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If you know about computing systems, you also know the industry is fragmented into two sides: iOS and Windows users.

Moreover, both manufacturers have differentiated their brands in small but significant ways, making it challenging for users to shift between them.

For instance, not only do iOS products have their collapse boxes on the top right corner of their user interface, but their keyboard’s layout is also different from a Windows one.

This got us thinking. Are the differences between the two computing giants so great that you can’t use Mac’s keyboard on your Windows PC?

Join us as we explore this question and explain how to use a Mac keyboard on a Windows PC. We will also include the configuration process and tips for using the keyboard effectively.

Keep reading to learn more.

There are several key differences between Mac and Windows keyboards, both in layout and functionality. Here are some of the main ones.

One of the most noticeable differences between Mac and Windows keyboards is the location and function of the Command and Control keys. On a Mac keyboard, the Command key is located next to the spacebar and is used in combination with other keys to execute keyboard shortcuts. On a Windows keyboard, the Control key is located in the same position, but its functions differ.

Another key difference between Mac and Windows keyboards is the location and function of the Option and Alt keys. On a Mac keyboard, the Option key is located next to the Command key and is used in combination with other keys to execute certain functions, such as typing special characters or accessing hidden menus. On a Windows keyboard, the Alt key is located in the same position and has a similar function, although the shortcuts are different.

The function keys on a Mac keyboard have different default functions than those on a Windows keyboard. Mac’s keyboard function keys are labeled with icons representing common Mac functions, such as adjusting the screen brightness or volume. On the other hand, Windows’ keyboard function keys are labeled with F1, F2, etc., and are used for various functions, such as accessing the Help menu or refreshing a web page.

The Delete key on a Mac keyboard functions differently than the Delete key on a Windows keyboard. On a Mac keyboard, the Delete key functions like the Backspace key on a Windows keyboard, deleting text to the left of the cursor. On a Windows keyboard, the Delete key deletes text to the right of the cursor.

The Home and End keys on a Mac keyboard are located in a different position from a Windows keyboard. The Home and End keys are next to the arrow keys on a Mac keyboard. While on a Windows keyboard, the Home and End keys are located in a separate block of keys above the arrow keys.

Overall, while the basic layout of Mac and Windows keyboards is similar, there are significant differences in the location and function of certain keys. If you’re used to a Windows keyboard, you may need to adjust to the layout and functionality of a Mac’s when using it for the first time.

To connect a Mac keyboard to a Windows PC, you can follow these steps:

    Check the type of connector on your Mac keyboard. If it has a USB-A connector, plug it directly into your Windows PC’s USB-A port.

    Your PC will present the available pairable devices. Select your keyboard and type in the number that will appear to pair the two.

    Once connected, wait for your Windows PC to recognize the Mac keyboard.

    If the Mac keyboard doesn’t work immediately, you may need to install drivers for the keyboard on your Windows PC. You can find the drivers on the manufacturer’s website or by searching online.

    Once the keyboard is recognized and working, you can start using it with your Windows PC.

    You should also note some Mac-specific keys like Command, Option, and Control may behave differently on a Windows PC. You may need to remap these keys to make them work properly. You can use third-party software like SharpKeys or KeyTweak to remap keys on a Windows PC.

    Download your preferred third-party remapping software to remap keys on a Mac keyboard for a Windows PC. Then follow these steps to remap keys using SharpKeys.

      Download and install SharpKeys on your Windows PC.

      Restart your PC and connect your Mac keyboard.

      In the Type Key section, press the key on your Mac keyboard that you want to remap. This will show up in the From key box.

      In the Type Key section, press the key on your Windows PC to map it to the Mac key. This will show up in the To key box.

      Repeat the process for the other keys you want to remap.

      Restart your Windows PC to access the changes.

      Apple Magic Keyboard


      Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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      The Apple Magic Keyboard is a sleek and stylish wireless keyboard designed for Apple devices but can also work with Windows PCs. It features a slim profile and low-profile scissor mechanism, providing a comfortable and responsive typing experience. The keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to a month on a single charge.

