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Honeywell now announced the production of Honeywell Robotics, an innovative technology centre of excellence focused on innovating and developing artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and innovative robotics for usage across supply chains.

Pittsburgh-based Honeywell Robotics can help form the warehouse and supply centre of their future, especially as firms seem to automatic solutions, applications and robotics to provide greater speed, precision and throughput in complicated material handling environments.

“Honeywell has been in the forefront of warehouse automation technologies for at least 25 years helping clients improve efficiency and productivity,” said Pieter Krynauw, president of Honeywell Intelligrated. “We’re bringing together a number of the cleverest minds, partnerships and business collaborations to make breakthrough technological progress for clients of all sizes, helping fulfill the ever-changing requirements of customers.”

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Honeywell Robotics will probably be directed by Joseph Lui, a robotics pioneer with experience in electronic information, autonomous technologies along with the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). He served as Manager of Industrial IoT and Automation Technologies, Robotics for Amazon.

Since AI, machine learning and computer vision become commonplace, Honeywell Robotics will produce innovative, breakthrough technology to assist customers alleviate skilled labour shortages, reduce security risks and eliminate wasteful jobs,” said Lui. “Using technologies — such as innovative warehouse implementation systems, 3D storage and sortation options to boost efficiency and capacity, and autonomous mobile robots — is only the beginning of the digital transformation in warehouses”

Consumer expectations have generated a seismic change in supply chain operations. According to eMarketer, online shopping accounts for almost 15 percent of overall retail revenue and is forecast to grow to 22 percent by 2023, representing over $6.5 trillion in sales.

Online buying, together with same- or – next-day delivery choices, has stressed that the labour market to the purpose of a deficit. Almost 80 percent of supply centre operations continue to be performed manually, based on DHL’s Robotics at Logistics Study. With business growth outpacing the labor pool with a speed of 6 to 1, that expansion is creating substantial opportunities to automate supply chains.

The institution of Honeywell Robotics is the continuation of Honeywell’s tech conversion, placing substantial investment in partnerships with software vendors, universities, startups and incubators to produce new alternatives for industrial clients with both straightforward and intricate needs.

Honeywell also is cooperating with Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center to create breakthrough robotics technology for supply facilities. The organization, through its Honeywell Ventures investment finance, has strategic partnerships in robotics businesses, such as Soft Robotics and Attabotics, to help automate complicated tasks in dynamic environments to optimize productivity and labour efficiency.

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Iron Mountain: Data Center Portfolio Review

Iron Mountain is focused on providing secure business records storage and understands the importance of keeping data safe. 

Boston-based Iron Mountain serves over 225,000 customers in 58 countries, and they report working with 95% of Fortune “1,000” companies

See below to learn all about the data center offerings by Iron Mountain:

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With a reputation for regulatory compliance, Iron Mountain offers data centers with many notable features, including:

20 locations across three continents

Scalable options from single data center cabinet to fully dedicated data center

Cloud-neutral data solutions

Business continuity

Physical security

Environmental sustainability

Contract all hands-on maintenance tasks

Responses guaranteed within minutes

Get help with rack and stack, hardware reboots, cabling, and lock resets

Experts available on-site and on call 24/7/365

Anytime, anywhere ordering

Billed hourly or on a recurring discounted basis

End-to-end solutions that include analysis, risk assessment, planning, design, execution, and testing

Clear work statements and methodologies with a single point of contact for support tasks

Team includes project managers, structured cabling personnel, specialized movers, network engineers, and system administrators

Ensure budgets and time frames are adhered to

Use proven experts for site selection, design, construction, government and regulator liaison activities, and the creation of power and network connectivity strategies

Log in to manage infrastructure

Request expert assistance, access logs, power and cooling audits, and bandwidth usage reports

Monitored ticketing platform

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Iron Mountain has three partnership programs:

Channel partners:

dedicated resources that include training, guidance, sales tools to accelerate growth and create recurring revenue streams

Real estate brokers:

assistance with customers who express the need for new or growing infrastructure requirements, such as a cabinet, cage, or building.

Strategic alliances:

with a wide range of businesses and industry groups, including hardware, software, interconnection, and environmental, help to drive digital infrastructure change.

As an internet services company, hosting over 200,000 websites for 30,000 customers, Krystal needed to find a data center capable of high performance with stability and scalability.

Just as important to Krystal was finding a data center partner that could match their values while meeting its technical demands. 

