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Are you trying to connect to Trust Wallet on the browser version on PancakeSwap?

If you are, you might get this error “No provider was found”.

Here’s the full error message, “Provider Error. No provider was found”.

As a result, you won’t be able to connect your Trust Wallet on PancakeSwap.

Additionally, you won’t be able to swap tokens.

Even if you have the Trust Wallet app on your device, you might not be able to connect it on PancakeSwap.

But why is this the case?

In this guide, you’ll learn what does “No provider was found” mean on PancakeSwap and how to fix it.

What does “No provider was found” mean on PancakeSwap?

“No provider was found” on PancakeSwap means that there’s an error with connecting your Trust Wallet with PancakeSwap.

It happens when you’re using PancakeSwap on a browser and not on the DApp browser on Trust Wallet.

If you’re using PancakeSwap on a browser, you won’t be able to connect to your Trust Wallet.

When you try connecting to your Trust Wallet, you’ll get a provider error.

This is because your mobile browser (e.g., Safari, Chrome) does not support decentralized applications like PancakeSwap.

Trust Wallet has a dedicated DApp browser that you can use to interact with any decentralized applications.

However, you need to enable it first.

By default, the DApp browser is not enabled on Trust Wallet.

Hence, you need to enable it via your mobile browser to use it.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap.

How to fix “No provider was found” on PancakeSwap

To fix “No provider was found” on PancakeSwap, you need to enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet.

Next, open PancakeSwap on the DApp browser and connect it with Trust Wallet.

This time, you’ll be able to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap without any errors.

The cause of the “No provider was found” error is because you’re using PancakeSwap on a mobile browser.

Mobile browsers like Safari or Chromes do not support DApps.

On the other hand, Trust Wallet has a DApp browser that supports decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap.

Hence, the first thing you need to do is to stop using PancakeSwap on your mobile browser.

Then, enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet if you haven’t already.

Here’s how to fix “No provider was found” on PancakeSwap:

Method #1

1. Download Trust Wallet

The first step is to download Trust Wallet on your mobile device (if you haven’t already).

To begin with, go to the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you’re on there, search for “Trust Wallet” on the search bar.

Then, tap on the first search result and download Trust Wallet.

After you’ve downloaded Trust Wallet, create a new wallet and verify your recovery phrase.

Once you’ve verified your recovery phrase, your wallet will be successfully created.

2. Enable the DApp browser

Secondly, you need to enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet.

The DApp browser allows you to use decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap.

To do so, open a browser on your mobile device (e.g., Safari, Chrome).

Once you’re on the browser, enter this on the search bar “trust://browser_enable” and search for it.

Then, tap on “Open” to open the page on Trust Wallet.

After you’ve opened the page on Trust Wallet, the DApp browser will be enabled on it.

3. Open PancakeSwap

Now, open Trust Wallet and you’ll be able to see a browser icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Tap on the browser icon to open the DApp browser.

On the DApp browser, scroll down until you find the “Popular” header.

Under the “Popular” header, you’ll see the PancakeSwap app.

Tap on “PancakeSwap” to open PancakeSwap on the DApp browser.

4. Connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap

Once you’re on PancakeSwap, you’ll see a “Connect” button on the top navigation bar of the page.

If the button says “Connect” it means that you haven’t connected Trust Wallet yet.

Tap on “Connect” to connect to a wallet.

This step is similar to if you were to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap on a mobile browser.

However, you’ll be connecting Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap on the DApp browser instead of your mobile browser.

After you’ve tapped on “Connect”, a pop-up box will open.

The pop-up box contains a list of wallets that you can connect to.

You’ll be able to connect to Metamask, TrustWallet, MathWallet, etc.

Tap on “TrustWallet” to connect to Trust Wallet.

This time, you will be able to successfully connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap because you’re using the DApp browser.

Now, you’ll be able to swap tokens on the exchange.

You’ve successfully learned how to fix the “No provider was found” error on PancakeSwap!

Method #2

1. Visit PancakeSwap on a browser & connect to “WalletConnect”

The second method to fix “No provider was found” on PancakeSwap is to use PancakeSwap on your browser.

