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Although Microsoft Build is primarily known as an annual developer conference, the general public can also benefit greatly from keeping up with the major announcements regarding ChatGPT, Bing, and many more coming out of Seattle. This is especially true this year when new products powered by generative AI are introduced at Microsoft Build 2023 event that has the potential to alter how you interact with the internet.

Microsoft Fabric:

Microsoft Fabric is a platform for data analytics. The software giant has probably made one of the biggest announcements regarding data products since SQL server. It is designed to pull data from Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and Microsoft’s OneLake data lake shortly. Microsoft Fabric now features an AI Copilot as well.

Windows Copilot:

Windows 11’s digital assistant, Windows Copilot, is here to replace Cortana. A chatbot interface for on-device operations and default access to the existing Bing Chat for online resources make it a new brand for a multipurpose search bar.

Copilot can perform generative AI-related tasks in addition to assisting you in locating and editing files, programs, and settings on your computer: You can open Spotify by selecting a playlist from Copilot and asking Copilot to suggest some moody playlists. You can likewise drop in a report and request that it sum up or roll out certain improvements to it. Microsoft will open a review of Windows Copilot to Windows 11 clients in June.

ChatGPT Plugins:

A brand-new plugin scheme imported directly from ChatGPT will be the source of most app integrations, including the one we mentioned with Spotify. That ought to come as little shock considering Microsoft is a significant corporate financial backer in OpenAI. As needed, plugins can be used by the user or any of Microsoft’s chatbot programs (which the company typically refers to as large language models, or LLMs).

On the other hand, you won’t have to utilize a single thing from Microsoft because any chatbot that sticks to ChatGPT’s plan ought to have the option to get to the same modules. This declaration, however, may assist with promoting the reception of that module conspire. Numerous services, including Expedia, Instacart, Klarna, Slack, and Wolfram, already have ChatGPT plugins. Along these lines, assuming you’re attempting to make certain about explanatory formulae, stacking up sights to find in Hawaii, or getting your new shoes funded, on the off chance that you can do that through ChatGPT at the present moment, you’ll have the option to through Windows Copilot. Beginning in the autumn, a plugin preview program will be available through Windows Copilot.

Plugins for Microsoft 365:

On the off chance that you’re taking part in early access for Microsoft 365 Copilot, the LLM for Succeed, Powerpoint, Word, and different items in the efficiency suite previously known as Microsoft Office, you’ll have the option to evaluate more than 50 modules from Atlassian, Adobe, Thomson Reuters, and others. As plugins become widely available, the company anticipates that thousands more will be published.

This expanded plugin scheme will include Microsoft Teams message extensions, Microsoft Power Platform connectors, and ChatGPT plugins.

Things get truly specialized, super quick; however, any reasonable person would agree that clients will want to work with information in new, quicker ways that can be customized to be very applicable to their particular circumstance – whether it’s through outsider modules or ones they have coded themselves.

ChatGPT with Bing Search:

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Lessons From Major Pr Mistakes

The purpose of public relations is to use strategic communication to influence the public’s view of a person or business. As a business owner, for instance, you can employ PR tactics to strengthen your company’s reputation and encourage consumers to view your products favorably.

Even with the best intentions, however, some PR efforts go awry. While we don’t find joy in others’ misfortunes, we can glean a lot from the PR nightmares some notable companies have found themselves in.

Below are a few examples of major PR blunders and the lessons business owners can learn from them. These situations may have started innocently but turned into public relations nightmares. Take notes to avoid the same fate!

Never blame your customers.

Lululemon Athletica, an activewear company, had an embarrassing problem in 2013 with its new yoga pants: They were too sheer to wear in public. Rather than admitting to quality-control inefficiencies, the brand’s founder blamed the fabric’s translucence on overweight women rubbing their thighs together because the pants were too tight.

What can we learn from this? No matter where fault lies, blaming your customers is always a losing strategy. A sure way to squander money is to insult consumers’ intelligence, taste or, in this case, figures. Customers want a product improvement, not a defensive accusation. If your product falls short, own up to it and make it better.


The quality of your product matters for more than just PR reasons. There is a direct correlation between product quality and return on investment.

Question the ‘facts.’

In 2001, tobacco titan Philip Morris Co. funded a study that claimed the benefits of smoking outweigh associated costs such as healthcare, lost working days, and cigarette-induced fires. To make matters worse, the company touted the “indirect positive effects” of early deaths – like savings on healthcare and pensions – and alleged that one foreign government in its study had a net gain of $146 million thanks to the tobacco industry. It’s no surprise the report received a massive backlash from the public, prompting the company’s senior vice president to publicly apologize for its “totally inappropriate … terrible mistake.”

