versions of Windows have received around 10 or more years of support from Microsoft. The big exception to that is Windows 8’s four years of mainstream updates, but that was mainly due to its poor reception.

Microsoft hasn’t said when Windows 11 will stop being supported, but most recent versions have received around 10 years of support from Microsoft. If the same is true of Windows 11, we’d need a new version by 2031 at the very latest. But it looks like this will be arriving much sooner.

Remember, the release date of Windows 12 isn’t the day you’ll be able to start using it. There will probably be a gradual rollout lasting several months, with newer hardware likely to be prioritised.

Will Windows 12 be free?

It should be, at least initially. Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10, and it’s technically still available.

Updating to Windows 11 also won’t cost you a penny, provided your device meets the hardware requirements, and there’s no indication Microsoft is putting a time limit on it. Buying a standalone copy starts at $139/£119.99.

So, once Windows 12 is released, it’ll almost certainly be free for a while. Microsoft will be understandably keen to get as many people onto the new OS as possible.

Will Windows 12 have different hardware requirements?

Probably, yes. While laptops and PCs have retained the same core design for decades, plenty of other specs have already changed since Windows 11 was released.

Its hardware requirements proved controversial, but security features such as TPM and Secure Boot look set to remain for the foreseeable future.

The only rumoured system requirement so far comes from Deskmodder, which suggests you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM rather than the current 4GB. Other Windows 11 minimums of 64GB of storage and a 720p may also be increased, but there’s no evidence for that yet.

The first-gen Surface Go from 2023 isn’t compatible with Windows 11

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

With AI set to feature heavily, you may also need a chip with artificial intelligence capabilities. Microsoft’s recent investment into ChatGPT makers OpenAI and subsequent release of Bing Chat suggests that may be the case.

In January 2023, Windows Latest reported that AMD was working on CPUs with AI built-in. Intel and ARM will likely follow suit at some point, although it may not be necessary to have one of these chips to run Windows 12.

Then, in a June 2023 Windows Central article, author Zac Bowden speculated that some (mostly AI) features may be “limited to more recent PCs with an NPU [Neural Processing Unit] or GPU”.

What new features will Windows 12 have?

As you might expect, it’s not clear quite what Windows 12 will be like. Most of its new features are thought to be in development, but a lot could change between now and a final release.

Cursed ignite mockup showing floating taskbar dock and widget and icons in desktop chúng tôi FireCube (@FireCubeStudios) October 12, 2023

Key features here include a floating taskbar and pill-shaped search bar in the top-centre, with the latter reminiscent of the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. The Widgets panel and Action Center are also at the top of the screen rather than the bottom.

According to Bowden in a subsequent Windows Central article, “my sources say this is an early prototype of the UI that will ship on Windows 12”.

It’s not particularly clear from the tweet above, but Bowden created something similar:

Zac Bowden/Windows Central

Of course, there are no guarantees this will be what Windows 12 will look like. But it’s clearly something Microsoft has been considering.

AI also looks set to feature heavily in Windows 12. At AMD’s CES 2023 keynote in January, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay said that “AI is going to reinvent how you do everything on Windows”.

Microsoft’s investment in its Bing AI (based on ChatGPT) and addition to the Windows 11 search bar (albeit in a very limited capacity) seems to be only the beginning.

In a June 2023 Windows Central article, Bowden suggests the following features could be on the way in Windows 12:

New lock and login screens that are optimised for touch

New notification centre with ability to group notifications by person or app

Ability to pin widgets to desktop

New dynamic wallpaper feature, using AI to create “parallax” effect as you move cursor or device

According to an earlier Windows Central article, Microsoft is working on a new project that will “modernize the Windows platform”. The ‘CorePC’ project isn’t guaranteed to be ready for Windows 12, but that’s supposedly the target. AI features mentioned include contextual prompts based on information on screen and the identification of objects and text within images.

Another key feature of CorePC is its modularity, with Windows able to scale up and down the level of features and app compatibility to suit specific devices. Creating a ‘state separated’ platform mirrors what you’ll see on iPadOS and Android, and should lead to faster updates and better security. This will limit the data available to the user and third-party apps to only what is necessary.

CorePC will also supposedly allow Microsoft to go head-to-head with Chrome OS and make a lightweight version of Windows 12 that runs only core apps but is very fast. It would help Microsoft regain some popularity in education sectors where Chromebooks dominate.

Previously, Deskmodder suggested that Windows 12 will be built from the ground up, rather than being based on previous versions. That’s what we saw with Windows 10X, before many features ended up being incorporated into Windows 11.

Windows 10X’s Start menu will look familiar to all Windows 11 users


This opens up the possibility of a radically different design, although big changes might not prove popular with Windows’ huge user base. Indeed, Windows Central’s Zac Bowden said in an August 2023 video that’d he’d be “shocked if they did a Windows 8-style change, however, I wouldn’t write it off”.

But if foldable PCs take off in a big way, Bowden said “we’d have to see, with Windows 12, lots of enhancements to the Windows design and UX”. Microsoft may decide to release a foldable alternative to the cancelled Surface Neo, but Windows 11 doesn’t cater to either of these form factors particularly well in its current form, which would raise the prospect of a specific tablet mode.