Firstly, open a mobile browser (e.g., Safari, Chrome).

Then, go to the PancakeSwap website.

Once you’re on the website, tap on “Connect”.

After you’ve tapped on “Connect”, the “Connect to a wallet” pop-up will open.

On the pop-up, you’ll see a lost of wallets that you can connect to.

Instead of tapping on “TrustWallet”, tap on “WalletConnect”.

2. Connect to Trust Wallet

After you’ve tapped on “WalletConnect”, you’ll see a list of wallets that you can connect to.

You can connect to wallets like “Rainbow”, “Trust”, “Argent”, and others.

Tap on “Trust” to connect to Trust Wallet.

After you’ve tapped on “Trust”, a pop-up message will open.

The message will prompt you to open the page on Trust Wallet.

Tap on “Open” to open the page on Trust Wallet.

3. Tap on “Connect” & use PancakeSwap

After you’ve opened the page on Trust Wallet, you’ll see a “Connect” button.

If you don’t see the “Connect” button, try force closing Trust Wallet and opening it again.

Then, repeat the previous step.

Tap on “Connect” to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap.

After you’ve tapped on “Connect”, Trust Wallet will be successfully connected to PancakeSwap.

You can confirm this by looking at the top-right corner of PancakeSwap.

In the top-right corner, you’ll see your Trust Wallet address.

You’ve successfully fixed the “No provider was found” error on PancakeSwap!


If you were to connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap on a mobile browser, it will not work.

In the future, if you want to use PancakeSwap on your mobile device, make sure to open it using the DApp browser on Trust Wallet and not on a mobile browser.

This is because PancakeSwap is not supported on mobile browsers.

However, you need to enable to DApp browser on Trust Wallet first before you can interact with decentralized applications.

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How To Fix No Bootable Device On Surface

Some owners of the Microsoft Surface Go device have been experiencing a problem that is causing them to go insane. You see, whenever the Surface Go computer is turned on, just seconds after the Microsoft Logo comes on the screen, a message appears that states: “No bootable device“.

The question is, what is going on here, and can it be rectified? Well, from our extensive experience, this particular issue may require us to discuss more than a single solution to get things under control. You will then need to test each to see which one turns out to be the correct solution for your particular issue.

How to fix the No Bootable Device error

Fixing issues that cause the No Bootable Device error is easy. Simply follow the steps laid out below, and you’ll be fine:

Connect the power supply to Surface Go

Format USB stick

Download the USB solution file

Paste files to the USB stick

Insert USB into Surface Go

1] Connect the power supply to Surface Go

The first solution here which is known to work is all about using a USB drive to set things right again. Now, before you begin, please disconnect all USB drives, SD cards, USB accessories, external monitors, and Type Cover from your Surface Go.

Once that is done, you must connect the power supply to the wall outlet and connect it to the Surface Go for 15 minutes at least. We suggest always using the original power supply that came with the product.

2] Format the USB stick

OK, so to fix this problem with a USB stick, you must ensure the stick has at least 8GB of storage space.

Furthermore, it should be formatted in FAT32 over all other options.

Select the Format option from the context menu.

Before formatting, ensure FAT32 is selected, then move forward.

3] Download the USB solution file

Next, please go ahead and download the USB solution .zip file from the Microsoft website to your Surface Go computer.

You should not download the file directly to the USB, so keep that in mind.

4] Paste files to the USB stick

Go ahead and open the folder from the file you just downloaded.

Select all files and folders from the inside, then copy and paste them to the USB stick you formatted previously.

If everything goes according to plan, you should now have 38 folders and 2 files located on the USB drive.

5] Insert USB into Surface Go

The next step to take here is to insert the USB drive into the Surface Go USB-C port.

Press and hold the volume-down button located on your device.

While you’re doing this, please press and release the power button promptly.

Right away the Microsoft Logo will appear on your screen.

Do not release the volume down button at no time.

The Surface Go screen will go blank for a brief period, then the following message will appear again: “Please wait while we install a system update”.

