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Do you want to download YouTube Shorts videos straight to your mobile device, laptop, or PC? YouTube Shorts became a massive hit when they were introduced in 2023. In a short span of time, they hit over 5 trillion views in total. The content of these Shorts is diverse and everyone can find something interesting to watch quickly. After all, a YouTube Short is a short-form video, and it lasts only 60 seconds. But that’s enough for some fast entertainment or a quick lesson.

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How to Download Your YouTube Shorts from YouTube Studio

If you’re a content creator, and you regularly post on YouTube, then you are already familiar with the YouTube Studio. Through it, you can have full control over your online presence on YouTube, but you can also use it to save your own videos and shorts. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t have a separate save option, and that means if you delete a video or a short from your YouTube channel, you might lose it forever. To prevent that, download the short to your PC or phone and save it. Here’s how:



    from the left column.

      The next page will display all the content you uploaded to YouTube. Find the video or a short you want to download. You can also use the search bar at the top to find the content on your channel. If you used #shorts to label your short video, it’ll be even easier to find.



        from the drop-down menu.

        YouTube will start downloading your short video for free.

        If you’re using a mobile phone or a tablet, you’ll need to download a YouTube Studio app. Here’s how you can download your YouTube Shorts with the mobile app:

          Open the YouTube Studio app and select


          at the bottom of the screen.

            Find a video you want to download and tap the

            three dots

            next to it.


              Save to Device

              to start the download.

              YouTube will download your short video on your mobile device or tablet. These steps are the same for Android and iOS devices.

              But what if you want to save YouTube Shorts that are not yours? YouTube Studio is of no help then.

              How to Download YouTube Shorts Videos to Windows and Mac PC

              If you want to download YouTube Shorts from your favorite content creators, on your PC, you’ll have to use third-party online tools. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t give us the option to download videos directly. That’s why you’ll need external help to do it. There are various YouTube downloading apps and websites out there that work both on Windows and Apple computers. Some will help you save your favorite shorts for free, while others might ask for a small fee.

              It’s essential to choose a good and trusted YouTube downloader that’ll not only meet your needs but also be malware free. Be careful what you’re using so you don’t infect your PC.

              Using the


              YouTube Website Downloader

              One of the most trusted websites for downloading YouTube videos and shorts is Shortnoob. Here’s how you can use it:

                Go to the Shortsnoob website.

                  When a pop-up link window shows up, select the


                  button. This will copy the current Shorts video link.

                    Now go back to the Shortsnoob tab and paste the URL into the search bar. Press the



                      There are similar websites that’ll allow you to download YouTube Shorts and Videos to your PC or mobile device through a web browser. Some of the most popular ones aside from Shortnoob are 8Downloader and Savetube. No matter which one you use you can’t choose between video formats. The video you download will be saved in .mp4 format.

                      Using the

                      4K Video Downloader


                      If you’re downloading YouTube videos and shorts regularly and you want them in high-quality, perhaps you’ll want to install a PC app that’ll help you do it faster and without much hassle. 4K Video Downloader is a good choice and it works on macOS, Windows, and Linux OS. It’s also designed to download TikTok videos or Instagram Reels. 4K Video Downloader has more download quality options than simple online tools, and it’ll allow you to convert YouTube videos in mp3 format and save them as audio-only.

                      Once you install the 4K Video Downloader, the steps to download the YouTube shorts are the same as using the website. Copy the short’s URL into the software, and hit the download button after selecting the video quality.

                      You should know that 4k Video Downloader is not a free app, although you can try it out with a free trial period of 14 days. There are different license options you can purchase for different prices. The choice of a license will affect its duration (one year or lifetime), how many videos you can download, the option to simultaneously download multiple videos, playlist download, subtitle download, and so on.

                      How to Download YouTube Shorts on Android

                      You can use websites such as Shortsnoob on your mobile device too. Just open your phone’s web browser such as Opera or Google Chrome and follow the same steps described above. Unfortunately, the Official YouTube app no longer supports downloading shorts, so you’ll need to resort to third-party apps.

                      The best third-party app for downloading YouTube shorts on Android devices is the Tube Shorts Downloading App. You can get it for free on Google Play Store.

                      Here’s how to use it:


                          Copy Link


                            Launch the Tube Shorts Downloading App and paste the video URL into the search field. Tap the


                            button and the video will open.

                              Tap the

                              Download This Shorts from Here


                                If prompted, allow this app access to your phone’s storage.

