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Blockchain is a decentralized, secure digital ledger that uses cryptography to protect the data’s immutability and integrity as it records transactions in a transparent and chronological order. On the other hand, building the platforms and infrastructure necessary to support decentralized applications is the goal of blockchain development services. It entails the steps of recognizing an issue, considering or brainstorming the problem, choosing a blockchain platform, producing a proof-of-concept, coding, and establishing a visual design.

The manner in which businesses handle their data, perform transactions, and safeguard their operations has all been changed by blockchain development. Data is stored on a decentralized, secure, and unchangeable digital ledger that is impervious to alteration, hacking, or unauthorized access. Numerous industries, including finance, supply chain management, voting, and healthcare, have used blockchain technology.

In this article, we will explore how blockchain development services can help your business.

Improved security and privacy

This enhancement in privacy enables businesses to safely keep sensitive information content, such as proprietary information, financial data, or customer information, without worrying about a data breach. Businesses using blockchain development services can further improve the privacy and security of their operations by ensuring that only authorized parties have access to their data.

Blockchain development, for instance, can be used by a healthcare provider or any other related business to securely improve the storage system of patient data and guarantee that only authorized healthcare personnel can access it. A financial institution can utilize blockchain development in a similar way to safely store customer data and deter unwanted access.

Enhanced Transparency and Accountability

Since blockchain technology is transparent by design, every transaction and activity is documented and made available to all network participants. Since they can now view the whole history of transactions and activities, this greater transparency can aid organizations in establishing confidence with their stakeholders, partners, and clients.

Because businesses may utilize blockchain development to make sure that all parties engaged in a transaction are held accountable for their actions, this improved openness can also encourage accountability. Blockchain development, for instance, can be used by a supply chain management company to develop enhanced systems that accurately trace the movement of items and make sure that everyone participating in the supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers, is held responsible for their activities.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Saving

Additionally, blockchain development can establish an infrastructure that can lower expenses and further increase efficiency for enterprises. Businesses can perform transactions and handle data thanks to the development of a decentralized structure, which eliminates the need for middlemen or third-party service providers like banks or payment processors. By doing so, organizations can do away with manual procedures and save transaction costs.

Improved Accountability and Traceability

The greater traceability and accountability that blockchain technology offers can be further improved by blockchain development services. Businesses can use blockchain development to make easy the process of following the flow of assets, money, or goods and make sure that they are used for what they were intended for. Blockchain technology, for instance, can be used by charitable organizations to track donations and make sure they are put to good use.

Similarly, businesses involved in the food supply chain can utilize blockchain technology to track the flow of food products and make sure they don’t get damaged or tainted during transit.

Enhanced Data Management

Additionally, blockchain development can help businesses come up with and execute ideas that will help in streamlining their data management procedures. Blockchain development makes it possible for businesses to improve the process of managing, and storing vast volumes of data, making it simpler to maintain and access the data when necessary.

For instance, a logistics business can utilize blockchain development to develop systems that improve management of record shipment-related data like delivery dates, locations, and product specifics. This could aid the business in providing better customer service and logistics operations.

Opportunities for New Businesses

Since blockchain technology is still in its infancy, there are a lot of undiscovered possibilities for firms to investigate. Businesses can therefore use development services to develop ideas for new goods and services, penetrate new markets, and gain a competitive edge.

For instance, a company may develop a decentralized platform for crowdfunding or peer-to-peer financing using blockchain development services. As a result, the company may be able to access new funding sources and provide its clients with fresh investment alternatives.

The use of blockchain development for managing digital identities is another illustration. Businesses can use technology to provide an improved decentralized, secure platform for identity verification, lowering the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Adaptation to Current Systems

Incorporating blockchain technology with current systems enables businesses to make use of its benefits without having to make any changes to how they operate. With the help of business development services, businesses can connect their current systems to blockchain networks through this integration, which can be done using APIs or middleware.

Blockchain technology, for instance, enables financial institutions to securely transfer money between accounts without the involvement of middlemen. Customers will be able to transfer money with ease using their current bank accounts thanks to the integration of the blockchain network with the institution’s existing banking infrastructure. Business development services can help companies enhance their payment systems to adapt to current changes.

