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If you’re in the market for smart lights, you’ve probably realized that Philips Hue lights are some of the best and most versatile smart lights that you can add to your smart home.

Philips Hue smart lights come in many varieties. Starter kits are the best value, with four white bulbs and the Hue bridge starting at $59.99, or four white and colored lights with the Hue bridge starting at $199.99. You can also purchase other Hue products like smart lightstrips from the Philips website or buy them from Amazon.

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Whichever product you start with, the installation and setup process is roughly the same. You’ll need to install the new Hue smart light bulbs, physically connect the bridge to your router, set up Philips Hue software on your Android or iPhone and/or your computer, and configure the smart bulbs. In this guide, we’ll step you through the entire process.

Connect Philips Hue Lights Hardware

Before you can set up the Philips Hue apps and start controlling the new lights via your Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to connect the Hue system, including the Philips Hue Bridge and the Philips Hue light bulbs.

The first thing you’ll want to do is take the bulbs from the box and install them into the light fixtures where you’d like to use them.

Once installed, turn on the light switch to power the bulbs. Keep in mind that if your lighting system is controlled by a dimmer switch, you’ll need to place the dimmer in the full on position for the lights to work properly.

The Philips Hue bulbs may or may not light up immediately, but you don’t have to worry about that right now.

Remove the Philips Hue bridge from the box and place it next to your internet router. There are two connections on the back of the bridge, the power port, and the ethernet port.

Plug the included power adapter into the power port and install the plug into an outlet or power strip. 

Second, install one end of the included ethernet cable into the LAN port of the bridge, and plug the other end into an available LAN port on the back of your internet router.

Make sure to install it into one of the numbered LAN ports, not in the internet port (usually, this has a globe icon to identify it). That port is your main internet connection coming from your cable, fiber, or DSL modem.

The Philips Hue bridge should now have all lights active in a dark or light blue color. If any of these are not lit up or a different color, unplug the bridge and plug it back in again.

With both your Philips Hue bulbs and Philips Hue bridge powered up, and the bridge connected to your home internet, you’re ready to install the apps and start using your smart lights.

Setting Up the Philips Hue App

You can download the Philips Hue app for Android from the Google Play Store or for iOS from the Apple app store.

When you first launch the Philips Hue app, you’ll need to add your lights to a “room” in your house. A room, in the app, is a designated area of your home where the lights are installed.

To do this, select the three dots at the top right corner of the app window, and select Add lights.

When you tap that, it’ll open the Add lights wizard. You can either add lights by typing in the serial number from each bulb or using the Search button. 

The Search button enables the bridge to scan your local area for the presence of the bulbs and automatically identify them. If the bridge can locate the bulbs (maybe because they’re too far away from the Philips Hue bridge, just add them by serial number instead.

This will open a new wizard for this. Select Room, and on the next screen you can select the type or room you’re adding, like Living Room or Office. On the final page, you’ll need to select the lights you want to assign to that room.

Once you select Done, your Philips Hue app is set up, and you’re ready to start controlling your Philips Hue lights!

Using the Philips Hue App

Now, whenever you open the Hue app on your mobile device, you’ll see the rooms available to control. When you select a room, you can control individual bulbs (brightness or color) or select a “scene”, which is a pre-programmed color combination that sets a certain mood or ambiance in the room.

You can also use the single switch at the top of the Room window to control all of the bulbs assigned to that room at once.

There are several additional very cool features and functionality available in the Philips Hue app.

Automations: Choose from creative ways to automate your lights, like turning them on or off to a timer or having them turn on or off when you arrive or leave home.

Entertainment Areas: Assign specific bulbs to entertainment “areas” in a room in your house so that you can sync them with media or music playing in that room via your computer (see below).

Voice Assistants: Connect with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so that you can control your lights via voice command. This also lets you control your lights via the Assistant app, your Google Home app, the Amazon Alexa app, or your Amazon Echo.

Widgets: Customize a widget for your mobile device’s home screen. Before this works in the app, you’ll need to long-press the home screen and add the Philips Hue widget from there. Then, go back to the app to customize it. 

