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If you’ve been playing chess for a while, you might have heard about Stockfish, the chess AI that eats chess grandmasters for breakfast, lunch, and the evening snacks after dinner. This guide shows how to make it work on your desktop computer!

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What Is Stockfish?

Stockfish is more of a chess engine than an AI, and is among the strongest ones in the world. With it, you can find the best moves from any position – as long as you give it time to process the ongoing game.

Arena Chess running Stockfish

It’s also among the most popular, partly because it’s free and open source. The only thing that seems on par with it is Dragon, but that one costs money to use. When you’re training for tournaments or trying to figure out the best move to all kinds of chess puzzles, Stockfish is going to be your best friend.

It’s good to remember that Stockfish is a command line program, so you will need the Windows Command Prompt or Linux Terminal to use it.

How Chess Engines Like Stockfish Work

Chess engines (or chess AI, if you will) are much closer to password crackers than you might think.

Deep Blue, an early computerized chess engine. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

As there are too many moves for Stockfish to go through, it will literally require days until it sees everything from 18 turns to after 1e4. That’s why you have to tell it how long it should think. It keeps track of the best move it has found so far, then picks that move when it reaches the time limit.

Chess GUIs that use Stockfish and other chess engines also have a ponder feature. It makes the engine think of a move while you’re thinking of your next move. This makes for a seamless play – your opponent will immediately start its next move after you make yours.

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How to Download Stockfish

Download Stockfish 15.1 from the official Stockfish website. On Linux, you can use sudo apt install stockfish instead. Be sure to update apt first to get the latest version.

Note: there are two versions: AVX2 and POPCNT. In most newer computers and laptops, AVX2 should work. Only use POPCNT if it doesn’t.

      If you’re on Linux, run the terminal and enter stockfish.

      Tip: Want to improve your gaming performance on Linux? Try GameMode.

      Playing with Stockfish

      To play a game, you have to show Stockfish what the board looks like using the position command. This command uses two parameters: the notation you’re using and the current state of the board. Try typing position startpos move e2e4 to do the King’s Pawn Opening as white.

      Note: be sure to have a notepad app ready and use it to paste your moves.

        After pressing Enter, you might notice that nothing seems to have happened. But don’t panic – Stockfish has the move saved in memory. You just have to type d to show what the board looks like now.

          Now we’re going to make Stockfish think. Type go movetime 1000 below the line that says “Checkers” to make it think for one second. The number is in milliseconds, and you can change that to make Stockfish stop thinking for a shorter or longer time.

            Stockfish will show you a ton of output, but the important part is the last line. The result may vary depending on the computer, but you should get something like bestmove c7c5 ponder g1f3 in the end. This means that it currently thinks that c7c6 is the best reply to e2e4 and that it expects you to play g1f3 after that.

              It’s time to make Stockfish move. Add the bestmove’s value after the original startpos command, then paste the value. In this case, we’re going to type position startpos move e2e4 c7c6 in the terminal.

                At this point, it’s your turn again, so you should add your next move after c7c6. You can enter d to see the board at anytime.

                  Keep going until Stockfish (most likely) beats you.

                  Tip: Linux gamers should read on to learn about the best Linux distros for gaming.

                  Frequently Asked Questions What is a chess GUI?

                  A chess GUI is like a virtual chess board – it lets you play chess on it without having to play with a physical chess board. They work with a protocol standard called UCI (Universal Chess Interface) to talk with chess engines so you could play games against them. Some can also let you make engines play against each other, just to see which one would win.

                  What is Universal Chess Interface?

                  Universal Chess Interface (UCI) is a set of protocols that tell how a chess engine should provide its outputs and ask for inputs. This lets you pit computer chess engines against each other, and help with making these very engines compatible with almost any kind of chess GUI in existence.

                  Is Stockfish open source?

                  Stockfish is open source. You can find the source code at the Official Stockfish Github Repository.

                  In what language is Stockfish coded in?

                  Stockfish is mainly coded in C++. If you want to beef up your programming talent, try these coding games.

                  Image credit: Unsplash. All screencaps by Terenz Jomar Dela Cruz.