                                How to Download YouTube Shorts Videos on iOS

                                Although you might find plenty of YouTube downloader apps on the App Store, you’ll most likely receive an error if you try using them. Also, the YouTube downloader online tools will not work on an iPhone or iPad. The best workaround is to use a YouTube downloader website in order to download Shorts on your PC and then transfer the files to your iPhone.

                                You're reading How To Download Youtube Shorts Videos (Mobile And Pc)

                                Youtube: How To Download Videos (And Is It Legal?)

                                Intellectual property rights, copyright law and everything to do with music distribution are complicated. What you can and can’t do, legally, is anything but clear, and it’s not always as simple as buying a CD in a store these days.

                                The use of converters

                                YouTube’s terms of service forbid the capturing of streams. This means that it’s against YouTube’s rules to convert or download videos, or even to record them via screen capture – that doesn’t necessarily make it illegal though.

                                Converter sites obviously violate the terms of service, yet YouTube doesn’t normally prosecute sites that provide this type of service – they are allowed to continue. At most, they are excluded from Google’s ad network, which means the owners can’t monetise them that way.

                                The law

                                All of this doesn’t actually cover whether or not it is legal for John Doe to download a video from YouTube though. The simple fact of it is that, yes, it is illegal. YouTube is covered by US copyright law, which means that no matter where you watch from, that’s the law it falls under.

                                As per US law, any sort of conversion or download of copyrighted material, whether it’s as MP3, MP4 or something else entirely – is illegal. The keyword here is copyrighted though. Not all material on YouTube is. While in the case of professionally released music and videos it always is, copyright- or royalty-free material does exist.

                                Videos that meet that criterium can be downloaded legally – however they still violate the terms of service. Complicated? Sadly yes. Below is a chart that simplifies it a little.

                                Converting/Downloading Copyrighted Videos Non-copyrighted Videos

                                Against the terms of service X X

                                Against the law X O

                                Streaming Copyrighted Videos Non-copyrighted Videos

                                Against the terms of service O O

                                Against the law O O

                                Converting content

                                Whether you want to ignore the legal restrictions or not, there are services that allow you to do so. We strongly recommend that you never download anything in violation of copyright law. If you want to convert videos, only do so to ones that are copyright-free.

                                You’re probably better off not risking it at all, but if you want to, there are some relatively safe and easy to use conversion services out there. There is a short list below.

                                Tip: Be aware that not all conversion services are reliable and safe to use. Some may try to hide malware in the files you download, so be sure to only use services you know and trust.

                                One of the most well-known conversion services, this one doesn’t require any sort of registration, supports all common browsers and audio formats, but it is restricted to YouTube. While some other services also support Dailymotion or Vimeo, this one doesn’t. You can even upload your file directly to Dropbox or Google Drive if you want.

                                Unlike the other two entries on the list, this one isn’t an online service per se – it requires a download first. This service offers considerably more functions than some of the others – it allows you to queue multiple files in batches, supports a huge variety of formats of both audio and video, and it has some pretty amazing speed stats as well. You can even convert entire channels in one go if you want to!

                                Youtube Counts Views For Shorts Like Regular Videos

                                YouTube provides insight into how views for its new Shorts video format are counted, and explains whether it impacts channel metrics like average view time.

                                YouTube Shorts launched in September 2023 and currently remains in beta. The 60-second vertical format shares similarities with TikTok videos and other popular types of short-form content.

                                YouTube users in India have access to a Shorts creation tool integrated into the mobile app. Users in other countries can contribute Shorts content by uploading vertical videos (up to 60 seconds in length) and including #Shorts in the title or description.

                                Shorts are shown on a channel’s page and a home page carousel where users can tap through and view Shorts as they would view Stories on other apps.

                                Up to now it has been unclear how views of Shorts are counted in a channel’s analytics. The lack of information has lead to legitimate concerns about views of Shorts dragging down other metrics.

                                Questions are answered in a new video from the YouTube team on the Creator Insider channel. Here’s what we learned about YouTube Shorts in analytics.

                                Shorts Data in YouTube Analytics

                                Creators can see how many views their Shorts are receiving in YouTube Analytics. Navigate to the Reach tab and then scroll down to the Traffic source types card.

                                As shown in the example above, YouTube reports on Shorts as a traffic source for video views. A view is attributed to Shorts when its viewed by a users swiping through in the Shorts player.

                                Views of Shorts Count As Regular Views

                                In YouTube Analytics, views of Shorts are counted the same as regular videos. They do not get filtered out of a channel’s total view count.