Wrapping Up

By enhancing transparency, security efficiency, and accountability for enterprises, blockchain development services have the potential to completely transform how they conduct business.

By creating specialized blockchain solutions that meet their unique demands and specifications, blockchain development services may assist businesses in maximizing the benefits of the technology. Blockchain development can give businesses across all industries a competitive edge, whether it’s through improved data security, improved traceability, or new business prospects.

You're reading Improve Your Business With Blockchain Development Services: See How You Can Benefit

How Can Comparative Statement Analysis Improve Your Business?

blog / Finance How Comparative Statement Analysis Helps You Assess Any Competitor’s Performance

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What is Comparative Statement Analysis, and Why is It Important in Finance?

Comparative statement analysis—also known as financial statement analysis or horizontal analysis—is a technique used to evaluate a company’s financial performance over time. It involves comparing financial documents, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements from different periods, to identify trends, patterns, and changes. 

Examining financial statements spanning multiple periods can help finance professionals identify growth trajectories, revenue patterns, and cost trends. This information helps them assess the company’s financial stability and identify areas of improvement. Moreover, a comparative statement analysis allows for benchmarking against competitors: By comparing financial metrics with industry peers or direct competitors, finance professionals can assess their company’s relative performance. Moreover, it can be used to calculate and compare gross profit margin, net profit margin, and return on assets. Additionally, comparative statement analysis also supports financial forecasting and planning. Financial professionals can identify trends and make reasonable future performance projections by analyzing historical data. 

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How Can Comparative Statement Analysis Help Assess Competitor Performance?

This tool is invaluable for gaining deep insights into competitor performance within the finance domain. By carefully comparing a company’s financial statements with those of its competitors, finance professionals can uncover valuable information about their strengths, weaknesses, and overall financial stability. Here’s a closer look at how it aids in assessing competitor performance:

1. Identifying Growth Patterns

This analysis allows one to gauge the market share of competitors, the trajectory of their customer base, and potential expansion areas. It helps identify trends and growth patterns in various financial aspects such as revenue, expenses, and profits. In essence, it provides a competitive edge by revealing emerging market trends and highlighting areas for strategic differentiation.

2 . Evaluating Financial Stability

It delves into the balance sheet to evaluate the financial stability of competitors. One can ascertain their ability to meet short-term obligations, weather economic uncertainties, and manage long-term debt by assessing their liquidity, solvency, and leverage positions. Additionally, one can benchmark their company’s financial position and make well-informed decisions regarding future investments, risk management, and strategic partnerships.

3. Analyzing Profitability

It enables a comparison of key financial ratios to assess competitors’ efficiency, profitability, and overall financial performance. This analysis unveils the drivers of their profitability, such as effective cost management or superior pricing strategies. It also helps identify improvement areas to enhance a company’s position in the market.

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What are Some Common Financial Ratios Used in Comparative Statement Analysis? 1. Liquidity Ratios

Current and quick ratios assess a company’s ability to meet short-term obligations and cover immediate expenses.

2. Solvency Ratios

These include debt-to-equity and interest coverage ratios. They measure a company’s long-term financial health and ability to meet long-term debt obligations.

3. Profitability Ratios

Analyze gross profit margin, net profit margin, and return on equity, as well as a business’s ability to generate profits relative to sales, costs, and investments.

4. Efficiency Ratios

Evaluate how effectively a company utilizes its assets and manages its resources with the help of inventory turnover and accounts receivable turnover.

How Can Comparative Statement Analysis Uncover Competitive Advantages?

Comparative statement analysis can help identify the unique strengths and differentiating factors of an organization in the following ways:

1. Cost Structure Analysis

This helps identify cost efficiencies in competitor operations. Moreover, it helps understand how they manage expenses, streamline processes, and optimize resource allocation. This information can help businesses enhance their competitive position.

