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OkDecentralization and Web 3.0 are hot topics in the world right now.

A byproduct of blockchain technology is the emerging world of Web 3.0. The idea behind Web 3.0 is that users on the internet will interact with each other and data will be stored in a decentralized way, giving users data privacy and sovereignty. This is different from Web 2.0, where most of the activity on the internet is composed of users interacting with each other and data stored in centralized storage locations that are controlled by large companies. These companies also profit off of the data. 

Most users would prefer to have their data private, or for that matter profit off of the sales of their own data. If that is the case, why have most of us opted into major Web 2.0 platforms that store our data?

One major reason is that data storage was not broadly considered during the rise of Web 2.0. This came to light recently. But even so, and even with distrust and issues with centralized platforms, most users opt-in to receive the best user experience. 

This could mean better ease of use, or better access to content. For creators, there is a connection to a potentially large community. These are the pain points that centralized platforms resolve. 

Decentralized services can solve these pain points with the blockchain instead of a potentially arbitrary central decision point. The problem is one of the errors in governance. 

When a decentralized system does not have a predetermined method of governance to deal with a situation, things can go haywire and need to be solved with a potentially arbitrary central decision point. 

In the history of cryptocurrency, this has happened. No resolution for two conflicting ideas has resulted in “hard forks” with two cryptocurrencies emerging. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic in 2023 and Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in 2023 are some of the most famous examples. For Bitcoin Cash, this was followed by a fork that created Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV in 2023.

What is needed is a sensible decentralized governance mode to address any eventuality. 

GoFungibles Tackles Governance

GoFungibles is an upcoming NFT marketplace that features a play-to-earn mobile game and is built using the Polygon side-chain solution. This allows it to access the Ethereum network with lower gas fees when minting NFTs.

GoFungibles also bridges NFTs and decentralized finance together with staking and yield farming powered by its utility and governance token, $GFTS.

Here is how governance works in GoFungibles.

Once launched, the GoFungibles team roadmap includes creating a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A DAO exists to create or remodel services on the platform and is run by the community without a centralized authority. It is also fully transparent and every vote appears on the blockchain.

In addition to other benefits such as yield farming, and other financial value and/or utility on the GoFungibles platform, the token is also a governance token.

$GFTS token holders that stake their tokens are the eligible voters in this community. The number of votes is proportional to the amount of staked tokens. Those with the greatest interest in the benefit of the platform are also granted the greatest influence, creating a win-win for the community as a whole. 

For example, User A has X number of staked tokens. User B has a 2X number of staked tokens. User C has a 1.5X number of staked tokens. User A would get 1 vote, User B would get 2 votes, and User C would get 1.5 votes. 

As the tokens are staked, this prevents bad actors from being able to make detrimental decisions and then dump the tokens and then secretly exit or “rug pull” the other community members. 

Again, this is a DAO, so the GoFungibles team will not be able to override the decisions of the community and the community is protected against a rug pull from any team members. 

An additional layer of security is built-in with the Polygon framework built on top of Ethereum, the world’s leading application-layer blockchain. 

Bringing a DAO community governance framework to the GoFungibles platform makes it one of the most exciting new projects being built on Polygon and Ethereum. 


Contact the GoFungibles team across social media and the web here:

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Davos 2023: Better Corporate Governance Can Save The World

Davos was established in 1971 in Geneva (Switzerland) and in its first year, 444 executives from European companies met to discuss corporate governance.

Corporate governance was also the main talking point at this year’s event. The thousands who came together online for Davos 2023 discussed the vital relationship between good corporate governance and our collective, future wellbeing.

Traditional corporate governance needs to change

The 51st edition of the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum, WEF) met online in late January 2023.

Over one week, politicians, business people and representatives of social and cultural organisations discussed this crucial time for the world.

Of those who spoke on corporate governance, all agreed – it is time for the aged, 20th Century way of doing things to be discarded.

Corporate governance has to be refocused. Board members and company directors must now take individual responsibility and be held accountable for their actions.

A new corporate governance framework

The topic of inclusive economies was explored, and a corporate governance framework was proposed that refocus boards, management teams, and investment communities on long-term value creation.

In other words, the planet and its people must come before profits.

Another key theme was that governments could not address global risk drivers as effectively as corporations and NGOs do.