                                YouTube confirms views from Shorts has the potential to reduce a channel’s average view time. If a channel is increasing its video views, but they’re going toward 60-second videos, it makes sense average view time will go down as a result.

                                However, average view duration is not a metric that impacts channel performance in any way. YouTube’s algorithm does not consider channel metrics when deciding which videos to recommend.

                                A metric that can impact channel performance, at least monetary performance, is RPM. There’s concern among creators that Shorts can negatively impact RPM.

                                In theory that would drag RPM down. However, YouTue confirms views of Shorts are filtered out of calculations for RPM.

                                A channel’s earnings will not be impacted by Shorts. That make sense for the time being, but eventually YouTube needs to offer creators the ability to earn revenue from Shorts.

                                Many would argue the lack of revenue opportunities with Shorts is stunting the format’s adoption, but that’s a whole other story unto itself.

                                For more on YouTube Shorts in analytics, see the video below:

                                How To Upload Youtube Shorts With The Best Quality.

                                If you aren’t happy with the quality of your YouTube Shorts and get the feeling that something is killing your quality! You might be right. There are quite a few different things you need to take into account when capturing and creating your YouTube shorts to get the best possible upload quality.

                                When publishing content to YouTube shorts it should theoretically remain at the same level that you are viewing it at on your phone or PC. However, that isn’t always the case. Depending on how your content was captured, created, and then exported will influence how it looks as a YouTube Short. What exactly does this mean?

                                Another factor affecting video quality is the internet speed during the publication process. If you upload a YouTube Short while connected to a public Wi-Fi network or using mobile data, the quality will be scaled back to save your data rather than kept stable for quality. So to post YouTube Shorts videos with the absolute best quality possible there are a few things you need to consider. Obviously, you will need to record in the best possible settings but you also need to take care of some stuff when you finally get around to uploading your videos to YouTube Shorts.

                                Post Production – Best Quality YouTube Shorts.

                                If you are recording content on a camera or even your phone and then editing it in a program like Premiere Pro. Then transferring it to your Android or iOS device to upload to YouTube Shorts, you need to use a specific set of export settings to get the video perfect. Pay attention to the bitrates, this is super important so try something between 6-20 and see what works best with your footage. I’ve had a lot of success using 16mbps for the bitrate when exporting YouTube shorts. Going too low will reduce your quality significantly, whereas going too high triggers YouTube Shorts’ compression tools to step in and smash your quality.

                                How to Configure YouTube Shorts for Maximum Video Quality.

                                The next part of the process requires you to change a few settings in the YouTube app on your phone.

                                First, open the YouTube app, then Go to Settings.

                                Next, go to Data saving and make sure the reduce video quality is disabled and to be extra safe make sure the Upload over Wi-Fi only option is ticket. This will only upload content when you are connected to a WiFi network. Thus saving you potential problems.

                                You can disable the Data-saving mode entirely if that’s more your style.

                                The final part of this entire process is to make sure that you let your uploaded content play all the way through without interrupting. For whatever reason doing this can help quite a lot with quality. The same process works for Instagram and TikTok as well.

                                If you’re also uploading content to Instagram Reels and TikTok you will need to follow similar processes, however, as usual each different app has different settings that you need to adjust in order to get the best results. Below are our guides that are dedicated to both.

                                How to Upload TikTok Videos with the Best Quality.

                                How to Upload Instagram Reels with the Best Quality.

                                How To Screen Record Youtube Videos With Sound

                                How to Screen Record YouTube Videos With Sound

                                So you’re not alone if you want to screen record a YouTube video so you can watch or listen to it later.

                                We’ll go through how to screen record a video on YouTube with audio in this post. You’ll be able to watch your YouTube videos even if you don’t have an internet connection. This is very necessary in today’s world when the education system has gone online and students want to revise the content by streaming the video again. Here the major role of Advanced Screen Recorder steps in by which you can record the YouTube video.

                                Also Read:- YouTube Screenshots – 2 Ways to Take Screenshots From YouTube Video

                                Let’s look at how to use Advanced Screen Recorder, the finest screen recorder, to record YouTube videos.

                                On Windows, how can I record a YouTube video with sound?

                                You don’t need to change any system settings to get started. To begin recording YouTube videos with sound, simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided below:

                                Advanced Screen Recorder – The Best Screen Recorder Tool – System Requirements

                                4 GB RAM or More Memory

                                Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, PC compatibility

                                Display: 1280×768 pixels or above

                                Hard Disk Space: A minimum of 2 GB of free space is required, as well as an SSD for optimal performance.