Iron Mountain proved to be reliable and personal with high environmental standards.

“We loved the fact that there was renewable power being generated on-site, but we also saw Iron Mountain as a longer-term match due to their standards, their ecosystems, and their location spread,” says Alex Easter, CTO, Krystal.

Initially, Krystal planned to build their own data centers but turned to providers as remote work recently expanded. Starting with locations in the U.S., Krystal knew they had plans for data center sites in Europe and Asia Pacific. The global nature of Iron Mountain is one of the reasons Krystal selected the vendor.

Users at the tech review site Gartner Peer Insights give Iron Mountain an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

Iron Mountain has made a significant commitment to using clean energy while providing data center services.

After joining the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Building Initiative as a Challenge Partner and demonstrating their ability to run all of their data centers on 100% renewable energy, Iron Mountain won the RE100 Leadership Awards, Most Impactful Pioneer for using clean energy across their global data center infrastructure.

Iron Mountain was also named as a RE100 Key Collaborator, empowering others in the industry.

Iron Mountain competes primarily against some of the largest data center companies in the world, such as:



Digital Realty


Iron Mountain is a good secure data center option for companies focused on compliance and continuous improvement for design, operation, security, and efficiency. Iron Mountain also provides true global consistency, achieving certifications in information security (ISO 27001), energy management (ISO 50001), and environmental management (ISO 14001).

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The Real Center Of The Earth

Hollywood, in its infinite desire to generate easy profits, has decided to do yet another remake of the Jules Verne classic Journey to the Center of the Earth — this time in 3-D!. As we can see from the trailer, this movie is going to be a special effects extravaganza. Now, while we all know that the entire idea of traveling to the center of the Earth is pure fantasy, and any “science” represented in the movie is not to be taken seriously, we have so much scientific information about the state of the Earth’s interior — much more than Jules Verne ever could know — that somehow the premise just falls flat.

(Probably, back in the more innocent year of 1959, when the original film version made its debut, it didn’t seem so egregious.)

If you don’t care, and simply want to escape into the fantastical special effects, that’s fine, but for some it might be more fun to use the film trailer to highlight a few interesting principles of physics and geology that preclude a pleasant stroll down into the Earth’s deep interior (and saving us eight-and-a-half dollars [a movie’s $11.50 here in New York. -ed.] in the process).

Here are a few enjoyable discussion points:

1) Much of what we know about the structure inside our planet actually comes from seismic waves generated by earthquakes that travel right through the interior. Because we know the physics of these propagating waves, we can make very accurate estimations of the types and states of the material through which they travel. (This type of imaging is similar in concept to the CAT scans that we use to see inside the body).

2) Based on seismic data, we know that you don’t have to go too far before it gets really hot, and the pressure gets really high. At the Earth’s center the pressure is millions of atmospheres, with a temperature around 5000K. This would be an unpleasant environment for a family vacation, although not as bad as Buffalo.

3) The extreme pressure is simply a result of the massive weight of overlying rock. This pressure is so great that the idea of a system of caverns existing down there could only be possible if the gas pressure inside the cavern counterbalanced the surrounding rock pressure. While the most likely scenario is that there are no empty spaces down there, if there were, in addition to the protagonists being crushed into jelly, it would be pretty slow going through an atmosphere that thick. Maybe the body acclimates on the way down, like mountain climbers do as they slowly progress to the summit of Everest!

5) Finally, it’s always amusing to consider what happens to the force of gravity as one descends to the center of the planet. It gets weaker. In fact, at the very center of the Earth the net force of gravity acting on an object would be exactly zero because there is equal mass “above” the object in every direction. The total force cancels out. Anyone standing in a hole at the Earth’s center would be completely weightless and floating around like an astronaut on Apollo 13. Which is the subject of a much better movie.

Adam Weiner is the author of Don’t Try This at Home! The Physics of Hollywood Movies.

Dji Releases Ronin 4D Professional Cinema Camera With Lidar Focusing

Proving once again it’s a tech company that just happens to be a world leader in drones, DJI today released its professional-grade DJI Ronin 4D cinema camera, featuring (among a slew of other things) a full-frame Zenmuse X9 gimbal camera, 4-axis stabilization system, and an Apple-style LiDAR focusing system.