                  Terenz Jomar Dela Cruz

                  Terenz is a hobbyist roboticist trying to build the most awesome robot the world has ever seen. He could have done that already if he wasn’t so busy burning through LEDs as a second hobby.

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                  How To Use A Mac Keyboard On Windows Pc

                  If you know about computing systems, you also know the industry is fragmented into two sides: iOS and Windows users.

                  Moreover, both manufacturers have differentiated their brands in small but significant ways, making it challenging for users to shift between them.

                  For instance, not only do iOS products have their collapse boxes on the top right corner of their user interface, but their keyboard’s layout is also different from a Windows one.

                  This got us thinking. Are the differences between the two computing giants so great that you can’t use Mac’s keyboard on your Windows PC?

                  Join us as we explore this question and explain how to use a Mac keyboard on a Windows PC. We will also include the configuration process and tips for using the keyboard effectively.

                  Keep reading to learn more.

                  There are several key differences between Mac and Windows keyboards, both in layout and functionality. Here are some of the main ones.

                  One of the most noticeable differences between Mac and Windows keyboards is the location and function of the Command and Control keys. On a Mac keyboard, the Command key is located next to the spacebar and is used in combination with other keys to execute keyboard shortcuts. On a Windows keyboard, the Control key is located in the same position, but its functions differ.

                  Another key difference between Mac and Windows keyboards is the location and function of the Option and Alt keys. On a Mac keyboard, the Option key is located next to the Command key and is used in combination with other keys to execute certain functions, such as typing special characters or accessing hidden menus. On a Windows keyboard, the Alt key is located in the same position and has a similar function, although the shortcuts are different.

                  The function keys on a Mac keyboard have different default functions than those on a Windows keyboard. Mac’s keyboard function keys are labeled with icons representing common Mac functions, such as adjusting the screen brightness or volume. On the other hand, Windows’ keyboard function keys are labeled with F1, F2, etc., and are used for various functions, such as accessing the Help menu or refreshing a web page.

                  The Delete key on a Mac keyboard functions differently than the Delete key on a Windows keyboard. On a Mac keyboard, the Delete key functions like the Backspace key on a Windows keyboard, deleting text to the left of the cursor. On a Windows keyboard, the Delete key deletes text to the right of the cursor.

                  The Home and End keys on a Mac keyboard are located in a different position from a Windows keyboard. The Home and End keys are next to the arrow keys on a Mac keyboard. While on a Windows keyboard, the Home and End keys are located in a separate block of keys above the arrow keys.

                  Overall, while the basic layout of Mac and Windows keyboards is similar, there are significant differences in the location and function of certain keys. If you’re used to a Windows keyboard, you may need to adjust to the layout and functionality of a Mac’s when using it for the first time.

                  To connect a Mac keyboard to a Windows PC, you can follow these steps:

                  Check the type of connector on your Mac keyboard. If it has a USB-A connector, plug it directly into your Windows PC’s USB-A port.

                  Your PC will present the available pairable devices. Select your keyboard and type in the number that will appear to pair the two.

                  Once connected, wait for your Windows PC to recognize the Mac keyboard.

                  If the Mac keyboard doesn’t work immediately, you may need to install drivers for the keyboard on your Windows PC. You can find the drivers on the manufacturer’s website or by searching online.

                  Once the keyboard is recognized and working, you can start using it with your Windows PC.

                  You should also note some Mac-specific keys like Command, Option, and Control may behave differently on a Windows PC. You may need to remap these keys to make them work properly. You can use third-party software like SharpKeys or KeyTweak to remap keys on a Windows PC.

                  Download your preferred third-party remapping software to remap keys on a Mac keyboard for a Windows PC. Then follow these steps to remap keys using SharpKeys.

                  Download and install SharpKeys on your Windows PC.

                  Restart your PC and connect your Mac keyboard.

                  In the Type Key section, press the key on your Mac keyboard that you want to remap. This will show up in the From key box.

                  In the Type Key section, press the key on your Windows PC to map it to the Mac key. This will show up in the To key box.

                  Repeat the process for the other keys you want to remap.

                  Restart your Windows PC to access the changes.