                                Intel Core i3 or higher processor

                                Advanced Screen Recorder has a Number of Advantages

                                Multiple screen capture & video recording modes are available, including- Full Screen

                                Window that scrolls

                                Capture Specific Area

                                The window that is currently active

                                Supports watermark-free screen and video capture.

                                Screenshots may be edited using the built-in picture editor.

                                Screengrabs may be uploaded to Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

                                Hotkeys make it simple to record or capture the screen.

                                Screen capturing software that isn’t overly heavy.

                                Allows you to record audio from Zoom calls, YouTube videos, and other sources.

                                How to Record YouTube Videos with Sound Using Advanced Screen Recorder, the Best Screen Recorder?

                                Advanced Screen Recorder may be used to screen record & capture screenshots by anybody, from beginners to expert users. Follow these steps to begin recording videos from YouTube, Zoom, or other sources:

                                Get Advanced Screen Recorder, screen capture & video recording program, and install it.

                                How to use the trial version of Advanced Screen Recorder?

                                1. Download and install Advanced Screen Recorder.

                                3. You will now get the screen as shown below

                                Full Screen-will record the full screen for you

                                Select Region-It will record a particular selected area by you on the screen

                                Select Window-It will split the screen into two halves, and you can select from the two

                                Webcam-It will record the webcam video

                                This way you can record the screen using the trial version of Advanced Screen Recorder.

                                Once you have exhausted all the 3 attempts, you will get a prompt stating that your trial is expired. After which the recorded screen will have a watermark and a limit of  10 minutes.

                                This means, even after the 3 trial attempts expire you can still record the screen, but with a time limit of 10 minutes of screen recording with a watermark.

                                PRO Version – Advanced Screen Recorder

                                How to upgrade to the PRO version

                                If you wish to upgrade to PRO, you will have to purchase the product.

                                How to Activate Advanced Screen Recorder

                                If you have already purchased the Advanced Screen Recorder, follow these steps:

                                2. Next copy-paste the key, you received on the email address provided at the time of purchase.

                                4. Advanced Screen Recorder will now convert into Pro version and the product will look as shown in the screenshot below:

                                Once upgraded to PRO, you will be able to use all the features of Advanced Screen Recorder.

                                How to start screen recording

                                You have to select from any one of the four options viz:

                                Full Screen– capture the full screen for you

                                Select Region-record a particular selected area by you on the screen

                                Select Window-split the screen into two halves, and you can select from the two

                                Webcam– record the webcam video

                                Note:- Repeat all the steps simultaneously, if you record the screen through the Select region, Select Window, Webcam.

                                To start with, the first option you will get will be Full-screen recording. In this, you will record the whole screen without leaving any part of the screen.

                                If you want to record the screen with audio, then put the mic tab on the Default recording device; else you can select none to put background music off.

                                You can do it by selecting the preference from the mic tab.

                                Screen Recording is Now Easier Than Ever

                                Easy access to Recorded Content

                                Once the recording is over, you will find the recorded video under the recordings tab.

                                You can also see recorded content in C drive by following the path:-

                                All the recorded videos will be in Documents folders under Advanced Screen Recorder.

                                How to Delete the Recording?

                                Stored Audio Recordings

                                In the audio tab, you will be able to see the list of all the recordings which are in the audio format only.

                                Stored Screenshots

                                One of the great features of Advanced Screen Recorder is users can take screenshots of any particular frame while recording. It is available under the screenshots tab where all the screenshots will be available. You can view them, save them, share them via any platform, or delete them if not appropriate.

                                Managing Preferences

                                If you wish to change settings according to your needs, you can do it through the quick settings tab. You can select the storage location, and you can change the format of the video (MP4, FLV, AVI), frame and size of the video, Video quality, etc., as per your requirement.

                                Customizing Watermark

                                One of the greatest features of the tool is the ability to add a watermark to your videos. This feature gives credibility to your videos and stops piracy. You can customize your Adding a watermark gives authenticity to your videos and prevents them from being copied.

                                Enabling cursor movement in recording

                                This feature is great if you want to present a recorded video stating some points which the audience should see on a big screen with the help of a cursor.

                                How to record audio while screen recording

                                1. To record the system audio, you can select the preferences.

                                2. If you want to record anything, you can do it by making a preference under the mic tab.

                                Managing Screenshots


                                When it comes to screen recording or screenshot capture, Advanced Screen Recorder is a simple tool to use the tool. You can utilize this tool whenever you want, without having to think about it. Advanced Screen Recorder contains every option you could want. Additionally, this application does not add a watermark to the screen capture or video, making it easy to distribute, use in presentations, and more.

