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Determine which part of your legs you’d like to focus on. The goal is to have sexy, toned legs, but you only have so much time. When you figure out where to focus your efforts, you can maximize your work out. Maybe you like the shape of your calves, but you have heavier thighs. Maybe you think your shorts could use a little more end game. Or maybe you just want an all-over workout. The point is to make it work for you.

For example, to give your inner thighs an extra workout, you can squeeze a medicine ball between your legs while squatting. Or to work your calves, you can bring your heels together with toes facing slightly outward, rise up on the balls of your feet, and go into a half squat.[6]

Even if you hate squats and lunges, there are other options. For example, bridge position is a good workout for your thighs and butt. Lie on your back on the floor with your hands down by your sides. Bring your knees up and place your feet flat on the floor. Keeping your arms flat for support, use your abs and glutes to slowly peel your butt and lower back off the floor, raising them until your torso creates a straight diagonal line. Hold for a few moments, then slowly lower back down with control. Repeat two more times.

You can also make this a little more intense. From the raised position, lift your right leg straight up in the air with your foot flexed. Pulse up and down 10-15 times in this position, then lower your foot and slowly lower down. Repeat on the other side. You can also do this from crab position if you want to get a little arm toning in too, but make sure you pulse from your knee and elbows instead of your waist.[7]

Make an awesome workout playlist. Pick some of your favorite, upbeat tunes and throw them together for a little extra inspiration. If you regularly use the same mix of songs, you may even find that it cues your focus and primes you for your workout so that you’re ready to go.

Set aside time to work out at least five days a week. For your toning exercises, you may not need more than a half an hour. Do give your workout priority status: whether you commit to doing your workout at the same time every day or prefer more flexibility, make sure that you’re giving yourself the time you need to reach your goals. Consistency is important here.

Regardless of how you choose to keep track, set a goal to walk a certain number of steps every day. The extra activity will be great for your health, and it can improve your strength and fitness as well.

Go for a hike, a long bike ride, or a run. The toning exercises are strength training, but you should also get in some cardio. These activities will elevate your heart rate and improve your physical fitness. Of course, you’ll also be getting in some extra legwork to help you meet your goals.

Stretch. Regardless of the activity you’re engaged in, make sure that you stretch properly before and after your workout. The point isn’t to injure your legs—it’s to take them from good to fabulous.


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How To Make A Pair Of Pants (With Pictures)


Match up the pattern pieces and pin them together. Match up one front and one back leg and place them together with right sides facing. The “right” side of the fabric is the side that is worn outside the body, i.e. the part that people will see.

Align the edges and all notches, and pin together the inside and outside seams.

Completely pin up both legs before you start sewing to make sure that everything is matched up correctly. You should end up with two inside-out fabric tubes that are mirror images of one another.


Sew up each pant leg using a straight stitch, 1/2″ from the edge of the fabric. Sew the outer seam of each pant leg first. Then sew the inner seams of each pant leg. Alternately, you could sew one leg up completely, and then do the other.


Remove the pins, and press all seams open with your iron. This is an important step to make sure the two legs can be joined together smoothly, and that you don’t create awkward bunches and twists at the seams.[3]


Join the two pant legs together. Begin by turning one sewn pant leg right side out, then insert this pant leg into the other, so that right sides of the fabric are touching. Now pin the crotch seam of the two pant legs together, making sure that all seams and notches are aligned. (The crotch seam will look like a “U” in shape.)


Sew the crotch seam with a straight stitch. For extra durability, you can also use a heavy-duty stitch, or add a second row of stitching 1/8″ away from the first.


Create a casing at the top of the pants for the elastic. Fold the top of the pants down 1/4″ and press, then fold down another 1 1/4″ and press again. Stitch 1/8″ from the bottom of the casing, all the way around the pants, leaving a 2″ gap to insert the elastic.


Insert the elastic into the casing. Attach a large safety pin to one end of the elastic, and use this to thread the elastic into the casing you have made at the top of the pants. You can also use a bodkin for this task.

Stitch the ends of the elastic together using a zig-zag stitch. Make sure you have no twists in your elastic first!

Finish the waistband by sewing the gap you left for the elastic closed.


Hem the pants. First try on the pants to decide how long you want them to be. A helper at this stage can come in really handy! Mark the desired length of the pants with pins or a washable fabric marker.

If the unfinished pants are more than an inch longer than you’d like them to be, trim off the excess material at the bottom.

Fold the bottom of each pant leg over 1/4″ and press, then fold them over another 3/4″ and press again. Pin the hems, and sew 1/2″ from the bottom of the pants. (The pants should still be inside-out for this step!)