      Apple Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad


      Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

      See Price

      The Apple Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad is a durable and reliable keyboard designed for Mac and Windows users. It features a full-sized layout with a numeric keypad, making it a great option if you frequently work with numbers. The keyboard connects to your computer via USB and is easy to set up and use.

      Logitech MX Keys


      Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

      See Price

      The Logitech MX Keys is a high-end keyboard designed for both Mac and Windows. It features a comfortable design with a low profile, a responsive typing experience, as well as backlit keys. The keyboard also has a built-in rechargeable battery lasting up to 10 days on a single charge.

      Another standout feature of the Logitech MX Keys is its ability to seamlessly switch between up to three devices, making it an excellent option if you frequently switch between multiple devices.

      The war between Macs and PCs has existed since the introduction of home computers and is still ongoing. Moreover, if you’re like us, you enjoy the friendly banter and probably have a thing or two to say. However, you may also need to use your Mac keyboard with a Windows PC, and it’s great to see this is much easier than you’d expect.

      But as with everything when crossing the two ecosystems, you might need to manually map out some of the keys to help you keep the same workflow as using a Windows keyboard. Besides that, the experience of using a Mac keyboard on a Windows PC is quite painless.

      You can connect a Mac keyboard to a Windows PC using a USB cable or via Bluetooth. Simply plug in the USB cable or turn on Bluetooth on both devices and then pair the devices using the standard pairing process.

      Most Mac keyboards work with Windows PCs, but some models may have specific function keys or features that only work with Apple devices. Before purchasing a Mac keyboard for a Windows PC, it’s a good idea to check the product specifications and compatibility.

      You can use a Mac keyboard on a Windows PC, but you may need to remap some keys to get the best experience.

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      How To Install Sims 4 Mods On Windows Pc & Mac

      How To Install Sims 4 Mods On Windows Pc & Mac Learn how to bring your Sims to life with mods




      Sims 4’s mods community has created thousands of custom files for other players to enjoy.

      CC consists of custom hairstyles, outfits, lots, save files, and more.

      Some of the most popular mods are script mods, which change game behaviors and make Sims interact differently.

      True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

      Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

      CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

      Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

      Built-in sound controls and custom music

      Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

      Free VPN and Ad blocker

      Download Opera GX

      The Sims is a life-simulation game series played by people all over the world. Sims 4 is the best-selling Sims game to date.

      The game receives constant updates and new content from the developers, but what really makes the game shine is the mods community.

      Custom content and mods allow players to play out any stories they imagine in the game. They bring a new face to the game and make it feel fresh at all times.

      To get you started with the wonderful world of playing with mods, we have prepared a guide on how to install them step-by-step.

      Differences between Custom Content and Mods

      These two terms are often used to describe the same thing, which is player-created content for the game. However, you can differentiate the terms.

      Custom Content refers to files that change how your sims look and what objects they have around them. For example, CC consists of custom hairstyles or outfits.

      On the other hand, mods refer to files that change how your Sims behave, how they interact with each other, and what options they have when it comes to interactions.

      For example, the MC Command Center mod allows you to make changes such as: blacklisting certain outfits from being worn by Sims in your world, disabling the ability to get pregnant, auto-cleaning the lot, or changing control to another Sim.

      What types of Sims 4 Mods are available to download online?

      Sims fans, also known as Simmers, have created all kinds of mods to play with. That being said, you can find these types of CC online:

      CAS items (hairstyles, outfits, accessories, eye colors, etc)

      CAS backgrounds

      Build items

      Households (when downloading a custom Sim, you need to download all the CC used to create that Sim)


      Worlds (these types of mods modify an already existing world)

      Core mods

      Save files

      Core mods, also known as script mods, are created from scratch by players using their own codes. Therefore, they can modify the game beyond its default restrictions.

      The process of installing script mods in Sims 4 is not different from that of installing other types of mods, as you will see in the following guide.