2. Productivity Assessment 3. Investment Strategies

It enables a company to uncover competitors’ investment strategies. A comparative analysis helps study capital expenditures, research and development investments, and competitors’ expansion plans. This helps offer insights into emerging markets, technology trends, and potential collaborations as well.

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5 Tips for Conducting a Thorough Comparative Statement Analysis 1. Use Consistent Time Periods

Compare financial statements over the same time periods to ensure accuracy and meaningful comparisons.

2. Normalize Financial Data

Adjust financial data for non-recurring events, changes in accounting methods, or extraordinary circumstances. This eliminates distortions and facilitates accurate comparisons.

3. Focus on Key Ratios

Identify the most relevant financial ratios based on industry and company objectives. Analyze these ratios consistently across competitors to gain actionable insights.

4. Benchmark Against Industry Standards

Compare the financial performance of competitors with industry benchmarks. Understand where they stand in relation to market norms.

5. Consider Qualitative Factors

Supplement the analysis with qualitative information, such as industry reports, news, and market trends. This is important because it offers a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape.

Boost Your Finance Career With Emeritus

Staying ahead in business requires a deep understanding of comparative statement analysis. So, if you’re considering a career as a financial expert, or looking to upskill, understanding techniques like this is vital. Master financial analysis, strategic planning, and investment management by taking an online finance course with Emeritus. It will surely give you an edge to excel in today’s competitive landscape.

By Tanish Pradhan

Write to us at [email protected] 

Siri Can Call Emergency Services For You With Iphone If Need Be

Obviously nobody wants to be in an emergency situation, but if the need ever arises, Siri can come to your aid with a quick ability to dial the local emergency service line, and it works practically wherever you are in the world with the iPhone so long as it has a cellular connection.

There’s not much to this trick, it’s just knowing one of the proper phrases to say to initiate the emergency call. And yes, it works with the hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ command, so this could even work if you weren’t able to reach the iPhone but it was plugged in with that hands-free feature enabled.

Important: Siri dials Emergency Services with these iPhone commands, do not test needlessly!

This is really important, but don’t just test this aimlessly because it does actually call the local emergency service line, yes it works, but unless you’re having an actual emergency, the last thing you want is to tie up their lines with a pointless phone call. While you will have a brief countdown to cancel the call before it dials the emergency hotline, if you’re not cautious then Siri will actually call and connect to the emergency line in your region. This is for genuine emergencies only, do not abuse it!

The following phrases work to initiate an Emergency Call with Siri from an iPhone, you don’t even need to specify the number if you’re in a region where you aren’t sure what the emergency service line is, Siri and the iPhone is smart enough to figure it out.

Siri Emergency Service Dialing Commands

Summon Siri, or use Hey Siri, and issue the following commands to call an emergency line – DO NOT CALL WITHOUT A REAL EMERGENCY:

“Call emergency services”

“Dial 911”

“Phone 911” (9-1-1 is the USA emergency line, using this phrase outside of the USA will also dial the appropriate local emergency line)

“Phone 100” (1-0-0 is the emergency line in India, but it will dial the appropriate line elsewhere as well)

“Dial 100”

“Dial 110”

“Phone 110” (1-1-0 is the emergency line in China, but it will dial the appropriate line where ever you are)

Siri will respond with “Calling Emergency Services in five seconds…” and a big font saying “Emergency Call” with a countdown directly underneath it saying “In 5 seconds, In 4 seconds, In 3 seconds…” etc. You’ll also find two buttons at the bottom, the “Cancel” button to stop the call before it’s connected – what you’ll want to press immediately if you test this out – and then there is the second button, “Call”, which will immediately connect the iPhone to the emergency service dispatch line.

As mentioned before, this will even work across the room with a “Hey Siri, call emergency services” if the iPhone is plugged in and Hey Siri is enabled. The countdown will happen and dial the appropriate number.

In the USA, this is the familiar 9-1-1 call to a dispatch line of first responders, usually firemen or the police, but it works abroad in other nations to connect to their emergency lines as well.

