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How to Set Up Google Alerts to Track News

Google Alerts is one of those useful features that can help you in unimaginable situations. From getting alerts about any specific topic to getting to the bottom of every single news (local/national/international), Google Alerts is there for you. So without wasting much of the time, let’s get to know the ways to set up Google Alerts & keep ourselves updated:

How to Set Up Google Alerts to Track News

Since there can be different categories of news & you want everything to be covered, Google Alerts takes care of this aspect as well. The Platform lets you use the service in different ways so that you can be alerted about every news via Google Alerts as below:

1. Setting Up Google Alerts For a Particular Topic

1. Visit the Google Alerts page on your device

2. On the page, look for “Create an alert about…”, & put in the subject or topic you want to get alerts about.

3. Once the info has been put, tap on Create Alert & create the alert for the topic.

2. Setting Up Google Alerts on RSS Feed

If you have set up Google Alert for some specific topic or anything for that matter, the constant or continuous email notifications can give you a hard time. Even though it’s about your favorite topic, too many email updates can start annoying you at any given point of time. & that’s when we can use Google Alerts on RSS feed instead of using Gmail inbox. The process to get the notifications on RSS Feed instead of Gmail inbox are as below:

1. Let’s start with following the above process till point number D.

2. After reaching to the point number D, you are required to change the Deliver to option from email address to RSS feed.

3. Once you reach the Deliver to option; change it to RSS feed & all the notifications will be going to RSS feed instead of email address. Tap on Create Alert & that’s it.

6. Now you will be able to get those topic related alerts on the RSS feed instead of the email inbox. Simple as that!!

3. How to Find My Google Alerts?

There are so many things happening in the world, you yourself wouldn’t know what topic you have enabled the Google News Alert for & what not. Sometimes, you will be amazed to know that you have enabled Google Alert for that specific topic as well. So let’s find out how many or what Google Alerts have been enabled on your account & manage it properly. & mind you nothing can be as simple as finding out what news alerts you have subscribed for as a whole:

All you need to do is, visit the Google Alerts page & you have got yourself the list of all the active Google News Alerts.

4. How to Make Edits (Add or Delete) Google Alerts From Account

Kist like adding a new Google news alert isn’t complicated, likewise deleting one & making changes in the already added ones isn’t as hard as you think.

In case you want to make changes or edit an already added Google news alert, visit the Google Alert page & tap on the Pencil icon of the specific alert.

5. How to Customize Google Alert Delivery Frequency

We are talking about Google Alerts & everyone knows how much control a user has on customizing the Google settings the way we want. So in case you are tired or aren’t okay with getting the email notifications (Google news alerts) all day at any random time, you can customize the delivery frequency as well.

Yeah. It’s possible & let’s find out the ways to set the Google Alert notification delivery time according to your convenience:

Open the Google Alerts page on the PC & tap on the Settings icon on the top (My alerts)

3. Tap on Save & this is how you can adjust the Google Alert delivery frequency according to your convenience.

6. Setting Up Google Price Alerts

Undoubtedly, one of the most important Google Alerts is the Price Alert that can help you out in many ways. This comes in handy when you are shopping online & trying to narrow down the products on the basis of your budget. Whenever you are searching any product on Google, it gives you info along with the price. & with the price, Google helps you to add the Price then & there. So in case there are any fluctuations in the product price, you will get notified. So let’s set the Price Alert on Google & get notifications about the product price change:

Let’s start with searching the product on Google.

After getting search results, look for More on Google & tap on it (right side on the search result page)

3. Here you need to tap on the product you like & then enable the Track Pricing feature from the product page on Google shopping. Now whenever there would be price fluctuation, you will get a notification on your cell phone & you can take action accordingly.

7. Setting Up Local News Following Functionality on Your Device

Above we talked about setting up Google news alerts so that we can be updated about everything. But what if we aren’t aware what’s happening around us so there is an option that can keep you updated on the local news as well. This feature limits the location wise news for you so that apart from getting around-the-world-news, you also know about your nearby areas as well. Let’s help the users to follow Local news via below steps:

Launch Google News App on your device & tap on Following function

With Google News App, you can add as many locations as you want & get yourself updated on those locations’ news.

Wrapping Up

Already Google has rained us with such amazing things that we can’t thank enough for & then we have got Google Alerts. From getting notifications about the price of the products to knowing what’s happening in any part of the world, is an extraordinary feature & that too, on the tip of your fingers.

Let’s set up Google News Alert on our devices & start using this feature to be updated on everything around us.

