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Apple United Kingdom today shared several new videos through its official YouTube channel.

More than a dozen new videos from the company focus on women in tech and diversity by featuring engineers from all walks of life. Some of the female engineers highlighted include people working on Apple’s camera and iOS Photos team and manufacturing engineers, with one of the clips focusing on the company’s App Store specialist who is deaf.

Watch the latest Apple videos

And now, watch these videos embedded right ahead.

Divya – Manager, Human Interface Devices team

“Divya, an engineer, has a passion for the connection between health and happiness and she brings that to her role on the Human Interface Devices team. Her group is responsible for developing the unique sensors on Apple Watch.”

Emilie – Engineering Manager, iOS Photos and Camera Engineering team

“Emilie has always been an avid photographer and that passion is a big part of what drives her commitment to the customer’s photographic experience. She and her team are always working on better ways to help people take beautiful photos, no matter what their skill level.”

Jen – Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

“Jen designs automation for final assembly. Working with the Product Design teams, she visits China for hands-on engineering experimentation to find the balance between the best possible product and the best possible way to manufacture it. Jen has the freedom to explore ideas and use her imagination all day.”

Mariana – Specialist, Apple Century City

“Mariana understands the importance of connecting with everyone who visits her store. As a member of the deaf community, she knows customers are always amazed by the impact Apple products have on her. But for her, it’s much more rewarding to show customers amazing experiences that can help them enrich their own lives.”

Cecile – Manager, Computer Vision / Machine Learning Hardware Acceleration

“Cecile and her team develop the software layers that enable hardware acceleration for neural networks on Apple platforms, delivering real-time performance for a variety of applications. She attributes these great customer experiences to some inspiring collaboration among a diverse group of people at Apple.”

Melissa – Genius

“Before she joined the Apple Store, Melissa thought of herself as more of a people person than a tech person. But she was eager to learn and today she’s certified to repair Apple hardware — although she considers her customer experiences the most rewarding part of her day.”

Sujin – Expert, Apple Highcross

“Sujin loves photography, especially portraits. And that affinity for exploring the person-to-person connection is what drew her to a role at the Apple Store. She learns from customers and they learn from her.”

Harriet – Creative Pro, Apple Regent Street

“Art was always a personal passion for Harriet and now it’s a professional passion. She brings what she loves to her role at the Apple Store, helping customers discover new ways to express their creativity.”

Suzie – Manager, Acoustic Prototyping team

“Suzie explores new ways to push the limits of audio technologies. For example, she developed some of the Apple HomePod prototypes that helped define the precise placement of the tweeter array ports — to design high-fidelity sound for listeners, even as they move around the room.”

Giulia – Engineering Manager, Natural Language Processing Team

“Giulia and her colleagues teach machines to recognise patterns such as numbers, images or words, including over 30,000 handwritten Chinese characters. Collaborating with her team and other groups at Apple also helps her stay at the forefront of her field.”

Shravan – Manufacturing Design Engineer

“Shravan and his team help bring Apple’s bold design visions to the real world. They develop processes that can go beyond Apple’s present product needs to become part of Apple’s manufacturing future. He develops innovative approaches toward CNC machining, joining technologies, lasers, robotics, assembly and more — but Shravan believes his most valuable tool is creativity.”

Ehsan – Engineering Manager, Sensing Product Design team

“For Ehsan, it’s the customer’s touch that matters most. His team is responsible for the mechanical design and deployment of next-generation touch, optical and motion-sensing technologies within Apple products.”

Santa – Specialist, Apple Regent Street

“For Santa, music is a constant exploration of fresh ideas and he brings that passion for discovery to his role at work. Learning new things is what the Apple Store is all about — for customers and employees alike.”

Chris – Creative Pro, Apple Country Club Plaza

“As a musician, Chris appreciates how music can bring people together in a shared experience. In fact, it’s one of his favorite things about his job. The opportunity to help others explore their own creativity is why he joined the Apple Store team.”

Jeronimo – Technical Specialist

“When Jeronimo started at the Apple Store, he wasn’t sure he had the tech skills needed, but he found out that personality was even more important. Thanks to coaching and mentoring, he’s brought his skills to life, making connections with customers and his team members.”

Jason – Manager, Wireless Software Engineering team

Apple and women in tech

On the surface, this is Apple’s love letter to engineers.

But I also see a company that focuses on diversity and helping people with disabilities by leading by example by creating a picture of what’s possible (especially the Mariana clip). It is no coincidence that nearly all of the aforementioned promotional videos feature women.