As we’ve mentioned before, and we’ll reiterate yet again, do NOT try this or aimlessly call this number just for testing purposes. Many emergency dispatch lines will send a first responder to the location of a call (typically the local police arrive first, they pinpoint the location of the call with cellular triangulation which is generally quite accurate) if there is a questionable call that goes to the center, with the idea of being “better safe than sorry”, so it is absolutely critical that you do not toy around with this feature. Only use this if you have a genuine emergency, like when you or something else actually needs firefighters, police, or paramedics.

Interestingly enough, according to TheDailyDot you could initiate this call process through an indirect question of “Siri charge my phone to 100%”, which would dial ‘100’, and thus an emergency service line (yes, even in the USA). Some users report that still works, but in my testing it would not, while all of the above mentioned commands do work to dial the appropriate number.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use this feature, but it’s certainly good to know it’s there if the need ever does arise!


Windows 10 Unnecessary Services You Can Disable Safely

Windows 10 isn’t as sluggish and bloated as some versions that have come before. Which means you shouldn’t have any serious performance complaints. Then again, why leave free performance on the table by running unnecessary services? 

There’s a long list of Windows 10 services that most users don’t need. So you can safely disable these unnecessary Windows 10 services and satisfy your craving for pure speed.

Table of Contents

Some Common Sense Advice First

Windows services all have specific jobs. Some of these jobs are critical for your computer to work properly. If you disable a Windows service that’s needed for the normal operation of your computer, you can get locked out of your machine or may have to undo what you’ve done.

We tested disabling all the unnecessary services listed below via the Services app on our computer. However, we can’t take any responsibility for something going wrong on your specific machine. Don’t mess around with random services not listed here and always create a system restore point or system backup before making changes.

We rate a process as “safe to disable” if it doesn’t affect the core functionality of your computer, but we don’t recommend that you actually disable every single one of these services since they are not harmful and can be useful too.

The Print Spooler  Windows Image Acquisition

This is the service that waits until you press the button on your scanner and then manages the process of getting the image where it needs to go. This also affects communication with digital cameras and video cameras that you connect directly to your computer, so be aware of that if you need this function.

Fax Services

Unbelievably, there are actually plenty of businesses that still use fax machines. Fax usage is very niche however, so it’s almost certain that you don’t need fax services on your computer. 

If you are one of the five people sending and receiving faxes from your computer, well then this doesn’t apply to you. Also, buy a scanner instead.


It’s safe to disable the Bluetooth service if you don’t need it. It can be a precaution against Bluetooth attacks too. These days Bluetooth devices such as mice, game controllers and headphones are common. So only a small number of users who never use Bluetooth should consider this.

Windows Search

Windows Search is safe to disable and can have a noticeable effect on your performance, because it also disables the Windows search indexer. It’s not something we recommend most people do however. Instant, fast search performance is one of the best features of Windows 10. 

It’s an option if you don’t make much use of Windows search or your CPU is really slow. Go ahead and disable it to see if it boosts performance. 

Windows Error Reporting

Windows sends an error report back to Microsoft when things go wrong. Microsoft uses this information to fix problems in future updates. Some people have a privacy issue with this and choose not to send reports. 

If you don’t want to send error reports to Microsoft, you can go beyond selecting Don’t send every time and disable the entire service. If you’re having problems with the error reporting system you may also want to have a look at our Windows chúng tôi guide.

Windows Insider Service

The Windows Insider program lets users try out upcoming releases of Windows before they are rolled out to all users. That’s not something anyone should do on a mission-critical computer. If you don’t want to be in the Windows Insiders program, go ahead and disable this service. 

Remote Desktop

There are three remote desktop services listed in Windows 10. These three services work together to make remote control of your computer possible. If you don’t use the remote desktop functionality of Windows, then you can disable all three of these services.

However, keep in mind that Microsoft Support often uses remote desktop technology to help fix issues you might be experiencing. Remote support won’t work if you disable these services. But remote desktop technology can also be a serious security issue and is often used in fake support scams. So disabling these services can also help improve the security of your computer.

Remote Registry

The registry is an essential component of Windows that stores crucial information about the computer’s configuration. Leave it alone if you are not an expert. The remote registry service allows someone to modify a computer’s registry remotely.

