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How To Fix The Most Common Twitch Banner Issues In 2023 This might be due to overloading servers with data




Users reported encountering Twitch banner-related issues, and this guide will show how to fix the most common ones.

If the Twitch banner is not showing, we recommend accessing the app from a specialized browser.

Customizing the size and space of the image would be necessary if the Twitch banner is not fitting.

True gamers use the best gaming browser: Opera GX

Opera GX is a special version of the famous Opera browser that is built specifically to fulfill gamer’s needs. Packed with unique features, Opera GX will help you get the most out of gaming and browsing everyday:

CPU, RAM and Network limiter with hot tab killer

Integrated with Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Twitter and Messengers directly

Built-in sound controls and custom music

Custom color themes by Razer Chroma and force dark pages

Free VPN and Ad blocker

Download Opera GX

Twitch is a great application that allows you to either stream your gaming online or watch other people stream games online.

Besides this, it enables you to communicate directly with the streamer and participate in the stream if you choose to do so.

The importance of knowing how to deal with Twitch banner issues becomes even more important if you’re doing video-game streaming for a living.

For this reason, in today’s How-to article, we will explore some of the most common twitch banner issues and how to fix them on Windows 10 and 11. Read on to find out more details.

What is a Twitch banner, and what related issues can I encounter?

Twitch banners are meant to be cover images or headers over a channel or page. The great thing about these is that you can easily customize them according to your preferences.

Even if a Twitch banner can be a great idea, there might be something you should know. Some users reported several related issues, and we’re here to present the most common ones as follows:

Twitch banners are not showing up on the screen

Not being able to update the Twitch banner after uploading it

The Twitch banner is not fitting

Twitch banners are not centered

Not being able to upload a Twitch banner

Twitch users won’t encounter any issues ever again:

Your favorite streaming platform may give you hard times when encountering various errors. You can avoid all those problems and enjoy every stream by using Opera GX – the only browser with Twitch integration.

Opera GX has some excellent features like the optimization for Twitch app, sidebar notifications with your favorite streamers, and a built-in VPN so you could change the servers and access Twitch from another location with another IP.

Opera GX

Get now the most optimized Twitch version to not miss any single important stream

Free Get Opera GX

How do I fix the most common Twitch banner issues? 1. Twitch banner not showing

In some cases, the image might take some time to appear on your screen normally. This happens because of the amount of data the Twitch server needs to process every minute of every day.

Depending on the number of requests applied for on that specific day and at that specific time, your Twitch banner might take a while to be displayed (a few hours to a few days). Please be patient and allow the Twitch servers time, and the issue will solve itself.

However, your browser can also be to blame for the way your Twitch banner is displayed (or not displayed).

Thus, we suggest you switch to a different browser that is faster, better, and optimized for media and gaming, and it is called Opera.

Millions of users are using it, and it is still growing in popularity, but let’s see why is this happening.

Opera is a great alternative for streamers or gamers. The Speed Dial or Instant Search are just two of its most amazing features that allow you to browse the web faster than ever before.

Its built-in AdBlocker not only removes distractions and speeds-up loading but also includes cryptocurrency mining protection.

Opera has another browser that is specifically designed with gamers in mind, and it is called Opera GX.

Among other things, it features dedicated Twitch integration, which guarantees that things like banner issues will be a thing of the past.

Being a Chromium-based browser makes it extremely fast and also frequently updated, so whatever changes Twitch may bring, know that Opera will not be far behind.

2. Twitch banner not updating after upload

As in the case of the previous issue, the Twitch servers are sometimes overloaded with data that needs processing. If you upload a new banner to your profile and the image is not being uploaded instantly, you will need to allow the servers some time.

If you feel that you’ve waited enough, you could also try to upload your banner from a different browser software and see if that makes any difference.

3. Twitch banner is not fitting

Having a good-looking banner uploaded to your profile that doesn’t contain white or black edges is very important. This becomes even more important if you want your profile to stand out or make a good impression on your followers.

To achieve this, you will have to create your banner with these sizes width: 2600px, height: 480px, and use the space found in the first 900px from the left of your image.

Using these sizes and creating your artwork in the 900px area to the left of the image will give you the best results. For editing images, you can use Canva or any other tools you prefer.

4. Twitch banner is not centered

Having your banner centered will vary a lot depending on the size of the display your followers are looking at your profile.