                  Apple Magic Keyboard


                  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

                  See Price

                  The Apple Magic Keyboard is a sleek and stylish wireless keyboard designed for Apple devices but can also work with Windows PCs. It features a slim profile and low-profile scissor mechanism, providing a comfortable and responsive typing experience. The keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to a month on a single charge.

                  Apple Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad


                  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

                  See Price

                  The Apple Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad is a durable and reliable keyboard designed for Mac and Windows users. It features a full-sized layout with a numeric keypad, making it a great option if you frequently work with numbers. The keyboard connects to your computer via USB and is easy to set up and use.

                  Logitech MX Keys


                  Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

                  See Price

                  The Logitech MX Keys is a high-end keyboard designed for both Mac and Windows. It features a comfortable design with a low profile, a responsive typing experience, as well as backlit keys. The keyboard also has a built-in rechargeable battery lasting up to 10 days on a single charge.

                  Another standout feature of the Logitech MX Keys is its ability to seamlessly switch between up to three devices, making it an excellent option if you frequently switch between multiple devices.

                  The war between Macs and PCs has existed since the introduction of home computers and is still ongoing. Moreover, if you’re like us, you enjoy the friendly banter and probably have a thing or two to say. However, you may also need to use your Mac keyboard with a Windows PC, and it’s great to see this is much easier than you’d expect.

                  But as with everything when crossing the two ecosystems, you might need to manually map out some of the keys to help you keep the same workflow as using a Windows keyboard. Besides that, the experience of using a Mac keyboard on a Windows PC is quite painless.

                  You can connect a Mac keyboard to a Windows PC using a USB cable or via Bluetooth. Simply plug in the USB cable or turn on Bluetooth on both devices and then pair the devices using the standard pairing process.

                  Most Mac keyboards work with Windows PCs, but some models may have specific function keys or features that only work with Apple devices. Before purchasing a Mac keyboard for a Windows PC, it’s a good idea to check the product specifications and compatibility.

                  You can use a Mac keyboard on a Windows PC, but you may need to remap some keys to get the best experience.

                  How To Use Instagram On Your Android

                  Setting up an Instagram account

                  To set up your new Instagram account, you will need to download Instagram for Android and open it.

                  Once you are in the application, you will need to press the Sign Up tab. Here you will need to add an email address, username and a password to continue. Optionally, you can add in your phone number and a profile picture.

                  Adding Friends to Instagram

                  After entering in that info to create the account, you can search for your friends who already use Instagram. You are given the option of either looking in your phone’s address book or searching your Facebook friends. If you choose the Facebook option, you will need to sign into your Facebook account and authorize Instagram.

                  If you want to skip the friend search, you can always choose a couple of people to follow from the suggestions Instagram gives you. You can always go back and add more people from the suggested user list if your real life friends are boring.

                  Instagram Main Screen Icons

                  The icons along the bottom are:

                  Home – Brings you back to the stream of images from people you are following.

                  Explore – Shows a bunch of popular (and usually pretty cool) images from random users.

                  Camera – Press this to initiate taking a picture or use it to select an image from your phone’s photo gallery.

                  Bubble with a heart– This is your News tab. You can see what images the people you follow like. In the You tab is where information about who wants to follow you and who likes your images will be displayed.

                  Taking a picture with Instagram

                  Pressing the Camera icon in the bottom row will activate the Android’s camera. You may be asked to choose the camera or photo gallery. If you would like to add filters to an image previously stored on your phone, select photo gallery. Otherwise select camera and capture the image.

                  Using Instagram Filters

                  The screen directly after you take your picture is where all of the fun takes place. There are a lot of different adjustments and filters to use.

                  The icons across the top of this screen are:

                  Top left icon – Removes the border some filters use.

                  Droplet icon – Adds different blur shapes, either a circle or a line. You can also move the center point with your finger to focus in on a certain part of the image.

                  Sun icon – Use this to lighten and darken the image.

                  Tilted square icon – Rotates the image clockwise.

                  The Filters are along the bottom of the screen are:

                  Normal – No change to the image. Amaro – Lower quality looking image.

                  Rise – No boarder with a slightly cloudy look.

