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Don’t want to interact with someone on your social media apps? You can simply block them. Blocking a user stops them from communicating with you on that particular app. You will no longer be bothered by their presence or messages. This article details how to block and unblock a user on some of the most popular social media apps including Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, and Snapchat.

1. Instagram

Thankfully, Instagram will not notify the other person that you have blocked them. However, if you don’t want to take such a harsh step, you can restrict a user or mute them. You can also hide your Instagram account and prevent others from finding you.

How to Block and Unblock Someone on Instagram for Mobile

Go to the Instagram profile that you want to block on Android or iPhone. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select “Block” from the menu.

    You will get two options: “Block account_name and any new accounts that they will create” and “Block account_name.” The first option will block new accounts created by that person, even if they change their username, while the second blocks just the one account. Select the required option and press the “Block” button.

    To view your blocked list and to unblock someone, follow these steps:

    Open your Instagram profile and tap on the three-bar icon. Select Settings.

      Under Settings, go to “Privacy → Blocked accounts.”

        Here you will find all the accounts that you have blocked. Tap on the “Unblock” button next to the person that you want to remove from the blocked list.

        How to Block and Unblock Someone on Instagram on PC 2. Facebook

        When you block a profile on Facebook, the following things will happen to the blocked account. They will be unfriended and won’t be notified that they have been blocked. Additionally, they won’t be able to:

        See your profile or any new updates (posts, stories, etc.) that you publish

        Tag or mention you

        Send you messages on Facebook Messenger

        Send a friend request

        Please note that the above things hold true from your end as well.

        How to Block and Unblock Someone in Facebook’s Mobile Apps

        To unblock someone on Facebook when using the Android or iPhone app:

        Open the profile you wish to block.

        Tap on the three-dot icon and press the “Block” option.

        To unblock someone and to view your Facebook blocked list, follow these steps:

        Tap on the three-bar icon at the top. Scroll down and go to “Settings & privacy → Settings.”

          Scroll down and tap on “Blocking” under the “Audience and Visibility” section.

            In the list of blocked profiles, tap on “Unblock” next to the person you wish to unblock.

            If you want to block multiple people, use the “Add to Blocked List” option to find and add people quickly to the blocked list.

            Note: you cannot block someone again within 48 hours of unblocking them.

            How to Block and Unblock Someone on Facebook on PC

            If you changed your mind and wish to unblock someone while using Facebook on desktop follow the below steps:

              You can also block a profile from here. Just type the person’s name whom you want to block in the text field under the “Block users” section and press the “Block” button.

              3. Facebook Messenger

              When you block a profile on Facebook Messenger, the blocked contact won’t be able to message or call you. However, they can still interact with you on Facebook. If you’ve blocked them on Facebook as well, they won’t be able to interact with you on either platform.

              How to Block and Unblock Someone on Messenger for Mobile

              Launch the Messenger mobile app and open the conversation. Tap on the person’s name at the top to reach the chat options screen. Scroll down and tap on the “Block” option.

                Similar to PC, you will be greeted by two options: “Block on Messenger” or “Block on Facebook.” Choose the desired option.

                The following steps show how to unblock someone in the Messenger app for mobile.

                In the app, tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner.

                  Go to “Privacy → Blocked accounts.”

                    Tap on the person you want to unblock.

                    Tap on the (-) remove icon next to “Unblock messages and calls.”

                    How to Block and Unblock Someone on Messenger for PC

                    Open Messenger in your browser and head to the conversation with the person you want to block.

                      Expand the “Privacy and support” section and press the “Block” option.

                        A pop-up will show up that gives you two options. You can either block the person on Facebook Messenger only or completely block them on Facebook, which includes both Facebook and Messenger.

                        If you block a person on Messenger only, they can still interact with you on Facebook. If you choose the “Block on Facebook” option, all the things mentioned under the “What happens when you block someone on Facebook” section will hold true.

                        When it’s time to unblock someone on Messenger while on your PC, follow the instructions below.

                        4. WhatsApp

                        When you block a user on WhatsApp, they won’t be able to message or call you. They can’t see your WhatsApp status, last seen, online status, or profile picture. Read our detailed guide on the aftereffects of blocking someone on WhatsApp.