As the issue of women’s leadership in Silicon Valley has been all over the news for a long time, Apple seems to be making a proactive effort that they’re being very transparent about. Just recently, for example, the Apple Women’s Entrepreneur Camp has wrapped up its first year and is now accepting new applications for the next cohort in 2023.

Your two cents

What do you make of these videos?

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Top Tech Women Who Turned The History Of Technology

Tech Women in  the world

While girls are a minority in technology, they have made some huge innovation in tech! Listed below are a number of female tech legend.

The internet is filled with”top Five girls in technology” lists to inform us all about these wonderful girls who have managed to develop into top-tier tech specialists, CEOs and successful entrepreneurs from the area of technology now. However, women did not simply begin changing the area of technology lately — they always did so before as far as their masculine counterparts. Our current past is filled with amazing female characters who invented revolutionary creations and forever altered human history using their spectacular thoughts. Let us have a peek at these authentic female winners of this world of nerds.

Ada Lovelace (1815–1852)

I bet lots of you do not understand the very first computer developer ever was a girl, which she talented humankind with this discovery from 1843 — a entire century before the creation of the very first IBM computer! Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace — just called Ada Lovelace — is widely considered the”mother of their pc” because of her ability to use creativity to”catch things in common, involving issues without clear connection” Though she didn’t create the Analytical Engine (the system’s daddy was, really, the famous mathematician Charles Babbage), she had the virtue to comprehend its software outside pure calculation, also invent a speech for its own operation.

“A brand new, a huge, along with a strong language is designed for the future usage of investigation, to wield its truths so that these can become of more fast and precise practical program for the aims of humankind than the ways hitherto in our ownership have left possible.” (To get more information, visit Ada Lovelace, Enchantress of Numbers.)

Grace Hopper (1906–1992)

Aptly named”Amazing Grace,” Grace Brewster Murray Hopper was among the incredible people for whom attaining the greatest peaks in 1 livelihood is not enough. In reality, she was a brilliant computer programmer who developed the first computer compiler along with the very first computer programming language, along with a Navy Rear Admiral in precisely the exact same time (the first woman to achieve this position ). And she retired because, you understand, the world needed her after her profession was (seemingly ) over!

Apart from being amazing on so many levels, Rear Admiral Dr. Hopper established the first software which translates arithmetic into speech, and has been the architect of COBOL, the significant language used now in data processing.

Anita Borg (1949–2003)

Seven Decades after she founded the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, and in 1997 that the Institute for Women and Technology. Her efforts earned her the Augusta Ada Lovelace Award in 1995, and in 1999, President Bill Clinton appointed her to the U.S. Presidential Commission on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering, and Tech.

Joan Ball (1934–68) Patricia Bath (1942– 90)

These days, the planet”resilience” has come to be a symbol of the women’s battle against discrimination and disparity. The very first name that comes in my head once I think about”resilience” is Patricia Bath. The first African American female physician to get a patent for a medical creation, Toilet was the daughter of an immigrant from Trinidad and a female descended from African Americans and Cherokee Native Americans.

Despite growing up surrounded by sexism, poverty and racism that distinguished Harlem back into the’50s and’60s, Patricia was smart and decided she graduated from high school in only two decades. Her whole career was simply amazing, and in 1983 she had been the first woman from the United States to be appointed chair of ophthalmology. After finding that blindness among African Americans was twice that among the rest of the sufferers, she devised the LaserPhaco Probe, a machine that’s still used globally to remove cataracts using a laser and restore sight to numerous sufferers.


Writing about all of the girls who have formed the area of technology would demand a multi-volume encyclopedia. However, what really matters is that now, the planet is filled with just as many hi-tech girls that are performing their job as their male counterparts. May they live long and prosper!

One Class, One Day: Women And Comedy

One Class, One Day: Women and Comedy Did you hear the one about the husband who wanted to talk sex?

“Hysterical” can be “hersterical” in Women and Comedy, a College of Arts & Sciences class in which Barbara Gottfried helps students dissect female humor. Photos by Cydney Scott

Class by class, lecture by lecture, question asked by question answered, an education is built. This is one of a series of visits to one class, on one day, in search of those building blocks at BU.

Movie critics be damned: while many of them swooned last spring over Bridesmaids and its comedic take on a woman’s impending nuptials, Jillian McCarty says that the “whole pooping in the sink” scene grossed her out.