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How To Set Up And Use Google Family Link

How to Set up and Use Google Family Link

How to Set up Google Family Link

Before starting the setup, follow these below-mentioned pre-requisite steps to use Google Family Link like a pro! 

(it is important to check with pre-requisite steps, otherwise, the tutorial will not work)

It is important to have your child’s Google account to use the app. You will be required to create one for your child, in order to create a Google account using Family Link. 

The Google account you have created requires being a part of your family network. 

You need to add the account into your child’s phone and make sure that the phone does not have multiple accounts. Additionally, other accounts will be removed during setup. 

Google Family Link for Parents 


Google Family Link for Children and Teens 



Parent Device-

After downloading, open the app and navigate passed the opening screen. 

Parent Device-

Select your child account you want to supervise. 

Parent Device-

the app will prompt you to take your child’s phone. Follow the instructions and hit the next button to share the link code. 

Child Device-

Open the app and select the device option. 

Child Device-

select the Google account, 

Both Devices-

input the link code and from the parent device to child device. 

Child Device-

for verification purposes enters child Google account credentials. 

If your device linking was unsuccessful, follow these steps again. All you need to have is patience while doing this; it requires more security to do this. 

After linking, you can now supervise your child’s phone. 

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Configure Google Family Link

In this section, we have highlighted some best to use Google Family Link with full potential.

Locating your child phone

In Google Family Link, you will find a specific card to locate the location of your child. Simply turn on the button and the map will show you the location. 

In case your child has left the phone somewhere you can use Find My Phone Service. It will also help to locate a phone which is lost. 

Parental controls

You will find Parental controls in settings that let you access the basic controls. This feature restricts your children from watching videos from YouTube and playing games. 

You can also limit the time period to use such apps. This option is an essential part of the Google Family Link. 

Track activities of your child

You can keep track of your children’s activity with this feature. You can also restrict your child from using unnecessary apps. 

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Restrict screen time

With this feature, you can restrict your child from using screens all day. There is a whole big section for restricting and managing screen time of your child. This is an excellent feature to get your kid in bed. 

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Phone settings

From phone settings, you can locate the phone and add users, access options and side load apps that your children are using. Additionally, you can disable and enable settings from this feature. 

Thanks for reading!

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How To Set Up Call

How to Set Up Call-Only Campaigns

You are now asked to choose a campaign type. Keep “Search Network only” and choose “Call-only”.

After hitting “Next” at the bottom of the page, you will then be able to write a text ad, insert your business name, and (of course) your phone number. Alternatively, you can set up a Google forwarding number and get call metrics such as how long each phone call was, whether someone picked up or not, what the caller area code was, and more.

How to Make the Most Out of Call-Only Ads

Advantages of Call-Only Campaigns vs. Regular Text Ads

Call-Only Campaigns vs. Phone Number Extensions

Here is an ad with a phone number extension:

Here is a call-only ad:

Some businesses prefer phone number extensions because it gives the customer a choice whether to go to the website or call as the first action. If you want customers to call and the vast majority of clients are closed on the phone while they are on their own mobile, call-only campaigns are likely to be the better choice.


Featured Image: Created by author for Search Engine Journal

How To Set Up And Use Google Assistant On Pixel Watch

In a world where everything is connected and more accessories are gaining “smart” integrations, it’s really transformed the way we interact with our devices. Leading the way is Google Assistant, which is available everywhere, and can handle everything from asking it basic questions to controlling your smart home devices.

How to Set Up Google Assistant on Pixel Watch

So when Google announced and subsequently released, the Pixel Watch, providing quick and easy access to Google Assistant was a no-brainer. However, unlike the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5, you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get rid of Bixby or anything. Instead, you’ll just need to go through a few basic steps in order to set up Google Assistant on Pixel Watch.

Press and hold the side button next to the crown on your Pixel Watch.

When prompted, tap the Get Started button.

Tap Open on phone to activate.

From your paired Android phone, open the Google Pixel Watch app.

Tap the Set up button.

When prompted, tap the Activate button.

Follow the on-screen steps to finish the setup process.

If prompted, set up your Hey Google or Ok Google “hotword”.

In some instances, when going through the process to set up Google Assistant on Pixel Watch, you’ll also be prompted to add “Voice Match”. If you are already using Google Assistant on other devices, this is likely already set up. But it essentially makes it so your device will recognize when you are making the request, helping to cut down on the potential for others to accidentally active Assistant when saying the “hotword”.