                                Advanced Screen Recorder Image Editor also allows you to add annotations to screen captures, highlight details, blur crucial information, & many things more.

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                                About the author

                                Aayush Yadav

                                How To Connect Your Youtube Mobile App To Tv?

                                Whether one wants to watch a favourite TV series or videos, YouTube offers a variety of entertaining content to his audiences. Viewers can enjoy watching YouTube on devices like computers, tablets, and mobile phones but all these devices have a very limited screen size making this online streaming less interesting.

                                So, why settle for small-screen devices when we can watch YouTube videos on the big TV screen with the use of technology? With the new inventions that happen day-to-day in technology, users can now enjoy an optimal YouTube viewing experience by casting YouTube to TV. Casting on TV makes it easy to watch YouTube Videos on the large screen of the TV.

                                Casting allows viewers to easily mirror the phone screen onto their TV without using wires or cables, the only thing needed is an active WIFI connection. Without WIFI also the YouTube App can be mirrored on the TV. Using the mobile, one can also pause, rewind, forward and stop the video. Just make sure that your mobile and TV both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

                                There are three methods to connect Your YouTube App to TV. We will study all three one by one.

                                Method 1 How to Cast YouTube to TV by Casting Button?

                                YouTube cast allows viewers to enjoy videos in higher resolution by using YouTube streaming on the Smart TV screen. Just by connecting your mobile devices properly, you can control YouTube on your smart TV. Just make sure that your smart TV is set up, and on and also make sure that your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smart TV is.

                                Follow the steps below to cast YouTube Videos to TV from your mobile phone −

                                Step 1 − Open YouTube App on the mobile phone.

                                Step 2 − The YouTube App will open. Select the video on the App you want to play.

                                Step 3 − Tap Cast on your mobile phone.

                                Step 6 − The video player will still be open in the app on your phone, showing that you are connected to your TV and the video is playing on it. Once the YouTube Video is playing on the TV screen, you can close your Phone without any worry and the Video will continue to play on the TV screen.

                                As told above, the mobile phone at any time can be used as a Remote Control to Pause, Rewind, Forward or Stop the YouTube Video from playing on the TV Screen. The steps to change your mobile phone to remote are −

                                Step 7 − The phone had changed as remote control.

                                Disconnecting from your smart TV

                                Step 1 − Again, tap on the Cast button while the video is still playing.

                                After that tap on DISCONNECT and your smart TV will get disconnected from your mobile.

                                Method 2 How to connect to your smart TV using a TV code?

                                After linking your phone through a TV code, you can watch YouTube on your TV still when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

                                Follow these steps below to link your YouTube app with the smart TV using code −

                                Step 1 − Open YouTube App on the mobile phone.

                                Step 2 − The YouTube App will open. Select the video on the App you want to play.

                                Step 3 − Select the “Link with TV code” option that pops up on your mobile screen

                                Step 5 − Enter the blue TV code shown on your TV on the mobile and tap LINK.

                                Step 6 − Once connected, the video which was playing on your mobile phone will start to play on your TV.

                                Method 3 How to connect to your smart TV by Screen mirroring?

                                Through screen mirroring, the full contents of the smartphone can be displayed on an external screen wirelessly and without WIFI. You will see an exact real-time replica of your smartphone displayed on the Smart TV when mirroring it.

                                By using screen mirroring technology, one device can display its screen on another. Some people wonder, do we need WIFI for mobile phone screen mirror.

                                Screen mirroring is only possible with a TV or mobile that supports it. Direct, two-way communication is enabled between the two devices in which one sends and another receives. Therefore, a smart TV can smart mirror your phone screen on its screen without requiring WIFI.

                                Follow these steps below to link your YouTube App by screen mirroring −

                                Step 1 − Open YouTube App on the mobile phone. The YouTube App will open. Select the video on the App you want to play.

                                Step 4 − A message will flash on TV, accept it.

                                Step 5 − The video will start playing on TV.

                                Step 6 − The mobile goes into stand-by mode while the video is playing on TV.

                                Disconnecting from your smart TV

                                Step 7 − A small blue icon is visible on the screen. Tap on it.

                                Step 8 − Select Disconnect from the list. You can also change the phone aspect ratio from this list. You can also pause sharing.


                                Users can enjoy online YouTube streaming on big TV screens in high resolution with this facility. There are multiple device-specific methods to cast YouTube to TV. Choose your method and go for it.

                                Update the detailed information about How To Download Youtube Shorts Videos (Mobile And Pc) on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!