What Is Super Duper Secure Mode In Microsoft Edge And How To Enable It

Microsoft is experimenting with a new feature for enhanced security while browsing the internet via Edge. The browser already provides three levels of privacy protection, including Basic, Balanced, and Strict. But now, Microsoft Edge is testing a new feature called Super Duper Secure mode for even better security. You will learn everything about this feature in this article. That includes what is Super Duper Secure mode in Edge, its pros and cons, and how to enable it to test the upcoming feature right now.

Use Super Duper Secure Mode in Microsoft Edge (2024)

Edge’s Super Duper Secure mode is currently available behind a feature flag in Canary, Dev, and Beta channels. If you use Edge on any of these channels, here’s how you can try it out ahead of the general release.

What is Super Duper Secure Mode in Microsoft Edge?

Super Duper Secure Mode (SDSM) is an experimental feature in Edge to improve the browser’s security. The name of this feature is currently a little…edgy, but Microsoft says it may change the name before it ships the feature to the stable version. And of course, since this is an experimental feature, there’s a chance that SDSM may never make its way to the stable Edge build.

So, what does Super Duper Secure mode do? Before getting to that, it’s important to understand how most modern JavaScript engines work. To ensure performance, JS engines use something called Just-In-Time (JIT) Compilation. With JIT, the compilation is performed during execution time. This approach has its benefits like optimization and faster overall performance.

To improve the security of the Microsoft Edge browser, what Super Duper Secure mode does is disable JIT (TurboFan/ Sparkplug). Instead, it enables Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET), which is Intel’s hardware-based exploit mitigation system to protect PCs against common malware.  Microsoft hopes to add Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG) and Control Flow Guard (CFG) protection in the foreseeable future. The company also has plans to bring this feature to Android and Mac versions of Edge.

If you are interested to learn the pros and cons of the feature, check the next section.

Benefits of Microsoft Edge Super Duper Secure Mode

A core benefit of using this mode is increased security. According to Microsoft, enabling the feature would remove half of the V8 bugs since it disables JIT. It also results in a decreased demand for frequent security patches and emergency patches once a critical JIT-related vulnerability is spotted in the wild.

And because JIT doesn’t work well with CET, ACG, and other mitigation tools, disabling it will also help the user have a safer experience while browsing the web. “This reduction in attack surface kills half of the bugs we see in exploits, and every remaining bug becomes more difficult to exploit. To put it another way, we lower costs for users but increase costs for attackers,” says Microsoft.

With the Super Secure mode enabled, the performance mostly remained unchanged in internal tests conducted by Microsoft. The company noticed a 15% improvement and 11% regression in power on average. The memory usage, on the other hand, had a 2.3% regression in negatively impacted tests, but on positive ones, the value stood at 4.6%. Page load times witnessed the most regression at 17% and a 9.5% improvement. Disabling JIT helped improve the startup time by 8.9%, which is a minor positive to come out of this change.

The impact on overall performance also depends on your usage patterns. To address this, Microsoft is planning to give users more control and let them configure the feature based on their needs.

Enable Super Duper Secure Mode in Microsoft Edge

Now that you know what Edge’s upcoming security mode is all about, here’s how to try it out right now. Follow the steps below to enable the SDSM Edge flag:

1. Open the Edge flags page (navigate to this address – edge://flags) and search for “Super Duper Secure Mode”. You can alternatively access the flag by pasting the following address into Edge:


2. From the dropdown menu next to the flag, choose “Enabled” and restart the Edge browser. You have now disabled JIT in Edge and can enjoy a safer browsing experience.

Browse Safely with Super Duper Secure Mode in Edge

Super Bowl Sunday: What To Know, Where To Watch The Big Game

Super Bowl Sunday: What to Know, Where to Watch the Big Game Kenmore Square will be closed after third quarter; GSU viewing party scheduled

More than 100 million viewers are expected to tune in Sunday night for the biggest sporting event of the year: Super Bowl LIII. And for the third year in a row, the New England Patriots will be playing in the annual National Football League championship game. The Brady bunch takes on the Los Angeles Rams at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons. Kickoff time is 6:30 pm ET. (The two last faced off in a Super Bowl 17 years ago, when the Patriots defeated the Rams, 20-17).

The 2023 Super Bowl is the Patriots’ 5th championship game in eight years, 11th since the event began in 1967. Beating the Rams would snag their sixth championship to date. Currently tied with the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers for second-most Super Bowl wins, at five, a Pats victory Sunday would put them in a tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers for all-time wins.