The best way to create your banner is by following the instructions in the 3rd method from this article.


Some users also suggest not using too much text, as that can ruin the way your banner is displayed.

5. Twitch banner is not uploading

To streamline the process of uploading your Twitch banner, you will need to make sure that the size of the Twitch banner image is not too big. Twitch allows a maximum 10 MB size. Make sure your banner doesn’t exceed this limit.

To reduce the size, it is also recommended that you use a .jpeg format and not .png.

6. Twitch banner blurry

Even though Twitch recommends a ‘1200×480’ banner site, you can upload one with a higher resolution by maintaining the proper aspect ratio. It will help to fix the Twitch banner’s low quality or blurry problems.

7. Twitch offline banner not showing

You can go through method 2 for this. You will need to wait for a while even the time can be longer. Give time to the Twitch server to reflect the update. Also, make sure you have uploaded a banner with a 16:9 aspect ratio and at least 1920X1080 pixels.

This article has provided you with the common Twitch banner tips and solutions for common problems. The solutions will work not only for the mentioned ones but also for Twitch banner blocked by video or any other similar issues.

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Five Ways To Fix Common Android Brightness Issues

Five Ways to Fix Common Android Brightness Issues Common Android Brightness Issues And Their Fixes 1. Check If The Adaptive Brightness Option Is Switched On

Dealing with fluctuation in screen brightness? Do you notice that suddenly your screen brightness dips or rises without your intervention? Worry not! It’s not a ghost that has crept in your device, rather it could be that you have enabled the Adaptive brightness option in your device.

It is a wonderful feature which tweaks the brightness of your screen based on the lighting conditions so that your eyes don’t have to go through stress. But, if it startles you or you want to have control on the screen brightness, you can toggle this option off for a while. Here’s a likely path (settings might differ based on the model you have) –

Alternatively, you can follow the below mentioned path –

2. Disable Power Saving

Power saving mode is used in the wake of conserving the battery and optimizing other resources of your Android device. But, it can even go to an extent of reducing the brightness of your device just so the battery of your device can be conserved. You can try shuffling the power saving modes and check if that resolves the issue.

Again, depending on the model of your device, the settings may differ. Yet, in most Samsung phones, the battery saver option is placed under Device care. So, the path for the same is –

3. Android Screen Brightness Apps That Can Help You Manage Brightness

If you come across a situation where your Android brightness slider is not working or you have some other issues in managing Android brightness, you can take help of third party apps. Some of these apps may even help you increase Android screen brightness above max –

1. Lower Brightness Screen Filter


Increase or decrease the brightness as per your desire

Small application size

Supports devices that have a navigation bar at the bottom


2. Low Brightness, Blue Light Filter – Light Delight


Create edit custom night filters

Temperature and color control facility

Choose from 10 low brightness, anti-glare blue light filters

The apps also double as a power saver app as well


3. Auto Brightness Control: Display Brightness Level


Create custom brightness levels

Easy to use friendly interface

Tweak auto display brightness


Also read: Other best night mode apps for Android

4. Sometimes A Quick Restart Is All That Is Needed

You read that right! You can try a soft reset that might fix brightness issues on your Android device. It is simple and it helps you get rid of any cache that may have accumulated over a period of constant use.

If resetting your device doesn’t solve the brightness issue, then you can try this – discharge the battery of your Android device fully. Don’t charge the device. Instead, power your device up by pressing and holding the power button five times.

Close all the apps and then try adjusting the Android screen brightness. Does it work fine? If yes, then chances are that there is an app that forces your brightness settings to behave weirdly.

For instance, Netflix overrides screen brightness settings on certain Android models. This means you won’t be able to either increase or decrease screen brightness. Now, in the case of Netflix you can change the screen brightness from within the app. The brightness slider appears on the screen itself.

Similarly, you can check other apps too.


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Cpu Overheating Issues? Here How To Fix In 2023

CPU Overheating Issues? Here How To Tell and Fix in 2023

Moreover, our computer comprises many parts which get boiled when we are proceeding with our work.

What Makes Your Computer Heat?

If your CPU vents are covered with dust accumulation, warm air will be trapped inside the casing, hence it will make your computer heat.

The system has in-built small fans to increase air circulation to meet the CPU’s cooling needs. So, if there is an inferior cooling system your computer will surely heat up.

