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Why move to Telegram from WhatsApp?

Here are the common reasons why, we think, you should move to Telegram from WhatsApp.

Telegram is completely open-source and free to use. The company uses military-grade encryption for protecting your messages from attackers.

Telegram uses a straightforward privacy policy, which doesn’t permit sharing sensitive user data with third-party entities.

More importantly, Telegram is a responsible company. Since its initial launch, the platform has tried its best to ensure maximum user-privacy and convenience. For instance, the ability to share huge files is one of the most popular features, indeed.

Now that you know these things, shall we see how to migrate WhatsApp group chats to Telegram?

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How to move WhatsApp Group Chats to Telegram

Unfortunately, because WhatsApp and Telegram are direct competitors, you cannot directly sync your group chats from WhatsApp with a new Telegram group. Here, the practical solution is to export the chat from your WhatsApp group and share it to the Telegram interface. These messages will be available in a section named ‘Saved Messages’ to see the exported messages. Here’s how you can use this feature.

1. Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and select the group that you want to export.

2. Now, tap on the Options button on the top-right and select the option called ‘Export Chat.’

3. Choose Telegram from the share menu that opens up.

WhatsApp allows you to decide whether you want to include group media in the chat. If you tick this option, the sharing size will be bigger, consuming more time. Please keep in mind that this method allows you to safe-keep the messages sent/received on a WhatsApp group. You cannot replant all the conversations into a new group.

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Create a Telegram Group & Switch from WhatsApp

Since there is no official integration between WhatsApp and Telegram, you need to follow the steps we have given below.

1. You have to install and set up Telegram. You will have to provide and verify your mobile number. In a few seconds, you will be ready to go.

2. Now, open the sidebar and choose ‘New Group’ from the menu.

3. In the next step, you have to select the people you want in the group. You can pick people whom you frequently contact or search for their names.

4. In the upcoming step, Telegram will ask you to name the group.

5. If this is done, you can copy the Invite Link to the group and paste it on your current WhatsApp group.

Anyone who has access to the link will be able to join your new Telegram group. Therefore, make sure that you keep the link as confidential as possible. By the way, Telegram groups go far beyond the 250-members restriction. In fact, these groups can host thousands of users without any hassle. So, it’s a great time to shift to Telegram if you plan to accommodate more people into your group.

Now that you have brought everyone to the Telegram group (good luck with that, by the way), you can enjoy a fantastic set of features inside. For instance, you would have access to better admin rights control, extra group privacy control, and crazy-huge file sharing support. All these come in handy when you want to create a group that can handle all sorts of conversations.

For instance, if you need a space where you can share official documents, Telegram is the best. You can also avail of Telegram bots to better management of resources. Long story short, migrating your groups from WhatsApp to Telegram is excellent from every perspective.

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How To Lock And Hide Individual Whatsapp Chats

To prevent nosey people from peeking at your personal messages, WhatsApp already lets you lock the app using a passcode or biometrics (fingerprint or Face ID). However, the messaging company is now expanding this feature to enable users to lock individual chats and hide them away from plain sight. What this means is that even if someone manages to get into your WhatsApp, they won’t be able to see locked chats. That said, if you are someone who has been eagerly waiting for this feature, let’s learn how to lock and hide WhatsApp chats on your Android and iOS phone.

Note: The Chat lock feature in WhatsApp has been officially announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on May 15, 2023. It is no longer limited to beta builds. It is rolling out to every Android and iOS user right now.

How to Lock WhatsApp Chats on Android & iOS

For this tutorial, we tested this feature on WhatsApp for Android (version # The steps remain the same on iPhone, so let’s look at how to enable the “Chat lock” feature on WhatsApp:

Open the contact’s conversation you wish to lock on WhatsApp and tap on their name.

Then, scroll down and tap on the new “Chat lock” option.

At this point, we want to tell you that archived chats cannot be locked. If you wish to lock an archived WhatsApp chat, you first need to unarchive the conversation.

Tap on “Unarchive” in the warning message if that’s the case, else proceed to the next step.

Once unarchived, enable the “Lock this chat with fingerprint” toggle on Android. You will see a similar Face ID-centric toggle on iOS.

WhatsApp will now prompt that your conversation will not be locked on linked devices. So, be careful when using the same WhatsApp on two phones. Tap on “OK” and confirm your fingerprint or Face ID to lock the chat.