                        How to Block and Unblock Someone on WhatsApp on Mobile

                        Open the WhatsApp conversation and tap on the contact name or number at the top.

                        Press the “Block” button at the bottom on the next screen.

                        Next, let’s look at how you can unblock someone on WhatsApp.

                        If you haven’t deleted the chat with the blocked contact, open that chat and tap on the person’s name. Scroll down and tap “Unblock.”

                          Alternatively, go to “Settings → Account → Privacy → Blocked.” On Android, tap on the user you want to unblock and press the “Unblock” option.

                            On iPhone, swipe left on the contact’s name and select “Unblock.” Alternatively, tap the “Edit” option and press the red minus icon next to the contact.

                            How to Block and Unblock Someone on WhatsApp on PC

                            Let’s see how you can unblock someone on WhatsApp on desktop.

                            Tip: use the “Add blocked contact” button to block a contact by adding it directly to this list.

                            5. Telegram

                            After blocking someone on Telegram, they cannot message or call you. They also lose the ability to add you to groups, see your profile picture, when you’re online, and last seen status.

                            How to Block and Unblock Someone on Telegram on Mobile

                            Open the chat in the Telegram app.

                            Tap on the name or number at the top.

                            Tap on the three-dot icon (Android) and More button (iPhone).

                            Select “Block user.”

                            To unblock someone in Telegram, follow the steps below.

                            On Android, tap on the three-bar icon on the Telegram home screen and go to Settings. On iPhone, tap on the Settings tab at the bottom.

                            Go to “Privacy & security → Blocked users.”

                            To unblock a user on Android, tap on the three-dot icon next to the person’s name and select “Unblock.” On iPhone, you need to swipe left on the contact name and press the “Unblock” button.

                            How to Block and Unblock Someone on Telegram on PC

                            Unblocking is pretty straightforward on Telegram. Follow the steps below:

                              Go to “Privacy and Security → Blocked users.”

                              6. Discord

                              When you block a user on Discord, the following things will happen:

                              The two of you won’t be able to send a message or call each other

                              If you block a friend, they will be unfriended

                              Their existing and new messages will be hidden inside channels

                              The blocked person cannot ping or mention you

                              Note that no notification is sent when you block someone.

                              How to Block and Unblock Someone on Discord for Mobile

                              Open the DM or server with the person you want to block.

                                Touch and hold the person’s name in the chat.

                                  Tap on the three-dot icon and select “Block.”

                                  To view the blocked list on the Discord Android and iPhone apps, follow these steps:

                                  Tap on the “User Settings” tab at the bottom.

                                  Go to “My account.”

                                    Tap on “Blocked users” and press the “Unblock” button next to the blocked contact.

                                    How to Block and Unblock Someone on Discord on PC

                                    Let’s also take a look at how you can unblock someone in the desktop Discord client.

                                    7. Twitter

                                    When you block a Twitter account, that person won’t be able to see your tweets or follow or message you. Also, you will be removed from each other’s followers list. Twitter doesn’t inform the person that they have been blocked.

                                    How to Block and Unblock Someone on Twitter for Mobile

                                    In the Twitter Android or iPhone app, open the Twitter profile of the person you wish to block.

                                    Tap the three-dot icon.

                                    Select “Block.”

                                    You can also quickly unblock someone on Twitter if you want to.

                                    Tap on your profile picture icon at the top.

                                    Select “Settings and privacy” from the menu.

                                    Go to “Privacy and safety → Mute and block → Blocked accounts.”

                                    Tap on the “Blocked” button for the person you want to unblock.

                                    How to Block and Unblock Someone on Twitter on PC

                                      Select “Block” from the menu.

                                      When it comes to unblocking someone on Twitter while on your PC, you need to bring the block list up first.

                                        Go to “Privacy & security → Mute and block.”

                                        8. Snapchat

                                        When you block a user on Snapchat, they cannot send you Snaps or Chats. Also, they won’t be able to view your Snapchat stories. Blocked users will also be unfriended and cannot add you back until you unblock them. Like other platforms, Snapchat will not notify the person when you block them.

