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Everyone is looking for guest post opportunities these days, but one avenue that doesn’t get discussed about often is leveraging Pinterest for guest post opportunities.

Before we dive in, here’s a quick overview of who’s on Pinterest.

Since it launched in March 2010, Pinterest has risen to 48.7 million users and they all spend ridiculous amounts of time on site! It has become a prominent hub for creativity.

Let’s set aside the stereotypes for a second and give Pinterest some credit. It’s filled with popular bloggers, crafters and industry opinion leaders showcasing inspirations of all kinds, and they create tons of buzz! Sure, a fair amount of pins are centered around hairdos, home decor and high heels, but that’s not all you’ll find. Pinterest is a digital billboard for a variety of industries, which makes it somewhat of a marketer’s playground.

Ok let’s dive in.

1) Find Relevant Pins Using Pinterest Search

Pinterest relies on pin descriptions to deliver relevant results. So, start by searching for industry-related pins by performing searches based on keywords just like you would do on any other search engine.

Alternatively, you can find popular pinners from Google. Surprised? I was toying with this and while it’s not an end all solution, it’s a start:

3) Gather Site Data

The goal for submitting guest articles is to get your content on relevant sites with high readership.

If there is no opportunity for a guest post on the site, you may choose to do a quick search for broken links and turn it into a BLB effort instead.

4) Repeat & Revise

One highlight about this Pinterest proposition is that it’s a recurring cycle. When you hit a dead end, go back and see who else has re-pinned the photo to find additional images on other boards. This is where re-pins and shares come in handy.

Finally, back up and change your search to include other key terms, or choose a subject in the Category drop down menu and follow your nose!


Dabbling with search operatives in Google can be tiring. So put away your list of “guest post” queries, take a short vacation from Google (is that even possible?) and venture over to Pinterest to embark on a refreshing, new quest for guest posts.

It will open some golden doors of opportunity and you’re certain to have some fun along the way.

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4 Tools For Better Pinterest Experience

Do you love Pinterest? Does it keep you up at night, staying up late to add more images to your board? Do you find yourself spending more time there than you do on Facebook or Twitter? If so, you are like a great deal of today’s social media generation.

Fun, easy to use and addictive, Pinterest has changed the way we share in a world that had already been dominated by social networking communities. It created something entirely new, and it has really taken off.

I have already covered some useful Pinterest tools for easier *pinning* and here are a few more for better user experience. Now you can get even more out of the site using these four handy little tools.

1. Pin Search

How often have you found a picture on Pinterest and you wanted to know more about it? This plugin for Chrome works by allowing you to search out information on any image. It will find similar pictures as well as any websites it has been shown on so you can find out more about the photo.

2. Pinzy

Hover over any Pinterest pin and it will expand it with this Chrome plugin. It is a simple tool, but useful if you like to skim images rather than opening each.

3. Pinterest Recent Activity Expander


Top Robotics Job Opportunities In India For December 2023

Demand for robotics experts is skyrocketing year over year

With the world entering the industrial revolution age, the use of


Job Role: Microsoft Robotic Process Automation Application Developer Location: Pune Job Description: Candidates for this role will be responsible for UiPath Process Automation Development; infrastructure setup and management for the UiPath application; interacting with BAs, PM and business to understand the processes to be automated. They will require performing technical feasibility check for the process to be automated; and providing design and development estimations for the processes to be developed. Requirements: • 4 years of experience in RPA UiPath development • In-depth knowledge and exposure of RPA and UiPath tool • Experience throughout the entire RPA project lifecycle • Good Communication skills • Minimum of 15 years of Education

NICE Actimize

Job Role: Robotic Automation Engineer Location: Pune Job Description: Robotic Automation Engineers will be responsible for understanding detailed requirements for functional and flow to automate web applications and backend services. They will require to review stories in detail to participate in grooming, sprint planning, and assess automation efforts; performing hands-on automation execution; work closely with PM and Developers to deliver high-quality releases for production. Requirements: • Demonstrated ability to design and configure automation using a variety of technical skills (e.g. Pure webservices, SQL-based data conversions, UI, etc.). • Experience working as part of a team on large scale IT customization and implementation projects. • Prior experience working with Selenium & Robot Framework will help • BE/BTech in CS or equivalent with overall 7+ years of experience and recent track record in Automation planning and execution of mission-critical multi-tenant SaaS applications. • Hands-on project experience of one of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools like Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, APA, etc.