The biggest risk drivers of the early 21st Century global economy are:

Wealth inequality and polarisation

Climate change

Viral pandemics

Technological change

Lack of global cooperation

Wealth inequality threatens humanity’s survival

The people of the world are currently living through unprecedented and disruptive times. The pandemic has disrupted our ‘normal’ lives and has caused us to reflect on the enormous inequalities most people face on this planet.

We need to change the old ways of doing things and focus on what’s coming down the line.

For example, without the appropriate re-skilling of workers and proper governance, technology will destroy jobs faster than it can create them.

Governments can no longer provide historical levels of social protection. An anti-establishment narrative has gained traction.

Populist political leaders blame globalisation for society’s challenges. This creates a vicious cycle in which lower economic growth only amplifies inequality.

Cooperation is essential to prevent further economic and social deterioration and social unrest.

The business sector, the private sector, and global governments must work together to tackle social instability.

The future of work involves stakeholder capitalism

At Davos 2023, the World Economic Forum proposed a universal set of ESG indicators.

The WEF discussed how investors and governments might work together to promote stakeholder capitalism.

Keynote speakers and what they said

The following are some of the headline points made by keynote speakers at Davos 2023.

Klaus Schwab, the founder and the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum

In 2023, global business philosophy will undergo a shift from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism.

Revitalising trust is essential for reviving the global economy and re-establishing links between businesses, investors, communities, and governments.

Investors with ESG criteria control more than a trillion USD.

No one will be safe until everyone is vaccinated.

In the past, capitalism usually meant financial capital, but now it increasingly means human and environmental riches.

The WEF wants to create a universal system for ESG-based assessment and reporting.

Ilham Kadri, CEO, chairman of Solvay SA’s executive committee

ESG metrics will soon become more important in business reporting and even more important than financial performance reports.

Sustainable development performance has already become the main factor of market value for a business.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Future, the United Arab Emirates

Every country’s government must be concerned with achieving a balance between public health, economics, and social development.

The pandemic challenges us all, and we should make global decisions together. For instance, we should not only vaccinate our citizens but ensure that everyone else is also vaccinated.

The old management model has failed and will not return.

Vaccination diplomacy will be a new theme in international relations in the future.

Gillian R. Tett. editor, the Financial Times

People who claimed this was the end of sustainable development or climate change were wrong.

Corporate media and newsfeeds from corporations are sometimes trusted more than traditional media.

Businesses are actively involved in discovering, producing and distributing the vaccine. Governments did not save us from the pandemic.

The measure of a corporation’s strength isn’t merely how much it earns, but what it does for society.

Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund

2023 will be the year of battles between the mutating virus and vaccines.

We need more global cooperation from all sectors to help the vaccine win this battle.

No country’s economy can recover if international cooperation is not re-established.

The gap between rich and developing countries is widening.

Laurence D. Fink, chief executive officer of investment firm BlackRock Inc.

Investors today assess projects based on environmental, social, and governance criteria.

The world needs to invest 50 trillion USD to achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

While those ‘attending’ Davos 2023 discussed many weighty topics, the overriding theme was the role good corporate governance can play to protect the planet, to enrich peoples’ lives and to focus on sustainable profits rather than empty, one dimensional GDP metrics.

The Impact Of Metamortals, The Sandbox, And Decentraland In The Crypto World Through Gaming

Gaming is one of the most prominent industries with a large scope of applicability. More people are playing online games than ever, and it seems like everyone wants to get involved. As a result, numerous developers have created games that incorporate blockchain technology for players to buy and sell items using cryptocurrencies. Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of blockchain technology for gaming development, and this has birthed the new Metamortals (MORT) token and existing tokens such as The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA).  

Metamortals (MORT)

Metamortals is a blockchain-based DeFi play-to-earn gaming platform that combines saving, earning, and entertainment into one game. The native token of this game is the Metamortal (MORT) token which will be rewarded to players when they perform tasks such as exploring, providing liquidity and staking. The Metamortals (MORT) started as a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain but is compatible with multiple systems as a multichain ecosystem.

With Metamortals (MORT), crypto enthusiasts can carry out safe and fast transactions on the Metamortals platform with very minimal transaction fees. Players can customize the games to match their fantasies in Player vs Environment (PvE) mode or Player vs Player (PvP) mode. Metamortals also plans to evolve from being a DeFi platform to a Decentralized Autonomous Application (DAO) where the holders of the Metamortals (MORT) token can vote, and contest for DAO positions, submit proposals for changes and, in general, make decisions about running the ecosystem. With the features and innovations that Metamortals (MORT) boasts, the success of the token after its launch is lurking on the horizon.  