                                        How to Block and Unblock Someone on Snapchat for Mobile

                                        Open the “Chat” screen by swiping right on the home page. Touch and hold the person’s name you want to block.

                                          Tap on “More” followed by “Block.”

                                          Next, let’s find out how you can unblock someone on Snapchat if you’re using the mobile app.

                                          Tap on your profile picture at the top followed by the Settings icon.

                                            Scroll down and tap on “Blocked” to view the Snapchat blocked list. Tap on the “x” icon next to the person to unblock them.

                                            Frequently Asked Questions 1. Does blocking someone on a particular app or their phone number mean they will be blocked on other apps?

                                            No. Blocking a user on one platform doesn’t affect your relationship with them on other platforms. For instance, if you block someone on Twitter, they will not be blocked from your Facebook account. And blocking someone’s phone number only prevents them from calling or messaging you through your cellular network. It doesn’t have any impact on social media apps installed on your phone.

                                            2. When should you block someone?

                                            Since blocking a person restricts all types of communication with them, you should block someone only when you no longer want to interact with them in any capacity. There are less harsher forms of blocking, such as muting someone or removing them from your followers’ list.

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                                            How To Report Someone Impersonating You On Facebook.

                                            Social media has become quite a valuable resource for identity thieves and general personal information theft, which in some cases can lead to real-world complications. Depending on how much information you have on display on your account can prove enticing to would-be cyber-criminals. One of the more common scams of late is Facebook account impersonation. If you have fallen victim to one of these scams, here are some things you can do to get rid of the account and protect you and anyone connected with you.

                                            How to Make Sure Your Facebook Account is Unhackable.

                                            If you know someone who has experienced this in the past, then you know how risky and frustrating it can be. The process of impersonating someone on Facebook is actually really easy to do, especially if the original account holders information is set quite openly in the privacy settings. Basically, a scammer will create a new Facebook account with the same name as you, they will then copy your current profile picture and any information they can view on your profile.

                                            Next, they will proceed to add people from your friend’s list as well as other random Facebook users. From this point on it’s open slather and the new account impersonating you can be used for anything, from posting to your friend’s walls, messaging people with links to malware, viruses, possibly financial scams and even sending inappropriate images or Cyber-bullying.

                                            Usually, if you are lucky, one of your friends will pick up that something is suspicious, wondering why you have created a new account etc. From here on out it’s up to you to have the account reported and hopefully removed as soon as possible. Facebook is reportedly working on a new feature that will alert users of potential imposter accounts. However, it isn’t active yet, so you will need to take steps manually. Below are the procedures you can follow to have a fake account taken down.

                                            How to Report an Imposter on Facebook?

                                            There are two scenarios that may unfold when it comes to fake Facebook accounts:

                                            The first is that you have a Facebook account and someone makes a clone of it.

                                            The second is that you do not have a Facebook account and a scammer has set one up for you using information they have gathered elsewhere. This happens quite often if someone has a grudge against you and wants to cause your reputation harm. It’s also a commonly used tactic by cyber bullies. Whichever situation you are in, feel free to skip ahead to the appropriate section. It’s also a good idea to share this information with friends and family, so they know what to look out for in the future. 

                                            If You Have a Facebook Account.

                                            You will now see a few options, for an imposter account select Report, then follow all the onscreen instructions Facebook asks. Once you have completed the questionnaire, Facebook will investigate the account and its behavior. Sometimes the process may take a little while, however, you should hear back within a day or so.

                                            Note: If you find out about a fake account/imposter you can also have your friends report it using the same method or if you spot an account of one of your friends, you can also report it for them. The more reports will generally mean a better/quicker outcome/response.  

                                            If You Don’t Have a Facebook Account.

                                            Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, there are ways in which you can have an account removed if it is impersonating you in any way. The process is a little more involved and time-consuming than the first but will get you the results you require. The first thing you are going to want to do is open your Internet browser and go to the following page: Report an Imposter Account Page once you are on the page, follow the instructions given by Facebook. It’s important to note that you will need to prove that you are indeed who you say you are which means providing certain identifying information to Facebook. 