How to Sync Philips Hue Lights With In-Room Media

There are three ways that you can have your lights automatically change color to match movies, music, or other media you’re enjoying in that room.

For the most control at the lowest cost, the Philips Hue Sync desktop app is the way to go.

So long as you’ve created Entertainment Areas with the Philips Hue mobile app, you’ll see those listed in the desktop Philips Hue Sync application.

Before you can do this though, you’ll need to select Settings and then select Philips hue from the left menu. Select Connect new bridge if you haven’t connected the app to your bridge yet.

You can also select Entertainment areas from the left menu to see what areas are available for you to control.

Select General preferences from the left menu to configure exactly how syncing behaves when launching the app. 

You can configure:

Whether the Sync program starts on system startup

Start Syncing automatically with media you play whenever the Sync app launches

Enable “background” lighting, which will ensure you’re never left in the dark even if the movie you’re watching goes completely black.

When you’re ready to watch the media and have your lights sync with it, just select the Start light sync button at the bottom and enjoy the immersive show!

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Lutron Announces New Aurora Dimmer Designed To Integrate With Existing Philips Hue Setups

The lighting experts at Lutron have announced a useful new accessory for Philips Hue smart light users — solving a common problem for Hue customers. Lutron has unveiled its new Aurora dimmer, designed to integrate with existing Philips Hue lights, with Lutron joining the “Friends of Hue” program.

As users of Hue smart bulbs have likely experienced, whenever a wall light switch is flipped off, smart lights will go unresponsive, with Philips Hue bulbs requiring the lights stay in the “on” position at all times to be controlled on or off. Lutron’s new Aurora dimmer is designed to solve that problem, while also offering unique control options.

Lutron’s new Aurora dimmer accessory is designed to fit over existing toggle switches that you have around your home. The new round-shaped dimmer snaps onto existing mounting bases, with Lutron claiming that installation is completely wire-free and takes less than two minutes. It simply snaps over your existing light switches to provide easy access to Hue controls.

Once in place, the Aurora will prevent light switches from being toggled off, and thanks to Hue integration, allows you to control brightness by simply turning the knob. You can also tap the dimmer to turn lights on and off via the Hue platform.

Here’s how Lutron describes the accessory:

The completely wire-free Lutron Aurora dimmer can be installed easily over toggle switches in just two minutes. A dimmer mounting base “locks” your existing toggle switch in the on/up position to help prevent it from being accidentally turned off.

The round knob dimmer snaps directly onto the mounting base, and provides wireless, local control of your Philips Hue smart bulbs and fixtures. The Aurora dimmer is perfect for times when it’s less convenient to use the Philips Hue app to adjust your lights. And, there’s no need to worry about Wi-Fi outages. Just like the Philips Hue system, the Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer operates via Zigbee technology. You can still control your Hue lights with the Aurora dimmer even if the Wi-Fi goes down.

Read the full Lutron Aurora press release below. The accessory can be ordered now from the Hue website for $39.95. It will also be sold via Apple, Amazon, and Home Depot in the near future. Lutron says the first orders will ship next month.

New Lutron Aurora® Smart Bulb Dimmer Locks Toggle-Style Light Switch into Place, Keeping Philips Hue Smart Lighting “Always Ready”

Lutron joins the Philips Hue ‘Friends of Hue’ program, helping users regain control of their smart lighting by preventing the toggle switch from being accidentally turned off.

New smart bulb dimmer provides family and guests in the home with seamless, easy, and familiar control of Hue lights.

Coopersburg, PA and Somerset, NJ – Smart bulb users lose control of their smart lighting when a light switch is accidentally turned off. To help prevent this from happening, Lutron is introducing the Aurora smart bulb dimmer, a wireless, battery-powered dimmer that can be mounted directly over a toggle switch, keeping Signify’s Philips Hue smart bulbs and fixtures ready for use.

The intuitive, familiar style of the Lutron Aurora dimmer allows any family member or guest in your home to control your Philips Hue lights easily. Simply touch the Aurora dimmer to turn your Hue lights on or off and turn the knob to brighten or dim the lights.