“I just thought some scenes were really distasteful,” says McCarty (COM’13). Ryan Schreiner (CAS’13, COM’13) also disses the movie’s humor for targeting one niche, “the stupid guy who thought it’d be funny to see the woman crap in the wedding dress.” Brooke Murphy (SED’12), however, reports that her aunts, who are in their 60s, found the scene hilarious in an “oh my God, I almost did that one time” way.

The students are dissecting the film as part of Women and Comedy, a College of Arts & Sciences class taught by Barbara Gottfried (CAS’74), an instructor in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program. She found the movie’s take on marriage so bleak that it couldn’t really be called a romantic comedy. “It comes this close to tragedy,” she says, her thumb and forefinger together.

Gottfried shares her lifelong passion for comedy with students in a course covering comediennes of stage, screen, and TV. The class focuses on pivotal figures such as Mae West and Lucille Ball and contemporary successors like Roseanne Barr, Paula Poundstone, and, yes, the cast of Bridesmaids, which includes Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. Gottfried also has arranged a performance at BU by Brooklyn comedienne Erin Judge, who has appeared on the Comedy Central channel. The show, sponsored by BU’s Center for the Humanities and the African American Studies Program, will be at 5:30 p.m. on December 1 in Room 102 of Sargent College and is open to the public.

The 1980s were the key decade in feminist comedy, says Gottfried, who recalls guffawing at Whoopi Goldberg and Barr, the latter then in her salad days as a housewife trying to make it in stand-up, joking about what she knew: life with husbands. For instance, their insistence on discussing marital sexual problems (“Like I’m gonna turn off Wheel of Fortune for that. Put it on a gift certificate, babe!”). Or how they expect wives to clean the house (“Is Lemon Joy kryptonite to your species?”).

“No man could have told the same jokes,” says Gottfried. “Roseanne was famous for stories about what it meant to be a housewife with no money.”

The course, which combines viewing films and TV clips with scholarly readings, probes the ways comediennes’ humor differs from that of their male colleagues. At points, the class discussion wanders into pondering truths of the human condition. The same day they discuss Bridesmaids, students talk about postfeminist romantic comedies, in which women’s careers and financial autonomy from men are often taken for granted. So, “the question in romantic comedies is why women marry,” Gottfried observes, noting that movies such as When Harry Met Sally either hint or overtly show that married people often lose their sense of romance.

That’s not necessarily all bad, Murphy says: “How exhausting would that be, if you had to hold hands every time you walk the street?” Gottfried agrees, suggesting that film’s point is that having a career “doesn’t mean you want to spend your whole life alone.”

Gottfried is the first to admit that life and laughs don’t orbit around gender alone. For one thing, the funny bone, like the rest of our skeleton, is affected by age. “I’m very fond of Bringing Up Baby,” she says, referring to the 1938 comedy that teamed Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and a leopard. “But I find that students don’t find it as hilarious as I do. They say, ‘Why is she so ditzy?’” Nor does every comedienne lean on the female experience. Ellen DeGeneres’ humor has “never been particularly gendered,” Gottfried notes. “Like Seinfeld, her humor is really about the everyday.”

Only 2 of the 20 students this semester are men, and that’s a shame, says one of them. “One of my parents is a woman. One of my siblings is a woman. If I have kids someday, some of them might be women,” Schreiner says. “If women are half or more than half of the people that are important in your life, doesn’t it mean something to understand where they are?”

Attributing the class’ lopsided gender ratio to a stigma around women’s studies that keeps men away, Megan Riesz (COM’13) says she’s been struck by how few people think women can be funny. “It’s been interesting to analyze” through the class, she says, “because I think it says something about people’s attitudes towards women.” A successful comedienne like Tina Fey, who’s also attractive, raises questions about whether it’s enough for a woman comic to be merely talented, and Riesz says she took the course to wrestle with such questions.

Gottfried, codirector of undergraduate studies for the women’s, gender, and sexuality studies program, has a doctorate in English literature. But as a teacher, she says, “I can only do so much literature because there is a whole English department.” Brainstorming new course topics back in 2009, she polled the media class she was then teaching.

“I said, ‘How many of you would take a class on the history of feminism, looking at the 1970s?’ And like three students raised their hands. I said, ‘What about women in comedy?’ And the entire class raised their hands.” When it came time to register for that fall’s 30-students-max course, she says, “it filled immediately.”

Films like Bridesmaids notwithstanding.