                  Hudson – Lower contrast image with a black boarder.

                  Sierra – White boarder with a higher contrast exposure.

                  X-Pro – Thin black boarder. Adds an almost journalistic look to the image.

                  Lo-Fi – Slightly degrades the image and adds a thin boarder. The image almost looks like it was set on a piece of paper.

                  Earlybird – White boarder and adds an early morning light feel.

                  Sutro – Darkens the image and adds a black boarder.

                  Toaster – Gives the image a white boarder and adds a slight burned look to a portion of the image.

                  Brannan – Darkens the image and adds a slight amount of contrast, adds a thin black boarder.

                  Inkwell – Black and white image with a white boarder.

                  Walden – Adds a foggy effect and a black boarder.

                  Hefe – Darkens the image and adds a black square boarder

                  Valencia – Adds a slight brightness to the image.

                  Nashville – A blue-ish green-ish color and a black square boarder.

                  1977 – Faded and vintage looking with a square white boarder.

                  Kelvin– Kind of a sepia golden color with a boarder of warn edges.

                  Upload your image to Instagram

                  After the effects are added, it’s time to upload the image. You have a few choices here. Adding a caption so people know what the picture is. Also you can add a Geotag to show the location where the picture was taken.


                  Instagram is pretty easy to use and can add a lot of flair to your images. Do some playing around and I’m sure you will find out how fun it can be and why so many people take so many random pictures.

                  Which is your favorite Instagram filter?

                  Trevor Dobrygoski

                  Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world’s greatest game… Soccer.

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                  How To Use Apple Maps On Android And Windows Pc

                  Over the years, Apple’s native Maps app has dramatically improved; it now packs some amazing note-worthy features like Look Around and cycling directions. However, it is still exclusively available only for Apple devices.

                  But what if you use an iOS/macOS device alongside a non-Apple device? What if you want to explore and use Apple Maps on your Android phone or Windows PC, or tablet? Well, we have just the trick for you; keep scrolling.

                  Use DuckDuckGo to open Apple Maps on any non-Apple devices

                  To use Apple Maps on Windows or Android, go with one of the most popular privacy-focused search engines, DuckDuckGo. The platform employs Apple Maps as its default mapping software to maintain the privacy stature.

                  So, when you switch the web browser search engine to DuckDuckGo, you get almost unhindered access to Apple Maps; let’s see how:

                  Operate Apple Maps on Windows PC

                  Open a web browser of your choice and go to chúng tôi .

                  Here, select Maps from the option displayed just below the search bar.

                  Note: The trick works with all popular web browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and even Safari, irrespective of the device you are using.

                  Use Apple Maps on your Android smartphones and tablets

                  Launch the web browser of your choice and open DuckDuckGo.

                  Type in the location or address to map and tap the magnifying glass icon.

                  Select the Maps option and tap Directions for driving or walking instructions.

                  Note: Since your device does not have the Apple Maps app, the navigation will be diverted to Google Maps or any other maps app you prefer.

                  Apple Maps tips for browser view

                  Why stop at just exploring the map of an area when DuckDuckGo hides some perks up its sleeve. Here’s what they are

                  Refine your search

                  When you’re using Apple Maps via DuckDuck Go on a mobile device, some search refining options appear under the Direction tab. It lets you further narrow down the search according to particular points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, groceries, train stations, ATMs, etc.

                  Satellite view: Dark Mode:

                  Apple Maps limitation on Android and Windows

                  While DuckDuckGo’s integration with Apple Maps lets you view and explore the maps, it doesn’t offer a complete or exhaustive experience;

                  No Navigation: As explained earlier, the navigation part is diverted to Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Here Maps, depending on your setting.

                  Can’t plan a route: You can’t plot or pin a location via the web interface, so it’s pretty useless when it comes to route planning.

                  No traffic or public transport support: Though Apple offers these services in its Maps app, the web version, unfortunately, does not support the feature.

                  While it certainly sounds intriguing and somewhat mischievous to use Apple Maps on Windows and Android devices, the limitations outweigh the perks.