Make no mistake about it: This Ronin 4D camera was created with the needs of cinema pros and the hardest of hard-core amateur film makers in mind. The Zenmuse X9 gimbal camera – available in 8K and 6K version – is intended to deliver top-drawer quality footage, supporting up to 6K/60fps and 4K/120fps respectively. The system includes the commonly used H.264 codec, along with Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW alternatives to provide greater flexibility in editing. The Ronin is equipped with an interchangeable lens mount allowing connection to DJI, Leica M, and other gear for greater flexibility in shooting with lenses of differing tech and era specs.

In its release Wednesday, DJI said cinematography professionals from around the world were consulted during development of the Ronin 4D, and provided feedback after testing loaner prototypes (quite possibly where the flurry of recent photo leaks of DJI cameras in the wild came from). Toting gear shaped by and created for that kind of crowd isn’t going to come cheap, of course. The 6K Ronin 4D runs $7,199, and the 8K version costs $11,499.

In exchange, users will get a whole lot of a lot.

Ronin 4D: a camera doubling as DJI’s definitive cinematic checklist

The camera boasts what DJI calls the industry’s first active-vertical four-axis stabilization system. That, the company promises, effectively eliminates sideways shake, and will allow operators to shoot in even tight or tricky settings while walking, running, or moving abruptly without having to previously practice shots or relying on third-party equipment for stability. 

Another leading – and pretty awesome ­– feature of the Ronin 4D is its integrated LiDAR range sensor, designed to automatically and instantaneously maintain quasi-perfect focus in even the most dynamic of situations. It does so by firing over 43,200 ranging points on objects up to 10 meters away to determine exact distance data needed to keep images sharp, delivering those results even in low-light environments. The LiDAR application is paired with manual, auto, and DJI’s patented Automated Manual Focus modes, leaving filmmakers complete freedom in how various scenes are shot.

“DJI empowers creators with accessible and intuitive devices to capture and share the world exactly how they see it,” said Paul Pan, DJI senior product line manager. “With DJI Ronin 4D, we use the power of technology to make cinema-standard production more affordable, cinema cameras more flexible, and cinematic imaging available to a boundless array of filmmakers. DJI Ronin 4D draws on our expertise in both aerial and ground-based cinematic innovations to enable the next generation of professional content creators to amaze and inspire us.” 

Also on offer is a 4D video transmitter outputting a 1080p/60fps feed to remote monitors, and with a range of up to nearly 20,000 feet. That feature includes bit encryption to protect the security of video sent, and smooth, low latency streaming of footage at the instant it’s being taken.

The camera offers four storage possibilities ­– USB SSD, CFexpress Type-B card, DJI’s proprietary PROSSD 1TB method. It features built-in microphones for 2-channel 24-bit audio, and provides two 3.5mm jacks and two XLR ports for additional input and output devices. Ronin 4D operates using the same TB50 Intelligent Battery of the earlier Ronin 2 and Inspire 2 drone, enabling up to 2.5 hours of shooting time. 

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Increased Visibility, Programming Pondered For Thurman Center

Increased Visibility, Programming Pondered for Thurman Center Task force holds public forum tonight

BU plans to expand the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground, where students gather to discuss and bridge racial and other differences on campus. Photo by Cydney Scott

Since its creation 30 years ago, BU’s Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground has become a welcoming place for students to discuss racial and cultural divides on campus and to explore their shared humanity. The center’s mission has become more important than ever in an era when racism—from police killings of young blacks to slurs and death threats at the University of Missouri—has sparked campus demonstrations across the country, including at BU.

In December, President Robert A. Brown announced the establishment of a task force “to propose an expanded and more visible” Thurman Center “that can be a place to establish the inclusive community we all desire.” Tonight at 6, the task force will hold the first of two public “listening sessions” at the center. The second session will be on February 17, at 5 p.m.

“We’re going to want people to give us real specific thoughts,” says Kenneth Elmore (SED’87), dean of students and task force cochair along with Mary Elizabeth Moore, dean of the School of Theology. “What kinds of programs should be part of the Thurman Center going forward? What kinds of activities should be part of it? And, by the way, where should the Thurman Center be?”

“Right now,” says Elmore, “you’ve got to walk to the GSU, go to the basement, to go to this thing.” He sees an alternative model in the Engineering Product Innovation Center on Commonwealth Avenue, whose street-level floor-to-ceiling glass frontage gives passersby a view of its technology-laden work spaces.

“There’ve been plenty of times I’ve walked in just to ask a question or two. And they do displays in the window,” says Elmore. “Can the Thurman Center be like that?”