“Lutron is pleased to join the Philips Hue ‘Friends of Hue’ program and offer this unique, wall- mounted smart lighting control that enriches the Hue experience,” said Matt Swatsky, Vice President, Residential Mid-Market Business at Lutron. “Lutron prides itself on aligning with global, best-in-class companies like Signify to improve and evolve the lighting experience. Together, Lutron and Signify are addressing smart bulb user feedback with an attractive and practical solution that locks toggle switches in place to keep smart bulbs ready, while providing an additional point of control. The Aurora dimmer simplifies the use of Philips Hue smart bulbs and fixtures for everyone in the home.”

Easy Installation and “Always Ready”

The completely wire-free Lutron Aurora dimmer can be installed easily over toggle switches in just two minutes. A dimmer mounting base “locks” your existing toggle switch in the on/up position to help prevent it from being accidentally turned off.

And, there’s no need to worry about Wi-Fi outages. Just like the Philips Hue system, the Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer operates via Zigbee technology. You can still control your Hue lights with the Aurora dimmer even if the Wi-Fi goes down.

“The Lutron Aurora dimmer is the perfect complement to the Philips Hue system – it offers yet another convenient and familiar way for you to control and enjoy what our smart lighting can do. It also blends in well with any interior design style,” said Jasper Vervoort, Business Leader, Home Systems and Luminaires at Signify. “With Lutron as our new ‘Friend of Hue’, we’re continuing to deliver on our promise of making smart lighting even more accessible to anyone in the home.”

The Lutron Aurora dimmer, available in white, can now be pre-ordered on chúng tôi and is expected to ship in June. The Aurora dimmer will also be available for purchase on chúng tôi and in-store and online at Apple, Best Buy and The Home Depot soon.

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How To Connect Nintendo Joy

The best gaming controller is often the one you have with you. Millions of Nintendo Switch owners experience this. The case is not so cut and dry for Mac owners. Using a keyboard and mouse is hardly ideal, and, for the majority of games, it’s a terrible solution. What if you could connect your Switch Joy-Cons or Pro controller to your Mac? Good news, you can! Adding a controller to the Mac is really easy, and if a game allows Bluetooth controllers, it will elevate the Mac gaming experience to entirely new levels. Learn how to do it here.

Pairing a Joy-Con

A word of warning before getting started, as you cannot use Joy-Cons in the same manner as you would on a Switch. In other words, both Joy-Cons can be paired to the Mac at the same time, but they would serve as two individual controllers for two players.

1. Start by turning off the Nintendo Switch. You can be certain that the Joy-Con connection to the Switch is not enabled by doing this first.

2. Remove one or both Joy-Cons from the Switch, and hold the “Sync” button until you see a green flashing light. The “Sync” button is found on the flat side of the Joy-Con, and it is a small black button.

4. One or both Joy-Cons will appear on the right side of the Bluetooth menu with the word “Pair” next to them.

Pairing the Pro Controller

Popular with Nintendo’s more dedicated gaming crowd, the Switch Pro Controller (or the equally popular PowerA controllers) should look familiar to Xbox owners. With a similar layout, the Pro Controller is more ergonomic for lengthy gaming sessions and has a rechargeable battery. Like the Joy-Cons, the Pro Controller is very easy to connect to the Mac.

1. Start by turning off the Nintendo Switch, just as you did with the Joy-Con steps. This will break the connection to the Pro Controller.

3. Go back to the Pro Controller (or the PowerA) and press and hold the “Sync” button. It, too, is a small black button that can be found at the top of the Pro Controller.

Remapping Your Controls

While the urge to jump right into a gaming session on your Mac will be strong once these devices are synced, there is one more step. You need to “map” your Joy-Con or Pro Controller layout to the individual game you wish to play. This same step applies to both the Xbox and PS4 controller, so it’s hardly unique to Nintendo. Most games available on the Mac, especially those through the Mac App Store, should include an option to “re-map” controls in the game. If the default layout is not working for you, you can find a button layout that does work and continue gaming. All in all, re-mapping controls should take less than a minute or two.