                  But since the process is not that complex or time-consuming and is more privacy-oriented than Google Maps, I suggest adopting it.

                  Want to learn more about Apple Maps? These articles can help:

                  Author Profile


                  A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.

                  Chess Software For Windows 10: Best To Use In 2023

                  Chess Software for Windows 10: Best to Use in 2023




                  Whether you’re a chess enthusiast or are just trying to learn the ropes, the best chess software for Windows 10 can help you improve your skills.

                  We made a selection of

                   programs that auto-explain chess moves and some of them are even available for free.

                  You can also find a tool created by the popular 18-time world computer chess champion Stefan Meyer-Kahlen.

                  When people nowadays hear the word game they usually think of something that is purely fun and runs on some kind of gaming system.

                  There are plenty of board games on the market but some of the original ones disappeared. However, chess has a very long history and it’s definitely here to stay for a lot longer.

                  Its tactical nature will live forever and many of the upcoming generations will find chess as something worth their time.

                  What is the way to combine modern technology with a brilliant strategic game and make it playable for millions? Well, the answer involves creating the game itself.

                  That’s just it. Microsoft used to implement Chess Titans into Windows Vista and Windows 7 but stopped doing so in Windows 8 and 10. All of us can agree, that was regrettable.

                  Although Chess Titans was great and hard to match, we have some other games that you can get for Windows 10.

                  How to choose the best chess software for Windows 10?

                  Whether you need to practice your skills as an experienced chess player or you’re a novice in this area, decide what you want in order to choose from the wide range of tools on the market.

                  ➡ Chess engine

                  On the other hand, if you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, you won’t need to bother with this kind of setting.

                  ➡ Friendly interface

                  If you’re a beginner, like most users who just want to start their journey into this wonderful game, you will need a simple solution with basic functions, like some of the apps listed below.

                  ➡ Features

                  You should look for learning tutorials that will improve your knowledge about strategy, opening, positioning, and a lot more and the first tool from our list has all these. And it isn’t the only recommendation worthy of your attention.

                  What is the best chess software for Windows 10?

                  DecodeChess is considered a strong chess software tool at this moment for a good reason. Chess enthusiasts see it as a chance to win something even greater than a master at their disposal 24/7.

                  Actually, DecodeChess is well beyond the skill of any chess genius. This great tool provides the best interface to practice with a chess engine and the flexibility to compete against opponents that play more like humans.

                  You can also benefit from useful hints to learn how moves support future player plans, and positional/tactical motives relevant to the decoded position.

                  Even more, forget all about regular chess engines that lack descriptions. DecodeChess auto-explains chess moves in rich, intuitive language.

                  In the game’s Summary tab, you will also learn about the major threats that you are exposed to, how to find the best move, and what pieces you need to pay attention to.

                  Moreover, it is also the perfect choice for professionals who are often overwhelmed by poorly implemented complex features of other chess software tools.

                  After all, all the players share a similar goal: to become more open to the game possibilities in front of them and enforce wise habits. That’s precisely what they get from DecodeChess!


                  Get your skills to the next level with the most sophisticated chess analysis tool – DecodeChess!

                  Free trialVisit website

                  Shredder Classic is not simply a chess game, it is a piece of art. This software is created by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, and the popular 18 times World Computer Chess Champion.

                  Thus, you won’t need to worry about a thing – you’ll play with a pro. If you are a beginner, you can adjust the program’s level to yours.

                  By opening the Training module from the Mode tab, you will even have access to more than 1000 chess puzzles that you can try to solve.

                  In time, by playing games, you will learn what is your level, but until then, you can test it by setting it up from the Levels tab and selecting the Playing Strength.

                  The virtual player level can be easily adjusted

                  You will also discover a game editor where you can enter the position of every piece and reproduce one of your plays or study a given situation from another source.

                  The interface of the app doesn’t look fresh but it’s pretty friendly and you will get adjusted to it quickly. You can discover more features of Shredder Classic by downloading it for free using the link below.

                  Shredder Classic

                  Shredder Classic is not only a great gaming app but it’s also excellent for learning chess.

                  Free trialVisit website

                  The Chess Lv.100 is one of the few free chess games available in the Microsoft Store. It is not as appealing as Chess Titans, but it will serve you well.