Job Role: Automation Engineer Location: Bangalore Job Description: The Automation Engineer will work for the Local Apps Squad in CIO Network Engineering Deploy ISA, with a particular focus on development, deployment and rollout of Local and Global CIO programs as necessary in support of Network Engineering initiatives deployment for the ISA/APJ Market. Requirements: • Total experience of 8 to 10 years with minimum 5 years of relevant experience in Application Development using Python, Flask Framework, Docker Containers, REST APIs • Working knowledge of Agile Framework • Knowledge of Networks Infrastructure which includes, but not limited to, LAN / WAN and other Voice and Data networking technologies • Along with technical skills, knowledge and experience in Relational and NoSQL Databases, Structured Query Language, UI Development, IBM standards for application development, ITSS Security Compliance Standards are beneficial. • Working knowledge of Agile project management and experience in using Project Management/Agile Tools like Jira

Rapyuta Robotics

Job Role: Software Engineer I – Robotics Location: Bangalore Job Description: For this role, candidates’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to, collaborate in a team to design, develop, integrate and maintain a robust team of autonomous robots in semi-structured and dynamic environments. They will need to contribute to the deployment and testing of system; identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems; and contribute to software design reviews, architecture reviews, and best practices. Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience with an outstanding track record • Demonstrated ability to design, implement, and test scalable and highly available software systems in a fast-paced environment • Strong proficiency in C++, with a fair knowledge of the language specification and at least 1-2 years of hands-on experience • Computer Science fundamentals in algorithm design, problem-solving, and complexity analysis • Strong communication skills and ability to work well in a team environment


Job Role: Senior System Software Engineer Location: Pune Job Description: As a part of NVIDIA’s GRID Software team, the candidate will require to design, architect, prototype and implement complex Windows services and applications. They will work closely with partners, UX and UI designers on new products or features/improvements of existing products. They will also need to deliver solid code and working features that provide the appropriate level of security, performance, reliability and scalability, and provide technical leadership to fellow engineers, designers, and partners to develop, review and maintain the product. Qualifications:  • 7+ years of proven experience in C / C++ / VC++, Windows API (Win32 Programming), Windows Socket Programming, Multi-threading, COM / DCOM-ATL, STL. • Proven track record of work on Windows OS with in-depth knowledge of Windows Internals. • 7+ years of hands-on experience in Windows Programming & debugging Windows applications using various debugging tools (e.g. WinDbg, Visual Studio, Sysinternals Suite, etc). • Strong knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithm Design, Design Patterns and OOP concepts. • Strong knowledge of user space application concepts such as multi-threading, synchronization, IPC/RPC, etc.


Job Role: Developer (Java and JavaScript), SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Location: Bangalore Job Description: As a developer, the candidate will be responsible for designing, coding and testing specific product features in a development team. He/she has to take full responsibility for accepted tasks and demonstrate a high level of quality, speed, reliability and efficiency. They will need to analyze and solve issues in existing and new code while working closely with the team to ensure team success. They will also need to develop a functional knowledge of the overall product and support customers and partners when required. Qualifications: • University Degree in Computer Science or related technical areas with a minimum of 3 years of experience • Proficiency with Java and fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript • Good understanding of object-oriented design principles and design patterns • Familiarity with RESTful web-services using Java Spring Boot or similar frameworks/tools /Familiarity with Node.js • Familiarity with Cloud Foundry and/or SAP Cloud Platform • Good to have some knowledge of database technology such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Paypal Offers $45 Billion For Social Photo Sharing Network Pinterest

PayPal Holdings Inc. is looking to acquire social media company Pinterest Inc. for $45 billion, according to reports from both Reuters and Bloomberg (each of whom cites anonymous people familiar with the matter).

The pandemic and resultant acceleration of ecommerce adoption have left PayPal in a position to finance the deal “mostly with stock,” their sources say.

PayPal stock is up 36% in the last 12 months, giving the O.G. fintech brand a market cap of almost $320 billion.

Pinterest has grown its audience to over 400 million monthly active users.

That audience could prove incredibly lucrative for PayPal, given that Pinterest’s userbase is more than 60% female and consists of 45% of people in the U.S. with an annual household income over $100,000.

Pinterest reports that members who visit Pinterest weekly outspend non-Pinners by 2x every month and have an 85% larger basket size.

Pinterest had already been dipping its toes in the ecommerce pond; in fact, the visual social network made clear that it intends to provide online sellers a storefront.

In its launch announcement of a slate of new features released today, Pinterest said,

“Pinterest is deliberately designing a product rooted in inspiration, inclusivity and positivity for Pinners, creators and brands.

These latest features address the changing needs and expectations of creators and consumers online, and they enable everyone to inspire, build and reach new audiences; engage with a community around shared passions; earn money with original content and become a storefront for merchants.”

Rumors Coincide With Launch Of More Shoppable Idea Pins & Creator Rewards

News of the potential acquisition broke just as Pinterest announced the launch of:

A redesigned home feed with Browse and Watch tabs.