That’s a useful feature for system administrators, but most users will only modify their registries locally. If they ever modify it at all. That means almost everyone can go ahead and disable this service. In fact, it might even be a good security measure, since hackers can’t mess with your registry remotely.

Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service

Windows 10 is now fully compatible with both touch screens and handwriting recognition, but most desktop and laptop systems don’t have that hardware. Disable this service if you don’t use the touch keyboard or a pen.

Disable Windows Services With Care

Disabling these services won’t give you drastic speed boosts. Though, you can get an extra frame or two out of your video games or open even more tabs in your browser. 

Security Debt Can Hinder Your Business Growth

According to Industry figures, Three out of four startups fail. 70% of these failures occur when the company is just two to five years old. While startups face many obstacles on the path to survival, 20% of them fail. Because of fierce competition. This environment can be particularly harsh for SaaS-based businesses. Although the product-market fit is crucial to success, there are many startups that failed to succeed despite having superior products. Building a strong security position early in your business can help you project more business maturity and be able to compete against other companies.

Security Matters

Security can be a problem, with the negative impact on businesses and the cost of fixing it. However, it is possible to increase growth by ensuring security. Many companies are seeking to sell into large enterprises and highly regulated sectors like financial services and healthcare. It can be hard to get into these large organizations and brands because they don’t want to take risks with patient or customer data. It can be difficult to get a foothold in these big brands and organizations because they aren’t interested in taking risks with their customer or patient data. A recent survey shows that 10% of US companies are currently working to comply with more than 50 privacy laws and another 26% are working to address between six and 49. This is a requirement for buyers. They need to be confident that the organization with which they do business can manage this level of responsibility.

Optimizing for growth and feature creation are often priorities in fast-growing companies. As with technical debt, the decisions you make today will impact your ability to meet your prospects’ security expectations quickly. If you don’t pay attention to security while you are negotiating deals, your company’s “security debt” will grow. Unintelligible, often ad-hoc privacy policies and application agreements can leave you with terms that are unclear (and sometimes conflicting!) It is filled with security or legal jargon. This makes it extremely difficult to manage, and even more difficult for everyone to follow internally. It puts all your deals at risk. Your competitors, on the other hand, take security seriously and go through the procurement process with no problems, growing their businesses at each turn.

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Three Steps to Check Security Debt

Startups must operationalize data security to avoid security debt that can impede growth. This is done by embedding privacy and security into the core functions of the company. These are the three things you need to keep in mind when making this a reality.

1. Transform Security Requirements into Everyday Processes

2. Designate Privacy and Security Ambassadors

Large companies often have the luxury to employ multiple departments (legal security privacy and compliance) in order to ensure that security and privacy regulations and rules are being followed. Leaner businesses may not have the same opportunities. Organizations that plan to grow should have at least one person responsible for security compliance. This individual will be responsible for looking at the technology architecture from a privacy and security perspective. This allows you to identify potential issues and understand the trade-offs being made for development speed. It also helps you avoid security debt.

3. Reduce Risk by Mapping Your Data Assets

Growing Securely

Gtmhub is one example of an organization that uses security compliance to drive growth. It provides a platform that allows the largest brands to adopt, measure, and reach their goals. The platform allows companies to align their individual, departmental and corporate goals with their overall business strategy and goals. This can make the information within it highly sensitive.

Prospects need to be reassured about Gtmhub security procedures before they decide to sign a deal. The company was able to recognize this and launch a security initiative that will demonstrate and achieve both SOC 2 compliance and ISO 27001 compliance. This has simplified this important element of vendor management. Instead of conducting a thorough security audit on every customer, Gtmhub simply presents them with an already prepared attestation from an external third party to verify compliance. Gtmhub is able to showcase security controls and close deals quicker.

Security debt is a common problem. Everyone who has worked in startups knows that things do not always go as planned. However, organizations can take into consideration the long-term consequences of secured debt and create a plan to rectify them. From the beginning, look for opportunities to make your data protection and privacy processes more accessible and simpler. As your company grows, you will have a solid foundation.