                                            How To Post On Instagram From Phone, Pc And Facebook

                                            Despite all the negativity surrounding Instagram, one cannot deny that social media platforms like these have enabled people to communicate more effectively and creatively than any other medium in the history of mankind. One billion active users flock to Instagram every single day and there is no platform like it to showcase oneself and one’s work. This is probably why it’s so difficult for the listeners and watchers to stay away as well.

                                            As a generation, we seek to get to know the other, empathize with them and enjoy what others bring to our Instagram feed. In these engagement-driven times, it’s only natural to want to maintain a good Instagram profile. The most fundamental step towards this goal is learning how to post on Instagram. 

                                            How to post on Instagram from iPhone and Android

                                            Here are the best ways to post on Instagram using your mobile phone, whether that be an iPhone or an Android phone. Yes, this works on iPad too.

                                            How to create a Single Instagram Post

                                            Open the Instagram app on your phone.

                                            Now, tap the new post icon on the top or simply swipe left to open the Instagram Camera. 

                                            Tap the POST option. 

                                            From the FILTER tab, apply a filter of your choice or go with the Normal option depending on what you like. 

                                            From the EDIT tab, you can modify the brightness, structure alignment, etc of the image.

                                            After editing, tap the arrow icon on the top right. 

                                            Now add a caption, tag relevant accounts, and Add location for your post. 

                                            You can tag anyone on your post if they are part of it or if the post is relevant to them. Type their name in the text box and select the appropriate account from the options that will appear. 

                                            There is also an option to add the location if you want geo-targeting. Select the option to Add location first and then type in the name of the location in the search box. 

                                            If you haven’t authorized the app already, you will have to perform an additional step of adding your username and password to do so. 

                                            Tap the tick mark on the top right top to post. 

                                            How to create a Carousel post on Instagram

                                            Instagram allows you the option of posting a maximum of 10 pictures at a time to create a panoramic carousel. 

                                            To create a carousel, tap the multiple images option in the POST tab and select 10 images or less to include in the carousel. 

                                            Similar to the case of a single image, you will see an EDIT and FILTER tab. Tap the image in the carousel that you want to edit and apply the changes you want. 

                                            Now tap the arrow on the top right and arrive at the final post creation page.

                                            Add the caption, tag people, and set the post for cross-posting as shown in the previous section, and finally, tap the tick mark icon on the top-right to post the carousel. 

                                            How to create and edit posts via Stories 

                                            You can also create a post using the STORIES section, save it and then upload it as a normal Instagram post. Here’s how it works. 

                                            Open the STORIES section in the New Post section. 

                                            Now choose any of the post options on the left side of the screen. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will create a Boomerang. 

                                            Create your Boomerang and then tap the Save icon on the top. 

                                            Now go back to the new post section and switch to POST. Then, go to the Gallery folder if the creation mode is set to capturing from camera.  

                                            Select your Boomerang from the Gallery. 

                                            Follow the same process as the one for a Single Instagram Post from this point forward. 

                                            How to post on Instagram from PC

                                            You will notice that the posting feature is missing from the web version of Instagram. Instagram on PC is meant for viewing purposes only. However, brand managers who need to post promotional on Instagram can refer to this round-about albeit super effective solution that will allow for posting on Instagram from a browser like Chrome.  

                                            Now expand the More tools section and select the developer tools option. 

                                            The device toolbar will appear in the browser window now. Use the dropdown menu to use a mobile interface that you’re comfortable with. 

                                            Launch Instagram on the browser using the normal search bar. 

                                            How to post on Instagram from Facebook

                                            Facebook does have a provision that allows the user to post content from Facebook to Instagram. However, a major caveat that you will face is that posting can only be done from a Facebook page that you control to your Instagram Account using the Creator Studio feature. This means that you cannot post content from your Facebook user profile. Here’s how a post can be shared on Instagram from Facebook. 

                                            Step 1: Link Instagram account to Facebook account

                                            Go to the Settings on your Instagram Account 

                                            Tap on Accounts Centre

                                            In Accounts Centre, select Accounts and profiles. 

                                            Tap on Add Accounts

                                            Now check the Facebook Account option that Instagram is showing, if you want to connect a different account, then tap on Change and add the Facebook Account you want instead of the one that currently exists. 