And that’s it! You now know how to lock an individual WhatsApp chat without any app, and the app confirms the same with a pop-up message.

Moreover, you will still see a notification for new messages in locked chats, but these messages will be hidden in the notification area. That chat is hidden too, as we explain below.

How to Access Locked Chats on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp and swipe down on the chat feed to reveal the “Locked chats” section.

Now, tap the “Locked chats” option and use your fingerprint to unlock these hidden conversations.

The “Locked chats” section in WhatsApp is locked automatically once you go back to the main chat screen.

Check out this short video demo for a better understanding of how you can access the locked conversations on WhatsApp:

How to Turn Off ‘Chat Lock’ for WhatsApp Chats

If you no longer want to lock and hide conversations within WhatsApp, it’s easy to do so. Simply follow the steps below:

First, open the chat and tap on the contact’s name.

Scroll down and access the “Chat lock” feature. Here, tap the “Lock this chat with fingerprint” option and input your fingerprint to toggle off the feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we lock a single chat in WhatsApp?

Yes, it is now possible to lock a single conversation in WhatsApp. The messaging app is testing a “Chat lock” feature in beta right now and will start rolling out the feature to all Android and iOS users soon. Then, you will be able to lock a single chat and hide them away from nosey people.

How can I lock my WhatsApp chat without archive?

You no longer need to archive chats to hide them from the chat feed on WhatsApp. The messaging is rolling out a new “Chat lock” feature to hide single chats on your Android phone and iPhone. And you will need to unarchive chats to use this feature, as these conversations live under a hidden “Locked chats” section.

How To Add Or Remove A Group From Whatsapp Community


WhatsApp released a new feature called Communities recently. To keep it simple, adding multiple contacts creates a group, and adding multiple groups creates a community. Communities will come in handy for schools, workplaces, and neighborhood communities. You can either create new groups on the fly while creating a community or add existing groups later too. Here’s how you can add or remove a group from WhatsApp Community on Android and iOS.

Add Groups While Creating WhatsApp Community on iOS

You can add groups to a WhatsApp community while creating the community itself.

1. On WhatsApp iOS app, open the Community tab from the center of the bottom bar.

2. Inside the Community tab, tap on the Start a Community option. If there are any existing communities, tap on New Community option at the top of the page. On the next page, enter the name of the community, upload the community icon, and also add a description. Once done, tap on Next at the top right corner.

3. Here, you can add a group by selecting Add Existing Group option. Then select all the groups that you want to add to this community. You can add up to 21 groups while creating a community. Once selected, tap on the Add option at the top right corner.

4. You can also create a new group by selecting the Create New Group option. On the next page, enter the group name and tap on Add at the top right corner. You can create up to 10 groups while creating a new Community. However, you cannot add people to those groups as of now. You have to manually add people to these groups after the community is created.

5. That’s it. Now tap on the Create button at the top right corner to create a Community along with all the groups that you have added and/or created.

Though you can only create 10 new groups and add only 20 groups (an announcement group is created by default) while creating the community, each community can have up to 50 groups inside which you can add after the community is set up.

Add Groups While Creating WhatsApp Community on Android

Except for UI changes, the process and restrictions of creating a community and adding groups are similar on both Android and iOS.

1. Open WhatsApp Android app and tap on the Community tab in the top left corner.

2. Then select Start Your Community option. If you are part of other communities already, tap on the New Community option at the top of the page.

3. Enter the name of the community, and upload the community icon image, and description. Once done, tap on the arrow icon at the bottom right corner.

4. Here, select Add existing groups option. On the next page, you can select up to 21 groups to add to the community. Once done, tap on the green arrow icon at the bottom right corner.

5. You can also create a group by selecting Create new group option. On the next page, enter the name of the group and tap on the arrow icon at the bottom right corner. You can create up to 10 new groups while creating a community. However, you can only create groups, but cannot add people to those groups unless the community creation process is finished.

6. Finally, tap on the check mark icon at the bottom right corner to create the community along with all groups you have added and created.

Add Groups to the WhatsApp Community on iOS

You can also add groups to an existing community. When new groups are added, group users would be able to access the community’s announcement channel and as well as see other groups in that community.