Task force member Andrew Cho (CAS’16), Student Government president, says the Thurman Center gives BU students “a grounding philosophy and the space to explore our own capacities and opinions.” He cites the center’s Culture Shock opinion blog and its volunteer student ambassadors.

“I have benefited from the gentle challenge to broaden my perspectives at Tea Time,” Cho says, referring to the weekly gathering that brings together students of diverse backgrounds to chat over refreshments.

The task force was created after Brown, Elmore, and Jean Morrison, University provost, met during the fall with numerous students, including leaders of groups representing communities of color and LGBTIQ students.

“These conversations have helped us to understand the climate on campus, as well as areas in which we need to focus our attention and expand existing efforts to promote inclusion,” Brown wrote in a December letter announcing the task force. “We will provide the space and financial resources to enact the committee’s recommendations.” Those recommendations are expected to go to Brown and Morrison sometime in March, with a subsequent presentation to the University trustees.

Elmore says current student thinking goes, “‘I’m only going to have this conversation about racial and cultural issues around people who know my heart and know who I am. I’m not going to get into an argument with anybody about it.’ Students said we have to find a way for us to interact more with people who are different from us and have different points of view.”

“It was clear that the Thurman Center was a place where students found not only some comfort, but also a place where they were challenged to think more about the pluralistic society. And if it’s doing that well, the president asked, ‘Well, why don’t we expand it and make it more visible?’

“We don’t talk about the pluralist society,” Elmore continues. “We just like to talk about ourselves and our pain, which I think is part of the conversation. But it’s also got to be about how we move forward as leaders in a society that is pluralistic…what that means about where you live, what that means about where your kids will go to school, where you work, and how you socialize with each other.”

The center was named for the late Howard Thurman (Hon.’67), dean of Marsh Chapel from 1953 to 1965, the first black dean at a mostly white American university.

The first of two public sessions being held by the task force created to propose an expanded and more visible Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground is tonight, Tuesday, February 2, from 6 to 7 p.m., at the center, in the George Sherman Union basement, 775 Commonwealth Ave. The second session will be on Wednesday, February 17, from 5 to 6 p.m., also at the center.  

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Shortlist Announced For The 2024 Uk Search Awards

The 2024 UK Search Awards has announced its shortlist, and the winners will be revealed at an awards ceremony at The Bloomsbury Big Top in London, England on November 30th, 2024.

Now in its sixth year, the UK Search Awards celebrates and honors the best individuals and teams behind SEO, PPC, and content marketing in the UK. Reserve your seat or table while there’s still time.

The 2024 UK Search Awards features 28 categories. Candidates in each category will go through a two-step judging process by a distinguished panel of judges.

Here’s a look at this year’s shortlist.

2024 UK Search Awards Shortlist


BlueGlass & OKA

Brainlabs & 247Blinds – Blinding Results 247

Brainlabs & London Theatre Direct – Putting Bums On Seats

Brainlabs & Which? – Evolution

Receptional and Discount Supplements – Fit for purpose: how Receptional saved Discount Supplements more than £1 million

Koozai & Papa Johns – Taking a Slice of the Retail Market

MediaVision and Hobbs – Integrating Search to Deliver Outstanding Results

UM & Jardine Motors Group – Car Dealership Search Campaign

Zazzle Media & chúng tôi – The Ultimate Guide to Cooking at Home


Greenhouse GroupM – How we made Brexit disruption good for the Halifax business

Latitude – Scientific Content Marketing Generating Evergreen ROI for London & Country Mortgages

MEC UK – Working Around The Clock With Bupa

NatWest & Performics – Three Life-Changing Summers

Receptional and Liberis – Helping Small Businesses Grow

Royal London & Performics – Old Pelican New Tricks

Stickyeyes & Norton Finance – A full customer approach to paid search

TaxAssist Accountants – A Crafted approach to Search Marketing

World First & Webcertain – Growing a UK Business in China


BlueGlass & Expedia

Brainlabs & Domino’s – England Suck Domino’s Don’t

DigitasLBi and Stena Line – TalesOfIreland

First Time Hailers – Performics & Hailo

MEC Manchester & GWR – Tracks on the Track

MEC UK & Butlins – Rain Never Stops Play

NetBooster UK & AccorHotels Fighting Back at the OTAs

Starcom Marin Software & Europcar Location Location Location!

theMediaFlow and Shorefield Holidays – Making Search Work Harder

Verve Search – Accent Map for Expedia UK

Verve Search – Historic London for Expedia UK


Blueclaw & GIMO – Netbet The Multicultural Championship

Blueclaw & GIMO – Netbet The Premier League of Nations

The WhichBingo Report

TMI & Coral Succeeding at EUROS 2024 Data-first approach ensures record acquisition during football frenzy


Brainlabs & UNICEF – Mobile Text Alerts

Delete & Leeds Beckett University – The Campaign That Got Personal

Fat Media & GambleAware – Worried About Your Gambling?