                                            Tap on Continue

                                            Tap on Finish Setting Up and you can move on to the next part. 

                                            Step 2: Connect Instagram account to Facebook page

                                            Before setting up your Facebook, make sure that your Instagram page has been connected to your Facebook page. To do this, open your Instagram profile page on your phone. 

                                            Tap the Edit Profile option.

                                            Under Profile Information, tap the Page option. 

                                            Now enable the page from which you want to post content to your Instagram Account. 

                                            Step 3: Connect Facebook Creator Studio to Instagram Account

                                            Go to your Facebook Page from the browser on your Laptop/PC and open the page that you want to post from on Instagram. Once you’re on the page, scroll till you reach the Publishing Tools option. 

                                            Connect your Instagram account to the Facebook page. 

                                            That’s how you post to Instagram from Facebook. 

                                            Things to keep in mind when posting

                                            Image dimensions

                                            Back in 2012 when Instagram first launched, the platform only accommodated images in a 1:1 aspect ratio. Things are much different now with different permutations and combinations for different types of images as well as Instagram feature.  

                                            Here are the image dimensions that you must keep in mind: 

                                            Image Type Size (in pixels) Aspect Ratio

                                            Landscape Static/Video 1080 x 608 1.91:1

                                            Portrait Static/Video 1080×1350 4:5

                                            Square Static/Video 1080×1080 1:1

                                            Stories and Reels 1080 x 1920 9:16

                                            Hashtags provide an Instagram address to your post/content. For example, if you use #dogsofinstagram, it will appear when someone looks at that particular hashtag as well as on their feed if they have marked this hashtag as one of their favorite ones. When you add a Hashtag, it becomes easier for Instagram to recognize the content in the post, this, in turn, will make sure that your content hits the feed of the relevant audience.  There’s a reason you see as many hashtags as possible under the posts that arrive on your feed. Hashtags provide much-needed traction to posts. 

                                            Stickers and other Filters 

                                            Stickers and filters separate a basic post from one that can be identified as belonging to the gram, not to mention just how fun it is to apply them while editing.

                                            Instagram provides an ample amount of stickers that range from good mornings to donations and announcements that can add decorative value to your content. While stickers are fairly tame, the real game-changers are the different variety of filters that Instagram offers. Some of these filters also become the very basis for the content that is uploaded on Instagram. Filters are incredibly popular and creative, so it’s always a good idea to explore trending ones to create content if your own content pool has run dry.

                                            Third-party editing apps

                                             At this point in time, there are enough third-party editing apps out there to cater to just about any user need that Instagram itself is not able to meet. You can take a look at these cool tips and tricks to create posts using third-party apps as well as these set of apps that will enable you to take your Instagram game to the next level. 

                                            An application like Canva comes with Instagram specific formats to make your life easy. From templates and layouts to cool effects, third-party apps will act as a reliable support system to help you maintain your individuality and brand on Instagram while allowing you to explore new creative routes. 

                                            It does take a while to get a hang of the process, but once you do, creating posts will become a very chill process that you will really look forward to. It’s important to remember that while Instagram is about showcasing your content, it’s also a platform that you are meant to explore and enjoy. Happy posting! Take care and stay safe. 


                                            How To Block Contacts In Whatsapp Ios App? – Webnots

                                            WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting platforms for mobile devices. Problem arises when you have too many contacts and use the platform for killing your productive time. Some people really send too many messages throughout the day disturbing your routines. Though you can mute notifications on the mobile, it is not an ideal solution to block only the unwanted person. In this article, let us explain how to block contacts in WhatsApp so that you can reduce the disturbances.  

                                            Related: How to block contacts in iPhone?

                                            How to Block Contacts in WhatsApp?

                                            The blocking procedure is very simple and similar on both Android and iOS operating systems. In this article, we will explain with the iOS app on iPhone.

                                            Launch WhatsApp and find the contact person you want to block and don’t want to bother you anymore.

                                            Tap on the last chat to view the conversation.

                                            On top of the conversation, you will see the name and profile picture of the contact person.

                                            Tap on the name to view more details.

                                            Go to the bottom of the screen and tap on “Block Contact” option.

                                            WhatsApp will show you a message indicating that the blocked contacts will not be able to call or send messages.