      Sims 4 mods can cause stuttering issues on your device, therefore it is important to only download files from trusted sites.

      How can I install Mods in Sims 4?

      1. First of all, you need to check your game version. Press the Windows key + E to start File Explorer.

      3. Now you can start downloading the Sims 4 mods you want to add to your game. You need to verify whether the files you want to download are compatible with your game version.

      If they are not compatible, the Mods will not show up in game.

      4. Launch Sims 4 on your device.

      5. Press on the Options button on the screen.

      6. Choose Game options from the list.

      Expert tip:

      8. Tick the checkboxes next to Enable Custom Content and Mods and Script Mods Allowed. The checkboxes need to be green for these settings to be enabled.

      10. Now it’s time to install the mods. Depending on the file extension type they have, they need to be placed in different places on your computer.

      11. To install CAS CC and script mods (.package and .ts4script files), you need to navigate to: C:DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Mods

      The Mods folder was automatically created by the game when you enabled Custom Content. If the folder does not exist, create it manually and name it Mods.

      12. Copy the downloaded files to this folder. If they are zipped, unzip them.

      13. If you downloaded lots, rooms or households, you need to navigate and copy the files to: C:DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Tray

      14. Lastly, if you downloaded save files from other players, you need to copy the files to: C:DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4Saves

      Installing mods for your Sims 4 game on a Windows PC or Mac is very easy. What you need to do is download the files that are compatible with your game version, enable Mods via the game’s settings, and then copy the mods to the dedicated folders.

      If your Sims 4 mods do not show up in-game after you install them, check out our dedicated article to find out how to fix this issue.

      Automatically install Sims 4 Mods

      If have an EA account and download mods from the Sims 4 Gallery, they will be automatically added to your game’s Library.

      You can access the Library as soon as you launch the game, from the first menu. From the Library section, you can manage which mods you want to have in your game and which you want to remove.

      Can I install Sims 4 Mods on my Xbox console?

      Unfortunately, at the time being, it is impossible to install any type of Custom Content on consoles.

      Xbox consoles do not have mods support yet. If you want to play with mods, you need to be using a computer.

      Installing Mods on Windows 10 vs Windows 11

      If you are wondering whether there is any difference when you install Sims 4 mods on Windows 10 or 11, you should know that the process is the same.

      Even more, the same installing process can be used on other OSs as well, for example, on Windows 7.

      What to do with .txt, .img or .png files?

      These are additional files that come with your Sims 4 mods and are only meant to inform the user about the item they downloaded.

      Therefore, they can be safely deleted and do not need to be placed in the mods folder. If you do choose to place them there, they cannot cause any harm, but take up disk space.

      Still experiencing issues?

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      How To Run Pixel Os On Your Mac Or Windows Pc

      Back in late September this year, the Raspberry Pi foundation released a new operating system named PIXEL for their, you guessed it, Raspberry Pi. PIXEL OS is based on Debian Linux and is power-packed with productivity software and programming tools like Libre Office Suite, BlueJ Java IDE and Geany’s programmer editor. It also comes with utilities like RealVNC and SenseHat emulator. In an interesting turn of events, the company announced that their Debian-based OS can be tried on macOS and Windows. So, if you are interested in trying out PIXEL OS on your MacBook or Windows PC/laptop, here are the steps to run PIXEL OS on macOS or Windows 10:

      Note: Before we begin, it must be noted that PIXEL OS is still in a very early development phase and things may or may not work as expected.

      Running PIXEL OS using VirtualBox

      We’ll be running the PIXEL ISO file inside an emulator. I recommend using VirtualBox, as it’s free and lightweight, but feel free to use any other alternatives. Here, I’ll demonstrate the process using VirtualBox on macOS Sierra 10.12, but the same applies to Windows 10 or any other macOS or Windows version too.