What can we learn from this? Always check the facts and analyze a self-funded study from every possible angle. Try to poke holes in your own conclusions. In this case, the costs of smoking are complex and ambiguous – not to mention how distasteful it is to discuss the economic benefits of death with the general public. Even if something’s true, it may not reflect well on your company to celebrate it. [Related article: Lessons in Corporate Ethics From the GM Recall]

Don’t hide during a crisis.

2013 wasn’t the best year for cruise line Carnival, with multiple power losses and plummeting share prices. After one power outage (which understandably resulted in many unhappy vacationers), the company’s CEO was MIA when customers needed him most. Instead, a lower-level executive had to take charge of public communication during the crisis.

What can we learn from this? When an issue arises for your business, always do the talking yourself. If you don’t, you’ll communicate cowardice. The company’s most senior executives – which often include the owner in the case of small and midsize businesses – should be visible and communicative with the affected customers and the public in good times and bad. Consumers want to see issues are being taken seriously by the highest levels of the company.


Repairing your company’s reputation is critical after a crisis. Consider these highly rated reputation management services to help with the task.

Be careful how you treat your employees.

You’d think that with a name like chúng tôi this online mortgage company would’ve taken the high road when handling a massive employee layoff. But instead, its CEO decided to impersonally fire 900 employees via group Zoom call in 2023. He not only made these workers feel like nothing but a number, but even accused them of stealing from the company by only working a couple of hours a day. As the story went viral, the company’s toxic culture was exposed, and Better’s vice president of communications, head of public relations, and head of marketing promptly resigned, along with other vice presidents and board members.

Incredibly, the company made things even worse in 2023 when another group of employees learned they were laid off from the severance checks that appeared in their payroll accounts. As it turned out, the payments were mistakenly rolled out early, before the staffers could be formally notified of their termination. Social media again lit up with discussions of the company’s cruelty toward its employees.

What can we learn from this? Consumers are watching. Employers can no longer get away with promising nonexistent benefits and verbally abusing their workforce. By supporting your employees’ mental health and financial well-being, you can improve your employee retention and foster a positive company culture that makes customers proud to do business with you. A business owner should want to go viral on social media for treating their team well – not the opposite.

Did You Know?

Keeping your employees happy is one of the best investments you can make for your business. It’s also a good idea to calculate your employee turnover rate so you can spot any problems with retention.

Don’t ignore grammar.

Steve Jobs was a genius. But even geniuses can stumble a time or two. When making a speech in 2008, Jobs introduced the new iPod as “the funnest iPod yet.” While technically a real word, “funnest” generally isn’t considered the correct term to use. People on the internet collectively howled with laughter and criticized Jobs’ linguistic mistake to the point where the public was more obsessed with his slip-up than with his fun new product.

What can we learn from this? When you’re speaking or writing on behalf of your company, make sure you abide by language rules and conventions. It’s not an unforgivable sin to fumble your word choice, but persnickety consumers might overlook a new product to focus on your blatant grammatical error.

Apologize for employee misconduct.

In 2009, Domino’s employees recorded themselves spitting on pizzas and putting cheese up their noses. When the footage went viral, the company’s president immediately fired the employees and apologized in a YouTube video for their unacceptable behavior. He also thanked the online community for notifying Domino’s of the stunt and rolled out new hiring and sanitizing practices to reassure the public of the company’s commitment to hygienic safety. [Related article: Why Every Brand Should Have a YouTube Channel]

What can we learn from this? In this case, we applaud Domino’s for its actions. The company took horrible publicity and turned the situation around with a solid PR response. If your employees deface the name and dignity of your business, fire them and let the public know what actions you’ve taken. Reassure your customers that their safety, sanity and needs come first in your book.

Ashtyn Douglas contributed to the writing and reporting in this article.

Game Developers Seek Apple Watch Event Spotlight As Major Companies Ready Apps

Hundreds of iOS developers have been working with Apple in secret Cupertino-based sessions on apps for the Apple Watch, and now we’ve learned that this list includes game developers. According to two sources, multiple “mass market, casual” game developers have been in the running to show off light games on stage during Monday’s “Spring Forward” event in San Francisco. While Apple could end up not showcasing games next week, we’re still told that they are championing the idea of light weight gaming on the Apple Watch. As one source said, “the iOS gaming ecosystem will be well represented on the Apple Watch despite [the simplicity] of the Software Development Kit (SDK)…

These light weight games are said to be extensions of the full experience on the iPhone, while other games act more like powerful, wrist-worn displays to showcase additional content. For example, we are told that Electronic Arts is working on a WatchKit application for their popular racing game Real Racing 3. The application works in tandem with the iPhone app to display race track progress, competition information, rankings, race results, and countdown timing until the required virtual car repairs during races. EA, notably, demonstrated a racing game at the first iPad event…

In addition to games, we are told that several major developers are working on Watch apps for debut as soon as next week. We’re specifically told that Uber has been working on an app to track the driving progress of their incoming Uber car pickup. People familiar with upcoming applications also say that Mailbox, a popular Dropbox-owned email app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, is working to have an Apple Watch app ready for the hardware’s launch. Dating apps for the Apple Watch, like one from chúng tôi are also in development. We recently reported that Panera Bread, chúng tôi and major hotel chains have WatchKit apps in the wings.