                                            In order to block the selected contact, you can either tap on “Block” or “Report and Block” option.

                                            Block or Block and Report Options

                                            Block Vs Report and Block

                                            Blocking a contact will immediately set the contact as blocked. The blocked person will continue to appear on your chat list unless you delete the chat conversation completely. The blocking action is revocable and you have to follow the same steps as blocking and tap on the “Unblock Contact” option to unblock anytime. However, you will never receive the messages sent to you from the contact while he or she was blocked. We recommend using this option for blocking and unblocking the contacts for particular period of time.

                                            However, tapping on “Report and Block” option will send the contact details to WhatsApp and delete the chat history. Use this option when you feel the contact is a spam and disturbing you with irrelevant or personally attacking messages.

                                            Muting a Contact

                                            Instead of completely blocking messages and calls from a contact, you can also simply mute the notifications from a contact.

                                            Follow the above instructions to go to the details of the contact.

                                            Tap on “Mute” and choose the one of the options.

                                            Mute Contact

                                            WhatsApp iPhone app allows you to mute the notifications from a contact for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.

                                            Mute Duration in WhatsApp

                                            You can again tap on “Mute” option and select “Unmute” to receive notifications.

                                            It is also possible to mute the contact right from the chats section.

                                            When you are on the “Chats” section, swipe left on the contact.

                                            Tap on the “More” option and select “Mute”.

                                            Mute Option on Chat

                                            Choose 8 hours / 1 week / 1 year to mute the selected contact.

                                            For unmuting, again swipe left on the contact, select “More” option and “Unmute”.

                                            Related: WeChat Vs WhatsApp comparison.

                                            Viewing All Blocked Persons?

                                            When you block multiple contacts, it is difficult to remember the details of all the blocked contacts. Follow the below instructions to find all the blocked contacts.

                                            Launch the app and tap on “Settings” option on the bottom of the app.

                                            Tap on “Account” and go to “Privacy” section.

                                            You can see the blocked number of contacts against “Blocked” option.

                                            Tap on it and view the list of all blocked contacts.

                                            View Blocked Contacts

                                            You can also block new contact from this section and unblock the contacts by selecting the contact and choose “Unblock Contact”. 

                                            What Does the Blocked Person See?

                                            The simple answer is nothing. WhatsApp will not send notification to the blocked person. This is due to the privacy policy of WhatsApp that states as below:

                                            We have made this intentionally ambiguous in order to protect your privacy when you block someone. Thus, we cannot tell you if someone else is blocking you.

                                            However, on the same privacy page WhatsApp explains the symptoms of blocked by someone.

                                            Online status – WhatsApp shows the last online status of the contact. It will generally show online or the last time when the contact was online in WhatsApp. When someone blocked you, you will no longer see this last online status of the other person.

                                            Deliver status –  whenever the person read your message, WhatsApp will show double check mark against the message (if you have enabled read receipts option in settings). If the contact blocked you then you will only see a single tick mark against the sent message indicating no delivery of the message.

                                            You will not be able to call the contact.

                                            No update on the contact’s profile picture.

                                            In the case of WhatsApp Web you can only silence the contacts but not block them. Also you can only mute or exit from the group chat and you can’t block all the contacts in a group.

                                            8 Ways To Share Maps Location On Uber, Instagram, Whatsapp, And More

                                            The easiest method to share your Google Map location to various social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp is by utilizing Google Map’s in-app options. Here’s how you can use them for sharing:

                                            2. Press the Share location button from the popup window.

                                            3. Next, choose the duration of the real-time location sharing and tap on your desired social media apps icon, such as Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, to share it.

                                            4. Finally, press the Share button to confirm your action.

                                            Besides sharing your real-time location using the Google Maps app, you can also use WhatsApp’s in-app feature to share your live location in a jiffy. Follow our detailed explainer on ‘Share any Map Location on WhatsApp‘ to learn more about the same.