You will know the process is done when the Surface Go restarts.

Remove the USB drive from the computer, and that’s it.

READ: Fix Surface Go issues using USB Recovery Disk

Is Surface Go the same as Surface Pro?

Both devices are powered by a version of Windows, but they are not the same. For example, the Surface Go is underpowered when compared to the Surface Pro, and it is more affordable. When we look at the Surface Go, we see a device designed for everyday browsing, while the Pro is for professionals.

Can the Surface Go use a pen?

How To Buy Crypto On Pancakeswap, Uniswap And Huhswap?

This article features how you can buy crypto through exchanges like PancakeSwap, UniSwap, and HUHSwap.

Buying cryptocurrency has become one of the most sort-after investments for the past few years, in fact, the FCA recorded a considerable percentage increase of investors who were willing to hold cryptocurrencies alongside mainstream investments. With this, the FCA also recorded, in their research ‘Cryptoasset consumer research 2023’, that crypto investors prefer to buy their crypto through exchanges like PancakeSwap, UniSwap, and HUHSwap. Alongside increased purchases of cryptocurrency, a recorded incline of ‘13% to 29%’ of crypto holders check their investments daily. Since March 2023, when the FCA conducted their first research into cryptocurrencies, entitled ‘consumer attitudes and awareness of cryptocurrencies, the crypto market has seen a considerable boom and with it a larger increase of those holding cryptocurrencies like  

Crypto Becomes A Welcome Addition To Mainstream Investments

According to the FCA (financial conduct authority), crypto assets are becoming more desirable, even in their high-volatility state and because of this, a plethora of 25-55-year-olds are flocking to the crypto market where they weren’t before. The 2023 report recorded some interesting figures in terms of why crypto investors were likely to invest further, or begin investing at all, these were ‘as part of a wider investment portfolio’, ‘as a long-term savings plan’, ‘not wanting to miss out on crypto’, ‘political or ideological reasons’, ‘for payment of goods and services. However, the most intriguing and most common answer of why investors chose crypto over other forms of investment was the ‘gambling’ aspect of crypto and the ability to make or lose money. Surrounding this, the FCA discovered that a 12% rise from 41% t0 53% had occurred where crypto investors had ‘a positive experience with cryptocurrency’ and ‘were likely to buy more crypto’ as a result. In comparison to this, only 11%-15% of crypto investors regretted buying into cryptos like HUH Token (HUH), ShibaInu (SHIB), and FlokiInu (FLOKI). The FCA reported that 3 out of 4 crypto investors chose to buy their cryptos via exchanges like PancakeSwap, UniSwap, HUHSwap. With these findings, it’s clear to see the upward trajectory of crypto and those investing in the digital financial system.

Know-How To Use Exchanges And Make Money In Crypto

It’s all good and well seeing how others have benefited from the crypto sphere, and why more people are adopting cryptocurrencies like HUH Token, ShibaInu, and FlokiInu, but really, all that matters is how you will be rewarded from your crypto investment. Though, first, you have to know the benefits of using crypto exchanges like PancakeSwap, HUHSwap, and UniSwap … Let’s take HUHSwap for example, the four-step process is the straightforward way to buy your crypto and receive it via airdrop. With HUHSwap you can purchase 20 other cryptocurrencies, with no tax or slippage fee, unlike PancakeSwap and Uniswap and HUHSwap offer a 5% token increase. As HUHSwap is accessed through HUH Token, there is no risk of purchasing the wrong currencies or phishing sites. The above example of HUHSwap’s easy-to-use four-step crypto exchange is a demonstration of why such a high percentage of crypto investors are buying more crypto and coming back for more as well. Cryptos like ShibaInu (SHIB) FlokiInu (FLOKI) and HUH Token (HUH) could be an addition to your investment portfolio, or, like most crypto investors, it could simply be for the thrill of the volatile cryptocurrency market. You can buy crypto through the three exchanges linked below.