As any Super Bowl fan will tell you, the game is only half of the fun. Millions of non–football fans tune in each year for the game’s glitzy halftime spectacle. This year’s headliners are the Grammy-winning pop group Maroon 5, along with rappers Travis Scott and Atlanta native Big Bou. Featuring wildly different hit singles, like Scott’s “Sicko Mode” and Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You,” there should be lots of variety. And in a nod to this year’s Super Bowl host city, the national anthem will be sung by another Atlanta native, Gladys Knight, a seven-time Grammy winner, best known for her hit single (with the Pips) “Midnight Train to Georgia.” Atlanta-based sister duo Chloe x Halle will sing “America the Beautiful.”

In addition, millions more viewers will be tuning in to catch the famous Super Bowl commercials. This year, CBS is charging an estimated $5.1 to $5.3 million for a 30-second slot.

Where to watch

If the dip in Super Bowl ticket prices this year wasn’t enough incentive for you to buy one (tickets were selling for as little as $2,400 without fees on StubHub), don’t worry. Student Activities is hosting a viewing party in the George Sherman Union Metcalf Ballroom starting at 6 pm, with free food and great prizes like Rams/Patriots hats, shirts, jerseys, Beats headphones, a TV, and more. The event is open to all BU students with a valid ID.

“This is a tradition. This is like Matriculation, Marathon Monday, and Senior Week,” says Kenneth Elmore (Wheelock’87), associate provost and dean of students, of the ninth BU-hosted Super Bowl event. “You have to poke your head into this party. I don’t care how old you are or what year you are. Everyone is welcome. I think this is probably the largest college Super Bowl party in all of New England.”

There are a number of other viewing parties being hosted by various residence halls: the South Campus Hall Council viewing party is at 6:30 pm in the 520 Park Drive Basement Lounge, with free food and refreshments. In East Campus, the Myles Standish Hall Council viewing party is at 6:30 pm in the English Room. The West Campus Hall Council viewing party is in the Rich Hall Cinema Room at 6 pm, with food from Catering on the Charles and Raising Cane’s.

Street Closings, T and BU Shuttle service, and staying safe

Kenmore Square will be shut down as a precautionary measure starting at the end of the Super Bowl third quarter and will remain closed to pedestrians, bicycles, and motor vehicle traffic until the game is over, just as it was during last year’s Super Bowl. The MBTA will close the Kenmore Square T station during that time. Trolleys will continue to pass through the station, but riders will not be allowed to get on or off. All city bars will stop admitting patrons at the start of the third quarter as well.

“The Boston University Police will have added officers on patrol through the night to ensure a safe community,” says Robert Molloy (Metropolitan College’91), BU Police Department (BUPD) deputy chief. “We ask all students to celebrate responsibly.”

Students living in Myles Standish Hall, 610 Beacon St., should take Bay State Road to Raleigh Street and then a left on Beacon Street to enter the building. BUPD officers will be assigned to the area to help facilitate comings and goings.

If you’re traveling through East Campus during this time, plan on using Bay State Road. Or avoid Kenmore Square altogether.

“We’ve all gone at it hard the last few weeks,” Elmore and Kelly Nee, BUPD chief, note in an email sent to students on Wednesday. “It’s time to check in with friends, loved ones, and strangers, too. Meet up; enjoy the spectacle of Super Bowl Sunday; root for your team; and most importantly, stay safe.”

The Super Bowl LIII viewing party in the GSU Metcalf Ballroom begins at 6 pm on Sunday, February 3, and lasts until the game ends. Food and refreshments will be served. The party is free and open to all BU students with a valid ID.

Alex Pena can be reached at [email protected].

How To Win Bullshit (With Pictures)

Be Honest, If it’s 9’s to you, and you play 4’s, even though you have some 9’s, you’ve just created a potential crisis for yourself, which you could have easily avoided by simply telling the truth. Of course, it’s not always possible to tell the truth, but when it is possible, you should do it.

Arrange your cards, not from A to K, but in the order that the various values are going to come to you. For example, if you’re playing with three people, count from A to K in your mind, accenting every third number: “A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A 2 3…” and so on. the bolded numbers are the ones that you’re supposed to play, and the other two are the ones that your opponents play. It’s easy to see that the cards will come to you in this order: A 4 7 10 K 3 6 9 Q 2 5 8 J, then back to A.


With different numbers of players, of course, the sequence is different. For example, four players gives you the sequence: A 5 9 K 4 8 Q 3 7 J 2 6 10, and five players gives you the sequence: A 6 J 3 8 K 5 10 2 7 Q 4 9. You should either memorize these sequences, or be able to figure them out quickly in your mind, by counting as in step 2.