1. Open the Communities tab and select the community where you want to add new groups. On the Community info page, select the Manage Groups option at the top.

2. If the group already exists, tap on Add Existing Group and select the groups that you want to add to the WhatsApp Community. You can select multiple groups to add all at once. Unlike during the setup process, you can add up to 51 groups in total. Then tap on the Add option at the top right corner.

3. You can also create a group by selecting Create New Group option. Unlike in the setup process, now you can select the participants. Once selected, tap on Next at the top right corner.

4. On the next page, enter the group name, add a profile pic, and tap on Create at the top right corner to create the group.

Once done, you can get back to the WhatsApp home page.

Add Groups to WhatsApp Community on Android

When you add any group to a community, people in that group will be able to access the community and see all the other groups in that community. But they can’t join these other groups directly unless invited or their request is accepted.

1. Open the Communities tab and select the Community to that you want to add a group. On the Community info page, scroll down and select the Add group option.

2. Select Add existing groups option to add an existing group and select the group that you want to add. You can select until the community reaches 51 groups. Once done, tap on the arrow icon at the bottom of the corner.

3. Tap Create new group button to create the group here. Unlike in the setup process, now you can select the participants in the group. Then tap on the arrow icon at the bottom right corner.

4. On the next page, enter the name of the group and tap on the checkmark icon at the bottom right.

Now you can get back and the groups that you added or created will be under the community.

Remove Groups From WhatsApp Community on iOS

You may want to remove groups from a WhatsApp community if the group is no longer active, needed, or was added by mistake.

1. Open WhatsApp and open the Communities tab. Here select the Community where you want to remove groups. Alternatively, you can also open the group, tap on the group name to open group info, and select the community from there.

2. Once you are on the community info page, select the Manage Groups option.

3. On the next page, tap on the Edit option beside Groups in this Community. Then select the minus icon beside the group that you want to remove.

4. Then tap on the Remove option beside the group name. In the pop-up, select the Remove button again. This will successfully remove the group from the Community.

5. Once done, tap on the Done option or you can proceed to remove more groups from the community.

Remove Groups From WhatsApp Community on Android

Same steps and logic as in the case of iOS.

1. Open WhatsApp and open the Community tab on it. Here select the community where you need to remove groups.

2. Now on the community info page, tap on the kebab menu (three-dot menu) at the top right corner and select the Manage groups option.

3. Now just tap on the cross icon beside the group name that you want to remove. In the pop-up, select the Remove button to remove.


1. Who can remove or add groups in a WhatsApp community?

Only the creator of the WhatsApp community or appointed admins can add or remove groups from a WhatsApp community. These admins also have some additional powers that we discuss in the guide I just linked.

2. Who can delete a WhatsApp community?

Only the creator of the WhatsApp community can deactivate and exit the community post which it will cease to exist. The creator can add/remove admins to help him manage the community but they cannot dissolve a community.

3. What happens to the groups once it is removed from a community?

The group will not cease to exist. It will continue to function as a standalone group but outside the community. All the members of the group can still communicate and share files with each other as normal.

Groups From WhatsApp Community

WhatsApp Community is all about groups. Everyone in these groups will be a part of the community. Also, when you remove a group from the community, users from that group will also be removed from the community, unless they are in some other group that is still part of the community. The same goes the other way around, when you leave the group personally, you will also leave the community it is part of.

Are you familiar with all the WhatsApp icons and symbols and what they mean? Fret not for we have got you covered.

How To Send Pictures In Full Quality On Imessage, Whatsapp, Telegram, And Signal

Instant messaging apps compress photos and videos to share them rapidly using less bandwidth. Compressing the images also ensures the recipient can download and view them as soon as possible, even on slow networks.

For most cases, media compression is great. But if you ever want to send an image of a document, text, group picture for printout, or any other serious purposes, you might want to stick with the highest resolution. If you don’t, the final image can be blurry, unclear, unprofessional, and with finer details lost.

To address this, here are several ways to send a picture or video clip in full, uncompressed quality on iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal from your iPhone or iPad.

How to send images in high quality on iMessage

Here are the quick steps to ensure pictures are sent in excellent resolution via iMessage:

1) Open the Settings app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

2) Scroll down and tap Messages.

3) From the bottom, turn off Low Quality Image Mode.