MEC Global Solutions & United Nations Refugee Agency – A small change in Search a giant leap for humanity

Receptional and Asthma UK – How Receptional attracted 200,000 more visitors to Asthma UK

Space & Time Media & See Me The Power of Okay


Fusion Unlimited – Hyper-local hyper-intent for Your Move

Receptional and Sunrise Senior Living – How Receptional knitted its way to the top of Google’s local results

Irwin Mitchell & MEC  – Location Location Location

MediaCom & Nuffield Health – Demand Driven Search Planning

Mediacom London Worldwide Search Hub – GSK Germany Fenistil Content Marketing Campaign

Polemic Digital & Super Saver Oil from zero to money-saving hero

Sagittarius & Kent County Council – Know Your Score

SEAT Dealers Project Mediacom Worldwide

The SEO Works – Is it legal? The SEO Works help Qamar Solicitors become a major local force

Unique Digital Marketing – Incremental scale with Universal App Campaigns for Addison Lee – Measuring success with our CLTV


Ad-Rank Media & chúng tôi – The cost of living on a cruise ship vs. living in London

Carat – Gotta catchem all with Decluttr

CLD & London Property Services  Emergency Repair Campaign

Koozai & Cambridge International Examinations SEO Campaign

Polemic Digital & Super Saver Oil  from zero to money-saving hero

Quba & Medicare First Nursing Candidate Recruitment PPC Campaign

Return On Digital & Chancellors – Selling Harry Potters House With Nothing More Than PR Magic

The SEO Works – Freelance platform headhunts The SEO Works to turbocharge their business


Ad-Rank Media & chúng tôi – The cost of living on a cruise ship vs. living in London

Branded3 & Halfords Autocentres – How Roadworthy Are You?

Democracy & chúng tôi – Print What Matters

Epiphany – Colour Uncovered Epiphany gains global coverage for Optical Express

Hallam Internet & KRCS – Black Friday UK PR & SEO Campaign

MediaVision & Instant Offices – Exceptional Growth Through Digital PR

Propellernet & Kuoni – Sands of the Indian Ocean

Return On Digital & Chancellors – Selling Harry Potters House With Nothing More Than PR Magic

Verve Search – Historic London for Expedia UK


Anicca Digital – product launch for the Velobici-Kyklos Continental using social PR and Facebook Live

Brainlabs & UNICEF – Mobile Text Alerts

Democracy PR – No whey – making high protein peanut butter a supermarket staple

DigitasLBi and Marriott International – Paris in Motion

Discovery Education and MintTwist – Get Your Sundays Back campaign

Forward3D & New Look ThisIsNewLook Reconnecting with the Online Fashion Community

Maxus Performance & Fiat  – Creating custom in-market social audiences from search data

MEC Manchester – CaptureTheWest

NetBooster UK & Liz Earle  – From Naturally Active to Digitally Active


Anicca Digital Presents Best Integrated Campaign For Lazy Lawn

Aviva & Performics  Helping Britain SaveSmarter

MediaCom & Direct Line Group (Churchill) – The Lollipoppers are Coming

Mediacom London Worldwide Search Hub – GSK Germany Fenistil Content Marketing Campaign