Workflow, a popular task automation app for the iPhone is also coming soon to the Watch, while Things from Cultured Code is in development, as was announced earlier this week. Working with iOS Maps APIs, third-party apps for transit directions are also said to be coming. Of course, as showcased at the Apple Watch event in September, Facebook and Twitter applications for the Apple Watch will also be ready to go. Unsurprisingly, Apple partner-Nike is working on a fitness application for the Apple Watch that works with its offerings on the iPhone. 1800Contacts is finishing up an app that allows users to order new lenses from their wrist.

Earlier today we revealed additional details about the Apple Watch, including a new Heart Rate Glance feature, an enhancement for reserving battery power, and new details about the device’s customizability. Apple will discuss more details about the Apple Watch’s capabilities, pricing, and launch information on Monday. Apple has been seeking full control of the WatchKit app message, so it’s likely that apps will be a focal point of the keynote. We’ll have full coverage of the 10 AM PST/1 PM EST event, so stay tuned.

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What To Expect From Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Product Announcement Event

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The days leading up to an Apple Spring Loaded event can be fun. It’s a chance to speculate about what products Tim Cook and his work pals have been cooking up for the past few months. This year’s first big Apple even will take place on Tuesday, April 20th. While we’re not expecting it to be a game-changing batch of announcements, there’s likely some cool gear in the hopper. We’ll know for sure on Tuesday, but for now, here are some products that we might see coming out of Apple HQ. 


Rumors suggest the new iPad Pro displays will draw on mini LED backlight technology, which is currently the hot thing happening in high-end TVs. It’s unclear if we’ll get any kind of substantive hardware redesign, but we’re fans of the current squared-edge design, which has partially trickled down to the iPad Air as well. 

The event could also bring a new version of the Apple Pencil.

Apple TV

If you’re running the latest Apple TV 4K, it’s currently equipped with an A10X Fusion processor inside. That dates back to 2023, which is quite old when it comes to this kind of tech. The popular rumors suggest an upgrade to HDMI 2.1 to support higher refresh rates, which is particularly handy when playing games. 

Perhaps most importantly, however, the popular gossip also suggests that Apple may finally be ready to replace the easy-to-lose and annoying-to-use Apple TV Remote with something more robust. If any of the rumors are true, a remote with some buttons might be the most exciting. 

If you regularly read the gadget blogs, you may very well be sick of hearing about the long-rumored AirTags by now. Speculation about them has literally been around for years. Recently, however, Apple issued an update to its Find My service to include devices from third-party manufacturers. So, if other companies want to build Find My into their own gadgets, you can track them down just like you would with a lost iPhone or iPad. 

It makes sense that Apple would release its own tracking hardware around the same time that it starts letting third parties in the door. No one is really sure what they’ll look like, how much they will cost just yet, or if they even actually exist.


While the excellent AirPods Pro are still relatively fresh, the stock AirPods haven’t changed much in years. There’s very little out there, even on the rumor front, about the possibility of new AirPods, but it feels like time for an update. With so many people possibly headed back to school or work later in the year, a fresh set of white AirPods would probably sell extremely well. 

M1-powered Macs

This one is a long shot, but it’s not out of the question that Apple could drop more machines powered by its Apple Silicon hardware. The initial wave of M1-powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro machines have been extremely well-received, so it’s likely Apple wants to continue updating its line in a timely fashion. Rumors suggest this Spring event may include a new version of the iMac desktop computers. Even if Apple doesn’t drop a new M1 (or better) Mac at this event, we’re only a few weeks away from the company’s big World Wide Developers Conference, which provides another opportunity for big announcements. 

Be sure to follow along on PopSci for live coverage of the Spring Forward event happening at 1 p.m. Eastern on April 20th, 2023.

Ubisoft’s Biggest E3 2023 Announcements: Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Uplay+

Ubisoft once again set up at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles to show off a broad range of games at E3 2023, from Watch Dogs Legion to unannounced fare like Rainbow Six Quarantine and “small-scope” RPG Gods & Monsters. There’s also a new PC-focused Uplay+ subscription service coming, and a ton of new content for The Division 2.

Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft began with arguably its biggest release of 2023, Watch Dogs Legion. We’d already gotten a few details earlier in the week courtesy of leaks, but this was our first time seeing it in action.