7 Ways Cryptocurrency Can Help Grow Your Business

Many business owners are still reluctant to accept cryptocurrency partly because they are not quite sure if it holds more value, or if it’s more convenient to store and liquefy than fiat money (normal money).

Cryptocurrency offers a lot of benefits for businesses and service providers such as lower transaction fees, secure payments, and other financial opportunities.

Let’s go over some of the top reasons to get cryptocurrency flowing through your business.

Top 7 Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrencies for Your Business 1. Reach New Customers

A study completed by Bankrate shows that younger generations are more likely to choose crypto for long-term investments and many of them believe that crypto will overtake fiat in a few years.

Eventually, this generation will make up the majority of the workforce and that means it’s only a matter of time before there’s an increased demand for business to allow payments made in crypto.

That’s why it would be a good idea to start accepting cryptocurrencies for your business as early as now.

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2. Extra Privacy Options for your Customers

Whether you are busy selling ‘adult toys’ or something a bit less racy, you will often come across a customer who for whatever reason would like their purchase to stay ‘off the books’.

Cryptocurrency payments don’t need to store the same level of information that Visa or Mastercard will do. A transaction on the blockchain typically just shows funds moving from one anonymous wallet address to another, no names!

If privacy is a very good selling point for your business, look into making sure you can accept payments using ‘privacy coins’. These are cryptocurrencies specifically designed for anonymous payments.

3. Crypto’s Value can Rise

To put it into perspective, the price of one Bitcoin in 2010 was less than 1 US dollar. Today, it’s worth a thousand dollars per coin.

That could mean that the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency you receive from your customers can be worth even more money as time goes on!

Obviously, you need to consider the risks to your business before storing payments as crypto. If prices crash, will you still have enough capital to maintain cashflow?

4. Helps to Prevent Chargeback Fraud

At some point, if you are running a business-to-consumer offering (especially for online services), it’s inevitable that some customers will falsely report your business to their credit card company so that they can ‘enjoy your products and services for free’. This is called chargeback fraud and it’s commonly associated with fiat credit cards.

Sadly, businesses will often take a loss for these situations since it can be more expensive to settle a legal dispute with a customer or it’s just too much of a hassle. Although with some preparation and a strict and transparent checkout process, they can actually be fought fairly easily.

Transactions made with cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, cannot be repudiated (disputed) and transactions are verified as final on the blockchain.

5. Lower Transaction Costs

International money transfers often have a hefty fee and depending on the foreign exchange rate it can get even worse.

Payments made with crypto, on the other hand, do not have any of these nasty foreign exchange fees or other sneaky bank charges.

Not only that, but many payment gateway providers (Stripe, Paypal, etc) will charge a service fee for every transaction. But with crypto payments, transactions can be much cheaper or even free.

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6. Fast International Payments

International payments using fiat can take a few days to a few weeks to complete. This is because many transactions need to be processed by local and international banks.

With cryptocurrency, payments can be done very quickly. Simply give the customer your business’ wallet address and you’ll receive the money in a few minutes.

Great for you and great for the customer who is eager to move ahead!

7. Cryptocurrency Cards Give Customers an Incentive to Spend

Today, thousands of people own crypto. Some of them even have access to cryptocurrency cards which makes it easier to purchase goods and services.

Many of these cards incentivise customers by giving them cash back rewards for every transaction (some as high as 3% or more). So, it’s no surprise that many of them would rather pay using their crypto card than a regular card.

However, these potential customers still have trouble finding establishments that will accept crypto.


Businesses have a lot to gain by embracing cryptocurrency. Quick and easy transactions, better security, and lower costs are just some of the benefits it offers.

Not to mention that more and more people are getting interested in crypto every day. In the future, it’s quite possible that in time, cryptocurrency will be the preferred payment option.

Start adapting to this trend early so that you will have an edge over your competitors.

Matthew Tansley

Matthew is the Founder of ProfitFarmers and Propillo. Finance, Trading and Cryptocurrency are his languages of choice but what drives him to keep ‘talking’ is his passion for helping others.

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