MediaVision and Hobbs  Integrating Search to Deliver Outstanding Results

MoneySuperMarket EpicDanceOff

Vodafone & MEC – Now showing Business Premier directed by Vodafone & MEC


Brainlabs & Deliveroo – Device-a-roo

MediaCom & Pinterest – Driving App Engagement

Space & Time and Taylor Wimpey – Ladbroke Grove


Aira and Focus Clinic – Laser Eye Surgery PPC Campaign

Brainlabs & Domino’s – England Suck Domino’s Don’t

Brainlabs & London Theatre Direct – Putting Bums On Seats

Epiphany – Merging offline and online PANDORA and Epiphany

Found & Funky Pigeon – The Pigeon Just Got Funkier

Found & Vitec Group – Focused on Exposure

MediaCom & The Open University – Knowing Your Audience

MoneySuperMarket – An evolution of Audience Based Bidding

Stickyeyes & Norton Finance – A full customer approach to paid search

TaxAssist Accountants – A Crafted approach to Paid Search

ThoughtShift & Calumet Photographic – 13:1 ROI Paid Search


360i Europe & Monster – From decline to Monstrous growth

Debenhams – Rising to the Occasion – SEO Campaign

Evolved Digital – Select Car Leasing SEO Campaign

Greenlight Digital – How Currys Became the Most Visible Retailer Online on Black Friday

Hillarys & 10 Yetis – SEO Campaign Back In My Day

Latitude – Scientific Content Marketing Generating Evergreen ROI for London & Country Mortgages

NatWest & Performics  Three Life-Changing Summers

Reprise Media & Sarson’s (Mizkan)

Vertical Leap and Property Personnel – Search for the perfect career in property


Ayima – Adam & Eve’s Athlete Abstinence Study

Best Response Media & Lochcarron – Interactive Clan Map Campaign

Branded3 & Halfords Autocentres – How Roadworthy Are You?

Digitaloft & Twizzle – How Much Would It Cost To Be Captain America?

Forward3D & New Look ThisIsNewLook Reconnecting with the Online Fashion Community

Found & YHA England and Wales – Top Tips for Travellers

Fusion Unlimited – The Ultimate UK Camping Guide with Halfords

NatWest & Performics – Three Life-Changing Summers

Reprise Media & Sarson’s (Mizkan)

Verve Search – Accent Map for Expedia UK


BlueGlass & Expedia

BlueGlass & OKA

Brainlabs – Evolution

Brainlabs & Deliveroo – Device-a-roo

Brainlabs & Domino’s – England Suck Domino’s Don’t

Brainlabs & UNICEF – Mobile Text Alerts

iProspect & British Gas – Fuelling the Sainsbury’s Energy PPC Campaign

MBNA and Greenlight Digitals Super September

Summit and Argos – leveraging new delivery service through paid media grows customer base by 160000

Verve Search  – The Virtual Tour of Malmo Castle for Expedia Sweden



Authoritas – Market Share

Botify – Web Crawler & Log Analyzer

cClearly Paid Search Targeting Platform

Gravytrain – Programmatic in Practice the creation of a bespoke AdTech suite

Infinity  – Call Tracking Software

iProspect Thomas Cook Airlines & iActivate – Placing Automation at the Heart of Search Activity


Search Squared

Searchmetrics Content Experience

Trisolute Software  –  Trisolute News Dashboard for mobile and desktop


cClearly Paid Search Targeting Platform

Kenshoo  Agile Marketing Technology

Marin Software


Authoritas – the Data Science-Driven SEO Platform

Botify – Web Crawler & Log Analyzer


Linkdex – The SEO platform of choice for Professional Marketers

Pi Datametrics

Searchmetrics Suite



Botify – Web Crawler & Log Analyzer

cClearly Paid Search Targeting Platform

Crealytics and Camato

DeepCrawl version 2.0

Fusion Unlimited Feed Catalyst


Marin Software

SCOT – Stickyeyes Content Optimisation Tool

Trisolute Software  Trisolute News Dashboard for mobile and desktop


Debenhams SEO Team

MoneySuperMarket Digital Team

Trinity Mirror SEO Team



Anicca Digital

Circus PPC Agency

Fluid Digital


Loud Mouth Media


The Media Image







Blue Array




Polemic Digital

Search Unlimited






Verve Search





SCD Solutions




Greenlight Digital

iProspect UK

Latitude Digital Marketing


Merkle Periscopix


Reprise Media

Return On Digital



Alex Cassidy, Verve Search

Beki Hayler, Debenhams

Rob Newhouse, Receptional

Ellen Dunkley, Ecselis UK (Havas Group)

Jawdat Nassour, Croud

Jenny Farnfield, Digital Clarity

Jess Dickenson, MoneySuperMarket

Johnson Kitete, Netbooster UK

Paudy Heal, Screaming Frog

Samantha Charles, Float Digital

Julia Gonzales Dastis, Mediacom


The winner of this category will be announced during the awards ceremony. Reserve your seat today so you don’t miss it!

Image Credits

Featured Image: UK Search Awards

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