How To Fixnot Found Error On Windows 11

Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system in October last year and since then the OS has witnessed an impressive adoption rate before hitting a wall recently. A major visual overhaul, Windows 11 was light years ahead of Windows 10 in terms of features as well as design. However, as is the case with every update, Windows 11 is not completely free from bugs. One of the bugs reported by many users is the ‘​​mscoree.dll not found’ error while trying to run a program. If you have also faced the dreaded bug, here are some of the methods to get rid of the issue.

What is the ‘​​Mscoree.dll Not Found’ Error?

It’s quite self-explanatory. The error presents itself when the program you’re trying to run is not able to access or find the chúng tôi filed on the system. It’s a part of the .NET framework and is designed to make various programs run as intended.

In case this particular file is corrupt or damaged, applications that use it will be affected, whereas others will continue to run properly. Here are some of the methods to fix this error without having to reset your computer.

1. Run a Deep Scan

One of the common causes of chúng tôi error is malware or virus in your system. The latest Windows 11 has competent virus protection, it doesn’t hurt to run a full scan. Here’s how you can do it.

2. Type Windows Security in the search bar.

6. On the next page, select Microsoft Defender Antivirus (offline scan).

8. Your computer might restart once to complete the scan.

2. Run an SFC Scan

As mentioned before, if the chúng tôi file is corrupted, your computer will return the file not found error. To resolve this issue, you can also run the SFC scan or System File Checker scan to check and repair the corrupted Windows files. Here’s how you can run the SFC scan. 

1. Press the Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard to initiate the Run box.

2. Type cmd and then press Ctrl+Shift+ Enter to open the command prompt as administrator.

3. Type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

4. The command will then scan the system files and repair the corrupt ones.

5. Wait for the display to show Verification 100% complete.

3. Enable the .NET Framework

As you already know, chúng tôi is part of the .NET Framework on your system. Therefore, re-enabling the framework can help resolve the file not found error. Here’s how you can do it step-by-step.

2. Type Windows Features in the search box.

5. Toggle on each section underneath to select them.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for .NET Framework 4.8 Advanced Services as well.

8. Once installed, you’ll be asked to restart the computer.

4. Reinstall the Program

In most cases, a simple uninstall and reinstall of the application fixes the chúng tôi not found error. Here is how to reinstall a program in Windows 11.

1. Open Start Menu.

5. Type the application name in the search bar on top.

8. Confirm uninstallation when prompted.

5. Use System Restore Point

1. Press the Windows logo + R keys on your keyboard to invoke Run Command.

2. Type Control and hit Enter to open Control Panel.

7. You’ll now see the drives that will roll back from the chosen restore point.

If the issue was caused by a recently installed system upgrade or third-party application, you should not face the issue anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of Mscoree dll?

The chúng tôi determines which version of the .NET Framework’s Common Language Runtime to call. The CLR then compiles the Common Intermediate Language (CIL) in the assembly into an executable machine code to run the program.

How do I fix Mscoree dll error?

You can fix the chúng tôi error in multiple ways listed above. You can perform a system restore, reinstall the application, perform a full malware scan, run an SFC scan, and more. If none of these methods work, a clean reinstall of the Windows 11 is suggested.

Where to place mscoree dll file?

If you have downloaded the chúng tôi file, you can place it in the program install directory of the application. Or you can move it to the directory of your system like C:WindowsSystem32 or C:WindowsSysWOW64.

Final Words

Arsenic From Copper Mines In Chile Was Found In Antarctic Ice

It’s a small world after all. Laying aside philosophical exercises of butterflies and storms, changing conditions in one area of the world can, and do, affect locations thousands of miles away. Dust from the Sahara desert fertilizes the Amazon, smog in Chinese cities increases flooding in rural areas much farther away, and rising temperatures and melting ice caps are forcing sea level rise in areas nowhere near glaciers. A new study adds another item to the list.

In a paper published in the journal Atmospheric Environment, researchers describe how they were able to trace the rise of Chile’s copper industry by analyzing layers of ice in Antarctica, 4,000 miles away. Other pollutants from distant human activities have been detected in Antarctica in the past, but these deposits have an interesting story to tell.