The main hook is permadeath for any character in the game. Every citizen in Legion’s London is playable, and when you recruit them to your cause they become part of your pool. Thus you can play Legion as a quaint tea-and-crumpets granny who shoots police in the head, which is a lot more fun than mumblemouth Aiden Pearce.

On the other hand, I’m less sold on this dystopian London and what looks like an increased focus on guns. I liked Watch Dogs 2’s ultra-realistic San Francisco and how much it downplayed combat, and Legion’s grim action-game tone is a bit disappointing.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

We’ll know soon enough. The first beta is due to start on September 5, with a release on October 4. And that’s about it for Ubisoft’s fall plans, so make the most of it.

Now that Ubisoft has a half-dozen live service games, a significant portion of its press conference is just devoted to updating those. Rainbow Six Siege came first. They’re adding a new operator (from the U.S. secret service) and a new season, with Operation Phantom Sight due to release tomorrow, June 11.

The Division 2

Now that The Division 2’s released, it spent E3 laying out its first-year roadmap. It sounds pretty intriguing, sending players to new locations around the city. Episode One will bring players to “deep into the woodlands, to a presidential compound” which sounds a lot like Camp David. You’ll also venture into the National Zoo, and Kenly College for missions two and three.

Episode Two meanwhile will add a second raid, and missions in the Pentagon. And then Episode Three, Manhunt, will apparently bring players…back to New York? Better yet, they’ll all free. Ubisoft sure does know how to support a game longterm, I’ll give them that.

We’d heard rumors before the show of a new co-op Rainbow Six, and indeed that looks like the case. This isn’t your grandpa’s Rainbow Six though. The trailer doesn’t show much, but it certainly doesn’t seem like you’ll be fighting terrorists in a game called Quarantine. Instead I expect this to build off Rainbow Six Siege’s alien-infested Outbreak event, at least tonally.

The interview above shows some of the game’s developers talking about Quarantine gameplay details, so check it out if you’re interested.


Roller Champions

Rocket League’s influence continues to reverberate through the industry with Roller Champions, another digital sports game—this one crossing roller derby with handball and jai alai. But don’t take my word for it. You can grab a demo from Uplay between June 10 (today) and June 14 and decide how you feel.

Gods & Monsters

Always Sunny in Mythic Quest?

A few minutes into the Ubisoft press conference I thought I spotted Kaitlin Olson in the crowd. Then Rob McElhenney walked out on-stage to announce Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, a parody of game development for Apple TV+ being produced by Ubisoft, whatever that means.

Looks better than Grandma’s Boy.

Microsoft Admits Drawing Winget Inspiration From Appget

Microsoft admits drawing WinGet inspiration from AppGet




Microsoft released WinGet to preview recently.

The company has finally given credit to AppGet creator, Beigi, for his part in the success of WinGet.

If you’re a developer, visit the Developer Tools page to discover practical guides and devops resources.

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readers this month.

The recent launch of WinGet in preview was largely successful, except for the controversy regarding where Microsoft drew inspiration for its new Windows Package Manager.

WinGet enables developers to quickly locate and install their devtools, but it’s not entirely an original Microsoft idea. So, the company has finally admitted to borrowing some critical functional concepts for the app from rival AppGet.

Microsoft copied some WinGet ideas from AppGet

AppGet is also a Windows Package Manager that serves them same goal as WinGet.

But after Microsoft released WinGet, AppGet creator, Keivan Beigi, published a post claiming that the company had stolen his ideas without giving him proper credit.

To support his claims, the developer gave a detailed account of email correspondence between him and Microsoft.

Apparently, the company had shown interest in his open-source AppGetproject on GitHub. The two parties were even in discussions that should have led to the developer working for Microsoft.

Instead, the company stopped engaging Beigi at some point, only to announce later that it was launching a rival app.

Beigi says that he expected people to borrow his ideas, and that’s why he put the entire project code on GitHub. But he also anticipated recognition, especially if the party copying his inventions is a tech giant like Microsoft.

Acknowledgment from Microsoft

Well, the Redmond-based company has finally acknowledged the role Beigi played in building WinGet.

They’ve even gone ahead and listed specific app features that borrow heavily from how AppGet fundamentally functions. These are:

No scripts during install – something that we completely agreed with and don’t allow with MSIX

Rich manifest definition within GitHub – the power of being open combined with rich declarative meta data about the app is so important to meet goal #1

Support all types of Windows applications installers

Seamless updates for applications in the repository

Microsoft has also thanked Beigi, who is now pulling the plug on AppGet.

It’s not uncommon for tech giants to render third-party apps obsolete by copying them and building their core functionality into their bigger and more popular flagship platforms.

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