Hereby, we have accorded the basic reason for computer overheating. Now you must be thinking to fix these puzzling heating issues?

In this article, we have mentioned some effective measures to get rid of them.

How To Fix CPU Overheating Issues Fix 1-  Check Thermal Paste Of Your System

Another basic reason for PC overheating is not changing the thermal paste of your CPU. The old thermal paste can’t travel to the cooling fan. To avoid overheating issue, you should change the thermal paste.

Fix 2- Prevent Overclocking

Let’s understand the term Overlocking, it is a process to make your computer run faster by speeding up the processor. This will make CPU or GPU to operate rapidly which will lead to generating more heat. This is another common mistake to increase CPU temp.

Fix 3- Extracting The Dust

This is the basic rule of preventing overheating is cleaning the dust from the fan present inside your computer. If there is the excess grime present in the case or near the fan, then it will lead to CPU overheating. Clean internal fans, one near the power supply and front and/or back of the case.

Fix 4- Upgrade CPU Fan

This is an efficient way to save your system from overheating. Upgrading the CPU fan will not only cool down your PC but also increases the lifespan of other PC components which will give you better results in terms of operating.

Fix 5- Check The System’s Cooling Functionality

Computer components tend to create heat while in usage, there is a cooling arrangement to cool down the heat produced by the working PC components.

If your computer is not working or in the idle situation, then also heat will generate and revolve in the CPU which will lead to generating more heat.

Moreover, if you tried the method by removing dust to make your computer at low temperature but still you encountered computer overheating, there can be an issue with the functionality of a cooling system.

You can invest in a new cooling system for your PC and can get rid of CPU overheating issue.

Folks, above are the fixes which will help you to overcome the computer overheating troubles. But wait! Are you aware of the symptoms of the PC overheating?

Well, let’s be true with you, CPU temperature can’t be monitored by touching and feeling high temperature! It is not a fever or flu, right?

Here, find some basic symptoms which will help you in identifying the rise in CPU temp.

Fans are running fast and making excessive noise while running.

You are unable to operate basic programs and they are taking forever to open.

You have encountered the dark screen mode.

The system starts rebooting but shuts off by itself within a shorter span of time.

Streaks and pixelated lines are there on each window, which includes the heating in the graphic card.

Final Word-

We know how it feels when your computer starts working agitatedly. But to ease your comfort, we have successfully created the methods to prevent computer overheating.

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How To Create Banner In Kivymd

In KivyMD-Python, a banner is a graphical element that displays a short message or notification to the user. It can be used to inform the user about the status of the application, such as the successful completion of a task or an error that occurred.

Banners can be customized in colour, text, and position on the screen. They are particularly useful for mobile applications where space is limited and quick feedback to the user is important. Banners can improve the overall user experience by providing timely and relevant information.

Types of Banners

In KivyMD-Python, there are two types of banners available −

Snackbar Banner − Snackbar is a brief message that appears at the bottom of the screen and disappears shortly. It is commonly used to display notifications or alerts.

BottomAppBar Banner − BottomAppBar is a persistent banner that appears at the bottom of the screen and can contain navigation options or action buttons. It is typically used in mobile applications to replace the traditional toolbar.

Both types of banners can be customized with different colours, icons, and text.

The Syntax for Creating a Snackbar Banner

The syntax for creating a Snackbar banner in KivyMD-Python is as follows −

Snackbar(text="Your message here").show()

In this syntax, we create a new instance of the Snackbar class with the desired message as the ‘text’ parameter, then call the ‘show()’ method to display the banner. You can customize the Snackbar banner further by using other properties and methods of the Snackbar class, such as ‘duration’ to set the display time or ‘button_text’ and ‘button_callback’ to add a button with a callback function.

Steps for Creating a Snackbar Banner

Here’s an algorithm for creating a Snackbar banner in KivyMD-Python −

Step 1 − Import the Snackbar class from the KivyMD library.

Step 2 − Create a new instance of the ‘Snackbar’ class with the desired message as the ‘text’ parameter.

Step 3 − Optionally customizes the Snackbar banner by setting other properties such as ‘duration’, ‘button_text’, or ‘button_callback’.

Step 4 − Call the ‘show()’ method of the Snackbar instance to display the banner.