                                            Getting an Uber ride at your current location can sometimes become tiresome if the driver fails to identify your location. Luckily, you can manually share your real-time Google Maps location with the driver through the Uber app for a swift experience. Here’s how you can do it:

                                            1. Open the Google Maps app and copy your current location from the Share button.

                                            3. Once the cab is allotted, you can interact with the cab driver using the Message field.

                                            4. Paste your copied Google Maps address in the message field and send it to your cab driver to share your current live location. This way, neither you nor the cab driver will have difficulty reaching your pickup address. The Uber driver can access the link to view your live location at any point.

                                            1. Open the Uber App (Android/ iOS) and switch to the Account tab in the bottom-right corner.

                                            2. Next, press the Settings option and tap on More Saved Places.

                                            4. On the next page, press the Set Location on Map button to save your current location as a saved address on Uber.

                                            5. Provide a new name to this saved address and press the Save button to apply changes.

                                            6. Finally, while booking a new Uber ride, press the Saved Places button to pick the location you saved earlier and confirm your booking to get the cab at your current location.

                                            1. First, copy your current address details in Google Maps by pressing the Share Location and Copy to Clipboard buttons.

                                            2. Next, book a new cab using the OLA app and find the Message column to share a message directly with your cab driver.

                                            3. Finally, paste your copied map’s address in the message field and send it to your cab driver to let him know your exact location.

                                            The Facebook messenger app also allows you to share your location in real time with your friends to help them track your whereabouts. Follow these easy steps to share your maps location using the messenger app tools:

                                            1. Open your desired chat inside the Facebook Messenger app and press the four-dot icon in the bottom-left corner.

                                            2. Next, press the Location button and provide the necessary location permission to the app.

                                            If you wish to share your Google Maps location with a friend on Instagram, you can DM him/her directly to share your current address. Here’s how:

                                            1. Open the Google Maps app and Share your Location by tapping the blue location marker on the map.

                                            2. Next, pick the time duration for real-time location sharing and press the Copy to Clipboard button to copy your Google Maps address.

                                            3. Finally, open the direct message of your friend on Instagram with whom you wish to share your current location and paste the copied Maps link in the chat to send it.

                                            If your family members use iPhones, you can set up location sharing with them to always keep them informed about your live location. This can especially prove helpful in situations where they can’t reach you over a cellular call. Follow our detailed guide to learn to share location on iPhone.

                                            Often while traveling to remote places, getting stable internet connectivity becomes a major issue for sharing live locations. However, if your smartphone does have cellular connectivity, you can use the old-school SMS technique to share your location from anywhere. Check out our quick guide on ‘Sharing Location via SMS‘ to learn more about it.

                                            A: Follow the WhatsApp method in this explainer to learn to share the same.

                                            A: You can share your live location with anyone through various social media apps or via Google maps. We have shared the detailed steps in the above guide.

                                            A: Once you’ve shared your live location with a friend on Facebook, they will be able to track you till the location-sharing duration expires.

                                            A: Yes, press the Share my location option inside Google Maps and select the Instagram option to DM it.

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                                            From Web2 To Web3: A Guide To Nfts On Facebook And Instagram

                                            Besides Meta’s highly-publicized Horizon Worlds metaverse game, the firm is also bringing Instagram and Facebook — two of the most defining platforms of Web2 — into full Web3 functionality. But that shift won’t happen overnight, with intervals of introduction in store. This is why NFTs are taking center stage on Facebook and Instagram’s Web3 transition, and we’re here to explain everything you need to know about where NFTs fit into the future of these social media titans.

                                            Instagram: From image-sharing platform to NFT marketplace

                                            When Instagram launched in October 2010, it was marketed as a free smartphone app wherein users could freely share photos with their social circles. But, given the comparatively primitive camera hardware of most smartphones back then, most results weren’t pretty. However, amid the sea of grainy iPhone 4 selfies was actual photography. Sometimes art, too.

                                            Twelve years and a Facebook acquisition later, for millions of people, Instagram is social media. It’s since expanded its suite of services from simple image-sharing to include carousels, videos, and — since May 2023 — NFTs. Following a January 2023 announcement regarding the site’s future NFT-ready feature set, Instagram looked primed for a year of massive changes. So what type of NFT functionalities can Instagram’s userbase enjoy today?