Takes, a new engagement tool available on iOS and Android for Pinners and creators worldwide.

Creator Rewards, Pinterest’s first in-product monetization program for creators.

Augmented reality integration for Idea Pins, via AR Try on.

Creator Originals, a new content series of 100 episodes featuring 10 different Pinners.

Amazon Associates Program product tagging for U.S. Pinners, who are now able to add affiliate links from Amazon and earn commission on qualifying purchases.

Pinterest Adds Visual Search to Video Content

Of its new Idea Pins AR integration, Pinterest said,

“…creators now have the option to make their Idea Pins automatically shoppable by enabling shopping recommendations on their Idea Pins. The ‘shop similar’ feature uses Pinterest’s visual search technology to recommend Product Pins that are visually similar to the content within the Pin, giving Pinners the ability to shop what they see.”

And of Creator Rewards, Pinterest explained,

“The new program is Pinterest’s latest initiative to pay creators for sharing their passions and inspiring meaningful engagement through their content.

Access to Creator Rewards is available in the U.S., through an all-new global Creator Hub, where creators can manage their Pinterest presence with tools, tips and insights.”

Pinterest’s new features start rolling out on iOS, Android, web, and desktop today.

Even in a record-breaking year for M&As, this is certainly one to watch.

Editor’s Note: PayPal said in a one-sentence statement to Reuters on October 25 that it is not pursuing an acquisition of Pinterest, sending the social platform’s stock tumbling over 12%.

Featured Image: joklinghero/Shutterstock


Ubuntu Virtual Machine: Guest And Host

If you’d like to run an Ubuntu virtual machine on your PC, you’ll need to weigh a series of considerations. To be sure, the use of virtualization is commonplace in the IT industry these days. Still, before you decide to run an Ubuntu virtual machine, you must consider whether you fully understand the benefits of setting one up in the first place.

In this article, I’ll explore virtual machine hosts and guests on Ubuntu, why virtualization is a better bet than relying on WINE and how to ensure that you are selecting the best virtual machine solution for your Ubuntu desktop.

Generally speaking, it makes very little sense to run a virtual machine of Ubuntu under Windows. If you’re relying on Windows and looking to run Ubuntu also, it would make much more sense to look into a dual-boot environment or consider using the Windows installer for Ubuntu. An alternative to using the Ubuntu Windows installer would be to use a bootable USB drive loaded with Ubuntu already. This is useful in that it would provide you with a dynamic Ubuntu experience without ever needing to touch your existing operating system’s installation.

For most people, Ubuntu makes for a great host operating system, and running Windows as a guest provides the best value overall. An example of this would be if you needed a legacy Windows application, but would rather use Ubuntu as your default operating system. Using an Ubuntu PC with ample CPU power and RAM, you could run an instance of Windows and access the legacy program under Ubuntu quite easily. Depending on the virtual machine software you decide to use, you could even run your guest desktop in a “seamless” mode where the guest OS’s software visually appears to be running natively on Ubuntu.

In order to setup an Ubuntu host with Windows running as a guest operating system, I recommend the following:

Use a PC with ample resources. I recommend using a computer with as much RAM and CPU power as possible. Ideally, I prefer to give a guest operating system like Windows 2 GBs of dedicated RAM to work with, with at least another 2 GBs of RAM for the host operating system.

Consider whether running a virtual machine is the best approach to using multiple platforms. If you’re looking to play video games in a Windows guest on an Ubuntu-host PC, you’re going to be very disappointed. When it comes to running video editors, video games and CAD programs, you really need to consider a native operating system environment. Trying any of the above with a virtual machine isn’t going to work well at all.

Consider whether using an open source software title be a better alternative. In many instances, using an open source software application will provide the same results as using a proprietary Windows application. While some users will disagree with this, it has been my experience that in many cases open source alternatives can offer most if not all of the functionality found in proprietary software. After doing some initial testing, you may discover that you could be using a natively supported open source application. This would mean that you could avoid relying on a virtual machine altogether.

When it comes to choosing the right virtual machine software for your Ubuntu installation, you must first decide which factors matter the most to you.

Web Recruitment: Don’t Just Post Jobs

Furthermore, Wheeler believes candidates will start to create electronic portfolios. For instance, software engineers could provide mini case studies of how they contributed to a project, outlining their role and the areas of implementation in which they participated. They could include snippets of code and procedures they created. “The concept here is to provide credible proof that they have a skill or did contribute to the project,” Wheeler says.

Scratching below the surface

Cisco’s Web site goes a step farther than Lucent’s with a feature called the Profiler, which bears the motto, “Because the best resume is no resume.”