When you have to lie, choose the card that comes latest in the sequence. For example, there are four players, it’s 9’s to you, and you have only A’s, 6’s, and K’s. what do you play? Well, look at the four-player sequence. K’s are coming up on your next turn, so hold on to your kings. That way you can play them without having to lie. (See step 1). Neither 6’s nor A’s are coming up very soon, but 6’s are coming a bit sooner, so you would be wisest to get rid of your A’s. Who knows, by the time you get to 6’s, you may be almost out of cards.

If someone has just played their last card, you should call BS unless you’re 100% sure they’re telling the truth. Otherwise, you might be letting them win, when you could instead be forcing them to keep playing. NOTE:If your playing elimination style you may want to wait for another person to call it so it doesn’t hurt you.

If you have all four of a kind, try to slip in a fifth card that you won’t need (see step 2). Plan this before your turn comes up. If you mess with your cards too much, people will suspect. Put your cards down in a clean stack, so no one can tell how many cards you’ve put down. Also, be sure to put the extra cards down underneath your four-of-a-kind; that way, if someone calls BS, you may be able to get away with just turning over the four legit cards. If you’re still caught, exclaim that you made a mistake and you actually meant to put only four cards down. This trick can work with three-of-a-kind, or even with a pair, but the fewer cards you’re claiming the more noticeable the extras will be.

If you know you’re about to be dead, and the pile is large and messy, try to stick the card in between some other cards in the pile so that if someone BS’s you and turns over the top card, you can proclaim that they messed up the order, and that your card’s in there. Won’t work if the other person has the specific card and knows for sure you are lying.

Always keep your cards in a way so that other people can’t tell how many cards you have. If they know you have less cards, they’ll call cheat on you.

If the pile is big, and you have very little chance of getting away with a cheat, call cheat before your turn comes up on someone you think might be cheating. This way, if they are cheating, the pile is less for you, and if they are not, then you are still going to end up with the same amount of cards you would if you didn’t call cheat/BS.

Always know what card you need next and if you have it. it’s real easy to get called when you look at you’re hand and let out a few words that even shock people playing bullshit.

If it is your turn to play a jack and you have a jack, you can play it and say, “One eleven, I mean jack.” People will assume you are bluffing and that you accidentally forgot that jack comes after 10 and someone will most likely call BS on you. People will not fall for this twice so save it for the right time.


How To Play Backgammon (With Pictures)

Article Summary


Backgammon is a 2-player board game that is played on a backgammon board, which is a board divided in the middle with 12 triangular spaces, called points, in each quadrant. Each player sits on opposite sides of the board and has 15 color-coded checker pieces to play with. The goal of the game is to be the first to remove all of your pieces off of the board, which is also called “bearing off.” To set the game up, the first player sets 3 pieces up in a vertical row at the base of the fifth point from their left, in the bottom half of the board, and 5 pieces in the first point directly to the bottom right of the board’s partition. Then, that player lines up 5 pieces at the left-most point at the top left, and 2 pieces in the last point on the top right. The opposing player sets their color’s pieces up to mirror their opponent’s pieces, so that each row of 2 has a mirror row of 2 on the opposite side, each row of 3 has a mirror row of 3, and so on. The first player’s pieces are only allowed to move counterclockwise, starting in the top right. The second player’s pieces are only allowed to move clockwise, starting at the top on their left. To start play, players take alternating turns rolling 2 6-sided dice. For each of the numbers that gets rolled, the rolling player moves 1 or 2 pieces based on the numbers rolled on the dice. So a roll of a 5 and 2 would allow the rolling player to move one piece 2 points and another piece 5 points. Alternatively, that player may move 1 piece 7 points. Rolling 2 of the same number allows that player to move 4 times. For example, a roll of 2 and 2 allows that player to move a total of 8 points, although each piece being moved must travel 2 points at a time. Players cannot move a piece to a point that is occupied by 2 or more of their opponent’s pieces, but may stack their own pieces on a single point. If a player moves a piece to a point with only 1 of their opponent’s pieces on it, that opposing player’s piece is removed from the board and placed on the middle partition. At the beginning of the next player’s turn, they must use at least 1 of their rolls to remove that piece from the partition and start it over from the beginning point on their side of the board. Once all of a player’s pieces are in the quadrant of the board closest to the end, that player may begin removing pieces off of the board. Once a player moves a piece 1 point past the edge of the board, it is removed from the game. A player wins once all of their pieces are removed from the board. If you want to learn how to get your pieces off of the board so you can win, keep reading the article!

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