How to Use Google Assistant on Pixel Watch

Now that you have finished setting everything up, it’s now just a matter of knowing how to use Google Assistant on Pixel Watch. Perhaps surprisingly, there are actually three different methods for doing so:

Press and hold the side button next to the crown on your Pixel Watch.

Tap the screen on your Pixel Watch or push any button, then say Hey Google or Ok Google.

If using a watch face with complications, add Assistant to the visible complications. Once completed, tap the Assistant complication.

With the second option, Google points out that you can’t use the hotword to activate Assistant if your Watch’s screen is not on. This was likely done in an effort to improve battery life and cut down on the potential battery drain when microphones are constantly listening for the prompt.

How To Turn Off Always-listening Google Assistant

Speaking of cutting down on potential battery drain, you might find yourself only using the Pixel Watch’s side button or an Assistant complication. With these options, you can still use Google Assistant on Pixel Watch, removing the need to have your smartwatch “always listening” for the correct hotword. Here’s how you can turn off the always-listening Google Assistant on Pixel Watch:

From your Pixel Watch, swipe down on the watch face to reveal the Quick Settings panel.

Tap the Settings (cog icon) button.

Scroll down and tap Google.

Tap Assistant.

Tap the toggle next to Hey Google to turn off the hotword functionality.

Moving forward, you’ll now “only” have the two aforementioned options. If you want to use Google Assistant, just press the side button or tap the Assistant complication.

How To Set Up A New Google Account On Your Android Device

Whether you just got your first Android device or you just need a new way to contact people, you might be looking for a way to create a Google account. It might sound like a confusing process, but it’s pretty simple. Here’s how to set up a Google account without any hassle. You’ll find step-by-step instructions below.

Before we get started

Before you jump in, keep in mind that US citizens have to be at least 13 years old to set up a Google account and 18 to add a credit card. Why would you want to add a credit card? You can use it to buy apps and games on the Play Store, subscribe to YouTube Music, and pay for other services Google offers. Google will also ask for a phone number in order to recover your account if it’s lost or stolen.

As most of Google’s services are free of charge — including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Photos — adding a credit card is optional, and opting out won’t be a problem.

How to set up a Google Account on your Android or iOS phone

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Creating a new Google account only takes a few minutes, and there’s no limit to the number of Google accounts you can have. Grab your Android device, open the Settings app, and select the Accounts option (on iOS, go to Mail, then Accounts). The next step is to tap Add account at the bottom and choose Google.

A page will appear to sign in to your account or create a new one. Select the Create account option and then follow the on-screen instructions by entering your personal information (including a phone number), selecting a username and password, and completing the process by agreeing to the terms of service. If you happen to run into issues with services like Gmail, we have guides to help you get back on track.

Step-by-step instructions to set up a Google Account on Android or iOS:

Head into the Settings of your device.

Select Accounts. In iOS, this setting is inside the Mail option.

Tap on Add account.

Select Google.

Pick Create account.

Follow on-screen instructions by entering your personal information, selecting a username, etc.

Tap the I Agree button to create your Google account.

How to set up a Google account using a browser

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Not digging the mobile phone method? It can be easier and faster to fill out forms and create an account using a computer and web browser. You can definitely do this whole thing online.

Simply go to the Sign Up page and start filling out your information. This will include your name, username, and password. Hit Next and fill out the next form. Select Next again and verify your identity by confirming your phone number. Google will ask you if you want to link your phone number to your account and offer other services. Follow the instructions, and your account will be created.

Step-by-step instructions to set up a Google Account on a browser:

Go to chúng tôi Sign Up page.

Enter your name, username, and password.

Select Next.

Enter your phone number, recovery email, birthday, and gender.

Select Next

If you entered a phone number, you can verify it now.

Follow instructions.


Frequently asked Google account questions

Yes, open your browser and head to chúng tôi to retrieve your password.

Yes, because Gmail actually resides as a service inside of the larger Google umbrella.

In order to see your devices, head to your Google account. Open the Security tab and select Manage all devices. Here, you’ll see all of the devices that you’re signed into.

How To Set Up Recalbox On A Pc

Recalbox is an operating system for retro gaming enthusiasts. Best known for its compatibility with single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi and ODroid, it also supports PCs. This is perfect for testing Recalbox without buying any additional hardware. Additionally, Recalbox for PC will enable you to run your favorite emulators on more powerful hardware for better system and game compatibility.

Why Run Recalbox on a PC?