The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is based on the Ethereum blockchain and was launched in 2011 by Pixowl. It is a virtual world that allows users to create, purchase and sell digital assets in the form of a game. The Sandbox combines the application of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to build a decentralized platform in the guise of a gaming space where users can be creators and gamers at the same time. With The Sandbox (SAND) and although it has experienced a few price plunges in 2023, the token is still popular in the gaming community.

Decentraland (MANA)

With Decentraland, the line between reality and the digital world blurs. Often compared to The Sandbox, Decentraland is a virtual reality (VR) platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. On Decentraland, users purchase VR plots of land that they can build upon and sell. The platform also doubles as a gaming space by providing interactive 3D games. Decentraland utilizes two native tokens: LAND and MANA. Decentraland (MANA) token can control procedures, propose ideas and vote on the platform through the DAO structure. Decentraland has helped users make fortunes by creating and selling items (such as avatars and other items) on the Decentraland marketplace for MANA tokens. The cryptocurrency world is reshaping the gaming industry in ways that were never envisioned before. The rapid growth of cryptocurrency is transforming the way people perceive and use gaming as a means of entertainment, earning more and enjoying every moment. Metamortals (MORT) seeks to make an outstanding impact in the crypto space through gaming and this token is capable of attracting mass interest.  

Metamortals (MORT)

Prepare For The Freshest Development In The Crypto World With Cyce Coin

Many projects have been carried out on blockchain platforms thanks to the Ethereum infrastructure. However, the vast majority of them are digital initiatives. 

The CYCE crypto asset is a new concept meant to revolutionize the crypto industry by acting as a model for physical world investments. 

The platform has been popularized for the last three months and proposes shifting our perspectives in ways that no one else has before. 

Because cryptographic processors are utilized to mine in the blockchain system, energy usage is constant. Computers doing this procedure can be located anywhere in the world and use a combination of energy sources. Therefore, the extensive usage of blockchain in recent years, in particular, has resulted in a rise in energy consumption.

The CYCE project intends to eliminate carbon emissions in energy generation by establishing a carbon-neutral blockchain technology. 

Let’s find out what it’s all about and how they plan to transform the crypto industry.

What does CYCE coin have to offer? 

The CYCE crypto asset is an ERC-20 token on the ETHEREUM Blockchain. Its development aims to address the world’s most pressing issue, global climate change. Thus, Cyce wants to offer a solution to help create a healthy, sustainable environment legacy for future generations.                                                                                             

They are creating a system with a known source and trackable carbon footprint within the renewable energy power plants. Which will be invested in by constructing carbon-neutral verification (mining) computers for the blockchain infrastructure they are developing.

Essentially, CYCE Blockchain will be the most secure and cleanest blockchain system by sourcing its energy needs from renewable sources.

CYCE YES License

In Turkish, “YES” stands for Renewable Energy Power Plant. However, as CYCE wants to use the English term, they say yes to renewable energy and no to fossil fuel energy generation.

When a renewable energy power plant completes its registration through any communication channel, the system generates a CYCE YES License. The license will then be available on the power plant’s website. 

Furthermore, licensed establishments will be updated regularly on the CYCE website, under the YES members category. 

The primary cause of climate change is energy production, which contributes the most to the greenhouse effect. Despite these carbon reduction efforts, the production of energy from fossil fuels accounts for 84.3% of overall production. 

Except for fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, all power plants generate energy from renewable sources. These power plants are as follows:

HEPP (Hydroelectric Power Plants)

WPP (Wind Power Plants)

SPP (Solar Power Plants)

BPP (Biomass Power Plants)

GPP (Geothermal Power Plants)

Wave – Tidal Power Plants

YES License reward system

The YES License also has a reward system. The primary premise of this initiative is to deposit as many CYCE tokens as possible into the power plant’s account as rewards. The rewards will come in exchange for 1 kW of installed electricity, indexed to the installed power capacity of carbon-neutral, renewable energy power plants.

The 6-stage VALUATION TABLE determines the reward scale for the plant in question. The CYCE tokens to be transferred are calculated by multiplying the total installed power amount by the VALUATION FACTOR (kW). 

The determination technique is based on the amount of carbon or heat that the plant emits into the environment.