How did the arsenic get there? Arsenic is a naturally occurring but highly toxic element, and often shows up in the same geologic formations as another valuable resource–copper. But copper mixed with arsenic doesn’t sell as well as copper that’s just copper. So, for years miners have had to extract arsenic from copper ore by first leaching it away with chemicals or smelting it out, and then heating it so all that remains is the desired metal. In this case, the arsenic is released into the atmosphere, where it mixes with the air and eventually falls out of the sky as precipitation–even in an area as distant from the original site as Antarctica. Many copper deposits in Chile have been dealing with arsenic for years, since the industry took off in the 20th century.

In the study, researchers examined cores of ice taken in Antarctica and measured the amount of arsenic in each layer. In each ice core taken, the layers represent a natural record that stretched from 1883 to 2008. They found that before 1900, levels of arsenic were pretty low, measuring 1.92 picograms per gram. But the researchers noticed that there was a spike in arsenic levels soon after the copper industry really took off in Chile in the 1940s. By 1950, the rate had soared to 7.94 picograms per gram. Then, in the 1990s, the Chilean government began creating detailed environmental regulations that curtailed the release of arsenic into the atmosphere. After the new guidelines came into effect, the arsenic levels in Antarctica dropped back down to pre-1900 levels.

Those are pretty low numbers overall. For comparison, the World Health Organization sets the safe limit of arsenic in drinking water at 10 micrograms per liter. With one million picograms in one microgram and about 1000 grams of water in one liter (caveat: no, ice and water aren’t the same density as ice tends to be less dense than water but it might help you put the numbers in perspective), even the highest levels in the 1950 layer of the Antarctic ice is considered well within the acceptable limits. But that’s not the end of the story. While Antarctic ice might be ok (on this front at least) other areas might not be so lucky.

Franciele Schwanck, the lead author of the paper told Chilean newspaper La Tercera that it was likely that much more of the arsenic fell out of the sky long before it reached Antarctica, creating a potential public health hazard in areas of Chile that are closest to the copper mines.

How To Fix No Hdmi Signal From Your Device

How to Fix No HDMI Signal from Your Device [5 Tested Tips] Updating your chipset and graphics card should solve this issue easily








Incompatible drivers and wrong sound settings can cause the no HDMI signal from your device issue.

A quick and effective way to fix this issue is to update your driver manually or with a dedicated tool.

Another effective solution is to check your HDMI connection and try other possibilities.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

HDMI is a digital audio or video interface that delivers crystal clear sound and pictures through a single cable by simplifying cabling so you can get the highest quality home theatre experience.

This uncompressed interface lets large streams of audio/video digital info be transmitted at high speed, reducing the number of cables you need to set up by way of a set-top box, DVD player, AV receiver, or an audio/video monitor like your digital TV.

When HDMI-connected components cannot recognize and communicate with each other, the HDCP encryption embedded in the signal isn’t properly recognized by one or more of the components connected. Thus you get HDMI no signal.

Speaking of HDMI issues, let’s see more related problems that our readers reported. Read on carefully; it might the same for you.

 Why is my monitor saying no HDMI signal from your device

The no HDMI signal from your device error can occur due to an outdated or faulty graphics driver. Also, this error can be down to a connection problem between the source and your PC.

You can fix this by performing some basic troubleshooting steps. Lastly, the problem with no HDMI signal from your device can be because of the wrong setting on the source. We have shown how to fix these in detail in this guide.

Moreover, here are some error variations that you may encounter, but nonetheless, fix with the solutions below:

Monitor says no signal HDMI

Windows 10 HDMI to TV no signal: This happens when your Windows 10 PC doesn’t recognize the TV HDMI).

No HDMI 1/HDMI 2 signal from your device

No HDMI signal from your device Dell monitor or Dell docking station: s2421hn/se2717h/u2419h models are commonly impacted

HDMI cable not working PC

HDMI weak or no signal

No HDMI signal from your device Lenovo/HP/Asus: The issue is caused by the HDMI not working on your laptop, regardless of the brand.