                                            A rundown of Instagram NFTs

                                            Although a recent update allowed several high-profile NFT creators to sell their works as NFTs on Instagram, this won’t be an exclusive feature forever. Much like how it launched features that enabled NFT creators and collectors to display and share their NFTs on Instagram free of charge in May 2023, that initial crop of creators was merely Meta’s test group.

                                            How NFTs look on Instagram’s UI. Source: Meta

                                            Instagram expanded support for its NFT sharing features, to include more than 100 countries in August 2023, just three months after the feature first went into testing, it’s only a matter of time before regular users gain the ability to sell NFTs on the platform on its upcoming Creator Marketplace. At that point, Instagram could seize the top spot among currently existing NFT marketplaces on the internet.

                                            How Instagram NFTs work

                                            And the reason for that extends beyond the obvious brand recognition of Instagram. To further facilitate Instagram’s potential status as a massive Web3 onboarding platform, Meta has placed considerable focus on ensuring that availing of Instagram’s brand-new NFT features is as easy and accessible as possible. Creators, collectors, and whoever else hopes to use these features have them available in a few simple taps.

                                            So what’s the appeal of Instagram’s NFT implementations? To start, Meta has emphasized several key features, like sharing NFTs as posts, which will be entirely free of charge. Additionally, once its NFT marketplace services get up and rolling, it’s promised to be completely free of gas fees, at least for the time being. Fees on the iOS and Android app stores may also still apply.

                                            Meta also aims to ensure its list of compatible blockchains and crypto wallets is as inclusive as possible. According to a November blog post, among its growing list of compatible blockchains are Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, and Solana. As for crypto wallets, compatible wallets listed include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Dapper, Phantom, and the Coinbase Wallet.

                                            So what kinds of NFTs could you put up for display on Instagram? In theory, anything. So long as there’s a visual component of some kind. Also mentioned in Meta’s November blog post is a recent expansion to the types of NFTs users can share, and eventually trade, on the platform. Namely, video and animated NFTs.

                                            Facebook: the everything social network. That includes NFTs.

                                            A decade ago, Facebook was a simpler place. People poked each other and “became a fan” of pages with names that amused them. Now, Meta’s flagship product is essentially a microcosm of the internet. You can do almost anything on the platform, so it only makes sense that eventually, Facebook will offer its billions of users the ability to buy and sell NFTs on the platform.

                                            But it won’t happen in one shot.

                                            How NFTs work on Facebook

                                            For now, Facebook’s implementation of NFTs is limited to sharing them as posts. Provided a creator has a large enough audience on the platform, this feature can be used to easily promote new NFT drops directly on the biggest social media platform in the world. Instagram already does this, and creators on the platform see it as a game-changer for marketing and promotion.

                                            Although Facebook users received these NFT sharing features at the same time Instagram’s denizens did, there hasn’t been word on when exactly NFT trading will become available on the social media platform. Right now, the focus seems to be largely on expanding support for this feature across more markets. As of a September update, all U.S. users of the platform are privy to NFT sharing functionality, with the option to cross-post their NFTs across both Facebook and Instagram, akin to stories and regular photo posts today.

                                            Facebook’s road to turning into an NFT marketplace

                                            Although there’s no solid news on when and how Facebook intends to approach the subject of trading NFTs on-site, its recent efforts to streamline how creators on the platform get compensated for their work indicates that Meta wants to get everything in order before it truly opens the NFT floodgates on Facebook.

                                            Like how “bits” work on Twitch, Facebook has offered fans a way to directly donate to their favorite creators via its Stars feature, which is a form of digital currency users can purchase with fiat currency and use as a way to engage with their creators of choice financially. As of a June 2023 update, the feature is now available to all eligible creators in select markets and can be implemented on live streams, videos, reels, and even photo and text posts.

                                            However, unlike how Twitch has implemented digital currency, there’s good reason to assume that this is part of Facebook’s process of getting its users accustomed to the idea of spending real money on digital goods. In Web3 terms, Stars would be crypto. But what about NFTs? Those would be the virtual gifts Meta has included in Facebook’s November update to the Stars service. Fans can now use their Stars to purchase digital gifts to virtually hand to their most-loved creators. It might still be several steps away from NFTs, but it’s definitely beyond the first step toward that reality.

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