CYCE Token Economy

CYCE proposes to allocate 80% of the tokens’ total supply to existing renewable energy facilities and those to be built in the following 30 years, thereby raising the value of these plants. Thus, it aims for energy investments to be rapidly channeled to this field.

The remaining 20%, though reserved for the organization, will actually be used for creating carbon-neutral BIOMASS ENERGY POWER PLANTS, which are considered renewable energy sources. The funds will come from token sale profits.

Furthermore, as part of the same project, it plans to begin the cultivation of C4 energy crops, which is one of the solutions to the same problem and to provide fuel for biomass plants through these means. C4 energy crops refer to plants that reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by binding four carbons during photosynthesis.

CYCE Token Exchange Process

CYCE has planned to carry out its listing on exchanges in three stages and has already completed the first. After completing the first half of the second phase, CYCE will be officially listed on exchanges and on CoinMarketCap, both locally and globally, starting from August 13. 

The stages for the CYCE Coin are as follows:

Private Sale – Since its creation, the platform has been followed by the launch of the Private Sale platform, which took place on May 28. They have raised around $5,000,000 in approximately one month (the trading was done in ETH pair on MetaMask). On June 28th, this stage was completed.

ICO – The ICO began on June 28. CYCE platform devised a seven-step method and set the first stage pricing at one dollar. It has completed the 500,000-phase, which was the first target. The second phase is near completed, and the ICO is scheduled to conclude on August 10.

EXCHANGES – The first listing on an exchange is scheduled for August 13, and appropriate negotiations are still ongoing. They are in contact with local and international exchanges depending on their CoinMarketCap ranking.

What is next?

CYCE has reached an arrangement with BigONE, a top 25 exchange. The CYCE and BigONE teams are working hard to finish the listing by August 13. 

BigONE exchange has a daily volume of 550,000,000 USD, according to CoinCapMarket data. It receives 350,000 visitors per week.

They have a strategy after August 13 too: 

CYCE Exchange Team will ensure that everyone worldwide joins this ecosystem by regularly updating the public through their communication channels. 

Licensing teams will continue to grow the ecosystem by completing YES licensing processes in Turkey and worldwide.

By establishing the Carbon-Neutral Mining System, developer teams will ensure the long-term viability of blockchain technology in this environment.

Are you prepared for the most significant change in the crypto world? 

Then, follow CYCE on social media to keep an eye on them and see where the project goes: Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

On the CYCE site, you can also access their communication channel and whitepaper in both English and Russian. 

They also have a video explaining the entire project.

10 Ways Ai Is Assisting Investors In Making Money In The Crypto World

Top 10 ways of AI how assisting investors are investing their money in the crypto market.

Cryptocurrencies are digital payment methods created using cryptographic algorithms. Manually tracking cryptocurrency investments can be difficult as the market is constantly fluctuating. Errors can even be made when calculating the value of a cryptocurrency or making an investment strategy. The evolving crypto market can make digital currency investments difficult to track and value. Researching and analyzing the crypto market is time-consuming. This is where cryptocurrency AI can help streamline the process.

Here are some ways AI can help crypto market investors make money:

Investment Monetisation

Data monetization is a very useful system for small businesses that want to make crypto trading easy. AI development and growth are very costly for organizations that don’t keep records. With the help of decentralized marketplaces, small businesses can create otherwise somewhat expensive spaces.

Analysing Market Sentiments

To process various data, market sentiment needs to be analyzed. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, analysis can be performed automatically and results can be delivered in a short time. This helps investors analyze what stage the market is currently in.

Using Decentralised Platforms

A decentralized platform is used to create peer-to-peer predictions. These predictions are based on the experience of network participants. With the help of these decentralized platforms, investors can make accurate predictions about cryptocurrencies. This helps them analyze which cryptocurrencies to invest in and which ones to avoid. increase.

Used for Automated Trading

Machine learning and artificial intelligence play an important role in automated trading. These automated trading activities are performed by crypto bots. The emergence of crypto bots frees traders from activities such as monitoring crypto markets, calculating when to open positions, and more. Using a crypto bot to trade digital assets eliminates the fear factor and risks associated with trading.

Upgrade Operations

Machine learning code allows traders and investors to easily update and retrain their operations when better data becomes available. This smart computing power allows you to tackle tasks more intelligently and efficiently.