                  This tool brings a lot of customizing options to the table, concerning board and pieces, in-game sound, and graphics. You can also record games you play for later inspection.

                  You can select levels according to your knowledge of the game or play against friends. AI is quite tricky to beat on higher levels so prepare yourself for a true challenge.

                  Another great feature is the Edit Mode that will help you reevaluate a position you experienced in a live game or a practice situation.

                  The last game you played is saved after closing, so you can continue from the same point next time.

                  We appreciated the pleasant graphics of the app and the soothing music in the background, but you can switch that off from the Settings option quickly if it doesn’t help you.

                  ⇒ Get The Chess Lv.100

                  Chess Online + is another free chess game you can find in the Microsoft Store. It doesn’t offer an abundance of customization options like The Chess Lv.100, but, instead, brings competitive online gaming.

                  In fact, you can’t play with the computer at all. You can only find opponents online and there are thousands to choose from.

                  Expert tip:

                  When you first open the game, you will receive 120 credits and if you create a user account, you will also get 300 more.

                  The game is based on credits

                  When you start playing a game, you have to bet a number of credits (a minimum of 10) on it or pick a player who already proposed a match.

                  After that, it’s pretty simple. If you win the game, you will get the credits from the other players. If not, you will lose the amount you have bet.

                  You can set your own conditions for the game

                  As you can see from our screenshot, you can pick the number of credits, the time period for the moves (by default it’s 5 for a move and 15 minutes in total), and the range for the player rating.

                  You can also see the statistics for your games or review them, the rankings for your country or worldwide and you can change the design of the board and pieces.

                  It’s not a complex app but you should try it out, especially if you are a beginner because it will help you develop your skills during intense competitive play.

                  ⇒ Get Chess Online +

                  The first clear difference between Chess V+ and Chess Online + is that with this one, you can also play with the computer.

                  Speaking of the differences, this is a pretty basic game, so it’s not so amazing visually, although you can change the appearance of the pieces and the board.

                  It doesn’t have a 3D view so if you should look elsewhere if you want that feature. However, it does have a Hint option (the question mark) on the side when you’re playing with the system.

                  Pressing the Hint option will suggest you the next move

                  The computer level is well balanced but unfortunately, you don’t have the option to change the rating or level and it can be beaten even by an intermediate player.

                  On the other hand, the game also has a hot seat, player versus player game mode, so you can either play for both sides or with another player on the same computer which transforms the app into a digital chessboard.

                  That mode can be very convenient if you want to practice a strategy and reproduce a match, or you have a friend around, but you don’t have a chess set available.

                  That is a great feature if you’re a beginner as you will grasp the piece roles much more easily when you see the moves on the screen.

                  Chess V+ is a lookalike of classic chess simulators we encountered in the 90s, so it falls behind for most nowadays players.

                  But it is a reasonable option for nostalgic and chess puzzle enthusiasts. And it’s completely free except for a couple of commercials displayed at the bottom of the screen.

                  ⇒ Get Chess V+

                  If you like the idea of a tridimensional feeling, 3D Chess Game is what you’re looking for. It is simple but it’s a good chess simulator so you should try it out.

                  With this app, you get the reverse of what you receive from others because it doesn’t have a 2D view option so you will have to find the right angle to get comfortable with.

                  The interface is simple but lacks some options you could find in other games. However, it’s easy to understand and get around.

                  There are 25 available levels of difficulty, from beginner to professional. It can be played against the computer or in a hot-seat mode, against another player on the same PC.

                  There are also a lot of options to customize the colors of absolutely all elements of the table and pieces so you can even use this app if you want to get some great shots with a chessboard.

                  You can edit the situation on the board so you can replay a certain position and you can add a time mode to make things more challenging.

                  The interface is very friendly and there are not so many options to play with so it can be an ideal choice for a beginner.

                  ⇒ Get 3D Chess Game

                  How can I improve positional thinking?

                  We came across a great piece on positional thinking on the Chess Evolution website that will eventually help you assess the situation on the board more clearly.