Step 5 − The Snackbar banner will be displayed temporarily at the bottom of the screen, with the specified message and any other customizations.

Example 1 from chúng tôi import Builder from chúng tôi import MDApp KV = ''' #:import Snackbar kivymd.uix.snackbar.Snackbar MDScreen: MDRaisedButton: text: "Create simple snackbar" on_release: Snackbar(text="This is a snackbar!").open() pos_hint: {"center_x": .5, "center_y": .5} ''' class Test(MDApp): def build(self): return Builder.load_string(KV) Test().run() Syntax for Creating a BottomAppBar Banner

The syntax for creating a BottomAppBar banner in KivyMD-Python is as follows −

MDBottomAppBar( MDToolbar(title="Your title here"), ... # Other parameters and widgets here )

In this syntax, we create a new instance of the ‘MDBottomAppBar’ class with an MDToolbar instance as the first parameter, which sets the banner’s title. Other parameters and widgets can be added to customize the appearance and functionality of the BottomAppBar banner.

For example, you can set the ‘icon’ parameter to add a menu icon to the banner and the ‘on_icon_press’ parameter to specify a callback function when the icon is pressed. You can also add other widgets, such as buttons or labels, to the BottomAppBar banner by passing them as additional parameters to the constructor.

Steps for Creating a BottomAppBar Banner

Here’s an algorithm for creating a BottomAppBar banner in KivyMD-Python −

Step 1 − Import the MDBottomAppBar and MDToolbar classes from the KivyMD library.

Step 2 − Create a new instance of the MDToolbar class with the desired title.

Step 3 − Create a new instance of the MDBottomAppBar class with the MDToolbar instance as the first parameter.

Step 4 − Optionally customizes the BottomAppBar banner by setting other properties such as icon, on_icon_press, or md_bg_color.

Step 5 − Add any other widgets, such as buttons or labels, to the BottomAppBar banner by passing them as additional parameters to the MDBottomAppBar constructor.

Step 6 − Return the MDBottomAppBar instance from the build() method of your KivyMD application.

Step 7 − The BottomAppBar banner will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Example 2

To create a banner in KivyMD-Python, you can use the ‘MDBanner’ widget. Here is a basic example of how to create a banner −

# import packages from chúng tôi import Builder from chúng tôi import MDApp # writing kv lang KV = ''' # declaring layout/screen MDScreen: # this will create a space navigation bottom MDBottomNavigation: # this will create a navigation button on the bottom of screen MDBottomNavigationItem: name: 'screen 1' text: 'Python' icon: 'language-python' # this will be triggered when screen 1 is selected # creates a label MDLabel: text: 'Python' halign: 'center' # this will create a navigation button on the bottom of screen MDBottomNavigationItem: name: 'screen 2' text: 'Java' icon: 'language-java' # this will be triggered when screen 2 is selected # creates a label MDLabel: text: 'Java' halign: 'center' # this will create a navigation button on the bottom of the screen MDBottomNavigationItem: name: 'screen 3' text: 'CPP' icon: 'language-cpp' # this will be triggered when screen 3 is selected # creates a label MDLabel: text: 'CPP' halign: 'center' ''' # App class class Test(MDApp): def build(self): # this will load kv lang screen = Builder.load_string(KV) # returning screen return screen # running app Test().run() Conclusion

Creating banners in KivyMD using Python is a simple and efficient process. Following the steps outlined in this article, anyone can easily design and implement visually appealing banners for their application.

With KivyMD’s user-friendly interface and extensive library of design elements, developers can create high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing banners. By incorporating these banners into their applications, developers can enhance the user experience and create a more engaging and immersive environment.

How To Fix Xbox Audio Issues

Are you experiencing audio problems with your Xbox? Let’s take a quick look at the reasons and fixes. Audio issues on the gaming platform are pretty common and thankfully Xbox has some really quick troubleshooters for this issue.

Fix Xbox Audio issues

Before we proceed with the troubleshooting, check that the audio of your TV is not on mute and if you are using any external speakers, check that they are well connected and turned on. If everything is fine and you are still facing audio issues, let’s check the other fixes.

Check your HDMI connections

Run your Audio setup tool

Check Chat Mixer settings

Check audio receiver

1] Check your HDMI connections

To check your TV and HDMI connection, press the Xbox button on your console and open the guide.