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The 2023 Ford Focus RS stands at the pinnacle of the American hot hatch landscape, a turbocharged high performance marvel that brings with it a history of dominance in the European market. Of course, with Subaru no longer producing a hatchback version of its venerable STI and Mazda long having put the Mazdaspeed3 out to pasture, there’s really only one other boy-racer compact hatch around with the specs to tackle the RS head-on: the Volkswagen Golf R.

In a straight line the Focus RS makes an stunning first impression, what with its ability to leap to 60-mph from a standing start in just 4.6 seconds with its launch control program engaged. Slip the car into Sport or Track mode and you’ll enjoy increasingly sharp steering suspension, and AWD response. The car is phenomenally quick in almost every situation, whether you are on the street or the road course, and it remains a practical daily driver, too, with ample interior room (albeit forcing you to accept a stiffer ride even in ‘Normal’ drive mode).

Despite a lack of direct competition (aside from the Golf R), the Ford Focus RS is still on the cross-shop list with compact sedans like the previously-mentioned Subaru, as well as a luxury surprise or two hovering just above its price point. Check out our comparison of the hatchback against these potent competitors to find out how it stacks up.

2023 Volkswagen Golf R

Killer Features: The all-wheel drive system offered with the Subaru WRX STI differs from the Volkswagen and Ford designs in several important ways. To start with, both the front and rear differentials can lock to more quickly distribute power and find traction, and the sedan also allows the driver to manually control how much torque is sent to the either end of the vehicle in order to fine-tune its character on a race track. It’s also important to note that while the Focus RS can completely disconnect power from the back axles in normal driving to save fuel, the WRX STI delivers a constant, nominal 50/50 front-rear split.Better Than The Ford Focus RS?: The Subaru WRX STI’s 50/50 torque split makes it more predictable in bad weather, and it’s also a less complex system from a maintenance perspective. The ‘always on’ nature means that unlike the Ford, it will never cut power to the rear wheels due to overheating on a race track (a safety feature that’s built into the RS).Worse Than The Ford Focus RS?: At 305 horsepower, the Subaru WRX STI is down on grunt compared to its Ford rival – and you can only buy it in a sedan in its current generation, leaving those who need hatchback practicality in the lurch. The Subaru also lacks the upscale infotainment system offered by the RS, and is a half-second slower to 60-mph.2023 Audi S3

Apple And Fellow Tech Titans Expand Fight Against Patent Trolls To Eu

Apple and more than a dozen other titans of technology have written to European Union officials, expressing concern that a unified patent court system could encourage patent trolls to expand their lawsuits overseas.

Apple and more than a dozen other titans of technology have written to European Union officials, expressing concern that a unified patent court system could encourage patent trolls to expand their lawsuits overseas.

New rules now being developed could create “significant opportunities for abuse” allowing patent owners to “extract substantial royalties,” according to the letter obtained by the New York Times.

Starting in 2023 trolls could take infringement cases to non-member countries or nations without much experience, creating a European version of the Eastern District of Texas. Courts in that U.S. district are notorious for rulings favorable to companies suing tech firms, according to the letter…

After looking at the EU’s plans “companies now fear that the new system could be vulnerable to what they call patent assertion entities, less politely known as patent trolls, which make a business of filing patent-infringement lawsuits,” reports the New York Times.

The EU’s proposal would create a unified patent court, replacing the current patchwork quilt of countries all with differing levels of experience handling patent-infringement claims.

Along with Apple (the favorite target of patent trolls), Google, Samsung, BlackBerry, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Intel, Yahoo and Cisco signed the letter of concern sent Thursday. European firms such as Deutsche Telekom and Telecom Italia also signed, according to the report.

Ironies abound on both sides.

Google, which signed the letter warning of European patent abuse, recently found its Motorola Mobility the first convicted patent troll. The Times also notes than many of the people helping the EU draft the unified patent court “work for law practices or lobbying firms” which count as clients the signatories of today’s letter.

Spain and Poland are also raising objections, while Italy has some reservations about the proposal.

Spain is suing the EU over the plan, saying the Spanish language is not among those within the court system. Poland believes the proposal could hurt its economy, while Italy is unsure about so-called pan-European patents. At least 13 of the 25 EU member states must approve the court proposal for it to go into effect.

Chief among the worries by U.S. companies is that patent trolls could shop for a European country either with little experience handling patent issues or a nation that has not signed onto the unified court plan.

Another problem is the new system would split the question of whether infringement occurred from consideration of if the patent is even valid. While the procedure is common in German courts, the division on questions opens up “significant opportunities for abuse,” the letter writers explain.