                  ➡ Material

                  Of course, you also need to look for any traps or strategic consequences that can lead to your quick demise.

                  ➡ Activity

                  An important aspect of the chess game is to acquire as much control over as many squares with your forces as possible.

                  If you look at the screenshot below, the knight in the center of the board controls 8 positions while the one in the corner only 2. It’s clear that the one in the middle dominates the board a lot better.

                  So, the lesson here is that you want to develop your pieces towards the center of the table to gain as much dominance as possible.

                  ➡ Activity principles

                  The three principles of maximum activity, center, and least active piece work together as a whole.

                  You have to look at your pieces on the board and if you find any idle ones that have not yet left their home square, start thinking about moving it on the best square possible.

                  Idle pieces except little to no domination on the board so they must be put to good use, closer to the center of the board if possible.

                  ➡ Attack

                  Your attack should start when you have a superior position over the opponent. But that position is gained only by respecting the other principles listed above.

                  Analyzing the correct situation, the piece roles, and the position are extremely important in chess and must not be overlooked.

                  And if you look further into this wonderful world of chess, you can also take a look at our list including the best software to analyze chess games.

                  Was this page helpful?


                  How To Use Google Cursive On Your Chromebook

                  Google Cursive is one of the note apps pre-installed on many touchscreen-enabled Chromebooks. It is a relatively new handwritten note-taking app from Google that’s exclusive to Chromebook. It’s a progressive web app (PWA) accessible through the Google Chrome browser. We’ll show you how to set up and use Google Cursive on your Chromebook.

                  How to Get Cursive on Your Chromebook

                  As mentioned earlier, Google Cursive is pre-installed on touchscreen Chromebooks. There should be a “Cursive” app shortcut in your Chromebook’s launcher or app drawer.

                  Table of Contents

                  Press the Search or Launcher icon and type “cursive” in the search bar. The Cursive app shortcut should be in the search results.

                  Google Cursive initially debuted on the HP Chromebook x2 11 in 2023. The app works on almost all new-generation Chromebook models and Chrome OS versions. If your Chromebook doesn’t have the Cursive app pre-installed, follow the steps below to install the app.

                  When prompted, connect your Google account or sign in with your Google account credentials.

                  Select or tap the

                  Install Cursive

                  (computer with down-arrow) icon in the right corner of the address bar.



                  on the confirmation prompt.

                  The Google Cursive PWA works offline without a Wi-Fi connection. However, your Chromebook must have an internet connection to sync notes and notebooks to your Google account.

                  Google Cursive’s web app shortcut should now be accessible in your Chromebook’s launcher. We recommend selecting the Quick Tour option when you open Cursive for the first time. That’ll show you an overview of the app’s essential features, functionalities, and how to use them.

                  If you didn’t take the tour, you could still access the short tutorial within the app. Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the app’s dashboard, select Help, and choose Feature tour.

                  You’ll find two options on the app’s dashboard: New note and New notebook.

                  Notes are documents with handwritten content—texts, sketches, images, drawings, etc. On the other hand, notebooks are multi-paged documents with a collection of notes. Think of notes and notebooks as worksheets and workbooks in Microsoft Excel.

                  Create Notes with Google Cursive

                  Open Cursive and select New note. That’ll launch the canvas where you create and edit notes.

                  You’ll notice dotted lines on the canvas. You can change the background style if you want.

                  Tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner, select Change background, and choose your preferred background style.

                  How to Use Google Cursive Pen Tool

                  The Pen tool is what you use to write and draw in Google Cursive. Select the Pen icon on the toolbar and scribble texts on the canvas with your finger or stylus pen.

                  You can also use the Pen to select, move, and delete content (texts and drawings) on the canvas. Select the Pen icon, scribble over the content, and tap the glowing scribble to delete the content.

                  To move content around the canvas, draw a circle over the content and drag the glowing circle.

                  Draw a horizontal line and drag down the glowing line to increase the (horizontal) space between content on your canvas.

                  Select the Color palette or Stroke Thickness options on the toolbar to change the color or thickness of your scribbles.

                  How to Use Google Cursive’s Highlighter

                  The Highlighter tool draws attention to important content on your canvas using low-opacity colors. It works similarly to the Pen tool.