This was ditched with the introduction of Windows 11, although the experience on tablets is now good enough that it’s not needed.

The original Windows Central article which hinted at the 2024 release date didn’t reveal any concrete new features either. But it did suggest the current strategy of larger “Moment” updates every few months would continue.

Elsewhere, minor improvements are most likely. Making Windows 12 stable and mostly bug-free should be the priority for Microsoft.

Looking for a more in-depth look at what Windows 12 might be like? 4RMD has created a concept based on some existing rumours, but also features that people have been requesting:

Of course, the final version may look very different to this. By contrast, Addy Visuals’ Windows 12 concept imagines what the OS might look like if Microsoft completely transformed its look and feel:

This isn’t based on any concrete evidence, but hopefully it’ll provide some inspiration for Microsoft.

If you want to try out potential Windows 12 features before anyone else, it’s worth signing up to the Canary Channel of the Windows Insider Program. This certainly won’t be bug free (and so isn’t recommended on your primary device) but may provide an early look at features in the works. However, not all of these will make it into the final version.

Until more is known, check out our extensive coverage of Windows How Tos on Tech Advisor, which cover both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The Real Center Of The Earth

Hollywood, in its infinite desire to generate easy profits, has decided to do yet another remake of the Jules Verne classic Journey to the Center of the Earth — this time in 3-D!. As we can see from the trailer, this movie is going to be a special effects extravaganza. Now, while we all know that the entire idea of traveling to the center of the Earth is pure fantasy, and any “science” represented in the movie is not to be taken seriously, we have so much scientific information about the state of the Earth’s interior — much more than Jules Verne ever could know — that somehow the premise just falls flat.

(Probably, back in the more innocent year of 1959, when the original film version made its debut, it didn’t seem so egregious.)

If you don’t care, and simply want to escape into the fantastical special effects, that’s fine, but for some it might be more fun to use the film trailer to highlight a few interesting principles of physics and geology that preclude a pleasant stroll down into the Earth’s deep interior (and saving us eight-and-a-half dollars [a movie’s $11.50 here in New York. -ed.] in the process).

Here are a few enjoyable discussion points:

1) Much of what we know about the structure inside our planet actually comes from seismic waves generated by earthquakes that travel right through the interior. Because we know the physics of these propagating waves, we can make very accurate estimations of the types and states of the material through which they travel. (This type of imaging is similar in concept to the CAT scans that we use to see inside the body).

2) Based on seismic data, we know that you don’t have to go too far before it gets really hot, and the pressure gets really high. At the Earth’s center the pressure is millions of atmospheres, with a temperature around 5000K. This would be an unpleasant environment for a family vacation, although not as bad as Buffalo.

3) The extreme pressure is simply a result of the massive weight of overlying rock. This pressure is so great that the idea of a system of caverns existing down there could only be possible if the gas pressure inside the cavern counterbalanced the surrounding rock pressure. While the most likely scenario is that there are no empty spaces down there, if there were, in addition to the protagonists being crushed into jelly, it would be pretty slow going through an atmosphere that thick. Maybe the body acclimates on the way down, like mountain climbers do as they slowly progress to the summit of Everest!

5) Finally, it’s always amusing to consider what happens to the force of gravity as one descends to the center of the planet. It gets weaker. In fact, at the very center of the Earth the net force of gravity acting on an object would be exactly zero because there is equal mass “above” the object in every direction. The total force cancels out. Anyone standing in a hole at the Earth’s center would be completely weightless and floating around like an astronaut on Apollo 13. Which is the subject of a much better movie.

Adam Weiner is the author of Don’t Try This at Home! The Physics of Hollywood Movies.

Keeping Up To Date With Integrated Tweeting In Ios 5

The Twitter app, like the Facebook app and nearly everything else in iOS 5, is clean and simple. It doesn’t give or show you anything you don’t need, yet everything you need and want is right there, readily available.

The Twitter app is available for all iOS devices. It allows you to tweet on the go with your iPhone, as you update your followers on your location, and also to read the latest updates from those you follow on your iPad.

The apps allow you to update and change all of your personal information on your account, including your bio and profile image. You can also find your followers and those you follow from this.

The Twitter options don’t stop there in iOS5. It’s also integrated into the native iOS 5 apps. You can forward a link to a website directly from Safari. Curiously, though, although this tweet provides you with a great graphic, it doesn’t include the website title or page or article title. If you Tweet from this menu, the only thing appearing on the Tweet is the link. The title or any other info you want included needs to be typed in.

Images in Photos can be tweeted as well. It’s another one of the options including Email Photo, Assign to a Contact, and Print. Again, the information and title isn’t included. However, you can choose to have your location added to aid you in keeping your followers updated to where you are.

To be able to Tweet directly from these apps, you just need to add your username and password one time. This is done through the Settings app. Additionally, you can have your Contacts and Twitter merged so that the Twitter information of your followers will be added to your contacts.

Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site’s sponsored review program.

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