First, the number one reason you’ll want to run Recalbox on your PC is more powerful hardware. While single board computers are pretty powerful for their size, they can’t compete with a traditional PC. More powerful CPUs, faster clock speeds, more RAM and the ability to use a graphics card means your PC is an emulation powerhouse that can run virtually any game from any system.

What You’ll Need

If running Recalbox on your PC sounds like something you want to try out, there are a couple of things you’re going to need before you get started:

A PC. This can be a relatively new machine with impressive specs or an old machine sitting in your closet. Be aware, however, that the more powerful the PC, the greater system and game compatibility you will have.

Two USB flash drives. One USB will be used for the Recalbox OS; the other will be used to store all of your games. The USB for Recalbox needs to be at least 8GB. What size USB you need for your games will largely depend on your collection, especially if you are planning on playing newer console games. That being said, 32GB should be sufficient for most people.

A keyboard. You’re going to need a keyboard to boot into the Recalbox. A keyboard is also handy when configuring Recalbox once it’s up and running.

A USB controller. While it is possible to play games with a keyboard, you’re going to want a controller.

How to Make a Bootable Recalbox USB

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the Recalbox image that is appropriate for your system. You’ll need to determine whether your machine is 32- or 64-bit and grab the corresponding image. Once the image has downloaded, you’ll need to flash the image to the USB you’re going to use for Recalbox.

How to Run Recalbox on Your Windows 7 (or Earlier) PC

Now that you have your Recalbox USB, insert it into a free USB port on your computer. Next, you’ll want to boot your system from the USB instead of the internal hard drive. To do this on a Windows 7 (or earlier) PC, you’ll need to enter the BIOS and change the boot order. How to access the BIOS of your computer will vary depending on the manufacturer. However, most of the time you can access the BIOS by repeatedly pressing ESC, F2, F10 or F12 immediately after you power on the PC. (Note: these are commonly used keys; however, your computer may use an entirely different key. Consult your PC’s documentation for more information)

Once you have accessed your PC’s BIOS, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to find the BOOT menu. Here you can change the order of the available boot devices. Finally, simply move the USB to be first in the boot order. (Note: not all BIOS screens will look the same, so make your selections carefully). Finally, save your changes and exit the BIOS. Your PC should now boot from the Recalbox USB.

How to Run Recalbox on your Windows 10 PC

Unfortunately, accessing the BIOS on a Windows 10 machine requires a few more steps. Thankfully, it’s a straightforward process. To access the BIOS in Windows 10, fire up your PC and let it boot normally. Once you are presented with the Windows 10 desktop environment, follow the steps outlined below:

3. On the next screen select “Recovery” from the left column.

The PC will restart and boot into the BIOS. Simply follow the steps outlined above to boot from the Recalbox USB. Once you’ve booted into Recalbox, you will be prompted to configure your controller. Simply map your buttons, and you’re ready to start playing games.

How to Add Games

As you explore the Recalbox UI, you’ll notice that there are some preloaded freeware titles available to play. However, you’re probably going to want to add your own ROMs ASAP. This can be done a few different ways, including adding the ROMs to the installation USB. However, we are going to use a second USB flash drive (or hard drive), as it’s faster and easier to add more games as your ROM collection grows.

Once the PC has powered down, remove the second USB and plug it into another computer. You’ll notice that the USB has various folders for all of the different systems Recalbox can emulate. Simply drag and drop your ROMs to the corresponding folder. Once all of your games have transferred over, plug the USB back into your PC and turn it on. Allow Recalbox to boot up, and press Start to bring up the menu. Scroll down to “Game Settings,” and select “Update Games List.” Recalbox will then move the games you added into the UI. Once your games appear in the list, they’re ready to play. Simply select one, launch it and get your thumbs ready!

How to Scrape for Metadata

Recalbox has a great user interface that looks fantastic, but there is a way to make it look even better. Recalbox has a built-in feature that allows you to scrape your games from metadata and box art. To do so, your PC has to be connected to the Internet. This can be done either by Ethernet or Wi-Fi. To set up your connection within Recalbox, hit Start to bring up the Main Menu, and scroll down to “Network Settings.” Here you can check your connection, and if need be, manually input your SSID and password. Once you’re connected, you’re ready to start scraping your games.

If you add more games intermittently, go for Manual. This will allow you to select which systems you’ve added new games to, which will significantly shorten the time it takes to scrape your games, as Recalbox doesn’t need to scan every single title. Regardless of which option you choose, be patient. Scraping your games can take a long time, depending on how large your game collection is.

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