      This opens up the wizard to quickly set-up a virtual machine. Make the following changes, so that it looks like exactly as shown in the following picture:

      Name: PIXEL

      Type: Linux

      Version: Debian (64-bit)

      5. On the next screen, select “Dynamically allocated” and “Continue“.

      Running PIXEL OS using a Live Bootable USB

      Creating a live bootable USB requires you to have a USB drive of at least 4 GB. (It may work with flash drives below 4 GB, but there’s no guarantee). It is important to back up any important files you may have on the drive, as it’ll be formatted and all the data will be erased.

      Before you proceed, grab the necessary tools you’ll require. If you’re on Mac, consider downloading Etcher (free). Windows users should check out Rufus (free).

      Setting up on Windows

      1. Open Rufus and select the USB drive you want to install PIXEL OS on, in the “Device” tab.

      3. Browse and select the downloaded ISO file.

      Note: Leave all the other boxes to their default settings.

      After you press Enter, you should be greeted with a welcome screen:

      Setting up on Mac

      Now restart your Mac. This time, hold down the Option key (⌥) on your keyboard as soon as you hear the start-up chime. You should see an EFI/PIXEL option alongside “Macintosh HDD”. Selecting the same will boot you straight to the PIXEL OS. After you are done exploring, shut down PIXEL OS and you can boot to MacOS as normal.

      Note: The development team says that some newer Mac models like MacBook Air 2024 may have trouble recognizing the drive and a fix is underway. As always, you should try your luck.

      Early Thoughts on PIXEL OS

      I have been running PIXEL OS on my Mac using VirtualBox for a couple of days now. PIXEL OS comes pre-installed with a lot of utilities, but the feature list is pretty bare-bones. As of now, for the customization part, you can only choose among a set of 16 wallpapers. Libre Office Suite comes pre-installed too, so you can edit your presentation or work with data in tabular form. It also comes with a handful of games like Tetris and puzzles you can play, which are built using Python. From a programming perspective, you have IDE’s for Java and Python shell. This release of PIXEL comes with a Chromium browser for your web surfing needs.

      SEE ALSO: How to Set Up and Get Started with Raspberry Pi 3 (Starter Guide)

      Have You Used PIXEL OS on Windows or Mac?

      Raspberry Pi foundation says that if there’s enough interest over time, they’ll create an installable version. As of now, these are the only two ways through which you can easily try out the PIXEL OS on your Mac or Windows system. Of course, it’s not ready for primary use but nevertheless, the foundation is committed to making it one.

      How To Use Apple Maps On Android And Windows Pc

      Over the years, Apple’s native Maps app has dramatically improved; it now packs some amazing note-worthy features like Look Around and cycling directions. However, it is still exclusively available only for Apple devices.

      But what if you use an iOS/macOS device alongside a non-Apple device? What if you want to explore and use Apple Maps on your Android phone or Windows PC, or tablet? Well, we have just the trick for you; keep scrolling.

      Use DuckDuckGo to open Apple Maps on any non-Apple devices

      To use Apple Maps on Windows or Android, go with one of the most popular privacy-focused search engines, DuckDuckGo. The platform employs Apple Maps as its default mapping software to maintain the privacy stature.

      So, when you switch the web browser search engine to DuckDuckGo, you get almost unhindered access to Apple Maps; let’s see how:

      Operate Apple Maps on Windows PC

      Open a web browser of your choice and go to chúng tôi .

      Here, select Maps from the option displayed just below the search bar.

      Note: The trick works with all popular web browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and even Safari, irrespective of the device you are using.

      Use Apple Maps on your Android smartphones and tablets

      Launch the web browser of your choice and open DuckDuckGo.

      Type in the location or address to map and tap the magnifying glass icon.

      Select the Maps option and tap Directions for driving or walking instructions.

      Note: Since your device does not have the Apple Maps app, the navigation will be diverted to Google Maps or any other maps app you prefer.