No HDMI signal from your device new PC

No HDMI signal from your device second monitor

No HDMI signal from your device Windows 11, Windows 10, Mac

HDMI plugged in but no signal PC

Laptop not sending HDMI signal to monitor

If this is the case or what you’re experiencing, then there are some solutions you can use to fix it.

How do I fix no HDMI signal from your device?

Before trying the other solutions below for the no HDMI signal from your device problem, check your HDMI connections so that they don’t slip out as they tend not to fit as snug as a component or composite video connections any slight move can make them slip out.

You can also get locks for the HDMI cables or buy self-locking cables. Most HDTV devices have multiple HDMI input ports, so it is essential that the HDMI display input source is set to the same one as the HDMI port connected to your computer e.g., HDMI 2 to HDMI 2.

If the computer and HDMI device use different cable types, buy adapters.

1. Update the chipset and graphics drivers

If the Laptop to TV HDMI has no signal, it can be caused by a faulty driver and wrong sound settings. With the solution above, you should be able to rectify this fault.

Often, your computer system might not be able to update the generic drivers for your hardware and peripherals correctly. There are vital differences between a generic driver and a manufacturer’s driver. Finding the correct driver versions for every hardware component can become tiresome.

That’s why a dependable updater can help you find and update your drivers automatically. We strongly suggest the Outbyte Driver Updater, and here’s how to do it:

Download and install the Outbyte Driver Updater app.

Launch the software and wait for the app to detect all incompatible drivers.

Now, it will show you a list of all outdated drivers to select the ones to Update or Ignore.

Restart your PC to ensure the applied changes.

Outbyte Driver Updater

Maintain your device healthy by letting OutByte Driver Updater find the latest driver options.

Free trial Download now

Disclaimer: You may need to upgrade the app from the free version to perform specific actions.

2. Change turn-on sequence

You can try a different turn-on sequence instead of turning on the monitor first, then the media player, or another HDMI source component; try turning it on in reverse and see if it helps.

If your media player or other component is connected to a home theatre receiver, then to the monitor, try different combinations to startup the devices and use the one that works.

Expert tip:

You can also try the following steps:

First, disconnect all HDMI sources from the inputs.

Unplug the TV (monitor)/LCD power for about ten minutes.

Plug the TV (monitor)/LCD back in.

Connect the HDMI cable one device at a time.

Turn on the device

Repeat the last two steps for each HDMI port as it is also possible to stumble across an HDMI port that does not work.

3. Check resolution output settings

If your player or any other HDMI source device has a video resolution output setting, check whether it has been set to Auto. If it is, reset it to match your monitor’s native resolution or that of your video projector. Check if that provides better stability.

4. Change the HDMI connection

If changing the turn-on sequence doesn’t work for the no HDMI signal from your device issue, try directly connecting your player to the monitor, as this bypasses the home theatre receiver, so you can check if the latter is the likely culprit when the direct connection works.

In this case, keep the HDMI source directly connected to your monitor and have a separate audio connection to the receiver.

5. Check for firmware updates

If none of the above solutions works, check if any firmware updates are announced for your HDMI source or home theatre receiver. Also, you can check for firmware updates for the monitor itself, which can resolve the HDMI no signal from your device issue.

This is because outdated firmware can block your connection and cause many issues. Besides, many users have reported Windows 10 HDMI has no signal after update, which too can be fixed by installing the latest version of the firmware.

How do I fix the no HDMI signal from your device on Windows 11?

Like on Windows 10, the no HDMI signal from your device on Windows 11 is usually down to outdated drivers and wrong settings.

Also, it might be because of faulty connection and hardware components. You can use the solutions in this guide to solve the HDMI no signal Windows 11 issue effectively.

Why won’t my monitor detect my PC?

This error is often caused by connection faults like a loose or faulty cable and port. Also, it can be down to outdated and inaccurate graphics drivers.

You can quickly check our detailed guide on the second monitor not detected on Windows 10 to fix this issue.

The no HDMI signal from your device issue denies you the ease of connectivity with multiple devices. We hope you can fix it with the information in this guide.

If you are facing other issues like Windows 11 not detecting a second monitor, check our guide on how to fix it quickly.

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