                  Select the Highlighter icon on the toolbar and scribble over the content you want to highlight.

                  You can also change the color and thickness of the Highlighter tool in Google Cursive.

                  Erase Content in Google Cursive

                  Select the Eraser tool on the toolbar and scribble over the content you want to erase from your note.

                  The Eraser tool can delete anything on the canvas except images. Check the next session to learn how to add and delete images in Google Cursive.

                  Manage Images in Google Cursive

                  Tap the Insert image icon on the toolbar, select the image in the Files app, and select Open.

                  That’ll add the image to your note. Resize the image or move it to your preferred position on the canvas. Tap anywhere outside the canvas when you’re done.

                  To make further changes to an image, you must first select the image using the Selection tool. Tap the Selection tool (dotted square icon) on the toolbar and tap the image you want to edit.

                  Resize the image from any of the four corners or drag it to a new position. Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner to open the image menu.

                  Select the Bin icon to delete the image or tap the Copy icon to copy the image to your Chromebook’s clipboard. Press Ctrl + V to paste a copy of the image anywhere on the canvas.

                  Make Space Between Content

                  Although the Pen tool can adjust the space between content, Google Cursive has a dedicated “Make space” tool. The tool automatically adds more space between items on different rows/lines.

                  Select the Make space tool on the toolbar and tap the row where you want to add more space.

                  That’ll space out content between the selected row. Drag the lower line to increase or decrease the space.

                  The Selector Tool

                  We illustrated how Google Cursive’s Selector tool works with images. Now, let’s explain how it works with texts and drawings.

                  Tap the Selector tool (dotted square icon) on the toolbar and drag the crosshair icon over a text or drawing.

                  To select and highlight, tap the Selector tool and tap the highlight.

                  Lock Canvas in Google Cursive

                  Lock your canvas if you often scroll or zoom it by accident. First, you have to configure Google Cursive to show the canvas lock icon in your note.

                  Tap the menu icon in the top-right corner and toggle on Show canvas lock.

                  Tap the Canvas Lock icon in the top-right corner to pause upward and downward scroll on the canvas.

                  Tap the Lock icon again to unlock the canvas.

                  Switch Between Stylus and Touch Mode

                  You can create handwritten notes in Google Cursive with your fingers or stylus pen. Google Cursive is optimized to work with finger taps and touchscreen gestures in touch mode.

                  If there’s a stylus pen connected to your Chromebook, Google Cursive automatically activates stylus mode. You can switch between touch and stylus mode anytime you want.

                  Tap the canvas menu icon and select Switch to touch mode or Switch to stylus mode.

                  Google Cursive will display an error message if it doesn’t detect a stylus pen when using the app in stylus mode. Also, you can’t use some features in stylus mode without a stylus pen.

                  If your Chromebook doesn’t have a stylus but supports the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI), you can use third-party styluses or USI pens.

                  Undo and Redo Changes

                  System-wide keyboard shortcuts for undoing (Ctrl + Z) and redoing (Ctrl + Shift + Z) previous actions don’t work in Google Cursive. Use the Undo and Redo icon in the top-right corner of the canvas instead.

                  Share and Export Notes

                  Google Cursive lets users export notes in PDF file format. Open a note, tap the canvas’ menu icon, and select Export as PDF.

                  Create Notebooks in Google Cursive

                  A notebook is a collection of notes. Here’s how to create a notebook in Google Cursive and populate it with notes:

                  Open Google Cursive and select

                  New notebook

                  on the homepage.

                  Give the notebook a name, select a cover color, and tap

                  Create notebook

                  . You can now add notes to the notebook.

                  Tap the menu on the note card and select

                  Add to notebook


                  Select the destination notebook.

                  Google Cursive: A OneNote Competitor?

                  Chromebooks does not support the OneNote Android app. Hence, Google Cursive suffices as an excellent OneNote substitute for handwritten notes. Feature-wise, however, Google Cursive doesn’t come close to OneNote. So, we’ll call Google Cursive a “simple” OneNote substitute for Chromebooks, not a OneNote rival.

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