      Apple Maps tips for browser view

      Why stop at just exploring the map of an area when DuckDuckGo hides some perks up its sleeve. Here’s what they are

      Refine your search

      When you’re using Apple Maps via DuckDuck Go on a mobile device, some search refining options appear under the Direction tab. It lets you further narrow down the search according to particular points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, groceries, train stations, ATMs, etc.

      Satellite view: Dark Mode:

      Apple Maps limitation on Android and Windows

      While DuckDuckGo’s integration with Apple Maps lets you view and explore the maps, it doesn’t offer a complete or exhaustive experience;

      No Navigation: As explained earlier, the navigation part is diverted to Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Here Maps, depending on your setting.

      Can’t plan a route: You can’t plot or pin a location via the web interface, so it’s pretty useless when it comes to route planning.

      No traffic or public transport support: Though Apple offers these services in its Maps app, the web version, unfortunately, does not support the feature.

      While it certainly sounds intriguing and somewhat mischievous to use Apple Maps on Windows and Android devices, the limitations outweigh the perks.

      But since the process is not that complex or time-consuming and is more privacy-oriented than Google Maps, I suggest adopting it.

      Want to learn more about Apple Maps? These articles can help:

      Author Profile


      A self-professed Geek who loves to explore all things Apple. I thoroughly enjoy discovering new hacks, troubleshooting issues, and finding and reviewing the best products and apps currently available. My expertise also includes curating opinionated and honest editorials. If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.

      How To Use Icloud Drive For Multiple Users On A Single Mac

      If you’ve been using a Mac for quite some time, you’ve likely integrated your iCloud Drive account to your machine. It makes storing and sharing files over cloud much easier than ever. Since it’s an Apple feature, it works natively with the built-in tools on your Mac.

      If your Mac is used by two or more users, you might want to add their iCloud Drives as well to your machine. However, there’s a limitation that prevents you from adding two iCloud Drives to a single account on your machine. You can only keep a single iCloud Drive account active at a time in your user account on Mac.

      Table of Contents

      So how do you deal with the restriction and have multiple iCloud Drives running at the same time on your Mac?

      Use Fast User Switching To Use Multiple iCloud Drive Accounts

      What’s great about that is that even if your main account is in foreground and you’re using it, your other account will still be logged in and processes will continue to run on it.

      This means you can add your other iCloud Drive account to a new user on your Mac and be able to sync files for both of your accounts at the same time. Setting the whole thing up is fairly easy.

      Create a New User Account

      If you haven’t already, you need to create a new account on your Mac that you’ll use to integrate with your other iCloud Drive account.

      Select Users & Groups on the following screen to open the user settings menu.

      Enable Fast User Switching

      Now that a new account is created to let you use your other iCloud Drive account, you’ll need to enable the Fast User Switching feature to allow quick switching between two accounts.

      The following screen lets you modify several settings related to user accounts. Find the option that says Show fast user switching menu as and tick-mark the box for it. It’ll enable the feature on your Mac.

      Log-in to the New Account and Add iCloud Drive

      Now that your new account is created and ready to use, let’s log into it and add your iCloud Drive to it.

      Make sure you have your iCloud login details handy as you’ll be entering them in one of the following steps.

      If you haven’t already enabled it, it’ll ask you to set up two factor authentication. It’s up to you to decide whether you should do it or not, but it is highly recommended.

      You’ll now be on the screen where all iCloud features are listed. Make sure the iCloud Drive option is tick-marked. It ensures the Drive is available to use on your machine.

      You can now upload and download files from this newly added iCloud Drive account. Also, it’ll continue to sync even when you’ve switched to your main user account using Fast User Switching.

      How To Remove Multiple iCloud Drive Accounts On a Mac

      If you no longer wants to use multiple iCloud Drives on your Mac, you can have them removed in a few steps.

      How To Set An Alarm On A Windows 11/10 Pc

      In the past, we would use old-fashioned table clocks to set an alarm. It would help us to wake up on time prior to an important event. However, in today’s time, you can set an alarm on your phone or computer. In this post, we will show you how to set an Alarm on a Windows computer.