Nintendo Switch owners will find that having the ability to use their Joy-Cons or Pro Controller can make a world of difference for Mac gaming. However, If you find that the Joy-Cons are too small for your hands, you might want to consider these alternatives. Make sure you also check out our list of the best Pro Controller alternatives.

David Joz

David is a freelance tech writer with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He loves all things Nintendo.

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How To Connect Your Youtube Mobile App To Tv?

Whether one wants to watch a favourite TV series or videos, YouTube offers a variety of entertaining content to his audiences. Viewers can enjoy watching YouTube on devices like computers, tablets, and mobile phones but all these devices have a very limited screen size making this online streaming less interesting.

So, why settle for small-screen devices when we can watch YouTube videos on the big TV screen with the use of technology? With the new inventions that happen day-to-day in technology, users can now enjoy an optimal YouTube viewing experience by casting YouTube to TV. Casting on TV makes it easy to watch YouTube Videos on the large screen of the TV.

Casting allows viewers to easily mirror the phone screen onto their TV without using wires or cables, the only thing needed is an active WIFI connection. Without WIFI also the YouTube App can be mirrored on the TV. Using the mobile, one can also pause, rewind, forward and stop the video. Just make sure that your mobile and TV both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

There are three methods to connect Your YouTube App to TV. We will study all three one by one.

Method 1 How to Cast YouTube to TV by Casting Button?

YouTube cast allows viewers to enjoy videos in higher resolution by using YouTube streaming on the Smart TV screen. Just by connecting your mobile devices properly, you can control YouTube on your smart TV. Just make sure that your smart TV is set up, and on and also make sure that your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smart TV is.

Follow the steps below to cast YouTube Videos to TV from your mobile phone −

Step 1 − Open YouTube App on the mobile phone.

Step 2 − The YouTube App will open. Select the video on the App you want to play.

Step 3 − Tap Cast on your mobile phone.

Step 6 − The video player will still be open in the app on your phone, showing that you are connected to your TV and the video is playing on it. Once the YouTube Video is playing on the TV screen, you can close your Phone without any worry and the Video will continue to play on the TV screen.

As told above, the mobile phone at any time can be used as a Remote Control to Pause, Rewind, Forward or Stop the YouTube Video from playing on the TV Screen. The steps to change your mobile phone to remote are −

Step 7 − The phone had changed as remote control.

Disconnecting from your smart TV

Step 1 − Again, tap on the Cast button while the video is still playing.

After that tap on DISCONNECT and your smart TV will get disconnected from your mobile.

Method 2 How to connect to your smart TV using a TV code?

After linking your phone through a TV code, you can watch YouTube on your TV still when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

Follow these steps below to link your YouTube app with the smart TV using code −

Step 1 − Open YouTube App on the mobile phone.

Step 2 − The YouTube App will open. Select the video on the App you want to play.

Step 3 − Select the “Link with TV code” option that pops up on your mobile screen

Step 5 − Enter the blue TV code shown on your TV on the mobile and tap LINK.

Step 6 − Once connected, the video which was playing on your mobile phone will start to play on your TV.

Method 3 How to connect to your smart TV by Screen mirroring?

Through screen mirroring, the full contents of the smartphone can be displayed on an external screen wirelessly and without WIFI. You will see an exact real-time replica of your smartphone displayed on the Smart TV when mirroring it.

By using screen mirroring technology, one device can display its screen on another. Some people wonder, do we need WIFI for mobile phone screen mirror.

Screen mirroring is only possible with a TV or mobile that supports it. Direct, two-way communication is enabled between the two devices in which one sends and another receives. Therefore, a smart TV can smart mirror your phone screen on its screen without requiring WIFI.

Follow these steps below to link your YouTube App by screen mirroring −

Step 1 − Open YouTube App on the mobile phone. The YouTube App will open. Select the video on the App you want to play.