Go to TV and Display options and select Video fidelity & overscan.

Under the Display option, select HDMI.

This will ensure that the device connected to your console through HDMI will be the main source of audio input. Check if now you are getting the audio or not.

Read: How to fix audio echo on Xbox

2] Run the Audio setup tool

To run this setup too open the guide from your Xbox button and go to Profile & System.

Go to the Advanced option and sect the Audio setup option.

Select the one you want to use and then press the A button to start the Audio test on your Xbox.

When you select any audio setup for testing it gives an audio cue and this way you will know which of your speakers is faulty and you can then troubleshoot it.

If there is any hardware problem in your speaker system, you probably have to change it.

3] Chat mixer settings

If you are facing this audio issue in your active game while using the voice chat feature, the problem possibly is in your Chat mixer. Check your Chat mixer’s settings and adjust the sound level while communicating.

Press the Xbox button to open the guide and then go to Profile & system.

Go to the Advanced options and select Chat mixer and the best suitable option.

Read: Xbox not detecting external storage

4] Audio voice receiver

If you have any external audio receiver connected to your console, the issue could be there too.

To check the audio receiver-

Take your TV remote and go to the Input button.

Switch away the input source of the audio receiver and then back.

Restart the audio-video receiver and set your TV connection to HDMI.

Open the guide on your Xbox using the controller and go to Profile & system.

Under the Display section select Video fidelity and overscan.

After trying all these fixes, if you are still facing audio issues, it could be due to a faulty HDMI cable. Change the cable, try again and see if it helps. If there is an audio delay in your Xbox while playing or if there is any issue with the audio-video sync, the issue could be with your TV or your soundbar.

Why does my Xbox audio sound weird?

It could be due to the display and sound settings of your Xbox or the HDMI cable. Open the guide using the Xbox button, select System, and go to Settings. Under the Display & Sound settings go to Video output and select Video fidelity & overscan.

Why won’t my Xbox games have sound?

Before you check the other fixes, check that your TV is not muted and the speakers are working fine. Also, check if the cables are connected correctly and the audio settings are correct. If none of this work, you can check the Fixes shared above.

7 Most Common Things Misinterpreted By Job Seekers

Introduction to Job Seekers

There is a tendency among job seekers to over-analyze all that happens during the process of hiring. It starts from the time that the company takes in responding to their applications to how friendly-sounding is the person who gives a call for the purpose of scheduling the interview. However, more than anything else, what the job seekers analyze are the words that they hear specifically from the person or persons conducting the interview. People try to take out the meaning of whatever is said by their job interviewer which includes simple remarks such as “good luck” or “we will soon be in touch”.

7 Things Misinterpreted by Job Seekers

Effective resume making, job hunting, campus recruitment training & others

1. Job Interviewer – “You’re very well qualified for this job”

On hearing this remark from the job interviewer most of the candidates usually get excited and start to assume that they are among the front-runners for the job. However, it must be noted that the majority of the candidates or all of them who are interviewed by the employers have high qualifications and that is the reason why they have reached the stage of the interview.

After all, employers do not usually ask to interview people who do are not well qualified for the job. Therefore, there are lesser chances of your hopes getting dashed if the statement is interpreted by you as “You are well qualified, as are the other candidates to whom we are talking.”

2. “We’re ironing out some details about the position”

Although it is not a danger sign in all cases, it may at times prove to be one. It is an indication that there is going to be a dramatic change in the job description or there might be a doubt with regards to the funding of the situation or them might be thinking of put the process of hiring for that position on hold or all other sorts of things that can cause a setback to your chances or change the role into something that does not match you. On the contrary, it may also signify something minor which does not have too much impact. In either of the two cases you should not panic too much on hearing these words, because if that happens to be a change that is big enough, it is much better to become aware of it at this stage itself rather than after the job has been accepted by you.

3. “Let me show you the office you’d be working out of”

Generally, people think that a job interviewer would not take the pains of showing the office space to them or introduce them to the members of the team in case they were near to the point of making an offer. However, it will be good if you do not read anything into this because most of the job interviewer does such things as a process of the standard routine of the interview. It is done alike with both strong as well as weak candidates, so it is better not to pay too much attention to it.