      Setting an alarm these days is not just restricted to waking you up. But it also helps you to remind a certain task or an event at a certain time. While we all know how to set an alarm on a mobile phone, setting an alarm on a Windows 11/10 can be tricky. Especially, if you are not updated with the new features.

      What’s interesting is, while Windows 11 comes with a built-in Clock app now, it allows you to do a lot more. For example, you can set an alarm, create focus timers, use a stopwatch, and more.

      Moving on, in this post, we will guide you on how to set an alarm on a Windows 11/10 computer for those who are new to the Clock app.

      Things to do before you set an alarm on Windows PC

      Setting an alarm or making any changes to the Windows Clock app correctly, depends on the correct time zone and the date & time of the system. If that’s not set correctly, your alarm won’t work properly.

      Hence, before you set an alarm on your computer, make sure that it meets a few conditions as below:

      1] Set the correct Time Zone and Date/Time

      Before you use the Clock or set an alarm, you must check if the Date and time, or the Time Zone of your PC is set correctly. If not, you can follow the below steps to adjust the Date & time settings:

      Go to Start, search for date and time, and select Date & time settings under Best Match.

      This will open the Time & Language settings page in the Settings app. Here, go to Set the time zone automatically and turn it off.

      Next, set the Time zone manually by selecting the appropriate zone from the drop-down.

      2] Disable Sleep mode in Windows

      You must also check if the sleep mode for your Windows PC is on. If it is, then it will prevent the Clock app from ringing the alarm whenever your PC goes off to sleep. In this case, you must disable the Sleep mode before you set the alarm in Windows. Here’s how:

      Press the Win + I keys together to launch the Settings app.

      On the next screen, under Power, expand the Screen and Sleep section. Here, set all the options to Never.

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      3] Update the Clock app

      To make sure that you can use all the new features of the Clock app, it’s important to keep the app up-to-date. Hence, it’s recommended to update the Clock app to the latest version.

      How to Set an Alarm on Windows 11/10 PC

      To set an Alarm on your Windows PC, follow these steps. We also show how to set the Alarm name, Alarm sound, Number of days, and Snooze time:

      You can then go to the Alarm Name field and create a suitable name for the alarm, for example, Good Morning. This is to wake you up in the morning.

      Next, you can select the day from the day abbreviations below, and this will automatically check the Repeat alarm box above.

      Or, you can select the Repeat alarm box and set it for a selected day, or all days (as per your requirement).

      Next, in the Alarm Chime field, you can select an alarm sound as per your choice.

      You can also select the Snooze Time if you want and as per your requirement.

      Now, press Save to apply the changes and this will turn on the alarm automatically.

      For the current day, you need not select days but simply set the alarm time, make any other edits like changing the Alarm sound, or Snooze Time, and hit Save.

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      How to Enable/Disable Alarms in Windows

      If you have already set the alarm time previously and you simply want to turn it on, you can move the toggle to the right to enable the alarm.

      Likewise, if you do not want the alarm to ring, simply move the toggle to the left to turn it off.

      How to Add an Alarm in Windows

      This will open another Edit alarm window with the same layout. Now, you can set the second alarm (following the above steps) for another event and this will be added to the alarm list.

      How to Delete an Alarm in Windows

      We hope this helps.

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      Does Windows 11 have a built-in alarm?

      Windows 11/10 comes with a built-in Clock app that features a built-in alarm. So, if you have something important coming up, it’s easier for you to set an alarm right on your Windows PC. In addition, you can do a lot more with the Clock, for example, create Focus sessions, set a timer, use the Stopwatch, or additional World Clocks for different locations.

      Why I can’t find the alarm in Windows 11?

      If your Windows alarm or the Clock app is not opening or missing, restart your PC and see. If the alarm still does not show up, check if the Clock app is updated to the latest version. If nothing helps, you may have to reset the Clock app to fix the issue.

      Update the detailed information about How To Use A Mac Keyboard On Windows Pc on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!