Now, the images you send on iMessage will not be of lower quality. This will obviously take more time and data to send. But if you want the finest image quality, this is the way to go. If you ever feel like reverting this change, follow the same steps to enable low-quality images.

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How to send images and videos in full quality on WhatsApp

When you send a picture or video clip, WhatsApp will identify it using the extension (.jpg, .heic, .png, .mp4, etc.) and then compress it so that it’s uploaded, sent, and downloaded quickly.

But if you send an image as a document, WhatsApp’s compression tools won’t touch it and send it in original quality at the full size. It won’t even convert HEIC images (image type iPhone Camera uses by default) to JPG.

To achieve this, you’ll have to first add the picture from the iOS Photos app to the inbuilt Files app. After that, you can select and send it as a document. If you have the images in Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., allow them to be shown in the Apple Files app.

Here are all the steps to send an image in original, uncompressed quality, file size, and format on WhatsApp for iPhone:

3) If you have to send one image, tap it and hit Send.

How to send images in high quality on Telegram

Here are the steps to send pictures in full quality using Telegram on iPhone:

1) Open Telegram and go inside a person’s chat, group chat, or channel.

3) Tap an image and hit the arrow icon.

4) To send multiple images, tap inside the small circles to select several photos and tap Send.

Another quicker way is to tap the paper clip icon, and from the top of the slide-up, tap the small circle and choose Send as File.

How to send high quality images on Signal

Here’s how to send all photos in excellent quality via the Signal app on iPhone:

1) Open the Signal app and tap your profile picture from the top left.

2) Tap Data Usage.

3) Tap Sent Media Quality and choose High.

How to compress images as a ZIP file and send in full quality

Using the Files app or other third-party apps from the App Store, you can turn several images and videos into a nice ZIP file.

After that, simply send this ZIP file using WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, or iMessage.

The recipient can easily unzip the file on their Android or iOS device. If they need help, send them our article that shows the steps to unzip files on iPhone and iPad. Once they open the ZIP file, they will see all images and videos in full, original quality.

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Send the image, album, or folder link to share pictures in full quality

Finally, one more option is to upload your photos and videos using your iPhone or computer to online storage services like Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud Drive, etc.

After uploading, share the link to that file, folder, or album with the person via iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, email, or any medium you like.

The recipient can view the full quality images and download them (depending on the permissions supported by the service and set by you.)

Here are some links to help you do that:

How To Block Contacts In Whatsapp Ios App? – Webnots

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting platforms for mobile devices. Problem arises when you have too many contacts and use the platform for killing your productive time. Some people really send too many messages throughout the day disturbing your routines. Though you can mute notifications on the mobile, it is not an ideal solution to block only the unwanted person. In this article, let us explain how to block contacts in WhatsApp so that you can reduce the disturbances.  

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How to Block Contacts in WhatsApp?

The blocking procedure is very simple and similar on both Android and iOS operating systems. In this article, we will explain with the iOS app on iPhone.

Launch WhatsApp and find the contact person you want to block and don’t want to bother you anymore.

Tap on the last chat to view the conversation.

On top of the conversation, you will see the name and profile picture of the contact person.

Tap on the name to view more details.

Go to the bottom of the screen and tap on “Block Contact” option.

WhatsApp will show you a message indicating that the blocked contacts will not be able to call or send messages.

In order to block the selected contact, you can either tap on “Block” or “Report and Block” option.

Block or Block and Report Options

Block Vs Report and Block

Blocking a contact will immediately set the contact as blocked. The blocked person will continue to appear on your chat list unless you delete the chat conversation completely. The blocking action is revocable and you have to follow the same steps as blocking and tap on the “Unblock Contact” option to unblock anytime. However, you will never receive the messages sent to you from the contact while he or she was blocked. We recommend using this option for blocking and unblocking the contacts for particular period of time.

However, tapping on “Report and Block” option will send the contact details to WhatsApp and delete the chat history. Use this option when you feel the contact is a spam and disturbing you with irrelevant or personally attacking messages.

Muting a Contact

Instead of completely blocking messages and calls from a contact, you can also simply mute the notifications from a contact.

Follow the above instructions to go to the details of the contact.

Tap on “Mute” and choose the one of the options.

Mute Contact

WhatsApp iPhone app allows you to mute the notifications from a contact for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.