4. “We’ll get back to you soon / in two weeks / by Friday”

Whatever is the timeline that is given to you by your job interviewer, you should not put too much of the stock into it. Generally, the process of hiring takes a longer period of time than people think that these processes take. At times, even the people who are responsible for the process of hiring have a tendency to underestimate the amount of time that will be taken by them for completing the process of hiring. It is better if you completely ignore the timeline that has been given to you by your job interviewer and you will be safe if in your head you double or even triple the time.

5. “Feel free to email me with any questions” / “Here’s my card. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.”

This is usually said by the job interviewer as a courtesy, just to show politeness. However, this does not mean that they have given you an invitation to ask them all the non-essential questions and start troubling them as soon as you reach home. At times, the candidates might get the feeling that they will impress the hiring manager or make them realize that you are more interested in a number of follow-up questions that are put in front of them. Questions should, therefore, not be sent just for the sake of asking questions. As the questions are not the ones that are vital, the process will usually end up being annoying as well as fairly transparent as it signifies that you are making the hiring manager devote their precious time replying to the questions in writing, especially when he or she is aware that the questions are not pressing and genuine.

However, the hiring managers feel happy in answering any questions that are genuine and which come to your mind after the interview is over and you have left. But in case you have not caught on by this time, handing the business card to you was a not-so-subtle method of saying, “Here is my email address, to which I expect you to send a thank-you note.”

6. “We have more candidates to talk to before we make a decision”/ “We are meeting with some additional candidates over the next couple of days but we will be in touch very soon.”

Often the candidates become disappointed in hearing this from the job interviewer. They figure out that a signal is being given by the job interviewer that they should not be having high hopes of getting the job. At certain times, it is actually the case. However, it also happens to be a very normal thing that most of the job interviewer says as a routine matter to every candidate since it is the truth and it is something that is a normal part of the process of hiring to speak with other people. Usually, it is not an indication of anything with respect to your chances of getting the job.

This might be the worst-case scenario in the minds of the job seekers all over as it may signify that they are conducting interviews of other candidates because they are not going to hire you. However, you should not be too fast in deducing this. A hiring manager may be carrying out interviews of other people, however, that does not signify that you are not a nice option. You need to remember that that job interviewer has several questions that they have to ask you at the time of the interview and there are also certain things they feel comfortable about saying on autopilot.

These include “We’re interviewing other candidates, so…” even when you might be on the verge of being selected. At times this is said by the job interviewer as they will soon be in touch in order to let you down. However, this is not the sole reason for which they are said by the interviewers. You should not forget that these things are sometimes said by the hiring managers because after carrying out a number of interviews each day, it is the way they have been programmed to bring the interview to an end.

7. “I look forward to talking more” / “We are really excited for you – uh, the person who takes this job – to tackle a project we’ve been thinking of.”

Most of the candidates have a tendency to listen to this as a promise that implies that there are going to be more conversations in the future. However, it might not be the case necessarily. It can be considered as more of a polite close to the interview that is used automatically by the interviewers even though they might not have taken the decision regarding the candidates who will be moving ahead in the process of hiring. It is something like “I will call you “of the world of job search. It actually means “If you end up moving forward in the process, we will talk more.”

When you are not a job seeker and if you think you have the job, you should not make the mistake of rushing to the office of your boss so that you can quit as soon as you the hiring manager is heard by you as making use of the word “you” in a sentence which describes the position. Even though it may be a good indication that the mood of the interview is progressing in the correct direction, it is by no means a “subtle wink” method of expressing that you are in the process of being hired for the job.

The above instances reveal that in most cases the candidates misinterpret what the interviewers want to communicate. The things that the interviewers say during the process of the interview should not be over-analyzed and interpreted in the way in which you feel is correct. Boarding the “Worst Case Scenario Train” is a very easy process whenever it is said by the job interviewer “well just about anything” but you have to be careful about the interpretations of the things that the interviewers say commonly during the course of the interview.

The entire process of the interview can at a time take several months before all the rounds of an interview are completed so it is very crucial to maintain patience and put in your best effort at each stage of the interview so that you can keep moving ahead. You can neither consider yourself a forerunner for the position nor get the feeling that you cannot move ahead. You need to go with the flow and consider things as they happen. You have been shortlisted because of the experience that you possess along with the required qualifications for the position.

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This is a guide to Job Seekers. Here we discuss 7 Things Misinterpreted by Job Seekers.

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