Step 4 − A message will flash on TV, accept it.

Step 5 − The video will start playing on TV.

Step 6 − The mobile goes into stand-by mode while the video is playing on TV.

Disconnecting from your smart TV

Step 7 − A small blue icon is visible on the screen. Tap on it.

Step 8 − Select Disconnect from the list. You can also change the phone aspect ratio from this list. You can also pause sharing.


Users can enjoy online YouTube streaming on big TV screens in high resolution with this facility. There are multiple device-specific methods to cast YouTube to TV. Choose your method and go for it.

How To Psychologically Segment Audiences To Better Connect Via Email

Every day, we instinctively change our communication styles to fit our audience

That bawdy joke? You’re never going to tell it in the presence of your buttoned-up in-laws. Instead, you’ll wait until you’re surrounded by old friends.

Why? It comes down to intuition. As children, we begin to understand that no two people communicate the same way. Yet by the time we hit adulthood, we seem to forget that fact, especially when it comes to corporate communications and marketing.

Instead of lumping together all our prospects and customers, we would be much better off if we focused on connecting with them on the basis of their personalities. In other words, we should speak their language, not try to force them to learn ours.

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Review your approach to email marketing by reviewing the latest trends.

Access the

Authors Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram dived headfirst into this topic in the book “5 Voices: How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone You Lead,” arguing that personality typing is the missing link among brands striving to create trust and bonds with users. Their premise holds plenty of water. While one person might like a data-focused bulleted list, another might prefer a rousing case study or short story.

Whether you’re sending an email laced with academic prose or a more informal one featuring slang, colloquialisms, emojis, and gifs, you have to speak the language of the recipient. In both cases, the core information doesn’t have to change; it’s the delivery mechanism based on personality that makes the difference.

And it all begins by knowing your audience on a deeper level.

Want to Grab Attention? Pay Attention

When you focus on psychology and semantics with your communications, you focus completely on the end user.

Planning to blast out an email a day for a year with fun facts about your company to your hottest prospects? You’ll just make it clear that you have no interest in listening. And if that’s the case, how will people believe that you can help them solve their problems?

Similarly, using trite phrases like “I guarantee” or “big savings” hurt your messaging because they’re self-serving and transparently salesy. In their place, insert content in a voice that sounds and feels familiar to the user. That voice could be highly casual, or it might take an official tone. The goal is to determine how readers need to interact with your brand to feel positive about your company.

Of course, this requires you to focus on connections based on where customers are in the sales process. A client closer to the top of the funnel needs to feel a tight relationship with your company; a client who knows you well expects you to build upon the common ground you’ve already established.

At the same time, you have to fulfill customers’ emotional needs and motivators. When you do, you’ll find that it’s simpler to foster deeper and deeper connections, boosting brand loyalty as well as lifetime sales.

Feel like this is counterintuitive to what you’ve been taught? You’ve probably been locked in a competitor-obsessed mindset. Shake it off to reap benefits like Amazon enjoys. Its Amazon Web Services hosting platform is worth billions because it was responsive to consumer needs.

Similarly, Amazon Prime has revolutionized the delivery industry, moving from one-day to same-day delivery to meet shoppers’ demands. No doubt Amazon’s developers studied the psychological needs of their user base well before making these revolutionary changes.

You can, too, if you’re ready to see positive outcomes.

How Psychological Profiling Sets a Clear Advantage

Our firm sends thousands of emails per week on behalf of clients. It would be easy for them to sound and feel automated, but they don’t. Segmenting recipients by industry and title helps us speak to readers’ individual concerns and challenges.

To put it simply, if you send out 10,000 emails a week and your competitor sends only 1,000, you might think you’re winning. But if your competitor’s conversion rate is two or three times higher than yours, they’re gaining more customers with fewer resources — putting them in the lead.

Utilize the Power of Psychology to Craft Effective Emails Segment audience members by title, not just industry

It’s routine for organizations to blast emails to all people within an industry, but that’s a big mistake. Instead, opt to segment target readers by job titles and skills. After all, if a CMO wants to move on from his current company, he’s more likely to choose a CMO position in an unrelated industry than a CTO position in a related industry so that he can leverage his experience and credentials.