Accurate Predictions

The value of the virtual currency is constantly changing. This complicates the task of manually identifying market research, analysis, and forecasts. AI can collect vast amounts of data, analyze markets, and make accurate investment forecasts efficiently and without error.

Sentiment Analysis of the Crypto Market

AI can assess people’s opinions and sentiments on specific topics. Sentiment analysis is the use of AI and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze people’s feelings and opinions about a given topic. Market manipulation alerts can be detected by the abnormal behavior of the sentiment indicator.

Common types of sentiment analysis used to analyze the cryptocurrency market are:

Polarity: Once the total score is considered, analysts and investors can monitor trends and changes in scores.

Tone/Sentiment: NLP can be used to analyze the sentiment and tone of the text. Insights are gained by analyzing the different types of emotions that arise.

Aspect-based sentiment analysis may include analyzing customer feedback by associating opinions with products or services.

Neural Networks

Deep learning models, especially deep feedforward neural networks, have already found numerous applications in quantitative finance, such as Volatility Forecast. In supervised learning schemes, neural networks are useful tools for price forecasting because their application does not require strong assumptions, in contrast to traditional time series models such as ARIMA and its extensions. Moreover, deep learning architectures capture patterns with significant generalization features, and state-of-the-art LSTM networks seem to be better suited for continuous data such as time series. Yet deep learning is often accused of lacking the core theory that can crack its black box.

Monetizing Crypto Insights

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables data scientists and developers to create models that traders can use to get good, clean data. AI NLP techniques can be used to classify data and extract entities based on specific characteristics such as currency name, document type, currency founder, etc.

Data scientists can provide precise trading insights in a way that non-technical traders and investors can understand, via an intuitive dashboard or interface. Investors and traders can use the knowledge gained to increase their profits.

Blockchain for Framework

What Are The Five Principles Of Corporate Governance?

1. Responsibility

It’s a two-way street between shareholders and directors: if directors are in the job on the say-so of shareholders, they are answerable to those shareholders. Remember this. 

A board is responsible for fulfilling shareholders’ wishes. That involves shepherding a company away from risk, around challenges, and towards success while staying true to its mission, respecting the law of the land, and the sensitivities of the politics around them. It’s a difficult job, but this is what responsibility truly means. 

One of the board’s most important functions is to select a CEO who will enable the company and its workers to achieve their full potential.

2. Accountability

No matter what decision a board takes, they should be able to back it up. 

Important corporate decisions will inevitably lead to questions, and this isn’t a bad thing – merely a sign of engagement and diligence.

“Why did you appoint this CEO over other candidates? Why did you select this as a top priority? Why are we focusing corporate resources on ESG?” 

As a board member, expect a constant flow of questions like this. When you get them, your job is to be clear in your answers.

3. Awareness

The key to a company’s survival and prosperity is to know the landscape of risk around it. 

Boards are always at the forefront of this effort, not just because they are in a position of responsibility, but because they are usually in their roles thanks to years, if not decades, of significant, relevant experience. 

With this experience comes the ability to pinpoint as many risks as possible, whether large or small, short or long term. 

Of course, no company can eliminate risk and should never approach risk management this way. The real trick is deciding which risks to take and which to avoid. You can read more about it in our guide to risk here.

Stay compliant, stay competitive

Build a better future with the Diploma in Corporate Governance.

Download brochure

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Stay compliant, stay competitive

Build a better future with the Diploma in Corporate Governance.

Download brochure

Book a call

4. Impartiality

Boards must strike a careful balance between their various responsibilities, the people who answer to them, and the people they answer to. 

They should approach every decision with an independent mindset, ensuring no personal interests or those of close colleagues come between them and the correct business decision. 

While impartiality is easy to agree to in principle, it’s easy to slip out of practice. Personal beliefs and friendships can cloud a board member’s objectivity. A board must know how this can happen – and how subtle it can be. They should take care to ensure it doesn’t influence their responsibility.

5. Transparency

This is the most practical principle, and it’s simply about the paperwork. Boards are responsible for documenting and reporting on everything that’s expected of them as clearly and thoroughly as is necessary. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just about the financial statements. They are essential, but they’re not the whole picture. Boards must also report any conflicts of interest, severe conflicts over strategy and risks to the company.

In summary

Take the above five points as a foundation or starting point. You can build on them with information from your role. Every board in every industry is different, but these will set you on the right path.

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