The Web is a good place to prescreen job applicants. Here are some suggestions for your site:

Remember the basics: name, contact information, employment history, education, languages spoken, job preferences, and career objectives.

Dig deeper into candidates’ employment history,asking which specific functional IT areas they’ve supported and which technical tools they use, as Cisco Systems Inc. does on its Web site.

Ask for a list of skill sets and competencies.Cisco, for example, asks applicants to choose from a list of skills such as, “partnerships,” “functional/cross-functional knowledge,” “ability to solve problems and make decisions,” and “dedication to customer success.”

Get references.

Ask for the following information:What characteristics do the candidate’s ideal job include, desired salary range, location, and cultural environment (small or large teams, structured or unstructured).

The Web is a good place to test rudimentary skills,like asking candidates to write samples of code.

Include open essay questions to really get a flavor for the candidate’s personality, such as, “The specification has just been changed, but your manager won’t allow you to extend your deadline. What would you do?”

Like a resume builder, the Profiler asks candidates about their education and employment history. Then it starts digging deeper with such questions as, “What functional areas in IS have you supported?” and, “What technical tools do you use?” and even, “Describe your experience in writing documentation for users.”

Candidates are also asked to choose from a list of competencies that best describe them. Choices include “industry knowledge,” “functional/cross functional knowledge,” and “solve problems and make decisions.”

Then candidates are asked to provide a list of their top 10 skill sets (such as TCP/IP or C++) and the amount of experience they’ve had with each. Finally, the site asks for references “to corroborate your story.”

With tools like the Profiler, companies stand a good chance of weeding out unqualified candidates as well as conducting a pretty thorough prescreening of viable applicants. And think of the time you save by receiving this information right away, rather than having to conduct a prescreening telephone call.

Going even further

chúng tôi delves even deeper into the prescreening process. First, when visitors go to the careers site–be they active or passive job candidates–they are asked for an e-mail address. They can also subscribe to information about the company, such as quarterly reports and job fairs, or ask to be notified when jobs come up that might be a good match for them.

Second, candidates are asked to describe their own characteristics and the traits of their ideal job, including their experience level, field of expertise, desired salary range, and location.

Meanwhile, hiring managers fill out the same information about the specific jobs they post. “And that’s the first step of matching,” says World.hire’s Miller. “We have a matching engine that’s constantly matching those characteristics.”

Once a match is made, candidates receive an e-mail that links them to the job description. If they want to apply, they answer a series of screening questions, which the hiring manager has specifically written for the particular job posting. These include true/false, multiple-choice, or open essay questions that the manager scans for certain key words. A scoring metric automatically filters out unlikely candidates and forwards the acceptable ones to the hiring manager.

Some questions deal with cultural fit, asking candidates which environment they prefer–small or large teams, structured or unstructured. Others might test rudimentary skills, like asking prospective employees to write Java code. In the end, hiring managers have practically completed a preliminary interview without opening their mouths.

The downside

Of course, there are lots of kinks to work out in this new world of Web-based recruiting. For one, I can see resume builders and lengthy prescreeners leading to application fatigue on the part of job seekers. Rather than typing up a short cover letter and attaching a resume, they’ll have to customize answers for each job.

On the other hand, “you’re allowing candidates to market themselves specifically to a job, as opposed to allowing hiring managers to pull out your qualifications from a static resume,” World.hire’s Miller says.

Also, I can see candidates becoming savvy enough to outsmart prescreening questions. For instance, companies might start asking similar questions for common job titles. If candidates see this, they could prepare their responses beforehand, thus losing the spontaneity and customized nature the company is seeking to capture.

Worse, unqualified candidates could preview the screening questions and do some basic research to find out what responses would be acceptable. “The way some of our customers are dealing with that is to change the questions on a regular basis,” Miller says.

Another way might be to throw in some unexpected questions to get a feel for candidates’ personalities, in addition to their capabilities. chúng tôi suggests including open essay questions. For instance, ask candidates how they would react in certain situations, such as “the specification has just been changed but your manager won’t allow you to extend your deadline.”

As Global Learning Systems’ Wheeler says, more organizations are bound to use these techniques more frequently over the next few years, adding in aptitude tests, personality tests, and more. “If you indicate that you can read and write French, you may be asked to do so on the spot as part of the screening process,” he says.

At the same time, “there is also no doubt that candidates will rebel, learn to evade the tests, develop techniques for using the computer to psych out the interrogating computer, and so forth,” Wheeler continues. That’s why, no matter how much you use your Web site to do recruiting for you, you can never eliminate the human touch. “In the end, it will always boil down to two things: people talking to people and results,” Wheeler says.

Mary Brandel is a freelance writer in Norfolk, Mass., specializing in business applications of technology. She can be reached at [email protected].

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