Mute Duration in WhatsApp

You can again tap on “Mute” option and select “Unmute” to receive notifications.

It is also possible to mute the contact right from the chats section.

When you are on the “Chats” section, swipe left on the contact.

Tap on the “More” option and select “Mute”.

Mute Option on Chat

Choose 8 hours / 1 week / 1 year to mute the selected contact.

For unmuting, again swipe left on the contact, select “More” option and “Unmute”.

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Viewing All Blocked Persons?

When you block multiple contacts, it is difficult to remember the details of all the blocked contacts. Follow the below instructions to find all the blocked contacts.

Launch the app and tap on “Settings” option on the bottom of the app.

Tap on “Account” and go to “Privacy” section.

You can see the blocked number of contacts against “Blocked” option.

Tap on it and view the list of all blocked contacts.

View Blocked Contacts

You can also block new contact from this section and unblock the contacts by selecting the contact and choose “Unblock Contact”. 

What Does the Blocked Person See?

The simple answer is nothing. WhatsApp will not send notification to the blocked person. This is due to the privacy policy of WhatsApp that states as below:

We have made this intentionally ambiguous in order to protect your privacy when you block someone. Thus, we cannot tell you if someone else is blocking you.

However, on the same privacy page WhatsApp explains the symptoms of blocked by someone.

Online status – WhatsApp shows the last online status of the contact. It will generally show online or the last time when the contact was online in WhatsApp. When someone blocked you, you will no longer see this last online status of the other person.

Deliver status –  whenever the person read your message, WhatsApp will show double check mark against the message (if you have enabled read receipts option in settings). If the contact blocked you then you will only see a single tick mark against the sent message indicating no delivery of the message.

You will not be able to call the contact.

No update on the contact’s profile picture.

In the case of WhatsApp Web you can only silence the contacts but not block them. Also you can only mute or exit from the group chat and you can’t block all the contacts in a group.

How To Delete Messages And History In Telegram

When it comes down to storing messages, Telegram is similar to WhatsApp in more ways than one. The developer behind Telegram speaks of privacy but by default, the app automatically stores your messages in the cloud just like WhatsApp, but not 100 percent the same. The big question is, then, how does one remove their messages and chat history from Telegram for good? Well, we are going to do our best to explain how things work with this article.

How to delete Messages and History in Telegram

Deleting messages from Telegram is quite simple, so keep reading the information below to learn how.

Open the Telegram app

To begin, please open Telegram on your computer. You can locate the icon either on your desktop or from within the Start Menu area. If you’ve added the icon to your Taskbar.

Navigate to the preferred chat Delete a single message

Delete multiple messages

Delete all messages from your account

The best way to get all of your messages to disappear for good, even from the servers, is to cut your losses and get rid of your account entirely.

Uninstall the Telegram app from your computer and other devices and ensure you never install it again until a month has passed for all your messages to disappear for good.

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Is Telegram a harmful app?

Most users agree that Telegram is safe to use, so if you want to move your chats to that platform, then so be it. However, they made it clear that when it comes down to privacy out of the box, Signal is the better choice.

Can Telegram be hacked? Is Telegram a Chinese app?

No, Telegram is not a Chinese app, but Russian. It was launched back in 2013 by Russian entrepreneurs Pavel and Nikolai Durov, and since then, it has amassed a large following.

How do Telegram and WhatsApp differ with storing content in the cloud?

As we’ve laid out above, Telegram automatically stores all of your messages in the cloud by default. The moment you hit the Enter key to send, the messages and some media files are uploaded to the cloud. The same cannot be said for WhatsApp as Meta do things differently.

You see, with WhatsApp, you have to decide if you want your content stored in the cloud via Google’s own service or the Apple equivalent if you’re using an iPhone. From there, the app will upload messages at a specific time, not instant on the spot.

Was it always possible to delete Telegram messages?

Yes, but it was only until Version 5.5 of the app it became possible for anyone to delete a message from a one-o-one chat, no matter the device. This means, you can delete messages you’ve sent, and messages received. Not only will the messages be removed from all devices, but the Telegram servers as well.

Bear in mind that cloud chats with more than one participant work differently. The ability to delete messages from everyone’s device is restricted to the first 48-hours. After that, you can only delete messages for yourself.

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