Sending a series of emails to C-level titles? Keep in mind that they probably won’t want the same information delivery system. The CEO, usually a right-brained visionary, will interpret and internalize an email far differently from an analytically driven, left-brained CFO.

Create audition demographic sections by age and generation

Millennial leaders are taking CEO positions at rapid rates, but they can struggle when faced with communications better geared toward Generation X or Baby Boomer C-suite counterparts. What’s the issue? They tend to lead by consensus, transparency, and equality. At the same time, they might not have the patience for longer, storyteller-style emails because they’re true digital natives.

Consequently, you might want to generate not only title segments, but also generational ones. That way, you won’t have the challenge of trying to write one piece of communications content for two very different executives who happen to share the same title.

Use language that shows you’ve listened

Have you ever spoken with someone who feels the need to keep interrupting with potential solutions — without actually understanding your core problem? After five minutes, you feel not just unheard, but also frustrated. The last thing you want is to be seen as a know-it-all.

Taking a psychologically segmented approach to emails and other marketing pieces forces you to focus on your customer’s needs. And guess what? They’ll know it and respond.

After all, buyers are a whole lot savvier than they used to be. They’ll put their money toward companies that listen, even if the organizations are less qualified on paper than others.

You might be new to this method of using psychology to increase your customer service through communications venues, but it will become second nature if you practice it regularly. Do a few tests and see how rich your discussions — and your revenue streams — become when you take a fresh perspective.

How To Connect Messages To Macbook In 3 Easy Steps • Mactips

How to connect Messages to MacBook in 3 easy steps






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Protect your Mac on all fronts with unrivalled antivirus technology! Intego is a veteran when it comes to Mac security, bringing you well-researched and tested security features to protect your Mac against malware and cyber threats. Here are the most important features:

Advanced antivirus and PUP protection

VPN with unlimited encrypted traffic

Automatic backup of essential files

Cleaner utility, to speed up your Mac

Parental controls feature

Secure your Mac with Intego!

Many users reported that they can’t send or receive messages on their Mac. This can be a problem, but if your MacBook isn’t connecting to Messages, in today’s article we’ll show you how to fix that.

What to do if I can’t connect Messages to MacBook? 1. Restart your Mac

Sometimes there might be a glitch with your system that makes you unable to send or receive messages. The quickest way to fix it is to restart your Mac like this:

Go to the Apple menu.

Once your MacBook restarts, check if the problem is still there.

2. Check Messages settings

Sometimes if your Messages app isn’t configured properly, you won’t be able to send or receive messages on your Mac. To fix that, do the following:

Open Messages app.

Select Preferences in the app menu.

Go to the iMessage or Accounts

Make sure that your account is enabled and that all options are checked in You can be reached for messages at.

Some users are suggesting to disable Enable this account option in the Apple ID section and restart their Mac to fix the problem. After your MacBook restarts, repeat the steps from above, but be sure to check Enable this account option.

3. Sign out of Messages

There might be a glitch with the Messages app and that can make you unable to send or receive messages on your Mac. To fix it, simply sign out of the Messages app and sing back in. To do that, follow these steps:

Open the Messages app and go to Preferences.

Now to go iMessage

Incorrect date and time can cause issues with the Messages app. To fix it, you just need to adjust the date and time like this:

Now choose Date & Time.

Navigate to Time Zone tab and check Set date and time automatically.

If this option is already enabled, uncheck it, and check it again.

After doing that, check if the problem is still there.

These are several quick and easy solutions that should help you if you can’t send or receive messages on your Mac.

FAQ: Learn more about Messages on MacBook

Can I get text messages on my Mac?

How do you press enter without sending a message on Mac?

To enter a new line of text without sending the message on Mac, you will need to press the Options key and then hit the Enter button.

How do you go to the very first message on iMessage?

Inside the Messages app, select the message thread you want to explore and tap on the time stamp at the top of your display.

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