In 2012 signatory Microsoft moved operations from Germany to the Netherlands due to what it said was a patent lawsuit filed by Motorola Mobility in Germany. Germany’s Deutsche Telekom was forced to pay a patent-infringement settlement to IPNav, which owns more than 1,000 patents, according to the Times.

Over the last half-decade, IPNav has sued over 1,600 U.S.-based companies, a record. Defendants have included Google, Adobe and Hitachi.

IPNav has written that the proposed change in how Europe handles patent challenges is “a great benefit to innovators” and the new setup “is going to cut the cost of litigation down significantly.”

The proposed change in Europe comes as patent trolls become a front-burner topic in the U.S. The FTC has launched an investigation into patent-infringement claims as the Obama administration orders agencies such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office take a closer look at patent applications and their owners.

How To Send Disappearing Photos And Videos In Whatsapp

Have you ever wanted to send images and videos that you would prefer not to keep in the chat window of WhatsApp? If yes, WhatsApp will soon add what you are looking for. After confirming the feature in an interview recently, WhatsApp has started rolling out the option to send disappearing photos and videos to beta testers on Android. This new feature is called “View Once,” and here’s how you can use it to send photos and videos that self-destruct once they are viewed in WhatsApp.

Send Disappearing Photos and Videos in WhatsApp (2023)

Before getting started, it’s worth mentioning that the “View Once” mode is available only for beta testers at the time of writing this article. Hence, you may not immediately see the feature on your device. However, we could expect WhatsApp to roll out the feature to all users in the coming weeks.

What is “View Once” Mode in WhatsApp?

View Once is a new WhatsApp feature that lets users privately exchange images and videos. Media sent using View once mode will disappear after the recipient has viewed it. Based on my testing, you can see if the recipient has opened the image even if you have disabled read receipts. However, there are a few caveats you should keep in mind before using the feature. View Once mode is not as private as one might assume.

Although images or videos disappear once the recipient closes them, the receiver can always take screenshots. Moreover, WhatsApp won’t notify you if the recipient takes screenshots. In fact, WhatsApp openly admits this limitation and clarifies it in a pop-up when you use View Once mode for the first time, hinting that the messaging giant is not planning to implement a screenshot detection mechanism in the future. Hence, if you are thinking of sending private images through this new feature, you are better off with other secure messaging apps or Snapchat.

Once you have sent an image or video in View Once mode, you (sender) can’t open it from the conversation page. However, if you send an image by accident, you can delete the message for everyone before the recipient manages to open it.

Disappearing Messages vs View Once Mode in WhatsApp

You might now be wondering that WhatsApp already has an option to send disappearing messages. And yeah, it does. So, what makes the new View Once feature different from disappearing messages? That’s what we will explore in this section.

The primary difference between disappearing messages and View Once is the duration. While messages sent via disappearing messages mode in WhatsApp will expire after 7 days, photos and videos marked as View Once will disappear once the recipient opens the media file. Another way the new feature differs from the disappearing messages is in its scope. Disappearing messages affect all text and media files in the conversation, while View Once is limited to images and videos.

Steps to Send “View Once” Photos/ Videos in WhatsApp

Now that you have an idea about the new View Once feature and how it works, here’s how to use it in personal chats and groups:

2. When you are on the page that lets you write a caption before sending the photo or video, tap on the new “View Once” button present at the bottom right corner of the chatbox. The icon will turn green once you have enabled it.

3. As mentioned earlier, you can’t see the image you sent in the chat window. Instead, you will see a text that says “Photo” and a clock icon next to it. Here’s how an image sent using View Once mode appears for the sender and recipient.

4. When the recipient opens the media file, the text “Photo” will automatically change to “Opened” to reflect the current status. This happens regardless of the read receipts privacy setting. I turned off read receipts on both devices and was able to see when the image was opened. You can long-press the “Opened” chat bubble and tap on the ‘i’ button to view the detailed message info of the photo/ video.

Send Self-Destructing Photos and Videos in WhatsApp

So, that’s how you use the new View Once feature to send expiring photos and videos on WhatsApp. Since the feature doesn’t have a screenshot blocking or detection mechanism, I would not recommend using it for exchanging private images or videos. However, it could come in handy for other images that are not sensitive in nature. To learn about more such cool WhatsApp features, go through our articles on how to mute archived chats forever on WhatsApp and recharge your Jio number using WhatsApp.

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